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*Summer Babies*`s poll Show results | Hide results

Baby-poll poll I will post inside...
(Baby poll by *Summer Babies*, 1516 days ago)
You were in the wrong.
I would have done the same thing
His mother was out of line.

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Comments: 9

Baby Bliss (1515.6 days ago)
I think you did the right thing..She over reacted towards you and her child. I wont shun her because I admit to cursing at my DD when she just blows the roof on her bad behavior but its because she just is BAD. I wish i had the patience and the dicipline as some of these other moms.. I respect you all tremendously, but anyway as far as asking the child to help clean the mess is the best way to help them learn and nothing wrong with it.

happymommee2kj (1515.7 days ago)
You were in the right. It`s your house your rules. I would never curse and swear at my kid either. That is just inapproiate.

Blessed x3 (1515.9 days ago)
Everyone who knows me knows that in my house you follow my rules. I would`ve handled it the same way and if someone in my house have me lip they are free to leave and not come back. I dont deal with people acting like I dont have say in my own never physically punish someones child, and generally I let the parent dish out a punishmentwhen they are present, but having them help clean toys or messes, or whatever I dont think twice about ever.

alettaw (1516 days ago)
I completely agree with your reaction. We had a situation occur while over at a friend`s house where our two year old took a dark blue crayon to a white wall. It was embarassing and to make it worse they absolutely would NOT let us help to clean it up. We apologized and had our son do so as well, but it didn`t make it any better. She over reacted by cursing her son out like that and you were being the mature adult in the situation.

turtlefur (1516.1 days ago)
Ditto mumbo

Holly28 (1516.1 days ago)
Let me clarify. I NEVER said that she was right in screaming and swearing at him. That was totally wrong. From what you have said, her issue was with you making him clean it up. I can see how she would be upset by someone else discipling him with her right there (whether her way of dealing with it was right or not). I would have expected that he help clean as well but as I have also said, I can understand why she got upset. It`s a hard spot to be in and to balance. It`s her child to discipline but your house and your rules.

*Summer Babies* (1516.2 days ago)
The thing is she was screaming at him. Asking him if she F*cking raised him to ruin other peoples property. And the thing is, he has been here before so he knows my rules as does she, You make a mess you help clean it. It`s never been an issue before now.

Holly28 (1516.2 days ago)
I see both sides.It`s called a natural consequence and makes total sense that if he made the mess he should help clean it. I can however also see her side that his discipline should have been left up to her

*Summer Babies* (1516.2 days ago)
So today my Girlfriend and her son came over to play. It was a good day until My daughter asked if they could color. I said not until the baby goes down for A nap. I do not want you guys fighting over the markers and stuff we only have 2 sets. So everything seems fine. The kids go back into the room and seem to be playing fine... Then my daughter comes running out of her room telling me that he colored on the playroom walls with Marker. -__- So I go into her room and there he is, scribbling away. I said `You need to stop right now. We do not color on the walls only paper, I told you guys you could color in a little bit.` He totally ignores me. Then his mother walks in and says `You little Sh*thead! Listen to her when she is talking to you!! You know Damn well you do not color on the walls!!` Mind you he is 4.5!! So I told him I would get some soap and water and we were going to Clean the walls. Then his mother tells me, That I am out of line by asking her son to help me clean the mess he had made. I was like WHAATT?? You just crused out your son and I am out of line by teaching him that if he makes a mess he needs to clean it!? I am just in shock!! I mean it`s not like I gave him the bucket and sponge and said get to work, I stood there with him and was helping him clean it. I am just curious do you think I was out of line by asking him to help me clean the mess or was she just overreacting.?

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