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Your baby, 4 months

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4 months old At this point, your baby can recognize familiar faces. He can distinguish his mom from his dad and knows who they are. Many babies have favorite toys and you may have found a book or song that your baby seems to like the best. By now, he probably likes to play with toys on a mat or blanket on the foor. Exersaucers are good choices for baby to play in. Steer clear of baby walkers. They are dangerous and should not be used.

It is important to respond quickly and calmly to your crying baby. When you respond quickly, your baby will develop a sense of security and develop trust in you. You will have to do less to soothe a distressed baby if you respond quickly. Many people are under the impression that they will spoil their baby if they respond to every whimper and whine. This is not true. You can spoil a child, but not a baby. A baby of this age can not be disciplined and is not able to understand your commands. Continue to be loving and gentle to foster a good relationship.

Your baby can most likely roll from side to side and possibly from her tummy to her back. Be careful not to leave her unattended-she may roll off and get seriously injured. Babies should be placed on their tummies to develop strength and muscles needed for sitting, crawling and walking. Encourage your baby to roll over and help her sit up with support. It is much more interesting to sit up and look at things vs. laying down and staring at the ceiling. At this age, your baby is probably grasping objects and putting them straight into his mouth. Make sure all of his toys are safe and clean.

Your baby may begin to get upset if you take a toy away or stop playing with her. She coos, babbles, smiles and laughs when you interact with her. She may be able to click her tongue and cough by now. Playing with your baby is important for development. Continue to read, sing, play and play games with your little learner. Talk to your baby in regular words-do not use baby talk because it does not sound clear to your baby and may confuse him. Praise your baby for jobs well done! Introduce your baby to new sights, smells, sounds and textures often. This is how he will learn the most about this new exciting world around him!

Around four months of age, your doctor may give the go ahead on solid foods. You will know if your baby is ready. He should sit well with support and be able to hold his head steady. If she is still pushing the food out of her mouth with her tongue, she may not be quite ready to start solids. Start with cereal and then try fruits and vegetables. When using a highchair, make sure that it is safe. Your high chair should not have any broken pieces and should be sturdy. Always use the seat belt and lock the tray on snuggly. Make sure you watch your baby closely while he is in the highchair. Do not feed your baby directly from the jar, unless you are certain he will eat all of it. Just because your baby is consuming solids does not mean she doesn't still need formula or breatmilk-she does!!

Developmental Milestones 4 Months Old

  • Your baby's stomach has grown larger, so he does not need to feed as often
  • Rolls over
  • When laid on stomach, your baby will lift his stomach and shoulders high offf the ground
  • Your baby's tongue-thrust reflex is fading, and your baby may be ready to start solid foods now
  • Can reach out and grab objects-he still may miss his mark on the first try
  • You will notice alot of drool-some babies start teething around this time

  • Feedings can get difficult as your baby likes to see what is going on at mealtime
  • Your baby is easily distractable
  • Once the baby grasps ahold of an object, he will put it straight to his mouth
  • Your baby likes a vairety of toys and objects-give her different toys with different responses
  • Babies begin to understand cause and effect
  • Begins to understand all basic sounds of language
  • Begins to develop the ability to make vocal sounds-`ma-ma` `da-da`-although he does not connect sound to parent
  • Color differences are clearer and your baby probably prefers bright primary colors
  • Can laugh out loud and squeal in delight

  • Likes to be interacted with-play with your baby as often as possible
  • Some babies like to play alone at this time
  • May participate in back and forth imitation games-imitate your child's faces and sounds
  • Your baby will respond to your voice and gestures by kicking legs or waving arms
  • Baby will show you when she is no longer interested

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Bright colored books
  • Posters
  • Activity gyms and play mats
  • Musical toys
  • Lighted toys
  • Mirrors
  • Teething rings
  • Plastic toys to chew on
  • Toys to grasp
  • Brightly colored soft blocks
  • Stuffed toys


Comments 1-25 of about 21914 for month 4
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rayansmama - Friday, 11 Apr
Fels..ur baby can start eating solid so I would give her half a jar of prunes....or mix some with her like a charm! And gripe water.

