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mdbabyno1`s poll Show results | Hide results

Name-poll poll For those that AREN`T pregnant. Do you still have a list of names or already a name for future babies?
(Name poll by mdbabyno1, 1914 days ago)
yes, you can never be too prepared
no, that is silly
not a list but I have some in mind

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Comments: 5

mdbabyno1 (1913.4 days ago)
I had a girls name picked out since I was like 16- Madeline and a boys name- Drew that my BF and i both liked just talking through the years but then when I was pregnant with a girl there was no way I could actually name her that because it has gotten so popular. Hahaha, we had the hardest time for chosing something original.

california-mom (1913.6 days ago)
Lol we have 2 names for boys and 2 for girls all ready!

daisymae (1913.6 days ago)
Me too Mumbo! I had one boy name picked out that I liked and we have one boy. We named him Brayden. If we have another boy we`re in trouble! I have tons of girl names picked out but I would LOVE to have another boy even though I don`t have a name picked out.

ladykilla421 (1913.8 days ago)
We only have a girls name picked out because my and my hubbs think that we will more than likely have another girl when do have another baby...Weve got a hunch and oddly enough so does my dad :P We chose Sydney for our daughter we already have and a subsequently girl will be named Vienna!

KR (1913.9 days ago)
I knew my kids names since i was 14. I chose Maddison and Dominick. The funny thing is those are the only two names i had prepared. Luckily their dad agreed to them and liked them as much as i did. I didnt have any other names in mind (no 3rd) and i only plan on having two children (maybe a 3rd in the distant future ((5 yrs +)) Im sure when the day comes ill have something in mind. I kinda liked the name Christian if my maddy had been a boy! Maybe that will be something i give serious though in the later years!

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