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Latest comments in the week-by-week calendar

beanaleena, 11 weeks. - 10 minutes ago - Years ago I was on here. This site was much more lively!!!! Hopefully it picks up! Are many of you ladies still sick? This has been been the longest 3 months of my life! I have lost 12 pounds. Food taste like crap, my mouth tastes funny, blah blush! What I am grateful for, having an early may due DATe! First pregnancy not having to deal with the heat of Summer!!!!! Anyhow, hoping , if you are sick, that it comes to an end very soon! Anyone had any gender dreams? I dreampt another boy ( in fact m ...
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christina7289, 6 weeks. - 1.2 hours ago - I been having pains in my lower right side doctor thinks it maybe a cyst but will not do a scan they said all my leaves are very high so flustered
Read all from week 6, 6 weeks. - 3.9 hours ago - So I turned 6 weeks yesterday and I was sooo sick last night. Ms has definitely caught up with me and now I wish I didnt get it even tho it was unreassuring if the pregnancy is going well or not... I guess its all good now I just have to wait for my scan on Tuesday
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sher-baby, 18 weeks. - 4.3 hours ago - My bb's are atill tender...and my nipples are a lil sensitive! I hope I have the same will power dec!! I don't want to ask!!! Floydianslip- I can't wait to hear what ur having!!! I've had Braxton hicks all day today! I didn't start getting these until around week 30 with my daughter! I'm not even 17weeks until tomorrow!!! I know it's normal but it's still a lil nervewrecking!, does it mean anything serious..can I expect to go into labour early?? I don't know! We'll see!
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sunshineythoughts, 5 weeks. - 4.4 hours ago - Hello ladies!! I don't have a forum to belong to (considering my situation) so I thought i'd implant myself here for now. My dilemma: I know for a fact that I ovulated around October 6th or 7th. I have irregular cycles but I know my body. I was supposed to get a period Oct. 21st and well..still no sign of AF at all. I tested on Oct. 26th and it was negative. I am in limbo and it's driving me crazy not knowing. I'm starting to think this is an anovulatory cycle. I am not experiencing that many s ...
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sher-baby, 17 weeks. - 4.8 hours ago - This is #2 for me but I'm not worried yet. I will say tho!! I have had Braxton hicks all day!! That didn't start for me until around week 30with my first!
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jojo, 38 weeks. - 6.1 hours ago - Happy Anniversary hun :-)
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Juliemom24, 34 weeks. - 7.8 hours ago - Lissie, I'm glad that she decided to flip for you. I hope that your induction works!
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mamaford77, 14 weeks. - 9.4 hours ago - Well, here I am alone in my week again lol. So happy to be in the second trimester! I have HG so I'm not feeling great, but every week brings me closer to the end and to my sweet baby! Just 12 more days until the next appt and then we'll schedule the anatomy scan!
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babylove5, 17 weeks. - 10.3 hours ago - Happy Halloween! It is going to be a long fun day for the boys. My baby goes to bed at 6 so he will be grumpy staying out until 830 with trick or treating. I didn't feel anything with my 1st until I was 25 weeks. I know with each pregnancy for me it happens sooner. They can be in a odd position too. It's great once you do feel it everyday. I always feel closer to the baby.
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floydianslip2, 18 weeks. - 13 hours ago - Wow, kudos to you Dec Baby! 4 more days til our scan and I will most definitely be asking about the sex! My bb pain went away finally, but I do have some alarmingly huge veins in them that I never had before. Very weird!
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sher-baby, 17 weeks. - 13.6 hours ago - I'm not feeling anything yet either....I don't think. We still have time so I'm not worried.
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Dec Baby, 18 weeks. - 14.9 hours ago - Yay...half way and I can't believe we had our scan and managed not to ask what the sex is!! So proud of us!...hehe My bb's are seriously big and awww they are so sore...I can't stand to have them knocked or bumped!!
