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Your baby, 1 months

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1 months old During the second month of life, your baby may be settling into a routine. You have both had time to recover from the birth and are getting to know each other well. You might still feel overwhelmed and stressed at times, and that is normal.

Your baby's movements are becoming smoother and less jerky. Although he can hold his head up briefly, he still needs your support. While on her tummy, your baby can probably hold her head up slightly. Continue to lay her on her belly for tummy time throughout the day. Babies like to look at different patterns, colors and textures as their eyesight is improving. Because your baby may be rolling over in one direction, it is imperative that you do not ever leave your little one unattended. Even if she has not rolled over yet, one day she will surprise you!

You will be rewarded for all of your dedication this month with smiles of appreciation. Your baby is beginning to smile socially and likes when you smile back at him. Your baby likes to see you excited and the more you interact with him, the more fun he will be for you. Praise your baby for learning a new skill and show him he makes you proud! Some babies begin to coo-make the same sounds back to him. Play cooing games with your baby to help him develop language skills.

Babies have a strong desire to suck and sometimes feeding does not meet their need. Encourage your baby to suck on a fist, hand or pacifier to learn to soothe themselves. Many babies suck on their thumbs or hands before they are even born. Often times, babies enjoy sucking on pacifiers. Be careful not to overuse them and never tie them aorund the baby's neck.

While crying is totally normal, some babies will develop colic. Colic occurs when a baby continuously cries and can not be comforted. Continue to comfort your baby the best you can and ask for suggestions from the doctor. Medication may be necessary. Accept help from others and take the time for yourself that you deserve and need. While it can be challenging and tiresome, colic usually settles down around 3-4 months. Babies need caregivers to be patient, gentle and attentive.

Babies hands have unclenched and will remain open most of the time now. Encourage your baby to reach for objects and grasp ahold of them. Let your baby experience different sizes, colors and textures to optimize learning.

Your baby will be getting his first series of shots at this time. It is very important that you have your child immunized against serious diseases. Not only is it important for your child's health, it is critical for the well-being of the community. Giving your baby tylenol before he receives his shots will decrease the pain. Vaccines do have some risks and side effects, but are much less severe than the actual disease.

Your baby may be going a bit longer in between feedings. Most breastfed babies can go about 3 hours in between each feeding and bottlefed babies are feeding closer to every 4 hours. You may have been told that if you add solids or cereal to baby's bottle, they will sleep better. This may be tempting, but it should not be done. Breastmilk or formula should be the only source of nutrition at this time. Babies at this age are still to young to start on solids.

Continue to play with your baby and teach her about the world around her. Set her on your lap facing outwards so that she can see more. Talk to your baby, sing to your baby and tell her all about what you are doing. Babies love to listen and this is how they learn. During playtime, sit her so that she is facing you. Stick your tongue out and see what she does. Babble back and forth. Make sure that you read to your baby. Babies do not necessarily care what you read to them, they just like hearing your voice and seeing the brightly colored pictures.

Developmental Milestones 1 Month Old

  • Your baby can hold her head up for short periods of time.
  • Some babies can turn their heads from side to side while laying down.
  • Babies will hold gazes for longer periods of time.
  • Eyes can track objects
  • Grasp-your baby is equipped with a reflex that will allow him to grasp ahold of your finger or another small object

  • Your baby is discovering that he has hands and feet. Hold her arms above his head and ask , `How big is baby?` You can also count his toes and play this little piggy.
  • Your baby may gurgle, coo, grunt and hum to show her feelings. Coo and gurgle back and talk to her face to face.
  • Some babies may squeal and laugh.
  • Recognizes parents and will calm down when he hears the parents voices.
  • Your baby listens to and enjoys music. Use her awake times to stimulate her sensory development. Sing to her and play music. Vary what your baby hears.
  • Your baby will start sleeping for longer periods of time during the night and begin to stay awake more during the day.

