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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 9.7 hours ago - No kids with birthdays that close but I have my anniversary march 29 my bday April 13 and my lil sweet pea due April 9
Read all from week 16, 5 weeks. - 9.8 hours ago - I cant wait for Monday. I go to dr to get a blood test and referral for the hospital I want to give birth to. And hopefully they will ask me to do an early ultrasound given my past mcs... going by my dates I am 5 weeks 2 days tomorrow. See you in week 6 Christina :)
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julier, 4 weeks. - 10.6 hours ago - hey guys ! I just too a positive test yesterday.. faint line.. had blood drawn HCG is at 89 nothing seen on the ultrasound af puts me at a due date of july 3rd im sooo excited. I loved this site in 2011 when I had my daughter and im so excited to start this journey with you ladies
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christina7289, 5 weeks. - 11.3 hours ago - I'm off to week 6 tomrrow
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machala-b, 16 weeks. - 11.5 hours ago - Supama, lol thats funny cuz I was saying the same thing bout being broke in April with the But itll be for a good cause
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BethQ, 17 weeks. - 11.6 hours ago - Hahaha, I'm mean, but if I were being pressured that bad, I'd look at her, smile sweetly, and say 'Oh, we're going to wait and be surprised!' and refuse to mention it again. I hate people who 'take over' other people's pregnancies with nonsense and drama.
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deebo, 31 weeks. - 19.4 hours ago - Wow, I don't know what's going on but I totally feel like I'm holding a bowling ball between my legs when I stand up!! I don't remember this happening so early with my other two pregnancies.. AGGH! Baby is measuring in the 57th percentile at the last US so it's not like she's a giant or something.. Painfullll how am I gonna trick or treat with my kiddos?
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supama, 16 weeks. - 21.3 hours ago - Machala - i will have 3 with bdays all within a 4-week stretch. One Mar 28, im due Apr 11, then one on May gonna be broke as a joke every Easter, LOL. but, my other kiddo was born on my birthday, so thats kinda fun. :)
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machala-b, 16 weeks. - 21.8 hours ago - Does anyone have kids born in the same month? my daughter was originally due in May but Lil miss decided she wanted to pop out early an on the day of my baby shower in April '08, an Im due to have my lil prince April '15. I think its kinda unique tho
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baby ali, 40 weeks. - 22.4 hours ago - helloo Sarah that's soo good, my son sleeps during day wide awake 8-9pm then sleeps 11-12am then wakes up during night for feeds which isn't too bad.
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cmb123, 9 weeks. - 25.2 hours ago - Hello! I was here in 2011, too! My son was born in August.
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RJean, 17 weeks. - 27.3 hours ago - Right now my MIL is just so happy to have another grand baby that she doesn't care about gender. I would get pretty peeved if there was that much pressure for gender from any family member. I bet in her mind, she is so thrilled at the thought of a girl that she is playing overkill unintentionally and isn't even considering how aggravating her actions seem. I agree with sherbaby, ask your DH to bring up the topic with his mum and ask her to back off a bit until after the gender reveal. This is YO ...
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BethQ, 17 weeks. - 31.1 hours ago - Ugh, so glad neither of my MIL'S are like that! I'd be so pissed off! Like you said, like you can even control it.
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 32.6 hours ago - I go see specialist again November the 6 and I know they will do an ultrasound I'm just hoping we get to find out boy or girl before 20wks the suspense is killing me I wanna know so we can start shopping baby clothes and stuff
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 32.7 hours ago - My 3rd was emergency C-section because of him being breech and so small then my 4th vas vaginal he was supposed to be planned C-section but I went into labor before my scheduled C-section they made me wait to long for O.R. I gave birth before they could do spinal block the 2 I lost was vaginal after that and this one supposed to be C-section plus tubes tied I hope this baby stays put and I make it this time my boobs haven't produced milk yet I keep feeling this bubbling feeling in my stomach tmi ...
