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beckym, 25 weeks. - 3 minutes ago - Can it be September already, cooking the prego is not my cup of tea, plus my weight is almost at the cap I didn't want to pass.
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r-baby3, 10 weeks. - 3.1 hours ago - Ok-I spoke to soon! My ms is back and worse than before!!!! Soo ready for the 1st trimester to be over! Soo tired and I have a horrible headache as well. I dont usually have energy to make dinner so I decided to put dinner in the crockpot. Now I can smell it..all day....and it is making me sooo sick! Bad idea!
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1morefor4, 21 weeks. - 3.9 hours ago - I had a midwife appointment today. Everything is normal as far as my blood pressure and my weight gain is still on target. Baby's heartbeat was 140bpm so no problems there. Ultrasound on June 8th and next midwife appointment on June 10th. I did a blog update if you want to read more details about my appointment you can.
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daffymtz22, 14 weeks. - 5 hours ago - Hello week 14. I am still experiencing tons of nausea. No vomitting just nausea. Ready to leave that behind.
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liltyke7, 33 weeks. - 8.1 hours ago - We are in the home stretch anything4nikki!!!
Read all from week 33, 33 weeks. - 9 hours ago - 33 weeks today and four more weeks until delivery!
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PaulaSoon2B8, 20 weeks. - 10.8 hours ago - I am hoping gets thinking its because just wasntn good enough shape before this one....hopefully it doesn't get worse as I get going to try and do some tummy tightening exercises see if it will help a little :) Good luck with the heartburn...hopefully it was just something you ate and not on ongoing thing!! Stay away from red sauces for now...anything tomato based, or any other acidy foods
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Free2Bmom, 25 weeks. - 21.6 hours ago - I've been keeping hydrated really well but still have a lot of BH contractions. Not sure what triggers them. I should probably just be lazier. I'm really active and they are the worst in the late afternoon and evening. I love doing yard work (smaller stuff since I'm preggo) and I was pregnant in the winter with my son when I didn't get them much so maybe that's the difference that I'm way more active this pregnancy. Becky that sucks about your van :( my husband had got me a new jeep but I asked ...
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shoot4-2, 9 weeks. - 23 hours ago - I had an interesting day. Forklift training at work and then a dr. Apptbwith a surprise ultrasound using the dildo looking object! L/o looks just like the picture on here. I could see the little arms and legs! I got excited all over again smh i can't wait till july to find out if i am having another son or a baby girl. Two years ago my son ,now 5 told me he was going to have a little sister lol well, he might be right!!
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jamie86, 25 weeks. - 23.5 hours ago - Becky- Less than a week before I found out I was pregnant again the engine in my van started going out. Was so upset because we had paid it off completely less then a year before. I really enjoyed not having the payment. Hopefully you can get yours fix for fairly cheap.
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jamie86, 25 weeks. - 23.5 hours ago - free2bmom- I have had some super strong BH as well. Baby boy is also sitting super low so I'm wondering if he will stay put until 40 weeks like my other kids did.
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beckym, 25 weeks. - 24 hours ago - Well, something is wrong with my van, it won't go higher than 40 miles an hour, I hope it is minor and not the transmission in full. Worst timing ever, we have a beach trip coming up, and our van fits our family, it would be terrible if we lost it.
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monkeymomma, 18 weeks. - 25.9 hours ago - Hello 18wks!!! Another week closer to my gender scan!!!!
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TaraR, 20 weeks. - 26.2 hours ago - Thanks Paula for your info! I will use your suggestions! :) Hopefully your cramping will pass.
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PaulaSoon2B8, 20 weeks. - 28.2 hours ago - It could be...but my last 2 were back to back and I don't remember it...may just be me getting LIke I said no other concerns will just have to keep an eye...and notes of accurances...
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susieq2582, 20 weeks. - 28.3 hours ago - PaulaSoon2B8 - I am having the same thing this time around. Cramping off and on that makes me a little nervous. I am having #4 and my third is only 9 months old, so I was thinking it was the back to back babies.
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1morefor4, 21 weeks. - 29.1 hours ago - I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. The first of my now biweekly appointments. I have a lot to discuss with her and I'm just hoping that she's in the office and not one of the other midwives who I'm not yet comfortable with. I know that they could answer my questions just as well but I prefer talking to her because of her personality. Not looking forward to getting on the scale because I'm always afraid of having gained too little/nothing or way too much.
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EmbracingNumber2, 11 weeks. - 29.3 hours ago - So I had one ultrasound and apparently my due date is off or this baby is big like my son (8-12). Hoping that ultrasound on Friday will clear things up. Meanwhile nausea has returned, my back is hurting still, and migraines & allergies suck. On a brighter note watermelon is my best friend (full of B6, helps with nausea) and I'm excited about cherry season!!! Happy prenancies loves!
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mrscephas, 26 weeks. - 31 hours ago - Well, the bank holiday weekend hosting went well with hubby and friends chipping in with the preps and clearing after. I even got my hair washed, conditioned and styled! I returned to work today and it wasn't so bad either. Bring on the next 13 weeks...
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PaulaSoon2B8, 20 weeks. - 32.5 hours ago - I had it really bad with one of my pregnancies. There are some foods that can assist along with staying away for your tomatoes and other acidy foods. But oatmeal, salad greens, bananas, melons, chicken, turkey, fish and other seafoods, roots and greens,(celery, broccoli, asparagus etc.), rice and/or couscous. Also adding ginger, fennel, parsley to your foods can help :) Good luck...hopefully for you it will just be an occasional thing...I know its not fun :( Good Luck!!
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TaraR, 20 weeks. - 32.9 hours ago - Good morning everyone!! I've had the worst heartburn....I haven't been sleeping very well at all. I'm hoping it passes soon! I've been drinking tons of milk and it's been helping a little bit. I hope everyone has a great week!!! :)
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beckym, 25 weeks. - 42.5 hours ago - Free2bmom, I have had that happen too, a few times now where I started timing them. Most of the time they seem to, for me, be triggered by mild dehydration, drinking a lot of fluids helps to make them less common for me, but yesterday there was a different reason that started an entire day of terrible cramps and contractions , intimacy, so I decided we will stay abstinent, for pretty much the rest of the pregnancy, seems safer that way.
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r-baby3, 10 weeks. - 42.8 hours ago - My sickness has eased up a bit. Glad to be in week 10! This first trimester takes forever! Cant wait to get some energy back! And I can not wait to find out the gender but I know that is still a while.
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r-baby3, 9 weeks. - 42.9 hours ago - Thats good your morning sickness is better! Mine has seemed to ease up a bit too. I cant say the same about the pooping though! Haha lol
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Free2Bmom, 25 weeks. - 44.1 hours ago - I'm so thankful to have made it this far! After the Braxton hicks contractions I've been having, I'm worried she might come sooner than I'd like! Last night I was scared my body was going into labour. I love how active she is right now!
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mamadownoz, 10 weeks. - 47.6 hours ago - Yay I've reached 10 wks today. I can't believe it. Apart from all the sickness it just doesn't feel real. How's everyone doing?
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PaulaSoon2B8, 19 weeks. - 51.4 hours ago - 4 lbs so far, and baby confirmed girl hoping my OB will take me on, even though I have movedut of the region...I don't know what i'll do if im declined...he's my comfort zone!!
Read all from week 19

