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Your baby, 0 months

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0 months old Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Caring for an infant can be scary and overwhelming at times, but you and your baby will get to know each other in no time. Becoming a parent is a big change and can take some time to adjust to. Make sure that you accept help from friends and family in the early weeks.

Newborn babies move between six states throughout the day. Your baby could be in deep sleep, light sleep, a drowsy state, awake alert, fussy alert, or crying stage. It is important to recognize these stages so that you can adapt to your babies needs and develop a better understanding of what soothes him the best.

Babies like to look at human faces the most. They can not see very far and can not distinguish colors very well. Besides the human face, babies like brightly colored patterns, mirrors and objects that are red, black or white. Babies will stare at things but can not grab ahold of anything quite yet. It is comforting for your baby when you hold her close, rock her and speak gently to her. It is important to handle your baby carefully and always support their underdeveloped neck.

You may be tempted to put your baby to bed with you, but this is dangerous. Babies should sleep on their backs in their own crib. Young babies can begin to develop some type of a schedule. All stuffed animals, bedding and pillows should be removed to reduce the risk of suffocation. You can put your baby on her belly for tummy time several times a day. This will help to develop muscle strength.

When traveling, always use a properly installed infant restraint seat. To ensure the safety of your baby, have their carseat checked by a licensed car seat installer. Because car accidents reduce the quality of a car seat, never buy used car seats and replace yours if it is in an accident.

Babies cry for lots of reasons. When a baby is crying, that his means of communication. He is experiencing a need that is not being met. Babies cry because they are hungry, wet, tired, hot/cold, experiencing pain, overstimulated, and many other reasons. Soon you will be able to decode your babies cries. Sometimes babies can not be comforted and it seems that the crying will never end. When you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, put her in her crub and close the door. Come back in a few minutes to check on her. Whatever you do, don't take any frustration out on your baby.

Your newborn will be ready to eat every two to three hours on average. Formula fed babies may go longer in between feedings. Remember to burp your baby after each feeding to reduce gas and fussiness. Breast feeding can be trying for the first few weeks. It takes patience, support and dedication, but you can do it. If you are encountering problems, ask for help. Call your doctor, the baby's doctor or a lactation consultant.

Developmental Milestones Newborn

  • It may look as if your newborn baby is scrunched up with his arms and legs not fully extended. Your baby is used to being inside the womb, and this is normal. If he appears bowlegged, don't worry. It's part of the stretching-out process and will most likely fase away by the time he's five or six months old.
  • Your baby may lift his head briefly when he's lying on his stomach by the end of this month. Give your baby plenty of tummy time to help him develop his muscles. He may also be able to turn it from side to side. Jerky movements give way to more smooth ones as his nervous system and muscle control mature. Your baby's primitive reflexes, such as sucking and chewing on his hands, remain dominant.
  • Baby's vision is still fuzzy and he can not see very far. Your baby likes to look at your face. Keep it close by and talk to him when you are holding him.

  • Right now food is the most important thing in your newborn's life. Sleep comes in at a close second. Most newborn babies will feed every two to three hours around the clock. Sleeping patterns are equally intermittent. Most newborns sleep for a total of 16 to 17 hours in a 24-hour period, but that's usually broken up into eight to ten naps. By the end of the month your baby may have developed something of a feeding and sleeping pattern, but you may not notice any real pattern for months. It is hard to put a newborn on a strict schedule. Sleeping helps your baby regain energy and it also helps brain development.
  • Right now your baby doesn't have much of a personality. Crying is the only way that your baby knows how to express himself. He spends his time moving in and out of several different states of sleepiness, quiet alertness, and active alertness.
  • Your face is the most interesting thing to your baby right now. He also likes high-contast objects. Show him black and white toys at playtime.
  • Learning begins immediately, so take all opportunities to teach him about the world around him. Use his quiet and alert times to play and talk with your baby.
  • Your baby can recognize faces and may try to imitate gestures. Give your baby the chance to imitate you. Stick your tongue out and give him a chance to repeat it. Then, do it again. Even if he does not do it, he is watching you!
  • Mobiles with high contrast patterns and picture books with strong line drawings will capture your baby's attention. When your baby starts fussing, its time to stop and move on to something else.
  • Babies like their own reflection. Place unbreakable mirrors at cribside or on the floor for them to focus on.

