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*Summer Babies*`s poll Show results | Hide results

Other-poll poll If your Looking for a good laugh Check this out!! Sorry if you are one of these ladies!!
(Other poll by *Summer Babies*, 1884 days ago)

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Comments: 12

sweettart (1883.1 days ago)
Love love LOVE the watermelon and the gun. First rule of survival...NEVER get between a pregnant woman and her food.

california-mom (1883.1 days ago)
Oh my Lord this cracked me UP! The one where shes holding the watermelon and the gun is hilarious lol

purplesmurf24 (1883.4 days ago)
her comments are great!! and the one with naked guy too....really who gave the green light for that one

hannahe (1883.4 days ago)
SOOOOO FUNNY! i love the one where they are both naked- `ill just go with a solid no on this one!` hahaha no kidding. and the mom with the kids in the hockey uniforms lol....they were all hysterical!

coltonsmom (1884 days ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! AWESOME.

*Summer Babies* (1884 days ago)
haha!! Glad you guys enjoyed it!!

SamanthaDawn (1884 days ago)
`Wee, you`re in great shape and I`ve gained 60lbs! Let`s take a picture of it. You`re a douche.` hahaha thats the best one I think... that and the one where they`re both naked, like WTF were they thinking?? hahaha

Leopard Print (1884 days ago)

bobomama (1884.1 days ago)
Thank you for sharing the link!!!!!!!!!!

domsmom2009 (1884.1 days ago)
LOLOL these are GREAT!!! :) and yeah the naked one... hmm LOL

*Summer Babies* (1884.1 days ago)
Isnt it just too much!

hislove (1884.1 days ago)
LOL I can`t get over the nude pic.

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