PaulaSoon2B8, 20 weeks. - 51.4 hours ago - my referral was sent through to my OB from past babies...we have moved out of the region, but hoping he will still see me since we have a history :) Finger crossed :) I don't know what I'll do without him if he declines...
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Sparks717, 12 weeks. - 51.5 hours ago - Hello to week 12! I will be having an ultrasound this week. Looking forward to that. I didn't have one so early in my last pregnancy. :). I'm definitely feeling the emotions and exhaustion. I'm enjoying pregnancy yoga, it's very least it is whenever DD doesn't decide that it's supposed to be a contact sport. :)
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sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 55.2 hours ago - Dallas is now over 13lbs!! He's long and chubby!! I love it! He's wearing 3-6months and we are about to start size 2 diapers!!! Lol but he's just over 2 months old now!!
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sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 55.4 hours ago - The hospital gave me the feeding tube and the lactation clinic gave me one too. U might be able to get one at a drug/medical store
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shoot4-2, 9 weeks. - 56.1 hours ago - I'm great! No more morning sickness! Eating just about everything that looks healthy! Still pooping every 3-4 days smh but I'm not complaining! Lol
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 56.1 hours ago - Thanks sher! Where do you get that tube? That poor mom her boobs have been through it๐Ÿ˜ณ! I shouldn't complain but to keep him happy I breastfeed every 2 hours during the day. At night he will go 5 hours without eating. He is gaining weight and he is very long but not that fat. He wears 3 months and size 1 diapers. I was breastfeeding all my babies but this one is wearing me out. The others would take a bottle too, but not Jacob.
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beckym, 25 weeks. - 57.5 hours ago - Almost third trimester, feeling big enough to fit the bill though, and the whole summer to go, yikes!
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sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 57.6 hours ago - Babylove- youtube 'breastfeeding using lactation aid' (I watched this one If your ok with still breastfeeding, this method allows the baby to continue to breastfeed while supplementing with formula or Breast milk. I tried this method to try and stimulate to increase my milk rather that using a bottle but it didn't work...I still have a very low supply and in order for him to be somewhat satisfied, he needs to be on the Breast for 45mins every 30mins...w ...
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 57.9 hours ago - I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I want Jacob to take one bottle of formula a day for vitamins and to fill him up. I can't get him to drink the formula because it's not breast milk, so I put corn syrup in it. He really liked it, with the sweets but it gave him the runs. Any ideas on what I can put in the formula to make him drink it?
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kekea, 22 weeks. - 57.9 hours ago - Week 22. The time is moving now. Well I have a burst of energy... two consecutive days at six flags w/ four children under 7 and I'm working today. Lol. I hope everyone is feeling as well as me. I meet with my specialist on thursday where I will see my baby girl again, and then an ob appt the following thursday.
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lil.pumpkins, 28 weeks. - 57.9 hours ago - I can't believe that I'm going to be 28 weeks tomorrow 2 more weeks and then I'll be 30 weeks wow time is really flying now!!
Read all from week 28

