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Your baby, 13 months

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13 months old The second year of life has alot in store for your toddler. He is moving from babyhood to childhood. It is important to give your child the love, support, patience, encouragement and guidance that he needs. Toddlers are a challenge and at times, he may test your patience. Continue to set rules and enforce them. Soon your child will learn his limits.

You might notice that your child has developed new fears. This is normal and should pass when she sees that there is really nothing to be afraid of. Some children are afraid of separation, change, inanimate obects, animals and imaginary creatures. If you subjected your child to these types of objects from a young age, she may not show fear. Respect her fears and gently tell her there is nothing to be afraid of.

Because your baby is probably standing and walking well, he does not like any type of restraint. Occasionally, there are times that he may need to be in a playpen for safety. Your baby is beginning to do things for attention and likes when you clap or acknowledge her cuteness. At this point, she is beginning to adjust to babysitters but she is still afraid of strangers. She will empty the contents out of anything that you allow her to. She likes to take socks out of drawers, pots out of cabinets, etc. It is very important that you have childproofed your home and made a safe place for your toddler to explore.

Language skills are developing and he will begin saying simple words. Sometimes he gets frustrated if he can not find the words to say. Your child will respond to his name and he will look in the right direction when you ask him where an object is. He has begun to understand the names of objects, foods, people and animals. You might notice that he has a favorite book and will want you to read it over and over.

Your child does like to play alone sometimes, but she really likes to play with you. She likes to hide and have you find her. Some of her favorite toys are push and pull toys, simple ride on toys, pretend play, building materials, crayons and paper, cars and trucks, balls and other bright objects. Providing her a variety of educational toys will encourage her learning. Help her build towers and play imitation games with her.

Sometimes it is hard for babies to give up the bottle or breast. Weaning from the breast or bottle should be done slowly. Many babies want to nurse or drink from a bottle before bed and when they wake up. Do not allow your child to take a bottle or cup to bed with her. By now, she can drink whole milk. Offer her milk in a cup and encourage her to drink from it. She will drink less milk as she is eating more foods. Soon your child will forget about the breast or bottle. Don't offer it if she has moved on.

Developmental Milestones - 13 Months

  • Climbs onto a low step
  • Can stand alone
  • May walk well
  • Puts objects away

  • Can hug and kiss
  • Likes when people are near
  • Enjoys praise and attention
  • Is learning simple words
  • Can respond when her name is called
  • Waves bye bye

  • Shy with strangers
  • Likes other children
  • Will adjust to familiar faces

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Push toys
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls
  • Blocks
  • Chunky crayons and paper
  • Large trucks/cars
  • Nesting cup


Comments 1-25 of about 18660 for month 13
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lilmissesmum- - Sunday, 30 Mar
Hi ladies, don't usually post in this forum but have a question. Anyone have a good way to stop their toddlers from climbing. My oldest was a climber but had some fear of falling so never really climbed to high but my third wow....anything we have caught her on tables, chairs and on ladders. Little concerned she will hurt herself because she is not scared of falling off. Any hints?

3loveofmylife - Saturday, 8 Mar
how are you ladies and the babies doing. Noah is doing really well he has a little cold and he's getting more teeth in miss you ladies. we should really move to next month lol.

verena - Tuesday, 4 Mar
Jen sorry, didn't answer to Sara's pushing.. I guess it's just a phase, like for some kids they go through a biting phase later on.. Just say its not nice , but be firm on it!

3loveofmylife - Monday, 24 Feb
Noah is loving his bathes, and whenever he sees one of us going to take a bath or sees us going in to the bathroom he'll start taking his cloth off and wants to go in and play with water lol. Jen don't worry u really can't do anything u can say ( no that's not nice that's your friend) it's a stage they go through they are just trying to mark their territory i guess lol she'll grow out of it. verena Noah is also down to one nap a day guess they are getting old for naps lol. have fun with your mom. Noah was 14 months on the 18th.

verena - Sunday, 23 Feb
Hi Jen, welcome back! Yeah, work gets to us and leaves us little time for 'us' things.. Just back from a week in the snow, Sam loved it, touching the snow and sliding down the hill in his sledge! Back to work tomorrow for me, mummy coming on Tuesday for 3 days, hubby is traveling, so that will be nice to have her around! SAMs top teeth are out now, but the bottom two Dracula ones are still pushing through and he's still waking every night around 3 to scream and look for his dummies.. He literally won't sit still now any more.. Always wanting to walk and run all over the place and its just about moving about. Great eater though, we call him the garbage bin as he eats everything he can find - even the smallest crumb lying around.. He much prefers to play with adult stuff, like our toothbrushes, cream tubes and kitchen utensils.. Even in the bath he prefers our shower gel bottles to his super cool water ducks!! He sleeps much less now, guess he doesn't need it that much anymore. Sleeping later and waking same time in the morning, day naps are shorter too. He is 14 months today! Let me know when you are ready to move, I don't want to be the only one in the next section! Hugs to both of you

