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Free2Bmom, 17 weeks. - 4.4 hours ago - Becky that's great that you're on track for a healthy pregnancy. I've been quite sick with this pregnancy so I had lost 12lbs the first three months and have gained back 6 now. Baby is measuring ahead of schedule on every ultrasound so she's obviously healthy. I am looking at car seats..... Ugh, first world problems..... I have too many vehicles so I need to find one that's easy to switch from one to another. I Just got a Jetta to drive in the summer cause it's so much easier to manoeuvre around ...
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xEricaLynn, 20 weeks. - 5.8 hours ago - It's a BOY!! :-)
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LittleAussieChick, 12 weeks. - 8.7 hours ago - Does anyone else have a Nuchal scan booked for this week? I'm on Thursday..
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LittleAussieChick, 12 weeks. - 8.7 hours ago - Today actually marks me at 12 weeks but this site is a day behind the calendar we keep here in Oz.. :)
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LittleAussieChick, 12 weeks. - 8.7 hours ago - Its not until the mention of 'pregnant in summer'that im reminded that you ladies are from other places on the planet. This will be my first pregnancy in the Winter months! lol. :) Its just started to cool down in Australia these last few days....our Winter starts on June 1st. Where are you all from? I live in the state of Queensland in Aus.
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babylumpp2015, 39 weeks. - 9.4 hours ago - oh wow, I never noticed that! And I consider 7.5 big as well! Did you have your appointment today? I go tomorrow and I'm excited to see if I progressed at all since I've been having some pretty good contractions & my last appointment was Friday, so if I've made progress in 4 days I'll feel very relieved and hopeful. Depending on how much progress is made I'll let her do a sweep. That's about as far as I'll go in the induction world, so you and I may be hanging in here for quite some time togethe ...
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babylumpp2015, 39 weeks. - 9.4 hours ago - oh wow, I never noticed that! And I consider 7.5 big as well! Did you have your appointment today? I go tomorrow and I'm excited to see if I progressed at all since I've been having some pretty good contractions & my last appointment was Friday, so if I've made progress in 4 days I'll feel very relieved and hopeful. Depending on how much progress is made I'll let her do a sweep. That's about as far as I'll go in the induction world, so you and I may be hanging in here for quite some time togethe ...
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babylove5, 39 weeks. - 10.1 hours ago - Babylump I just realized we hv the same due date!! My baby is huge im guessing 7.5 to me that's big... Lol He has got to be close to being done. If not I'm in it for the long haul! No induction
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 10.2 hours ago - Sher I can't wait to see your pics. Floy and Rjean I hope you post pics too! I'm so ready to meet my baby!!!
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mamalira, 14 weeks. - 10.9 hours ago - 14 weeks! I can't believe it. Other than frequent headaches my symptoms have completely gone. I can't believe I am going to be mommy to 3 babies!
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babylumpp2015, 39 weeks. - 11 hours ago - 39 weeks how's I loathe and love you! Please end be in sight, I know you're there I just don't see you yet!
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nycnaz23, 6 weeks. - 17.1 hours ago - Hello Mommies of week 6. I just found out over the weekend that i am pregnant with #4 I had to take 4 tests of different brands to be certain and this is absolutely not planned. I think I need some more time for it to sink in. I am high risk pregnancy and with no family or help around and a full time job, I am sure it will be difficult. My first born was a girl and stillborn at 39 weeks gestation, she's always in our thoughts, and my daughter have an imaginary friend name Sakeena (my first baby' ...
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 17.8 hours ago - Precious I was on a breastfeeding forum last pregnancy and I noticed a few moms saying their nipples were turning white while breastfeeding. They still had milk supply though. Thats all I know on the topic. I am so uncomfortable but the baby is quite happy. I guess we are just hanging out waiting on him.
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lexy-b, 38 weeks. - 18.6 hours ago - Floy my fingers are crossed you were able to go in this morning! Precious I have never heard of that before but im sure its nothing to worry about. My guess is it's something to do with hormone levels or dry skin? I would ask your midwife or doctorc at your next visit.
