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bkle, 35 weeks. - 23 minutes ago - the dr. and nurses get to hold my little ones first. My last baby I didn't get to hold her for 4 days :-( It was the longest four days of my life! I had gotten so jealous of the nurses because they got to interact with her more then I did. I would be Livid if my hole family got to hold my baby before I did, but then again I don't have to worry about that because my family are almost all gone. To be honest if anyone at all comes to see me and baby in the hospital ill be surprised for sure and ...
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sarah6485 , 20 weeks. - 1 hours ago - I did find it hard at first but im sort of over it now haha plus it will get me through the labour the whole excitement of about to find out what it is :-) i think it's a boy said it from from day one although I really do not mind what i have im just as excited either way got names ready stuff ready luckily alot of the main bits was unisex so i dont really need to buy alot. Can't believe how fast its going aswell and if i was asked if I wanted to know the gender now id definatly say no as i love ...
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4girls want a boy, 35 weeks. - 1.6 hours ago - Oh sorry Samantha I thought it happened to you. Well sorry they did that to her , and ya maybe the daddy was just so proud ... My last baby I was so mad that after I had the baby they did not hand the baby to me they gave her to her daddy. I was like ummm give her to me..LOL He was just holding her and holding her. I needed to hold her first
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oopixiesticks, 21 weeks. - 1.7 hours ago - Thats great news! Im still waiting for the 21st..been super nauseous though yesterday and today i cant eat waiting for my prescription to be filled but it took the doctor forever to call it in to the pharmacy
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.4 hours ago - Good luck with your appointment Sandra . I hope they give you a date and a plan!
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.4 hours ago - Elisia I'm not leaking and never did wile pregnant. I b/f my last two babies for a good time. One I did for 2 years , and one for 6 months.. My milk did not come in till two days after I gave birth. All you do is pump and pump after baby is born that helps your milk come in. Also I would nurse my baby for 5 min on each boob then I would give her some formula just untill my milk came in..Don't worry you can do it. It is the best thing for your baby , I am 100% sure of that ... I am going to b/f m ...
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SamanthaDawn, 35 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - But the good thing about that happening to my sister was that I could make sure it didn't happen to me!
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aksnods, 10 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - No new bras but I have been stuck in sports bras. Boobs hurt a lot still
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SamanthaDawn, 35 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - They allowed it because she never expected it to happen like that so she didn't tell anyone not to. The family was excited about seeing the new baby ans the father wasn't thinking about how she would have felt about it because he was so proud of his new baby. I think its more of the dads fault, than the hospital. And I think the family should have known better!
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4girls want a boy, 35 weeks. - 2.6 hours ago - Well work did not go well for me last night. I was having contrations like crazy and they hurt.. I found someone to cover for me the rest of this week. So one more shift only for me. I have to work on Saturday for 4 hours thats it..I can't believe how hard it is to work this far along .. Today I have the NST test .. Anyone getting those test yet? Anyway it should help my nerves because it seems like the baby is moving less and I will get to see if she is ok..
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4girls want a boy, 35 weeks. - 2.7 hours ago - humm ya im with ya's on that . I would not want my baby past around without me. Here they don't even let any one in the nursury but the father , and they put the mother in a recovory room for two hours after a csection. After they put the mother in the room she will spend the rest of her time in . I don't think they would put the father and baby in there before mom got there..I really don't like visiters at the hospital the first day anyway, and I tell them that.Just my husband and my kids. That ...
Read all from week 35, 30 weeks. - 3.2 hours ago - 30 Weeks today! Yay!
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casanova, 24 weeks. - 3.2 hours ago - OK ladies I have a question. My husband seems to want to be intimate every night. I in the contrary have nights I don't want to be intimate. I just want to sleep. I want to rest. So when I tell him not tonight he gets all hurt and says I reject him. Is there anyone else going through this and what are you doing to deal with it?
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onj, 35 weeks. - 3.5 hours ago - Hmmm... I never think much about c-sections, since I had my 1st 2 naturally, but now I am realizing that I should probably give my doctors/midwives some info on what I'd prefer if that happens. I never thought about the chance of having to be put to sleep. I guess I could probably just tell my husband though- he wouldn't let anyone in if he knew I didn't want it. That's so strange- I can't believe they would let so many people hold the baby before mom!!!
