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Hydrocephalus affects approximately 1 out every 500 children and can be congenital or developed. Congenital hydrocephalus means that the child was born with the disorder.

HydrocephalusIf hydrocephalus is acquired, the child has developed it after some type of trauma or from a disease/infection. Hydrocephalus is a brain defect in which there is an excessive amount of cerebral fluid in the brain. Because of the extra fluid in the brain, the ventricles become dilated and there is harmful pressure on the brain tissue. Hydrocephalus can be diagnosed prenatally or after birth.

Symptoms of the disorder are rapid head growth, vomiting, sleepiness, seizures, irritability, headaches, poor coordination and balance, loss of development, lethargy, double vision and memory loss. Treatment includes the placement of a shunt through surgery. The shunt will allow the cerebral fluid to flow to another area of the body rather than collecting around the brain.

Comments: Hydrocephalus

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turtlemom - 38 days ago.
This is a pretty quiet group. Please search for the Hydrocephalus group on BabyCenter!

suz1979 - 65 days ago.
Hi, I'm new here. At our anatomic ultrasound, our baby was found to have VM and now it looks like hydrocephalus since we had a fetal brain MRI as well. Amnio results are pending and my husband and I feel like we're in a bad dream. I've been a wreck ever since getting these results and am obviously worried as to what this means for our future. I have two healthy girls and have never been through this before. Any advice/personal stories welcome.

GayatriTank - 180 days ago.
I am 32 weeks and having follow up scans every 3 weeks, this time my USG report showed that my baby has left lateral ventricle with 8.4 mm however dr is not worried about that but i am :(:( Can someone help me, how bad it is at this time and if someone had experienced how it was post delivery or during prg. Really appricate your responses ASAP. Thanks Gayatri

kawanna - 232 days ago.
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Bibi1 - 271 days ago.
34weeks routine scan, baby's ventricles dilated to 18mm, following week referred to a specialist and it had subsided to 14mm. week after that we had to get the blood test results from specialist from gynae that showed herpes virus:( anyone that had similar experience and baby had a normal life? we were given termination as an option. in such a state right now :(

turtlemom - 369 days ago.
Just checking in. If you have this dx, look for me on BabyCenter or facebook.

michellaAnne - 602 days ago.
I was diagnosed at 18 weeks of having choroid plexus cysts. Went for a level 2 sonogram with a perinatologist the following week and they confirmed the cysts but at that time all the ventricles were normal and the cyst were small in size and the dr said they typically disappear between 26-28 weeks. I went for another level 2 ultrasound at 26 weeks and the cysts were gone but now another problem was there. There was a brain bleed and moderate to severe hydrocephalus with the ventricles measuring very large. One 1.25cm and the other 2.25 on the side of the brain where the hemorrhage is. They sent me for a fetal MRI to see if it was being caused by aquedotic stenosis. The MRI confirmed the brain hemorrhage and that the the brain fluid was not draining. The babies head circumference is still ok considering but they are saying that it will increase fast as the amount of fluid that filled the ventricles in 6 weeks time and the fluid at this point has no where to drain. My question is to all how severe at this point do you think this will be for my baby. The dr said the hydrocephalus is severe. I am so scared. I have cried everyday since Tuesday and I am not quite sure what to do. We meet with another dr at Miami children's hospital Monday to get a second opinion and do another level 2 sonogram. If there is anyone who has delt with a brain bleed, enlarged dialated ventricles, and hydro out there that can give me any information I would be forever grateful. Any questions you think I should ask when I meet with the new dr??? Anything please!

lucy45 - 834 days ago.
Dear friend it is almost two months now since i order a pregnancy spell cast on me by Dr Ekaka from the and which i started seeing changes on my body since the first week of last month and it two month and i am carrying my own baby in my warm i am so happy that i finally get pregnant after all i been through. All thanks be to Ekaka

Subrata - 937 days ago.
I have consulted with various Gyne & child specialist. They advice me that 'there is no other way rather than terminate the pregnancy'. Any suggestion on this ? We have very short time in hand to decide? Please please advice.

Subrata - 937 days ago.
My sister in law is expecting and now she is on 36th week. After an ultrasound on this week, it is observed a severe hydrocephalus with microcephaly, lateral ventricle are 30 mm and 3rd ventricle is also dilated. Our family is very shocked with this report. We don't understand what to do. We not even heard this terminolgy before. I researched in several sites and blogs and get some idea on this. Can one, please advise me what are the consequences of newborn. At this stage what is best treatment for both mother and newborn. How much is the cost for hydrocephalus surgery (shunt place) in India ? After this surgery, will everything be normal for the baby. This would be 2nd child. First child is absolutely normal. FYI, on 25-26 week of pregnancy, my sister in law suffered with chicken pox during pregnancy. Our family has broken down for this shocking report. Please advice.