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 34 hours ago - Lmao! I remember when you posted that!!! Too funny! I told my DH about that and he was like '...already!!!' And have me a strange look like 'I hope that doesn't happen to me' lol
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 34.4 hours ago - supermom my 2nd was emergency c sec due to cytotec to induce my labor. Do not let them use this on you ladies only Pitocin is safe. I had vaginal birth after c sec with my other two. I don't have that feeling but I only had one with my 2nd child. The 3rd and 4th were vaginal.
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 34.5 hours ago - I thought I was the only one having that feeling in my boobs! I get that tingly feeling in my breast then I actually thought I had milk running down my stomach. I didn't but one did leak when dh had it in his mouth and that was early on. Sorry if tmi. I haven't had leaking since then and dh wont put his mouth near them lol. I quit breastfeeding about 15 months ago. Maybe that is it.
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 35.2 hours ago - All the mommies that have had a C-section I have a question do you ever get a sensation that warm water is running over the scar area I have had this problem I had my first C-section with my 3rd child never had this feeling with pregnancies after that til now just wondering if its normal
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sher-baby, 17 weeks. - 35.4 hours ago - I don't even know if my MIL knows! Lol...if I were you I would ask DH to tell her to back off a bit!! I wouldn't do it myself because I wouldn't want her to think I'm being a B****, and it's his mom!!
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 36 hours ago - That's nice that you have other ladies around you to talk to!! I kinda wish there was someone I knew that was also preg. Maybe we could motivate each other to be more active or even after the baby is born, there is someone we could have play dates and etc. with. As far as that let down feeling, I don't even remember what that feels like!! Lol all I know is that when I'm cold, my nipples hurt like hell!!!
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mommyof8sooontobe9, 4 weeks. - 37.6 hours ago - Whats everyones due date- mine is june 28th
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mommyof8sooontobe9, 4 weeks. - 37.7 hours ago - THANKS LADIES! We are still shocked.I also love seeing BIG families,it a joy to see.I would love to connect.Do yall know if theres a preg group on fb.If so can i be added?
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DreamingOf2, 5 weeks. - 39.3 hours ago - Thanks Nadiamov. I had to create a new profile as well.
Read all from week 5, 5 weeks. - 42.1 hours ago - Darn it it will not let me go on to my profile and update my details... I might have to make a new account
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ekstandridge32, 6 weeks. - 44 hours ago - Anyone else super emotional
Read all from week 6

supama, 16 weeks. - 45.3 hours ago - Ohhh, yeah, totally meant to ask. And this is something i swear ive never noticed inany other pregnancy, but is anyone else ever getting that feeling of 'letdown' in ur boobs??i keep getting it,& hurry to cross my boobs like im gonna leak but theres nothing, just that feeling. So crazy. Maybe bc i just stopped nursing 20 months ish ago??
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supama, 16 weeks. - 45.4 hours ago - Ugggh. Its not so much gas here, but ohhhh I HATE HEARTBURN! Ohhh the suffering begins. Well,we finally told family last wknd & i let it out at work this week (i cant hide it anymore). Then i find out 2 more girls are hiding it & due at the same well as 2 guys' wives. We're a pretty small, tight-knit company, so it's been an enlightening week, lol. The bosses are all my age with kids, so i really a blessed. Im just worried bc i'll just miss my 1-yr, so Im not really job-protected, lega ...
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 45.8 hours ago - So it's 10:30pm here and gas is just tearing apart my stomach!!! WTH.....I hear it in my stomach but it's not leaving!!!! Uugghhhh the hurts soo bad!!!
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 45.8 hours ago - Omg!! I did the same thing yesterday! I bought a pair of maternity pants and just regular dress tops from target because I felt all the maternity tops 'looked' like maternity tops...where as a regular top (maybe in a bigger size) just looked like a loose fitting top!oh and I got a cheap blazer to also try and hide the bump! But I feel like it went good, thanks for asking!! I should know by tomorrow if it was successful or not. I have to say, for me, this is the most stressful part of this pregn ...