Jen11 - Friday, 21 Feb
Hi ladies. Sorry I've been missing so much, but things have been so hectic at work. Sara also does the screaming thing when she wants something, must be something to do with their age! She is also starting to push other children. Any ideas how I can stop this? Her teething is terrible at the moment. She only has 2 teeth on the bottom, but now has 5 on top, and the most recent are the big premolars, one through and one still trying!

3loveofmylife - Monday, 17 Feb
verena thank you she is soo young and she wont remember anything i just hope everything will be ok, but knowing her mom i don't know what will happen. sorry you had to go through that too good thing you were young and you had loving people around you. we all love this little girl soo much so we'll see what happens. ooh poor Sam is that why he's been waking up cuz of his teeth i hope he wont be in so much pain the big ones hurt more than the little ones. Noah is starting to love animals but somehow he thinks every animal is a dog. when he sees a cat a dog an elephant or what ever he'll point and bark like a dog lol. oh have fun skiing luck you we don't get enough snow here to make a snow man lol.

verena - Wednesday, 12 Feb
Hello 3 love! So sorry to hear about your brother, my parents divorced when I was two, but I have to admit I was too small to realise. I just grew up used to it.. My mum remarried when I was 8, but the time in between wasn't always easy.. I wish your niece strength and hope its not a nasty divorce, with lots of fighting. What helped me tremendously was that my parents although they had their problems, never talked bad about each other. There was lots of love around me and that made me very lucky. Funny little Noah! Sam doesn't do the hiding thing, as a matter of fact he's so subtle about things that we never know he's done until its done!!! Lol... School hols here next week, we are off skiing! Sam has 4 teeth coming simultaneously for the last 4 weeks, he already has 4 on top and 4 on the bottom, these new ones look huge and painful!! He has been waking up at night for the last 2 months screaming at least once, last night was the 2nd in a row he slept through, And cosequently so did we, feel like new!! Glad to read you, was starting to feel lonely!! Big hugs and lots of energy and good vibes for your brother

3loveofmylife - Monday, 10 Feb
Noah is starting to hide behind furniture when he dose #2 are your babies doing that too? its like he is embarrassed if we see him lol.

3loveofmylife - Thursday, 6 Feb
HI sorry i have been missing i've missed you ladies. my brother is going through divorce and it just makes me so sad to see him going through this. he has a 15 months old daughter, and it just breaks my heart every time i see her. Noah is doing great he also screams very loud, and he wants every thing he sees oh he also loves giving us kiss so cute. happy birthday Maxime.

verena - Thursday, 6 Feb
Hope I'm not the only one posting!! Samuel doing great except for loud screaming (really high pitch) when he wants something.. Otherwise an angel, smiley, funny, a real clown.. My 1st one maxime 5tomorrow! Makes me remember my first I am pregnant website encounter! Hope you're all well..

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

Onnumber4 - Saturday, 10 Aug
Wow the change in my daughter just from last month is massive! She has turned into one determined little madame! Nothing is safe. We have shelves with the television etc and books and we've had to block them with a coffee table till now to stop her grabbing and pulling at everything. Now she can climb up onto the coffee table and onto the shelf with the tv on. It is hard work while pregnant to keep jumping up every 30 seconds and say NO! I've turned the coffee table on its side but she has dragged it out her way. We are going round in circles. Rose had her 12 month immunisations at the start of the week. She was brave. Had a cry but not for long. I don't know if it was those that are making her wake in the night these last few nights or if it's 2 new teeth coming through either side of the top two front teeth. Rose is still not walking unaided but will happily walk along holding one hand now. She can lower her self down not holding on and likes to stand up leaning against stuff with out holding on so we're nearly there. She is on just cows milk now. A bottle in the morning, one at night and if at home she'll have a small one for her afternoon nap. Her hair is growing but not enough for a cut yet. I put a little clip in it to keep it out her eyes. We go on a weeks holiday next week. We're so excited and we have my 20 week scan in 3 days but Rose won't be finding out if she is having a brother or sister as we're leaving it as a surprise. Rose loves Baby Jake on tv and sings along. She likes the shapes on Mr Maker and babbles but no definite words. I think she says Dada and Mama and hiya but it's not definite. She loves to hug and kiss and will say aahh when hugging. If you ask for a kiss she will lean in for one. She loves turning things on and off. She will find that power button on remote or laptop or the wii and keep turning them on and off! That is all for this month. Back to chasing Rose around :D P.S. Hahaha Just adding this the next morning as she took her first steps last night!!! Coincidence after me writing this and exactly at 13 months.