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daisyreh, 7 weeks. - 4.1 hours ago - Hello week #7!! Feeling pretty good this week after a nasty sinus cold. Hope all you mamas are feeling good. :)
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smiles884, Twin weeks 28-32. - 4.4 hours ago - 29+5 today and feeling great overall... just annoyed with the gestational diabetes : ( ugh! wondering how many more weeks lie ahead.. only God knows!! : )
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smiles884, 29 weeks. - 4.4 hours ago - onbabyfour-that's scary!! I've had some close calls and am so glad to have not fallen on my stomach.. Glad baby is moving! : ) I do have GD.. it stinks-hate poking myself and I'm ALWAYS hungry cause if I eat any carbs my blood sugar spikes crazy! Not much more time now tho!!! : )
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elisiaxx, 36 weeks. - 5.6 hours ago - I have midwife tomorrow to sort out my birth plan. Also I find out if he is still head down then it's all steam ahead for another natural birth :) last night I thought I was starting early labour but luckily enough it eased off after a birth! I only have 27 days until the big due date im ever so excited now, especially now my hospital bag is packed and his clothes are all washed ready and waiting for him :) sooo I have a question I wanted to try and bf again and stick to it but I have an issue, ...
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baby ali, 21 weeks. - 5.7 hours ago - oopixiesticks- hubby got a phone call from the hospital and all is okay, thank god for that, the last few days was horrible stressing and worrying I feel a big relief :0) I can enjoy my pregnancy now
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lil.pigz, 21 weeks. - 5.8 hours ago - funtimemum80 - Thanks:) My gut feeling is that this is a girl, given we only had one son out of 5 girls previously,lol. I just wanted that concrete proof she is a she so I dont sit here second guessing names and decor,lol...ashley3 - I suspected my placenta was anterior becuase I wasnt feeling barely any movements. Mine is luckily high up and no where near my c/section scar. The jerk Dr.was nice enough to give me that good news,lol. It can cause issues with previous scars, that is the major conc ...
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ira456, 24 weeks. - 5.9 hours ago - I get a week off work next week. Im definitely looking forward to that. Ive been so tired lately and unable to take naps. Im hoping I can finally get some much needed rest.
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glowingwith2, 14 weeks. - 6.1 hours ago - From my new given due date, I'm officially 14 weeks today. Excited for the 4 month marker and starting to feel great! Tummy is popping now!
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NixSA, 21 weeks. - 6.5 hours ago - this movement thing is the freaking pits!!!! this is my second child for crying out loud i surely should feel more... i feel one tap every like 2 days. on friday i felt a lot of movement now im feeling like what is going on???!!!! Pigz that doctor is a jerk and i get so frustrated with push negative doctors. at least the harmony test will tell u the gender, when will u get ur results?
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jaybird81, 35 weeks. - 8.5 hours ago - Samanatha- What in the what is wrong with that hospital?! Pink Dora blankets and passing around a newborn to everyone but the Mom while she is out?! Shame on them! Oh my gosh! I think you have very valid and not annoying requests- especially, given the circumstances. And hearing those situations, I am starting to wonder if maybe I should discuss some standard guidelines with my doctor.
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Baby ali , 20 weeks. - 10.1 hours ago - this time I done the Chinese gender prediction online and it predicted a BOY and I am having a boy lol it got it right for me :0)
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Baby ali , 20 weeks. - 10.2 hours ago - I dnt like secrets and superises lol it kills me lol I have to know i found out for both my previous pregnancies and found out this time aswell am sooooo happy I know :0)
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sarah6485 , 20 weeks. - 10.9 hours ago - Monika01 i found out with my last 6 pregnancies and last 3 at 16 weeks couldn't wait but as this is my last and i have all my last baby girls stuff and my friend has just kept all her baby boy stuff i have a chance for a surprise baby :-) be my first surprise and its pretty exciting
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monika01, 20 weeks. - 13.7 hours ago - you lades are brave of rnot knowing.. thats the first thing want to know always…. glad took as i didn't buy boy clothes another girl for me and my dh is well.. thinking maybe #3 in a few yrs… lol… i told him no. unless he gets like a 40 $ raise and i get all of the extra cash bc there is no way i can afford 3 kids in privateer school .. 2 ok ( my mom pays for one) but not 3.. what about vac a s and all the other stuff like sirloin and organic gmo free living.. i just can't do it.. i plan ...