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RowdyRandi, 13 weeks. - 18.7 hours ago - I'm starting to look pregnant now. Guess since this is my second the belly is rounding sooner. Despite that still haven't gained any weight yet and still fitting in regular pants(well except one pair is too snug)
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RowdyRandi, 13 weeks. - 18.8 hours ago - Kekea another safe thing to take while pregnant is acidophelus pills in vitamin section. Walmart has 2 bottles for about $9. Just one pill a day
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beckym, 17 weeks. - 21.8 hours ago - 17 weeks today! At my doctor I gained 3 lbs from last month, not bad, I only want to gain tops another 20 lbs, this is my 5th pregnancy and I didn't lose all of the weight I should have from last year when I was pregnant, and the extra from each other one, so now I am about 20 lbs from my top pregnancy weight and am a little freaked out. I ordered a fetoscope, which I am excited to get in the mail in the next couple of days. My middle child's birthday party is happening on the 18th of april, ...
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Preciousgift2, 38 weeks. - 24.8 hours ago - Hi ladies...Congrats to those who have already had their little one's. This is the only week with active members so I will post my question here. I am now 36 weeks and have noticed that my aerolas (tits) have lost some of their darkened pigment which they had during the course of my pregnancy...anyone else experienced this? I am worried because I don't know what it means to my milk supply. With my DS I didn't notice any change or I just wasn't paying much attention to them, but I had a very low ...
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jory927, 4 weeks. - 30.7 hours ago - Hi ladies! So excited to join you! AF was due today but instead I got my bfp!! I've had hot flashes the past couple days so I thought something was up! Hope everyone is feeling well.
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raindrop0208, 19 weeks. - 31.2 hours ago - Popping back in! My anatomy scan is Wed ... But already know we are have a girl from the blood test. Still can't wait to see my little sweetie. She is an active one!
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xEricaLynn, 20 weeks. - 33.7 hours ago - 20 weeks today. Anatomy scan tomorrow evening. I'm really hoping it's a girl, but we may or may not find out the gender, only if baby cooperates! :-)
Read all from week 20, 24 weeks. - 36.3 hours ago - So the stomach bug is running through my home. It started with my four year old son and now it git me and my oldest daughter. As soon as I feel well enough I'm going to get up and Lysol everything in sight!!
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loralb, 26 weeks. - 37.3 hours ago - Off to week 27 and the third trimester tomorrow! So glad to have made it this far. Time to start making baby plans I guess.
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sher-baby, 38 weeks. - 38.5 hours ago - Uugh! Wth!...can u go to another hospital? Because your inductions is because of you placenta, isn't it??? It's not like it's just for the hell of it.
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floydianslip2, 38 weeks. - 38.7 hours ago - Oh ladies, this weekend has not gone at all to plan! My induction has still not happened! They called me just as I was getting ready to head over and told me not to come in, that they're too full. So I spent all day yesterday walking and trying to get things going. Nothing! Got a call this morning letting me know that they are still too full, so full in fact that they've got 3 women laboring in triage because they have no delivery rooms available at this point! So they're hoping that tomorrow wi ...
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sher-baby, 38 weeks. - 41.3 hours ago - Thanks dec baby!! I'm trying not to stress...I know stress effects milk supply too. I got a prescription today for domperidone, the lactation nurse suggested it until I at least get his lil tongue clipped! We shall see...he is such a good baby tho!!! Omg! Wakes up 2times at night to feed, cries when he's hungry!!!..well, so far anyways...we know they all change soo fast, but I've been pretty lucky so far. He is finally peeing and pooping regularly, but I'm sure that's the formula helping him our ...
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austinjeanxo, 15 weeks. - 49.7 hours ago - Hahaha it sounds silly but even everyone at worm is noticing it!!! Hahaha I literally didn't look pregnant A few days ago lol
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flybear, 23 weeks. - 50.2 hours ago - The weeks seem to be passing a lot faster now. Unfortunately, it's the uncomfortable morning sickness and waiting to fjnd out gender part of the pregnancy that just drags by. Lol
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 52.7 hours ago - @SaraBeth I so understand how you feel.I had one loss and was so nervous the next pregnancy and this one too. I have felt many sensations that have sent me to the bathroom as well. so worried every time I am cold too because maybe my but dropped. just enjoying every day of being pregnant. it is such a miracle, especially at my age.
