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Your baby, 8 months

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8 months old By eight months, your baby is sitting up well and he likes to play with a variety of toys. He is curious about everything he sees, hears, smells and touches. Your baby will turn in the sound of a familiar sound or voice. Rather than telling your baby `No`, give her one or two word commands. For example, if she is going in a room that you don't want her in, you can say `Come in here, please`. If she hears `No` alot, soon she will be telling you `No` as well. Because her memory is not developed yet, you will need to remind her several times exactly what you expect from her.

Your baby can crawl well towards objects he wants. He can also stand with some assistane. Some eight month old babies can cruise if they are holing onto something sturdy. Make sure that you have babyproofed all sharp objects and tables. Show your baby the world in a safe and stimulating environment. Your baby should have a vareity of toys that will allow her to develop properly.

Your baby is babbling up a storm now! Although some words are made up, she can probably say mama or dada by this point. She sounds a lot like how we talk, just very fast and jarbled. Speak clearly when you talk to your baby so that she can hear the pronunciation of words. When you are reading, point to the objects in the story. Talk about body parts with her and tell her what animals sound like. Continue to sing songs and nursery rhymes with him. Let your baby play with musical instruments and show her how to dance to the rhythm.

Allow your baby to interact with a wide variety of different people. Your baby should be exposed to all races, sizes and ages of people. If he is exposed to this at a young age, the likelyhood of developing any type of prejudices will be slight. Because your baby will look at how you treat other people, you should set a positive example for him to follow.

Babies learn by imitation, so lrad the way for him! Show him the proper way of doing things and then, give him the chance to follow. Don't expect perfection, learning new skills takes time and practice.

Now that she has some practice with foods, you can give her foods that are a bit chunkier. Make sure there are no large lumps, seeds or skins in her meals. Cut soft fruits and vegetables into small pieces. Give her a spoon and let her feed herself sometimes. You shouldn't add salt, sugar, syrups, or any additional seasonings to her food. Make sure that her foods are not too hot- you could easily burn her mouth.

Developmental Milestones 8 Months Old

  • Most babies are crawling or moving about by bottom shuffling
  • Pulls himself up to a standing position
  • Vision is adult like in clarity and depth perception
  • Walks by holding onto furniture
  • May be able to stand alone momentarily
  • Can get into a sitting position from her stomach

  • Uses his index finger to point to objects that have dropped
  • Can pick up small objects and may feed himself some small finger foods (cheerios)
  • Likes to shake and bang objects
  • Is beginning to understand that objects have functions
  • Likes dropping objects and retrieving them
  • Understands smaller things fit inside larger items
  • May be able to point to an object when it is named
  • Can recognize people and objects across the room
  • Says mama or dada
  • Undersands the meaning of no

  • Obvious emotions
  • Definite separation anxiety, if he experiences it
  • May be shy around strangers
  • May become upset when you are not with him-always kiss and hug your baby and he will learn that you come back
  • May repeat acts if he applauded
  • May show signs of empathy-if he sees you cry, he may too
  • Blows kisses
  • Unhappy if you take something away

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Books
  • Blocks
  • Exersaucer
  • Stacking and nesting toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Bath toys
  • Lighted toys
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Musical instruments
  • Rolling toys


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mistyof3*girl* - Wednesday, 18 Jun
Hello y'all..Its been awhile since Ive been on here but I still think of u ladies& your little ones. My sweet Joslyn has growed so much. Shes got 2teeth, she crawls, rolls, holds her own cup, sits up on her own & is such a daddys girl. I would love totalk to u ladies so Im hoping I get back on here &one of u all has replied:) Hoping all is well with all of u &ur little ones. Im going to put a picture up of Joslyn. &would love to see how big all off ur babys r now also. :)

armywife63 - Tuesday, 17 Jun
Hi there! My Madison will be 7 months old tomorrow. She, too, is crawling all over the place and has started to constantly pull herself up into standing position. In fact, it has disrupted her sleep a little. If she wakes up a little during the night, she immediately stands up now. I have her in the pack n play in our room for bedtime. I want to transition her to her own crib but now that she's waking up and standing up several times a night, we're both tired and crabby during the day. Maybe next week I'll have enough energy for the transition. She still isn't too crazy about baby food. Some days she does better than others with it. She's a chunky little girl, so I have no concerns about her calorie intake. Misty - I'm glad you popped on today. It's been a while since I've been on and it was nice to see that someone else was still thinking of this site and the ladies!

