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Your baby, 10 months

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10 months old Your baby is more aware of what makes you happy and what dissapoints you. When you clap, he will continue with what he was doing. Sometimes you may want him to show off his new skills and talents to others. Some babies will do this, but do not be dissapointed if he does not. Many babies are not quite ready to be performers yet! Your baby has lots of feelings and emotions. She can get upset very easily. When other people are upset, she knows. She might even respond by getting upset herself. Teach your baby how to deal with her feelings in a positive manner.

If it hasn't already, stranger anxiety may strike around now. He knows when you are not around and will probably cry. Some babies will wake up in the night looking for a familiar face. Practice short separations and when you return, make it enjoyable. When your baby is going somewhere new, plan to stay for a little while to help dettle him in. When you leave, tell him goodbye and give him a kiss/hug. Then, leave. He will get busy playing and will be just fine.

She understands simple sentences and commands. Your baby knows the meaning of `no` and can shake her head from side to side. When she learns a new word, she may become fascinated with it and repeat it all day. When you ask your baby where a part of her body is, she might be able to show you. Read books to your baby and continue to tell her what the pictures show.

From here on out, your baby will be testing your authority. You need to set rules and limits and stick to them. If your baby is allowed to do one thing today but not tomorrow, she will only get confused. Make it easy for your baby to behave. Remember that she is still a baby and set realistic limits. Move temptations out of her way until she can better understand why she needs to leave it alone. Instead of saying `no` all of the time, use words such as `hot`, `it will hurt`, 'it will break`, etc. Be patient, gentle and undersanding when she is doing something that you do not like. If your baby gets angry because she is not getting her way, be firm. Do not give in to make her feel better.

Play games with your baby. Babies like playing peek-a-boo and other hide and find type games. Imitation games are also good for your baby to play. Because babies learn by imitation, only show him things that you want him to learn. This is a good way to teach him how to clap his hands and wave by bye.

Climbing is a skill that is important for your baby to learn. While she is learning to climb, always be nearby in case she falls. Your baby needs to know what types of things are appropriate to climb on. Do not teach her to climb anything that will be off limits. Show her how to climb down crawling backwards so that she does not come down head first. Do not allow her to climb the stairs unless you are with her. Baby gates should be installed at the tops and bottoms of stairs to prevent accidents.

Let your baby use a spoon to feed herself. Mashed potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese and cooked cereals will stick well to the spoon. This can make learning to self-feed less messy. Continue to include finger foods at mealtime and for snacks. Your baby should still be on breastmilk or formula. Mealtimes should be a fun learning time and not frustrating. A mess is easily cleaned up. If your baby senses frustration, she will be less likely to attempt self-feeding.

Developmental Milestones 10 Months Old

  • Crawls
  • Stands alone
  • May take first steps
  • Can walk while holding onto furniture
  • Can roll a ball to you
  • May be able to `climb` stairs

  • Drinks well from a cup
  • Plays pat-a-cake
  • Waves bye bye
  • Likes pretend play toys
  • Uses gibberish in a conversational way
  • Says mama and dada and possibly other one-two syllable words
  • Remembers events and objects
  • Likes to bang items together
  • May be able to scribble with assistance

  • Expresses herslef with gestures and sounds instead of crying
  • Enjoys your presence
  • Likes your applause
  • Your baby will cry if he hears you raise your voice

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Exersaucer
  • Jumper
  • Crayons to scribble with-with assistance
  • Music
  • Pots and pans to bang together
  • Musical instruments
  • Bath toys
  • Push toys
  • Toys that roll
  • `Pretend` play toys
  • Stacking toys
  • Building toys
  • Cause and effect toys


Comments 1-25 of about 21631 for month 10
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claire0308 - Friday, 12 Sep
Sounds like Abby is moving along nicely , Isabel is still not saying a lot apart from mama and bye bye but babble's all day and night.She had her 10 month check up and is on track with all her measurements and stuff so not long before she's one , I'd love to say time has just flown by but so much has happened in the last 12 months what with my son starting new school 4 weddings , 3 christenings and 2 funerals - not to mention the birth of Isabel it's felt a long year but looking forward to the end of the year when I'm sure she'll be running around , he's to the next chapter

brookebaby3 - Wednesday, 10 Sep
I'm surprised a few of us still sign on lol. All of the others said they would be on the first year and I guess they forgot, maybe!? Abby is 10 months and 3 weeks. Oh my does time fly!! She will be 11 months next week :( I just realized that!! This year has flown by! Were planning her birthday as a costume party. She is going to be a mermaid and her brothers will be sailors. Abigail is going through a big brain boost this week. She's learned how to say dog and call out for her grandparents dog 'ci-ci' she's blowing kisses and waving hi and bye. Climbing onto the sofa and everything else her feet can reach. Driving me crazy! She points at stuff and says hello on the phone. Lmao it cracks me up.

claire0308 - Wednesday, 27 Aug
Hello everyone hope your baby's are all doing well It's ten months now for my little girl and loving every moment if it she has lots of teeth to show now and biting everything she can get hold of , can be painful, it saying too much yet but I guess that's still to come,how are you little'ns doing ? Anyway just thought I'd update this ten month page as it seems it's been

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

Jen11 - Sunday, 8 Dec
We're ready to move, Sara will be 11 months tomorrow!