lil.pumpkins, 27 weeks. - 58 hours ago - @claraxx I'm there myself made a very long to do list of everything that needs to be done before my lil guy comes and time is just flying by so fast I feel like I'm running out of time lol.
Read all from week 27

PaulaSoon2B8, 20 weeks. - 58.5 hours ago - 20 weeks or less until we meet our little Leyla....I am so excited!! Anyone suffering from any tummy pains and cramping? I haven't really experienced feelings quite like this in my past pregnancies....but there are no other I don't know whether or not to be concerned. I sneezed yesterday and thought my tummy...was going to tear open....maybe its just getting old
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beckym, 25 weeks. - 66.4 hours ago - 25 weeks now!
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beckym, 24 weeks. - 66.5 hours ago - That sounds awesome Texas mama
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texasmamaof5, 24 weeks. - 68.6 hours ago - I encapsulated my own placenta my last pregnancy. It was actually really simple and not as gross as you would think. As its dehydrating slowly in the oven the smell compared to slightly burnt scrambled eggs. I bought capsules off amazon, an encapsulator and used my mini cusinart to process the pieces into powder once they were totally dried out. I did leave my placenta in the freezer and waited until I was up for the task before I tried.
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sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 69.5 hours ago - preciousgift- I'm gonna give it a couple more weeks and see. I too notice I bleed more when I wear my waist cincher. If u are EBF then I'd wait until my baby is a master at BF'ing before introducing the paci. My son is on the bottle and loves loves loves his paci. We almost can't get him to sleep with out it...I guess that's good and bad because breaking that habit in a couple yrs will suck!!
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machalaB, 40 weeks. - 72.8 hours ago - Dec baby, I think I may try walking but my main concern is m belly, I catch myself sucking it in at times lol, n preciousgift Sylas started sucking one while in the hospital, I give it to him sparingly though.
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preciousgift2, 40 weeks. - 74.8 hours ago - Sher 9 weeks is a quite a long time but if your Dr. is not worried, then I guess you are right not to worry yet. I have been doing the off red too and am in my 3rd week now. So I decided to stop using my clincher because I noticed I bled if I used it. Ladies when do you reckon is a good time to introduce a pacifier, with my 1st one I waited until 3 months and when I tried to introduce it he just wouldn't accept it because he was already sucking his fingers and still does until now. So I do not w ...
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1morefor4, 20 weeks. - 84.4 hours ago - Nice names Tara and RowdyRandi... It's my last day in week 20 and for some reason this week seemed to drag by. I have a midwife appointment Wednesday and 13 days to finish planning and preparing my gender reveal party so I'm a bit stressed and tired.
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RowdyRandi, 20 weeks. - 93.8 hours ago - Thanks everyone! We were actually hoping for another girl but i guess now we'll have one of each and TaraR I also like the name Andrew. My husband picked to name ours Andrew Lee after Andrew Jackson and Robert E Lee. He's a big history buff.
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RowdyRandi, 21 weeks. - 93.9 hours ago - congrats mamalira
Read all from week 21

