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Trisomy 21

Trisomy 21 is also known as Down syndrome and occurs when the child receives duplicated information from chromosome #21.

Down syndrome affects approximately 1 out of every 1,000 births and older mothers are more likely to carry a child with the disorder. The symptoms of Down syndrome can vary from mild to severe. Common symptoms of Down syndrome include physical and mental delays, heart complications, dementia, hearing loss, vision abnormalities, thyroid complications and skeletal abnormalities.

There is no cure for the disorder, but most patients can lead healthy lives with the assistance of others.

Comments: Trisomy-21

Comments 1 to 24 of about 135.
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lucy45 - 840 days ago.
Dear friend it is almost two months now since i order a pregnancy spell cast on me by Dr Ekaka from the and which i started seeing changes on my body since the first week of last month and it two month and i am carrying my own baby in my warm i am so happy that i finally get pregnant after all i been through. All thanks be to Ekaka

Penelopieme - 857 days ago.
My wee one was born last week. We had the scan and blood work at 12 weeks which both put us in the low risk category. Reuben was born by planned c section and the first day I asked my husband if he noticed anything about his eyes. I suspected then. We were in hospital for 4 days, seen by 4 pediatrician s and countless midwives and it was only as we were leaving that someone mentioned it and said that they wanted to have a Sr consultant to look at him. Reuben was tested for t-21 and the results have returned positive. He has no health problems (heart, kidneys and digestive tract are fine) and is a happy, content baby who is loved by his big sister and family. If I had known at 12 weeks I wouldn't have changed anything. Any challenges we will face together as a family and he is our Reuben. Love and peace to all.

lore - 1184 days ago.
Can't believe am actually writing about my experience. well at my first ultrasound they notice signs of baby with Downsyndrome. She had the cleft Feet the body measurements weren't the same as a normal baby. I remember that day doctor told me I could terminate the pregnancy. But I choose not to. If god had choosen me to be a mother of a wonderful girl then I wasn't gonna kill it. Anyways her journey hasn't been easy, but I can assure you she has gone thru so much, more than a healthy human can handle. She had the heart surgery, eye surgery, had a G-button, a hernia repair. She is a wonderful girl that has change the meaning of life to me and our family. Never ask your self why! Just thank god for choosin you to take care one of his most valuable treasures! Our daughter with downsyndrome doesn't need a nickname or a description, her name is Sabrina not a special kid. If any wanna chat we can message me. By they way this journey has only been 1 year... and we have many more to go.

alleycia - 1271 days ago.
I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and i have a close friend who is only nine weeks ahead Of me who just found out that her baby has a heart defect. This has been the first sign of any problem since ivf conception. This baby boy has not othe had any symptoms associated with any kind chromosome defect. Now we have this confirmed heart defect and the doctor said it may be trisomy 13,18, or 21. We are all crushed and consistently praying. My question to anyone here is haveyou ever heard of perfectly healthy fetus with no other symptoms be diagnosed with t-13,18 or 21 at 29 weeks?

MyAngelTwins - 1309 days ago.
I have a son who has Down Syndrome. I had him last September. I am sure you have had your amnio by now. If its positive with DS, I would be happy to chat with you. God must have wanted this baby to be here with a 2% chance:) My son is a HUGE blessing to our lives. Its not easy but you can do it and will love your child the same.

sophlou88 - 1311 days ago.
I managed to get pregnant on the copper coil (2% chance). Although unplanned and very unexpected my partner and I were over the moon. I had the coil removed and It was touch and go for baby as I had a high chance of miscarriage . When I reached the safe zone 12 weeks I was over the moon. My happiness was short lived when I had a screening test for any disorders/abnormality's. My results came back that baby had 4.5 mm of fluid on the back of his/her neck which can indicate a problem. I stayed as positive as I could and then today I received a phone call from the hospital to inform me my blood test is also abnormal and I have been given today a 1 in 5 chance of my baby having down syndrome or another chromosome condition (Some of which will mean baby will not survive past a few days). I was told a 1 in 5 risk is VERY high and I am having a amnio procedure first thing tomorrow which will confirm any abnormality's. If abnormality is confirmed I will have to make the hardest choice of my life to continue the pregnancy or not. I will base it on the quality of life my baby will have and not on whether I will cope or not because I would do anything in this world, give up everything for a baby that needed extra care and support. The thought of having a termination terrifies me and I am beyond scared. My anxiety levels have rocketed and I feel on the verge of losing it. I am 15 weeks pregnant. Has anyone got a child with down syndrome? or know of someone with the condition. Has anyone been in this situation??? I'm terrified. Thank you for reading any advice will be more than welcome xxxx

rls-lovemyfourbabies - 1342 days ago.
Has anyone ever had downs diagnosed at months old? My friends baby (almost 1 now) has some 'markers' and they are testing for downs and another syndrome, but I have never heard of this not been picked up in the first few days?? So confused and worried about what his future my hold for him. He is also been tested for Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. - 1392 days ago.
Did anyone get the 12 week screening done? I did and my doctor said there's a 1 in 80 chance my baby will have down syndrome. I got a blood test done and an ultrasound. The ultrasound went good and no signs of DS. I'm 26 years old and also found out my chances are not that slim unless Im in my 40s. I don't believe that one bit because the test always gives out false positives.