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 52.7 hours ago - I just got my bop yesterday. I am hoping to stay on this journey for the next 8 months. I am advanced age (45) and have three little ones age 2,4 and 7. still breastfeeding my 2 old too.
Read all from week 4, 24 weeks. - 54.4 hours ago - I can see how prepping for twins can be scary and overwhelming. My sister has twins and she went through the same emotions as you when she was pregnant. After she had the babies she had to adjust but after she settled into a routine her stress level went down. I can remember wanting twins...having kids 14 months a part though is as close as I will get.
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1morefor4, 12 weeks. - 54.9 hours ago - I'm not looking forward to the summer part of being pregnant either. I've done it once before and thankfully that summer didn't get too hot but it felt hot being pregnant.
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beckym, 16 weeks. - 55.3 hours ago - Jamie, yeah, I don't get morning sickness bad with my pregnancies either, mostly nausea icky feeling bur not full fledged, the last time I lost it from that was prenatals too, I've been avoiding it like the plague going with chewables. That stomach bug though was sooooooo bad.
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jamie86, 16 weeks. - 56.4 hours ago - Becky- yeah morning sickness has never been too bad for me. This pregnancy it was almost nonexistent. I did get sick this morning soon after taking my prenatal and that was very unpleasant. The vitamin taste gross to begin with. I'm glad you found a fetoscope! That's not a bad price either.
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xEricaLynn, 19 weeks. - 57.5 hours ago - Hi Clara, my anatomy scan is on Monday too, how exciting! But we have to wait until 3:50pm for the ultrasound. Don't know how I'll make it through the day!
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 57.6 hours ago - Sher...don't stress about the breast feeding, I know it hurts when your plans don't work out:(...but I have to say, well done to you! To be working so hard to get those first important weeks of milk into your little man, you are amazing! Think of all the joy you're going to have knowing that your baby is not hungry and putting on weight! He will grow perfectly fine on formula milk and on the plus side, you can get hubby to help out with his feeds:))
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 57.7 hours ago - Babylove...oh boy, you can't be serious! I feel sorry that you have a doctor like that:( I'm glad you were able to stand up to him...I think of first time mums that probably would allow a dr. to go ahead. I love my OB...he did everything in his power to make my delivery was natural and did not want to do anything medical to intervene! Even when my membranes ruptured and there were no contractions...L&D were wanting to induce the next day and his reply was we'll see about that!! My OB was tota ...
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 57.9 hours ago - Good luck Floyd! Although I suspect you may already have your precious baby in your arms by now! I hope you have a great labour and delivery! Hugs
Read all from week 38, 12 weeks. - 61.9 hours ago - 12!! With a couple of my others....I didn't even know I was pregnant until now!! This one I found out so feels like I should be further along. At this point I am sure time will start to fly by...especially with the nice weather ahead! I must say...not sure Im looking forward to being huge over the summer And I have a wedding to attend August 29 !! Hope I can find a decent dress that doesn't make me feel like a house lol.
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 64.6 hours ago - Good luck floy! Can't wait to hear how it goes and excited for you to meet little one! Babylove that does seem a bit intense. I'm all About this membrane sweep because from what the doc said and what I've heard it gets things going if your body is ready and if it's not then it won't work but water breaking seems like a whole other level. The end is so close and as much as I want this over I think I'd have to opt out too unless baby was in danger. Bouncing on a ball and walkingthe stairs all day ...
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 65.6 hours ago - My dr wants to break my water Monday but I told him no. My baby is happy and healthy there is no need to bother him. I can't believe he asked me that. I'm not happy that he wants to put me on a schedule its my delivery and baby I'll decide what is best. Natural is best unless you need to for medical reasons.
