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leanbean, 38 weeks. - 4 minutes ago - Letti was born on Monday the 15th at 9:58 p.m. She was 20' long and 6 lbs. 12 ounces. Once again she surprised us! I went to my appointment Monday morning and her heart rate wasn't fluctuating like they like to see, so Dr. Leavitt sent me straight over to the hospital and got me started. They broke my water at about 1 and started me on pit at about 3. I got an epidural at about 6 and after 3 others, I finally had one that worked and it was awesome after those pit contractions! We are both doin ...
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nicolemarie22, 10 weeks. - 17 minutes ago - sher-baby!! congrats girl!! Not sure if you remember me lol we were in the TTC forum at the same time for quite a while....we are both here now! This is the first time I logged on in a while, trying to see names I recognize :) Happy to see you in here! I will be 11 weeks tomorrow...
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nicolemarie22, 11 weeks. - 19 minutes ago - Hello ladies!! Been a while since I have been on here.....stopped logging on to the trying forum to get my mind off of it and now here I finally am!! Will be 11 weeks tomorrow with baby # 2 :) took almost a year!! Really hoping to start gaining some energy back soon...and get over the nausea....been a long 6 weeks of this but at least it helps me know baby is growing. Hope you are all feeling well!!
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alismom2, 13 weeks. - 1.1 hours ago - i feel movement too ppl act like im glad someone else feels something i didn't feel anything till like 20 weeks with my daughter so this is excited for me too!!
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babylove5, 11 weeks. - 1.5 hours ago - I was craving black eyed peas and squash for dinner. This morning was Cheetos and eggs w hot salsa, lunch was a salad with lots of chicken. These cravings are so strong, I have to have what I am thinking. Floy I am glad you got to see your baby! I have my first real dr appt tomorrow. My dr asked If I was catholic because I am on my fifth Peoples most common response is wow or what were you thinking. I sometimes wonder but then I remember how great they are!!
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glowingwith2, 35 weeks. - 1.7 hours ago - Update - My Fluid level is at a 6, anything below a 5 is dangerous. Baby is measuring 6lbs 3oz, so his growth is on track. They think there might be a problem with the placenta which is causing the low amniotic fluid. I go back on Tuesday for another NST, Ultrasound, and Dr appt. If my fluid has dropped from 6 to 5, they will induce me next week. I will be right at 37 weeks on Wednesday. Going to finish up packing my hospital bag and installing the car seat this weekend. :)
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 2.1 hours ago - can u imagen in few years time if I do decide to come back there will be no1 here this site might not even exist :0(
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NICOLA2010, 21 weeks. - 2.1 hours ago - yay week it me though kinda feels like pregnancy starting to slow down.. i know i go on about it alot but i still dont feel kicks its like i use to but not anymore.. i think i feel one faint kick a day thats it.. im hoping cos thr placenta this is what i said weeks ago i wont be able to feel anything.. i know in prob about anotjer 5 to 7 weeks the kicks eill be stabbing me in the sides.. just right now not very reasuring
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 2.1 hours ago - this site is soo messed up now :0(
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blondeabby, 35 weeks. - 3 hours ago - Glowing -I hope not! I hope you can keep him in even a few more weeks:) Good luck:)
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 33 weeks. - 4.5 hours ago - Good evening ladies. Glad to hear all babys are bouncing round making themselves known! Bonita whatever his size chick u will do fine getting him out :op Jojo so u got the birth ball and pea idea from google hey!! Hahaha Am off to the ozzy myself tomorrow so will let u girls know how I get on. Keep smiling girls were on the home stretch! We'll all b holding r babies in r arms soon enough and missing the feeling of keeping them safe and warm inside us xxx
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glowingwith2, 35 weeks. - 5.6 hours ago - Well looks like it's nearing the end of the road for me. I had my 36 week appointment this morning. My cervix is totally thinned out and his head is down really low. I'm not dilated at all, but I am now measuring a week behind from last week. I go back for an ultrasound in an hour to check to see if the baby has enough fluid. This is almost an exact repeat of what happened with my daughter at 36 weeks. I will keep you posted... last time I was induced at 36w 3d.
