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Your baby, 2 months

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2 months old During this month, your baby will smile, laugh and make many different kinds of noises. Talk to your baby and encourage him to continue making sounds. When you place your baby on his chest, he can lift his head and chest up. Give your baby a variety of toys that make different sounds, have different textures and light up. All of this will help to develop his senses.

Most babies will spit up at some point or another because of overfeeding or the lack of a mature digestive system. This is very common and is usually not a cause for concern. As long as your child is growing properly and the spit up does not cause him to choke, he is probably fine. More than likely, the spitting up will improve as your baby gets older.

Soon your baby will be rolling over, so it is time to start thinking safety! Avoid leaving your baby on changing tables, couches, countertops and other surfaces unattended. You never know when she will decide to roll for the first the first time.

Until your baby is four to six months old, there is no need to supplement his diet with water, juice or cereal. Some parents are tempted to put cereal into a baby's bottle to help them sleep longer-this is not recommended. Babies get all of the nutrition they need from breast milk or infant formula. Your baby has probably settled into more of a predictable feeding pattern. Most babies will drink about 5-6 ounces of formula or breast milk every 3-4 hours. Avoid giving your baby a bottle in his crib and do not prop the bottle while you are feeding him.

Because all babies have different temperaments, it should be understood that some babies are fussier than others. While some babies are quiet, calm and content most of the time, others are not. Some babies get fussy and aggrevated very easily and need more nurturing from their caregivers. If you use a pacifier, try to limit the amount of time you give it to your baby. Give it to your baby when he needs it for comort and avoid giving it to him when he is not fussy. Never hang the pacifier from his neck to avoid strangulation.

Your baby will learn from you and his environment. Make your baby feel secure and loved by responding to his needs promptly. This will help your baby build trust in you. Never yell, shake or hit your baby--even if you do get frustrated or upset. Doing so can seriously harm your baby and decrease the trust that he has in you.

Developmental Milestones 2 Months Old

  • Jerky movements are almost gone. Smoother circular movements have taken place of the jerky movements.
  • Your baby can grasp objects voluntarily
  • Eyes are more coordinated and your baby can see various colors

  • Your baby will smile at you this month!
  • Prefers objects with more complicated designs, colors and shapes
  • Some babies will sleep through the night,but not most
  • Most babies will sleep for longer stretches at night

  • Your baby will smile when he is happy
  • Your baby will show preferences for people he knows
  • Babies like to be held and comforted. Babies need to feel safe in order to deveop a sense of security.

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Rattles
  • Balls
  • Colored toys
  • Mirrors
  • Mobiles
  • Playgyms
  • Books
  • Musical toys
  • Lighted toys


Comments 1-25 of about 21235 for month 2
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ElisiaDawn - 1 hours ago
Yeah I worry about letting him sleep past 6am but im going to start letting him, he is now waking for a feed from till 6.30am we do a feed about 6/7ish then we wake him again as apparently he should be having 30oz in 24hours but we only give him 25oz in 24hours and he's nice and settled so I won't be giving him any more lol I didn't get him weighed today so will.go on Tuesday :) he was 12lb 6oz at 8 weeks so he will be 11 weeks tomorrow so I think he could be around 12lb 15oz maybe even 13oz now :D

jaybird81 - Tuesday, 22 Jul
Lincoln turned two months this past week- he weighs 14.8lbs and he's 25.9in long! He only sleeps the longest stretch of 4-5hrs at night (help!) and then he's up every 2-3 hours after that. He's sleeping in his crib and smiling like a champ, no laughs yet!

onj - Monday, 21 Jul
Oliver is 2 months old next week. Will get his shots and my daughters booster shots the same day. Should be fun haha. I haven't had him weighted lately, but he's getting soo big! I guess that's what happens when they start out at 10 lbs lol.

4girls want a boy - Monday, 21 Jul
I had Nala's two months shots today . She is 14 lbs and 24 inches long. She is in the 98 % for her length and 97 % for her weight ..Big girl like her sisters ..She will be two months old tomorrow.