fels - Monday, 17 Mar
Hi ladies, I haven't posted in a long time. I see most babies have started on solids, my DD was also given the go ahead to start solids,, now the thing is since BF babies don't have a bowel movement for up to 5 days now that I have started solids, she is now on day 6 and I know my doctor said not to worry as this is normal, but the issue is my mother in law & hubby gave her olive oil without my consent and the thing that is upsetting is they waited for me to leave the house first . What I want to know is apart from massaging her stomach and doing the bicycle exercise what else can I do if she is showing signs of discomfort...

claire0308 - Wednesday, 12 Mar
Don't worry Brooke I haven't lost much of my weight either,plenty of time for that but have been feeding my girl baby rice once a day now and she loves it.

brookebaby3 - Wednesday, 12 Mar
Ughhhhh I can't lose this baby weight! I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and I hear excersize can lower milk supply. My daughter still won't drink from a bottle! She's almost 5 months and I'm starting to want my body back. I'm at 156lbs and my usual weight is 120 but I was 135 when I got pregnant.. I am so wanting my body back-

armywife63 - Monday, 3 Mar
Happy Monday (well, as happy as a Monday can be anyways.) I can't believe how long Madison is getting...the only pj's she fits into now are the six month size and she's filling those out pretty good now. She's getting to be quite a porker. Out of the blue, though, she's starting to spit up more. I'm not sure if its because she's more active, her digestive system is changing, or maybe she's eating faster? She sucks down every last drop of her bottles and she's eating every 2 hours during the day. I feel like my left shoulder and arm constantly have baby spit-up stains all over them.

mom2be10/16/2013 - Sunday, 2 Mar
hey ladies lol still not getting sleep and my lil girl is a squrimer

waiting4number3 - Saturday, 1 Mar
Madison is now 4 months old. She is waking up at least every 3 hours during the night, but her day time feedings are about 4-5 hours apart. She is not interested in solids yet. She was rolling from her stomach to her back, but now refuses and instead slowly scoots towards anything she wants. I cant believe she is growing ao fast:( As for camping I couldnt do it. My husband always wants to go, but its just not my thing.

brookebaby3 - Friday, 28 Feb
3bags- dirty diapers, crawling baby around bugs, hot ass weather with freezing nights and them putting everything in their mouth. No thanks to camping. My mother in law told us she took my sister in law camping when she was around 8 months old so now my bf thinks I can do it too and like I need to or something. Hell no, I refuse. Abby has slept through the night since around 8 weeks and for the past few weeks she's waking up more and more each night. I don't like to look at the clock or count how many times because it seems to Make me feel more drained than when I ignore it. So we just wake up and eat maybe 2-6 times a night now. She's still only breast fed so its good not having to get out of bed and make a bottle.. I just whip out the boob latch her on and to back to sleep. Here's our issue . She can't seem to sooth any other way than on the breast. I can't rock her to sleep or pay her for comfort. It's all boob. This can't be good when she gets older. Anytime she starts to peep I try other things to calm her but the boob is all that helps..

threebagsfool - Wednesday, 26 Feb
Ugh, I hate camping! My whole family likes it except for me, and living in Colorado, I'm pretty sure that I'm a rarity :) I'm with you, who would want to worry about dirty diapers out in the woods? Anyway, whenever my family goes camping, I just stay home and have a nice little vacation by myself. I can finally catch up on cleaning and laundry (until they get back, anyway). Still no luck on the eating, and Josephine has suddenly decided that naps are not a good idea. She just yells and yells, then when I pick her up she falls asleep. I guess I go in to get her too quickly, but she just sounds so upset! Have any of you been having sleeping problems? Josephine is still waking up every two hours most nights, and I just feel completely wiped out every day.

brookebaby3 - Tuesday, 25 Feb
My boyfriend wants to go camping this summer. Meaning Abigail can be from 8-11 months old. I'm sure crawling Nd yea he's crazy. I do not want to go. It's in the Forrest no phone service for 3 hours and not something I call a vacation!!