Read all from week 20, 36 weeks. - 14.5 hours ago - 4 girls my next appointment is Tuesday with my doctor. I wanted to do a vbac however my doctor had originally told me that if this baby is any bigger than my firat daughter we would do csection as my first daughter got stuck in the birth canal and her head began to swell causing us to do an emergency csection. Well my first daughter was born at 7lb3oz and this baby is already measuring 7lb1oz and they are estimating a 9lb baby at birth. So going by what he originally told me I have to have a rc ...
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Juliemom24, 5 weeks. - 15.9 hours ago - Congratulations everyone on your numbers going up! My Dr. won't even see me til I'm eight weeks so no numbers for me:( I guess I'm in limbo til then unless I decide to switch to a midwife (not that I know they will see me any earlier). I love the idea of a midwife but it kind of kills me not having this new baby born at the same hospital as DD if I do decide to switch. Anyone want to make a life decision for me? ;)
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SamanthaDawn, 35 weeks. - 15.9 hours ago - ...Oh and another thing I want to put on it, or maybe I'll just say it to the nurses that day is (let me know if this sounds like a weird/annoying request) I want my baby to be wrapped in a gender neutral blanket. I will bring one from home, or they can use one thats already there, but when i had my son, they dressed him in blue, BUT wrapped him in a PINK DORA blanket! And when my mom and sister came to see us (the sex hadn't been revealed) they were both like AWWWWWWWWW IT'S A GIRL!!!! ...
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SamanthaDawn, 35 weeks. - 16 hours ago - jaybird-- Mines the same, except for may 12th :) ...BUT even tho it's a c-section I'm still writing some things on my (birth plan) Things like if I have to be put to sleep for the surgery (like I had to for my first) I DO NOT want ANYONE besides my husband, or hospital staff to see or hold my baby! or know the sex until I wake up and find out, and get to hold the baby. ...I wrote this on my birth plans for my previous pregnancies too, because my older sister had to be put to sleep ...
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tlc, 21 weeks. - 16.1 hours ago - tassie- can't believe you are having Braxton hicks already! I LOVED feeling those. can't wait til mine start!
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tlc, 21 weeks. - 16.1 hours ago - lil - definitely get the harmony test! non-invasive for baby and you will definitely find out the gender. only rules out a few chromosomal diseases though. amnio is much more informative, especially if they are looking for something specific.
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Baby ali, 21 weeks. - 16.4 hours ago - oopixiesticks- haven't heard the results yet hubby called the hospital today they said another higher doctor or someone will need to see scans and reports then get back to us 2mrw. still dnt no anything at all :0( Oh by the way ladies before I found out the gender I did the Chinese gender test online and it always said BOY and just thinking about it now it got it right lol I am having a boy.... so those of u dnt no yet do that Chinese gender predictor it might get it right it did for me :0)
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shaym007, 4 weeks. - 16.8 hours ago - Dmmarine- sore boobs, crampy, tired and hungry. That's all. No ms and no nausea! Which is hair crazy to me. I was soooo sick with my girls! So I was worried my levels weren't rising! See you in week 5
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charcharsuperstar, 6 weeks. - 17 hours ago - Margieann, I just miscarried on Jan 31, i was 18.5 weeks. :( Same , no signs at the time either. I am hopeful and positive this time around. :) But i totally understand your fear and joy mixed.
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margieann, 6 weeks. - 17.9 hours ago - Hello, just joining. This will be my third baby. Had a miscarriage last year. Praying this goes well, have my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. No symptoms at all, just slight nausea that lasted just a week. Just always trying to look for signs things are ok. With my miscarriage, there were no cramps or blood. Doc just said baby was measuring small and went back 2 weeks later and no heartbeat.