3loveofmylife - Friday, 6 Dec
i just realized if Noah had came on his due date he would be one year old today 12-06-12, but no he waited till the 18th lol. so are we moving to the 11 months section or are we comfortable here lol.

3loveofmylife - Friday, 6 Dec
Varena ouch that must have been a really bad cough hope you guys are all better now. going away with hubby and being sick is not fun hope you still had good time, and enjoyed the warm weather. it's going to snow here again today so the kids are coming home from school 2 hours earlier and it's freezing cold today. Jen Noah is the same way he loves his voice lol and he wakes up everybody at 6:30am in the morning by singing at least i think it's singing lol, and he still can't use a spoon but loves playing with it. Mama welcome to our little group. we are doing better still have a little cold.

verena - Friday, 6 Dec
Jen, so does Sam! Just screaming for the sake of it! Oh my... I also tried spoon but Sam just plays and watches it fly to the floor. Guess that's a boys thing.. Everything he holds goes to his ear as soon as I say 'hello?' So cute..

Jen11 - Thursday, 5 Dec
3love and Verena - I'm so sorry you are all sick. Even worse when you are meant to be on holiday Verena! Mama - although Sara uses the spoon, I guide her hand and help her get the food onto the spoon, then into the mouth. That way she eats more and plays less. Sara walks so well now, no more hands up in the air for balance....and she has discovered her voice and likes to scream just fo the joy of it!

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 5 Dec
Thanks Verna, I introduced a spoon to Kaiden 3x all he did was play instead of eat. So when should I try again. I gave him a sippy cup he loved it.

verena - Thursday, 5 Dec
Ladies and hello mama! Oh those colds... Sorry you're all sick again, 3love... Welcome to the club.. Sam coughing and that cold will just not go away, cough bugging him, but doc says nothing we can really do than pulling out snot, giving him nose drops and keep Hume warm.. Frustrating.. I'm coughing too now, my usual cough - last time I had it was 8 months with Sam and tore muscles in my tummy and ribs, so painful.. Hubby also with sinus probs and the two of us are in Spain for 3 days to chill out while my parents are with the kids and we are both in such a bad state... Lol.. Murphy's law I guess... It's sunny though and so much warmer than in Switzerland, that's the bonus we wanted! Enough complaining! Hope we will all get better soon! Mama, will check out your fb page!

MamaLuvnJah - Tuesday, 3 Dec
Hey y'all I haven't been on here in a long time. I hope all the mommas and babies are doing good. Kaiden is 10 months old now. He is getting big. Time flies and it's not fair lol hey if anyones interested I started a facebook group called mommyhood. We talk about our kids of all age's share stories or just vent. It's new. It's fun :-)

3loveofmylife - Tuesday, 3 Dec
Jen oh i feel sorry for the people that don't have air conditioning in their homes it must be tough. well here we go again all of us are sick again with a cold it only snowed one day and now it's warm again and everyone gets sick. my almost 7 year old and Noah did not sleep well last night i couldn't sleep cuz of them, and all Noah wants is to be picked up, and he's not eating anything not even milk. i'm going to take them to their DR tomorrow.

Jen11 - Thursday, 28 Nov
Ha ha, I wish it never got cold! It does get cold, but we never get snow, and in summer the heat is often too much to bear and most houses don't have air conditioning.

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 27 Nov
Varena poor Sam have you taken him to his pediatrician he's had that cold for couple of weeks, but if it's freezing their he's young so he may just have that cold through out the Winter and even if you don't take him out babies still get sick so don't worry i'm sure his system is getting used to the cold weather. Noah also plays with his spoon and not use it for food. oh and congrats on Sam walking they are so tiny walking alongside us lol. Noah is starting to love playing with his toys now it's so cute.

verena - Wednesday, 27 Nov
Ouch, poor Sarah! Glad she's better! Sam gets fed too, he grabs the spoon too, but its just for playing, sticking it into his mouth as far as possible, then half choking.. Lol...he still has a cold, I'm afraid of it becoming chronic, I hardly take him out, it's freezing at the moment (I want hot Zimbabwe!!) and I just don't want to risk it.. He walked yesterday! Still crawling a lot, but getting the knack of it! 3love, good to know your feeling normal again!