lilgibber22, 14 weeks. - 97.6 hours ago - Hello week 14
Read all from week 14

beckym, 24 weeks. - 97.7 hours ago - Oh darn
Read all from week 24

claraxx, 27 weeks. - 102.3 hours ago - 27weeks today and so happy to be in the third trimester! I have a zillion things to do before baby arrives but I'm also so impatient to meet her. Hope all you ladies are feeling well :)
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flojoe, 12 weeks. - 104.4 hours ago - Also had my NT scan and very thing is fine - was marked as low risk - but the highlight was seeing the little one- tiny legs all curled up and hands beside the head on either side .... So exciting and fulfilling it was.... Though the baby was turned around initially they made me stay there for 4 hours till they could see the nasal bone.... Phew! Was that tiring. And the sonographer had to prod and push to get the baby to turn, I get it that she was just doing her job, but now my first c-section ...
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flojoe, 12 weeks. - 104.5 hours ago - That's nice to know that I am not the only one felling the little one ๐Ÿ˜
Read all from week 12

jamie86, 24 weeks. - 115.6 hours ago - That website only list one person and they are 2 hours away. :( I was super moody yesterday, it's no fun feeling like that.
Read all from week 24

beckym, 24 weeks. - 118.3 hours ago - My mood swings have been so erratic, I have been trying to rest and hermit for a little while so I don't lose it on the people I care about so snappy am I today!
Read all from week 24

mrscephas, 26 weeks. - 120 hours ago - 26 weeks! I've started to feel like a beached whale, nothing is comfortable, not lying down, not sitting up nor standing. The indigestion is also driving me crazy in the night plus my pelvic girdle pain has me in agony when I move. But it's all good. And I'm hosting some friends over this bank holiday weekend... And returning to work on Tuesday.
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r-baby3, 9 weeks. - 123.4 hours ago - Its so quiet in here! How is everyone doing?
Read all from week 9

beckym, 24 weeks. - 124.4 hours ago - This website is supposed to be able to find encapsulating places all over the world, hopefully it helps
Read all from week 24

sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 124.6 hours ago - Dec baby- it's not a lot, never has been; even right after delivery. I've always gone through like 2 maybe 3 pads a day! But it has been on an off bright red...then for a few days it will be brown then bright red again for a few days! My ob didn't seem worried but I think I'll give it until week 12 if it hasn't stopped
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3scompany, 5 weeks. - 124.8 hours ago - Hi, I got 2 bfp's on tuesday. This is my 6th pregnancy, and I have 3 kids. It wasn't completely unexpected, but it was still surprising! I'm excited! For now, my due date is Jan 20th. My first appointment is June 11th. My early ultrasounds usually end up pushing my due date to 9 days past the due date calculators.
Read all from week 5

TaraR, 20 weeks. - 125.4 hours ago - Thanks kekea! Andrew is after my brother...he's my best friend. :) I wasn't too sure on Oliver but I have fell in love with that name! :)
Read all from week 20

jesswithtwins, Twin weeks 32-36. - 126 hours ago - 32 weeks today 5/22/15 my twins are doing great going in next week to have another ultrasound to see how well they're doing and see how big my boys have gotten all well wishes and prayers for all the mommas and babies if there's any other mommas out there expecting or have had twins recently that would like to reach out to me I'd love that
Read all from Twin weeks 32-36

jesswithtwins, 32 weeks. - 126.1 hours ago - 32 weeks today with my twin boys they measured at 3 and a half pounds in my 29th week I'm going in on Tuesday to see how they are doing and how much they've grown definitely excited about our two new blessings coming into this world and because of our loving family and friends we finally have lots and lots of stuff to prepare ourselves for their arrival but I'm definitely getting more and more nervous as the days and weeks fly by about bringing 2 new lives home :-) prayers for all the mommas for ...
Read all from week 32

kekea, 20 weeks. - 126.4 hours ago - TaraR beautiful name...
Read all from week 20

kekea, 21 weeks. - 126.4 hours ago - Mamalira congratulations!!! Have you picked a name?
Read all from week 21

jamie86, 24 weeks. - 127.3 hours ago - I looked around last year and couldn't find any. Usually doulas will do it but there aren't any around here that I could find either. Will have to look again and see what the cost is. As of right now I plan to go back on antidepressants because I suffer from anxiety already but it gets so much worse once baby is born.
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WilliamsonBabies, 5 weeks. - 128.8 hours ago - Hello week five!! I can't wait for my first appointment!! They are making me wait till I am 8 weeks before the Dr will see me!! It seems like forever!!
Read all from week 5

