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Other-poll poll Ok, I`m thinking about doing weight watchers. I NEVER thought I`d be one to have to join but ever since I stopped breastfeeding the weight seems to creep up. Before I got pregnant I wanted to loose 15 lbs, I only gained 17lbs during my pregnancy, lost it all plus 7 lbs in the first month after having baby and now I`ve gained the extra 7lbs and some. So, has anyone done weight watchers when they had about 25lbs to loose and did it work? Otherwise I need to just get smart, eat healthy, and exercise.
(Other poll by mdbabyno1, 1923 days ago)
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Comments: 7

nutnut (1923.4 days ago)
ive not done it, but i have friends who have lost over 80lbs on WW and kept it off. id say try it.

aidensmommy1 (1923.4 days ago)
YES! I love weight watchers and I still am in it as a lifetime member. I lost 55 lbs and really it was easy. They teach you lots of ways to eat healthier and the right portions. I loved it the only down fall is it does get expensive, but after I had my son me losing weight ment more to me then the money! I for sure would say to go to the meetings they are very beneficial and I dont think I could have lost so much without going. They say you lose more weight and faster by attending meetings. Good luck!!!

pooka (1923.4 days ago)
I lost 56 pounds on it between aug-april but I would say going to meetings is a must.

mommyof2sosoon (1923.4 days ago)
I did it before my first and lost about 15lbs...which was 10lbs. away from my pre-baby weight. Then I got pregnant again after my baby was just 8 months old. My plan after this one is born is to follow Weight Watchers again and workout with a personal trainer. WW is easy enough to do and like someone mentioned...the meetings helped me. I need someone to hold me accountable!! :)

ermsmom (1923.4 days ago)
My cousin did it after she had her last baby and went from a size 16 to a size 4. She looks amazing, better than she has in years. I think if I`m struggling with the weight a few months after having this baby I`ll be joining too.

adriana03 (1923.5 days ago)
my friend tried it and lost 20lbs. But shes not cheap(i am lol) and even she says its expensive after a while. If you have the money go for it!! Good luck

luvbeingamom (1923.5 days ago)
i love weight watchers. The first time i was on it (pre baby) i lost about 45lbs. Then i did it again after baby #1 and lost 35lbs, then got pregnant with baby #2 and i am currently down about 12lbs. I have a while to go. But i love it b/c 1. it has taught me to look at food differently and 2. it gives me accountability. I love the online now, but the meetings work best if you can go! more accountability :-) Good Luck!!

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