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Your baby, 6 months

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6 months old Half of a year has gone by and your baby has grown and learned so much! At this point, she may be sitting up on her own and some babies will try to crawl! Encourage him by setting toys out of his reach. In no time, he will be crawling all over. Some babies also roll across the room! Your baby can turn and twist in all directions. She can transfer objects from hand to hand and will look for dropped objects.

Many babies will start teething at this time. You may notice that she is uncomfortable, drooling and bites down alot. Teething rings often help and the coldness can be soothing to her sore gums. If she doesn't like a cold teether, offer her a warm one instead.

Stranger anxiety usually increases by the time your baby is six months old. She knows the difference between people she recognizes and strangers. When you introduce your baby to new people, hold her and tell her about who the person is. Your baby will be able to sense how you feel about the new person. Don't force your child to sit with the person- let him set the pace. This is especially important with caregivers that take care of the baby while you are away.

Your baby still likes to be read to and likes to hear songs and music. Expose him to various sounds, sights, smells and textures often. Alot of your baby's learning comes from hearing. Because he likes other babies, take him to see other babies as often as possible. Watch how they interact. Your baby is learning about relationships!

Being a warm and loving parent will teach your baby to trust and respect you. If you find that your baby is doing something that he should not be doing, redirect him to an appropriate activity. At this age, your baby still does not know how to obey or disobey. However, he is learning to listen and can begin to understand what he should not mess with. After you have redirected him, remember to praise him for a job well done. Your baby will learn best and can not get into trouble if her world is interesting. Keep fun activities readily available and interact with her. Showing your baby how to do things the right way will also help her learn. If she pulls your hair, show her how to be gentle.

Most babies will have started some type of solid foods at this point. If you give your baby something that he does not like, keep giving it to him. It can take several attempts to get him to like something. The food habits that are learned now will stay with your baby for life. By giving her a variety of foods, you are expanding her taste and encouraging healthy eating habits. Allow your baby to sit in her highchair and eat with the rest of the family at mealtime. Babies will ususally eat until they are full-do not force her to eat if she does not seem interested. Some parents give their babies juice or water in a cup at this time. Because juice is high in sugar, limit her juice intake to 4 ounces a day. Remember, now that your baby is eating foods it is especially important to keep her teeth and gums clean. Wipe them down with a washcloth or use a baby toothbrush. Do not use any type of toothpaste that has fluoride in it.

Developmental Milestones 6 Months Old

  • Can pull an object towards himself
  • Tries to transfer objects from one hand to another
  • Rolls over in both directions
  • Vision and sound senses are almost fully developed
  • Sits on her own
  • Rocks and pivots while on her stomach
  • Digs fingers and toes into floor to push to get something out of reach
  • Can pick up a small object
  • Looks for dropped items

  • Understands cause and effect-likes to put toys in a container and dump out
  • Prefers left hand one day and his right hand the next
  • Your baby will begin to initiate attention from others
  • Understands that his behavior engages you-both good and bad behavior
  • Likes playing turn taking games
  • Likes to hear different sounds-animal sounds are great to start on
  • Can say vowel-consanant combinations

  • Makes instant friends with strangers
  • Craves familiar faces and voices
  • Can let you know what he needs, thinks or wants in ways other than crying
  • Expresses unhappiness when an object is taken away

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Toys that encourage sitting up
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Lighted toys
  • Musical toys
  • Cause and effect objects
  • Toys to bang on
  • Stacking blocks
  • Containers and objects to put in and take out
  • Sensory toys
  • Toys to grasp and pass
  • Bath toys


Comments 1-25 of about 28903 for month 6
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bkle - Friday, 21 Nov
james turned 6 months today!! - Friday, 15 Aug
G7-his crwaling oh my goodness awesome i bet your superproud, i would be too but nervous at the same time i am so sorry that i have been taking forever to respond but since i got back from vaca i have been watching movies like crazy my friend gave me this website called and i use to get online at night and check up on this website but i have really slacked off cuz now i get online and check out what movie i want to watch iam sooo bad, the movies are all free its cool. I guess my abby is a little late on crawling even tho i know all sweetpeas are different it will be exciting to watch her get started and crawl away aahh....our babies are growing so fast, abby continues to do good no problems thank GOD, i wish you and all the other moms a great weekend and if we havent heard from you i hope you and your babies are doing well bug you later

G7 - Monday, 11 Aug
oh goodness Sonia...that's a big fear of mine too. We have a couple things in our house that need to get baby proofed because of big falls that could happen but DH just doesn't think it is necessary yet. I'm glad abby is okay. Zander took a real crawl will be a few days before he really puts it all together but I guess it's go time! - Sunday, 3 Aug
Congrats G7- that Z is doing good, well my biggest fear became a real when i left my husdand in charge of sweetpea she fell / rolled off the bed, landed on carpet but still very scary and just heart broken anf of course then we got upset at each other shes not hurt thank GOD, so moms who ever is reading this dont leave your babies on the bed i wouldnt want you feeling like i did helpless k you all take care and bug you later

