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Waiting for Roland`s poll Show results | Hide results

Other-poll poll Which do you prefer for a kid, dance or gymnastics?
(Other poll by Waiting for Roland, 1113 days ago)

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Comments: 10

lisamarie8503 *PINK* (1112.3 days ago)
My 4 year old does both and loves both the same! Gymnastics helps her dance and dance helps her gymnastics! Its expensive to do both tho...over $120 a month

RobinG (1112.6 days ago)
I prefer to go with the one they want most :) We actually prefer swim clubs/competive swimming :)

LOAL (1113.1 days ago)
My daughter is in tap, ballet and gymnastics. She`s been in them for about 6 months and she loves to go to all of them!

RJean (1113.2 days ago)
Ask her which she wants to do more. She`s probably old enough to decide for herself. Cost does factor in though-maybe you could put her into dance for a year and then when she`s old enough to compete ask her if she wants to go back to gymnastics.

Waiting for Roland (1113.2 days ago)
She has actually been in both for over a year but we are going to have to pick one or the other soon.

RJean (1113.3 days ago)
I was a competitive gymnast for years and if you think your child would enjoy it I would sign them up. I owe a lot of my self confidence, ability to overcome obstacles, and perseverance to what I learned in gymnastics. I think it is wonderful! I tried dance but it wasn`t as engaging to me because I incorporated a lot of dance into my floor routines. I`m about to sign my toddler up for gymnastics classes, but if he wants to try dance, more power to him. I will base what he does on what he enjoys to do. Heck, he might hate both and end up in soccer. :)

Waiting for Roland (1113.3 days ago) kid just started level three training( can`t compete until she is five, though) and we pay almost 200 a month. Dance is 75 a month but she is still in the little kid class. It will get more expensive as she moves up.

busymommyof3 (1113.3 days ago)
I have all 3 of my children in Gymnastics. My girls 8 and 6 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It was the best thing I ever did was sign them up. My son who is 3 is in Kindergym and LOVES it. He gets all his energy out. Since starting in Oct. my girls have moved from level 1 to 3 & 4. They can do the splits and kinds of flip over back bends. Its amazing to see what they can do once they put there mind to it. I doesnt break the bank for me. Its $120 every 6 weeks for all 3.

mommywithquestions (1113.4 days ago)
my son`s gymnastics class has music and jumping around in it, that`s probably not far off from what a dance class would do at age 3. I like the cool in floor trampoline, balance beams, uneven bars, lots of climbing structures that gymnastics offers. Swim class is his favorite though and kids NEED to learn that one.

Waiting for Roland (1113.4 days ago)
My kid loves both equally but let`s face it, she will have no time and break the bank doing both for more than three years.....

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