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Your baby, 3 months

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3 months old This month your baby will begin staying awake for much longer periods of time. Your baby is happier and she does not cry as often as she previously was. There will be many opportunities for learning and sharing throughout the day. Interacting and playing with your baby will encourage her to learn. Your baby enjoys swatting at toys and may be able to grasp them occasionally.

Get ready for lots of laughs and giggles. Your baby still loves when you smile at her and she can now laugh at you. Babbles, coos, smiles and laughs are all part of her developing personality. Let her know just how much you enjoy hearing her laugh by laughing back. When she babbles and coos, do it back.

Some babies enjoy being held and rocked more than others, and that is okay. All babies are different. If you have a cuddly baby, take this time to enjoy it. Rocking and cuddling are good for babies and make them feel secure and comforted. All babies need to be held and soothed, and not just when they are crying. Show him just how much you love him and care about him. Babies like gazing you in the eyes. You can play simple games with your baby now, too. Peek a boo and `This Little Piggy` are favorites for many babies. Read to your baby daily and sing songs with her. If your baby starts to get fussy, it is time to stop.

Babies this age are becoming interested in toys. They do not need to be expensive or even store bought toys. When choosing toys, you need to be careful about what you allow your baby to play with. Do not buy anything that can fit inside of their mouth. Toy should not be made with anything that could break off or splinter. Never give your baby anything with sharp edges or corners. Make sure that older siblings understand that their toys may be dangerous for the baby.

Make your baby's room bright and welcoming. You could paing the walls, hang brightly colored pictures and add fun accents to make your baby's room interesting for him. Babies still do not need pillows or blankets. They are suffocation hazards and should be used only for decorative purposes. You can add a mirror on the wall above the changing table, or pictures of family and friends.

Your baby may start trying to hold his bottle at this point. Do not prop the bottle with blankets or anything else. This can cause ear infections. Rather, use this time as bonding time between you and your child. Breastfeeding should be well-established at this point. You can also pump your breastmilk and store it for others to feed the baby. Most babies want to eat every 4 hours and are consuming higher amounts.

If you ever find yourself getting frustrated with your baby, put the baby in her crib and call a friend or family member to help with the baby. Babies do not do things to frustrate you on purpose, and it is totally acceptable to need a break once in a while. Make sure you never shake or hit your baby. This can cause severe damage or even death.

Developmental Milestones 3 Months Old

  • Your baby may be able to lift her head while laying on her back and hold it for several minutes
  • Some babies can hold their head steady and erect while in a sitting position
  • When on his stomach, he will lift his head and chest as to do mini push ups-offer encouragement by sitting in front and dangling a toy
  • Babies can now wave their arms and kick their legs
  • Kicks are getting stronger
  • When being held up, your baby should push down on their legs
  • She can bring both hands together and open fingers
  • Can roll over one way
  • Your baby can focus on very small objects

  • Will swat at toys-encourage her by holding a toy in front and see if she will grab it
  • Many babies will sleep through the night around this time
  • Clear recognition of mom and dad
  • Your baby will look directly at you and gurgle when he hears your voice
  • Enjoys being read to-read to your baby everyday to develop language skills
  • Enjoys bright colored objects
  • Has a rapidly developing memory
  • Enjoys the feel of different objects-allow your baby to touch a variety of textures
  • Your baby may smile at herself when she sees herself in the mirror
  • Laughs out loud
  • Has more established routines
  • Makes sounds like `ah goo`

  • Is attached to the main caregiver
  • Familiar with parents faces and siblings
  • Your baby will smile at strangers
  • Likes to hear you talk-tell her about everything you do
  • Touching, caressing, carrying, rocking and massaging are great ways to relax your baby
  • Becoming more animated and social-flashes smiles and gugles and coos
  • Turns towards the sounds of familiar noises

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Rattles
  • Play gyms
  • Activity mats
  • Mirrors
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Music
  • Toys to grasp
  • Lighted toys
  • Textured items


Comments 1-25 of about 18654 for month 3
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Next - Sunday, 30 Mar
Yeah they even have oils that teach you how to make your own wipes, its interesting i wonder about it like i told the other lady my friend swears on it. I guess i have to try it to see how i feel about it i will let you know and let me know when you switch to three months :-)