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bonitadiane, 12 weeks. - 18.3 hours ago - Yeah. Hello week 12!! :) so close to second trimester.
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kristen27, 21 weeks. - 18.7 hours ago - I was so active on this site but the past few weeks I've been mia! Just hard to keep up I guess. I've been reading every night so I guess that's the reason for my slacking lol. My baby moves ALL THE TIME! no joke! Only used to move when I was eating. Now it never stops. I seriously don't know if it sleeps
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kristen27, 21 weeks. - 18.8 hours ago - My sister in law is 11 weeks and the doctor is requesting an automatic amnio..I don't understand why they would do that?? Also I had the dna test done bc my first trimester screening showed possible down syndrome but it was just a blood test. I think it was called harmony test just by going off of all of yall talking about this harmony test. Not sure tho.
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kristen27, 21 weeks. - 18.9 hours ago - Lilpigz go get another doctor!! He sounds like an a hole for sure!! You don't want to be stuck being uncomfortable your whole pregnancy!! Sorry that happened..hoping for good results tho!
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glowingwith2, 12 weeks. - 19.5 hours ago - Afshan, I'm happy baby is doing well!! You are almost 13 weeks then (or you are today). That is great!! My ultrasound was super fast. The only picture I got was mostly of the baby's leg. LOL
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oopixiesticks, 21 weeks. - 19.6 hours ago - Babyali-did everything come out okay about the extra fluid? What did the doctor say it was?
Read all from week 21, 21 weeks. - 19.8 hours ago - I also have anterior placenta. Lol we have our own little club here! Anterior placenta can be an issue with previous csection scarring but is extremely rare. It can grown into the scar. My placenta is anterior but I can still see baby move and feel him now.he was jumping around this morn. It just isn't as much as it was with my prev son. I feel him kicking my bum and back more than towards the front. Lil- go with your instincts! If you have already had testing and no signs of any issues hopefu ...
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oopixiesticks, 21 weeks. - 19.8 hours ago - Finally starting to feel a little more movement but still not very strong or from the outside. i ran out of my nausea medicine yesterday and of course today was a bad day i threw up a few times and still feeling green was super exhausted wanted to sleep so bad but my daughter is on spring break from school so i couldnt get a nap in. Also have been getting bad stretching cramps when i move too fast,my little one went and stood on a chair and i got up quick to get her down and got the worst cramp ...
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afshanm07, 12 weeks. - 19.9 hours ago - They took my scan and then the finger blood work so then scan was up to date due on oct 22 then im just praying for blood work lol
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oopixiesticks, 21 weeks. - 19.9 hours ago - Its hard using my phone on this site sorry going back the contraception husband knows someone from work that had the snip snip done and still got his wife pregnant went in for the procedure again and still got his wife pregnant a time after...also heard of getting pregnant with tubes tied also but of course im sure chances are slim,,,whats meant to be will happen regardless. Lilpigz--go with your own instinct! My doctors always try to talk me into getting a flu shot and birth contro ...
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zwiebelpulver, 5 weeks. - 20 hours ago - Just checking in... To Dammarine, Shaym and Meggz you three made it to the weeklies! Yay! It has been two month since I have been checking in, I am really happy for you! It is nice to see you here. I hope we all have healthy little sticky baby's on board! It's so exciting!
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snooks, 13 weeks. - 20.1 hours ago - OMG! Progesterone Migraine time. Ice on my neck. I'm miserable and my kids are running wild. Ugh.
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snooks, 13 weeks. - 20.1 hours ago - I wasn't offered gender test when I had my Harmony Test.:( It is a new test in Canada and I actually called my OB to have them arrange it for me. I only spoke to the receptionist and don't actually have my first appt with the Doctor until May 1st. I'm going to give her a nudge about it. Lol! Oh well. Guess I have to wait just like the rest of you.
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glowingwith2, 12 weeks. - 20.2 hours ago - I had my NT scan today. Everything looked great. I'm measuring ahead by almost a week, which puts me close to 14. No wonder I'm sticking out so much. I've been having stretching pains the past two days. Afshan, Let us know how your scan goes. :)
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daisyreh, 6 weeks. - 20.4 hours ago - Congrats Meggz!! I'm heading to week 7 tomorrow and I'm super excited about my U/S in a week & a half as well!!