  • This month your baby becomes quiet and calm when you speak to him gently and hold him upright. He may even make an 'ah' sound when he hears your voice and sees your face. Most babies love to be held, caressed, kissed, stroked, massaged, and carried. Touch is an important means of communicating with your baby.
  • Your baby can show you their feelings. She may yawn, arch her back, turn her face, fuss or cry if she is overstimulated. She will coo if she is enjoying something. Pay close attention to what your baby is `telling` you.

Age Appropriate Toys:
  • Rattles
  • Play gyms
  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Mobiles
  • Soft toys
  • Musical toys
  • Toys with lights
  • Swings
  • Bouncy seats


Comments 1-25 of about 25591 for month 0
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lila2cute:-) - Friday, 5 Sep
3 weeks or 21 days old today :) so much fun!!! Last night me and Thomas really bonded, I would talk to him and he would reply ;) with his coos and augos... It was too cute <3

lila2cute:-) - Sunday, 31 Aug
Ira- They grow up too fast :( it makes me sad... Do you think you will have another one sooner than later? Meg- thanks <3 how old are your little ones? Mine is now 2 weeks & 2 days :)

megalo - Sunday, 24 Aug
Good news, Lila. I'm happy things are going well. Ira, are you thinking about another?

lila2cute:-) - Wednesday, 20 Aug
Hi guys. My little one is 5 days old and doing wonderful. I can't believe he is here and our family is now complete <3

megalo - Wednesday, 20 Aug
Hi Ira, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying you're lo. I'm okay. Holly has been eating and fussy for about six days.

megalo - Saturday, 16 Aug
Hello, i hope everyone's newborn days are treating you well.

bkle - Saturday, 21 Jun
Went for a hike today it was nice out finally 70 out yay. On the trail a lady we walked past said to me that she couldn't believe I took my baby on a hike. My kids go everywhere with us that's why baby hiking packs were developed.... silly lady! James enjoyed our hike but not so much the fishing lol

4girls want a boy - Friday, 20 Jun
Snowing Bkle WHAT ! That crazy !

4girls want a boy - Friday, 20 Jun
Nala will be one month old in 2 days . She is 10 lb 7oz. Big girl ! I am b/fing and giving her formula.

bkle - Friday, 20 Jun
James is fussy today and last night ugh

HootOwl - Friday, 20 Jun
1 month old today (it's 4.30am on the 21st in Oz), and she weighed in yesterday at 10lb 1oz! That's up 2lb 7 on her birth weight.

bkle - Friday, 20 Jun
James is 4weeks and 2 days old now he weighed 8. Lbs 4oz a week ago. From 1week to 3 weeks old he gained 2 pounds so I'm guessing he has probably gained another pound. I still haven't lost any weight... I'm blaming it on the weather as it won't stop raining and snowing... That's right SNOW. Ugh I can't wait to go on vacation this summer to Florida where its warm.

ElisiaDawn - Friday, 20 Jun
Bonnie I am soooo so glad you are on the mend, that must have been a scary place to be! I would put in a complaint against that nurse that said that to you on the phone!! You must have been in so much pain :( well today Little Harrie is 6 weeks old and weighs 11lbs!! How old is everyone's babies now and what's their weights? :)

4girls want a boy - Thursday, 19 Jun
Bkle I have to go to her office tomorrow for a follow up . I can't wait to strut my stuff into the office, and she better not even look at me ! Today my blood levels came back perfect . I am doing great ! I have lost 15 lbs wile in the hospital for 8 days, so im looking kinda great too :)

bkle - Thursday, 19 Jun
bonnie--- I hope that nurse found out that you were really sick and not to jump to judgment like she did. Dr.'s these days think everyone is after meds, so when there really is someone sick they don't believe them. Its good that you listened to your own instincts and went and got help. Im glad you get to stay home with your girls for a while you get better :-) You always seem to be so busy anyway, im surprised you had time to go to work haha. Some days I feel im more busy now then I was doing all of this and working. maybe its because going to work was like getting a break ;-), Im so happy I get to stay home and take care of the kids (even tho some days I want to run away from home lol).

