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*Summer Babies*`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll If you have tried G diapers do you like them? A gf of mine bought a TON for her unborn baby, they were told 80% sure was a girl, well they did a 3D scan and IT`S A BOY! LOL So she has tons of pink ones she is selling most on Ebay but offered me some, before I take them I was looking for some input. :) Thanks!
(Baby poll by *Summer Babies*, 1778 days ago)
Love them
Hate Them
Ehh they are okay
Other.. :)

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Comments: 5

shesxchaotic (1777.6 days ago)
Yes! LOVE gDiapers! They were the only ones that worked for us after trying 4 or 5 of the most popular brands and the only ones that didn`t leak.

*Summer Babies* (1777.6 days ago)
Yes I love the G cloth for my pocket Diapers!! :)

asjl (1777.7 days ago)
I havent used G diapers, but i know a few people who use the G diaper covers over prefolds and they like them :)

missbunny (1777.7 days ago)
I didn`t think the g diapers were that great...they come with a detachable lining and I didn`t think it held well at all. I have a ton of the hemp inserts and am wondering what I can use them for now. Does your friend know if they can be used in any other cloth diapers? I`d like to find out!

Bri (1777.7 days ago)
I use cloth but hate G-diapers. They don`t hold anything. I love bamboo diapers. My favorite are Bummis Tots Bots but there are so many brands out there.

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