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MOMIIB, 38 weeks. - 6.7 hours ago - That's great Lori, 2 down 8cm to go ;-) sorry it was Painful. My first one wasn't, but last weeks was. I hope Fridays isnt bad! I am about 80% unpacked And settled, these last 6 boxes are gonna drive me crazy though lol. We decided to wait to decorate (mainly paint) till after the baby comes, there just isn't enough time, or energy LOL. plus, I can get the in laws to help and keep them busy LOL :-)
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klawest2, 11 weeks. - 6.8 hours ago - Got hit by a horrible cold which sucks because sickness always seems to be heightened when I'm pregnant :( I just want to crawl into a dark soundproof room and sleep. Sadly there is a high energy 2 year old to care for and money to be made at my job
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 7.3 hours ago - I express into a bottle aswell so I know she's had a good feed :) my profile won't let me upload pics and wouldn't let me say 2014 had a baby only went to 2012 :-/
Read all from week 40, 21 weeks. - 7.4 hours ago - Hello week 21!
Read all from week 21, 20 weeks. - 7.4 hours ago - off to week 21!
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1st.time.momma, 14 weeks. - 7.7 hours ago - I will be hopping into this week tomorrow and I cant believe how time is flying by. Im so excited that this is the time to really enjoy my pregnancy. All the fun milestones. Is anyone going to find out gender?
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1st.time.momma, 13 weeks. - 7.8 hours ago - Dec baby- ya they are pretty strong. Not always regular but gets me so excited for more. My husband is pretty jealous. (Its his first) ive tried to hurry and have him feel cause I figured if i could feel it that one time then why wouldnt he but hes always too slow and misses it. Lol guess he'll have to wait til my belly is more poking out and you can see the baby kicking not just feel. Hope everyones having a great day! So far im a bit tired but still not as bad as a few weeks ago. Heading to 14 ...
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Juliemom24, 28 weeks. - 8.1 hours ago - YAY Lissie! So glad that your ultrasound went well. What a relief that the baby is doing great and the previa is gone!!! Exercising is just starting to get harder, as it should be I guess with a big belly. I went jogging yesterday and could only make it a mile and a half. Baby was so low it hurt. Thank goodness we have less than three more months.
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Juliemom24, 27 weeks. - 8.1 hours ago - I lived in AZ for a couple of years in college and I loved it. I'm originally from Seattle so anywhere that is sunny all the time makes me soooo happy. haha. I'm totally the same with the hot thing though. I used to get cold before kids and now I get hot so easily.
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lissie****, 25 weeks. - 8.3 hours ago - I'm sorry things are so rough this pregnancy for you!!! I just feel so bad for you. I had a pregnancy that was hell like that! So i hate to see you go through something like it. Seems so far away but it will all be over I promise! Just need baby to get here and be healthy! And for you to recuperate!
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lissie****, 27 weeks. - 8.3 hours ago - I think I commented in 28 weeks about the ultrasound yesterday? I had fantastic results! Surprised the drs! :)))) So so happy!
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lissie****, 27 weeks. - 8.4 hours ago - I miss cold weather. I used to live in UT and I didn't appreciate the weather at the time. It snowed a lot there. I've suffered triple digits all summer in some places I've lived since yuck! And since I've been prego the first time my body now acts like a heater. I get hot very easily. I used to get cold easily before I had babies.
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mammaramirez, 37 weeks. - 8.7 hours ago - I had a dream that I had my baby. In the dream he was a whopping 9lbs 14 ounces. It seemed so real. I was crying in the dream because I couldn't remember the birth experience. Even my baby boy in my dreams is beautiful and if he looks anything like his brother (which based off the ultrasounds he does), he's going to be gorgeous!
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firedancer254, 4 weeks. - 8.8 hours ago - Hi ladies! It has been 3.5 years since I have been on this page, but I have a question that I am hoping one of you can answer! I had my IUD removed on August 19th because I hated it. My doc gave me a prescription for a pill which I started taking that day. It is now a month later and I have taken an entire pack of pills and still no sign of AF. I assumed my period would start back right away after having the IUD removed. Trying to decide if I need to go buy a test or not. Has anyone had an IUD ...
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Dec Baby, 14 weeks. - 9.5 hours ago - Wow, I love reading the baby's weekly developments! My stomach is starting to pop out jeans are really feeling a little too snug around the waist, time to get out the maternity clothes!