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RowdyRandi, 12 weeks. - 65.6 hours ago - Congrats kekea. I wanna start walking. Hope i get energy soon
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 65.7 hours ago - Post pics of the baby floy and your birth story!!! I'm excited for you! I'm having real contractions on and off. Im ready when he is. I'm losing weight at this point because I'm so uncomfortable and can't eat but what I did before pregnancy. I'm so excited to meet my baby! Sher at least you are still able to give him some breast milk. I'm glad your baby is doing better!
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floydianslip2, 38 weeks. - 65.9 hours ago - Well, I'm heading to the hospital in 2 hours for an induction. Wish me luck please ladies, this is my first induction and I'm nervous!
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claraxx, 19 weeks. - 65.9 hours ago - Week 19 yay! My anatomy scan is in two days time so get to see my little one again ๐Ÿ’—
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beckym, 38 weeks. - 66.2 hours ago - Doctors can be dispicable.
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 66.9 hours ago - Beckym- I couldn't imagine how terrible that must've been having a kid in there, I feel like it would be too scary with the pain we go through. Makes me nervous to think I may have to bring my kids along until I find someone to watch them because they are very protective and look out for their mama and I know my pain would make them upset. Your labor sounds like my second did it started and stopped and I was ready to go back home and the doc (which mind u wasn't even mine, I had to go to a diff ...
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kekea, 12 weeks. - 67.1 hours ago - Hey ladies. I hope you are all doing well. This week was my first week of no extreme fatigue , rowdy I was even able to workout. Lol. I made it to the second trimester!
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kekea, 14 weeks. - 67.1 hours ago - 14 weeks today and I finally feel great after 12 weeks of complete exhaustion. I finally have my life back. I have not formally announced my pregnancy but it is definitely becoming noticeable . I am an emotional wreck though , and my nerves are frayed. Yesterday I had mommy and son time with my third born, I have to put more effort into giving my Children alone time with me. Reality is setting in and I am about to be the mom of 5. When I tell people I have 4 children they are shocked, I ca ...
Read all from week 14, 11 weeks. - 68.7 hours ago - appears motion sickness is added to my list of fun lol. I can' seem to handle a car ride that exceeds 15 mins or so or I start feeling horribly nauseous....this is just so strange...I guess this little one knows its going to be my they're going out with a bang!
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beckym, 38 weeks. - 69.7 hours ago - Babylump, I went to the hospital with my 3rd, contractions steady and close, then when I was admitted they teetered off, they began picking up again as I walked around the hospital, but they wanted to 3 rush me, so they did a sweep, then broke my water, I regret agreeing to it because doing this rushed my labor too quickly, Michelle was born bumped and bruised a bit, which was a first, my other two were born with none of that, there was no need to rush, no medical emergency, the doctor was just ...
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beckym, 15 weeks. - 70 hours ago - Lol austin, belly came out of nowhere
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beckym, 16 weeks. - 70.1 hours ago - I found fetoscopes for sale online, only 12 dollars, I am so going to buy one. It says it works best starting at 20 weeks, so by the time I get it, should be closer to that time.
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beckym, 16 weeks. - 70.1 hours ago - Jamie, agreed no fun. At least morning sickness happens quick and is gone, that was like a 3 hour endeavor in the middle of the night leaving my throat on fire even just to drink water.
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austinjeanxo, 15 weeks. - 74.5 hours ago - I'm only feeling baby ball up and change positions.... At night I'll sometimes dream Of stronger kicks.... Wonder if that's baby actually doing It and me not realizing? I can't wait to actually know for sure that is a baby movement..... No one else can feel anything but me. I'm jealous of those of you that can feel..... My mother said I JUST started to look pregnant today.... It's like a belly came out of nowhere
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sher-baby, 38 weeks. - 77 hours ago - Wow!!! Having 2 children is MUCH MUCH harder than one!!! Boy am I tired! Woow!!! week Dh goes back to work and I'm very curious to see how that will go! My bb's are much better now but sadly BF'ing isn't going so well...I can't seem to produce enought...Ive been nursing, pumping, squeezing....and repeat all day everyday, and j still can't seem to produce enough for Dallas! Yesterday I started supplamenting because he was peeing uric acid and today he's had 8 wet diapers already and no uri ...
