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ladykilla421`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll My 6.5 month old absolutely hates veggies.....she will literally gag and make herself throw up if I give them to her.....I dont know where I went wrong, I started with veggies, long before introducing any fruits to her and she was eating them just fine, then after I introduced fruits (about 1.5 months after introducing veggies) she absolutely refuses to eat anything but the fruit. I have caved in and almost exclusively give her cereal and fruits Ive tried time and time again and she refuses her veggies, I cant help but feel like I have no choice but to stick with the fruits as at her age she cannot thrive on breastmilk alone....HELP!!!
(Baby poll by ladykilla421, 2183 days ago)
Any advice?!?

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Comments: 12

momof2under1:-) (2181.8 days ago)
Try any different kinds of veggies they have. Like, veggies with harvest grains, veggies with meat, etc. Otherwise, if they totally will not eat veggies then I would try mashing up real ones. If that still doesnt work, just wait until 9 months when they can start having real food.

angie2008 (2182 days ago)
At 6.5 months, your dd can most surely live completely off breastmilk! Keep trying, my dd goes through phases like that and I take away fruits and she will eat the veggies then. Maybe try really soft real veggies, like steamed carrots, peas, green beans. Even with no teeth they can handle it. You could also mix the fruit and veggies together to give a sweet taste but still has the nutrients from the veggies.

christina76 (2182.1 days ago)
My aunt didn`t give her children the fruits or any sweets until after their 1st birthday, trying to prevent this, and it worked. I did pretty much the same thing, my 6 year old tho is still picky, but that could just be the way he is, my 2 year old will eat anything I give him.

andriette and christians mummy liz (2182.1 days ago)
I made a big batch of veggies,sweet patatoes,carrots,greenbeans etc and freezed it when dd turned 6 months,ughhh tried giving her it 4 times with four diffrent types of veggies and it was smashed up,she gagged and made herselve throw up each time,it wasnt gross food,lol i make tasty food but she just didnt want it.I also introduced veggies before fruits.I tried jarred food and ditto,she was crazy in love with it,but when it came to introduce texture in the jars she gagged once again,doc said she just has a bad gag reflex and its not coz the food isnt tasty.I listenend to much to other ppl,so i got worried bout all the jars she ate,now at 13 months she eats table food,sometimes she still gags but for the most shes fine.I didnt force her,i just went with her flow and she got the idea eventualy.I realy dont think jars are that bad,ok not so tasty but its not fortified with sugars salts and unhealthy stuff to give food that `yummy taste`,or at leats our brand purity isnt.My one friends toddler,whos is 2 years old,STILL eats jars:-O.

Leenieworm (2182.1 days ago)
Lol, apparently I did the same thing when I was a baby and drove my Mum nuts. i guess she ended up, with a md`s advice, giving me fruits as you`ve done and some pedialyte. Only after talking to her MD. i would throw up on anything I din`t like until I was about 8, hope that didn`t ruin your day! ;)

bexnz (2182.2 days ago)
my daughter turned 6months today, and will only eat a tablespoon of fruit/vege at a meal. but loves to feed her self. so i give her anything to chew on, crackers, toast, sliced fruit, potato, lunch meat, steak, anything. she loves to feed her self, and is doing so well, in 2 weeks she has gone from sucking and spitting out, to biting off bits and chewing and swollowing. and hasnt choked once. so maybe try some finger foods, some babies skip the baby food and go straight to table food. but keep up the puree fruit.

hunnybunnysmama (2182.4 days ago)
BM or formula is first priority until the age of 1. Think of solids/puree as "practice" until 12 months. Of course they need the practice and desire eating these things at this age but the nutrition that is crucial at this age is all in BM/formula. Making sure they are getting the recommended amounts of iron, omega 3, other vitamins and calories, etc is most important and hard to do on a "food" diet. Just keep giving her regular veggies but don't worry too much if she doesn't eat them, she will one day...

tto (2182.6 days ago)
Don`t worry. She is still so young that she is surviving on breast milk and she is still suppose to until about a year old. If you look at the nutritional value, baby food doesn`t have a whole lot, esp fruit and veg. It`s more teaching to like a variety of foods and eventually she will eat good veggies. All kids will eventually eat a well rounded diet if it is continually offered. That`s your job- to offer. You can also mix them together and increase the amount of veggies over time. My son much more prefers canned veggies now and hated baby food veggies while little. He like sweet potatoes though.

Lookalike (2182.6 days ago)
She should be fine on BM alone. I would back off of all baby food for a few days and then slowly reintroduce the veggies first and not even give her fruits and grains at all or at least in very small portions and really I would only do the grains and no fruits. My sister in law decided to only do veggies because her mother in law did fruits first and all of her sons won`t eat a single vegetable. I`m following her example and only doing healthy veggies, absolutely no fruits and very little starches like sweet potatoes and carrots. The thing about fruits is that they are full of easily digested sugars just like sweets.

jas1987 (2182.6 days ago)
A baby can survive on breast and formula till 1 year of age...

KristinaA (2182.6 days ago)
I think babies can thrive on breast milk alone until 12 months. I wouldn`t worry too much about nutrition at this point if your LO is BF. Maybe try giving the solids a break for a week or two and then re-introducing.

hannahe (2182.6 days ago)
will she eat spaghetti sauce? my kids didnt do baby food at all but the spaghetti sause was easy for them to eat and you can mix the baby vegie`s with it and they cant taste it...thats what i did anyways

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