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Jen-mumtobeof5, 8 weeks. - 47.8 hours ago - Just had my first midwife appointment & got to hear little ones heart beat!!! Soooo exciting :) doesn't matter if number 5 or not just as exciting as your first everytime :) hope everyone else is doing well xx
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machala-b, 16 weeks. - 49.4 hours ago - Sherbaby how did your interview go? I have one 2morro and im scrambling for clothes to make me not look pregnant, if the interviewer don't ask if I am I'm def not volunteering. I hear its nothing employers could do after they offer you a position an u accept so hopefully my conceal clothing
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 49.4 hours ago - Babylove-my strange dreams seem to of subsided a lot. I was dreaming every night and they were all messed up, but since about week 12 I haven't have had many dreams. As far as the gas goes...I do eat a lot of fruits to try and keepe regular, and so far I've been quite regular and I don't like beans!! I don't know what I'm going to do about this gas!! It's soo painful.
Read all from week 16, 5 weeks. - 49.5 hours ago - Dreaming of 2 I had the same thing happen to me with my second daughter so it could as well be fine :) Christina 7289 I have had this a couple of times.. it doesn't sound good but keep positive hun it could be the dates messed up... good luck xxx
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aksnods, 37 weeks. - 50.1 hours ago - I'm nesting. Have had so Muchh happen during this pregnancy that I'm ready for labor. I just want to pick stuff up off the floor again lol.
Read all from week 37

babylove5, 16 weeks. - 51.1 hours ago - I have a lot of gas too. I try not to eat a lot of fruits and veggies since that makes it worse. No beans for sure! I have been having the strangest dreams the past two weeks. I keep dreaming about the past. They are always about people from my childhood and places I went. They are so real. It is so strange the dreams I have had since being pregnant. Anyone else experience this?
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DreamingOf2, 5 weeks. - 51.5 hours ago - Hello ladies I am so happy to be here in week 5. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. I am having some light brown spotting and I had some light cramping the other day. I called the nurse and she said it was fine so long as the blood was not bright red. Has anyone dealt with this? My ultrasound is in 2 weeks.
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floydianslip2, 17 weeks. - 52.4 hours ago - Ugh, my MIL is putting so much pressure on me for a girl! She has 7 grandkids and all but 1 are boys, so she’s really on me about this, like it’s even my choice! She’s been sending pink things to the house, making comments all the time, even flat out telling me that this is her “last chance to have a little girl in the family”. When I told her the ultrasound date the response I got back was “YAY, can’t wait to get the GIRL confirmation!”. I get that she has visions of dresses ...
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christina7289, 5 weeks. - 53.3 hours ago - I had an ultrasound and they said They saw thieves sack but no baby anyone ever had this happen before
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sher-baby, 17 weeks. - 54.4 hours ago - for me, im leaning towards a boy!! i wanted and felt like i was having a girl with my first and i did!! this pregnancy is sooo different from my first!! like night and day!! i'm gaining more weight, i have cravings (always something greasy or fried, like fast food!!, i've had MS'ness, my sleep is a MESS, im gassy to no end!! OMG what a difference...with my daughter, i had nothing!! so we'll see in about 24 weeks if my gut feeling is right!!
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jojo, 38 weeks. - 54.5 hours ago - Happy 38 weeks.. last day in work tomorrow and I get to chill out before this little princess arrives :)
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RJean, 17 weeks. - 54.8 hours ago - I have no idea whether it's a boy or girl. I was right with my first and wrong with my second. I am leaning towards a girl, but that may be because I have two DS and this pregnancy has been very different from those pregnancies...but I really have no idea!
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1st.time.momma, 19 weeks. - 55 hours ago - Well I'm excited only 1 more week and i get to see my baby again.
