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Your baby, 4 months

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4 months old At this point, your baby can recognize familiar faces. He can distinguish his mom from his dad and knows who they are. Many babies have favorite toys and you may have found a book or song that your baby seems to like the best. By now, he probably likes to play with toys on a mat or blanket on the foor. Exersaucers are good choices for baby to play in. Steer clear of baby walkers. They are dangerous and should not be used.

It is important to respond quickly and calmly to your crying baby. When you respond quickly, your baby will develop a sense of security and develop trust in you. You will have to do less to soothe a distressed baby if you respond quickly. Many people are under the impression that they will spoil their baby if they respond to every whimper and whine. This is not true. You can spoil a child, but not a baby. A baby of this age can not be disciplined and is not able to understand your commands. Continue to be loving and gentle to foster a good relationship.

Your baby can most likely roll from side to side and possibly from her tummy to her back. Be careful not to leave her unattended-she may roll off and get seriously injured. Babies should be placed on their tummies to develop strength and muscles needed for sitting, crawling and walking. Encourage your baby to roll over and help her sit up with support. It is much more interesting to sit up and look at things vs. laying down and staring at the ceiling. At this age, your baby is probably grasping objects and putting them straight into his mouth. Make sure all of his toys are safe and clean.

Your baby may begin to get upset if you take a toy away or stop playing with her. She coos, babbles, smiles and laughs when you interact with her. She may be able to click her tongue and cough by now. Playing with your baby is important for development. Continue to read, sing, play and play games with your little learner. Talk to your baby in regular words-do not use baby talk because it does not sound clear to your baby and may confuse him. Praise your baby for jobs well done! Introduce your baby to new sights, smells, sounds and textures often. This is how he will learn the most about this new exciting world around him!

Around four months of age, your doctor may give the go ahead on solid foods. You will know if your baby is ready. He should sit well with support and be able to hold his head steady. If she is still pushing the food out of her mouth with her tongue, she may not be quite ready to start solids. Start with cereal and then try fruits and vegetables. When using a highchair, make sure that it is safe. Your high chair should not have any broken pieces and should be sturdy. Always use the seat belt and lock the tray on snuggly. Make sure you watch your baby closely while he is in the highchair. Do not feed your baby directly from the jar, unless you are certain he will eat all of it. Just because your baby is consuming solids does not mean she doesn't still need formula or breatmilk-she does!!

Developmental Milestones 4 Months Old

  • Your baby's stomach has grown larger, so he does not need to feed as often
  • Rolls over
  • When laid on stomach, your baby will lift his stomach and shoulders high offf the ground
  • Your baby's tongue-thrust reflex is fading, and your baby may be ready to start solid foods now
  • Can reach out and grab objects-he still may miss his mark on the first try
  • You will notice alot of drool-some babies start teething around this time

  • Feedings can get difficult as your baby likes to see what is going on at mealtime
  • Your baby is easily distractable
  • Once the baby grasps ahold of an object, he will put it straight to his mouth
  • Your baby likes a vairety of toys and objects-give her different toys with different responses
  • Babies begin to understand cause and effect
  • Begins to understand all basic sounds of language
  • Begins to develop the ability to make vocal sounds-`ma-ma` `da-da`-although he does not connect sound to parent
  • Color differences are clearer and your baby probably prefers bright primary colors
  • Can laugh out loud and squeal in delight

  • Likes to be interacted with-play with your baby as often as possible
  • Some babies like to play alone at this time
  • May participate in back and forth imitation games-imitate your child's faces and sounds
  • Your baby will respond to your voice and gestures by kicking legs or waving arms
  • Baby will show you when she is no longer interested

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Bright colored books
  • Posters
  • Activity gyms and play mats
  • Musical toys
  • Lighted toys
  • Mirrors
  • Teething rings
  • Plastic toys to chew on
  • Toys to grasp
  • Brightly colored soft blocks
  • Stuffed toys


Comments 1-25 of about 21798 for month 4
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4girls want a boy - 7.3 hours ago
Nala's 4 months today !

bkle - Sunday, 21 Sep
james is 4 months old today!

G7 - Wednesday, 25 Jun
ok off to 5 months....Like 10 days ago...where does the time go - Tuesday, 24 Jun
Hello? - Thursday, 19 Jun
Hope everybody is doing well we are still here enjiying life take care - Friday, 13 Jun
I know i remember i couldnt lift anything heavy for risk of losing my sweet pea and now we are loving every minute. I havent given her sweet potato i shoukd go to the store tomirrow and buy one to see if she likes it, sitting wow abby sits with assistance glad to hear from you by the time we know our little ones will be one i am to old to have another blessing all is well, you all take care bug you later oh G7 whenever your ready i will move with you to five montgs by end of this month abby will be six months

G7 - Friday, 13 Jun
I also keep thinking about 1 year ago I was still anticipating that I would lose another pregnancy and look at us now!

