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Hypospadias is a birth defect that affects the foreskin and urethral tube.

HypospadiasInstead of the urethra being on the tip of the penis, it is located on the underside of the penis. This abnormality occurs during fetal development when the urethra is growing.

A baby with hypospadias will have extra foreskin on the top side of the penis and little to no foreskin on the underside. After delivery, the baby will have a physical examination and the doctor will diagnose hypospadias at that point. Without treatment, hypospadias will cause an abnormal flow of urine during urination, sexual dysfunction, a curved penis and possible fertility complications.

Treatment involves surgery to correct the deformity.

Comments: Hypospadias

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luvbugs - 1792 days ago.
Its been awhile since I posted on here: previously I said we opted out of surgery-due to unforeseen circumstances we ended up doing the surgery. I put a blog on my page about the entire experience if you want to take a look. Good luck everyone with your little men!

babycarter - 1865 days ago.
Thank you!

lin - 1867 days ago.
babycarter, they waited until my son was over one year old to have his corrected (it was mild as well and they just had to remove some extra skin). They waited so it was safer to put him under local anesthetic. Perhaps you should talk to your doctor a bit more about the surgery and see if its safer when he is a bit older. My son was actually 16 months and he did so well, it was really hard to see him going under, they had to sedate him first but it was quick and we were home in no time with it seemed no discomfort to him!

babycarter - 1868 days ago.
My son was idagnosed soon after birth, we met with the urologyst while still in the hospital and he will have a follow up appointment around 4 months of age and surgery will be scheduled. Luckely he has a very mild case and his penis will end of looking the same a a cerc'd male. I'm just so scared that my baby has to have surgery, I feel like I'm going to loose my mind. I can't even think about it or i start to cry.

dizzydayz - 1940 days ago.
My oldest son had same day surgery he was in so much pain he couldnt even walk we took him back to the hospital and set in the waiting room for five hours for the doctor to get there when he did my son hadnt peed in 18 hours so he put a catheter in him didnt numb him or anything it was the worst thing ever for me to have to hold him down so he spent the next two days at the hospital my youngest so has the same problem im nervous about getting his surgery just because of what happened to my first son

Charleigh - 1979 days ago.
My little boy is 3 and a half but was born 13 weeks premature and was diagnosed with sevear hypospadias. Like the comment from boltonbabe, my son also was so sevear that doctors did not know whether he was a boy or girl either when he arrived. Luckily i had an amniocentesis and I was able to tell the doctors straight away of the results so luckily did not have days to wait. He had stage 1 of his corrective surgery on may 29th 2010, the skin graft was done to place under the penis and the 2nd stage will take place early in 2011 to pull everything together so the urethra is at the tip rather than the other end of the penis. We were in hospital for a week, as my son also has cerebral palsy and other conditions which is why doctors wanted to keep an eye on him, due to his mobility problems, he is still in nappies so trying to aim right isnt really a problem for him yet :o) hopefully will be the end of surgery for him after this is over next year :o)

Gauri - 1981 days ago.
i have a question for Mommywomel. Your answer will really be appreciated. My son had a surgery just 3 days back. i dont see foreskin. i wanted to know your son has got foreskin afterwards ? or he does not have it. Few websites says Foresking construction surgery after hypospadias repair. so i was worried that my son would not have to go through one more surgery again

cris2short - 2008 days ago.
My son was born with this and in our case he had a same day surgery and they just grafted the skin they would take off during a circumcision onto the other side of the penis. My son is 3 years old now and everything is fine. His urethra was in the middle on the underside as well. They waited until he was 6 months for his consultation and 8 or 9 months was his surgery. My son was fine I think I lost a few years off my life worrying though. This is truly a simple procedure and a few hours after he is brought in you can take him home (it was about 3 hours before we were called back to the room from the time he went under).

MommyWomel - 2044 days ago.
My son had hypospadias and had surgery to correct it when he was 6 months old (He is now 6 years old) and he was able to go home the same day. It was outpatient surgery.

mjeans - 2044 days ago.
My son was born July 7, 2010 and diagnosed wtih hypospadias...his case looks similar to the diagram and according to the pediatrician is 'not a big deal' and otherwise very healthy...I'm feeling pretty calm about it all and simply see this as making our little guy 'unique' in this world. His urethral opening is quite far down his shaft, just before his scrotum, but he is certainly urinating well and seems to be functioning with erections, etc. We are being referred to a urologist and to make sure his kidneys show no signs of any issues and then we'll most likely have reconstructive surgery done when he is 6 months to 1 year...reading all of the comments has put my mind more at ease, so thanks for all who have posted!

AmandaC5 - 2080 days ago.
Mommy2preston - my son has this and he is only 5 months so has not had his surgery yet but it is scheduled for Feb 1st 2011, the doctor told me it would be an out patient surgery and he would go home that day.

mommy2preston - 2080 days ago.

luvbugs - 2107 days ago.
We actually opted out of the surgery. We will wait until potty training to see if he is going to be able to adjust his aim and hit the toilet. The urologist of course highly recommended surgery, but I spoke to a few guys who had it done and all say they wish they had not had the surgery for mild cases-severe you definitely have to though. Even though the urologist says there are no other effects, the guys I spoke with mentioned lack of feeling/sensitivity on the head and that is not something I want to risk at this time. If at age 2/3 we realize we cannot teach him to get it aimed right, we will re-visit the surgery topic.

