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babiimamax2`s poll Show results | Hide results

Name-poll poll IF baby #2 is gonna be a boy, do you like the name zion damian?
(Name poll by babiimamax2, 1208 days ago)
yes !!! its a nice name
hell to the NO

Vote to see the results

Comments: 5

nyasha (1206.7 days ago)
I LOVE both names : )

1st-time-Toya (1206.8 days ago)
omg i LOVE the name Zion! i REALLY want to name my son that but my hubby doesnt like it :-( But Damian, i agree with *Summer Babies* it sounds too close to demon for me.

*Summer Babies* (1206.8 days ago)
I think Demon when I hear Damian. :/ Sorry.

TaraR (1206.9 days ago)
I agree with mommywithquestions. I like Zion. Very cute name but I`m not crazy about Damian. I think Alexander goes well with Zion.

mommywithquestions (1207.5 days ago)
I like Zion, it`s really cute. Damian is too close to Damien..which to me means devil, but thats just me, or I mean its what I think when I hear the name.

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