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Your baby, 32 months

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32 months old Getting your child to listen and follow the rules can be a challenge. It is easy for your child to follow directions, but you must set rules and establish consequences for misbehaving. Explain your rules quickly and precisely. All rules should be clear and specific. If you tell your child not to jump on your bed, make sure he knows that he can not jump on any of the beds. The rules you set need to be consistent and should be followed by everyone else in the house. Be an example for your child to follow. If your child can not walk in the house with shoes on, neither should you. When setting rules, consider your child's age and abilities. Some rules are not feasible for a two year old to live by. You can not expect your two year old to put his toys away each time without being reminded to do so. Do not make too many rules-children will forget what is acceptable and what is not. Repeat the rules often. Because toddlers have a short attention span and tend to forget things easily, you need to remind him of the rules often.

You might notice that your child seems shy all of a sudden. Most two and three year olds are shy around other children and even some adults. Some children are more shy around adults than other children. Rather than looking for a cure for her shyness, help your child feel comfortable around other people. Do not label your child as `shy` when talking to her or when talking with other people. Calling her shy will make her accept it as a fact and she will not want to socialize with other people. Encourage your child to participate in activities that involve other children and adults. Do not push her if she does not want to. Invite one or two children over to your house, where she is comfortable, and have a play date for a couple of hours. When people talk to your child and she does respond, simply speak for your toddler. This may set the stage for your child and she might participate in the conversation.

Children tend to be bossy at this age. Your child sees himself as the most important person in the world and thinks that things are supposed to revolve around what he wants at all times. You can discourage this normal behavior by treating him as you want him to treat others. Try not to sound bossy towards him and give him adequate attention. Do not respond when your child is rude. Make him say please and thank you and do not give in to direct commands from your child. Give your child responsibilities and some control over less important things throughout the day. This should in turn make your child feel good about himself and lessen the need for so much control over others.


Comments 251-275 of about 7737 for month 32
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rubes - Friday, 30 May
More drama in rubes land. Someone who isn't me changed my address (in writing!) with the bank n after someone returned to sender a statement they closed ALL my accounts. To deal with it, I need to go home get my passport then go to bank. All this would be simpler if I had more then five pennies on me. M uses our joint account n can't withdraw either so he's gonna try n borrow some cash off his mate but can't for 2 hrs then he's gotta travel from London to give me the cash n watch kids whole I literally run around like a headless chicken. I'm gonna detonate like an A Bomb so really don't want kids present.

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
Glad your mums feeling better, rls. Sorry you guys are poorly! We have our review in 3 weeks n I'm concerned for A's speech but they keep expecting me to go speech therapy in the chavvy village I mentioned earlier at 10 am, but that's 3 buses away and my first bus in that direction isn't til 9 so Id never make it in time. Im glad Sebs mastering the art of le toilette. Hope her temps gone down and hope you sleep well. :-)

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
Lil, how many hours/days does D work? Can't he shift around his schedual? Just an evening a week would do you the world of good, I'm sure! Maybe designate one day (a saturday?) to Family Day? Gout. It's all that game. Are the meds working? *** RLS, I'm so jelly. I always wanted a farm. But I imagine mine in the Med, with an olive grove and lemon trees, and some animals that we of course don't kill but use for by products such as milk and eggs. Is T on board with your idea? *** Mybaby, is your foot better? *** City, how is everything, with your husband, and the case, and just in general? How's A doing?

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
Also, I SO am NOT used to ground-floor living just yet. I love being naked, and just strolling around naked, I hate having to close curtains unless it's dark. I don't have curtains just yet. I have voiles at the moment. I usually dry off in the bathroom and stroll about naked getting dressed in front of open-curtained windows but apparently that's embarrassing and abnormal in a ground-floor flat. LOL. I keep forgetting. So that's all my updates. Again, nothing new or interesting, just pathetic rants and updates haha I want to start doing more activities, and taking the kids places. My comfort zone is Town and my mums village. Basically one is 3 miles away and the other 1 mile LOL I want to explore other easy to reach places that are in close proximity but Im too scared!!!!!! I'm going to maximize my internet trying to figure places and adventures out. L hopefully starts school in September, so Im making the most of our time together!!!! Im going to miss her so much for 6-hrs a day. I still have A, then when he's off to school it's time to repopulate some more to fill up the void (joke!) Im actually seriously getting my degree next yr when L's at school. 3 long yrs. I hope to be working my ideal job by the time I hit 30. Are you guys OK? I need to do some serious scrolling down and reading, and I will, I promise. OK. I'm scrolling down........ noooooooooooooow

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
I have tonnes to say coz its been so long n I missed u guys n a life without internet is HARD!!!! All last week my friends in laws were pestering me for info on her but they've stopped now coz they know I'd never say. Her guys been getting me to relay msgs n no one seems to understand how selfish they're being. Its all about what they want, not what's best for the kids or my friend, not about what she wants. Being her bff I expected it, but I never realised how irritating it would be lol I'm still loving the house n were really happy there despite recent events. As started sleeping through the night but potty training is a no go area. Hes not ready but I wish he was.

