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Your baby, 9 months

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9 months old Your baby will be beginning to talk soon! You may have already heard a recognizable word, but now your baby will start to say things voluntarily. Praise your baby and congratulate her for a job well done. Babies like to please adults and if she knows that you are proud, she will be more likely to attempt it again. When you are talking to her, use hand motions to show her what you are talking about. Remember to use clear words so that she can imitate your sounds. When your baby is crying for help or whining for something that she wants, remind her that she can tell you what she wants without crying.

He can crawl up stairs now, so make sure you are using gates at your stairways. He may be able to stand up and take steps at this point. He is able to walk with the support of a sturdy structure or your help. Your baby likes to bang toys together and make noise. If you give your baby blocks, watch him build a tower with them. Your baby probably likes to scribble on paper and likes when she can see you do the same.

Your baby may be scared of things that she was scared of before. This is normal and will probably pass. Your baby is becoming stubborn and begins to test authority at times. This is a part of her becoming independent. She likes to show you her toys, but most likely does not like to share them. Because your baby is beginning to test you and needs more guidance now, it is important to know how to discipline babies. You should prevent a situation that will allow him to do something that you do not like. Do not leave the remote on the table if you don't want him to push a button. Ignore behaviors that are not harmful. If your baby has pulled all of your socks out of the drawer, pick them up and ignore it. Otherwise, it teaches him that he can do things to get your attention. Reward your baby when she is playing well. Don't keep your baby in a playpen or swing all day long. She will not be able to experience the freedom she needs to learn.

Encourage him to use all of his senses every day. Play different types of music for your baby to hear. Introduce your baby to different cultures by playing international music. Allow him to play with toys that have various textures, patterns, colors, sizes and shapes. When you are feeding your baby, give him a variety of flavors try. Your baby can even experience different scents.

Give your baby a large bowl full of dry cereal, noodles,rice, water or other small items. Hand him some measuring spoons or cups and let him dump and scoop the objects. When he learns how to use one item, give him another one to try out. You can also give him old boxes or containers to stack. Other toys that your baby might like are: balls, nesting blocks, books, bath toys, push toys, toys with lights and sounds, musical instruments, dolls and puppets, large trucks and cars, and toy telephones.

Continue to encourage your baby to feed herself by giving her fruits, vegetables, crackers, cereals and cheeses that he can easily eat on his own. Even if your baby is messy when he is eating, praise him for feeding himself. If your baby refuses one type of food today, try it again another day. It can take several tries before a baby will like some foods.

Developmental Milestones 9 Months Old

  • Enjoys walking while holding onto a sturdy object
  • Perfects pulling to a standing position
  • Can stand with assistance
  • Some babies will take small steps on their own

  • Your baby loves to play games
  • Uses the pincer grasp well
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Says mama and dada
  • Understands no
  • Can complete simple commands

  • Does not like sleep-may skip the morning nap
  • Wants to be with you or another familiar face
  • Shy around strangers
  • Is beginning to understand that you will return when you leave

Age Appropriate Toys
  • Toys with faces
  • Stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Musical toys
  • Stacking toys
  • Building toys
  • Toys that roll
  • Push toys
  • Exersaucer
  • Jumpers


Comments 1-25 of about 6930 for month 9
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My Name is reverend sister catherina Lisa from a parish.we do have a home here and we do have two babies to give out for adoption.A boy and a Baby Girl. we seeking for christian home that can adopt this kids with all love and passion . the baby boy is 8-9 months old.we have decided to give out the baby boy&Girl for adoption.I prefer a couple who isn't able to have any kids and Good christian Family or a single parent . For more information on us do contact us at - Tuesday, 8 Sep
My Name is reverend sister catherina Lisa from a parish.we do have a home here and we do have two babies to give out for adoption.A boy and a Baby Girl. we seeking for christian home that can adopt this kids with all love and passion . the baby boy is 8-9 months old.we have decided to give out the baby boy&Girl for adoption.I prefer a couple who isn't able to have any kids and Good christian Family or a single parent . For more information on us do contact us at - Tuesday, 8 Sep
My Name is reverend sister catherina Lisa from a parish.we do have a home here and we do have two babies to give out for adoption.A boy and a Baby Girl. we seeking for christian home that can adopt this kids with all love and passion . the baby boy is 8-9 months old.we have decided to give out the baby boy&Girl for adoption.I prefer a couple who isn't able to have any kids and Good christian Family or a single parent . For more information on us do contact us at

