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Babies - Baby Forum

The `Babies` section is new on I-am-pregnant. All topics from can now be found here! Your password is the same as it was on
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Forum Trying to conceive forum General forum where you can talk about anything related to your baby...

Development Information about vaccinations, development, breastfeeding, etc....

Forum & Info: Babies

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Trying to conceive
Pregnancy & Birth
Birth defects

-General::Babies 453
-General::Rules 91
-General::Suggestions-for-this-site 431
-General::Toddlers 165
A-first-look-at-baby 18
Advanced-Aged-Parenting 74
Alcohol 97
Autism Spectrum Disorders 132
Baby-care 2
     Bathing 16
     Burping 4
     Diapering 23
     Dressing 2
     Eyes-ears-and-nose 2
     Nail-trimming 21
     Oral-Care 3
     Penis-care 43
     Umbilical-Stump-Care 4
Baby-care-essentials 1
Baby-Cost-Calculator 95
Baby-Product-Reviews 4
     Baby-gates 1
     Bottles 50
     Bouncy-Seats 8
     Car-Seat 26
     Cribs-and-Bassinets 14
     Highchairs 7
     Monitors 2
     Pack-and-Play 9
     Strollers 23
     Swings 10
     Toys 2
Baby-Sign-Language 18
Babywearing 20
Behaviors 16
Birth-Control 137
Birth-defects-200-topics 0
Blended-Families 31
Bottle-Feeding 80
Breastfeeding 15309
     Benefits 4
     Breast-Augmentation 6
     Breastmilk-storage 14
     Breastpumps 22
     Duration 6
     Exclusively-Pumping 134
     Letdown 4
     Low-Milk-Supply 37
     Menstruation 64
     Physical-effects-on-mom 11
     Reasons-for-stopping 9
     Spit-up 4
     Supplementing-with-formula 12
     Tandem-Nursing 20
     Thrush 18
     TTC 53
     Weaning 74
     What-to-Avoid 13
Bronchitis-and-Bronchiolitis 11
Car-seats 16
Chickenpox-Varicella 4
Child-Care 14
Children-and-pregnancy 20
Choosing-a-Healthcare-Provider-for-Your-Baby 0
Circumcision 0
Clogged-Milk-Ducts 8
Cloth-Diapers 89
Co-Sleeping 70
Colic 37
Common-Cold 5
Congratulations-on-Your-New-Baby 394
Constipation-(Babies) 41
Contraception 3
     After-birth 2
Cradle-cap 24
Croup-Laryngotracheobronchitis 1
Cytomegalovirus-(CMV) 4
Depression-after-pregnancy 127
Diaper-rash 23
Diarrhea 4
Diastasis-Recti 0
Domestic-Abuse 32
Drying-Up-Breastmilk 8
Dyspraxia 1
Ear-infection 15
Eczema 20
Elimination-Communication 10
Engorgement 6
Epilepsy 41
Failure-To-Thrive 3
Family-Planning 2
Fevers 6
Fifth-Disease 6
First-Aid 3
Flat-Head-Syndrome 44
Food-allergies 31
Growth-Charts 1
     Boys 1
     Girls 0
Growth-spurts 1
Hand-foot-mouth-Disease 12
Impetigo 0
Incontinence 0
     Kegel-Exercises 9
Infant-acne 0
Jaundice 6
Language-Development 1
Large-Families 220
Lice 1
Losing-Pregnancy-Pounds 39
Lyme-Disease 0
Measels 1
Military-Families 271
Mothers-in-law 656
Multiples 44
Mumps 1
Naming-Your-Baby 21
Pertussis-whooping-cough 1
Pets-and-Infants 10
Pink-Eye-Conjunctivitis 0
Pneumonia 3
Postpartum-Body-Changes 464
Postpartum-Week-One 85
Postpartum-Week-Two 81
Potty-Training 95
Premature-Baby 47
Premature-baby-story 11
Recalls 7
Recipes-(babies-and-toddlers) 8
Recovery-After-Childbirth 2
Ringworm 0
Roseola 5
Rotavirus 0
Runny-nose 2
Scarlet-fever 0
Separation-Anxiety 1
Sex-after-childbirth 43
Single-Parenting 228
Sleep 93
     Newborns 22
     Sudden-Infant-Death-Syndrome 20
Sleep-Apnea 6
Solid-Foods 12
     Finger-Foods 8
     Making-Homemade-Baby-Food 18
Sore-throat 1
Teenage-Parenting 14
Teeth-Care-(Children) 1
Teething 78
Tetanus 0
     Smoking-Cessation 52
Traveling-With-Children 6
Treating-your-child`s-symptoms 1
Tummy-time 6
     Establishing-routines 0
     Nursing-twins 31
Vaccinations 38
     a)-Birth-2-Months 7
     b)-4-Months 2
     c)-6-Months 1
     d)-12-Months 12
     e)-18-Months-2-Years 1
     f)-4-6-Years 1
Vasectomy 5
Ventriculomegaly 2793 1 new
Vomiting-(Babies) 2
Warts 0
Weight-of-your-child 55
Working-Mothers 85
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Baby`s development
A monthly overview about the development and growth of your new child. Read and talk about milestones, vaccinations and more.

