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ajoke`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll Infant sleeping gowns.....
(Baby poll by ajoke, 1332 days ago)
Love them
Hate them
Don't use them/don't know what they are

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Comments: 3

Avas*Momma*09 (1330.6 days ago)
I deff loved these when DD was a newborn. Like angie said when you have to change them every couple hours (especially in the middle of the night) gowns make this so much easier. My DD lived in them until she was a couple months old. Then she pretty much stayed in the button/zip sleepers for the next couple months as it was fall/winter.

angie2008 (1332.1 days ago)
LOVE LOVE them for those early weeks when you change baby every few hours in the middle of the night. YOu can work these much easier then a sleeper with snaps or a zipper. Once my kids started sleeping longer periods of time, I seemed to use them less.

toooundertooo (1332.2 days ago)
I feel like they ride up and leave baby`s legs cold.

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