Read all from week 19

sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 55 hours ago - Ive thought a few times that i too am having braxton hicks, but there not very strong. I will just all of a sudden feel pressure down there and my lower abdomen will feel harder than usual. but the past 2 nights i have had some of the most painful gas...OMG! sometimes it takes my breath away, it hurts soo bad! and its been at night both times. i've been drinking tea after dinner to try and settle my stomach, and last night i had to put a heating pad on my upper stomach to try and get dome rel ...
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kristinaa, 12 weeks. - 55.3 hours ago - mamaford -- I'm still here. Trying to fight the weight gain a little w/ exercise. Since I finally got my energy back this week, I celebrated w/ a beautiful 4 mile run last night.
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Juliemom24, 32 weeks. - 57.2 hours ago - Baby was measuring realllllly small at the appt so now they are monitoring me really closely. I have to be seen twice a week for NST and ultrasounds. They also injected me with steroids in case they have to induce him early. Serious ugh.
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Juliemom24, 32 weeks. - 57.2 hours ago - Letroise, that's true. Only six more weeks for you. That seems really close! Sorry you have to deal with the Dr. asst. though.
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 59 hours ago - I was having Braxton hicks contractions while shopping. They would start in my back as mild pain and then tighten the front. I thought maybe it was the walking. They kept coming back and I called my aunt she's a RN she said to drink water and they stopped. I had them w all my pregnancies but they bothered me yesterday. I guess I need to drink more water.
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supermom87, 16 weeks. - 60.5 hours ago - Hello week 16 glad to be here in getting bit on edge I wanna know what I'm having but my Dr won't tell me until I am 20weeks I start progesterone shots today yaay... Not those things are painful after a while getting them once a week
Read all from week 16, 5 weeks. - 65.2 hours ago - Heather Johnson did you get to see a heartbeat? If yes I wouldn't be worried. But even if you didn't there is always a chance that everything is still fine I dont really remember if it was week 5 or 6 that you get to see hb xxx
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patiently waiting, 5 weeks. - 72.6 hours ago - seriously...heart burn already? its going to be a long few months! I also agree that the groups are a lot smaller now than they were with my previous babies....i checked a few weeks up to see if it gets better (Assuming people in our week are still getting BFP) and all of them are pretty small.
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letroise11, 32 weeks. - 73.5 hours ago - It's exciting whenever you get to see the baby. I'm still see the doctors assistant and she said now I start seeing her once a week. She really gets on my nerves, but Friday I am 34 weeks so notice time left but still so much to do
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 74 hours ago - Is anyone else really gassy??? Normally I wouldn't complain but almost every night, the gas feels like it's tearing apart my stomach until it 'let it go'!! I know, it's gross but it's really really painful!
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machala-b, 16 weeks. - 75.1 hours ago - Thanks babylove and sherbaby!
Read all from week 16

sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 75.6 hours ago - Hbd Machala!! I am looking really big too and my boobs are bigger! I wish my butt got a lil bigger!! Lol I wasn't blessed with a whole lot of 'junk in my trunk!' I have a job interview tomorrow and I have to find a way to not look pregnant..and stay that way for a while.. Until I feel it's safe for me to tell them. Ugh!! The joys of being in between jobs while pregnant
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deebo, 30 weeks. - 78 hours ago - appointment was 5 minutes long with a little older lady that called me sweetie. Anxiety sucks! And my body is fine for epidurals or throat tubes or anything they may need to do. I already knew that. LMAO I had a breathing tube last February!
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Heather Johnson, 5 weeks. - 78.3 hours ago - Hi ladies, I just got an ultrasound today & the baby is measuring 5 weeks 6 days but from my last period I should be 7 weeks 1 day. Should I be concerned? My next OB appt isn't until the 28th of October.
