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monica28, 29 weeks. - 16 minutes ago - took my glucose test yesterday....the juice wasn't so bad. I go back to the doctor on the Aug. 4 apt really looking forward to going to the doctor every two weeks. I take my maternity pics super excited!!!
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Baby ali , 35 weeks. - 1.1 hours ago - Funtime- good luck! sounds like could be early labour signs soooooo exciting :0)
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letroise11, 19 weeks. - 1.8 hours ago - Yeah! Lissie im so happy for y'all! You must have some really good juju to be so blessed!
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cutey24u, 12 weeks. - 2 hours ago - Back pain is back in the sacral region and nothing helps. I can't lay on my back because it is to uncomfortable. Not having any other pain besides minor stretching pains, no bleeding or anything. This back pain is ridiculous!
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bonitadiane, 26 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - Hello 26 weeks. :)
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bonitadiane, 25 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - Good morning ladies. Hope all is well. Matoks I'd probably get them looked at if I were you. Just make sure all is well. I'm getting lots of kicks from baby right now. Thinking the cup of coffee has him jumping. I ordered a personalized outfit for baby. I'm bringing it to hospital ... It's a surprise for hubby. It's got Joshua Jr. On shirt and hat says JJ. I nearly cried when opened it yesterday. I'll try and take pic and post. Hubby has no clue. I'm thinking he'll love it. My throats b ...
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mommy2mason, 21 weeks. - 3 hours ago - Have any of you felt any braxton hicks yet? I swear thats what I am feeling every so often. I don't remember having them so early with my first.
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mommy2mason, 21 weeks. - 3 hours ago - Thanks for the road trip ideas ladies. We're traveling from Wisconsin to Tennessee - about 14 hours. beginagain: I also have a large round lump on my left side - right by my belly button. I was told it's baby A, and she is also breech. I don't feel that on the right with baby B. I hope your little stinker cooperates for you at the next appointment! How exciting to see such an active baby though :)
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tripplets, 10 weeks. - 3.2 hours ago - I have this insatiable hunger...neaseau subsiding...
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brandyleigh, 8 weeks. - 3.8 hours ago - 8 w 5d week 8 is flying by morning sickness is still kicking my butt though plus had a slight headache the past three days it's finally gone now. I can't wait to hear little ones heartbeat on the Doppler! Not having another sono till 12 weeks is killing me!! Hope everyone is well!
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funtimemum80, 35 weeks. - 5.5 hours ago - Hi all, I'm off to buy for my hospital bag today, I need to get it packed and ready. I'm not comfortable anymore and I'm wondering if this is it for me or if Mother Nature will drag this out for another few weeks, I'm currently 36+ weeks and for the past few days I've been aching , getting period and back ache and this AM I had pinky mucus from where I had been cramping all night, I've never been early with my labours but have never begun showing signs this early either, hopefully by the end of ...
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lissie****, 21 weeks. - 8.3 hours ago - great ideas for road trips ladies. I do the movie thing and Ipad is a great idea. Books, toys etc too. I bring food that I normally don't get my kids like little bags of chips and fruit snacks. Then when things get really bad I use what I've got. I also pack food like fruit and Pb&J so that it's easy, fast to feed kids and us too. Lots of drinks but only water for the kids so that they won't guzzle it and need to pee every 5 miles! Blanky, pillow pet and loved small toy.
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lissie****, 21 weeks. - 8.4 hours ago - begin again I felt that big round thing' with my son that was breech. It was definitely more uncomfortable as baby got bigger but I'll bet you are feeling his head! Plenty of time to turn and most babies aren't completely settled into head down position yet anyway.
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lissie****, 20 weeks. - 8.4 hours ago - Was going to say that we found out we are having a girl but I also found out I have placenta previa :( We will go back to have another ultrasound in 2 months if we haven't had any bleeds etc before then. Hoping placenta will grow up and away from the cervix! boo. I've already had low placenta and then an abruption. FInding out this was a girl sort of put off the worry of p. previa. I am just hoping that it will be better at our next ultrasound and NO BLEEDING please!!! I told my mom I'm ...
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lissie****, 19 weeks. - 8.5 hours ago - JsZabs Lol your DH peeing himself haha. COngrats on your boy! Found out today we are getting the GIRL we were hoping for!!! DH said his heart was racing so fast just before she told us! Our daughter was THRILLED to be having a sister! //JUliemom// How cute/fun you announced with cupcakes and they didn't know it was coming!!! :) //Letroise// yes we are on the opposite track! ha ha! Hopefully you get another boy!
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1st.time.momma, 5 weeks. - 10.3 hours ago - Yeah that sounds about right for that situation. Im with a new doctor so hopefully she'll be better than my last.
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ira456, 38 weeks. - 10.4 hours ago - Well somebody's got to be soon! I'm anxious to hear everyone's birth stories! My doctor appointment is on Thursday and im hoping to find out if I've dialated at all.
Read all from week 38, 38 weeks. - 10.7 hours ago - Still pregnant:(!!!! Well at least I have my appt. coming this wed n hopefully they'll b telling me ive dilated more.....
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loriandrichie, 30 weeks. - 11 hours ago - I got some amazing pics!! She's so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at her! And still a girl thank goodness:) ill upload some pics.
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loriandrichie, 29 weeks. - 11 hours ago - I got some amazing pics!! She's so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at her! And still a girl thank goodness:) ill upload some pics.
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babybubbles88, 6 weeks. - 11.3 hours ago - Woo, I am in the 6th week! Super excited. My baby #3♡♡♡
Read all from week 6