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lissie****, 32 weeks. - 18.6 hours ago - Juliesmom// I didn't realize they give you steroids. I'm glad. That's going to help if things end up going in that direction.
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lissie****, 33 weeks. - 18.6 hours ago - letroise you are amazing for being able to work right now! My body just is giving out on me ha! I have 4 little kids and don't even work currently and I'm just falling apart physically about now. Like it's hard to walk. And aren't you my age too! Amazing woman.
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lissie****, 34 weeks. - 18.7 hours ago - I haven't commented in a while! My sister is in town and things have been crazy around here. I'm trying to avoid a C-section also. For me it's likely either C-section or induction so blah. But I would rather at least try induction than jump to C-section. But I also don't want this baby to get stuck and be in the danger my last baby was in. I make them too big for my body. And the induction will really give me a better chance to fit baby out. But at least I found out that baby has finally fli ...
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matoks, 38 weeks. - 20.3 hours ago - sorry abt ur swollen foot we are almost their,am fine just being borthered y ds being has nt come out really giving me is m wedding anniversary.
Read all from week 38, 9 weeks. - 22.5 hours ago - Welcome a2d and congrats! I'm also keeping hope up for a boy. We have an 11 year old daughter, a daughter in heaven, and a 6 month old daughter. There's so hope for a boy right? ! Lol
Read all from week 9, 20 weeks. - 23.6 hours ago - Congrats I just found out I'm having my 3rd boy lol. Guess girls are not for me. I get belly cramps and wake up nauseous. I sleep a ton too. He has his days and nights backwards but he wiggles throughout the day here and there.
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supermom87, 17 weeks. - 24.9 hours ago - I keep having moments it feels like butterflies in my tummy then I pass gas and I don't feel anything afterwards I feel like I'm so behind everyone else lol my breast just started leaking yesterday no obvious baby movements and no clue what I'm having
Read all from week 17, 5 weeks. - 28.4 hours ago - 8blessings thank you so much :) I hope your symptoms calm down and you get to enjoy the pregnancy. I dont even have morning sickness yet I do feel a little nauseous at times but it goes away as soon as I eat. I usually get hyperemesis and the fact I am not even sick yet is alarming to me but I might just be blessed with not getting it this time :)
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8blessings, 5 weeks. - 29.1 hours ago - @nadia that's good to hear you don't have to pay for your scan praying your bubs is healthy and that you get to see the heart beat all the best :)
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Amanda0510, 8 weeks. - 32.6 hours ago - Today is my last day in week 8. Just had my first appointment. Got an ultrasound and everything is looking good and the due date was confirmed. Got to hear the heartbeat. I am so glad everything is going well. Hope everyone else is doing well!
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krydissius, 4 weeks. - 35.2 hours ago - morning ladies, I took a test this morning and got my faint positives so I'm hoping this is a big sign that I'm getting my BFP FX, wishing all you ladies luck, sending baby dust to all :)
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floydianslip2, 18 weeks. - 37 hours ago - Blueberry pancakes sound beyond amazing right now! I didn’t have eggs and bacon last night for dinner after all, I had Olive Garden instead. Just as good! Well ladies, I think that the crazy pregnancy dreams have officially started! All night last night I dreamt about labor, breastfeeding, seeing the baby, that the baby was a boy (hmmmm…. Interesting!), that my boss stole my baby, about me hiding the baby under my desk at work, and my personal favorite: the baby was born with a full set ...
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Sunshinebaby8, 16 weeks. - 37.2 hours ago - Glad you found out what was making you sick... hope the meds work and you can get back to feeling good :) I think (knock on wood) my energy is starting to return!!! WOO HOO!! Not as tired as I have been. thank god!
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babylove5, 17 weeks. - 37.9 hours ago - Bean79 I love this stage too! I love waking up every morning and laying in bed feeling my little man kick. It's so cute! I woke up yesterday and he must have been asleep so I started rolling around trying to wake him up until I felt his little movements. I can feel his hands and feet at the same time. He is so cute now that the movements have really started I feel I am bonding with him. I normally feel connected before the movements but this pregnancy it took me longer. I think because I feel ov ...