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
Also the irony is, its the council neighbour who complained.My home owner neighbours are lovely. I was so aangry n upset I went out in the pissing rain n spent ALL day outside then as soon as my internet was up n running I went to spend weekend with my mum. L asked M to move in with us n it was so heart wrenching I think I might end our separation. I was also surprised to find I misses him when he went home. I asked him to come Monday to speak to the neighbour for me. I want him to convey that we all have to live here n you might think were too loud in the afternoon but my kids go to bed earlier then urs n you're too loud then. I don't handle confrontation well n if they get arsey I'll get arse-ier. M handles confrontation better now he's loaded full of medication.

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
I've only been here a few weeks n I'm already starting to hate one set on neighbours. They complained politely about my kids n implied they're awake all night every night which isn't true. They didn't sleep well two nights ago viz we all have a cough. Were out most of the day every day walking, adopting snails n feeding strange horses. It just rubbed me up wrong coz when M stays over n all he does is moan about their noise n I was like 'council houses are built cheaply n the walls are thin. Noise travels, leave them be'. I'm too tolerant n that's my problem. I should've complained first coz now if I do I'll sound spiteful. Now me n my kids +we sing n dance n play all the time) are spending our time indoors sitting n whispering n I'm forced to change my routine in case they go council n then councildodon't reissue my tenancy next yr. I've spoken to FOUR women who moved to a chavvy village about 8 miles away who warned me my village wasn't child friendly n I'm seriously considering exchanging next yr coz I keep myself to myself n hate hypocritical neighbours who moan coz u sing with ur kids at two pm but bang away while ur settling urs for bed. Pep talk plz about how neighbours are like this everywhere :-(

rubes - Thursday, 29 May
Im glad ur mums doing better rlS. My internets sorted so I'm happy yaaay Lils not the only one with a farm anymore. L has 'adopted' (read: kidnapped) snails from our daily walks n they now live in our garden. I think some escaped coz my door mat was covered in trails this morning. She's also illegally adopted the horse who lives in the field next door. As well as illegally adopting 8 horses who live in the field down the road. So guys, what do horses eat? Haha

lilmum2002 - Wednesday, 28 May
I'm thinking I may just lose my mind if I'm left to do the bedtime routine every night by myself. Every night is a huge hassle and argument with Zac and it is frustrating beyond belief. I appreciate that David is working his ass off for us but sometimes I wish that he could just tell people no sometimes, I would like to spend time with the family.

lilmum2002 - Wednesday, 28 May
That's great Rls!

lilmum2002 - Tuesday, 27 May
I'll be keeping my eye it thats for sure. Everything I read shows that it normally happens to much older people amd mainly men. Or people who are excessive drinkers. I am none of those but I suppose when I already have started sign of oseteo at 28 gout doesnt seem so strange. I think 2 acres should be enough for a few things. Our pasture here is about 8 and we have another 2 off the road. Our property is over 100 acres though, its just not cleared. Well david has been talking to the person that we're getting casey from and she has found us two possible horses to look at, a white mare and a dark standard bred the mare is 20 years with 8 ywars of riding left in her and the gelding is a retired race horse. We go look at him aat wednesday. He will be free and will only cost us 300 bucks for the trainer for a month. Now david just has to build a riding ring here in the back of the house. City I hope your mom will be able to return for awhile, its great that sjes so helpful. Sorry to hear about a's dad but I think it may be for the best. That is the one thing I'm thankful for about z's dad, he wasn't in his life and I'm sscared to think what he'd be like with all that negative energy around

lilmum2002 - Monday, 26 May
Apparently I have gout in my big toe. So now I'm on a course of anti inflammatory.

lilmum2002 - Monday, 26 May
off to the dr this morning to get xrays on my foot. It's been hurting for a few days and it's starting to hurt up my leg and to try and lift my toes so better safe then sorry. If it's a bruise then meh I'll still play ball and suck it up lol

lilmum2002 - Sunday, 25 May
So happy she's out! Hopefully she continues to progress and that it doesn't reoccur. I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. Kayla and I are going to my friends' house for a little girl weekend and I need it soo bad. I have been beyond cranky with the kids lately. I feel bad but I just feel like they are showing no respect and just thinking they can do whatever they want. David has been super busy with the new business and I'm trying to keep everything afloat here and I feel like I'm failing. To boot I think I'm getting another sinus infection and I somehow hurt my foot on Thursday. I may have to get it xray'd this week if it doesn't get any better.

