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1A1V (Single Umbilical Artery)

Single umbilical artery affects approximately 1 out of 100 live births and is the most common defect of the umbilical cord. A typical umbilical cord has two arteries and one vein.

Single Umbilical ArteryWhen one artery stops growing or when the primoridial umbilical artery does split, simgle umbilical artery can occur. One artery is capable of supporting a pregnancy to term, so the disorder does not pose a threat directly to your developing baby. However, there are other birth defects that your child may be more likely to inherit because of the single umbilical artery.

Approximately 25% of babies that have single umbilical artery will have other abnormalities. These can include heart defects, gastrointestinal abnormalities, central nervous system complications, urinary tract complications and trisomy 13 or 18.

Healthcare providers can diagnose the condition after an ultrasound examination shows one artery that is large with only two vessels visible.

Comments: 1A1V-(Single-Umbilical-Artery)

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mum2be3 - 2165 days ago.
Here's my update for all you worried SUA mums. I had my healthly baby boy last week, 04 March. He is absolutely perfect. He was born via C Section at 38 weeks because his position was transverse, but he weighed 7lb 7oz, which is what my DD weighed 2 weeks late, so no problems there. The paedeatrician told me not to worry about further follow up kidney scans, as the scans they do at 32 weeks are good enough to show if ethere are any issues, which there weren't. Any new mums diagnosed take heart. It is a variation of normal these days. I know it is hard not to worry, but my boy and many others' babies on here turned out perfect. Yours will too. Good luck and thanks for the support from everyone on here. xxx

hope632010 - 2170 days ago.
Thanks xxryans~mummyxx! I haven't posted in a while because I have been busy working from home. But I am happy to report that I am now a little over 27 weeks. Last time I posted I was 23 1/2 weeks. My little one is doing great! The baby is gaining weight rapidly and is now a little over 2lbs and 3oz. They are not worried about the SUA at all. Like I said, they are more worried about my preterm contractions which seem to act up if I walk too much or engage in too much activity. I am still on medication but the contractions have pretty much disappeared with bed rest. My doctor thinks that if I continue to remain rested that I should be able to carry full term. I will go for gestational diabetes screening next week. Let's hope I get a healthy bill of health for that. I have been eating chocolate ice cream every day! All-in-all, the pregnancy is going well and the baby has passed all the markers with flying colors. Lets hope it continues that way. May we all carry full term and deliver healthy babies!!

urnchstephie - 2185 days ago.
Just thought I would share...I had single umbilical artery with my pregnancy and was worried about it, but I had my baby boy last week, 8 lbs 12 oz and as healthy as can be! Don't let what you read on the net about this worry you!!

laceyk - 2185 days ago.
I am pregnant with my second baby, while talking about family history and what not at the dr. tuesday, they told me my son, who is a happy healthy 18mo. old now, had a 2 vessel cord. They never even told me about it when I was pregnant with him! Oh well, they probably just saved me from alot of worrying. Good luck ladies!

xxryans~mummyxx - 2197 days ago.
hope good luck hope your little one hangs on for anoth 16 weeks for you. Mum to be good luck, my little on was breech at 34 weeks but turned by 36 weeks he was just stubborn and didn't want to come out got evicted in the end. Good luck everyone

hope632010 - 2197 days ago.
So here is a new update: The SUA is a non issue by now and my doctors are not even talking about it. It is pretty common these days and as someone said before, it is now considered a 'variation of normal'. I am currently 23 1/2 weeks and the baby is doing great and already weights 1lb and 4oz! The problem now for me is that the other night I started having preterm contractions and was admitted into the hospital. Luckily, my cervix is thick and there are no signs of trouble so the contractions might have been caused by stress. I was sent home with medication to keep the contractions under control and I am currently on bed rest and was asked to limit my activity. I am doing much better and the contractions are under control. I will be monitored weekly but not for the SUA but rather to make sure my cervix remains thick. Good luck to all you moms-to-be. I think it would comforting to you to know that being diagnosed with a SUA is usually a minor issue compared to other pregnancy problems that can come up.