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glowingwith2, 13 weeks. - 20.7 hours ago - Blonde, Oh no!! I hope your morning sickness gets better soon. You've really had a tough go it seems like. Finally got my ultrasound today. The baby looks great, the NT was measuring normal which was good news. They also said I'm now measuring 5 days ahead and that it's far enough off they should almost move my due date. That would put me closer to 14 weeks now. The baby seemed big in the ultrasound. So exciting!!! I find out the gender in 3 and a half weeks. Now that will be something to ...
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onj, 35 weeks. - 20.8 hours ago - 4 more shifts! Yay! That has to feel like a relief!! Haha, I feel the same! I've been off work for what seems like forever now, but I think a night or 2 in the hospital when I don't have to listen to my 2 year old scream bloody murder because her sister did something to her (looked at her sock? walked into a different room? read the wrong book?) might feel a bit like vacation too lol. I don't know what I am going to do with a newborn- the poor thing will never sleep with the amount of noise his/ ...
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dmmarinewife , 4 weeks. - 21.1 hours ago - Shay that's awesome. They are not checking my levels anymore. I will be in week 5 tomorrow. Are you having any symptoms?
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onbabyfour, 29 weeks. - 21.6 hours ago - Thank you smiles, I was relieved I passed! Im feeling tired the last couple days. It snowed here last night and I slipped and fell carrying in groceries today. I mostly landed on my knees and elbows but my tummy muscles felt pretty sore. Im just relaxing the rest of the day. Baby is moving so I think all is well.
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shaym007, 4 weeks. - 21.9 hours ago - I'm in week 5, but wanted you all to know my levels went from 270 at week 4 to 6268 this week! Week 5.
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meggz, 6 weeks. - 21.9 hours ago - Hello 6 weeks!!! I have my nurse visit Friday and I assume they'll schedule my ultrasound then for sometime next week ☺️ I am so stoked!!!
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sherell, 38 weeks. - 22.1 hours ago - omg, one more day until we head to the labor room on wednesday night. im super excited and anxious at this point. nothing to do now but relax sleep and relax sum more bcuz i wont be getting much of that in the hospital or wen we get bk home. soo im taking full advantage of my rest rite now. hope labor goes fast and smooth.
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vickiessecret, 24 weeks. - 22.1 hours ago - 24 Weeks today :)
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lovinlivin, 22 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - U/S today. :) We don't want to know the gender. Wow was that hard to decline when asked. Healthy baby! YAY! I do have an anterior placenta which is why I don't feel strong kicks or movement. i had one last time also which resulted in a 'sunny side up' baby. That + a big baby made my delivery quite complex. The baby is also breech. They said he/she has plenty of time to turn around. I sure hope so! I have never had any of my other three be breech at this stage of my pregnancy. They have all been ...
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lovinlivin, 22 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - funtime-I am always alone in here too. :) Stay and chat with me!
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4girls want a boy, 35 weeks. - 22.8 hours ago - LOL Oh ya a corona and lime sounds sounds good to me ! Good thing I called the ultra sound place, my appointment is tomorrow. Like I said before too many appointments .lol Today I took my daughter to pick up her senior pics and the place was closed.. We drove an hour and a half to get there. The lady said they would be opened. After waiting for ever we just came back home. Then tomorrow have to take my two older girls to the dentist, then my Dr's visit at 4:00 .Then next week my daughter gets br ...
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ashley3, 21 weeks. - 23 hours ago - Well said Funtime- lilpigs, if you don't feel comfortable doing something regarding you and your baby then Don't allow anyone to bully you into it. I've also said no to all those testing, because regardless it wouldn't change anything, this baby will be loved no matter what, so I've said no and my doctor supports that decision 100%. Lilpigs- I should say welcome to the anterior placenta club, I too have been told that I have that as well, it just sucks that we don't get to enjoy those wonderful ...
