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*Summer Babies*`s poll Show results | Hide results

Other-poll poll Hey ladies!! I need some help!! More inside!. :)
(Other poll by *Summer Babies*, 1904 days ago)
Comments please!!

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Comments: 7

*Summer Babies* (1903.4 days ago)
Thank you Ladies!! Yes Jessica I feel the same! I told my mom about this and the first thing she said was you better see the doctor and take a preg. test, oh yeah and get you iron tested! LOL

carolinagirls (1903.5 days ago)
It could be bc you have a 4 month old!! LOL But I would get your iron or hemoglobin levels checked just to be sure! If they`re low you`ll be really tired all the time!

jessica-rn (1903.6 days ago)
I feel the same and I`m nursing a 3.5 month old. I am sooo tired all the time!! I just hope its normal and not bc I`m pregnant or anything.

leagia (1903.6 days ago)
Try eating more iron, red meat or spinach. But I agree u have your hands full so your body is really taking the brunt of it. Plus with the holidays and everything, you are probably just worn out. Or u could be getting a cold/flu.

*Summer Babies* (1903.7 days ago)
I hear you! A nap sounds so nice! But my 3 year old is running a muck, I have to nurse make dinner and clean. Uggh

zookeeper (1903.7 days ago)
The reason is because you are nursing a 4 month old - really! I`m nursing an almost 3 month old and I am having a starving, sleepy day also... I just ate 2 bowls of cereal and I want to take a nap. Instead I have to keep an eye on my older 3 kids plus 3 of the neighbor kids and figure out what I am going to make for supper. Ugh.

*Summer Babies* (1903.7 days ago)
OKay, so the past week or so I have been so run down and tired. I have been trouble eating much somedays and others I feel as though I am STARVING!! I don`t know what the hell is up. I am nursing my 4 month old, and have been making smoothies and drinking plenty of water so my supply doesn`t dip. I haven`t been doing much more than usually. (at least I dont think I am) I am just so sleepy all the time!! WTH! lol It`s onl 5 pm EST (usa) and I feel like its 10 pm! I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what could be causing this?

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