mistyof3*girl* - Monday, 16 Jun
Hello y'all..Its been awhile since Ive been on here but I still think of u ladies& your little ones. My sweet Joslyn has growed so much. Shes got 2teeth, she crawls, rolls, holds her own cup, sits up on her own & is such a daddys girl. I would love totalk to u ladies so Im hoping I get back on here &one of u all has replied:) Hoping all is well with all of u &ur little ones. Im going to put a picture up of Joslyn. &would love to see how big all off ur babys r now also. :)

threebagsfool - Friday, 30 May
Josephine is 8 months old today! It just seems like the time is going faster and faster! She seems to really be showing her personality. She has favorite toys now and is not happy when her big sister tries to take them away. Finally a couple of days ago she started sitting up on her own for a couple of minutes. She is trying to crawl now. She lays down on her side and tries to scoot herself forward and then rolls to get where she wants. Most of the time she misses, but it is progress none the less!

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

Jen11 - Friday, 4 Oct
Hey 3love and Verena - I know you guys already belong in the 9 months group, and Sara turns 9 months next Wednesday, so I may as well move on up already. See you there.

3loveofmylife - Thursday, 3 Oct
Jen wow 12 years i hope this time around it wont take anywhere near that long. i will keep you in my prayers everyday, and like you said it is the 2nd one so i hope it will be easier and it will happen quickly.

Jen11 - Thursday, 3 Oct
Thanks 3love - hopefully things will be easier this time as it is the second child. It took me 12 years to have Sara.

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 2 Oct
Jen oh i'm so sorry i had no idea thank you for sharing that with me. i hope it wont be hard on you or your family. i'll keep you in my prayer, and will be waiting here to read your post when you say i got my BFP, and please don't stress yourself and just take one day at a time cuz i don't think Sara would want to see you sad, and it will happen when it happens i hope it's sooner than later fingers crossed.

Jen11 - Wednesday, 2 Oct
3love - thanks, I'm excited and scared at the same time. Unfortunately, it will not just happen as I need fertility treatments to conceive. Preparation begins months in advance. I'm preparing now for blood tests etc, then eventually hoping to fall pregnant in April.

3loveofmylife - Tuesday, 1 Oct
Jen OMG so excited to hear that you guys will be trying for a 2nd baby soon i'm sure Sara would love to have a little baby around to play with lol. when you guys start ttc i hope it happens soon and i wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy. i'm sorry you'r felling sad it gets better trust me, and you know i have heard that a lot of ladies getting pregnant right after they stop BF . I would love another baby too, but we always said 3 is good mostly hubby said it lol but not having a girl i fell like i'm missing something and i love my 3 boys they are my life, and right now i'm exhausted and sleep deprive, but you never know what will happen in the future. verena you'r missing hope everything is well, and Sam's gotten better.

Jen11 - Tuesday, 1 Oct
3love - yes, I sometimes think I'll let go of her hand and she'll just keep walking on her own, she is happiest on her feet! I'm giving her the bottle and she is doing fine, its me that is sad, but I had to stop as I need my hormones in line so that we can try for our next baby soon.

3loveofmylife - Monday, 30 Sep
Jen aww i'm glad your feeling better, the flu must really love you lol i hope it never comes back. i think our babies are trying to walk soon lol. how is Sara doing with the bottle or are you feeding her with a sippy cup? I was sad too when i stopped BF i felt like i took something away from him that was good for him, but some times it easier with a bottle.

Jen11 - Monday, 30 Sep
3love - It was the flu again, but I'm over it now. Noah is getting brave with his standing! Sara has been doing the same, I do worry that she is becoming over-confident. I just finished weaning her off the breast and am a little sad.

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 25 Sep
ok so we were sitting down on the floor and Noah was standing next to me holding on to me with one hand, and he let go of me and stood there for like 4 seconds not holding on to anything omg he is growing up too fast. how are your babies doing hope everyone is felling well.