brookebaby3 - Tuesday, 25 Feb
I love when they eat too! This is my favorite age as a baby. They can't crawl and get into everything but they're starting to understand the world a little more interact with things and people. I think its sweet how a baby can see a really bad looking person that nobody wants to get next to or look at but the baby can look and smile so huge at them. They're so sweet. I'm taking Abby to the doctor on Thursday so ill post what the doctor says about solids. She's small about 13lbs I'm guessing. And petite. But very solid and sturdy. Exclusively breastfed so I know some doctors have a different recommendation for size and so on.

armywife63 - Tuesday, 25 Feb
My little Madison is now 14 weeks old. She came so close to rolling over today, but stopped at the last moment. She's been sleeping through the night now for several weeks now and it makes all the difference for me at work when I get a good night's sleep. I just booked a spring break trip for the end of March and I'm excited to bring her along on our family's Orlando vacation. I got a three bedroom condo so that we had room to spread out and I would have a quiet space for Madison to nap. I wish I was going on vacation tomorrow...but it's a whole month away!

threebagsfool - Sunday, 23 Feb
I don't understand the age thing either. They each grow differently, anyway. My toddler would stuff her face by the time she turned four months, but my almost five month old still won't eat any foods, even though she is showing all the other readiness signs. I know it sounds bad because they will only be little for such a short amount of time, but I really wish she would eat her foods. I just love that stage!

brookebaby3 - Friday, 21 Feb
Drea I'm so happy about your mom. I knew she could beat it! I knew it! Amazing! Tell her I was praying for her Nd I knew she was strong enough to beat cancer! Xoxo! My sister did it also and its worth cussing in happiness! Lol pure fucking joy :) well Abigail is 4 months old now. I just fed her bananas .. I couldn't help myself. She sits with us every night at dinner and fusses while watching us eat. She smacks her little gums and I just mashed up a tiny spoon fool and fed her slowly. She smiled and ate it all. Lol ill hold off a few days to check for allergies and take her to the doctor on Thursday for her check up. See what he says. I'm sure she's ready though. My boys were eating cereal at 4 months and they're perfectly fine so I don't understand the fuss on age.

dreamon - Thursday, 20 Feb
Hey everybody. Its been awhile since I was last on here. Kaylani is going to be 4 months on the 26th. She rolls to the right from back to tummy and back again. She tries to sit up especially in her rock and play bed. Loving her laugh. Its the best to get your kids to laugh especially for the first time. Her 4 month appt is going to be a couple weeks after she turns 4 months cause of the delay on her 2 month shots due to an insurance mishap on my husbands part. If anyone remembers about my mom having cancer well we got some amazing news that the treatments working and its shrinking. They had to really search her scans cause they coudldnt find it. Its still there but its good to know its doing its job and kicking this shit in the booty. Sorry for the cursing but its amazing news and i get excited about it. Now about food for my baby. I havent seen her Ped yet so dont know if were starting solids yet but I got a chunker on my hands. Shes right on point with growing. My first was still in newborn at 3 months. Shes still strictly nursing with no bottle then Im going to make my own organic baby food. Hubby got me a Ninja for Christmas so I cant wait to use it to make baby food.

threebagsfool - Wednesday, 19 Feb
My doctor told me at Josephine's four month check up that they changed the recommendation from six months to four months for starting solids. It is crazy confusing! Josephine doesn't seem to have gotten the memo anyway. I tried cereal with breast milk, then peas, green beans, bananas, carrots, squash, apples, and peaches. She won't eat any of them. Her tongue thrust reflex is just too strong still. She is 20 weeks old right now. By this age, my toddler was going crazy for foods and loving them! The reason I used the rice cereal was so that I could mix it with expressed milk, so at least there was a familiar taste, even though the texture was different. I'm pretty sure that nutritionally, the rice cereal adds nothing.

brookebaby3 - Friday, 14 Feb
About food Ive been reading into what sort of from to start baby with and they say to not use rice cereal!! Why does his world always have to recommend something and then say to avoid it after a few Years!? I read the babies stomach doesn't produce any enzymes to digest or break down wheat products or grains. So they say to start off with boiled veggies blended with water, breastmilk or formula. I even read to start with fruit and not veggies!! Lol once in a lifetime eh. They said breastfed babies are used to sweet breastmilk so sweet fruit is best for getting the interest in foods. I'm going to start Abby with carrots and then just feed her a single item on our diner menu. I don't plan to buy food.. I'm just going to buy organic foods and make it myself for her. My mom told me when I was a baby I ate anything she made for dinner and that's what all parents did then. My friend feeds her babies at 3 months long grain rice, beans, everything! Lol all of the recommendations are crazy!