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jamie86, 16 weeks. - 77.9 hours ago - Becky glad you are feeling better. Stomach bugs are horrible but even worse when pregnant. I got one right at 4 weeks pregnant and felt like I was dying.
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jesswithtwins, 24 weeks. - 78 hours ago - Wow can't believe I'm already in my 24th week as exciting as it is and as much as I couldn't wait to get here I think I need this pregnancy to slow down now I getting a little overwhelmed and nervous about how much our world is gonna change with 2 babies coming into our home so soon one baby never felt so scary as I feel right now knowing we are about to have 2 at one time
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kekea, 13 weeks. - 81.2 hours ago - Mamalira I have been drinking lots of water. I will try yogurts . How are you feeling? I finally have my energy back . I was able to work my whole work shift without feeling extremely exhausted and I even worked out...
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pumpkinfairy, 38 weeks. - 81.2 hours ago - I had a sweep with my 2nd and had him the same night! so good luck to you babylump hope it works as fast for you., well after drinking 3/4 of a bottle of mountain dew my headache was only half bad, so more mountain dew tonight and tomorrow, Miles got transferred out of nicu onto a regular childrens ward floor, and they told us today by wed he will be home most likely with an ng tube :D
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RowdyRandi, 12 weeks. - 83.8 hours ago - That's horrible i don't wanna know that
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 88.8 hours ago - I was contracting at appt today & doc said If baby isn't here by Tuesday I am set up for a sweep. I'll be 39+1, I'm 2.5-3 cm & only 25% effaced so far. Never had a sweep with my other two. Any of you ladies have experience? How effective are they?
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beckym, 16 weeks. - 89.5 hours ago - Dr appt. went well, went to an open house school event for my 2 elementary school students which went very well, then At About 3 in the morning I Was hit with a horrible stomach bug, I'm better now, but that was rough!
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 89.7 hours ago - & thank you ladies. I guess I just can't catch a break in the men department. I know I'll be okay, I am a very strong person at the moment I am still very, very disgusted & angry. I'm sure I'll be upset soon but more so upset this little girl isn't going to have a father to look up too, it just isn't fair to her & I feel I put her in that position. But I know I can't change any of it so I can do nothing but move forward and focus on my little girls & know that he is the one missing out. Thank yo ...
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 89.7 hours ago - Babylove I have a feeling you are next to go too. Pumpkinfairy- so sorry to hear, it doesn't sound like a good experience. hope little one latches soon & you can both go home & enjoy time together & really hope you start feeling better as soon as possible! Sherbaby- hows the engorgement going? Who else is left hanging still preg?! Had appt today dialted more & effaced some & baby is looking great which is the first time I got a posiive news and not 'lets send for more tests' so let's go baby, I ...
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 90.4 hours ago - Babylove...I'm so excited to see who will have their baby next! I betting on you๐Ÿ˜‰ hope those contractions start to get more regular...I bet your little ones are excited!! Mine were asking daily If I was going to have the baby! Tomorrow I go home from husband has told that they were all baking blue cupcakes and making cards and signs! Too cute:) I have LOVED my hospital stay...but also looking forward to getting home to my flock;)
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KristiW, 35 weeks. - 90.7 hours ago - I am extremely uncomfortable. I hope this baby comes like 38 weeks! I have gained 37 with baby 1 and 52 with baby 2. Right now I am at 34. As long as I am under 40 I will be good with that!
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 90.7 hours ago - Sher, how are your bb's going? My milk came in today...aww painful to say the least!! I don't dare pump for fear that my body will just make more!
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 90.9 hours ago - Awww Pumpkin...sounds like NICU are really keeping a close eye on your little that he becomes a pro at feeding before taking him home...I had a terrible time with my 32 weeker, she was doing everything right in NICU and after a week at home she started to lose weight...that whole ordeal is still very traumatic! Oh my, you have seriously scared me off epi' poor thing, hope you can get that one resolved quickly...kinda sounds serious!
