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Your baby, 32 months

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32 months old Getting your child to listen and follow the rules can be a challenge. It is easy for your child to follow directions, but you must set rules and establish consequences for misbehaving. Explain your rules quickly and precisely. All rules should be clear and specific. If you tell your child not to jump on your bed, make sure he knows that he can not jump on any of the beds. The rules you set need to be consistent and should be followed by everyone else in the house. Be an example for your child to follow. If your child can not walk in the house with shoes on, neither should you. When setting rules, consider your child's age and abilities. Some rules are not feasible for a two year old to live by. You can not expect your two year old to put his toys away each time without being reminded to do so. Do not make too many rules-children will forget what is acceptable and what is not. Repeat the rules often. Because toddlers have a short attention span and tend to forget things easily, you need to remind him of the rules often.

You might notice that your child seems shy all of a sudden. Most two and three year olds are shy around other children and even some adults. Some children are more shy around adults than other children. Rather than looking for a cure for her shyness, help your child feel comfortable around other people. Do not label your child as `shy` when talking to her or when talking with other people. Calling her shy will make her accept it as a fact and she will not want to socialize with other people. Encourage your child to participate in activities that involve other children and adults. Do not push her if she does not want to. Invite one or two children over to your house, where she is comfortable, and have a play date for a couple of hours. When people talk to your child and she does respond, simply speak for your toddler. This may set the stage for your child and she might participate in the conversation.

Children tend to be bossy at this age. Your child sees himself as the most important person in the world and thinks that things are supposed to revolve around what he wants at all times. You can discourage this normal behavior by treating him as you want him to treat others. Try not to sound bossy towards him and give him adequate attention. Do not respond when your child is rude. Make him say please and thank you and do not give in to direct commands from your child. Give your child responsibilities and some control over less important things throughout the day. This should in turn make your child feel good about himself and lessen the need for so much control over others.


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rubes - Wednesday, 19 Mar
I mean apart from what happened. Since then.

rubes - Wednesday, 19 Mar
City, has something happened recently? You're right, of course. There's always somehow who doesn't see that their lies have a consequence.

rubes - Wednesday, 19 Mar
I'm taking him to the drs tomorrow for some special shampoo. Its in his eyebrows, ears, neck and I've noticed a patch on his leg, on his face n the scalp is so thick with it. Thanks the tips. I'll have to try it out. Would olive oil work? Does M's calm down to look non existing or like dry skin? A currently looks like a little reptile baby.

citymammy - Wednesday, 19 Mar
I'm ok, thank u, I would just ask M dad for hiv/std test results in written format, after I went for my scary HIV test when I first met my husband I demanded he bring me written proof he was HIV negative and didn't have any STD, he did as I asked. Also with recent revelations, I have come to realize you never truly know what someone is capable of, and also when people are liars, like REAL liars, more than one lie, they're very very good at it and they will lie to you without shame, about serious things.

mybabysuprise - Wednesday, 19 Mar
Rubes, he might need a cream. We use Epicreme when M's is bad rather then a steriod ointment. Also, you camt bathe him more than every two days if it's bad like that because it makes the skin dry out more. I would also apply lotion like Aveeno even to his head and even though his hair will look greasy. I'd do head to toe lotion at least 3 times a day, not scented no dye lotion. M has it pretty bad on his back especially. Also, if you take him in the pool then coat him in vasaline first but not if your outside or he will be sun burned badly.

rubes - Wednesday, 19 Mar
He might be misbehaving coz its new? Hopefully hell settle down. I hope the bribes work.

rubes - Wednesday, 19 Mar
So background: m and his dad and my youngest step son have a mild form of psoriasis. A week ago I commented to my mum that A has dandruff but today he has severe cradle cap and scales all over his face, scalp and neck. They are white n crusty n s few cuts are appearing in the scales. He doesn't seem bothered by it but its so unsightly and looks sore.I feel so bad for him. As if he won't have enough to deal with as a teenager! Does it ever go away, even with treatment? Coz ms never has. Is m just unlucky? City, hope u guys are OK. My baby I think sometimes, everyone just has to take a leap of faith (although I'll admit I probably wouldn't).

mybabysuprise - Wednesday, 19 Mar
I know he is tested, I don't think I can trust him if he tests positive to tell me especially because how hateful he has talked to me fir 2 years but then again, I mihht just be crazyvas I often expectt the worst out of people. Cuty, how are you snd A? Lil, strong lady how many kids are you watching now? Rubes, being vegetarian did not help me lose weight, RLS, when is the deadline?