G7 - Sunday, 30 Mar
Sonia that is so crazy that you mention the oils - just this week the doterra reps came to our le leche meeting. It is very interesting and they are willing to come to your house to show you how to use them. - Tuesday, 18 Mar
Hi aknewmom, sorry for being nosy i was reading other post i am in the two month, anyway sorry to hear your little one is sick but i have a friend that swaers on these oils and i am a nurse and her little one is a special needs child and he suffers from a lot of congestion but she said that once she started to give him these oils that he has been getting better and better and that she doesnt have to be suctioning so much anymore this is the website if you want to see it i hope it helps

AKnewmom - Monday, 17 Feb
Hi ladies, I was on the pregnancy forum for a few months earlier. We have a precious little girl who was 3 months on the 8th. Poor little thing has RSV and has been sick for a couple weeks. We have been doing the saline nose drops, suctioning, humidifier, and Vicks baby rub. Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. She is so stuffy it is hard for her to eat 😞. I hate seeing my little bug sick...

brookebaby3 - Friday, 14 Feb
Abigail has slept through the night for a few months now. Only tips I have are to use a white noise machine or a fan blowing away from the baby. Keep it very dark. Put baby to sleep full, bathed, and changed. Keep bed time around the same time every night. And not at 7pm. Lol. Keep the baby up with you and when you go to bed take him back and help start to show him a routine.. Not a schedule. Good luck!

rayansmama - Tuesday, 11 Feb
Wow rbrencur....I can't get my little one to even sleep three hours straight. He is 3 weeks old. Any tips for me?

rbrencur - Wednesday, 5 Feb
Hey! Aliyah was 3 mos on the 22nd :) she can roll from her belly to back but rarely does it :/ her prob is as likes bein on her belly and likes being on her back so has no desire to roll lol. Shes been sleeping 12 hrs straight at night since 4 weeks old and is breastfed but shes def gaining as shes almost 15 lbs now hHa. She pushes up on her hands lifting her chest way off and has started reaching and grabbing toys when on her belly and her toys dangling down on her activity gym. She does not however nap well. Only little cat naps here and there and the past 2 nights has been staying up late so i thibk she is having a developmental spurt.

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

threebagsfool - Tuesday, 28 Jan
No rolling yet from Josephine, the most she has done so far is onto her side once. I am trying to teach her by helping her roll towards me, which she thinks is hilarious and starts laughing like crazy! She will be four months on Thursday and I'm excited to see what the doctor says about her. I have a feeling that she did not gain enough weight, but I hope she is still in an acceptable range.

waiting4number3 - Sunday, 26 Jan
On Madison's 3 month mark she perfected her tummy to back roll. How is every one elses baby doing?

threebagsfool - Thursday, 23 Jan
dreamon-that sounds like a good tool! So far all Josephine is doing is going onto her side, and she will be 4 months on the 30th. I tried a little bit of rice cereal with her yesterday. She didn't push it all out, but she didn't keep much in either, haha. I just did it as a new experience for her, I'm no where near ready for her to stop nursing.

dreamon - Wednesday, 22 Jan
So my princess is going to be 3 months soon. On the 26th!! Time is going by so fast. I just remember posting in pregnancy's week sections announcing the sex of our baby. Well today my sweetness almost rolled over. She was on her back, rolled to her side then her tummy for a second then rolled back. So yeah I guess thats a roll haha. Im so excited to see her develop each milestone. Its blessed times.

mistyof3*girl* - Wednesday, 22 Jan
So good to hear everyones little ones r doin good :) Joslyn sleeps through the night like 12 hours which is awesome but during the day she wants to eat every 2hours to make up for it. She also hates tummy time &crys &crys when I try to have her do it...she has quite the lungs might I add. She coos &caas but no real laugh yet just a couple of cracks like she's about to. I share a room with my kids usually till their a year old &mayb longer with Joslyn bc her roommate will b my crazy 3 year old she is deffinatly still stuck in terrible 2s even though she's 3 she's very wild 'the wildcat' as everyone calls her lol.

threebagsfool - Tuesday, 21 Jan
Betty-Josephine doesn't like Tummy Time at all, either. I roll her onto her tummy when she is playing with her toys so she can get a little bit of exercise. I also let her have tummy time while she is laying on me. She seems to like that a lot better and she still gets to have a workout. I don't have Josephine in her own room yet, I probably won't do that until she is only waking once a night. She is going to be sharing a room with my toddler and I'm a little worried about how that is going to go! I think we will be in for a few nights of no sleep for anyone once we start that, so I am trying to put it off for as long as I can. I hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe Josephine will be having her 4 month old appointment next week already!