dreamon - Wednesday, 13 Aug
Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on here. So glad to see a few of you still keep up with the months. The summer has been so busy for us. It was a good summer for us. Lots of fun vacations, mini vacays, and events. Don't know how we pulled it off financially lol. My little one is doing great. She has 4 teeth now. Two top and two bottom. She's still exclusively breastfed, but uses a sippy cup. She still has never had a bottle. I tried, but she wasn't interested. Since she eats solids she doesn't nurse as often, but I still try to get her on whenever she's done with her solid food. She's such a good eater. I make most of her food other then when were on the go. The doc tried to tell me she is off the chart on her weight and she wanted to feed her five times a day on solid food. I feed her a whole lot, but she's very active. Hopefully she's doing better at her next appt on Friday. She was 14.1 at her last check up and 14.7 on the one before that, but she did just get over a mild ear infection before that and didn't want to eat other then nurse. My first baby with an ear infection...I think it was from the pool. Anyway, my princess can say mama, dada, hi and knows when I tell her not to do something. Lately she's been teething so she's been biting my boob. It hurts so bad so I tell her ouch don't bite mommy and she looks at me with a curled up lip. Its so cute and sad lol. She can stand for a bit on her own too. She's always standing and holding onto something with one hand so I know she's ready. I'm glad to see some of you still updating about your baby's. Take care and I will try to KIT soon ;)

claire0308 - Sunday, 10 Aug
Hey Brooke glad everything seems to be going great with you,my little girl is growing up fast too, she has 3 teeth now and you know it if she catches one of your fingers ,she crawls around everywhere but is so keen to walk already as she pulls herself up everywhere too.she's also off the breast now so just bottles but would eat anything now like really anything we give her plus our food too so need to keep an eye on her .lol have put up a couple of photos of her hope it works, anyway have fun x

Brookebaby3 - Wednesday, 6 Aug
Geeze everybody just skipped month 9 huh!! Lol well incase any of you ladies come online- Abigail is doing great. My middle child Gio has been having some issues and additude problems. Even though Abby is 9 months I think it's getting hard for him now. Maybe it's because school is out on break and he needs some time to himself. Idk but hopefully he and we can figure something out. Abby is now 16lbs. Still 'exclusively breastfed' and I'm not happy about it! My plan was 3-6 months but she still refuses bottles and eats every 2 hours. I have yet to get a 'break' or some date night with my man or even a trip to the store without her. Its hard on me now. She has no teeth yet. She crawls, waves, claps, stands, and says nana, dada, no, and hi. She understands no but still refuses to listen and smiles about it. I think she's 26in. So petite. Her hair is turning brown, no more blonde but red mixed in still. Her gray green eyes are brown now. Still madly in love and can't believe how fast she is growing. I had the iud but my body rejected and ejected that thing like a bad cassette about 2 months ago! So back to condoms for me. Hopefully can keep my legs shut and not get pregnant again. I will go back to hormonal birth controll when she is done breastfeeding. I'll try and post new pictures on my profile if youd like to check them out! Xoxo ttyl hope all is well with everyone!!!

MamaLuvnJah - Thursday, 30 Jan
Hi Ladies, I used IAP for all 3 of my pregnancies some of you remember me. I am TTC baby #4. We started a fun moms group on facebook. We have a lot of IAP moms and moms that I've known for years. Our facebook group name: Cause mommy says so. Please join our great group of friends. I'd love to add some new moms to the group.

Jen11 - Saturday, 9 Nov
Moving on up..Sara is 10 months today!

3loveofmylife - Saturday, 2 Nov
Jen thank you he is taking more and more steps everyday and he loves walking he gets the biggest smile on his face when he is walking lol. and he's feeling a lot better now still just 6 teeth. good for Sara sleeping and eating better hope she keeps it up.

Jen11 - Wednesday, 30 Oct
Well done Noah for the walking! Sorry to hear he has a cold again 3love. We are fine. Sarah slept much better the last few nights and is eating much better again!