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onj, 35 weeks. - 23.3 hours ago - Oh yeah, I have to boil all the parts of the breast pump/bottles/etc. Thanks for the reminder!! I guess I should boil the pacifiers too. I'm thinking the same, 4 girls. B/F but pump and give a bottle. That way, when it's hot and gorgeous in the summer, I can have a Corona with lime :) I think that's what I look forward to the most about being not pregnant (aside from the baby, of course!)
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ilovemybelly, 28 weeks. - 23.5 hours ago - So happy to be in week 28 already but I still feel like I have a long way to go! I feel like I have gained 1000 pds with this pregnancy! :-( Had my glucose test yesterday, hope everything is ok with that! Hope everyone is having a great week!
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shaym007, 5 weeks. - 23.9 hours ago - My levels went from 270 last monday to 6268 this Monday!!! Sooo happy!
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funtimemum80, 21 weeks. - 24.5 hours ago - Hey lil, when I went for my gender scan I left with two minds with what I saw, it was nothing like I actually saw with the other girls, I cried my eyes out in denial as not only did I feel boy but someone was telling me girl and I hadn't seen 100 % with my own eyes, so was upset as you know and really fizzed off as I paid good money to see private parts. I had another scan last week, parts were checked, she also guessed girl ( I didn't let on I already knew) again the inbetweeen was bare but no ...
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 26.1 hours ago - Hi Sandra when is your next appointment ? Thats crazy ! Do you want a repeat csection ? Yes they should be letting you know by now.
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4girls want a boy, 35 weeks. - 26.1 hours ago - Thanks onj . Today it don't feel like baby is coming out..LOL I don't know whats going on with this girl . I have a appointment to put baby on the monitor i think this thursday. I think they call it NST .. Anyway they will put her on a monitor for an hour to see how baby is handling being in my tummy. As far a shopping all it done. Bags packed . The last thing left is boiling the binkys , and bottles. I will b/f my baby , and i will pump and give her a bottle..
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Rach3017, 34 weeks. - 26.8 hours ago - So, kind of having issues with having a BM. Sorry if TMI... But, for those suffering like me, FYI- Milk of Mag works WONDERS!!! I took the max dose and so thankful for this little cure!
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emmyjoe, 37 weeks. - 27.2 hours ago - 14 days left!!! I am so excited!! getting very uncomfortable and ready to meet my baby and have my body back to myself!
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blondeabby, 13 weeks. - 27.6 hours ago - Feeling really really crappy today. Back on the bathroom floor at work:(
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casanova, 24 weeks. - 27.9 hours ago - my appetite has increased. I enjoy food so much more now. luckily my weight gain has been gradual. how is everyone doing today?? I was suppose to be off today but my boss asked me to come in to assist. I couldn't decline it. he gave me off Friday and Saturday and I already had off sunday and Monday from next week. so I will have a 4 day weekend!!!! plus I get to see my baby on Monday!!
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purplelizard270, 31 weeks. - 28 hours ago - Less than 9 weeks until my due date. WOW! Kind of amazing how fast time seems to be going. When do most women 'drop?' I'm feeling tons of pressure today. I don't remember this with my first.
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onj, 35 weeks. - 28.2 hours ago - Argh- Monday is a holiday too!
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lil.pigz, 21 weeks. - 28.2 hours ago - Had the gender scan yesterday. The tech is 'guessing' a girl. I dont find the u/s picture very convincing, if anything just questionable. It doesnt look anything like my other 5 daughters', but then again nothing like my sons. She didnt base her finding off of the 3 lines, hamburger, or visible labia. Just off of lack of seeing a penis,lol. Im going for the harmony test today because the MFM specialist I saw yesterday was a complete A-HOLE and I am switching Dr's and hospitals asap. I knew I was ...
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mommy2mason, 9 weeks. - 28.5 hours ago - Hello ladies! I have been a member of this site since 2009 when I was pregnant with my first. I just found out last week that I am pregnant again - with twins! It was a huge shock... actually it still is a huge shock. I have no idea how we're going to do this! My SO and I haven't spilled the beans yet, but we hope to tell our parents this weekend. So far I am exhausted and very nauseous. I also feel very anxious, not sure what is causing that. I hope you're all doing well.