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sher-baby, 18 weeks. - 40 hours ago - Lol...there really isn't much I won't eat at the moment, so I don't know if that's good or bad!! But my appetite has prob at least doubled!! I eat anywhere from4-6 meals a day!!! I'm scared one day it's all going to catch up with me and I'm going gain something crazy in the blink of an eye!!!
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 40.1 hours ago - Supama- in the early weeks I was waking up 3-4 times at night to was sooo frustrating. Now it's not soo bad. If I'm careful I might only wake up once. I don't think I have felt much movement. Maybe a few times but for me it's kinda hard to tell because I've been soo gassy and I almost always have movement in my stomach that's NOT baby! Lol
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A2D, 9 weeks. - 41.2 hours ago - Hi Ladies, sorry I'm only checking in now, I joined in 2011 and my baby girl was born in May 2012, now expecting our 2nd, how are you all?? Hope to make loads of friends like we did before! I am Tired all the time, and sick often, today the headaches started. Hoping it's a boy this time!
Read all from week 9, 5 weeks. - 41.9 hours ago - So they didnt actually checked my hormone levels :( I was pretty pissed off but I rang to ask if I had to pay for my scan and turns out I dont so I will be getting it done on tuesday and I will be 6.4 weeks I hope we will see a heart beat. Xxx
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jojo, 39 weeks. - 42.5 hours ago - Happy 39 weeks woo hoo :-)
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holymotherofgod, 6 weeks. - 46.4 hours ago - Excited to be adding baby #2
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jellybelly3, 4 weeks. - 47.5 hours ago - Hey all! So for the past couple days I've gotten very faint positives on all the tests I took. Feeling extremely nauseous, so that's a good thing right?! I'm a little concerned that my lines aren't getting darker.. at all. And the line is still so faint! My period was supposed to be today.. so I guess it's a waiting game now. Hoping it's not a chemical.. and until I know otherwise I am going to hang out here :). Hoping we all get a bunch of sticky little beans!
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supama, 16 weeks. - 49.2 hours ago - Supermom...glad ur feeling better!! Not about the other stuff, but at least you can take antibiotics for that! Sher-baby-good news!! I swear I feel like I am now peeing every 15 min...I got stuck in crappy SoCal rush hr traffic tonight & i swear i almost pulled onto the shoulder to pee bc i didnt think i'd make it!! Lots & lots of baby movement this wk, tho :)
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BethQ, 18 weeks. - 50.3 hours ago - I had blueberry pancakes and sausages for dinner. It wasn't waffles or bacon. Still craving. My food aversions lately are hot dogs (the thought alone makes me nauseous ) and things with tomato sauce because they really give me heartburn.
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bbyrnelowe3girls, 8 weeks. - 52.9 hours ago - so sorry to hear that miss piggy. i hope all will be ok.
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floydianslip2, 18 weeks. - 53.8 hours ago - I would LOVE some bacon right now! Bacon, eggs, and sourdough toast, I could eat that a few times a week. Maybe that’s what I’ll have for dinner tonight. I’m still not having what I would consider cravings yet, just things that sound way better than others. And I am still completely repulsed by some things that I wasn’t before. Like BBQ sauce, I can’t stand it! Anyway, the dentist went well, no cavities but my gums bled like crazy!
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 53.9 hours ago - Saw Dr today I have 3 types of infection down there after having diarrhea ugh gross bacterial, yeast and uti Dr said it wasn't uncommon for a woman to have them after having the kind of diarrhea i had just nerves me out a bit baby is doing great hoping i get well soon and no more getting sick at least it was my appendix tho peace hope everyone is doing well
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Juliemom24, 34 weeks. - 54.5 hours ago - I'm also from Washington! Small world. With my last one I was living on the East Coast and I was planning on going to one of the best midwife clinics in the US until I found out we were moving. I get nervous too because of the same things. It seems they are a bit behind the times here too:(
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sher-baby, 18 weeks. - 57.2 hours ago - Lol!! Waffles and bacon at the same time, like chicken and waffles?