3loveofmylife - Monday, 28 Oct
And we are down with another cold ugh it seems like Noah gets sick at least once a month. how are you ladies doing.

3loveofmylife - Thursday, 24 Oct
i am so excited to say that Noah took his first 3 steps yesterday at 10 months and 5 days then he took another 4 steps and he keep wanting to walk cuz he saw me getting excited every time so he would take 1 to 2 steps and start laughing lol it was so cute i'm so proud of him. oh and he learned how to say stop so every time i tell him not to touch that he'll say top he can't say the s yet i can't help but laugh i know i shouldn't but i think it just too cute lol. Verena aww i hope Sam feels better soon. my parents are about 10min away from me so i'm there like 2 to 3 times a week and i love her cooking she's always taking care of me it's really nice. have fun with the girls, and yes it was just that one time now he's back to 1 hour naps i'll take that too lol.

verena - Sunday, 20 Oct
Hello ladies, thanks on the egg, I will start introducing it too as you're doing it! Sam has a really bad cold, his nose completely stuck up in the mornings and all yucky yellow.. But he's just as happy as always, such an angel.. I have a weeks hols as from today and we are going to our parents in Lucerne, then on Friday I'm going out with two girlfriends (cant wait!!!). Good to be around our parents and being taken care of, we'll needed! Good on Noah for napping so long, hope it wasn't a one off!! Sam went to sleep yesterday at 6pm and woke this morning at 7.. It's cold is knocking him out! Hugs to both of you!

3loveofmylife - Friday, 18 Oct
omg Noah has been napping for 2 hours now and he's still a sleep i don't know what to do i've never had this much free time since before he was born lol. i should have taken a nap too, but my other 2 are up cuz they don't take naps during day. so how are you ladies doing, i hope you ladies are getting your much needed rest like i'm right now. oops i hear Noah he's up.

3loveofmylife - Thursday, 17 Oct
Glad to hear the babies are doing great and they are happy. Noah's finally felling better and eating again yay, he's a happy baby with 6 teeth. Jen hope your having fun with the family.

Jen11 - Wednesday, 16 Oct
Hi ladies. All is well thanks, just been busy as we have my husbands two sisters visiting for a while. Verena, Sara has had whole egg since about a month ago. She seems to be a bit off her food the last two days and is taking less formula, but she is so happy otherwise.

3loveofmylife - Tuesday, 15 Oct
Verena i started giving Noah eggs a week a go just the white part it was the only thing he would eat cuz he's been sick just like Sam and he's got 3 more teeth coming in it was 2 now 1 more is showing, and he loves eggs now, with my other 2 i didn't give them eggs till they were one year old. lol Noah also hates being alone by himself in a room. it's was 65f here today and i love this kind of weather. hope things are good at work and Sam fells better soon. Jen hope you guys are doing great.

verena - Sunday, 13 Oct
Just checking in quickly, are you ok? Sam still has sniffles but is coughing less. He HATES being alone in a room and let's us know- man he has a loud voice when he wants to! It's great, interaction starting now, he wants me to repeat things that make him laugh, points to me and goes 'adda', I love it! Will switch to cow milk at the end of his first year. He's not too much into his milk now any,ore, in the mornings yes, but the rest of the day prefers solids. I compensate with yogurts, I also mix it into his fruit in the afternoon. Anyone started on eggs yet? It's getting cool here, have the big sleeping bag installed on the pram now. He wants to move, so sticking him into too many layers is not his favourite.. LOL Have a great rest of the eve!

3loveofmylife - Thursday, 10 Oct
Verena poor you it must be hard working long hours and being away from the family, glad to hear from you. i hope Sam gets better soon. LOL i don't know why i laughed when you said energy levels we are all still young and ladies are having kids in their late 40s, but i get it, for me it gets exhausted sometimes when 1 or 2 are sick or all 3 and they all need me at the same time, but it also is the best job in the world. Noah is still sick and he's teething 2 more teeth are coming in and he's not eating so well. Jen thanks. how did Sara do with her shots. you guys are still young, you still have plenty of time, and yeah get a move on with trying lol and i will also be crossing my fingers for you hope it happens soon.