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ohsolovely, 15 weeks. - 28.8 hours ago - 15 weeks today!!! hey ladies how is everyone feeling
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ira456, 24 weeks. - 30.1 hours ago - My appetite has really decreased. I started out gaining so fast since I was hungry all the time. But ive slowed down and im kind of staying the same.
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onj, 35 weeks. - 31.1 hours ago - 4 girls- Last time, my midwife and I went over the plan ahead of time. She asked me what I hoped for and I let her know. She also asked questions about whether or not I wanted to stay in the bed (no) and if I'd like to try natural pain relief first, like the shower (yes). I'm sure she asked more than those, but those were what mattered to me. Oh- she asked who I wanted in the room (my husband and my mother). I suppose you could write it all down and give it to your doctor. Or, you could just tel ...
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afshanm07, 12 weeks. - 31.3 hours ago - Is anyone else tummy shiwing yet .iam going for my first 13week ultrasound today to see the baby
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sarah6485 , 20 weeks. - 34.2 hours ago - Mash i have mine next week and keeping it a surprise too. Had a lovely dream had a baby boy last night though and now i cant wait to see what I have at the end :-)
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mummytoharrison, 35 weeks. - 34.3 hours ago - I am collecting our layby tomorrow after my midwife appointment. We bought a pink fitted sheet for the cot today as I realised all her bedding was beige or blue. The shopping is complete :)
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Baby ali, 21 weeks. - 34.6 hours ago - I can feel baby move a lot this time round all the time maybe boys move a lot, it's so reassuring and good feeling :0)
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jojo, 10 weeks. - 34.8 hours ago - Anyone else already having to go out and buy new bras?? Don't remember doing that this early with my other pregnancies lol xx
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funtimemum80, 21 weeks. - 35.2 hours ago - Lil, I know you are a Thursday writer but we are waiting on your news x
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funtimemum80, 21 weeks. - 35.2 hours ago - Lol tlc, I think boys are surposeed to grow quicker and bigger than girls?? Or is that another myth?? I hear you on the beached whale thing, I've put on about 16 lbs and feel huge, although I'm well aware that this is only half the size of the end result lol, when I wake in the mornings I roll off the bed now instead of sitting of the perks of creating a child : ))
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baby-leo, 34 weeks. - 37.7 hours ago - Smiles - I hope it's not wrong!!! My first due date was May 21 according to LMP then it got pushed back to June 1 according to ultrasound. I hope it doesn't go further into June!! I hope at my next appointment I get better news :)
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daisyreh, 6 weeks. - 37.7 hours ago - Char- Mine is Apr 25 and I'm so excited!! I can hardly wait! Welcome to 6 weeks!! I'll be heading to 7 weeks in 2 days. :)
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emilycastan, 5 weeks. - 38.2 hours ago - babyloves--are there a lot of pregnant mamas that are due around the time we are? I don't want to join just yet because that'd be like announcing I'm pregnant on my FB wall as it shows which groups you join.
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emilycastan, 5 weeks. - 38.2 hours ago - shay, I was supposed to be 6 weeks on monday. My LMP was March 2nd. I wish I would have waited a little longer before my ultrasound. Ugh
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charcharsuperstar, 6 weeks. - 39.6 hours ago - Yay week 6! When is everyones ultrasound? Mine is in two long weeks week 8! I'm feeling increasing nausea, though it's bearable. Also some dizzynessand of course fatigue. At the end of the day after work I'm pretty pooped.
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bonitadiane, 11 weeks. - 41 hours ago - Lol so true JoJo. :)
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tlc, 21 weeks. - 41.2 hours ago - wow. i''ve definitely crossed a threshold. it is getting so hard to do simple movements like getting up off the floor and in and out of chairs. i know i've done this twice before but i feel like its so early to be feeling like such a beached whale.
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bkle, 35 weeks. - 41.9 hours ago - It is getting time to finish the stuff for baby.
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bkle, 35 weeks. - 42 hours ago - 36 weeks sounds good to me, hope I have mine around 36 or more.
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MOMIIB, 16 weeks. - 43 hours ago - Thanks leanbean!!!
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Baby ali, 21 weeks. - 43 hours ago - lil.pigs- have you had ur gender scan????
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