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Your baby, 11 months

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11 months old Your baby is getting ready to take his first steps! He can stand on his own and if you hold onto his hands, he will walk. He does a good job of bending, squatting, stooping and getting back to a standing position. You might be able to tell if he is going to be right or lefthanded.

Your baby knows that people and objects have names. Expand her vocabulary by continuing to read, sing and talk to her. If you laugh at something your baby does, she will do it again. She will imitate everything that you do. She sees an expression on your face and will mimic it. She is learning what animals and people do. If she sees a cat ot dog, she will meow and bark. If your baby knows that you are dissapointed or upset with her, she will hide from you.

Each baby is different and develops at different paces. Just because your first child walked at 11 months, does not mean this child will. If you are concerned about your child's development, speak to his doctor. Remember that the more you interact and guide him, the more he will develop. If your baby gets frustrated when trying to do something new, don't push him. This will cause him to get frustrated and he will lose self confidence.

Show your child what you expect out of him. Realistic expectations will help your child follow directions better. She is still learning what is acceptable and what is not, and it is your job to guide her. Avoiding situations where you have to constantly redirect your baby will make it easier on you and him both. Love, attention and affection are all part of effective discipline. Always remember to praise your child when you see her being appropriate.

Toys that are good for this age are: books, push toys, ride on toys, balls, stacking rings, simple puzzles, telephones, puppets, large cars and trucks, shape boxes, pegboards and pegs, linking toys, large blocks, toys with textures, noisy toys, dolls and stuffed animals. Pretend play toys are also appropriate. Dress up clothes, hats and pretend foods are all good for little learners.

Your child is probably eating a wide variety of foods at this point. She is also getting better control of using a spoon, although alot still ends up in the floor. Although she is still nursing or being bottle-fed formula, she should be drinking juice or water from a cup. Remember to offer her a wide variety of nutritional foods. Establishing healthy eating habits now will go along ways in the future.

Developmental Milestones 11 Months Old

  • Walks well by holding onto furniture
  • Some babies take their first steps and some are walking well, while others will wait a bit longer
  • Can stand alone

  • Continues to learn about language and makes new sounds
  • Uses pincer grasp well and can feed himself finger foods well
  • Drinks well from a cup
  • Says some one syllable words
  • May say some two syllable words
  • Enjoys outdoor activities
  • Figures out how to get things he wants
  • Is interested in colors and shapes
  • Can scribble

  • Talk to you in conversational gibberish and wants you to respond
  • Likes your applause
  • Begins to test authority more
  • Does not like to be held as much-she wants to play and explore

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Crayons and paper for scribbling
  • Colored and textured toys
  • Toys with shapes
  • Toys to bang
  • Talking toys
  • Push toys
  • Some babies like ride on toys
  • Blocks and stacking toys
  • Bath toys
  • Toys that require pretend play
  • Toys that offer instant gratification
  • Pop up toys
  • Sorting toys


Comments 1-25 of about 20057 for month 11
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lilonenumber4 - Friday, 5 Dec
Hi. Teddy is 11 months old. (2nd/Dec) He has front top and bottom teeth and his top two either side are emerging. We have just had a break through with the sleeping after resorting to CC method. Stopped breastfeeding last week. Sad but needed to be done to save my sanity. Teddy is so close to walking and we just got him his first proper shoes. Looking forward to his 1st Christmas.

claire0308 - Sunday, 28 Sep
Hey everyone Isabel is 11 months now and wanting to climb everywhere especially stairs,great at getting up not so good at getting down lol. She's still not saying too much other than mama dada and goodbye but sure it will come soon as she's babbling all of the time - also very keep in trying to walk so I think she'll cracked it by her first birthday .she also prone to biting my neck not sure how to stop that as my little boy never did that.anyways just one month to go for her first birthday can't believe it has so flown.

brookebaby3 - Friday, 26 Sep
11 months wow! Abby is still a tiny little girl! It's so sweet. She's going to be petite like mami. She's trying to walk now. Has a great vocab.. She's learning to hit and be a little mean at times. I don't even know who from because my boys don't hit. She slapped her grandma across the face and said 'hi!' It was horrible and hilarious. She understands no but chooses to ignore and smile. I hope everybody else is fantastic. Mucho amor take care!