iiloveyouu002, 28 weeks. - 12.1 hours ago - Failed Both glucose screening test :( sucks.. Baby is still in breech position, but Placenta has moved and placenta previa is resolved.. Heading into 29 weeks tomorrow WHOOP WHOOP :)
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NICOLA2010, 13 weeks. - 13 hours ago - yay im 13 weeks next monday.. definatly doing lots better.. still taking it easy though.. a near 4 year old and 20 month old to keep on top with
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begin.again, 21 weeks. - 13 hours ago - I think I'm 21 weeks today!! :) I was able to see my baby today!!! I have a very active baby. It is amazing to see how much baby has grown since my last ultrasound (at 14 wks 4 days). I was able to see my baby's feet, hands, and the baby was trying to suck its thumb!! I didn't get any pictures though. The Dr. tried finding out the sex but my baby was moving around too much. :) I have another ultrasound in a couple of days. The ultrasound tech will try to tell me the sex if the baby isn't moving ...
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NICOLA2010, 12 weeks. - 13 hours ago - mmi love cheese soo much right now.. but not into marble cheese... love extra mature cheddar cheese
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NICOLA2010, 12 weeks. - 13 hours ago - aww how cool.. its prob one.. all this hype thinking im having twins.. lol and i be like so its not twins then lol.. will keep u all posted
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susieq2582, 38 weeks. - 13.4 hours ago - Not 38 weeks until Thursday, but I am definitely still pregnant. Hoping the baby comes this week before my doctor moves out of state.
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aprilrose, 21 weeks. - 14 hours ago - We load the iPad with movies But only Break it out once everything Else has been exhausted. I get a few books that you can use with dry erase markers (search and find), buy a few new small Toys that you can give every couple Of hours.
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iwantagirl2, 5 weeks. - 15.2 hours ago - I had my first appointment about 2 weeks ago... they did a full exam... i have to go back on Wednesday for blood work and an ultrasound... im considered hifh risk because i am on blood pressure medication from my last pregnancy... i think thats why i have to be seen every 2 weeks...
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1st.time.momma, 5 weeks. - 15.4 hours ago - Has anyone made there first appt? When is it? Mines aug 1st im super excited. Im trying to push for an ultrasound. Not sure if all doctors do it but I have a history of forming tumors on my ovary which resulted in me losing one of them due to a doctor not doing an ultrasound when I asked them to. Pissed me right off.
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dre32, 10 weeks. - 15.5 hours ago - had my first midwife appt this morning..bit disappointing because she couldn't find the heartbeat. With my daughter we heard it this early, but this one seems to be unccoperative. Booked my first u/s for next friday so I guess I'm in the same boat Timefor2---waiting to see whats happening in there! I told my mom last week but that's it. I'm hiding from people too! The all day nasuea is subsiding a bit...but then i barfed 6 times last night which was a new experience...ugh. hope everyone is doi ...
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stublit, 35 weeks. - 15.9 hours ago - If anyone wants to connect on fb pm me on here!!
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megalo, 38 weeks. - 17.8 hours ago - I'm still pregnant.
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letroise11, 21 weeks. - 17.9 hours ago - We went from houston to Arizona and the main thing that saved us was the lap top and movies. Good luck!
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matoks, 25 weeks. - 18.2 hours ago - tnx twinning i appreciate,the pain is nt much though,nd nt permanent either.
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ira456, 38 weeks. - 18.8 hours ago - Where did everyone go? Are you ladies still pregnant like me?
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jszabs, 19 weeks. - 19.5 hours ago - Almost half way there! We just found out this morning we are having a boy! We currently have 2 girls, and this is definitely the last baby, so we are pretty thrilled!! I cried when I found out, and I am pretty certain hubby peed himself a little! haha Hope everyone is feeling well, and ultrasounds are going accordingly! :)
Read all from week 19

