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ladykilla421`s poll Show results | Hide results

Pregnancy-poll poll How soon after losing your mucus plug did you go into labor?
(Pregnancy poll by ladykilla421, 2411 days ago)
Within a week.
Within 2 weeks
Within 3 weeks
Within 4 weeks or more.
I never noticed that I lost my mucus plug.

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Comments: 4

TR-Baby2 (2397.6 days ago)
I only ever noticed losing it with one of my pregnancies. I woke feeling like I was in labor, and throughout the day loss my plug - it was QUITE obvious - NO DOUBT about it!! I was admitted to the hospital that night, and delivered the following afternoon - he`d have come sooner, but he got `stuck` he had his arm out in front of his head which made for a very long, very painful delivery. You know it`s bad when the nurse is begging you to please get an epidural! :)~ In my very first pregnancy, I had one single occurance where I think I saw a quarter-sized blob of the plug, but that was it until I was in full blown labor.

maybaby2008 (2410.5 days ago)
it really depends some women loose it early like weeks before labour but i lost it bout 5 hours before i gave birth

lemonysickness (2410.6 days ago)
I lost my mucus plug when I went into labor.

Bek 30 (2410.6 days ago)
I was 10cm dilated when i lost my mucus plug and water

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