G7 - Wednesday, 30 Jul
I really can't believe 6 months has come and is half gone. Z is a very strong sitter and is up on hands and knees rocking like crazy. He can scoot himself backwards but not on purpose. Sleeping is going pretty good, he won't soothe by me rocking or holding him which makes me sad so I just have a little routine and then put him in his crib and he insists on whining himself to sleep but always wakes up happy and glad to see me. I think the next 6 months are going to be hard as he will get into everything but have no ability to reason - I am so in love! - Wednesday, 23 Jul
Hi lilonenumber4 glad to hear from you our little one also sleeps with us no big deal, abby has been kinda slow to sit up by herself but sits well with assistance also so happy for you that you can still breast feed great job abby does good puree havent given her solids yet. You all take care still here at the beach loving it to bad it ends on saturday abby has been doing good doesnt like the water to much will keep trying bug you guys later

lilonenumber4 - Monday, 21 Jul
Hi. I'm here again but this time with my son who has recently turned six months. Just found my previous comment (under the name booniums)about my daughter at 6months. Seems like Ted is a bit more advanced than Rose was. He has been able to sit up for a few weeks now and has a tooth just through (bottom right). We got him a walker which he loves scooting around in and he follows his big sister round. He has started some solids and fruit puree, which he loves. I still breast feed him and he is still difficult to get to sleep at night. I generally have him in with me most nights as he always cries if he wakes alone. He wants to be held a lot but that may also be my doing as I want to. He is my last baby and I plan to treasure every moment and get all the cuddles I can!! :) - Saturday, 19 Jul
Off to the beach we go, this is going to be totally new our first two kids we didnt take them to beach till they were 4 and 6 years old abby is only 6 1/2 months old lets see how it goes its going to be great. I hope everybody is doing well and your little ines are great take care miss hearing from everybody

threebagsfool - Friday, 16 May
I always like how this site seems so much friendlier than other sites. Sometimes it is pretty amazing the comments people get. I mean, we are all parents just trying to do our best! Josephine is still not sitting up yet. She keeps trying to stand instead, haha. She is such a little stinker. She is doing a lot better with solids at this point. She is even starting a little bit of finger food, but really she is a little lazy and after a couple bites she just opens her mouth and tries to get me to feed her again. I have finally been feeling like I am back to being a human. It must be because the weather is warming up, but I have just been feeling so much better lately about being a mom, instead of feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time.

brookebaby3 - Thursday, 15 May
Hi all. I'm glad to hear about everyone and knowing how your babies are is nice! I still think of you all, randomly lol. Well Abigail will be 7 months old on the 20th. She ate a jar of baby food the other day and hasn't really wanted more since. She has a cold and ear infection so maybe that's why. She's 14.4lbs.. She is sitting up alone and starting to scoot on her butt to get around. She's also pulling up to stand. I'm so not ready.. I have to baby proof still! I know were not bragging or comparing our babies here.. I was reading on the babycenter sight and these ladies were making up the biggest lies to make their baby sound better than the others!! Lmao one woman said her daughter stood up in the crib and yelled hi mama hi dada! At 4 months old. On another note, my mom is addicted to pain meds, weed and alcohol. She's almost 60. And she lies about her abusing pills. What the hell do I do? I love her she's a great person. But when she takes these pills she acts weird. I grew up taking care of myself and calling the ambulance because she almost died a few times. She won't change. Do I stop talking to her and inviting her over or just go with the flow.

bentz5215 - Thursday, 15 May
three bags Ashtyn is still small. Today was weigh day and she finally hit 13.0 lbs. she turned 7 months on 5.10.14 she is the littlest ever!! she still wears all her 0-3 months clothes. if its brand new 3-6 month clothing, its wayyyyyyy to big! she only drinks a bottle. refuses to eat any food. she wants all my food but she don't have any teeth or any signs of a tooth coming. she wants to do everything herself when it comes to that. im sure she is fine if small runs in your family, she is most likely going to be little as well.

armywife63 - Thursday, 15 May
Madison will be six months old in three days. She's still not crazy about solid favorite is the single grain oatmeal. From reading some of your posts, I think I'll give her some Puffs. Maybe that will spark her interest in food a bit more. Take care everyone!

threebagsfool - Friday, 2 May
I am in seven months now, but I figured since people are here in six months, I'd join the conversation. Josephine had her weight check yesterday and she is 13.1 pounds and 24 inches. I guess that puts her below the 5%, but the doctor isn't too worried. He wants to check her again in a month, and at that point maybe order some blood tests. She seems okay to me. She eats plenty and is happy most of the time. It seems that if there were something wrong that she wouldn't be as content as she is.