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BethQ, 18 weeks. - 57.8 hours ago - Lol always quiet. I have to wait until I'm in the middle of the week before you or others join the convo.;) ugh, craving waffles and bacon. Plates and plates of them! Alas, I don't own a waffle iron and don't feel like going out for bacon lol.
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letroise11, 34 weeks. - 58 hours ago - Oh anxiousmami I'm so sorry for your, for one stuck in Oklahoma and two have such a doctor. I have 5 bio kids this is my 6th and never once have I had an epidural. We are different and we don't all need the same birth plan.
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 59.8 hours ago - I finally got my heart monitor in the mail I'm not sure how long I will have to wear it but its annoying already LOL and I'm going back to my ob today I think I have a uti ugh well wishes to everyone hope everyone is doing well
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 60.1 hours ago - Whooo hoooo!!! I've only gained 1lb in 4 weeks!!! So that means I've only gained 6.5lbs this pregnancy! Now I can continue to eat like a pig! My OB found the baby hb really easily today so whoo hoo again!
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floydianslip2, 18 weeks. - 61.1 hours ago - Quiet in here! Well hello week 18, things are moving along. I have a dentist appointment today to get a cleaning (yuck!), and in 6 days I have my ultrasound!
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honeymoon-surprise, 8 weeks. - 63.9 hours ago - Sorry to hear that Mizz Piggy, are u going to go and see your dr?
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mizz piggy, 8 weeks. - 76.5 hours ago - My name is mizz piggy..i woke up dis mornin in pain and bleedin has this.ever happen to anyone..i am pregnant or was i dont kno but i.believe
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anxiousmami, 34 weeks. - 77.8 hours ago - Juliemom24 you know that's my biggest stress right now is not going the midwife /doula route. I am from Washington state and they have midwifery's around every corner and are very much pro natural. However I am currently living in Oklahoma state and well I can't help but feel they are behind in times and education 😞 my Dr is always bringing up the epidural and I have to keep reminding her no, I am going natural I don't want interventions etc. ugh I'm about to buy a tub and do it myself.
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jojo, 38 weeks. - 80.2 hours ago - Yes hun they're both doing really well and their babies are perfect.. only us 2 left :-) I'm doing really good apart from the swollen feet and legs which isrestricting me a bit but other tthan that. . How's u??
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vick1020, 4 weeks. - 81 hours ago - Hello ladies! I will be five weeks on Friday with #3. My son is 5 and my daughter will be 3 in January. We are so excited about #3!!!
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matoks, 38 weeks. - 81.7 hours ago - tnx jojo hope u are fine?trust bonita and baby are doing fine?did u hear from twinny also?
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 82.2 hours ago - In TN there are several doctors willing to do a VBAC. My doctor is willing. It is safer for the mother and baby to do a VBAC than c section the chance of rupture is 1 percent w vbac. These doctors are awful to force you into doing what they want.
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kiki19, 4 weeks. - 83.9 hours ago - good morning ladies...I'm 6 days away before AF is due, I'm FX that this will be our month to get a BFP hoping to be joining you ladies here really soon :)
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bean79, 17 weeks. - 84.5 hours ago - I always drink water all day long, but I started BH contractions last week. The last two days they were pretty frequent. Same with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies also, so it's normal I guess. I've been feeling baby move, but nothing consistent yet. It's so cool because the last few days, instead of just the flutters and rolling, I have felt actual kicks that kind of startle me. I LOVE this stage!!!