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Dec Baby, 13 weeks. - 9.6 hours ago - 1st time momma...yay for feeling movement! I think I've felt a few little wriggles and taps from the baby too...they are so slight though, so I'm not 100% convinced, but if the same kinda movement gets stronger then I'll know it's the baby:)) Elequin...that is so sad about the missing boy, the trauma those poor parents and relatives must be going through...aww dreadful:( Oh yes, I don't think we can be too protective of our little ones! That is our job as parents to make sure they are kept ...
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 10.3 hours ago - Sarah- that's good😃 am doing bottle n breast my son dsnt get full after breast dnt think I produce much milk so have to top up with formula. are you going to put a pic of the baby on ur profile? xx
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elequin, 35 weeks. - 11.3 hours ago - Snooks! (Old buddy) No good you're not feeling great with hips and back :/ mine are starting to do the achey thing at night when I lay down, and I'm only just finishing the first trimester :( going to be freaking horrible I think by the end... You're so close! And then you can brief me on how to be super mum with three kids under 4... Sending patience and quick labour/recovery to you all for when it happens xxx
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jojo, 33 weeks. - 12.6 hours ago - Bonita we need to see a belly pic haha what will be will be hun nothing we can do. Funny you should mention google, I have looked up natural ways to turn babies so will give it a go if need be. Got midwife today so will see where she is :-) matoks enjoy the movements cos we soon worry if these babies of ours goes quiet x
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LoriandRichie, 38 weeks. - 18.8 hours ago - MOM I'm glad you're getting settled. New home, new baby...lots of exciting changes!! I was dilated to 2 today. This was was the first time I've had my cervix checked this pregnancy. It was very painful, I don't remember it being like that. Although it has been 13 years, so maybe I just blocked it from my memory lol.
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 19.1 hours ago - Baby Ali yes I'm breast feeding my milk has just come in instant woke with a instant boob job lol I had a epidural, back now feels fine was just bit achey after but better now
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deebo, 25 weeks. - 19.2 hours ago - I did my stupid glucose test today, ugh! I opted to just do the 2 hour one, because I always seem to fail the short one. I was at the lab for over three hours because I decided it was a good idea to go in the morning.. Woops. I had some light bleeding yesterday after having a crazy coughing attack. It's already stopped, thankfully. Come on 37 weeks, LOL! I'm ready to be done. This house needs such a scrubbing, and men just don't do it the way I like. I'm still dealing with wicked depre ...
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NICOLA2010, 20 weeks. - 21.2 hours ago - argh i do apologise for all the typos.. i type on a tablet lol
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NICOLA2010, 20 weeks. - 21.3 hours ago - i just had some tummy bug real crappy day.. my daughter's 4th birthday too..was still a fun day wish i wasnt going to bathroom loads though lol.. i woke ip with insanly bad stomach cramps.. this evenjng feel better think its preety mich out the system.. i shsll not be snacking beforr bed just incase lol.. now im just super tbirsty so bit ddbydrated.. i was getting some braxton hicks which is a giveaway ur dehydrated
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blondiemom84, 17 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Has anyone had a home water birth after c-section?? My Dr. Is completely confident that I can easily do it because of my 4 previous natural births. I only had the caesarean because she was breech but I really wanna do a water birth at home with a midwife. My husband is very apprehensive, but I think it will be fine.
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blondeabby, 35 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - We sure are a mess! I am going to ask to go off tomorrow at my appt. My boss came to me today and said I needed to do yard duty with two kids with ASD. I already told her last week I can't run after them. She rolled her eyes and said that is where she needs me. I am so tired of this! Work refusals take so long.
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lissie****, 28 weeks. - 22.8 hours ago - I plan to start exercising again!! Even if at this point that means slowly walking ha ha!
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lissie****, 28 weeks. - 22.9 hours ago - Our ultrasound showed that baby's heart is perfect! And my previa has moved up quite a bit! Now 5cm from cervix and safe! They couldn't believe my good results and had to look at my earlier ultrasounds to see if they had made mistake early on--but they didn't and were just surprised how well things had cleared up for baby and I!!!!
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lissie****, 28 weeks. - 23 hours ago - I've gained about the same ish. 21 from the dr accounts. I had lost 10 before being weighed by dr but I guess it's fair since I had recently gained a few-- technically I've gained a net of 13.5? But I'm up about 21 from the weight I was at for a long time and had only just gained 7 pounds just before i got prego. I don't think I made any sense typing that ha ha!