sunshn1122 - 1664 days ago.
Just wanted to share a good news story about DS. For the past 13 years I have been legal guardian for my 36 year old sister who has DS. She has been living with me since our mother passed at 46 years old from breast cancer. I share this information because I want each of you to know that having her in my life has been nothing short of a blessing. Since I was raised in a single parent household (dad left when we were very young) - i have always had a hand in raising her. She is the brighest ray of sunshine and lives a very normal life everyday. She goes to work everyday from 7-4:30pm and has a boyfriend and very normal life. She has friends and a social life and can do just about anything on her own. She has a cell phone and ipod and loves her dvds and music more then anything! I am now currently 38 years old and pregnant with twins and she is beyond excited to be an aunt now as well. I am sharing this information because when my sister was born 36 years ago-the term ds was taboo and they wanted to institutionalize her and take her from my mother because of the lack of understanding of what these children could really accomplish. Now a days- there are so many options and better care available and the sky is the limit. My sister has friends that read full Danielle Steele novels from cover to cover! Having a DS child or the possibility of one is so very scary but is so rewarding. My sister has chosen to continue to live with me in our home but can at any time live in a group environment if she so chooses. Personally i think she likes the freedom and extras she has in the house here and being her own boss- at I have had the tests for DS and also gene counseling. My results came back good with very very low risk and my u/s came back normal but I would not give up my sister for anything in the world. She makes my life complete everyday and is my best friend.

gessgoose - 1666 days ago.
Hi, I am 24 weeks pregnanty, my husband is 50 years old, I am 27 ... I been reading about the father age is also a risk for birth defcts and DS... I did my ultrasound and they say Was normal... But I been very concern, because I also read about lots of people who had the ultrasound normal and the babies come out with DS or other disorder... Please help me... I been desperate

lilmama(maddie) - 1815 days ago.
Just wanted to update in case someone has the same question as I did and looks here. We had the level II ultrasound and everything came back completely clear. She is showing signs of echogenic bowel but he said it's nothing at all too worry about. The equipment used these days are so sensitive that they pick up on everything. He also told me that an EIF means nothing. We are happy and relieved. Good luck to everyone.

lilmamamads - 1821 days ago.
Sorry it was a eif

lilmamamads - 1821 days ago.
Anyone have an afp come back normal but show 2 soft markers in the ultrasound? My 18 week came back with both eic and possible echogenic bowel. I go in on the 28 for a more detailed scan. I guess you just wait but has anyone else had this?

esposabella - 1834 days ago.
I was wondering if anyone had the DS diagnosed before birth with either the NT scan and or the Triple blood screen. I got back a good NT scan result but the triple scan test came back abnormal. Now im going in for the amniocentisis, anyone with info, advice?

erikatx - 1851 days ago.
congratulations kerryx0lee ! are you on babycenter Ds group btw? I am mother of the most PERFECT little boy who happens to have Ds, he is 16 months and the bestest thing that could have ever happened to us!

kerryx0lee - 1857 days ago.
hello everyone .. i usually post in the Week-to-Week sections and now i am glad to have found this section of the site .. i am 21 years old and just gave birth to our 3rd child 8 days ago. 4 days ago he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. This was a complete surprise to everyone because there is no one on either side of our family who has DS. Our 2 older children (ages 3 years old and 21 months) do not have DS, We don't know anyone personally who has DS either. Alot of people are surprised to hear about the diagnosis and say 'im so sorry' .. but I look at the situation like this : our chances of having a baby with Down Syndrome were SO rare, it just makes us SO lucky to have him. He is our baby for a reason. He is 8 days old and is so precious, he is loved by so many people already and he is still in the hospital. He is in the Special Care Nursery because he still needs to eat more from the bottle, right now he is eating a little more than half of what he needs to be eating so the rest goes into the feeding tube. Also, he has a hole in his heart that they are keeping an eye on. We hope to have him home soon.

ellae - 1859 days ago.
momofalmost- i was in the same situation when I had my son. I was given a 1 in 8 and opted against the amnio. My husband and I went in not knowing if he had it or not. He had several soft markers. They will most likely have a neonatilist present at your babies birth. They can check just by doing a physical and the normal examinations that doctors do when the baby is born. Check for the single fold in the hand, no nasal bone and down turned eyes with a single fold. They will only do a chromosome test if the feel the baby may have it. Atleast thats what happened with my son. He was in the NICU for unrelated reasons. I remember being so upset I begged them to test him because I NEEDED to see it on paper. All turned out well though! Good luck and congrats!