DreaMon - Tuesday, 29 Apr
Hello everybody! My baby is 6 months and 3 days. She's starting to crawl now...well she scoots everywhere. She gets on her knees and rocks back and forth, but doesn't quite crawl on her knees yet. Her next check up is on the 16th. I just started her on solids on Easter. Her first food was organic brown rice cereal. She's so so about it, but Going to give it to her still anyways cause its fortified with good nutrients. She's had applesauce too which she loves of course, who doesn't haha. Today I gave her carrots and she gobbled it up. It feels great having a good eater cause my first wasn't so much. This time I've been making my own organic baby food cause I like to know what's in her food. On another note, she sits up on her own for half a minute haha and she her first tooth broke through. Still nursing her and that's how I found out haha not a great feeling. Glad to see some of you guys still on here :) hope you all are doing well.

threebagsfool - Tuesday, 29 Apr
It makes me feel better to hear that there are some other tiny ones out there :) My son was HUGE, but born small, my two girls were both 8 and a half pounds at birth, but just didn't gain very well after that. I'm only 5'1 so I am not overly concerned about it. Josephine will be going in for her weight check this week to see if she hit her growth spurt yet. She has really gotten the hang of this eating thing, haha. Some days she eats 3-4 containers of food, plus puffs, and she still nurses 8 times a day. Other days she only wants a little solids. Good news though, she has gotten her two bottom teeth in! I am hoping this means she will take a break from all of the drooling, the doctor referred to it as an 'epic' amount of drool. Still no sitting up from her yet. I think she gets so excited about standing that she refuses to sit. It is pretty funny. When I finally do get her sitting, she just rolls out of it and laughs. Little monkey!

brookebaby3 - Tuesday, 29 Apr
On another note, my kids are small too. Everyone always talks about how small my kids are. 'Oh she's tiny' or your sons are little guys. Making it seem as if they're mal nourished. They always seem to forget who they're telling lol. I'm not even 5 feet and dad is 5'6' so do t expect some basketball player from us. Abigail is a week over 6 months. She can sit up just fine now and has been since 5.5 months. She still hates food. She only likes the puffs and Cheerios.. She's 25 inches and 14lbs. Still ebf

brookebaby3 - Tuesday, 29 Apr
Hey all, I agree that its too bad about IPA now. I used this site with each pregnancy too.. Just a few people online daily and on the questions page it's just the same vultures waiting to rip people's questions apart.. SAd

claire0308 - Sunday, 27 Apr
Wow my baby is 6 months today can't believe it doesn't time fly love her so much too

armywife63 - Thursday, 24 Apr
Hi Ladies. My Madison is now five months old, but there is nobody visiting that page, it seems, so I thought I would post here. It is exciting to hear that some of your babies are getting to be more mobile...I can't wait until Madison starts scooting around. She still isn't sold on eating solid foods and will usually only take a few bites and then starts shoving the food back out. She will drink between 4 and 6 ounces every two to three hours during the day and then goes about ten hours at night without eating. She's a big girl now at 17 pounds!

threebagsfool - Tuesday, 22 Apr
Nikki, wow, your little guy is doing great! Josephine is stubborn about things like that. Her birthday is September 30th. As soon as she figured out how to get onto her back, that was the end of tummy time. She won't even sit up, haha. She keeps trying to stand instead, so I put her into sitting position and she just pushes back against me with all of her strength until she is standing. Josephine has finally started really eating her foods! I hope that her weight check goes well and the doctor doesn't feel that she needs any extra help. Her two bottom teeth are almost in. I hope she gets a little break from teething pain, because she has been such a little fusser for the past two weeks. And the drool is ridiculous! I hope you guys are all doing well:)

wins829 - Wednesday, 16 Apr
Bent.don't. Worry. She is health that is all the matter. My daughter is small too. She is always smallest in her age group. That why we call her little little. Lol. But she is the smartest in her class.

wins829 - Wednesday, 16 Apr
Bent.don't. Worry. She is health that is all the matter. My daughter is small too. She is always smallest in her age group. That why we call her little little. Lol. But she is the smartest in her class.

bentz5215 - Monday, 14 Apr
well she went to the GI doc and they said she looks fine and to keep giving her the zantac. They wanted us to stop doing the 30 cal intake on formula and to just give the reg 20 cal per oz. She went to the doc today for her 6 mo check up and doc said she is good she is just going to be tiny. doc said how smart she is and how advanced she was by doing all the stuff she knows how to do. She was weighing in at 12.4 lbs and 25 in long. She is just going to be my little peanut forvever!!! :)

threebagsfool - Thursday, 10 Apr
Well it has been three nights now that the girls have been sharing a room. It has been going really well! The first night they both cried for about 1 minute, then were quiet. Josephine didn't wake up until 2:30, that is 6 hours of sleep in a row! It is the first time she has ever done that. It is funny, I kept reading that room sharing usually goes a lot easier than expected, but I didn't believe it. I guess I should have known better, because suddenly I am getting more sleep at night, and Josephine seems happier during the day because she is getting the rest that she needs. Bentz- have you heard anything back from the Dr yet?

bentz5215 - Monday, 7 Apr
of course the doc is out today :( I think the group is 'cause mommy says so'. when u ask to join send a message and say u r from iap. :)

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