EmmaReed84 - 2110 days ago.
UGH, My son is 18 months old he has an appt to see consultant on Monday, he has his pre-op booked for June 4th and op booked for 14th June. I feel so nervous, the whole hospital, and being put to sleep. I have such massive phobia of needles and I know he will have them I have no idea how I will cope, DH will be there to support me as well, but all I can think is my poor little baby. I just hope the day goes quickly. I knew this time would come and it is for the best, but I just feel sick when I think about it. Any help for me ladies on ideas on how not to break down x

luvbugs - 2133 days ago.
My son is now 7 months old and we go to the urologist on the 21st to see how/when they want to fix it. I believe that he has a mild case, but up until now we have only seen the pediatrician not an actual urologist. The only thing that scares me right now is that my pediatrician does not think that any doctor in my town will take on a pediatric case, which means we will need to head about 3 hours away to a larger city :-(

mommotwokiddos - 2149 days ago.
My son was born with hypospadias, he had surgery at 4 months and is now 10 years old and perfectly healthy :) It's scary, but it's fixable.

theresaangel - 2159 days ago.
My son was born with glandular hypospadia. When he was born they made the first incision of a circumcision and, luckily, the doctor noticed that something wasn't quite right and stopped. They had a urologist come confirm his condition. He had surgery to complete the circumcision and reconstruct his penis when he was 8 months old. He went through surgery like a champ. I think I was more worn out than him.

boltonbabe - 2183 days ago.
My nephew was born nearly four years ago with a severe case of hypospadias so severe they were not sure of his sex when he was born. The ultrasounds were more like a girl. After surgery at 18 months he is fine. They used his foreskin to fix things up and he does a wee just like other boys now . This is such a hard defect to deal with when boys are born with it in such severe cases and there is confusion of the sex of the baby, our family was shaken by his birth and had to wait days for an answer. There was little info and support because such severe cases only happen about once a year in Australia, and because of the nature of the problem its kept hushed. I hope this helps others who may be going through this know that my nephew is fine now and he is three and half.

EmmaReed84 - 2206 days ago.
My son was born with Hypospadia he is now 14 months and has an appt Feb 26th to date him dor surgery. I know I should wait until my appt to ask this but did any of you LO have 2 urethral openings? My son has an opening at the top where it should be and another right underneath but going across, this is the opening he passes urine from. Does this mean that they will only have the close it as he already has an opening where it shoudl be? Also for anyone who has already gone through this how was your LO after the op?

man-da - 2314 days ago.
stracy-ds was about 18 months. the urologist said that between 18-24 months was the best age. but i have heard from many mothers who have done it much youger than 18 months. maybe it depends on the serverity and amount of foreskin??? we saw the urologist at 12 months and he was worried about not having enough foreskin due to the circ, but at 18 months he said he had more than enough extra skin. the surgery went well, but in hindsight, i don't know if it was worth it for how slight the change seems. hopefully when he is older the difference will be more noticable and worth it.

mugs - 2317 days ago.
My son was born with a very mild case of hypospadias...his urethra is located where it should be but the foreskin was fused on one side and under-developed on the other. His penis also curved sharply to one side so the muscles along one side were snipped so it hangs more straight now. He had corrective surgery done at 5 months old and it healed beautifully.

stacey23 - 2325 days ago.
Man-da, I am feeling the same way about the circ-my son is only three weeks old and the ped. circed him last week-I did not realize until he did this that his penis looked so weird....(we only thought he had half the foreskin, did not realize the hole was lower than it should be) the ped. said we would talk more about fixing the urethra closer to two-but that seems too late to me, what age did yours get fixed?

lin - 2329 days ago.
mrs. Parker, hypospadia can not be diagnosed in utero. We didnt know my son had this until after he was born. Even if your son does...its an easy fix and not something to be concerned about.

man-da - 2331 days ago.
My son had a mild hypospadia. We did the reconstructive surgery but honestly, can't see that it made that much of a difference. Hopefully as he grows and the area is larger, it will make a bigger difference and we won't feel so guilty for having our son undergo surgery! Either way he did really well with the surgery and pain and was playing and hoping around within hours! The hypospadia was not seen in utero. My OB circed my son at birth and didn't mention hypospadia. She did however mention a 'congenital circumcision'. there is not much i have found online about that, but looking at pics from right after he was born, it looks like his foreskin was not even all the way around. On the underside (where the urethra came out) there was no fore skin. This made the circ harder for her, but I wish she would have explained all that better. We would have waited on the circ so that the urologist who corrected his urethra would have more to work with!

*-Mrs.Parker-* - 2360 days ago.
hey ladies..I have a quick question for and my husband noticed our baby had kind of a crooked penis in his ultrasound compared to the other ones....Did your doctors diagnose your sons with this while he was in the womb or once born?? but I'm scared ours might have this--or am I just freaking out for no reason..his ultrasound is in my blog 'confused.'

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