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supermom87, 15 weeks. - 78.7 hours ago - Yeah I hope so too and sunshine I have been going through same thing and my baby still had heart beat in the hospital tho I quit feeling movement hope that is some reassurance that it don't always mean something bad
Read all from week 15

1st.time.momma, 18 weeks. - 79.7 hours ago - Headed off to week 19 tomorrow. Time is just flying by.
Read all from week 18

BethQ, 17 weeks. - 80.1 hours ago - Honestly, I think it's another girl. Which would be fantastic, we'd havr 2-2 then.I've always had a hunch and not been wrong yet.
Read all from week 17

blessedlifewithyou, 34 weeks. - 80.5 hours ago - I was scheduled an induction date!! my days are dragging on since I have a countdown going on. happy 34 weeks everyone.
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babylove5, 16 weeks. - 80.6 hours ago - Haless I'm glad you are ok. Happy bday Machala!!I have football moms telling me my stomach looks bigger everyday. I have only gained 9 pounds. I guess it just depends on my clothes. I told the moms unless he is growing everyday then it must be what Im wearing. The only place I have put the weight is my butt and boobs. I always gain weight on my butt..ugh
Read all from week 16

babylove5, 15 weeks. - 80.7 hours ago - Congrats Mandy on your boy!! I cant get over all the boys! Supermom hopefully it's just where you were sick.
Read all from week 15

Sunshinebaby8, 15 weeks. - 82.1 hours ago - Is everyone feeling the baby move now? I was.. and now I don't feel it anymore. I know it is okay.. but still a little unnerving.
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floydianslip2, 17 weeks. - 82.4 hours ago - My anatomy scan is set for 11/4, I absolutely can’t wait! Do either of you have a feeling one way or another? With my last two pregnancies I had a gut feeling that they were boys and was right, this time I have no clue! So I went to the doctor yesterday, looks like I have a nasty sinus infection and the start of an ear infection. Started a zpack last night, which is awful because antibiotics mess with my stomach pretty bad. It’s been hard keeping food down. So it’s been a rough few da ...
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 84.2 hours ago - Babyali no she sleeps through 11-6 still does aswell 👍she real feeds through out day with on off naps then come evening she is awake til 11 then she has last bottle and goes down for night. She does her 6 bottles in the day she's just gone to 5oz as clearing the 4 quick. She is still so content. People reckon where I was so active during pregnancy and only rested come bed time I've made her have my routine lol I am lucky though as with having 5 others take care of she has made things easier f ...
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 84.2 hours ago - Lori congrats :)
Read all from week 40

machala-b, 16 weeks. - 84.9 hours ago - 16 weeks today, yay! blessed to see another week and year, its my 25th birthday!! Yayy! HBD to me!. On the flu shot topic, I've never had it before, and don't plan on getting it. I've read some not so convincing things about it and heard some awful side affects. My Dr keeps telling me I should get it bcuz I'm pregnant but I have a 6 year old daughter and didn't get it with her so I'm def not getting it while pregnant with him.
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supermom87, 15 weeks. - 85.1 hours ago - My Bp dropped down to 60/30something and my heart rate was 33 the heart specialist wants to make sure it was just dehydration that caused it all and not a underlying heart condition that could be potentially deadly so I can be healthy enough to have my C-section done and healthy enough to carry my baby to term kinda feel like this pregnancy is getting extra special care I still feel on edge bout new things but at the same I feel like I can breathe cause I got so many doctors doing everything th ...
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pumpkinfairy, 15 weeks. - 85.9 hours ago - welcome sunshine! I work retail thank God nobody rubs my belly yet lol dont think I would like that too much .hope everyone is well, been feeling Miles moving alot specially toward the evening. off to week 16 tomorrow see you all there :)
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honeymoon-surprise, 7 weeks. - 86.8 hours ago - Hi Tabby, I had Gall tones with my first pregnancy actually got worse after baby was born and I endedup having it removed after the baby was born. Gall stone pain is another pain all together and I really feel for you! Hope they're not giving you too much trouble!