4girls want a boy - Thursday, 19 Jun
Elisia , the blood clot were caused from giving birth . Its rare that that happens , when I called the Dr back after and told them I was in pain the lady asked me if I was depressed and acted like I just wanted pain meds.. I was crying on the phone with them and thank god my Dr got on and told me to go to the hospital . Today I feel perfect and great , but last week I could of died . The clot started in my pelvis and when into my lung and two weeks of running around after having the baby. I am just ready to get on with my life

ElisiaDawn - Thursday, 19 Jun
4girls- how are you feeling? Just reading your comments that's crazy that a doctor has missed that :( did they tell you what has caused the clots in the first place!? I bet you are so relieved to be finally home with your babies :)

4girls want a boy - Thursday, 19 Jun
bkle as sick as I was I did not want to give up on b/f . Today I started again and she latched right on. As for work I can not work again for a year . I will be home with my kids and we will be fine.It takes a year for the clot to go away that is in my lungs stuff , and right now I have home care . A nurse comes to my house . yay now I feel real old .lol Anyway I am feeling so much better every day !!!!! health is so important

bkle - Wednesday, 18 Jun
Wow that's tough 4girls I'm not sure how I'd feel only getting one pic and with someone who was never there for her. I can imagine your hubby was more then busy with all the girls to take pics. How great he was able to take care of them while you were away. My hubby is kind of scared of our baby and I'm not so sure he could handle things without me haha. I know you were planning on bf for at least a year so it would be a bummer if you dried up while being sick but at least she got the first few weeks. I've been eating oatmeal and now I'm flowing so maybe that will help you. I'm feeding James and pumping freezing anywhere from 7-12 ounces a day. I took your advice and I drink lots lots of water so maybe that's helping too. Time to take it easy and rest Bonnie. Hopefully you can take at least 12 weeks off of work.

4girls want a boy - Wednesday, 18 Jun
Bkle no one recorded the graduation for me. My husbands hands were full, and he thought every one was taking pictures for me. The only picture I have seen was a picture of her with her real dad who has not helped raise her and has been in jail for a long time and has not called her in 5 years . lol I thought that's funny I couldn't make it and he did .. So remember how I was so busy running around getting things ready for every thing I had a fever most of that time . I had a fever when my air broke in my house . That whole time the Dr said I most of had clots then , and was lucky I made it. Time to slow down now. Enjoy my baby. I had to give her formula, but am in hope I can start b/fing hr again . I keep pumping and dumping just in case. They said its fine with the meds but im still kinda nervous , pluse I am on a very low vitamin k diet for the next 6 months so I want to make sure my milk will be good for her and wont drain the little vitamin k I get

ElisiaDawn - Wednesday, 18 Jun
Anyone else moving to month 1 yet?

ElisiaDawn - Wednesday, 18 Jun
Harrie will be 6 weeks in 2 days time!

HootOwl - Wednesday, 18 Jun
Kendal is 4 weeks already and has outgrown all of her 0000 baby clothes :( Thankfully her Godmum has a major shopping problem so she has some super cute 000 stuff!

bkle - Tuesday, 17 Jun
James is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow already... where did the time go

bkle - Tuesday, 17 Jun
4girls I'm so happy to hear your home and doing a bit better. Clots are scary! Funny story about your younger girls haha. Be careful on those thinners it makes it easy for even a small cut to bleed a lot. Did you get to watch a recording of the graduation? I bet all your girls and hubby are happy your home! Yay

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