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Name-poll poll Appauling Nursery Songs... My daycare girl ws just singing.....` Rock a bye baby on the tree top, when the winds blows the cradle will rock,when the bow breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all. ` This is a horrible lullaby ~ if it were written today it would be banned... same thing with mother goose ~ Peter Peter Pumkin eater,had a wife and couldnt he put her he put her in a pumkin shell and there he kept her very well... Isnt that considered kidnapping or being held hostage? What was society thinking? What ones do you think should be changed?
(Name poll by RobinG, 2280 days ago)

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Comments: 10

MichelleMc(pink!) (2277.2 days ago)
As tto said, ``Ring Around the Rosie`` was a song about the plague. Also, the ``Sing a Song of Sixpence`` song was first sang/spoken as a way for the pirate Blackbeard to secretly recruit more pirates.

tto (2280 days ago)
Ring around the Rosey is really about the black plague.

~amy~ (2280.3 days ago)
I do agree with you though.. nothing I want my child chanting lol!

~amy~ (2280.3 days ago)
Most the the nursery rhymes weren`t made for `children`. They were used as a parody of political type events of that time era. Like the Mother Goose rhymes..

amber325 (2280.3 days ago)
lol there is the one I grew up with thats sooo wrong too. ` chin chin china man sittin on a fence, tryin to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Lol ? wtf?

jenakers (2280.3 days ago)
Let's see..."Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water" and Jack ended up with a traumatic head injury. "Little Miss Muffet "suffered from Arachnophobia. "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe"....SHE underfed her children and beat them before she sent them to bed. "Old mother Hubbard" had no dog bones in her cupboard and let her poor dog starve to death! "Little Bo Peep lost her sheep" and later found there skins hanging in a tree (way to go, Peep).Oh and what about `Go tell Aunt Rosie, the old grey goose is DEAD!` WTF!!!

RobinG (2280.3 days ago)
No but a child doesnt understand the def of a swear word either and I dont say it to my child, lol. Just cause you dont know the def doesnt mean it was acceptable to write it, they could have choosen better wordage ~ your missing the point of my post, it was more in fun in how wrong they are to have been written that way, not to say it should be banned now ~

cherrybeth (2280.3 days ago)
Luckly our childern don`t understand what they really are saying. We do as adults but the kids just think they are fun to sing and read. We all heard them when we were kids and I wasn`t tramatized by them lol....

monkeymamma (2280.4 days ago)
Humpty Dumpty----he fell too. And they couldn`t fix him!

ermsmom (2280.4 days ago)
Ha, ha, ha! I`ve been thinking the same thing! What about Jack and Jill went up the hill? Who writes a nursery rhyme about kids breaking their heads.

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