  • Your baby is soothed by sucking. Babies need to suck and a pacifier may work wonders in helping your baby calm herself now.
  • Shows a preference for parents vs. strangers
  • May smile when they see a parent or familiar face

Age Appropriate Toys:
  • Rattles
  • Shakers and Chimes
  • Music toys
  • Shiny toys (foil works, too!)
  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Mobiles
  • Moving toys


Comments 1-25 of about 23221 for month 1
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pumpkinfairy - Friday, 1 May
hello, my baby is 6 weeks old, I'm still waiting for more then an hr and half of sleep between feedings ::sigh:: he spends most of the night grunting, stretching, making a whole bunch of weird noises and it wakes him back up, anyone else having a hard time??

melody123 - Thursday, 25 Sep
Hello! Niamh is 3 days from being 5 weeks old!! I'm so sleep deprived, little one just loves being awake at night!!

megalo - Wednesday, 3 Sep
I have got one fussy baby.

ElisiaDawn - Thursday, 24 Jul
Yeah I worry about letting him sleep past 6am but im going to start letting him, he is now waking for a feed from till 6.30am we do a feed about 6/7ish then we wake him again as apparently he should be having 30oz in 24hours but we only give him 25oz in 24hours and he's nice and settled so I won't be giving him any more lol I didn't get him weighed today so will.go on Tuesday :) he was 12lb 6oz at 8 weeks so he will be 11 weeks tomorrow so I think he could be around 12lb 15oz maybe even 13oz now :D

4girls want a boy - Wednesday, 23 Jul
Nala sleeps from 10 pm till 7 am sometimes . I know that's 9 hours and sometimes it freeks me out. Her Dr said its fine just let her sleep. Sometimes she gos to sleep at 10 and wakes up at 5 to eat then back to sleep till 7.

HootOwl - Wednesday, 23 Jul
It's all be go here. Kendal is doing fantastically well. Harrison is out of plaster after breaking his arm. I got the job I went for and start on the 18th August. As a result we've just hired an Au Pair to look after the kids when both Scott and I are at work. She's going to be a life saver :)

HootOwl - Wednesday, 23 Jul
Great weight, Bonnie!! Elisia - that's a great sleeping pattern. Nice work, Harrie.

ElisiaDawn - Monday, 21 Jul
Aww wow bonnie that's a great size and weight, I am getting Harrie weighed on Thursday so will have to let you know how he's doing :) how is she sleeping? Harrie slept from 7pm then we had to wake him for a bottle at 10.30pm then he went straight back to sleep until 6.45am!!! Couldn't believe it, the last 3 nights he's been sleeping till just gone 6am!! It's sooo hot here in the UK im honestly sweating just sat down haha! Me and the fiance are setting our wedding date next week as well :D

4girls want a boy - Monday, 21 Jul
I had Nala's two months shots today . She is 14 lbs and 24 inches long. She is in the 98 % for her length and 97 % for her weight ..Big girl like her sisters ..

ElisiaDawn - Saturday, 19 Jul
Thanks ladies but panic is over I came on today haha :)

4girls want a boy - Friday, 18 Jul
Good luck bkle....Hey ladies I was back in the hospital because of chest pain, and it turned out as nothing thank God. The cool thing is they did a CT scan and the clots that were in my lungs they said would take a year to dissolve. They were gone !!!So anyway I prayed for this very thing to happen and my church layed hands on me and prayed and the clots are gone..Even the Dr could not explain it.. YAY !!! Just had to share :)

bkle - Friday, 18 Jul
Im leaving to Oregon in 8 hours yay! 15-18 hour drive with my four kids (13,11,3, and almost 2 month old)and 1 niece (7), wish me luck ladies! haha :-)

bkle - Friday, 18 Jul
elisa --- I am late too so I took a prego test and thankfully it said no haha. after having a baby it takes a bit to go back to normal. Id test just in case if I were you. I hope things turn out well for you.

HootOwl - Friday, 18 Jul
If you think you are late then test - it's the first thing the dr will do anyway. If it's negative them at least you can go saying that you aren't and save time.