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 85.1 hours ago - Pumpkin my specialist wanted to do the same thing and tried get me to do cervical stitch I wasn't comfortable with any of it and they are respecting my wishes that I didn't agree with measuring the length of my cervix or cervical stitch tell them you don't want it done if they can't respect it then find another doctor and far as finding a Dr to do vbac I haven't found one yet that's willing do vbac cause they don't wanna be sued I'm not arguing with C-section this time cause I want my tubes tied ...
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Sunshinebaby8, 16 weeks. - 87 hours ago - Pumpkin... you know your body. You are also IN CHARGE of your own body. Do what YOU think is best. You have had children before and if you think this is too much.. deny it. they can not MAKE you do anything you do not want to do. If you think this new Doc will 'make you ' do thing you do not feel comfortable doing... SWITCH ASAP!!! You should never feel like you are being forced to do something you don't want to do, or feel uncomfortable with.
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pumpkinfairy, 16 weeks. - 89.2 hours ago - hey ladies I need some advice, I want to switch obgyn's I'm very high risk due to my age and health issues, the current dr I see is also sending me to a fetal specialist, they dont do vbacs, and I've delivered 3 vbac but now this one doesnt, theyre lso wanting to do cervical length checks every 2 weeks, I feel its to invasive and I'm not comfortable with it, should I have a heart to heart with dr or just find a new one?
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supama, 16 weeks. - 97.2 hours ago - Lol, babylove, im like u. My clothes tell it all. I know i lost 7-8 lbs at first bc i was so sick, but i gained that back + 2 at my last visit, so i'm guessing about 5 now & 10 by next visit the way im eating now
Read all from week 16, 5 weeks. - 100.2 hours ago - I had no more of that old blood. I went to dr yesterday and got my referral for a scan but she said its up to me if I want to get it done now and see maybe nothing or wait a week or so and be sure... I think ill wait till not next monday but the one after because then I will be well into week 7.. they took bloods and I think I will ring today and fond out my hormone levels.. this pregnancy is gona drag... HevAnnjohnson I forgot to say thats good you saw a heartbeat chances of miscarriage are way ...
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 100.3 hours ago - I don't weigh myself at home only the dr. I just base it on how my pants fit. The butt had gotten snug so I know it's there. Plus my bra is to tight now. I would guess 11 pounds. I don't want to gain more than 34. Ill lose10 instant then the other 24 from breastfeeding.
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babylove5, 17 weeks. - 100.4 hours ago - I wish I could drink 60 ounces a day. I drink coffee everyday too and my aunt said I have to not count the 1st 20 ounces of water because of the coffee. I don't like drinking 40 ounces of water but she said the coffee cancels out the first 20. I love coffee so I can't give that up.
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RJean, 17 weeks. - 101.7 hours ago - Before I had my first DS, I couldn't stomach water at all-I probably only drank 15-20 oz a day. Breast feeding taught me how to chug water like nothing else and I usually drink about 60 oz a day now...but that's mainly because I do lap swimming and get easily dehydrated in the water.
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Juliemom24, 34 weeks. - 102.6 hours ago - That's really good news axiousmami. I freak out about the idea of a c-section too, especially since they were talking about inducing him early if he isn't thriving... blech. Actually, all this talk of inducing early and all the dr. visits are making me want to do a midwife next time.
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jojo, 38 weeks. - 103.1 hours ago - Good luck with everything matoks.. keep me posted :-) xx
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Sunshinebaby8, 16 weeks. - 104.5 hours ago - I don't even want to know how much I have gained so
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 105 hours ago - I'm a lil worries about my weight gain this time around. With my daughter I gained about 35,lbs, so not Bad..I go for my second appt on the 29th and I'll see then how much I've gained, but I'm thinking around 10lbs in total too so far!!
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 105.8 hours ago - I've gained 6lbs so far but I look so big that I feel like it's more than that lol
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floydianslip2, 17 weeks. - 105.8 hours ago - I know I’m not drinking nearly enough water… I haven’t been keeping track of how many ounces, but if I had to guess I’d say 30 oz a day at the most? I’m just not feeling thirsty for some reason.
