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Your baby, 24 months

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24 months old By this time, you and your child have established routines and bedtime should be an important time during the day for both you and your child. Bedtime is a great time to provide one on one, uninterrupted time to listen to your child and talk about their day. Establishing this as a nightly routine, your soothing voice will help your child get snuggled in and rest easily. You also are setting the stage for years to come, when your child wants to talk to you privately.

It is not unlikely to have noticed some changes in your child's appetite. One day she seems like she is starving and other days she hardly eats anything at all. Your toddler may also have distinct favorites. Although it is okay to continue to serve your child her favorite foods, remember to provide a vareity of healthy foods. Offer new foods frequently and although she may reject them at first, continue serving them to her. Eventually, she will try them and possibly surprise herself with a new favorite! Just because your child has rejected the food, does not mean she does not like it. Toddlers are often scared to try new foods. Do not make a fuss if she does not eat it, just serve it again. Always offer your child the same foods that the rest of the family is eating and avoid serving different meals.

Your curious toddler may be wondering about sex at this point. Although he does not need to know the details, it is okay to answer her questions about where babies come from and differences in girls and boys. You could tell your child that babies grow in a special place in a mommy's tummy. You may choose to tell your toddler that babies get here from both the mommy and daddy. Most of the time, your child will only ask a few questions and then their curiosity will be satisfied. Talking to your child now about these inevitable questions will make it easier for more in-depth questions later on. Teach your child the names of his/her genitals as you teach the rest of the body parts names. Do not worry if you find your child handling their genitals. It is normal for children to explore all of their body parts, genitals included, and they are finding out that it feels good. Try not to make your child feel `naughty` about this and possibly encourage them to explore in a private area-such as the bathroom or their bedroom.

Two year olds often bite, hit, pinch and kick other people. Most children will bite, hit, kick or pinch when they are angry or frustrated. When your toddler does this, tell her firmly, `No biting. Biting hurts.` Pull your child aside and explain to her that what she did hurts and that is is unacceptable. Never bite, hit, kick or pinch your child back. This will not stop the problem and it may teach your child that it is okay.

Talk with your child, rather than at him. He can understand what you say and most of the time will have interesting things to say back to you. Try to encourage your child to talk by using open-ended questions that he can comment on. Tell your child that what he said was interesting, funny or neat. Let him know that you value his opinions and thoughts.

Developmental Milestones - 24 Months Old

  • Tries to catch a ball
  • Prefers to run than walk
  • Likes to walk on low walls
  • Throws a ball well

  • Can name many familiar objects
  • Understands soon and is beginning to wait
  • Can ask for food and drink
  • Knows where things belong
  • Can build a tower of 8 blocks

  • Scared of animals, trains, thunderstorms and other sounds
  • Bossy
  • May hit, slap or bite when mad
  • Defiant at times
  • Selfish- `Mine`

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Soft modelling clay
  • Pretend play
  • Bath toys
  • Art materials
  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Alphabet and number toy


Comments 1-25 of about 6199 for month 24
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lilonenumber4 - Monday, 21 Jul
Ah, I was updating every single month for my daughter then stopped a few months back. She turned 2yrs old, just over a week ago. We were on holiday at the time with family. We took her the Zoo on the day and to the park on the evening. She had a fantastic day. She is very beautiful and funny. We are truely blessed. Rose has started to put words together to make short sentences and she used her potty for the first time 2 days ago. I think I will probably stop updating now. Maybe each birthday, if I remember. I have a younger baby boy who is 6months old. But my baby journey ends after him. I love my two babies so much. :)

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

girl from ab (erin) - Sunday, 2 Dec
My son just turned 2 yesterday and he has now peed in the potty twice over the past 2 days :D proud mama

hopeful29 - Sunday, 28 Oct
wow I have awesome spelling skills lol

kathleen112 - Saturday, 27 Oct
Don't look at me I was the last one to post! Lol. We should prob move to 25 months huh? See ya over there!

hopeful29 - Saturday, 27 Oct
23 Oct and it's now the 27th ladies...whats happing to us :(

kathleen112 - Tuesday, 23 Oct
Yes!! He wouldn't keep it on long enough for me to get a picture but only cause he's not feeling well. :-( Taking him to the doctor in the morning. The little bit he had it on though...OMG too cute!!! Ben already sent Keira a thank you note. ;-) Babydust--that's awesome!! Ben was really good for his flu shot recently..he thought about crying but it was over before he knew it so he just stopped lol

hopeful29 - Tuesday, 23 Oct
Kathleen did the hat fit?

babydust4932 - Monday, 22 Oct
Had Kylie's 2 yr visit and she was 35 in and almost 30 lbs! I was amazed she loved when they did the lead test and just sat there watching them getting the drops of blood they needed. Then asked for another 'booboo' lol then she showed it off asking everyone to kiss it. It was cute

hopeful29 - Sunday, 21 Oct
:) Keira says you're welcome! Kash I figured as much for the last name is Hatheway (sp?) however I wasn't thinking I guess! Same with Cupcake, I imagine they have his last name but I used hers.