3loveofmylife - Monday, 23 Sep
Jen oh no i hope you'r not getting the flu again. Noah's on formula right now so he gets 5 oz at 9:30pm when he goes to sleep wakes up at 2:30am gets 5oz then at 4:30am gets 5oz then up at 6:30am and i give him plain yogurt with banana he loves that lol. then at 8 or 9am when he takes a nap he gets a 4oz bottle, then lunch he gets to eat some green beans and chicken or broccoli and that's between 12 and 1pm another 5oz bottle at 2pm before nap time. then at 3pm a snack like a half a banana or half a peach or some crackers. then he gets 4oz bottle at 5pm before nap time then dinner at 7pm whatever we eat he eats too. then he gets 5oz bottle at 9pm then he is a sleep, there are times that he won't finish his bottle oh and he gets water with his meals and snacks, and i did introduce cows milk to my other 2 at 11 months just one bottle a day cuz i wanted them to get to know the taste so it wan't be a big shock when i stopped formula it was my choice. verena happy to hear Sam is doing better and done with antibiotics. the weather is cooling down here it was a little chilly this morning i love this weather. so Noah is learning how to spit food out of his mouth when he's full its kind of cute but messy too lol.

Jen11 - Sunday, 22 Sep
Verena - thanks, I'm pretty sick, but such is life. So,does Sam only get two bottles of formula each day? Does he drink anything else. Currently, Sara is getting breast at 10pm and 5am, then tea with formula at 8.30am, formula at 10am,1pm,4pm and 6pm (between 90 and 120ml)She will also drink at least 100ml of water each day. This is as well as her 3 solid meals per day.

verena - Sunday, 22 Sep
Jen, how are you feeling? Hopefully better! I gave maxime cow milk after 1 year, formula until then. Sam is on formula since 6 months now, he has between 180-210 ml in the morning and in the evening, with a couple of spoons of cereal in it. He's better, although still on antibiotics until tomorrow. Sun here, enjoying autumn!

Jen11 - Thursday, 19 Sep
3love - ear plugs sound like a good idea! Verena - so sorry that Sam has been sick. I hope the antibiotics are doing their job. As I mentioned before, I had flu for about 2 weeks, finally got better a few days ago, and guess what? Today, my throat is sore and my body is all we go again! Fortunately, Sara seems to be unaffected by it all, so I can be thankful for that. BTW, are you ladies breastfeeding or bottle? I am weaning Sara, but am not sure how much formula to give her. I have tried following the guidelines on the tin, but she doesn't even drink half of it. I also know most sources say not to give any cow's milk before 1 year, but did any of you give any before that?

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 18 Sep
Jen lol i guess you'r right about that, and i'll have to get some ear plugs till he finds something else more interesting lol. verena aww poor Sam glad he's doing well and sleeping through all that pain. 2:30 am ouch that's too early i hope you get some rest before going to work, hope the strike comes to an end and everything goes back to normal soon.

verena - Wednesday, 18 Sep
Yay, I'm I'm 8. Months too, Sam will be 9 months on the 23rd.. Have just read you and ave given him dinner solids straight away! Thanks for the input! 8 teeth fully out now.. He had a double ear infection, sore throat since last Friday, 10 days antibiotics.. But he's much better now, still sleeps through yippies! Maxime walked at 9 months 4 days, i think Sam will be later, but not by much! A leaving you, quick dinner then off to work at 2.30 am, we have a strike going on at work, so am helping out wherever I can.. Good night!

Jen11 - Wednesday, 18 Sep
3love - Well, at least you don't need to buy him expensive could get a bit heavy on the ears though!

3loveofmylife - Tuesday, 17 Sep
Jen that's cute. Noah would rather play with my pots and pans than his toys lol he thinks it's funny slamming them together. Noah will be 9 months tomorrow.

Jen11 - Sunday, 15 Sep
Well, one week into the 8 month zone and all is well :-)Sara is suddenly using one foot and a knee when 'crawling' instead of two looks so funny!

3loveofmylife - Saturday, 14 Sep
Hello 8 months.

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