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bonitadiane, 33 weeks. - 23.5 hours ago - Right ladies.... You'd think I've been eating a farm. But, I haven't. Especially, in the past few months I've felt sooo full, bloated and never hungry. I eat bc I have too. And to date I've only gained 20 lbs. I'm definitely all belly but man is this belly big!!!! I'm not going to over think this weight as they could be wrong. I will say I'm praying hard to deliver in or around 38 Ladies I hope those sweet peas flip and get into position. I think if you google there should be some ...
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matoks, 33 weeks. - 24.4 hours ago - awww bonita what has baba been eating dat made him so big,ahahahah not too worry since there growth slows down guess he ill just add little more till u welcome him,jojo same here ds being is such a active baby,the movement is just too much i wish it can be reduced,my obs appointment tomoro,already 34weeks,yippppppppp
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 25.2 hours ago - I had an epidural this time not of choice tho wudnt have coped with the drip, now my back keeps feeling cold dunno why 😣 got hot water bottle on my back 😖
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 25.2 hours ago - Sarah r u breast feeding?? glad ur both well xx
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 25.2 hours ago - thinking of another baby in 3 years time lolllzZz if anyone wants to join me then 😄😄😄😄😄
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glowingwith2, 35 weeks. - 25.9 hours ago - We are all a mess it sounds like! Snooks, that sounds like hard work. I only have a 4 year old and I struggle with just her sometimes. Losing more of my plug this afternoon! I'm 36w tomorrow, can't wait to hear what the doctor says!
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snooks, 35 weeks. - 27.5 hours ago - Nasty heartburn, also. Lower back and pelvic pain is constant. I have a 1.5yr old and a 3 yr old that keep me hopping. So exhausted.
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floydianslip2, 11 weeks. - 29.1 hours ago - Well, I had my 12 week appointment (a little early) and had quite the scare when they couldn’t find the heartbeat with the doppler. They ended up sending me back for a quick ultrasound. Turns out they couldn’t find the heartbeat because my uterus is tipped, and because baby wouldn’t stay in one place! It was all over the place, really getting the hang of working those little muscles now! They also gave me my 24 hour urine collection kit that I’ll have to do at my next appointment. Bu ...
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MOMIIB, 38 weeks. - 30.5 hours ago - Whoo hoo, happy she isnt too big Lori!!!! We moved, finally, PTL, now just trying to get everything settled before he arrives! My next appointment is Friday! :-) Soo close ladies, cant wait to see birth announcements!!!!!!
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 31.5 hours ago - Can't believe how quick the pregnancy went feeling the emotions and over whelmed right now haha :) totally smitten with esmè ❤️
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glowingwith2, 35 weeks. - 31.6 hours ago - Blonde, I ended up at home yesterday too. By the evening I was having cramping/contractions every 3 minutes, but they weren't getting stronger. I've lost pieces of my mucus plug, but not the whole thing yet. I get my cervix checked tomorrow morning. I'm hoping all of these contractions mean something is changing. I have so much pressure and I'm having to use the restroom every 45 minutes now. I seriously haven't had any decent sleep in a couple of nights. I also keep waking up choking on ...
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mammaramirez, 37 weeks. - 32.3 hours ago - 37 weeks! Almost ready for this little guy to be here, but not quite! I'm more tired of making the drive to and from work everyday than I am of being pregnant. I have a check up this Friday.... I forgot how uncomfortable and slightly painful the pelvic exams are during pregnancy. I'm not expecting any changes from last Friday's appt. I'm sure I'm still 1cm, thick and he's probably still at minus 3 (at least that's what I'm hoping for. after Sept 27th, he can come whenever he likes!)
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LoriandRichie, 38 weeks. - 33.4 hours ago - It went well. Per the ultrasound she weighs 9.3 now, so not too big, no c section. I have another appt today to check my cervix.
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bonitadiane, 34 weeks. - 35.7 hours ago - Hello week 34. :)
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jojo, 33 weeks. - 37.1 hours ago - Wow bonita you really are feeding him well hunnie haha totally agree with twinny tho I too have read that baby's growth now slows right down and the scans are only an estimate. . I have known where they have been wayyy off with their estimate to what the baby actually weighs at birth. When is your OB appointment?? Glad your also having amazing movements twinny.. living mine.. she was wide awake at 4am and 7am yesterday. . Not sure that's good haha but loved feeling her :-) Got midwife tomorrow a ...
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Mzholston, 38 weeks. - 38.9 hours ago - How was your ultrasound Lori?