ElisiaDawn - Tuesday, 15 Jul
I always wait until someome posts in bere as Harrie turns a month older every 9th of the month so he's just over 2 months now... scary :( I love watching Harrie grow every single day he changes so much and gives me lots of coos and giggles and is already trying to lift his head off the floor, he was rolling from 4 weeks old so he's just a strong baby ; )

SamanthaDawn - Sunday, 13 Jul
My baby girl Addelyn is 2 months old today! :) Just thought I'd pop over here and say that. I know it won't be long till all the babies are 2 months old now! The time is flyin' I love the new baby stage but I'm also so excited to be able to feed my baby cereal at 4 months, and all the other baby foods at 6 months I just loove every stage I'm so excited for her to crawl and take her first steps! I know it won't be long. :) and I know it is most likely a fluke, but Addelyn says MOM!!!

*wyatts*mommy* - Saturday, 19 Apr
i jumped over to 3 month to join you g7!!

G7 - Wednesday, 16 Apr
Zander is three months old today so I'm heading to month 3!!! WOW

G7 - Wednesday, 16 Apr
He is now eating more frequently. I think he will just eat on his own schedule depending on his ever changing needs. Apparently I don't get to plan any more - Flexible is the name of the game.

*wyatts*mommy* - Saturday, 12 Apr
G7 it does change over time also the bigger he gets the more efficient he will be at removing the milk from the breast :) so while he is still nursing for the same amount of time he is able to get a larger volume out. I'm so gla you said if you think about your breasts you get a let down I do that too and I thought It was weird but glad im not the onu one!

G7 - Friday, 11 Apr
Ryans - I'm glad wyatts had a response because I really don't know. If I think too much about my breast I have let down, I think I could feed two babies. Although I am curious about the fact that my babe is eating less often and each feed is staying the same length of time (about 20 minutes) so over all is he getting less food or does our milk change over time?

*wyatts*mommy* - Thursday, 10 Apr
I haveRaynaud's syndrome as well and it is awful. getting out of the shower sucks so much. wit htime it is getting better though. I neer had it with my first so i am upset i have it this time around. Rayans - 4 oz every 3 hours is AMAZING. by general rule you actualy have an over supply :) baby only needs 1 oz per hour if baby wants more then you do paced bottle feeds and offer a pacifier at the end.its 1 oz an hour until baby is 12 months old. explains it in detail!

rayansmama - Sunday, 6 Apr do I increase my supply....I'm pumping only 4 oz every three hours....I want to make it to 6 months as well...I have about 800oz frozen but I don't want to touch the stash just I'm weird I want to keep my milk frozen as long as possible...

rayansmama - Sunday, 6 Apr
Good luck Colton.....lots of prayers for a speedy recovery...

G7 - Sunday, 6 Apr
I've diagnosed myself with Raynaud's syndrome of the nipple. Basically the blood vessels of the breast and nipple spasm - VERY painful often it is misdiagnosed as a yeast infection and pain is present even when the babe is not at breast. There are medicine interventions but I haven't seen a doc yet so I did one suggestion of rubbing in olive oil into the nipple -OMG it has made a HUGE difference, the pain isn't totally gone but wow so thankful for any relief. Now I need to figure out pumping. I started work this past week and when I pump at work I get a lot of milk out but it makes twice as much come in right away so I walk around with a huge rock of a breast that is so uncomfortable! I'm determined to make it to 6 months. Babe is sleeping longer at night - last night went 7 hours between feedings (didn't sleep that long). DH had him yesterday my sister spent the night so he wasn't completely alone anyway they did fine and came to my work for lunch so I could feed him. I cry every time I leave for work but I think it is good for me and babe is always with family so I can feel good about that too. Hope you are all doing well!

G7 - Sunday, 6 Apr
Colton, have a good surgery and I hope you never remember any of it ;-)

*wyatts*mommy* - Sunday, 6 Apr
he is having hyposadias correction with partial fusion and circ. correction. Since he was preemie some parts werent fully developed ( even though i was 33 weeks he was IUGR so they estimated twin B at 27 weeks development). i had to lol at cutting your boobs off!

G7 - Wednesday, 2 Apr
I really want to cut off my boobs!

G7 - Wednesday, 2 Apr
Wyatts- what is the surgery Colton will have? My thoughts are with you - stay strong!

