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Avas*Momma*09`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll Hey Ladies, I have a question. My daughter has a rash under her chin and on her neck and a little on her chest. At first I just thought it was bc she is teething and drooling alot. But I noticed it is also on her legs and arms a little too. Its just small red dots, under he chin is the worst tho, its really red. At the end of last week she was hot running a little fever, could this just be a heat rash? If so can I do anything to help it go away? It doesn`t seem to bother her I just don`t like it.
(Baby poll by Avas*Momma*09, 2064 days ago)

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Comments: 6

domsmom2009 (2063.8 days ago)
could be a heat rash, an allergy reaction.... really anything! I would call the doctor just to be safe :)

marisha (2063.8 days ago)
if it`s a heat rash, try to make sure she is never hot or sweaty, if it doesn`t go away soon, call the doctor or get an appointment to be seen. maybe its a food allergy..have you been giving her some new foods lately? try eliminating foods one by one, especially new fruits and berries. my son used to have a rash when he was little, i used oatmeal baths - Aveeno has some good stuff - you put in in the bathtub. but what relly helped to get rid of that rash my son had is 1% cortizone cream, i put very little of it on his skin just once and the rash was gone! not 10% though, that one is really strong steroid cream and is for adults. But ask your doctor for advice though before you use ointments. But oatmeal bath is definitely a good idea.

KristinaA (2063.8 days ago)
I would definately call the Dr. Sounds like an allergic reaction to something.

Avas*Momma*09 (2063.9 days ago)
She has eaten yogurt for the first time over the weekend but the rash under her neck was there before that. And she hasn`t been sick, just teething. I also forgot to say that she has had a pretty bad diaper rash lately but that is now going away, I don`t know if that has anything to do with the other rash. I switched between A&D ointment and Desiten and also put some baking soda in her bath water and that has helped the diaper rash, could the yogurt have helped her diaper rash too?

kymillion (2063.9 days ago)
I would instinctively..say heatrash.. I would also maybe try a lukewarmish ( more on the colder side ) bath to help cool her down, or if shes too little for a full on bath playtime to cool her off try a cool wash cloth .. I also would call the doctors office to make sure..

3girls2008 (2063.9 days ago)
has she been sick with a virus?? or maybe its a heat rash? any rash really should be seen by a doc if you dont know what it is just to be on the safe side, it could be anything causing it but if it were me i would get it checked

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