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Avas*Momma*09`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll When did you stop giving you little one a bottle/sippy before bed? DD just made one and the past couple weeks before bed I`ve been giving her a sippy with milk instead of a bottle and she drinks it a little but then plays with it more then drinks it. Should I just try to cut that cup of milk out all together or just reduce the amount of milk in it? She still uses her pacifier to go to sleep as well. I wanted to cut out the bottle before I faught with the pacifier.
(Baby poll by Avas*Momma*09, 1938 days ago)
Continue to give her a cup with milk
Don't give her as much milk in the cup
Take the cup away completely

Vote to see the results

Comments: 7

pheeandme (1937.4 days ago)
Mine had a bottle of milk before bed until 18 months. They we went cold turkey and he hasn`t asked for a bottle again. He will only drink one sippy of milk a day with meals which is fine because he eats plenty of diary (yogurt monster). He does go to bed with a sippy of water. He has a bedtime sippy cup )

mtnwoman(shelly) (1937.5 days ago)
I would suggest taking it completely, but if you can`t, then switching it to water if you can. Milk, or any other juice, etc right before bed without brushing afterward is not the best thing for their teeth. My pediatrician said to wean the bottle right at a year, which we did. We did sippy cups for about 6 months after that and now its only cups. ANd no fluids after 7:00 so that he doesn`t wet the bed. :)

Avas*Momma*09 (1937.6 days ago)
Thanks ladies for the comments. I was just asking bc she plays with the cup so much and gets milk everywhere. So I think I may try to take it away and see how she reacts to that.

hunnybunnysmama (1937.6 days ago)
my DD is 3 and I still let her have milk before nap/bed. For us, it`s the best way for her to get her milk while not compromising her appetite at meal time. I will wean her one day since it does make it hard for her sleep thru the night without a pull-up.

RobinG (1937.6 days ago)
Bottles ended around 15-18 months at bedtime and sippy cups with milk around 4-5 yrs old. :)

zookeeper (1937.7 days ago)
My one child that was bottle fed I changed her to a sippy cup of water.

KR (1937.7 days ago)
Just recently, My two children cut the habbit in the past 6 weeks. I started by giving water at bed only and then no sippy cup. My dd is 21 months and my son is 41 months.

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