TaraR, 20 weeks. - 129.6 hours ago - Hello 20 weeks!!!!!!! I'm so excited to be here!! Halfway done!! This little boy is an active little booger!! I'm so in love with him!! We have decided on Oliver Andrew as his name!! :)
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beckym, 24 weeks. - 129.6 hours ago - If you have your heart set on it, Google it for your area, there is probably one that does it. โ˜บ
Read all from week 24, 32 weeks. - 129.9 hours ago - In my other ultrasounds he measured a week ahead. On Tuesday's ultrasound he measured right on target and weighed in at 3 lbs 15 ozs so it looks like his growth is starting to slow down
Read all from week 32

mamalira, 21 weeks. - 138.8 hours ago - We are having a girl! Everything looks good as far as I know. My midwife didn't get a call and she said if there was something wrong they would have called her right away. It will be a couple of days before she gets the whole report though.
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sleepymom, 37 weeks. - 139.1 hours ago - Haven't commented in ages, but I am hoping now that we are close to the end everyone has more time to come and chat. I have one more shift at work and then I am off on vacation till my due date/maternity leave.How is everyone feeling? Any early babies? I am feeling good. Getting tired of not having a very good sleep. This baby is way low in my pelvis so I am up to pee constantly at night and my hips have been aching after I lay on my side for an hour. two year old is finally sleepin ...
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weber3, 10 weeks. - 140.3 hours ago - @amy so happy to hear of your great results especially since you had a scare earlier on.
Read all from week 10

jamie86, 24 weeks. - 141.2 hours ago - I still couldn't do it! I wish so badly I knew someone around here that would encapsulate mine for me.
Read all from week 24

jory927, 11 weeks. - 141.7 hours ago - @pookalou I'm with you! Week 11 hit and I'm crying at everything!! Hoping it passes soon!
Read all from week 11

Dec Baby, 40 weeks. - 141.8 hours ago - I realise now that my bleeding is not a continuation of postpartum bleed but my first period!!! This has never happened to me before in all previous 8 pregnancies! I am fully breast feeding and it usually takes 12 months to come back! I am so shocked right now! Machaela...I have put a small amount of weight on too boohoo! I was just looking at my skinny photos awww and thinking I'd better start cutting down on my calorie intake...I'm simply just eating tooooo much and at the moment, so ...
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machalaB, 40 weeks. - 147 hours ago - Ive gotten mine Dec Baby. I enjoyed not seeing it those 9 months, for weight, im gaining but not complaining, n as my gma say 'nobody wants a bone but a dog'. But this belly cesarean incision is fully healed so ive been wearing a clincher. Have anyone returned to work yet??
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JC.GriffHuddle, 11 weeks. - 147.5 hours ago - Thank you weber3 and sparks717 for your feedback i will be sure to ask the doctor next visit, which is June 1st btw. I cant wait!
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sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 147.5 hours ago - Dallas got his shots today..he did really good, hardly cried. I haven't been on the scale since I saw I still had 17lbs to loose. I'm scared to weigh my self again! I still have a nasy jelly belly...I hate it!
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lil.pigz, 17 weeks. - 147.6 hours ago - Same here, I have no symptoms compared to my previous pregnancies either. I am tired, but that could also be from chasing around a 2yr old and 9 mnonth old all day,lol. Im not complaining though! It is kind of funny I have to remind myself I am pregnant sometimes:)
Read all from week 17

beckym, 24 weeks. - 147.8 hours ago - I just had my obgyn appt, they gave me the green light to take the placenta home, jamie, I read online that a food critic said it tastes like tender beef. I hope they are right!
Read all from week 24

mommashavin11, 12 weeks. - 148.7 hours ago - I have felt it too, as long as I am very still! It can't be anything else.this is baby # 11, so maybe it's from my muscles being lax!lol
Read all from week 12