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 90.9 hours ago - Pumpkin I will pray for your baby to feed well and be able to everything he needs to! That is awful that you hv to hv another epi!! I will pray for u to hv a quick recovery. I hope you are eating well! Let us know when ur baby is home
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monkeymomma, 9 weeks. - 91 hours ago - Hello fellow 9 weekers!
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KristinaA, 35 weeks. - 91.2 hours ago - 35 weeks and 36.5 lbs already. I get such bad chocolate and ice cream cravings during pregnancy that I always gain a good 40 lbs. And as the months/weeks go on, my Dr. always says 'we've got to watch that.' What are they doing to do, put me on a diet for my last 3-5 weeks or pregnancy? lol. I have tried to stay healthy and done more exercise this pregnancy than any of my others. I've logged over 200 miles running/walking. Even though it's not a lot at this point, I still start out 5 mornings ...
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 91.2 hours ago - BabyLump...I feel so sorry that you're having to deal with all of this so close to having your baby! I wish you all the strength and courage you will need to get through these days. I am happy though that you will get a beautiful little treasure at the end. I hope that one day you will find someone that will make you and your little ones happy! Try not to let him rob you of this most precious time in your life...sending hugs your way
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 91.2 hours ago - Way to go Floyd...that is so funny! sounds like you're super close to having your little one!! I usually go into labour when I lose mine...I can't believe I didn't happen till almost 6 days later! And also my membranes usually rupture during labour, not beforehand! I couldn't predict anything this time round;)
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Dec Baby, 38 weeks. - 91.3 hours ago - Congratulations Rjean! Well done๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy this special time!
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pumpkinfairy, 38 weeks. - 91.8 hours ago - hey ladies my baby boy is still in nicu :( his only issue is feeding which is weird cause at birth he latched right on me, and took 20 by mouth from a bottle now he takes 5-15 by mouth and they shove the rest down a tube in his nose :( they wont release him til he eats all of it on his own. as far as me I might have to have a 3rd epidural because the anesthesiologist punctured the membrane around the spine so I leak spinal fluid causing severe headaches they fill the hole with your own blood, an ...
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1morefor4, 12 weeks. - 91.8 hours ago - I've read between 11 and 14 weeks. But my due date is based on an u/s scan and I think the midwife office was using my lmp to date which has me a week behind the u/s scan. The u/s was after my midwife appointment so I don't think they adjusted it because they scheduled my nt scan before I left the office prior to my dating scan. So I'll see if they will change it next week if not I'm not really stressing it. A close friend was told she had no significant risk and her son was still born with down ...
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 91.8 hours ago - Congrats R Jean and pumpkin!!! I'm soo excited to meet my lil guy! I had the real labor contractions last night on and off. I just have to wait on them to stay consistent. Floy I will pray you hv a healthy baby and delivery!!! Babylump there are good guys out there but hard to find! Focus on your children and let it go! I will pray for you to find peace and make sure you get all the child support you need.
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sesame, 7 weeks. - 92.3 hours ago - Hi all, week 7 now. No sickness at all, only symptom is tiredness which hits in the afternoon... Hard to hide all the yawns in work! Can't wait till week 12 to let people know and to have a scan. This is my first baby.
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sher-baby, 38 weeks. - 101.3 hours ago - Im sorry Too babylump! I couldn't imagine! And I'm sure, as strong as you are, there is A big big part of your that is hurting badly!! I hope you find the strength to keep going and raising your girls!!
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sher-baby, 38 weeks. - 101.3 hours ago - Congrats rjean!!! Enjoy your lil man!!!
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lexy-b, 38 weeks. - 103.4 hours ago - Congratulations rjean! Can't wait to hear the story. Babylump my heart goes out to you, what a pig! Your better off without him. I have no idea what you must be feeling but know your strong and can handle it. We are all here for support.
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floydianslip2, 38 weeks. - 104.1 hours ago - Babylump, I'm so sorry to hear that, how disgusting! It breaks my heart to think of you laboring alone... Many prayers being sent your way.
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machalaB, 38 weeks. - 104.6 hours ago - Congrats Rjean!!! Babylump sorry to hear that n Babylove maybe u r next. I got a new OB today n im 38 weeks, God is sooo good!!!
