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luvbugs`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll Is there any sippy cup that does not leak? I have tried Nuby, playtex, gerber and they all leak!
(Baby poll by luvbugs, 1982 days ago)

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Comments: 6

mommyofmm (1981.5 days ago)
I use playtex they have never leaked and nuby till she bites the top

LOAL (1981.6 days ago)
I agree with hotpotato the ONLY ones that haven`t leaked for us are those clifford ones from dollar tree.

.-Madisons.Mommy-. (1981.8 days ago)
I use the soft spout nuby cups with the handles too, they were the only ones my daughter liked. They were no spill until she bit the nipple so much she broke the part that keeps it from spilling, needless to say it`s no longer spillproof. But I use the playtex cups with the straw and as long as you have the straw attached correctly they don`t spill!

ladykilla421 (1981.9 days ago)
tommee tippee

shesxchaotic (1981.9 days ago)
Klean Kanteen sippy is the only one we`ve ever tried and it does`t leak. In fact, we took our son to the fair today and tossed a full sippy of water in my bag with all our other stuff. No leaks!

luvin colton (1981.9 days ago)
i also have the nuby sippys with two handles one soft spout one with a straw that my son must bite then drink in, we`ve had them for 3 months and only one of each so they get alot of use, and my son has been teething this whole time and bites them, he is 8 months old now and no issues yet with leaking

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