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 40.5 hours ago - Thanks girls yes we are both doing well I'm still in hospital hopefully be let home later I will write a birth story soon x
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 33 weeks. - 41 hours ago - 6lb 10 already oh my god Bonita what have u been feeding him?!! Hahaha oooh he be a little pudding! Luckily for u the rate of growth slows down now so fingers crossed he doesnt pack the pounds on in ur last few weeks. My Evie was only 6lb 11oz when I had her at 39wks haha. I have my next scan at the fetal growth on Thursday, i'm the opposite to u, i'm hoping she has put abit of weight on. I feel like shes getting bigger and some of the movements r amazing!! She was disco dancing last nite am hop ...
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cheerlover2003, 40 weeks. - 41.5 hours ago - Congratulations Sarah!! And I second that- Esme is a beautiful name! :) did you write a birth story on your profile? I'd love to hear all about it if you have time :)
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aksnods, 32 weeks. - 42.1 hours ago - Btw to ladies in here it's ok to deliver by c if that has to happen. Had emergency c section with my first cause of infection in my placenta after laboring 18 hrs. She was still as perfect and I love her all the same. :)
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aksnods, 32 weeks. - 42.2 hours ago - So tired of being pregnant. My gallery bladder is bad so I have to have that out after pregnancy. I dislocated my pelvis in my sleep so now I have to go to physical therapist once a week. Moving in two weeks cause we sold our house but will move again soo cause we r renting a place til we find what we want so going to move twice this year. Hubby and I arguing. He has been distant lately and not really making us a priority. Tired of nagging so I will keep kid Fri m bothering him and hope he sees ...
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 43.8 hours ago - congratulations Sarah xx hope both are well😃
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bonitadiane, 33 weeks. - 46.8 hours ago - Hello mamas... Had my ultrasound today and tech said fluids were great!!! Yeah. But, she did say he's measuring BIG. Very big. His estimated weight was 6.10 lbs. :0 his head is measuring that of 39 weeks. Oh my I'm in trouble. I seriously believe he's big as I totally feel it. Now, I'll have to see what OB says. I'm really hoping for Vbac but in all honesty I fear big baby isn't going to help me. Hope you ladies had a great weekend. Tomorrow I'll be 34 weeks. I'm now hoping prince JJ arrives a ...
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elequin, 13 weeks. - 48.7 hours ago - This isn't preg related really, but for the last 4 days it's been all over the news re a little 3 yr old boy missing, feared abducted. I'm a worrier anyway, but what with the hormones, I sometimes feel on the verge of crying with anxiety about my own kids safety, aged 3 and almost 2. I started training my daughter about who it was safe to 'go' with or talk to this morning. It scares the hell out of me. I saw someone post earlier on here re doubts about pregnancy... My hubby and I talked about ...
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matoks, 33 weeks. - 49.7 hours ago - oh yes twinny all is well with me and baba,the d-day is really drawing closer,it was just like xterday when we were in 1st trimester,here we are in our last trimester glory b to God,jojo and bonita aao u doing trust all is well with u girls?
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melody123, 40 weeks. - 51 hours ago - Bless you Sarah, many congratulations, I can finally sign off now! I hope it went well : )
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NICOLA2010, 20 weeks. - 51.1 hours ago - i saw the pics so awesome! im not constipated anymore.. my, system also crazy.. r u pregnant lactose intolerant? think i may be.. helps u go i guess yogurt in morning.. my baby seems sooo quiet.. little worrying i never feel him! for a while i though boy hes active.. im lucky i feel him once a day.. i think cos i have placenta at front.. with my dwughter she was soo active.. and still is very acfive girl.. my son hes verrry quiet sits around alot doesnt talk.. this boy ...
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blondeabby, 35 weeks. - 52.7 hours ago - Home again today:( Feeling quilts for leaving my students but I am having so many contractions and I can't breath. Don't think I would be much help to them anyway:(
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fnouf, 40 weeks. - 52.8 hours ago - Congratulations Sarah,she certainly took her time to arrive! Beautiful name. Hope you're both doing well :-)
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letroise11, 28 weeks. - 53.1 hours ago - Juilemom unfortunately when I was pregnant with my son I gained 50 pounds, then I wasn't able to breast feed him so I kept that weight until I got pregnant this time and I guess it boosted my metabolism. Hopefully that won't be your case.
