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RobinG`s poll Show results | Hide results

Name-poll poll Off Target ~ does anyone here have a diamond that is larger then .60 and an I1 for clarity? If so does it look that bad? I found the perfect setting I LOVE for my replacement ring (my other diamond was stolen :( a few years ago ) and it has a diamond in it thats a .79 marquise. Great color but I1 for clarity which is why the value is good. DH will replace stone for me oneday (cause of the clarity) just to a better stone but just curious if it is that bad ya know :) I dont mind if it isnt that bad, would rather save money for other things we need if this stone will be fine :) TX!!
(Name poll by RobinG, 1329 days ago)
You'll need to replace it (dont even wear it til you do)
It will not be that bad at all most wouldnt even notice since color is good
It may be bad so plan to replace it when you can, wear it but dont show it off to anyone who will look close at it
No clue

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Comments: 9

california-mom (1327.5 days ago)
It depends on the color...and how big the inclusion is.

ladykilla421 (1328.3 days ago)
l1 means there is one inclusion that is visible to the naked eye. Depending on the mounting it can be hidden. I wouldnt wnat something that is flawless, small flaws give character!

RobinG (1328.4 days ago)
Lol I was actually planning to replace with moissanite, they are gorgeous!! I have some I already saved in my favs and we came upon this ring so went with this but yes I totally agree, moissanites are amazing and in many cases more brilliant then a diamond :) I actually planned on getting a genuine alexandrite (not lab made) but they were more then we could ever afford, they are more expensive then diamonds, lol so gave up on that, lol. TX all!!

zookeeper (1328.5 days ago)
I have no idea what grade/clarity my diamond is. It is pretty and has an obvious (to me anyway) flaw. It is approximately 1/2 carat and round. If you like it, wear it! The pic is beautiful btw.

Ready4No2 (1328.5 days ago)
RobinG - in my not-so-important opinion, that`s a very pretty ring! I love slightly different rings and I also prefer yellow gold to white. Very pretty!

tiffysmama (1328.5 days ago)
whats the color grade? if the color is good, the clarity grade could possibly go unnoticed by an untrained eye. I agree, if you love it, thats all that really matters though. I have a 1 carat H color VS1. When my husband purchased the loose stone, he was also looking at a D color I1 clarity. in his opinion, the better color grade did not disguise the inclusion. i didnt get the chance to compare, so i can only repeat his opinion. the stone he did choose is pretty amazing though.

MelissaJoanne (1328.5 days ago)
I wouldn`t say you`d `need` to replace it someday, but an I1 clarity will have flaws that are visible without magnification. It doesn`t really matter if you don`t care, and like the size and cut. Also if it has a good color grade and doesn't appear yellowish and dirty, it shouldn't make much difference either. I`d completely disagree with the comment that a marquise cut has a smaller surface area than other cuts, and say that the opposite is true. They are shallow cut, so more weight/surface area is at the top of the diamond. A marquise cut is almost *all* surface area, and generally looks much bigger than the carat weight, and flaws are pretty easy to see. I have a marquise too, D color, maybe .86 carat, VS1 I think. It`s a good size and cut, and if you LOVE it as you say, then the stone should be just fine for you.

RobinG (1328.5 days ago)
TX all!! :) I LOVE this ring! When I got married in 93 rings were gold ~ that was the style and my stolen ring was also a marquise which is why it is important I get the same diamond design. I wanted a more modern look but still one that keeps with the time in which we got engaged :) I needed to keep with gold since my other bands are gold so thought this was perfect :) I love it and agree that what makes me happy is what matter since it came from my DH :) Here is a link to it :) TX!!

3girls2008 (1328.5 days ago)
marquis cut is prob the best stone style to get with that clarity since the surface is going to be smaller than a round or princess cut... if you love it than i say go for it!!

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