3loveofmylife - Tuesday, 26 Nov
Jen thanks so far they haven't gotten it thank God, and i washed all the bedding, and everything i touched so they should be fine i hope. haha Noah is lazy he won't even hold a piece of bread for himself let a lone feed himself he wants me to feed him lol. you guys never get snow or cold so it's always hot in Zimbabwe? wow I love cold weather and snowy days we don't get much snow but when we do we make the best out of it.

Jen11 - Tuesday, 26 Nov
Shame 3love, sorry you got the bug. I'm glad you are better and hope the rest of your family did not get it. Sara is fine thanks, all trace of the bee sting gone. She is walking really well! She now insists on feeding herself with the spoon. Snow? Something I have never seen living in hot Zimbabwe.

3loveofmylife - Monday, 25 Nov
so yep it was a 24 hour bug i fell like a human again lol. oh we had our first snow today the kids had fun it wasn't that much, and Noah was just looking at it trying to figure out what it was it was so cute lol.

3loveofmylife - Sunday, 24 Nov
Jen oh no poor Sara is she ok? i hope she's feeling well. well last night i woke up at 3:30a,m felling nauseated and dizzy, and i knew i was going to get sick so i ran to the bathroom and ( sorry TMI) i vomited followed by diarrhea, and it's been like that all day i think i have the stomach bug i can't keep anything down, i just hope my other kids and hubby don't get it so i'm just taking sips of water.

Jen11 - Friday, 22 Nov
3love, I've heard of your Black Friday shopping, it sounds like a nightmare! Verena, Sara always wakes around midnight for a bottle. Shame , my poor little soul was stung by a bee. Fortunately the swelling is going down now, but her little ankle was quite sore.

3loveofmylife - Thursday, 21 Nov
Varena lol yeah i did forget about the pain i think he saw the look on my face and he knew i was hurt i love his little hugs lol,and Noah wakes up 2 to 3 times a night and as soon as he wakes up i get him a bottle of milk then he goes right back to sleep, and my other 2 did that too so i know when Noah wakes up he is hunger lol. wow those people have been on Strike for a long time do they have nothing else to do or like you said they need to go find another job if they're not happy where they are. sorry you hubby left his job hopefully he can find one soon so you won't be the only one working i know it's hard to live of off one salary. you know i don't remember last time i read a book lol. we only get like 1 or 2 days off snow here in the state last year we had no snow so we'll see if we get any this year. this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the USA the kids will be home from school for a week and hubby will also get a week off my mom will be cooking a lot of food so here we go bring on the pounds and then on Friday it's the biggest shopping day of the year it's ( BLACK FRIDAY) i think we'll stay home that day people tend to go crazy that day lol.

verena - Thursday, 21 Nov
Great to read you! SAMs cold is still there, but a bit better thx. It's the big one who's coughing now.. Lol, it's the season, first snow today! Sam is 11 months on Saturday, lets wait till next week to move on, we don't want them to grow up too fast!!! Oh 3love, that's so cute of Noah! Bet you forgot the pain immediately!? Strike at work not o er yet, but hoping it will come to an end soon, they're just being ridiculous now.. They actually built a wooden hut outside of the company, I wonder why they're not looking for new jobs, as they don't want to come back anyway.. Oh well, their choice. We're doing fine without them! Just it Sam to bed, last night he woke at midnight for food, I didn't know he was hungry as he always sleeps through, so it was only after 15 minutes it occurred to me he might want food! Lol... I'm so spoilt with his sleep... Hubby left his job a couple of weeks ago, just couldn't take his boss any longer, so until he finds a new one, I will have to work 100%.. Not going to like missing out on my Wednesday with the kids, but at least i know he will be home with them.. Fun times ahead.. Enough whining! Will get myself a glass of red and read (if I can get maxime to bed haha...) big hugs!

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 20 Nov
Varena awww poor Sam he's not getting a break from that cold i hope he feels better soon. is the strike over at your job? i hope it is and everything is back to normal. Jen i'm ok with moving to 11 months. well today Noah smacked my face with one of his toys and it hurt so bad, and then he started to cry cos he knew that it was not nice what he did and he gave me a hug, and put his head on my shoulder lol such a smarty.

Jen11 - Wednesday, 20 Nov
Ah Varena, I'm sorry Sam has been so poorly! I hope all the colds stop soon. We can move to 11 months if you and 3love like, its a bit early for me as Sara has 2 more weeks to go, but I'm happy enough to move on up to keep you company :-)

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