brookebaby3 - Friday, 14 Feb
Hey ladies, I havnt been on in a long time. How is everyone? What does everyone's doctor recommend for feeding solids? My doctors say nothing before 6months and some people say to start at 4. I'm pretty sure I started feeding my oldest cereal at 4 months. It's horrible because I can't remember anything about my 2nd born :( I don't remember his little face or any milestones. I have no idea why my brain can't see any time from birth to 8 months with him. Well Abigail is going to be 4 months on the 20th. She still doesn't roll but she is trying to and can get onto her side. She can't sit up by herself for about 10 seconds. She cracks up about any laughing or jumping people. We got her ears pierced and she barely made a peep. I still can't get her to drink from a bottle. We've bought hella different kinds and brands and all sorts of nipples with no luck. I'm sure we will go from breast to sippy cup. I refuse to spend another dime on a bottle I'm 99% sure she won't drink from. I have the appetite of a horse and my hair is falling out faster than Niagara falls. I can barely lose weight or find time to workout. Ughhh! I'm loving life but wow it's been going too fast and very demanding

threebagsfool - Thursday, 6 Feb
Josephine is obsessed with her hands and clothes! She is always watching her hands and her fingers and pulling at her clothes. She found her feet but doesn't seem too excited about them right now. I still haven't found anything she will eat, not even really thing cereal. I think her gag reflex must be really strong still. Hopefully pretty soon she will be ready to eat.

threebagsfool - Thursday, 6 Feb
Josephine is obsessed with her hands and clothes! She is always watching her hands and her fingers and pulling at her clothes. She found her feet but doesn't seem too excited about them right now. I still haven't found anything she will eat, not even really thing cereal. I think her gag reflex must be really strong still. Hopefully pretty soon she will be ready to eat.

stacey3 - Tuesday, 4 Feb
Avalyn loves baby food i have been making a little baby oatmeal and mixing in a little bit of baby fruit with it. she eats it up! i make it pretty thin though. she found her feet on Saturday and has been pulling them to her mouth! it is awesome to watch her learn all of these new things! we put her in her walker and she started pushing herself backwards in i! she can't move it on carpet so she has a 12x12 space (in the kitchen) where she can move it. she is almost 5 months old! i can't believe how fast time seems to go...pretty soon she will be walking and talking! I'm so thankful that i am able to stay home with her. i don't have to miss anything! i have a wonderful husband!

threebagsfool - Monday, 3 Feb
Josephine loves chewing on my knuckle! The doctor said she thinks teeth will be here soon because of how much drool she has. It is tons! I have to use bibs all day and still end up changing her clothes because she chews on her sleeve and gets it soaking wet. We tried banana baby food today and she ate a tiny bit of it, but she doesn't seem to like the feeling of food on her tongue.

stacey3 - Sunday, 2 Feb
:) Avalyn was a really good baby yesterday for him! she is definitely getting me back today for going and having such a good time cuz she is crabby tonight! she can't fall asleep...i don't know what to do to get her happy! she keeps chewing on my nuckle. I'm not sure if she is teething already but she seems like it.

threebagsfool - Sunday, 2 Feb
Stacey- I'm glad things are going so well! Still no rolling from Josephine. The doctor gave the go ahead for solid foods, but she doesn't seem interested, yet. It sounds like your husband did a great job with watching your little one! When I get home after a couple hours at work I find the baby hungry and overtired, and my toddler running around with a full diaper :)

stacey3 - Sunday, 2 Feb
it is hard to find time to get on here! i went out last night without Avalyn for the second time since she was born! my hubby stayed home with her and i took my 2 older girls to a friends for a pizza party. It was AWESOME! i had so much fun i didn't want to leave! when we got home hubby had baby fed, bathed and sleeping! (that's the first time he was with her for longer than 30minutes) its nice to know that he can handle it!

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