momofalmost5 - 1859 days ago.
hello all I will be 38 weeks tomorrow, at 18 weeks i had a positive AFP showing my baby at a 1:173 risk of having down syndrome. I opted against amnio because I would not abort baby reguardless of result and did not feel the need to risk anything for the answer. I have had prolly 12-15 u/s thru the pregnancy and the only marker that ever showed were cysts on babys brain that fixed themselves. So i have more or less put the risk out of my mind. As delivery time is approaching I find myself a little nervous again. When my baby is born will i know just looking at him that he has it? Will they have to do tests to find out if he does? These things are bothering me, any advice or answers are more than welcome!! thanks so much

leslh - 1923 days ago.
My brother was born with down syndrome, but let me tell you ladies..he is the sweetest person i ever met, he is so smart , he is on first grade, and I can't imagine him being different than what he is, he is GREAT, we found out he had down syndrome when he was like months old... my mother was in tears and I didn't know how to make her feel better, but days , months went by and we knew that God only sent this little person to make us happy, cause thats all he does, even tought he gets an actitude sometimes!! lol but he is so easy going, he hates doing homework! I don't! see anything ''different'' on him from other kids....!!Love you little brother!!@@

princessalexv - 1924 days ago.
Hi everyone. I am 31 years old and on my third pregnancy. I took the triple screen with my first two babies and everything came back normal. When I was asked to do it for my 3rd, I didn't hesitate. The ultrasound was normal, but my blood work came back abnormal. My risk went from 1:366 to 1:284 for my baby to have down syndrome. I am freaking out and stressed all the time. I read alot on the high false positives and all the blessed endings where these false positives were true. I still can't stop worrying and crying. I told my family so that we may have more prayers and happy thoughts. My husband and I are praying as well. It has been a stressful week and don't think I can have more weeks/months like this. It is extremely hard not knowing.

mommykaren - 1947 days ago.
Hi everyone. I am 40. 2nd pregnancy 19weeks prego. Missed miscarriage of 1st pregnancy at 12 weeks in 12/09. This pregnancy is result of 3rd ivf. Prior to my sequential screen I has a 1:40 risk for DS based on my age alone. After the 1st part of the labwork it went to 1:5!! Obviously they recommended amnio, but after some research I knew this was our baby no matter what! So, we opted not to get the amnio. All our ultrasounds have been normal so far, no soft markers. I know you can still have a DS baby with no soft markers, just as you can have a baby without DS and have soft markers on ultrasound. It will be rough waiting for delivery to find out if baby has DS or not, but after all we have been through, I just couldn't risk the amnio (albeit a very small risk). Just wanted to share with others going through this.

Lisa33 - 1955 days ago.
CaliforniaMom - My daughter had a calcium deposit (echogenic intra cardiac focus) on her heart and her bowel which having both worried my doctor. My testing for downs previous to that came back negitive but I guess with the 2 soft markers she was worried so I had to go see a high risk doctor and have a level 2 ultrasound done where they only saw the calcium deposit on her heart and not the bowel so the high risk doctor said it was completely normal, they see that all of the time and did not recommend the amnio. I will never forget the pain I felt when my doctor told me I had to see a high risk doctor for that. Anyway my daughter is going to be 6 months on 10/13 and she is healthy and no problems at all!!!

jcblan1979 - 1961 days ago.
Hi everyone. I did my IPS testing and the bloodwork came back with 1:10 chance of DS. So, I did an amnio on Monday. I should get the RAD results this week. Feels like the longest week ever. The Genetic counsellor said 2-3 days. RAD is the quick scan for the trisomies. The amnio doc seemed very positive that everything would come back just fine...I'm very nervous, I want the phone to ring, and I also don't....I just want to know so I can move on one way or another.... I am just hoping to hear from anyone of you who have gone through the same thing. PS: I can see a nasal bone on my US scan. So that's good right??

carolynej - 1964 days ago.
Update: My Amnio results came up negative for downs:) Now I can relax (a little) and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy;)

carolynej - 1972 days ago.
Hi everyone! So I waanted to update you guys on my status. Yesterday I went ahead and got a amnio because my odds of having a baby with downs went from 1/366 to 1/188 at my level 2 u/s. At my first trimester screening they couldn't find the nasal bone which is a soft marker. Then yesterday I had a level 2 ultrasound and although they FOUND the nasal bone, they saw a bright spot in the heart. Since I cant and don't want to spend the rest of my pregnancy worrying about 'what if'. I hadt he amnio done yesterday and I can't believe how painless and quick the whole procedure was. So far (24 hours later) I haven't experience any side effects. I've had no cramping or spotting (I'm guessing this is a good sign) and I will get my results this Monday. I feel so relieved because I know that whether its good or bad, I will get a clear answer to the health of my baby girl. I'll keep you posted on the results.

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