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turtlefur`s poll Show results | Hide results

Pregnancy-poll poll Is Keratin hair treatment safe during pregnancy?
(Pregnancy poll by turtlefur, 1195 days ago)

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Comments: 3

sarasponda (1194.8 days ago)
I`m often surprise when I read the ingredients in hair treatments. I`m a scientist, and when I work with some of these chemicals I use a fume hood, gloves, goggles and a lab coat! At least we often loose less hair during pregnancy and have cute baby bumps to distract from any crazy hair:-).

turtlefur (1195 days ago)
Apparently, it`s not a good idea :(

canadababy (1195.3 days ago)
I don`t think so..If I`m thinking of the same thing, it contains formaldehyde and one salon I went to wouldn`t do it on anyone. The hairdresser said they were getting a safer alternative in the next few months...

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