Read all from week 7, 9 weeks. - 91.4 hours ago - Cmb123- I'm constantly checking to see if anyone logs in. I loved this sight in 2011. It helped me so much trough out my pregnancy. On the bright side we are due the same day! =)
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RJean, 17 weeks. - 95.6 hours ago - I had an anatomy scan set for the 10th but had to reschedule so DH could it's scheduled for the 14th! I am right there with you Beth-the anticipation is building!
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BethQ, 17 weeks. - 95.7 hours ago - Can't wait for the rest of my peeps to get to this week! I feel like an island here talking to myself lol. Pretty excited, our anatomy scan is set for November 7th! Anticipation is killing me!
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deebo, 30 weeks. - 96 hours ago - Ugh I forgot completely, since I'm fat I have to have an appointment with the anesthetist tomorrow.. My doctor pretty much said it's BS because I have had successful epidurals before.. But I have to because IM FAAAAAAT. PFFT STUPID. I'm having wicked anxiety about my appointment, because I have gained a lot of weight in the last year (my dad died, and I just binge ate candy to deal with it), so I'm super embarrassed and hate myself and ugh. I don't want some guy touching me, and I don't want to ...
Read all from week 30, 20 weeks. - 97 hours ago - Went to the dr's yesterday & we r having a babygirl 😃 we r soooo excited.
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mandykat760, 15 weeks. - 97.3 hours ago - It's been confirmed we are having a boy. I'm over the moon! I'm officially excited about having a baby now. Hurry up April!
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cmb123, 9 weeks. - 97.8 hours ago - I am so sad to see that no one is using this site. When I was pregnant with my first, I made such wonderful friendships here. I will keep checking back. I hope everyone is feeling great!
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halesss7410, 16 weeks. - 97.9 hours ago - Yea- just be surprised. If we have one more I will NOT find out the sex. It was super tempting for me because I have a friend that scans me for fun and she wanted to see the sex and I couldn't refuse.... I'm just not that strong. Now, if I didn't have her... Would have not had an option but to maybe stay strong through the 20 wks scan. The wreck sucked- all is well. I got a rental today and my car will prob get to talked because it's a 2005 and the dent is pretty big. I'm just upset because ...
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8blessings, 4 weeks. - 98.4 hours ago - thank you nadia i hope you get your boy but either way just as long as baby is healthy and strong, and congrats to mommy of 8 soon to be 9 wow i love big families :)
Read all from week 4, 4 weeks. - 98.6 hours ago - Yay congrats mommy of 8 soon to be 9 :)
Read all from week 4, 5 weeks. - 98.7 hours ago - Thank you ellemonroe I hope so too :) xxx
Read all from week 5

ellemonroe, 5 weeks. - 104 hours ago - Your body is building a whole human being... so even though some people have smooth pregnancies from beginning to end that is very rare.. I on the other hand am never that lucky.... even though right now I am not having any symptoms eccept no AF... I am sure it is coming I started feeling a bit queezy today but nothing major.... so keep your head up girly this too shall pass @ nadia
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glowingwith2, 39 weeks. - 104.3 hours ago - Yay!! Afshanm, I am so happy your baby girl has arrived and healthy! I remember your tough times, I'm happy everything turned out ok. And fast labor too!! Blonde, wow! I bet she's so cute! I love full looking babies. My little man still has chicken legs! Snooks, keep us posted! I hope something changes for you soon. I can't wait to hear it's your turn.
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floydianslip2, 16 weeks. - 104.3 hours ago - Wow Halesss, I’m glad you’re okay, how scary!