Jen11 - Wednesday, 9 Oct
Verena, great to hear form you again. I'm sorry to hear you are still so busy at work. Hope Sam gets over his cold soon. Thanks for the kind words about the infertility journey, it was tough, but my Sara is worth every moment of it. I'm quite confident about the second try as we now know exactly where all my issues were. We have to get a move on with trying though, because although I'm only 31, my hubby is now 54...a young 54, but we want to have the children while he can still enjoy them and he'd like to be around to see them through to adulthood, lol. Sara now has three teeth, and one more on the way and she has been crawling since the end of August and is very confident walking along the furniture, and occasionally tries to let go and stand on her own, but I'm in no rush for her to walk yet.

verena - Tuesday, 8 Oct
Jen and 3love! Im Sorry I've been so out of touch, strike at work stil going on so long days and not so much time off.. Family is well, although Sam has a cold again like Noah and he's started to cough two days ago.. Jen, 12 years is a hell of a long time, congratulations for hanging in there and not given up hope, and look at little Sarah now! You must be so proud! We waited 3 years for maxime and another 3 for Sam, but that's nothing compared to you!! Good on you for trying for another one! My second pregnancy was fab until 7 months, then it got hard, with too much weight gain rapidly and max running around, but all in all so worth it, although I don't think we'll be going for a third one.. I'm already past 38, and my hubbie is 45, it's just not the same with the energy levels lol.. Just like you 3 love, I would have liked a girl, and one never knows what might change our minds some day, but for now, we're just enjoying the two little pirates. Funnily enough, I couldn't wait to stop breast feeding maxime and with Sam I was also a bit sad, but it passed, knowing I had so much more freedom with the bottle, and formula is so advanced nowadays, so I stripped worrying. Sam has 8 teeth and moves along the sofa and furniture confidently, not quite sure he wants to walk on his own yet, but I am glad if he waits a little longer. Max walked at 9 months and 4 days, very independent little soul (still is) lol. I've missed you both, sorry I haven't been in touch earlier. I hope you're doing better now and that you can see things in a brighter way soon, will keep my fingers crossed for your treatments Jen! Sam has 210mls of formula with a spoon of cereals in the morning, then solids at12 followed by yoghurt, fruit with yoghurt and cereal at 4, then solids at 6.30 pm and around 180ml of formula again with cereal at 7.30pm before sleeping by 7.45h usually. Then gone until around 6.30am for a little talk and back to sleep until just after 7am. Sending you brig all my love and read you soon! Xxx

Jen11 - Tuesday, 8 Oct
Sorry to hear that Noah is sick 3love. I hope he gets better soon. I have to take Sara for her measles shot tomorrow :-(

3loveofmylife - Monday, 7 Oct
Noah is sick again with a cold poor guy couldn't breathe through his nose last night, and he doesn't want anybody but me.

3loveofmylife - Wednesday, 18 Sep
Noah is 9 months today and he's doing great. still just 3 teeth.

Lissie**** - Wednesday, 28 Aug
OH and he has 4 teeth as of 7.5-8 months. some more on the way I think...

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You may have already heard a recognizable word, but now your baby will start to say things voluntarily...

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Your baby is more aware of what makes you happy and what dissapoints you. When you clap, he will continue with what he was doing...

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Your baby is getting ready to take his first steps! He can stand on his own and if you hold onto his hands, he will walk...

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Your baby is a year old! Looking back over the past year, it is amazing how fast she has grown and developed...

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As your child becomes increasingly interested in more advanced toys, you can make some fun things for him to play with...

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Your toddler is really curious about the world around her! Encourage your child to explore her world...

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Self-esteem starts early and your child is beginning to realize if people like her or notand knows when people are happy or upset...

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More than likely, you have seen your toddler happy, sad, mad, frustrated and everything in between...

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Your child loves to help you around the house. He sees you sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and folding laundry and wants to do the same...

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During mealtime, expect a mess with your nineteen month old. Although she is doing better, she still does not have enough control...

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Children that feel secure, protected and cared for are more likely to display good behavior...

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Even though you might be interested in getting your child involved with other children her own age, she is most interested in you and her own things...

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Playtime is a special time for you and your child to enjoy each other and show love for one another...

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Develop and build your toddler's self-esteem. Don't wait until your child is older to help him learn how special he is-start now if you have not already...

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