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Today is Kaiden's last day being 11 months old. He turns 1 year tomorrow boo hoo. I want to cry it went by way to fast. i just want to love on him all day! He's walking since 10 mths old. Now he trys to run. He doesn't want me to hold on him long cause he's on the go. Chasing after his brothers. He loves to explore.if I could slow time down that would be awesome. He's napping now can't wait to kiss those cheeks and smell his baby skin. love being a mom.

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

3loveofmylife - Monday, 6 Jan
oh yeah we should move to 12 months.

3loveofmylife - Monday, 6 Jan
happy new year. thanks ladies i'm back to normal after a week of having flu and hubby had it too and all 3 kids were sick too thankfully we all recovered. It snowed today and it was 2 degrees Fahrenheit and it was freezing cold. Jen i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you i wish you all the best, and hope you get pregnant soon. Verena so happy to hear Sam is better. Is Spain far from Switzerland hope you didn't have to drive for too long. sorry you have to work full time you and Jen are supermoms taking care of your family and working my hats off to you two.

verena - Thursday, 2 Jan
Shall we move to 12 months?

verena - Thursday, 2 Jan
Happy birthday Noah Sarah and 3 love!! As well as happy new year! Have been absent for too long, with what christening, birthday and driving to Barcelona for new year... We are still here in Spain, driving back to Switzerland on Saturday, enjoying the sun and good feel to this city.. SAMs cough and cold went away literally within the 2hours after arriving here in Spain, the climate here must be great for him, finally, after nearly 3 months of ear infections, colds and cough! So glad he's better, it's a relief for me too.. Walking loads here, not running yet, and no animal noises either lol... But smiling and such a happy angel. You are right, we are truly blessed with our kiddies. Jen, good luck with the treatment, crossing your fingers for everything to work out the way you wish! 3 love, are you feeling better? Sorry to hear you had a flu birthday.. I'm starting work on Monday again, going from 80 to 100% as my hubby's at home for the moment, will see how I can work that out together with family life. Sending you all lots of love and also to your little ones, hope 2014 will be a great year for us all!

Jen11 - Thursday, 2 Jan
Happy New Year ladies, and happy birthday to those who already turned one, and to you 3love. I've missed alot! I was away for 2 weeks in South Africa being checked out for our attempt at baby number 2. All is good so I go on all the necessary meds from February, then have IVF in April. Sara is doing great! Walks confidently and even runs now and says a few words and can make some animal noises when asked. She'll be turning one next week!

3loveofmylife - Friday, 27 Dec
it's my birthday today, and i was too sick to do anything yep i have the flu what else is new lol. so i'm i the only one left here lol hope you guys are just too busy parting and the babies are sleeping well.

3loveofmylife - Sunday, 22 Dec
Happy birthday Sam i hope all your wishes come true. we are going to visit families for the holidays Noah had so much fun at his birthday party, and he got so many gifts he got spoiled lol. happy holidays and stay safe.

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 18 Dec
it is Noah's birthday today. this time last year i was pushing him out where did the time go i'm so happy and blessed to have him in my life. we will have his birthday party on Saturday cuz everyone is at work or school, and i think i already got him too many toys is 6 too many? hope all you guys are doing great and staying healthy, and not sick. it's 2:02 pm right now and Noah was born at 2:02 so officially 1 year old happy birthday to my little prince mommy loves you .

3loveofmylife - Monday, 16 Dec
verena poor Sam i hope he gets better soon he needs a break from it and you too. last year this time i was 11 days over due and ready to have him, and i tolled everyone when he comes out i was going to put him in time out for making me over due lol. and i'm acutely smaller now then i was before i got pregnant with Noah i was 145LB and now i'm 137LB 3 months ago i was 153LB and i went on a health diet to loss the weight, and stress helped me loss the last 5LB lol. did Maxime have fun making cookies i love the smell of cookies i'll take one please lol take care of yourself hope you guys fell better soon.