Read all from week 16

mommyof8sooontobe9, 4 weeks. - 105.8 hours ago - Very faint line on test,took 2 ,both had them guessing we are preg with baby 9
Read all from week 4, 5 weeks. - 105.9 hours ago - Thank you ellemonroe I haven't got it yet and also got some weird feelings like my belly gone all floppy and breasts too they were firm a couple days ago... I also feel mild pain like you get before period so I am trying to stay positive that it will all go well this time around.. xxx
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emmyjoe, 8 weeks. - 106.2 hours ago - @Janbaby, Take tylenol to keep your fever down if you have one. That is so scary! I hope you feel better soon and everything goes ok for you and your little bean!
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mamaford77, 12 weeks. - 107.7 hours ago - Where is everybody??? I am about 12 1/2 weeks now, getting crazy large with baby #6! Can't wait to hit the second trimester!!!
Read all from week 12, 4 weeks. - 108 hours ago - Congrats hoping for a girl :) 8 blessings wow I think 3 will be my max lol my two little ones are already too much but I am happy to be having one more. I am hoping for a boy this time but of course I will be happy either way
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snooks, 39 weeks. - 108.1 hours ago - Congratulations ladies!!! Im still hanging on in week 40. Sigh. Currently 12 days later than both my girls. OB will discuss induction at apt on Fri. Sure hope to go naturally in the meantime.
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sher-baby, 16 weeks. - 109.2 hours ago - Halesss- dang!! I'm glad you all are ok!! That really is the most important part! My cousin was t-bones a few yrs ago and she really messed up her back!!! (She got a really nice settlement out of it though, I must say!!) but hopefully ur stiff neck is just that and will be ok in a few days! I've been tempted to find out the sex only because buying neutral colored clothes is harder than I thought, but I think I'm still going to suck it up and let my self be surprised! :-)
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halesss7410, 16 weeks. - 111.8 hours ago - On the flu shot topic, my 1 yr old has to take it because she has a blood disbursed and if she gets sick she would possibly have to get a blood transfusion. I used to have to take the flu shot yearly because it's mandatory to work in the hospital, I didn't really get sick- one year I felt crappy after- I think it all depends in your immune system... Mine was high from being around sick ppl for years. I am supposed to get my whole family the flu shot to prevent passing it to my youngest, but I p ...
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Ellemonroe, 5 weeks. - 115 hours ago - I swear things have changed so much around here the groups are so much smaller and no one really talks anymore.... we gotta spruce things up around here ladies
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Juliemom24, 30 weeks. - 116.6 hours ago - Kathy, I get cramping when I run and today my left side cramped here and there but not too bad. Deebo, I can't believe how much you have been going through this pregnancy! You need some kind of prize, like a pedicure or the easiest labor ever. I am feeling for ya!
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deebo, 30 weeks. - 118.2 hours ago - I'm getting wicked cramps, low down, or up one side at a time.. I've yet to get an 'all over' one, but these are painful enough that I can't even stand up straight. I'm avoiding getting my foot xray'd... I don't want a cast. I Have the worst cold ever right now, and I cough until I pee myself almost everyday... LOL!
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Babylove5, 15 weeks. - 118.6 hours ago - Supermom why do you have to see a heart specialist?
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Sunshinebaby8, 15 weeks. - 118.7 hours ago - Hello everyone. I wanted to say hello and congrats to all!! Having a baby is such wonderful thing!!! We are welcoming baby number 8!! this will be our last one! I have four boys and three girls!! Just wanted to introduce myself. Hope everyone is feeling well!
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Babylove5, 16 weeks. - 118.7 hours ago - 16 weeks and loving the second trimester!!! Floy I don't ever take the flu shot. Make sure you are eating well since you are pregnant it weakens your immune system. You really need the food to stay healthy. My boys dr said that I should not give my boys the nasal flu mist since it is a live virus and could cause me to get sick since I wont take a flu shot.
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8blessings, 4 weeks. - 120 hours ago - hi all mummy's to be congrats on your pregnancies, i missed a/f and took a pregnancy test and is positive so happy to be here as this is pregnancy #11 but will be bubs #8,had a m/c in jan this year so praying i will be able to carry to term, congrats again :)
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