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chrissy0423, 7 weeks. - 104.7 hours ago - Week 7 today!
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RowdyRandi, 12 weeks. - 105.2 hours ago - Oh and my granma was always underweight her whole life but now in her 70s she's finally at a normal weight. So as long as your underweight issue isn't caused by a hyperactive thyroid then you can look forward to being heavier when your old:)
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RowdyRandi, 12 weeks. - 105.3 hours ago - 1morefor4 i have my nt u/s tomorrow. I thought it had to be done between 11 &13 wks
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 106.4 hours ago - Babylove- I hope it leads labor!!
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babylumpp2015, 38 weeks. - 106.4 hours ago - Congrats RJean!!! Enjoy time with your little one! Everyone seems to be having their babies! I thought for sure my day was Tuesday night 9pm-1am I had STRONG contractions every 3 minutes but I was waiting as long as possible to head to hospital and then they slowly faded and disappeared. Have US tomorrow AM to check growth & then apt right after, so I suppose we will see what happens. I am tired & exhausted & it's been a rough few days. I found out my lovely BF who had moved away for a job to 's ...
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floydianslip2, 38 weeks. - 106.6 hours ago - Congratulations RJean!!!
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RJean, 38 weeks. - 106.6 hours ago - I had my baby last night! 20' and 7 lbs 11 oz. he is a doll and we are in love! I'll get up the birth story later and enjoy the first day :)
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lexy-b, 38 weeks. - 107 hours ago - Omg haha yeah I could see that being a bit embarrassing but they have probably seen it all.
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Mrs.Potter, 7 weeks. - 108.9 hours ago - Hello week 7! Super excited! Anyone showing yet? I feel/look huge! 1st US on monday :D
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floydianslip2, 38 weeks. - 109.1 hours ago - Wow, I've missed so much in the last few days! Congrats Dec and Pumpkin! Sounds like we're all getting so close! Me, I just left the doc, I'm 3 cm and 50%. How embarrassing is this, I lost my plug in my urine sample! The nurse didn't mind, she teased me about it in fact. Anyway, looks like my placenta is pretty calcified, and with the BP fluctuations they've decided to schedule an induction. So if baby boy doesn't come on his own by then I'm scheduled for Saturday! I'll keep everyone posted, and ...
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kerry1983, 11 weeks. - 110 hours ago - Hi everyone, thought I'd introduce myself, I'm kerry pregnant with baby number 2, my daughter is now 6. I did use this site a lot when I w as s carrying her! I'm still waiting for my first scan, finally had the date through which is Thursday 2nd April, I cannot wait! As far as I can work out from my last period I should be 11 weeks and 2 days! I'm so so tired all the time! But no other signs apart from a very noticeable bump!! Ha. I hope you're well.
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babylove5, 38 weeks. - 110.2 hours ago - Just got back from the Dr and I'm group b positive ๐Ÿ˜ฃ and still 3 cm but I started bleeding after he checked me!!! we shall see if this starts anything.
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1morefor4, 12 weeks. - 111.5 hours ago - i'm one of those so-called lucky women who within year loses the pregnancy weight. but being naturally underweight makes it suck that I can't keep at least 10 of the 30+ pregnancy pounds just so I don't have to hear how my bmi is considered too low and unhealthy. but i'm just genetically built that way. nothing I can do about it. anyway on another topic I have another midwife appointment on the 1st when i'll be 13 weeks and my NT scan on the 8th when i'll be 14 weeks. i'm hoping next week that s ...
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liltyke7, 24 weeks. - 111.6 hours ago - WOOOHOOO Week 24!! Baby boy is really moving now! love feeling him.
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mrscarr, 7 weeks. - 112.4 hours ago - yay for week 7! :D
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treadingwater, 11 weeks. - 112.8 hours ago - LittleAussie-I am having no nausea but I suffer food aversion. I don't like meat any more. :( PAULA- I also have a 1 yr old. She's been super clingy and is like my little shadow. She does not want to part from me and cries each time I'm gone. I think she knows something is wrong. I toss and turn throughout the night and my sleep is light so i've been extremely exhausted.
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