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phooey`s poll Show results | Hide results

Other-poll poll When you make a bowl of cereal what do you pour first?
(Other poll by phooey, 1022 days ago)
The milk, of course!
The cereal, I'm a rebel!
I change it up, I'm a thrill seeker, lol.
You barbarians! Eating cereal is endangering wheat and cardboard everywhere!

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Comments: 9

AbbottBaby3 (1020 days ago)
I like my cereal a little soggy so I put cereal first then enough milk to cover the cereal.

phooey (1021.4 days ago)
Yes, Kr got it right, I mixed up the options, whoops! I`m the rebel, I pour the milk first so my cereal doesn`t get soggy, lol. I`ve always done it that way. :0))))

kr (1021.7 days ago)
I think she got mixed up. Milk - rebel. Cereal - of course! Liquid passes through the cracks of the *solid* cereal. To put milk first the cereal wouldnt submerge, it would only float, giving you a smaller amount. Its science, common science. lol

CALI-MOMMY (1021.7 days ago)
i had no idea people did anything other then pour the amount of food you want to eat and then milk on top just enough to cover it... rebel? part threw me lol...And pouring milk in a empty glass bowl will splash ?!

LOAL (1021.8 days ago)
I pour the cereal first. I found `the cereal I`m a rebel` option odd. I`ll sometimes pour the milk first but that`s when the cereal is on the table and I don`t want to take the milk to the table.

Avas*Momma*09 (1021.9 days ago)
I`ve never heard of putting the milk first either. That doesn`t make any sense to me.

yayfornumber2 (1022 days ago)
me either! I always do cereal first...I mean, that`s the normal way to do it

letthisonestick (1022 days ago)
I have never heard of putting the milk in first.

-mumbo- (1022.1 days ago)
I`ve always put the cereal in first. Wouldn`t the cereal splash the milk up on you if you put the milk in first?

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