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Other-poll poll Am I weird or is this normal? (more info inside)
(Other poll by Avas*Momma*09, 2060 days ago)
yesm you're weird
No, its normal
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Comments: 11

mrsjmickens1 (2059.2 days ago)
i cant say i ever miss being pregnant! but i do want another baby probably next year. i do get panicky sometimes that i wont be able to get pregnant a 2nd time when i know i should be counting my blessings that i had 1 in the first place because of my pcos.

gavinsmum (2059.5 days ago)
a good friend of mine just had a baby I have a 18 month old. I am jealous of her and i even told her.. I said I want another so bad.. But i am smart enough not too. LOL... In a few years maybe. But this one is enough for me. I also feel that if i were to have another baby right off then i wouldnt be able to spend the much needed time with my 18 month old. It doesnt seem far to him. So i will wait <3

Nanixh (2059.5 days ago)
I get baby fever off and on too, although like you I do not want another baby at the moment (at least till my youngest is potty trained). I can`t really say I get jealous of people who I know that are getting pregnant, envious maybe a bit =)

.punky. (2059.5 days ago)
I complained sooo much while pregnant, but everytime I see a pregnant woman I`m like aaawwww I miss being pregnant, lol...

hannahe (2059.5 days ago)
im like that!!!

Avas*Momma*09 (2059.6 days ago)
HollyMarie, I deff do plan to wait. I couldn`t handle another baby so soon. Not emotionally or financially right now. But it makes me feel even worse that I am jealous of my friend bc they have been wanting this for years and now that it may come true I am happy for her, just a little jealous too. I LOVED being pregnant. I loved everything about it and can`t wait to do it a few years lol.

HollyMarie (2059.6 days ago)
I just missed being pregnant. I wasn`t really jealous of others it just brought back that feeling. It`s wonderful being pregnant, the attention, and the closeness. It`s normal and it does pass. I have a 16 month old and I`m pregnant now. I REALLY wish I had waited longer but this was a complete surprise! Stick to your gut and wait.

Avas*Momma*09 (2059.6 days ago)
Thank God I`m not the only one. brooklyn143 the gut wrenching feeling is exactly what I am talking about. That is the best way I can explain it.

heathert (2059.6 days ago)
normal. I have four ages 17,12,24months, and 7 months. I am finished I know for sure. I am 35 and have my tubes tied but my friend is pregnant and the thought crossed my mind. This weekend I was cleaning out my babies drawers getting ride of things that are too small and even said I want another baby.

EmmaReed84 (2059.6 days ago)
No you are not weird it is perfectly normal. I was like that, although now I actually do want a baby. When I found out my sis was pregnant I was soooo pleased for her, but also a teeny tiny bit jealous lol. Dont worry about it.

Avas*Momma*09 (2059.6 days ago)
Ok, my daughter is 8 months old and I do not want another baby for atleast a few more years but everytime I hear about someone I know getting pregnant I get like SUPER jealous and wish it were me. If I really were to end up pregnant right now tho I would DIE. I am on the pill and like I said I don`t want anymore anytime soon. But I do miss being pregnant SO much. I just found out that a friend may be pregnant and I was happy for her but sad that I`m not pregnant anymore. Another girl I know (I don`t like her, actually I can`t stand her, but thats a diff story) just had a baby and I feel like she doesn`t deserve it, she is a bad person and I don`t think she will be a good mom but then I think who am I to pass judgment like that. God obviously wanted her to have a baby so why am I questioning it. Anyways am I psycho or what?

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