G7 - Wednesday, 2 Apr
Ryans - So glad your son is okay and sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. on your idea I started to do more massages for babe and has been really beneficial. This time is going so fast I want to soak up every moment. I also bought a DVD (it's still on it's way) to learn the meaning of the different cries (although it might be too late because apparently if they aren't being responded to by 3 months they don't use these reflexive cries) we'll see!

G7 - Wednesday, 2 Apr
Thanks for the encouraging words. DH did fine my first day back. My parents had the babe during the day and DH had him for the evening -my shit on Tuesdays are from noon 'til 1 AM. Tonight dh said he thinks I should let him cry more and don't carry him just because he wants to be cared. DH doesn't want him to be needy - why can't DH understand that at this age you cant spoil the babe! I believe being held is a biological need at this age, that I realized that DH is only sees babe at night when he is a little more fussy and wants comforting so that is his whole view of the babe where as I know that he has been a complete angel most of the day - this made sense to DH. I really do let him do things his way until I feel like he is irritating the baby to a full blown inconsolable state... good advice though I'm trying to let go a little.

*wyatts*mommy* - Tuesday, 1 Apr
I really wish this site was more mobile friendly!! It makes it so hard to get on and talk to everyone. I started dieting this week.... Yeah that lasted about 2 days before I had a dip in milk supply. Guess weight loss is on hold for another 7ish months. Darn Girl Scout cookies! They are just so delicious :) Colton has his first surgery coming up in 6 weeks but it's a small one that is out patient. Although he will have a cath. For a week or so. I will catch up on everyone's posts this evening. Babies are rolling off their mats so I need to go save them before big brother steps on one.

rayansmama - Tuesday, 1 Apr
And as for breastfeeding...latching him on hurts like milk supply is decreasing quite rapidly. I don't get to freeze anything now...pumping only 7 oz every 6 hours. I'm thinking in a month or so I am going to have to start formula. I really wanted to feed him for a year but let's see if my supply picks up again...breastfeeding is a lot of work!!!!

rayansmama - Tuesday, 1 Apr
G7.. Try not to get frustrated. I know u think ur husband can't calm a fussy baby but let him handle the baby his own way. He probably gets frustrated because he sees ur reaction. It's his child too...I was the same way with our first child...I wouldn't let my husband hold him or calm my son down. But I messed up because then he never took care of him. He never changed him, he never fed him, or changed his cloths or bathed him. I was doing everything. U need to let ur husband have some responsibility otherwise he will get used to the fact ur doing everything and he won't do it. With my second one, I learned to let go. I am not as possessive of him as our first one. I let his grandparents have him the whole day. They both are old and retired and have nothing to do. They like taking care of the baby and holding him so I let them do whatever they want...they feed him and change his diapers. I usually take him for couple of hours to feed him and bathe him. I have a lot of chores at home because I'm the only one cooking and cleaning and doing the dishes. So I let them take care of the baby. I would like it if they helped out with some house work so I spend some more time with the baby. I fear that the baby will not be as close to me. Or the fact my mother in law goes around telling ppl I raised the baby. She took care of her friends baby and now she goes around telling ppl she raised him. I'm gonna be so pissed if that happens...

rayansmama - Tuesday, 1 Apr
It's been a crazy week...I haven't posted here in a while. Took my son to a cardiologist last week. He heard the heart murmur and told us there might be a small hole in the upper chamber of his heart. Hearing that was the hardest thing....I had to hold myself together in front of the doctor and as soon as he walked out, I started crying like a baby. We went in for an EKG and then the doctor came back to tell us my baby was normal and had nothing wrong with his heart. I am so thankful to God. My tears became tears of joy. I don't know why doctors scare u first!! Anyways I am so relieved he is perfectly healthy and heart murmur will go away on its own. We had a huge party for both our sons this past Friday. It's a religious occasion and we celebrated it with 140 family members and friends. Of course we did it in a reception hall and not my house. Our sons got lots of cloths and presents. They looked was a lot of fun. It was big enough to be a wedding lol. I ordered a two tiered cake and everyone was dressed up. Our sons were dressed a like and so cute!! It was awesome...

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Children that feel secure, protected and cared for are more likely to display good behavior...

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