brookebaby3 - Sunday, 19 Jan
Sheesh max is a big boy!! Lol Abby will be 3 months tomorrow and she weighs a little over 11lbs. I'm breastfeeding so I have no idea how much she's eating. I used to pump and get around 3oz. From each breast... she was only eating from one boob a feeding.. Now she's eating from each one during a feeding. Betty Abigail hates tummy time but I just roll her onto her tummy often so she's been doing better and staying on it longer now. I read that being flat on their back offer causes a flat spot on the skull and balding. Lol both of y boys went bald on the back of their heads and I have a flat spot on the back of my head.. I'm trying to keep her upright and on her tummy with a little time on her back to play. I've been co sleeping with her. She's my last baby and we sleep so good together. I have a little baby sleeping mat next to me on my bed and I'm super careful to tuck my blankets under her mat so they don't cover her face.. Around 6 months ill move her to her crib and room I do this will all my kids.

rachie88 - Sunday, 19 Jan
Hi everyone, Brooke Max laughs out loud it's so dam cute. Max is 14 weeks old already, god time is flying by. Max cat naps in the day and can get quite cranky but he's sleeping relatively well at night, he's going to bed a rounds 9ish and waking for a feed at 5 then sleeping till 8ish, he's in his own room already as we all sleep better like that. Anyone else put their babas in their own room yet? Iv noticed a lot of the babies eat little and often were iv just put Max on 7ozs every 4 hours and Max is weighing close to 15lbs now.

Bettys4thbaby - Saturday, 18 Jan
Does anyone else's Lo hate tummy time? Becca can not stand to be on her stomach!!!! I'm worried because she can't learn to push up on her arms if she won't lay on her tummy...

AbbottBaby3 - Thursday, 16 Jan
They have a growth spurt around 3 months so could be that as well.

threebagsfool - Thursday, 16 Jan
Bentz- I'm sorry your little one is having tummy troubles. I hope you find a formula that will work for her. It sounds like she is a great sleeper! Does she nap during the day also or get all of her sleep out at night? Josephine has started waking up a lot more at night lately. She used to only wake up once, then every now and then twice, but now she is waking three times a night to eat. I think she is getting so distracted during the day that she tries to get all her calories at night instead.

bentz5215 - Tuesday, 14 Jan
So how is everyone doing? Ash has been sleeping thru the night since 2 wks old goes to bed around 930 pm and wakes 730/8 am. Just recently started drinking 4 oz. she is having stomach issues. She is on 2 diff types of meds and has to see a gi doc. She already has her first trip to the er as well :( she was way backed up and couldn't do anything about it so the doc had to put things in her own hands. Worse experience ever felt horrible for my baby. We're now on our 4th formula to see if this one will help w anything. She still don't roll over. She does have a good strong neck tho. Doc is concerned she isn't gaining weight like she should be. Went to doc today at just over 3 months old she is a tiny 10.1 lb w clothes. We go back next wk for weight check. Hope all you are doing well;) !!!!

threebagsfool - Monday, 13 Jan
Did the bath help? Josephine HATES her baths. I don't know why. The nurses told me how much babies love baths, but all three of my kids so far do not like them. My toddler is the best one so far, in that she only complains about the hair washing, but even my ten year old I have to fight to get him in the tub. Josephine goes through fussy stages like that now and then, but for her what seems to work is moving her legs around and rubbing her tummy, haha. She is just like a little puppy.

brookebaby3 - Saturday, 11 Jan
That's too sweet! I know what you mean about the shrieking. Lol Good job on rolling Josephine!! Abigail is having a down day. She's sleeping all day long, spitting up and just fussy. Maybe a warm bath with help her..

threebagsfool - Friday, 10 Jan
Abbott- the cow is from a company called Warmies. I love it! Brooke- josephine laughs now, it is adorable! She sounds like a little old lady cackling and sometimes even shrieking! She finally rolled completely onto her side yesterday.

brookebaby3 - Friday, 10 Jan
3bags- she does cat nap, I think most of her naps are cat naps. Even when she has a good long nap she still wakes up and looks around before falling back asleep. She is really alert and always wanting to look around. She will be 3 months in 10 days. It's going really fast. I'm sure this is my last baby and I'm trying to enjoy every bit of it. Does anyone's baby laugh out loud now?

AbbottBaby3 - Thursday, 9 Jan
That cow sounds awesome. Where is it from? Hannah's sleep is all over the place. Some days she naps great, 1-3hours at time, some days its only 15 mins at a time. Same at night, some its 6 or 7 some its 2 or 3. Hannah is rolling over. From back to belly. She'll be 4 months on Saturday!

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