mum2be3 - 2198 days ago.
I too was diagnosed with SUA at my 20 week scan. I googled and then panicked, along with everyone else. When I saw my Dr, he assurred me that all my morphology results were normal, as was my amnio (I'm 41), so forget about it. No cause for alarm, they now see SUA as a 'variation of normal'. It is so common. I had a follow up scan at 32 weeks, and all was normal. Kidneys were reviewed and found to be normal and functioning. Here I am now at 35 weeks, and still going strong. I am trying not to worry anymore, what could I do anyway? Just hoping baby turns soon, as he/she is breech. My advise to all is, forget the internet as there is so much negativity on there about this, most of it dated from the 70's where they assumed SUA meant mega defects. Good luck to all you mommas, with or without SUA. xxx

hope632010 - 2204 days ago.
Thanks sunnymom2b! It was a great weekend indeed! We got our baby joy back! Although my husband and my mom-in-law are such positive people that they were not worried. I hope I carry full term too. I scheduled our baby shower six weeks before my due date just in case. Although besides the 1A1V issue, my pregnancy is perfect so I hope it continues like this for the next 17 weeks!! I will keep posting my journey here. Thanks so much!! It's nice to hear from moms who have been there.

sunnymom2b - 2206 days ago.
Yay Hope!!! That's great. Like Chica, I went full term (ended up being enduced) and she was 7lbs 9 oz. I'm glad you can breath easier. Enjoy your pregnancy!

hope632010 - 2206 days ago.
Chicana08, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for letting us know how things turned out. I am glad your baby is healthy and that you carried full term.

hope632010 - 2206 days ago.
Just wanted to report that we just came back from the cardiologist's office. We were diagnosed with a 1A1V at our 20wk scan and although the level II ultrasound showed no signs of congenital disorders our doctor wanted me to have an echocardiogram done to make sure that the SUA did not affect the development of the baby's heart. The cardiologist told us that our baby's heart is PERFECT! He even said he does not need to see us after the baby is born unless there are heart issues at birth which he does not anticipate we will have any. We are so relieved and hope that the SUA issue is an isolated issue and not associated with any disorder. Thank you for your support. I will continue to post on my progress. Best wishes for all of you!!!

Chicana08 - 2207 days ago.
I wanted to let everyone know that I had my baby boy Nov 13 2009. He indeed was SUA. He weighed 7lbs 7oz and was full term. He is healthy as can be with no defects what so ever. It seems like there is alot to worry about and I did worry, but this site helped me out. Knowing that I wasn't alone. Thank you to all and I hope everyone has healthy babies!

hope632010 - 2207 days ago.
Thanks sunnymom2b! I can't wait until tomorrow. My husband is such a positive individual and he is not worried. Neither is the rest of the family. But of course, leave it up to mommy to always worry:=) You are right, I think this is more common than people believe. I was shocked to see Umbilical-Hernia listed in the Birth defects & Disorder list and furthermore, that they associate it with Down Syndrome! Mi niece had a little hernia on her belly button and she is extremely healthy and border-line gifted. By the age of five, she could already read! I will post the findings of my cardiologist visit tomorrow. Best wishes to everyone!

sunnymom2b - 2207 days ago.
hope - good luck on friday! I think that it is more common that what they have previously thought becuase there are more ultrasounds being done these days. The plus side is when I found out that the baby was growing at a normal (at times bigger than normal), they did more ultrasounds on me and monitorred me more closely. I know it's hard not to worry. Let me know how it goes!

hope632010 - 2209 days ago.
sunnymom2b thank you for posting and letting us know about your experience with sua. I am trying to stay positive. I am such a healthy individual and this whole thing is puzzling to me. My genetic ultrasound came back normal and even my level II ultrasound, except for the two-vessel cord. Now I have to undergo more ultrasounds and tests because of this and worry like crazy. It is great to know that most babies with 1A1V turn our normal. Have a great pregnancy!

sunnymom2b - 2209 days ago.
Hello...I was on this website when I was pregnant with my first and never knew that there was a section for this. I wish I knew it then. I had 1A1V and my daughter is now a year old and as healthy as ever. I am now pregnant and back to this website. Good luck with you all

hope632010 - 2211 days ago.
I am new to this website and I am so glad to have come across this forum. I am currently 21wks pregnant with our first baby and was diagnosed with SUA at my 20wk scan. Everything else on the scan was perfect and the baby is growing slightly above average for his gestational age. They referred us to to a pediatric cardiologist for an echocardiogram as a precautionary measure to make sure everything is okay with the baby's heart. The doctor does not seem concerned and told us not worry. BUT of course, I am terribly worried. I am so glad for this website because there is A LOT of misinformation in the internet and even existing academic research on SUA babies is limited and misleading. Needless to say, I am furious because I am a Ph.D. myself and I conduct statistical research in my field. The literature out there on SUA is so poor and misleading and the current studies are biased, outdated and not representative of the population. I can't believe some journals publish such crap! The publications serve to scare the public. I only came across one academic study that was recent and the methods used seem statistically sound (in the Ultrasound Quarterly journal). The results are promising and confirm the success stories that are reported in this forum. Ladies, I am not going to lie, I am soooo worried and next Friday cannot come fast enough for me to have the echocardiogram done. But I will try to stay off the internet and the medical journals to preserve my sanity. I will keep you posted. Please keep posting your stories. Your stories are all we have since doctors and academics seem to do a poor job at informing patients and the public about this condition. May all the SUA babies turn out perfectly healthy!

