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Pregnancy-poll poll Just curious- Those of you who have had a girl and a boy, what was their heartrate like low or high? Do u think it`s true what they say that low means ur having a boy and high a girl?
(Pregnancy poll by kinta, 1727 days ago)
Yes it's true
No it's just a stupid myth

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Comments: 13

Tara83 (1726.3 days ago)
I also agree that it is just a myth but funny enough when having my daughter her heart rate was always in the 160`s and when having my sons his was always in the 130`s

adkinsrus07 (1726.4 days ago)
Its been about the same for me but more oppisite I guess. My lil boy always in the 160`s but this preg. with my daughter she has fluctuated from the 130`s-150`s.

SPUDinTHEoven (Tina) (1726.5 days ago)
My lil girls heartbeat was always around 145bpm at every appt

Mackenna and Tayvens Mommy (1726.5 days ago)
With my daughter it was in the 160`s and Im 12 weeks now and the heart rate is in the 140`s

brandyv (1726.5 days ago)
It`s a myth. My girl`s HB was 150.

christina76 (1726.6 days ago)
It is very much a Myth.

honghuzhenni (1726.6 days ago)
There was a study done on it, I think you can find it if you google it. I was hoping there was some truth to it myself, since this time around I was DYING to know the gender so badly...but it shows no correlation whatsoever. And this time we are having a boy and every time he gets his heart rate checked, it`s over 140 bpm. Sorry, I wish there was a way to know early on that was accurate and not too expensive. :)

luvin Colton (1726.6 days ago)
my little boy was always high 168-140 when he got bigger

jessberr31 (1726.6 days ago)
Kinta! I didn`t know you were expecting again! Congrats! All my babies were around the same, in the 130/140 area, and I have 3 boys and 1 DD.

poppy~ella~rae (1726.7 days ago)
there all myths things like this! my babies heart rate was very low all the way through, even the midwife when i went into labour said it sounds like there a boy in there, but i proved them all wrong with a princess! :)

kinta (1726.7 days ago)
Yeah i thought my daughters was higher but i just look at her scan and it says 134bpm so i was surprised! I dont see how heartrates could be an indicator of the sex..

mommiekayla (1726.7 days ago)
That was the only real difference between my 2 daughter`s heartrate was about 10 bpm faster than my son`s.

kinta (1726.7 days ago)
I`d just like to add that I looked at my daughters 1st ultrasound I had and her heartrate was 134bpm and with this pregnancy it`s 161bpm! so I think it`s all just stupid!

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