shanita hall - Friday, 29 Mar
My baby girl is 13 months today she waves bye and waves hi she can't stand alone just yet or walk but she walks by holding on to furniture and walking around it lol she does test my patience but growing so well she's 3 months premature but it seems she does everything well almost everything lol hello 13 months!

nikkibik - Thursday, 27 Dec
He counts also his favorite numbers are 2 and 13

nikkibik - Thursday, 27 Dec
My son is about that size and he does a lot of the same things. He's advanced over all the kids in his mommy and me class and some are 2-3 months older he has about 30 words give or take and plays basketball on his new hoop he got for Christmas. He's so smart and I'm loving this age:)

monika01 - Saturday, 22 Sep
does any one have a baby in the higher % ? mty lo is about 26.5 lbs and 81cm tall... just want to know if there is anyone else in the same boat. she is able to dp alot more physically, then any child her age.... like gewt onto the playground... she too has over 50 words most in english some polish.. she aquires up to 5 words a day now .. she is also ab;e to recognize a circle and count to 3.

kiwichick - Monday, 20 Aug
Thought I would give a little update on how Aria is doing, she's going on 14 months on 4th September. Still not sleeping through the night, am going through some tough love at the moment and is getting the picture after only 2 days. I am 7 weeks pregnant and really suffering from the lack of sleep! She has just started to feed herself with a spoon very well, kicks and even dribbles a ball (her big brother plays soccer), says alot of words, mum, jay jay (her brothers name), dad, kai(food), car, shoes, hi(her ultimate fave), hello, bottle, ta, plug(dummy). She likes to sleep in a big girls bed at night, but has her naps in the cot in the day. She has been walking since about 2 weeks before her birthday and is really confident now. For those whose baby's are not walking yet, don't worry, I have met alot of mums and bubs recently, up to 18 months even that aren't walking, it will happen when their ready :) My little girl just seems to be growing up way to fast!

shabs78 - Sunday, 29 Jul
Bluroc, my lo is just over thirteen months and doesn't seem interested in walking yet either. She was a little late in crawling too. I wouldn't worry about it, I think she'll walk when she's ready :-)

BLUROC - Friday, 20 Jul
my boy will be 13 months on the 23rd and he's scared to walk. Anyone else have this?

Colleensmommy - Friday, 6 Jul
Hi all, just wanted to share something with you. I recently wrote a book which most women will relate to and probably find to be a nice escape, which makes them laugh and feel 'normal'. It is a book about a housewife's (mine) innermost thoughts and emotions. It is quick and easy. However, if you are faint of heart or easily offended, stay away. It is only $.99 on Amazon. If you need to, you can download the Kindle E-reader for FREE and have access to dozens of other free and discounted books!

kodyz boo - Tuesday, 19 Jun
bella, destiny, and lillians. and others i am alive. My leave got extended a bit cuz i had a mental breakdown so i went away for a week more uuugh. Im feeling a million times better now. Ill head over to 14 onths and explain...

lillianshappymommy - Saturday, 16 Jun
I would want a boy next! as long as they are healthy yes, but I relallllllyyy want a boy next. lol I love my little girl to death but you know what they say daddy's little girl and momma's boy. ;) Yes it does make me nervous as well! mischief would reign supreme in my house with two little ones running around. lol

Destiny*Joshua*BabyBlue - Friday, 15 Jun
Alright ladies moving over 2 month 14 cause we all should be there or close. XOXO

bellablue - Friday, 15 Jun
aww destiny thats awesome there are some nice ppl ou there! Arianna is 14 months today!

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Children that feel secure, protected and cared for are more likely to display good behavior...

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Even though you might be interested in getting your child involved with other children her own age, she is most interested in you and her own things...

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Playtime is a special time for you and your child to enjoy each other and show love for one another...

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Develop and build your toddler's self-esteem. Don't wait until your child is older to help him learn how special he is-start now if you have not already...

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choosing a preschool for your child, ask questions beforehand to ensure a good fit...

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