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Name-poll poll We all feel differently about turning a particular age ~ when you think of your own mortality and your fears of wondering how you will feel, your health and if you will be here for your childen. What age scares you most? My mom passed when she was 57, my sister when she ws 48 and my sis who is 39 has aggressive cancer. At 42 I am beyond terrifed to hit 50. And cant help but wonder if I will be here at 50 and if so for how long beyond that. My sister never saw my nieces get married, I wonder what I`ll see. I said to Dan the other day that Hunter will be 21 when I am 65. What age scares you as far as your own mortality?
(Name poll by RobinG, 2195 days ago)
turning 30
turning 40
turning 50
turning 60 or over
I'm not worried about any age, I enjoy growing older and expect to live a very long time
I've never even thought about it, has never crossed my mind

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Comments: 3

ermsmom (2194.9 days ago)
I`m with KelliA, I can`t see the point in worrying about something that I can`t control. My father died of a heart attack when he was 39 as well, I was only 3. Most of his brothers and sisters died young due to heart conditions as well. I try to take care of my health and I try to enjoy each day as much as I can. Worrying about my own mortality would certainly take away from my enjoyment.

KR (2194.9 days ago)
The age it hink about most is 50. Im not scared to turn 50 but i know at that point most of my life will be gone and if not most then at least half. The people in my family live a long time and for the most part are healthy. But im so afraid of death. Its one of my worst fears, and something i think about time to time that i still have a hard time knowing one day i wont be here anymore. Thats why i say life is too short to worrie about the small things. Just ignore them all! =)

KelliA (2194.9 days ago)
I don`t see the point in worrying about something I can`t control. I am just happy for each day. My father was killed by a drunk driver when he was 39. I was 17 at the time. I knew he was very young to die but when I was 39 I truly realized how young he was. When I was 21 I was in a bad car accident and my friend was killed. After that I never was sad about getting older I just felt lucky to be alive. Try to enjoy each day as best you can and stop worrying. It will not change anything.

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