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1st.time.momma, 13 weeks. - 53.4 hours ago - Well exciting news. I felt baby move for the first time on thursday! Not like oh I feel the flutters like I felt baby full on roll and when I pushed down on my belly I felt it again. Such an awesome feeling. Now on another not. I had a terrible nightmare last night, I had a miscarriage and I saw pieces of one baby in toilet and full baby still moving and trying to survive. I woke up freaking out and dreading to use the bathroom. So glad it was just a dream!!
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sarah6485, 40 weeks. - 54.4 hours ago - I had my baby a surprise 5th girl :) esmè dulcie field weight 7.3 and born 4 am today 👍 totally in love x x
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babylove5, 11 weeks. - 55.4 hours ago - My main worry is that it will be to much stress or pressure having another child. I get overwhelmed now with my three boys and daughter, so when I add another into the mix I wonder if I will be just Overwhelmed. I'm sure everybody worries about money aspect.
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babylove5, 10 weeks. - 55.4 hours ago - Supama, I live 20 min from Nashville. They are getting a Sweetie Pies in Memphis, which has that yummy soul food. I am going to have to check it out. I am sure Cali is pretty just more expensive! I'm 11 weeks today, so close to the second tri!!
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Juliemom24, 28 weeks. - 55.9 hours ago - Letroise, that is no fun. I don't understand why people have to be mean. Sorry:( Hope today is better. I just weighed myself yesterday and I've gained 20 lbs so far. How is everyone else doing? I gained 55 with dd but I can't imagine gaining another 35 lbs in the next 13 weeks. That would be torture!
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Juliemom24, 27 weeks. - 56 hours ago - Lissie, today is the day right? I hope that the ultrasound shows a healthy baby girl. We did just move out west. So far, so good. Ask me again when it starts to snow and I may be whistling another tune;)
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floydianslip2, 11 weeks. - 57.3 hours ago - Klawest, I’ll admit that I run into the same doubts as well… How can we afford this, is our house too small, will the other kids adjust okay, is 34 too old to do this again, will we be okay as a couple, was this a mistake… it’s a new concern every day. I chalk it up to hormones, and I think that as soon as things even out and the pregnancy advances, those doubts will ease. Which is good because I feel incredibly guilty every time I think of these things!
Read all from week 11, 20 weeks. - 59.5 hours ago - Thanks NICOLA2010 - the photo's turned out nice! I posted them :) I'm feeling constipated as well..booo and I was the opposite last week geez I wish my system would just be normal lol! I find my stomach is super sensitive this pregnancy it gets upset easily with different foods I'm not used to it. Still feeling blah from time to time..I just think that's what I'll feel like my entire pregnancy I'm getting used to it. Baby girl is super active I love feeling her, best part of pregnancy by far!!! ...
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 33 weeks. - 65.1 hours ago - Good morning girls hope ur all well and have had a good weekend. Cant believe its Monday already...start of a new week, new countdown as this is flying by! Hope ur all feeling well and babas r behaving. Have a good day. Xx
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LoriandRichie, 38 weeks. - 66.5 hours ago - I have an ultrasound tomorrow for Shae's weight. Hopefully she's not ginormous like they think she is.
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LoriandRichie, 38 weeks. - 66.5 hours ago - MZ that's a beautiful name! Leanbean ill keep my fingers crossed for a Thursday bday for Letti!
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morenazaChihuahuense, 36 weeks. - 68.2 hours ago - Mama good luck on your party!!! And hope lo stays tight in there till all the guests leave!! Lol.... im waiting for this thrusday appt and see if I have dilated more....but hoping baby stays put til sat night as its my sisters bday and its a 2h drive from where I live...we are planning on coming right back at end of the day!!
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morenazaChihuahuense, 37 weeks. - 68.3 hours ago - Yes... time has stopped for me...I barely dilated in 2 weeks :-/ waiting for thursday....and see if I have gone any farther..... believe me I still feel like crying anytime I sit up or sat coccyx is a mess.... and I hope delivery doesnt make it worst..I feel useless as I cant bend down to pick up trash or anything on the floor :-( .... what are you having leanbean??