3loveofmylife - Saturday, 14 Dec
Jen it took 2 and a half months after his last 6 came in so Sara's maybe coming out soon.

verena - Saturday, 14 Dec
Welcome back tigermomma! Good to know Haleigh is doing well, and happy first birthday! Sam will be 1 on the 23rd, this time lt year I we just couldn't wait to hold our babies, do you remember? So many things happened since then! Samuel Charlie walking confidently since 3 days, he's back on antibiotics (stronger ones) for the 3rd time due his 3rd ear infection in 2 months.. We brought him to the docs on Monday and started antibiotics immediately, Tuesday morning he was bleeding out if his ear, really scary.. I think I might take him to a homeopath or a Chinese doc, sometimes they work wonders. Me and my cough.. Have pulled a muscle yesterday after a coughing fit, and am in pain every time I sneeze, cough, laugh or breath in deeply.. Same as every year, it's so frustrating! At least this year I'm not 8 months pregnant, that s the good side to it.. Lol. Visitors tomorrow, cheese fondue on the menu (ill never loose weight.., still have 9kg to go..), perfect for the cold weather! Will be baking Xmas cookies with maxime in the morning . Hugs to all!!

tigermomma - Friday, 13 Dec
Hey ladies. It's been a while since I've been on. Haleigh Just turned 1 on 12/10. Can't believe that she's a year already. She is taking steps but not fully walking yet. She had her 12 month well visit yesterday and she currently weighs 21 lbs 6 oz and is 29.75 in long. She is doing great.

Jen11 - Friday, 13 Dec
Go Noah! Amazing how time flies 3love! How long between the last teeth he got and these? Sara has six teeth, but has been the same for 2 months now and I'm not sure when to expect the next.

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 11 Dec
Noah is getting 2 more teeth coming through so that makes it 8 all together. and in 7 days he will be 1 year old omg where did the time go.

weber3 - Monday, 14 Oct
@amw yeah lol my baby is eating everything in sight too....including paper, sand, toilet paper....anything he can get in there before I catch him. Once at the park he grabbed one handful of sand, then the other handful of sand and so I held his hands to keep him from eating more so he put his face down and licked it. Needless to say he isn't allowed down at the park anymore. My other babies have not been so interested in eating things.

amw050383 - Thursday, 3 Oct
Weber I know its crazy! We have Zane's 1 year pics today. He is walking and running around like crazy now, eating everything in sight, and starting to get quite the little temper on him hahah! We have started to transition him to whole milk and its going well so far. They are getting big fast!!

weber3 - Monday, 30 Sep
I can't believe he will be 1 in less than 2 weeks. Feels like I am in the 5th trimester since i still carry him around most of the day. Loving every minute of my babe and so sad to see him grow up so fast.

oopixiesticks - Tuesday, 24 Sep
amw- As long as the blanket is not very heavy I think he will be fine. My daughter sleeps with a blanket and has for a while now. It's kind of a thick one too but not very heavy. If your not sure you should watch him play with the blanket in the crib during the day and see if he has any problems

amw050383 - Tuesday, 24 Sep
My son will be a year old in 2 weeks and his great grandmother is making a blanket for him for his crib. He has never had a `loose` blanket in his crib except for his silky which is a small security blanket and I didnt even give him that until he was about 9 months old. He has the mesh breathable bumper and thats it. I dress him warm at night. I have seen where at a year a blanket is safe usually but I am so nervous about it. I am sure he will be fine but just wondering if it is ok?!? He had the sleep sacks for awhile but now that he likes to stand and all those dont work for us!

eliciamadora - Thursday, 1 Aug
I can't believe my baby girl is almost 11 months old! She just started crawling last week, so I'm not going to push the thought of walking quite yet. She is still breastfeeding :)

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