momaha33 - 2214 days ago.
i have been doing the nst every week. they have all been perfect. my doctor checked my fluid levels yesterday and said everything looked great--i think fluctuating fluid levels are one of the things they watch for because of sua. she also told me that if the baby measured small at my next ultrasound, they are going to induce me. it has been very frustrating that even though the only thing that has been abnormal about my pregnancy is the sua, they treat me as 'high-risk.' i am 37 weeks tomorrow, so i am hoping to get things moving naturally so they won't have to induce me.

nutnut - 2224 days ago.
I have this as well. at 20 weeks they did an ultrasound and the tech though she saw a small hole in his heart. i went for fetal echo and another u/s with the specialist two weeks later and he said he couldnt see any abonormalities. Now i have been told at 36 week u/s i had too much amniotic fluid. i was wondering if anyone knows if these things are related. ive had gentic testing done (except for amnio) and everything came back good earlier on. Ive tried looking things up on the internet, but all that does it create worry for me. The dr. said there's no reason to worry at this point. (im due jan 30th). but she has me in for NSTs twice a week. I asked her why the NSTs and she said 'bc its what we do when things are, well different'. Ive had a pretty uneventful easy pregnancy other than what i mentioned. im just not sure what to think, and was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences that they would like to share. tia!

calileo98 - 2227 days ago.
HI ladies - just stopping by because I saw this forum topic, which wasn't here 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with SUA. Naturally I panicked as I had never even heard of SUA before and all the 'potential' complications listed on the net about drove me crazy...Just to let you all know, my daughter is now 18 months old and perfectly healthy. She was 8.6 lbs (so much for worrying about low birth weight) a week late (no pre-term labor here) and everything else was fine as well. Just wanted to give you all a little success story! xoxo

peache05 - 2258 days ago.
I too have SUA and found out when i was 20 weeks pregnant I am now 22 weeks. Everything appears to be fine with my latest U/S but I will have to consult my OB during our next appoint in regards to any future scans as she never mentioned any of this to me.

xxryans~mummyxx - 2262 days ago.
Sara lou and Momaha - It depends where you are I'm in the UK and my little monster had SUA, as there were no further complications starting from 28 weeks we had scans every 4 weeks until 36 weeks plus we saw the consulatant (only because we asked) and everything was fine each time, I never had NST (think this is only done in the US which i think involves being attach to a moniter every 2 weeks towards the end of your pregnancy just to moniter the baby) I was 10 days late when I was induced, no one said anything about complication of going overdue and I had none apart from a very long labour as Ryan just didn't want to come out, he was 8lb 1oz so not that small either. There is so much scary stuff on the internet about this but as long as there was no other complcations on your scan, your little ones will be monitered regually but I've not heard a negative outcome from this single problem. Think positive and try to relax and enjoy your pregnancys and if in doubt speak to your docs about your worries, they will be able to explain more about it and not scare the life out of you like the internet does. Good luck and keep us updated on how the bumps progress. x

momaha33 - 2263 days ago.
I also have SUA and was wondering about the NST as well. I am 30 weeks tomorrow and still haven't heard anything from doctor about doing them.

saralou - 2265 days ago.
Hi - My baby girl has a SUA. I am 20 weeks along. How often were you all been monitored through the pregnancy and what tests should be done? Reading through the posts, I see some of you were having NSTs - is this normal for SUA babies? How often and when did they start? I think I read somewhere that babies should not be allowed to go over due as the birthing process can cause extra stress and the cord starts to loose efficiency after 40weeks - anyone else read this? So far, everything else looks great on the scan and my blood tests came back looking good. Sara

due4number-4 - 2269 days ago.
Hello Ladies just wanted to update my progress l had my beautiful baby girl with sua and she is perfectly fine she had an ultrasound done at 2 days old as the ped at hospital checked her over and sent her for an ultrasound of her kidneys and also her spine to check for spina bifida but all came back fine! she is perfect her birth weight was 3.140kg .....stay strong mums and dads of babies with sua just stay positive

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