canadiangirl1978 - 961 days ago.
Hello all...I am new here. I am currently 17w5d pregnant with my 3rd baby who is a boy. A week ago I had an ultrasound at 16w4d and they found extra fluid in the front of the baby's brain. They didn't find anything else abnormal. I had an amnio right then which came back negative and also negative for infections. I had my OB's office test me for toxoplasmosis as I have cats and it showed I may have been recently exposed. They want me to wait 3 weeks and repeat it. I have a call in to the genetic counselors at my high risk OB's office to see if they agree with that. The ventricles measured 12-14 mm. His HC was within normal range and I will have a repeat Ultrasound on the 27th. Needless to say I am worried but I am hoping that the fluid levels decrease or at least stay where they are at. I am glad to have found these boards :)

grammyluvu - 990 days ago.
Hello We just found out that my 18 year old granddaughter was born with hydrocephelis. We were very shocked. She started having headaches, blurred vision and vomiting. We thought she needed glasses. They did surgery on her without the shunt to release the pressure. Had staples removed May 17, 2013. So far everything looks good. Prayers to all with the same problem.

turtlemom - 1009 days ago.
Hi Katie, this board is very quiet. I replied to your comment on the VM board.

Katielynn13 - 1010 days ago.
Hello I am new here. I have read most the comments and thought I would share our experience so far. Received a call after our 19 week anatomy scan that our little boy's ventricles were measuring in the 15mm range Went back yesterday at 20 weeks 1 day for a Level II ultrasound and were told the vents were measuring at 14.something (I don't remember the exact measurement But it was below 15). Doctor diagnosed us with hydrocephalus. Of course I did research before this appointment so I asked why we were being diagnosed with that even though the vents were below 15mm and he said it is also based off the measurement of the brain that is not being impacted. He went on to say that 'the vents will get larger he has never seen a situation were they didn't get worse however, he could be wrong'. No other markers found, had the amnio yesterday and gave blood today to test for toxins and all that. Results should be in next week. Follow up appointment is in 3 weeks and we will be scheduling an MRI soon as well. So my question for you all is what kind of disabilities, if any, are we looking at with this? I have done research but can't find much and would much rather hear it from those that have been through this.

turtlemom - 1181 days ago.
Hi! My daughter has severe Hydro. I typically check the Ventriculomegaly board as it is more active. Feel free to click on my name and send me a message if you have questions. I've been there and know what it is like. Many blessings to you and your babies! - 1221 days ago.
Hello ChrissyMarie...check out the Ventriculomegaly forum here...Look for turtlemom or LD Musgrave...both have (had) daughters with may get much better helpful info there..Recent post had a son with 1.8cm which has now come down at 36 weeks..Lots of positive stories...Good luck...Not under birth defects but under Ventriculomegaly..a fairly active site..

ChrissyMarie - 1221 days ago.
I had my 28 wk u/s last wednesday and they said the lateral ventricles were enlarged to 1.5cm. I had a 2nd u/s with a genetic counselor and she confirmed it. At my 20 week u/s everything was normal. Also everything else is measuring fine and no other worries. I'm having a fetal MRI on Friday and a fetal echo on the 18th. I don't know what to think about all of this. I know in my heart she will be okay. And I haven't read about any of this happening to girls most things I've read says it's most common in boys. Any advice would be great!

Rohansmummy - 1292 days ago.
Hi everyone :) My son was born with severe Hydrocephalus ( ventriculomegaly ) He was diagnosed in Utero at 26 weeks. Here is our Story :) - 1328 days ago.
This board is fairly quiet, if you look for the Ventriculomegaly board, there are hydro mums on there too.

cowgirlemily - 1364 days ago.
I had an u/s at 21 weeks and they thought the baby might have extra fluid. At 26 weeks, they said yes there is extra fluid in the ventrical. Now, I am waiting to see a specialist and get a better u/s. There doesn't seem to be much reassuring info online.

lonelyfidelity - 1381 days ago.
Hi all. I just got my 22 week US done and was informed fhat my babies vents were slightly dialated and I needed a second US to see whats going on. Of course the first thing I did was google the situation which really made things worse because now its nothing but a fear of what to expect. When i called my OBGYN for reassurance I felt like I didn't get anywhere. She said normal was up to 1.2 and my babys was 1.8. I have no idea what she was using as measurement or even which vent shes referring to. There is a major lack of information making it hard for me to research. Any ideas or information that would help me out would be appreciated.

turtlemom - 1402 days ago.
My daughter developed Hydro in-utero and it was detected at 18 weeks GA. My blog is

kerriann52 - 1752 days ago.
Hi all, i just found this part of the site. My daughter is 2 and has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. If anybody wants to ask me any questions please feel free to message me,.

shelly2011 - 1775 days ago.
Hi I am 21 week pregnant and at my 20wk U/S there was signs of fuid on the brain, I had an MRI scan within a few days and fluid is present on left ventricle 18mm and right ventricle 12mm, also there is sign of brain damage on right and left temporal bone areas which could result in severe problems with vision, hearing and siezures. Has anyone else been told brain damage & hydrocephalus

manda2301 - 1790 days ago.
hi my name is manda and im 26 years old i have a 6 year old son with spina bifida and hydrocephalus , he had a v.p shunt fitted when he was 6 weeks old and thankfully he has gone from strength to strength . he attends main stream school is very outgoing and chatty. he has some learning difficulties to overcome but is doing really well . im writing on this to offer my support to any parents going thru any problems hopefully my experience will help

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