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klawest2, 11 weeks. - 68.3 hours ago - ... Does anyone else ever run into doubts about their pregnancy? Like what was I thinking, this was a mistake, how the hell will we afford this, how will I juggle another kid, etc? I've been feeling very overwhelmed the past few days with all of it. Pregnancy is exciting, but also for me has the vibe of 'there's no going back now' I find myself very scared and overwhelmed
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letroise11, 28 weeks. - 71.3 hours ago - Had to deal with most difficult customers today. I can't understand how people can be so rude. My poor HR ended in the office crying due to her customer. Somedays I wish I was a hermit and didn't have to come into contact with people at all😩😩😩😩
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Mzholston, 38 weeks. - 71.4 hours ago - Her name is Jae'lyn Anastasia Bennett. I am very excited to be holding her so soon. Beyond ready to see who has been growing in me for these past 9 months. I do hope you ladies have wonderful quick labors.
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leanbean, 38 weeks. - 72.5 hours ago - I'm thinking Thursday is a good day to get Miss Letti here. I have an appointment and I'm hoping to go in with lots of good contractions and then they can just send me to the hospital! hahahah... Hey I can dream right!?!? Starting to get super antsy, but wishing my energy would just come back!MOMII~ I think Lori has a good idea! hahahahaha...MZH~ Good luck Friday!!! I'm sorry to hear that you've been so sick!
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supama, 10 weeks. - 73.2 hours ago - Babylove-my family's in Memphis. I miss going to Nashville and the mountains...the mountains here are so different.
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elequin, 13 weeks. - 74.4 hours ago - Hi dec baby, I've been exactly the same with energy, and have been a lot better, but some days could still Just sleep forever. Although just thrilled that its coming back a bit tbh. Moving to wk 13 today, and get a quick follow up ultrasound as well :) yay! Have no idea all of a sudden if bub is a boy or girl anymore. Arggggg! I'm in the last week for the term of teaching, and after this I get 4 weeks off... Cannot wait! Looking fwd to starting my nursery soon and getting my other kid ...
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cheerlover2003, 40 weeks. - 74.5 hours ago - Good luck Sarah!! I hope this is the real thing too and I can't wait to hear all about it! :)
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matoks, 33 weeks. - 76.3 hours ago - hello ladies?aos the weekend?
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BethQ, 11 weeks. - 76.4 hours ago - Hooray, week 11! Setting up an appointment with a midwife hopefully this week, so we can finally hear the heart beat and tell people! This is the longest I've ever waited. In some ways, it's nice having a secret. In others, I'm just ready for people to know. I'm still not feeling hot, either. Nausea comes and goes, and brushing my teeth every day is torture. I have to remind myself it's all worth it in the end, but I'm ready to feel better for sure. I'm also exhausted all the time. Ready f ...
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shellybelly81, 9 weeks. - 76.8 hours ago - hello Christine... ;) so we meet again. lol
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fnouf, 40 weeks. - 78 hours ago - ah no worries Ali, maybe you can save the link to my profile in case you ever get it in the future? Sarah sounds like you were well on your way to holding your beautiful baby. I hope you have them in your arms now xx
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LoriandRichie, 38 weeks. - 79.1 hours ago - MZ how exciting knowing you'll be holding your princess within the next 5 days!! What is her name? MOM good luck! Call all your friends and family to help with putting everything away. You can act as supervisor lol :)
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babylove5, 10 weeks. - 80.4 hours ago - I have a stuffy nose ever since getting pregnant! We had football all day and it was freezing in TN. Well to me 60 is freezing but we are getting ready for fall and I love it! We are going to the smokey mountains in a few weeks to stay in a cabin and I can't wait. It's beautiful w the leaves changing. I absolutely hated being 9 months pregnant in the summer so this one will be born around Easter before the heat gets here.
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Mzholston, 38 weeks. - 82.1 hours ago - I am set for a c section this friday. So as long as she stays in until then thats when my baby girl should be arriving. I am eager with anticipation because this pregnancy has been so stressful and ive been sick every step of the way. Im fighting low iron low potassium and a possible skin infection but I know things will be ok. Praying for yall! Lots of labor dust and love from us and csnt wait to read all the born stories ladies. God bless!
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MOMIIB, 38 weeks. - 82.3 hours ago - Leanbean! We have pretty much everything here now, now to put it all up and away LOL. LORI, right.....crazy how fast time flies! Excited for all of us.
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Baby ali, 40 weeks. - 82.7 hours ago - melody- lol with the experience I had i thought it would put me off having another for good 😄😄😄 but I dnt think it has lolz maybe one last one b4 am 35 am 31 in December
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