0 Months 3671 messages, 65 new.
Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Caring for an infant can be scary and overwhelming at times...

1 Month 13991 messages, 57 new.
During the second month of life, your baby may be settling into a routine...

2 Months 2215 messages, 39 new.
During this month, your baby will smile, laugh and make many different kinds of noises...

3 Months 1785 messages, 5 new.
This month your baby will begin staying awake for much longer periods of time. Your baby is happier and she does not cry as often as she previously was...

4 Months 1631 messages, 25 new.
At this point, your baby can recognize familiar faces. He can distinguish his mom from his dad and knows who they are...

5 Months 1325 messages, 1 new.
Because she is now able to roll around and may be able to `wriggle` it is time to childproof your home...

6 Months 411 messages, 47 new.
At this point, she may be sitting up on her own and some babies will try to crawl...

7 Months 201 messages, 0 new.
Your baby is becoming more interested in playing and can entertain himself for a little while on the floor...

8 Months 207 messages, 0 new.
By eight months, your baby is sitting up well and he likes to play with a variety of toys...

9 Months 42 messages, 0 new.
You may have already heard a recognizable word, but now your baby will start to say things voluntarily...

10 Months 34 messages, 0 new.
Your baby is more aware of what makes you happy and what dissapoints you. When you clap, he will continue with what he was doing...

11 Months 29 messages, 0 new.
Your baby is getting ready to take his first steps! He can stand on his own and if you hold onto his hands, he will walk...

12 Months 20692 messages, 60 new.
Your baby is a year old! Looking back over the past year, it is amazing how fast she has grown and developed...

13 Months 24 messages, 0 new.
The second year of life has a lot in store for your toddler. He is moving from babyhood to childhood...

14 Months 29 messages, 0 new.
As your child becomes increasingly interested in more advanced toys, you can make some fun things for him to play with...

15 Months 20 messages, 0 new.
Your toddler is really curious about the world around her! Encourage your child to explore her world...

16 Months 33 messages, 0 new.
Self-esteem starts early and your child is beginning to realize if people like her or notand knows when people are happy or upset...

17 Months 27 messages, 0 new.
More than likely, you have seen your toddler happy, sad, mad, frustrated and everything in between...

18 Months 20 messages, 0 new.
Your child loves to help you around the house. He sees you sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and folding laundry and wants to do the same...

19 Months 16 messages, 0 new.
During mealtime, expect a mess with your nineteen month old. Although she is doing better, she still does not have enough control...

20 Months 18 messages, 0 new.
Children that feel secure, protected and cared for are more likely to display good behavior...

21 Months 16 messages, 0 new.
Even though you might be interested in getting your child involved with other children her own age, she is most interested in you and her own things...

22 Months 19 messages, 0 new.
Playtime is a special time for you and your child to enjoy each other and show love for one another...

23 Months 22654 messages, 138 new.
Develop and build your toddler's self-esteem. Don't wait until your child is older to help him learn how special he is-start now if you have not already...

24 Months 63716 messages, 45 new.
By this time, you and your child have established routines and bedtime should be an important time during the day for both you and your child...

25 Months 18 messages, 0 new.
Surely, you have heard of the `Terrible Two's`. Two year olds can be trying and taxing, but they can also be exciting and loads of fun!!

26 Months 50 messages, 0 new.
Your two year old can be described in one word-busy! She is always on the go and has a great sense of confidence in what she can do...

27 Months 28784 messages, 75 new.
Your child learns best through play, but you can also encourage her to learn new skills by giving her hands-on activities that allow for learning...

28 Months 27137 messages, 43 new.
Your two year old wants to be as independent as possible. She does not realize that she still needs help accomplishing things...

29 Months 15532 messages, 13 new.
Two year olds loves to repeat everything that he hears. It is amazing how fast your child learns new words...

30 Months 18720 messages, 448 new.
choosing a preschool for your child, ask questions beforehand to ensure a good fit...

31 Months 9042 messages, 384 new.
Encourage your child to develop strong relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and other special adults...

32 Months & older 2780 messages, 3 new.
It is easy for your child to follow directions, but you must set rules and establish consequences for misbehaving