mommashavin11, 12 weeks. - 148.7 hours ago - I have felt it too, as long as I am very still! It can't be anything else.this is baby # 11, so maybe it's from my muscles being lax!lol
Read all from week 12

daffymtz22, 13 weeks. - 148.9 hours ago - I'm only taking a multivitamin Prenatal pill. Would that help?
Read all from week 13

pookalou, 11 weeks. - 149.9 hours ago - Well I'm now in wk 11. I'm tired, usually feel cold, and my emotional level is off the charts. The throwing up is abating but I still get very nauseous. Today I feel so weepy just wanna curl up, cry and sleep lol.
Read all from week 11

babylove5, 40 weeks. - 151.2 hours ago - When I went to the Dr. the other day I weighed for the first time since birth. I still have 8 pounds to lose, I thought I lost it all...ugh! The scale is obviously wrong I can wear my same jeans. I guess I need to exercise! I hate the scale.
Read all from week 40

SarahBeth13, 12 weeks. - 151.8 hours ago - I have also read that we shouldn't feel it yet... but I am with you and have felt a little thump a few times this past week. Maybe it is just in my head...but it really does feel like baby. I am almost 13 weeks now and for sure felt my first around 14 weeks so I guess it should be happening soon.
Read all from week 12

TaraR, 19 weeks. - 154.1 hours ago - Yay Paula!! I'm excited to hear! Hope it all goes well!
Read all from week 19

jamie86, 24 weeks. - 154.3 hours ago - Yeah I couldn't do that lol. Taking it in a pill I could.
Read all from week 24

babylove5, 40 weeks. - 154.9 hours ago - I think I stopped at 4weeks. I'm 6 weeks pp and I shouldn't start my period since I'm breastfeeding. My hormones are starting to come back and I'm getting my sex drive back. I'm going to wait and get Jacobs shots at 8 weeks he's just to little. I wish he would drink one bottle a day without putting up a fight. It is stressful knowing I'm his only food source.
Read all from week 40

PaulaSoon2B8, 19 weeks. - 155.1 hours ago - Going for my ultrasound follow-up appointment with the doctor...then finally my referral to my OB...that's when its all going to really kick in!! He will be so surprised to see us yet :) Hoping my ultrasound results come back nice and clear!
Read all from week 19

kekea, 21 weeks. - 155.4 hours ago - Let us know how it goes...
Read all from week 21

kekea, 20 weeks. - 155.4 hours ago - Congrats RowdyRandy!!!
Read all from week 20

1morefor4, 20 weeks. - 156.2 hours ago - RowdyRandi-- Congratulations.
Read all from week 20

sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 159.7 hours ago - I haven't dtipped bleeding. I've had days were it's really light and I'll think it's finally done but then it will be bright red again the next day...this has happend about 5 or 6 times, but it's never fully stopped. It's really annoying. On Friday I'll be 9 weeks PP!!!!
Read all from week 40

DerbyQueenDill, 13 weeks. - 161.1 hours ago - daffymtz22: are you taking Vit B6 in addition to your prenatal?
Read all from week 13

flojoe, 12 weeks. - 161.6 hours ago - Yay! Week 12 from today. This is my second bubba.... And I am just wondering can any of you second or third time mommas feel the baby yet. I thought I felt some movements since last week - nothing clear just a sudden tumble or a poke... But all the literature say it's too early to feel the baby at all.... I know it's wasn't the muscle stretching or ligament pain thing- 'cause that feels different... Hmmmm - just wondering ......
Read all from week 12

mamalira, 21 weeks. - 163.2 hours ago - Ultrasound in the morning!!
Read all from week 21