rubes - Wednesday, 19 Mar
I'm only a healthy eater coz I love vegetables and let me tell u eating healthy certainly doesn't help me loose weight lol do u know for certain he's had sex with someone else? It would be unfair of him to not get checked or not wear a condom if he's been with someone else.I get totes confused coz I use a lot of US cookery sites (LOVE Ina Garten) and I'm like wtf is a scallion? Then I'm like ooooh spring onion haha URLs ur probably at work now, good luck. Did u sleep well?

mybabysuprise - Tuesday, 18 Mar
RLS, at least I get to work from home when I work all night. I don't know how you do it. I would eat crates of cookies if I were you.

mybabysuprise - Tuesday, 18 Mar
RLS, a biscuit in america is little rolled up bread, not sweet at all. They are usually buttery bread. Rubes, Lil is right, we only have zucchini. No separate names for different sizes. You sound like a super healthy eater. I wish I was. City, how is it going? M's dad would be super mad of I asked for a test and I can't really blame him. He has never asked me for a test, not even a paternity test. He wouldn't admit to me that he has had sex with someone else but there is no way that is true. I can ask him his results but he could lie to me. He has no problem lying to me and I can't honestly tell if he is lying.

rls-lovemyfourbabies - Tuesday, 18 Mar
Yes I have another long day planned for tomorrow, but will get to bed soon so a 5am start want seem so bad! I'm to tired to even shave my legs - I look like a yeti

rubes - Tuesday, 18 Mar
I'm glad you get to go home now, rls! Have you got much left to do? Hope you get a good night's sleep. *** So, basically, I'm really craving a stuffed globe artichoke. I craved it REALLY BAD when I was pregnant with A and couldn't find a shop who sold them. Now, apparently, only Waitrose and Sainsbury's sell them, and I never go to the big Waitrose and Sainsbury's LOL Sod's Law.

rls-lovemyfourbabies - Tuesday, 18 Mar
I think the difference is cookies have domed tops, whereas biscuits are flat. Both are sweet and yummy. Scones are like stale cakes, also yummy with jam and cream. On my way home now! Phew shattered but feel like I achieved a lot.

rubes - Tuesday, 18 Mar
I love scones, biscuits and cookies!!! Except if they have nuts. I hate getting white choc chip n it has macadamia in it. I like have a complete mental breakdown.

lilmum2002 - Tuesday, 18 Mar
To me a biscuit is similar to what you guys may call a scone I think. Cookies are sweet, and awesome lol. A zucchini is just a zucchini no matter what size lol.

citymammy - Tuesday, 18 Mar
'we don't use protection that's how we got M' well that comment made me laugh this morning and I needed it. :D

rubes - Tuesday, 18 Mar
I can't tell you guys what happened when mum looked aftermy kids yesterday coz iI'm so embarrassed but let me say she was completely irresponsible and it makes me not trust her. How does one explain that certain things can't happen when u look after kids? That u can't behave a certain way? Without making her get arsey and defensive, but in a way that will make her listen?

rubes - Tuesday, 18 Mar
What's the difference between a cookie and a biscuit? Lol and in UK we call zucchini courgette but is a large zucchini a marrow or do you guys call it a marrow too? Lilias out of her american phase where everything had american slang, I'm not entirely sure where she learnt it from? Lol

rubes - Tuesday, 18 Mar
Rls your inspirational, seriously. How do you manage it?!

lilmum2002 - Tuesday, 18 Mar
Rls you are super woman!

lilmum2002 - Tuesday, 18 Mar
Ive always been quite strong for bejng so ljttle, I surprise david by helping him quite a bkt, im quite broad so thT helps I guess. I think ive only stuck so long because I was so disgusted trying to get ready for valentines day. Even david said that he thought I would hsve given up by now because I usually o good for about a week then quit. Mybahy have you thought of asking him for the test just to have a clean slate before you try for another. Tell him you hsve to do it and would like him to as well.

rls-lovemyfourbabies - Tuesday, 18 Mar
I'm still at work :-( I had two cookies (but no biscuits ;-)). City write the letter, and maybe write to his mum? You guys were close weren't you? But she knows what he is like doesn't she, or is he a golden boy?

rls-lovemyfourbabies - Tuesday, 18 Mar
Mybaby I'd Ms dad has slept with anyone else since you had M then I guess you are at risk, would he et a test done before you try do another baby?

rubes - Tuesday, 18 Mar
How would he handle u asking for an sti test? If u told him ur fears? Not that u think he has it but you worry incessantly? It was a status update. Type ruby into ur friends search and click my name, and it should be first post in my page. My news feed is skeewhiff. I have oldest posts come up first, don't know y?

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choosing a preschool for your child, ask questions beforehand to ensure a good fit...

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Encourage your child to develop strong relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and other special adults...

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It is easy for your child to follow directions, but you must set rules and establish consequences for misbehaving

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