ElisiaDawn - Friday, 18 Jul
Hootowl- Harrie is doing amazing he is so alert now he coos and giggles at me....he is just like his big sister I am so in love it's crazy :) he slept through from 7pm to 6.15am last night eeeek not planning on him doing that tonight haha! Ladies I need advice, obviously me and the hubby have done lots of naughties now but we use the pull out method, anyway I had a period last month and now im 2 days overdue from what I calculated my days from before I had Harrie, im starting to feel a little anxious as 2 weeks ago I had cramps like I was going to come on but nothing yet, I used to have problems before I conceived Harrie but im not sure if it's normal for periods to be all over the place or whats going on :/ I have no idea what to do?! The pull out method always worked for us before! Im also worried im getting all my problems back and that scares me because I end up in hospital when I have a flare up, basically I have follicles on my left ovaries which means I don't ovulate that side and when all the fluid builds up it pops and leaves me in pain :( urghhh im also worried I could be pregnant again :( should I test to rule it out or wait and see what happens

bkle - Thursday, 17 Jul
hootowl-- they treated me with antibiotics 2 pills I take 48 hours from each other. James didn't have any signs yet so they wait to treat him. My stomach just hurts so bad from the meds and my breasts still hurt :-( Im not sure that its thrush and I leave on vacation Saturday at 4am ugh I hope my tummy holds up. The heat finally hit here and my husband has been putting a new roof on our house with skylights/what a mess he is making right before we go on vaca. Im melting too as he has all the doors open for going in and out. Bonnie Im glad I don't have to deal with this heat all the time like you do. Cold Oregon Ocean here we come :-)

HootOwl - Thursday, 17 Jul
Kendal is 8 weeks now. Bkle - James is a good weight too. Did you get the thrush treatment for him? Elisia - how is Harrie doing? Samantha - she's just petite. Nothing wrong with that at all!

ElisiaDawn - Thursday, 17 Jul
They are both amazing weights :) hootowl how old is your little one now? Harrie is 10weeks tomorrow and I will be getting him weighed next week but he was 12lbs 6oz 2 weeks ago :)

bkle - Wednesday, 16 Jul
hootowl--- wow big girl :-) james was born the same day and weighs 11 lbs 5 oz

HootOwl - Wednesday, 16 Jul
12 lb 11.4ozs!!! 57.5 cm. This girl is a machine lol

bkle - Wednesday, 16 Jul
Dr called in a prescription for thrush for baby James and I. Never dealt with this before.I hope it goes away fast! It's hard enough to breastfeed without these problems. I'm trying to be strong and make it a year. Kind of down in the dumps today :-(

bkle - Wednesday, 16 Jul
Samantha... everyone but the doctors call my baby small to--- I think there just not use to seeing babies. An old lady at Wal-Mart the other day said aww it's a new baby and I think that's Better then people who say it's a small one.

HootOwl - Wednesday, 16 Jul
Elisia - she is getting weighed tomorrow.

SamanthaDawn - Tuesday, 15 Jul
Hearing how much your little ones have grown makes ne a bit worried about my baby.... She was 9lbs 1oz at birth, (dropped down to 8 lbs 7 oz ) then , 10lbs at a month old, and 11 lbs 4 oz at 2 months, so she had only gained 2 lbs 13 oz in 2 months.. She started out big but now she's considerd small. I hate when people tell me 'she's so small!' : the Dr said her weight is fine he said it dosent matter what she weighs as long as she's gaining. (He actually called her a big girl) but he never Saud a percentile. It's other moms calling my baby small. She's 23.5 inches long today.

bkle - Tuesday, 15 Jul
Wic appointment was today... James is 11.5 pounds 22.4 inches and 55 percentile for his age group yay! Small baby at first but growing huge fast! Almost double his birth weight in 8 weeks. He started out at only 5 percentile in the beginning. I'm so happy. My 3 year old is 31.5 pounds and 46 percentile for her age group. I asked about my breast that is burning and sharp pain in it but there not sure what it is so it looks like I'm going to have to call that Dr I don't like haha. How big has everyone babies gotten? Any plans for travel this summer? We're going to Oregon Saturday for a week then Florida on August 11 busy time but it should be fun

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