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anxiousmami, 34 weeks. - 107.5 hours ago - Found out my little man has turned his head down hurray so relieved to know that. I've had all my kids natural and vaginally and would stress at the idea of a c-section or anything going into my back. I live in the middle of nowhere and about 45min to an hour away fm my hospital so if I happen to deliver at home again I will feel confident but now just got to make sure I don't have that group B strep now
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machala-b, 16 weeks. - 108.2 hours ago - How is everyons weight gain?? I've gained 10lbs so far..thanks to diclegis, but I'm thinking I'm gonna pass the 180lbs mark this pregnancy for sure.
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anxiousmami, 34 weeks. - 108.3 hours ago - Today is my transition day so I am officially 34 wks. Last night I was having some intense BH contractions I think it was due to my 2y.o still nursing. At my OB appt this morning so shall see how everything is going. After this I will be seen every week how exciting. Hope everyone is well
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babylove5, 17 weeks. - 108.7 hours ago - Willow I was having rather intense Braxton hicks while shopping last week and called my aunt who is the head RN over the maternity ward. She told me to drink water and they went away. I still get them but not that frequent or intense. I hate drinking a lot of water since I'm already bloated and pregnant. I drink 40 ounces a day and that's it. It was 20 until my BH contractions started. How much water are you guys drinking a day?
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babylove5, 17 weeks. - 108.8 hours ago - 17 weeks yay!!! I was laying in bed this morning with a full bladder and I could feel my lil guy kicking like crazy! I can only feel him a lot when I have a full bladder and laying flat.
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honeymoon-surprise, 8 weeks. - 108.9 hours ago - 1st day in week 8, these weeks seem to be flying by! This is my 3rd pregnancy, my other two were super smooth sailing but this time i feel so rough!! Instead of morning sickness I have afeternoon and early evening sickness! No energy, constipation, heartburn! Really feel bleurgh! Midwife came out to our house on saturday to get us all booked in, so just need to wait for 12 week sacn date now! so exciting! :-)
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floydianslip2, 17 weeks. - 109.3 hours ago - Willow, I asked my doc about this at my last appointment because I thought I was getting them too. She said it’s normal if it is non-painful and just feels like a tightening or mild cramping sensation. She said that the uterus practices throughout pregnancy, but she also said that to pay attention to that feeling and make sure that you’ve been drinking enough water or aren’t doing any activity that is too strenuous because sometimes you cramp up when you’re over doing it. Beth, the ...
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 111.4 hours ago - Thanks I will call see what they say unfortunately I can't go today hubby has the truck but I can keep it tomorrow if they want to see me
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Sunshinebaby8, 16 weeks. - 111.5 hours ago - supermom.. yes make sure you ask.. and I wouldn't wait. Call them today and see if they can see you. Your in a lot of pain. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. ((hugs))
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 111.9 hours ago - I'm to point its cloudy when I pee and it stinks I'm wondering can uti make you feel this bad then again I worry about the others to I'm definitely going to say something to the specialist I'm going to see on the 6th see what they say cause they specialize in preventing preterm labor maybe they can help since my ob won't listen to me
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8blessings, 5 weeks. - 114.2 hours ago - Hi ladies good to be in week 5 having bloods done on weds and im still deciding on a m/w,have woke up every morning feeling like crap/nauseaous along with lower back pain,hot and cold never had these symptoms so early on with my other pregnancies and heart burn sux too anyone else feeling like this?
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HopingforaGirl35, 5 weeks. - 119.3 hours ago - Hello week 5! Got my blood results back this morning and hormone levels are consistent with being 5 weeks pregnant! DH and I are over the moon!! First app. booked with Ob. in week 8..
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blondeabby, 39 weeks. - 120.2 hours ago - Thanks everyone:) so glad she is out! We almost lost her her shoulders were stuck. I posted a pic on my profile:) she looks like a month old baby and she is 3 days old in the pic!
