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Babyloves`s poll Show results | Hide results

Pregnancy-poll poll Did you ever lose your mucus plug?
(Pregnancy poll by Babyloves, 2472 days ago)
Not sure
I will comment..

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Comments: 5

mimi2b2aboy (2469.8 days ago)
alot of times woman do not notice when they lose their plug. most the time it is lost while you are using the restroom. so i would say if you don`t notice losing your plug dont worry about it and if you do lose your plug it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to have baby still. : )

lemonysickness (2470.7 days ago)
I lost mine a few hours into labor as well. (40w2d)

california-mom (2471.5 days ago)
Only with my 3rd baby

terise (2471.5 days ago)
I lost my mucous plug with my first child but it wasnt in one chunk, more like in tiny pieces that were tinged with blood. I was already 41 weeks pregnant when that happened. My other 2 children I didnt notice it if I did lose it.

Holly28 (2471.6 days ago)
Not until hours into my actual labor

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