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Avas*Momma*09`s poll Show results | Hide results

Other-poll poll What are good party favors for kids 2 and under?
(Other poll by Avas*Momma*09, 1965 days ago)
Cheap knick-knacks from dollar store
I'll comment

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Comments: 8

wisfarmgirl (1965.2 days ago)
Don`t get anything from the dollar store that they might put in their mouth b/c it might contain lead. Until toddlers are almost 3 years old they put almost everything in their mouth.

Avas*Momma*09 (1965.2 days ago)
Thanks ladies for all of your suggestiongs. I think I`m going to do a cook (they are kinda big), bubbles,a pinwheel and crazy straw in a lil cup.

Nanixh (1965.3 days ago)
Oh man you can never go wrong with bubbles, or pinwheels.

soon2be momma d (1965.3 days ago)
Also, I spent $20 on making 18 favor bags.

soon2be momma d (1965.3 days ago)
I did a cute curly/silly straw, with a little thing of bubbles, a dum-dum sucker, and a little package (made them up myself) of animal crackers - but did the mixture from Target (the plain and chocolate). They were a HUGE hit!

Lookalike (1965.3 days ago)
I would like the cookies because then I don`t have even more stuff to deal with picking up off the floor when I get home. If you`re going to do favors of the dollar store variety, do just one thing. I wouldn`t want my kid to have the `gimme more` attitude plus less stuff for my living room floor.

JeannineZ(bigmacsmum) (1965.3 days ago)
dollar store sand pails filled with a few goodies. Bubbles, crayons, cheap coloring books, noisy blow toys to send home and drive the kids parents nuts(Lol kidding)

Avas*Momma*09 (1965.3 days ago)
I just wanted to add that I`m going to have cookies shaped and decorated like cupcakes since DD`s party has a cupcake theme. I`m going to have enough for the adults and children there but I was wondering if I should also make goodie bags for the kids too. I don`t have a whole lot of money to spend on it tho. But I am open for any cute gender nuetral suggestions.

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