lilmum2002 - Saturday, 24 May
Rls I'm glad your mom is getting the antibiotics. Here's hoping they work well for her. You're always welcome here, the cows are coming this weekend too as well pigs and turkeys.

rubes - Friday, 23 May
Rls sorry about ur mum keep us updated x

lilmum2002 - Friday, 23 May
Rls I have another reason for you to come this way, LOL, Yesterday we went to look at a quarter horse, and in about 6 weeks he'll be coming home with us. His name is Casey and he's an almost 4 year old quarter horse/pony. He's a sweet calm horse. He's been ridden almost daily by the trainer's 6 year old daughter and Kayla went on for a ride last night and I don't think she's ever been so happy. She cried when we left him there and she can't wait for him to come home forever. We'll be going over to visit him regularly until we're all comfortable with him and for her to teach us all of his training that she does with him and for us to build him a ring. I've never really been around horses before but they are pretty cool. David also made a good contact with this woman as in a little while she's going to help us look for a retired race horse as a buddy for Casey and a good riding horse for David.

lilmum2002 - Friday, 23 May
So proud of your girls too, that's amazing that they've come so far. I would be a blubbering mess too! Heck I was almost crying when Zac ran the 4k last weekend. I hurt my toe somehow yesterday doing my workout which sucks because I was on a good flow. I'm hoping it gets better before the game at least on Tuesday.

lilmum2002 - Friday, 23 May
Oh no Rls!! I'll be thinking of you guys. Let us know how she's doing.

lilmum2002 - Thursday, 22 May
I'm really looking forward to next weekend, Kayla and I are going to a friends house for the whole weekend. We're planning on going to the movies, hit up some good playgrounds, a little mini spa at home. I really need the time away from the boys, they have both been quite the handful lately.

lilmum2002 - Thursday, 22 May
I'm not very sporty either, I only play baseball because it's the only thing to do here haha, I'm slowly getting better. I definitely could do with some more batting practise. I play catcher which I personally think is one of the harder parts and one of the easiest haha. I don't have to worry about missing a big catch in the outfield or people running into me on the bases, although I have been run over once last year haha, it was a pretty intense game LOL My game last week was a pretty awesome one for me. I was able to get three outs which is pretty good. I got someone out on home plate so her run didn't count and another girl on third and then I caught a foul ball so she didn't even make it to first. I was even able to get a few good hits in to.

lilmum2002 - Thursday, 22 May
School does start in early September but they have an orientation day where the kids get to spend the day before they actually have to, to meet the teachers, and get used to the bus and be in the school. I am so sore today, I did Jillian micheals 6 week 6 pack the first set and then I did a catching fire 30 day challenge day 1 and then I mowed the lawn. Not too sure what I was thinking haha. City I usually roll the same way haha leave things until the last possible moment. Speaking of, I need to get someone to take me into the city tomorrow for a seminar for David's taxes since he now has 3 different jobs to do. I know you'll be able to do it though! Mice creep me out, we had them when we lived in the mini home. Thankfully they stuck to the kitchen but the little bastards built a nest in the back panel of the oven, it was horrible.

rubes - Tuesday, 20 May
I just found an article on WebMD that says fruit n veg may cause death. Its literally like banging your head against a wall lol tea causes cancer, red meat too, now fruit n veg kills us? Lol I suppose scurvy is preferable but oh wait that kills Ppl too haha

rubes - Tuesday, 20 May
Well done lil! Good job girls. Ive never been a runner, high jump was my speciality which is weird coz I'm so short.I'm also really good at 100m sprint. That's the most running I'll ever do! Lol. Obviously nowadays high jump is impossible n after 100m sprint I need an ambulance and a hypothermia tent... Before I switch drs I want to visit my Dr. Last time I mentioned my weight she seemed eager to help me make acombative plan. I ddon't want surgery tho. My thyroid is fine, my hormones are balanced, I eat well n exercise, there's no reason weight loss should be so hard. I think my metabolism is sluggish. I was hoping UK sold meds that increased metabolic speed but I'm not sure.

lilmum2002 - Monday, 19 May
I am finally down 10lbs since February. I won't lie I've had days where I've just eaten nothing but junk, heck even the past week I haven't done my videos I've only just played ball the one night a week. Starting tomorrow I'm doing the Jillian Micheals 6 week abs with a friend of mine and I started the couch to 5k today. I added an app to David's phone and used that to keep track. This morning I did 2.4kms in running and walking in 20 minutes. My goal is to eventually do a 5k Zac was able to do the 4k this weekend in the bluenose marathon in about 20 minutes so I'm hoping some day I can keep up with him haha.

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