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BethQ, 17 weeks. - 121.2 hours ago - Just cramping and irregular or sharp and severe, Willow? Cramping is pretty normal throughout pregnancy. It's the uterus practicing for the real deal. If they're sharp, lasting for 30 seconds or longer, or hard to talk thru, I would definitely go in and be checked. Good luck!
Read all from week 17, 5 weeks. - 122.3 hours ago - Thank you I hope do too it was only a tiny bit and even tho I did bleep with my second I still panicked when I saw it.
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supama, 16 weeks. - 122.5 hours ago - Supermom, totally dont want to be the freak out, but i might call the ob 2moro if its been on-off for a couple wks along with right-sided pain. I hope it gets better. Ask maybe to have an abdominal ultrasound (not just a uterus ultrasound) to check ur appendix and what not. And have them do a swab to check for bacterial can sometimes cause diarrhea and not good for u & baby. Hope it goes away SOON!!
Read all from week 16, 9 weeks. - 122.8 hours ago - I love this site. I wish there was more discussion on here.
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patiently waiting, 6 weeks. - 122.8 hours ago - lisa- i agree. I even went a few weeks up to see if the groups would get bigger (thinking people in 6 are still joining as they find out) i was a bit saddened that the groups are so much smaller. This is my 4th baby and i've used this site every time...i also remember groups of 40+
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afshanm07, 39 weeks. - 124.7 hours ago - Thanx u ladies and congrats blondeabby my birthday was on 18. bless u guys. Thanx glowingwith2. Bless u too on ur baby boy as well.
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 126.3 hours ago - We went to the pumpkin patch today and the boys had a blast! I was talking to a mom that was 39 weeks and her baby bump was huge! I better enjoy my small bump before he starts getting really big!
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 126.3 hours ago - Supermom they should put you on short term disability since you are having such a difficult pregnancy. I know you have a history of loss. They could just put you on bed rest, if you tell your dr. you are not feeling well they will help you. I hope you start feeling better!
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christina7289, 6 weeks. - 128.7 hours ago - I'm 6 weeks today
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matoks, 38 weeks. - 129.3 hours ago - waoo,thats awesome never knew she has put to bed,im doing pretty good but anxious to have this baby am tired of carrying hi,am due already.
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WillowBrooke, 17 weeks. - 129.4 hours ago - Is it normal to start getting Braxton Hicks at only 17wks/5months pregnant?
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jojo, 38 weeks. - 129.7 hours ago - Hey matoks.. how you doing?? Only me and you left.. bonita had her lil Joshua on 19th.. I'm doing really good can't believe I'm almost 39wks!!
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matoks, 38 weeks. - 132 hours ago - hello bonita and jojo,quite sometimes how are the little being in us?miss u guys a lot.
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HevAnnJohnson, 5 weeks. - 132.3 hours ago - @Nadiamov, yes we did see a hearybeat. As soon as i saw the heartbeat i cried because i felt relieved. My OB did set me up for another scan for 2 weeks, finger crossed everything is fine. I hope everything is fine with your and baby. I bleed with my first at 7 weeks and he is now 7 and healthy :)
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 132.5 hours ago - I'm miserable 😢
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 132.5 hours ago - This is my second week of having the diarrhea on and off I thought at first it may be a virus but my right side hurts really bad to point I was screaming last night I got diarrhea and loss of appetite and dizzy spells low grade fever on n off ugh what ever it is its not fun and I wouldn't wish this off on anyone
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Sunshinebaby8, 16 weeks. - 133.7 hours ago - sounds like you have a virus. I'm sorry. Drink lots of water and rest up. I hope you feel better soon.
Read all from week 16, 5 weeks. - 134.4 hours ago - So I just had a little brown discharge on my pad but none on the paper when I wiped... got a gp appointment for tomorrow morning so I can get a referral for a scan. I got everything crossed this pregnancy will all go well
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