kathleen112 - Sunday, 21 Oct
I agree Hopeful that was WAY too much!!!! I absolutely LOVE the hat and it was so so sweet of you (excuse me, Keira!) to include a book with Ben's favorite character. I LOVE that pic!!! Adorable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

kashsmommy - Sunday, 21 Oct
Nope! They dropped it right in my mailbox! Todd asked who it was from so I had to go into the story of 'us' lol and he says 'well she doesn't even know his name', totally kidding of course, (cole has Todd's last name) so thank you for the opportunity to make a jab at him about not marrying his child's mother ;-)

hopeful29 - Sunday, 21 Oct
Yahoo so happy you got it you didn't have to pay customs did you??? The post office here said you can't pay customs since it's up to the receiving country if they charge or not...I would feel bad if you had to so I hope not! And it wasn't from me it was from Keira!!!!!

kashsmommy - Saturday, 20 Oct
O. M. G. !!!!! Hopefuuuulllll!!!! That was way too much....thank you!!!!! I love love love EVERYTHING! Now that I have your address, I'll be shipping Keira's this week! :-)

kathleen112 - Friday, 19 Oct
Definitely not just a girl thing Hopeful though Ben doesn't usually whine he just orders me around. Then I remind him that's not how he asks for things and he'll say his pleases and thank yous. He's actually pretty damn polite. It's not always this easy but tonight he went down to bed easy as pie and when I put his blanket over him he said 'Thank you mama. Night.' Most of the time he's a dream come true...other times he's a nightmare lol. His worst times seem to be right after he wakes up from a nap which I just don't get. He's well rested but he'll just cry and scream and tantrum for up to half an hour until I put on his Tassie (Thomas the Train) and then he'll slowly calm down. And once it's done he's back to his happy self. So strange.

babydust4932 - Friday, 19 Oct
I'm ok, I caught it early so I was pretty lucky. I'm mainly exhausted after the smallest task and get dizzy from being short of breath. It's hard trying to restchancing after 2 2 year olds since my niece is around while my sid is on her honeymoon. I have been staying at my moms while work on our home goes on so that has been helpful. Hopeful, Kylie is the same way and so is my niece who is 6 months older. It gets so annoying! So many times I had to remind myself she is only 2. I get all the time I want this in her whiny voice. It doesn't help that her grandmother responds to it so after she watches her she tries it on me. So not happening lol

hopeful29 - Friday, 19 Oct
LOL I knew what you meant babydust but I'm a horrible speller so the first time you wrote it it looked good to me! They need spell check on this site ha! So any other LO's becoming very whiny lately? Is this just a girl thing? Cause OMG it's annoying. She knows I won't give her something till she asks nicely and says please but the first 3/4 times she asks for soemthing it's like WAHHH. I have to get down to her level and explain to her 18 million times a day that she has to ask nicely. Drives me up the wall!

kathleen112 - Thursday, 18 Oct
Oh ok lol. Wow, are you ok?? Pneumonia is serious business. Make sure you get plenty of rest!

babydust4932 - Thursday, 18 Oct
Misspelt this word a hundred times but I meant pneumonia, the infection in lungs. Prob did again, for some reason I can't get that word right

kathleen112 - Thursday, 18 Oct
What's phenomia?

babydust4932 - Thursday, 18 Oct
Lol sorry hopeful! I knew that too! Have phenomia so I'm kinda out of it lately

hopeful29 - Thursday, 18 Oct
Babydust 'She' lol I am the other mom with a girl! All the other mommies have boys except Ruby who hasn't been around in awhile. Well thats a lie Cupcake has 2 older girls I just mean our 2 year olds. We get the occasional mom that pops in and out of here but there are only a few of us now that are still up and running full force!!!

babydust4932 - Wednesday, 17 Oct
Thanks for the replies ladies! I was getting so confused bc everything I read said something different. I talked to my dentist earlier and they said they won't see her before 3 unless there is a problem but they also said it varies between offices. Luckily Kylie loves to brush her teeth and I'm hoping she takes after me as I have had only a few cavities with 2 of them during/after pregnancy. Hopeful that just sucks but like everyone else said you'll get through it and it will better ur position. He's young and when u come back he'll forget that you were gone after a while.

kathleen112 - Wednesday, 17 Oct
I'm sure that's going to be tough for you Hopeful but like Kash said you're doing this FOR Keira and she really will have fun being around her cousins, I'm sure. I know it's different because Matt and I chose to go on vacation but when we were away from Ben for two weeks Ben really was completely fine and some days it was hard to get him to even sit in front of the computer to Skype. It's a Catch 22 because as much as you miss them and want them to feel the same it's also really nice knowing they're safe and enjoying themselves. I can only speak for myself but time spent with my grandparents and cousins were some of the happiest memories from my childhood. It's healthy to give them some space from the primary parents now and again in my opinion. I hear you about the dentist Kash...Ben is so super protective of his mouth that I have a really hard time even brushing his teeth most days so I cannot even imagine how he would be at the dentist lol. When the time comes for me to bring him though I'm going to ask him about sealing the teeth. It's probably only for once the second set comes in but my hubby had it done when he was a kid (I had never even heard of it until I met my hubby) and has never had a single cavity...and trust me he doesn't take amazing care of his teeth lol. I on the other hand have a million fillings...I hate them cause all of the ones from my childhood are that ugly silvery color.

hopeful29 - Wednesday, 17 Oct
LOL Kash I won't have Skype or internet for that matter I'll be out in the bush! So I'll only get tpo see her friday night till Sunday afternoonish and have to back back out Sunday night. Keira likes her sweets so I have to brush her teeth very well, hopefully Cole won't be prone to cavities!

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