beckym, 24 weeks. - 166.2 hours ago - I saw videos of people cooking it with vegetables, maybe get some zip lock bags and wash it well, cut it into 8ths, and freeze separately in zip lock bags, then it is portioned out, spice and cook with mushrooms, onions and garlic, should be good, and then could have as a pick me up when feeling down.
Read all from week 24
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  •         Gender-prediction-fun 128
  • Chromosomes 30
  • Chronic-Illness 13
  • Constipation 241
  • Contractions 87 (1 new)
  • Cravings 1485 (4 new)
  • Dehydration 43
  • Depression-during-pregnancy 484
  • Diabetes-I-and-II 189 (2 new)
  • Disability 33
  • Domestic-Abuse 92
  • Dreams 671 (2 new)
  • Drugs-of-Abuse 3
  • Eating-Disorders 65
  • Endometriosis 57
  • Episiotomy 97
  • External-Cephalic-Version 8
  • Fainting 82
  • Father-to-be 976
  • Fetal-Development 77
  • Fetal-Heart-Rate 349
  • Fetal-Movements 535
  • First-Time-Mums-Q-and-A 504
  • Gallbladder 74
  • Genetic-Testing 7
  • Gestation 2
  • Gestational-Diabetes 2200 (6 new)
  • Hair-Care 98
  • HCG 219
  • Headache 165
  • Heartburn 258
  • HELLP-Syndrome 15
  • Hemorrhoids 126
  • High-risk-pregnancy 36 (1 new)
  • Hyperemesis-Gravidarum 40
  • Incompetent-Cervix 275 (1 new)
  • Intrahepatic-Cholestasis-of-Pregnancy 4
  • Intrauterine-Growth-Restriction 11
  • Just-For-Laughs 170 (4 new)
  • Labor-Signs 98
  • Large-Families 290
  • Lightening 21
  • Listeria 61
  • Maternity-Clothes 238
  • Midwifes 71
  • Military-Families 108
  • Moodswings 517
  • Morning-Sickness 536
  • Mothers-in-law 1805 (3 new)
  • Mucus-Plug 407
  • Myths-And-Facts-(Pregnancy) 25
  • Natural-cures 3
  • Natural-Induction 30
  • Nesting 26
  • Packing-for-the-Hospital 144
  • Placenta 67
  •         Placenta-Previa 178 (1 new)
  •         Placental-Abruption 19
  •         Retained-Placenta 9
  • Plus-size 1146
  • Polycystic-Ovarian-Synrome-(PCOS) 192 (1 new)
  • Pregnancy-Loss 21
  •         Blighted-Ovum 378
  •         Ectopic-pregnancy 89
  •         Miscarriage 673
  •         Miscarriage-Stories 13
  •         Stillbirth 24
  • Pregnancy-Signs-and-Symptoms 274
  • Pregnancy-tests 129
  •         Pregnancy-Test-Troubleshooting 12
  • Pregnancy-Wheel 14
  • Prenatal-Vitamins 193
  • Preterm-Labor 59
  • Progesterone-Levels 125
  • PUPPP 134 (1 new)
  • Recipes 38
  • Rh-Factor 130
  • Round-Ligament-Syndrome 80
  • Rupture-of-the-Membranes 19
  • Sciatica 13
  • Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases 113
  • Skin-Changes 133
  • Spotting 9
  •         First-trimester 329
  •         Second-trimester 69
  •         Third-trimester 22
  • Stretch-Marks 498
  • Surrogacy 15
  • Swelling-(Edema)-in-Pregnancy 129
  • Symphysis-Pubis-Dysfunction-(SPD) 285
  • Teen-Pregnancy 1058
  • Teeth-care-(Pregnancy) 89
  • Tests-during-pregnancy 28
  •         AFP-screening-test 182
  •         Amniocentesis 193
  •         Biophysical-Profile-(BPP) 10
  •         Blood-Glucose 117
  •         Chorionic-Villi-Sampling-(CVS) 35
  •         Contraction-stress-test 0
  •         Fetal-Fibronectin-Test-(fFN) 19
  •         Group-B-Streptococcus 113
  •         Non-stress-test 13
  •         Nuchal-Translucency-Screening 157
  •         Prenatal-Paternity-Testing 2
  •         PUBS 0
  • Thrombophilia 2
  • Tips-To-Avoid-Pregnancy 40
  • Tobacco 614
  • Toxoplasmosis 31
  • Travel-during-pregnancy 28
  •         Seatbelts 3
  • Trisomy 6
  • Twins 141
  •         Complications 9
  •         During-twin-pregnancy 40
  •         Fraternal 40
  •         Identical 16
  •         Nursing-twins 13
  •         Twin-delivery 4
  •         Video 11
  • Ultrasound 792
  • Urinary-Tract-Infection 43
  • Urination 87
  • Uterine-Fibroids 39
  • Varicose-veins 27
  • Ventriculomegaly 886 (7 new)
  • Weight-Gain 1053
  • Whats-Safe-and-Unsafe 40
  •         Beauty-and-Spa-Safety 54
  •         Career 86
  •         Fitness 121
  •         Foods 203
  •         Home 2
  •         Medical 63
  •         Sex 697
  •         Sleep 152

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