G7 - Friday, 13 Jun
I'm still here! Ryan's I sent a message to you on Facebook. We are doing well just trying to learn to sleep longer and sitting up. We tried sweet potatoes last night, Z loved them. I can't believe 5 months is upon us. Shall we head to the next page? - Wednesday, 11 Jun
How time flies my little doesnt really like baby food she like watermelon melon honey dew apples in her mesh thingy, she is doing great cant complain. I hope everybody is doung great take care - Wednesday, 4 Jun he is tiny, i am a nurse but i havent gone back to work but when i did go to work some of the mexican families would say to boil rice and the left over water they would give it to the child that was low in weight they would put it in the baby bottle but i never tried it, Abby is doing great cant complain i was telling G7 that i had started to put cereal in her milk at night because she was waking up in the middle of the night but since i did that we get some zzz :-) hope to continue hearing from you seems not to long ago that we were all pregnant getting rooms ready. Take care

rayansmama - Wednesday, 4 Jun
My little one will be 5 month old on the 18th...I started solids with him and he screams every time in try feeding him something...I guess my kids just don't like eating. My two year old is super tiny too...only in the 10th percentile. - Tuesday, 3 Jun
I forgot to ask you how old is your little one? - Tuesday, 3 Jun
Hey ryansmama glad to hear from you, i have instagram under sagkids if you want to stay in touch, i know i wonder about te other ladies too hopefully they are doing good, good to hear from you

rayansmama - Tuesday, 3 Jun
I don't get to come on this site as much as I like. Been so crazy with two little kids...I wonder how wyattsmommy and amylynn doing...they had twins!!! G7 I tried searching for u but I couldn't find u!!! - Monday, 2 Jun
Still hanging around, i hope everybody is diing great my little well what can i say she is just a blessing and doing great the days are just flying by i have been treasuring every moment but now since the older kids are out of school i have to make sure everybody gets their time including my husband - Thursday, 29 May
On the 31st she will be five months - Wednesday, 28 May
I started to put a little of cereal in her milk because she had started to wake up in the middle of the night and since i started doing that she has been doing good. I hope he does good :-) he is soooo cute i liked his little pants :-) on saturday she turned five months how time flies

G7 - Monday, 26 May
so, after a long last night I finally realized that probably the reason Babe isn't sleeping very long is because I don't completely fill him up by bf. so for the first time I gave him formula =0( we'll see how tonight goes. - Thursday, 22 May
What a nice dr. Glad to hear that your little one is doing great, Abby loves the puffs and food continue to give her fruits and doing well shes also talikng way more i love it. To bad we havent heard from the other ladies God willing everythibg is going great for them bug you later take care

G7 - Thursday, 22 May
Zander had his 4 month check up today. He's 25' long and just shy of 15 pounds, pretty much 50th percentile. His muscle control and squeals had dr. fun to see him doing so well even though DH and I nit-pick about how to do every little thing. Dr. handed me a book titled 'I was a really good mom until I had kids.' I read the first chapter and it was so nice to laugh and the anecdotes and myself. - Monday, 19 May
Hey G7 i replied in the private message,. No she hasnt had an upset tummy she really likes bananas and watermelon the watermelon i gave it to her in those little baby mesh feeders you can put fruit, veggies and the kids just bite into it or they just suck on it and they wont choke it really helps her teething issues the banana i just meshed that up tomorrow i was going to try honeydew the only bad thing is that they are kinda messy. I still hope you get to rest more good luck bug you later

G7 - Monday, 19 May
ok ladies, I sent private messages/comment to each of you that have still been on here with my name so if you want to stay connected on Facebook you can send me a request. I'd love to also see pics of your little ones!

G7 - Monday, 19 May
Sonia - are the 'real foods' causing any tummy upset?

G7 - Monday, 19 May
Rest? What is that? ha. not really but the other night he did sleep for like 5 hours so I got about 4 - so thankful for that. This week we've transitioned him into his own room into his crib. The bassinet was getting too small. I just can't believe how fast it is all going. - Sunday, 18 May
I bet he liked that, my sweetpea does not like the baby carrots from the baby jars but she really liked a mashed banana i was thinking of just making her natural foods since i have the time glad to hear his doing well, are you getting enough rest?

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