JDH, 37 weeks. - 19.7 hours ago - I had a couple of good contractions while working outside but nothing for a few hours now. I'm feel like I'm trying to rush the baby but I'm just so excited! I'm the type of person that likes to have everything planned and babys don't care about your plans!
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aussie-jess, 8 weeks. - 20.5 hours ago - Hi all! I just had my ultrasound and baby is measuring 8 weeks 3 days! And heartbeat was 172bpm! So thankful and happy! A little bit of worry can ease now that is over! I have been so exhausted! And since last night I have had super sharp pains on my sides too. Guessing its just growing pains?
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aussie-jess, 7 weeks. - 20.5 hours ago - Hi all! I just had my ultrasound and baby is measuring 8 weeks 3 days! And heartbeat was 172bpm! So thankful and happy! A little bit of worry can ease now that is over! I have been so exhausted! And since last night I have had super sharp pains on my sides too. Guessing its just growing pains?
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mngirl1281, 7 weeks. - 21.2 hours ago - LilBean, you and I in same boat lol. Same symptoms, my first 4 were cake walk compared to this one. I can't wait till Thursday. I have an ultrasound due to new hospital policies. Never had one this early but am so excited to see our bean and a flickering heartbeat. It's my hubby bday Thursday as well:). Today it is 90F and dew points at 72. Yuck. It's making me feel even worse. We are in northern Minnesota so usually when we get this, we get nasty storms.
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nicciellis, 7 weeks. - 21.8 hours ago - Well I spoke to soon didn't I , was fine until husband came home and asked what I wanted to eat my stomach has turned at the thought of food lay on sofa feeling sick while he tucked into his dinner , went food shopping an couldn't walk past meat without burking oh well suppose I asked for it lol
Read all from week 7

2bBlessedw2, 7 weeks. - 22.4 hours ago - My first two I barely had symptoms. This one I always feel hungover in the am and at night a little bit. I'm also beyond tired. Boobs are a little fuller but they do not hurt at all. After 12 losses...I don't look into having symptoms or not having them. I've had different outcomes for both.
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mammaramirez, 29 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - Msjenn - I took mine at 26 weeks. I'm not 29 weeks until tomorrow but it's so quiet and lonely in my week.
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Juliemom24, 19 weeks. - 22.8 hours ago - Hope you get your girl Lissie and your boy Letroise. We announced to our families last night. I made cupcakes with a blue filling and then frosted them with both pink and blue. It was fun to watch them pick the color they thought it was and then bite into it and see boy. Everyone was really surprised since we didn't let anyone know that we found out.
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mommy2mason, 21 weeks. - 22.9 hours ago - I've been feeling a lot of movement too lately! I forgot how bizarre it feels. I also feel like I've gained 100 pounds in the last 2 days - Meh. This thursday we are taking a road trip with our 4 year old! I'm very excited as this will likely be our last trip as a family of three. The ride is 14 hours - any suggestions on traveling with youngins? :)
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vickiessecret, 37 weeks. - 23.1 hours ago - Thanks Sue, that's what everyone is telling me too and I feel that way myself. Definitely not agreeing to a section unless I can't get him out on my own. I just hope he comes within the next week and I won't have to deal with this crap :) Off to 38 weeks tomorrow!!
Read all from week 37, 12 weeks. - 23.3 hours ago - No I'm a fraternal twin! But it's pretty awesome being a twin! Keep us posted !!
Read all from week 12

msjenn727, 29 weeks. - 24 hours ago - Has anyone else taken their Glucose test yet?
Read all from week 29, 13 weeks. - 24.5 hours ago - Last week of the first trimester! Yay! I can't say I will miss you in the slightest first trimester ;-)
Read all from week 13

Timefor2, 10 weeks. - 24.5 hours ago - 10w4d and just trying to stay patient waiting on my first ultrasound! Still over a week to wait! We have not told anyone still and it is driving me crazy trying to hide it. I have been avoiding family in fear they will notice my giant bloat belly that I try to cover with baggy shirts. I am also into maternity pants now because regular jeans were just too uncomfortable pushing on my belly. So hard to keep hiding this! I wouldn't mind telling early if we knew wth was going on in there! With my DS ...
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Christmasbaby!!!!!!, 17 weeks. - 25 hours ago - Hey guys I have just joined! Nice to meet y'all!
Read all from week 17

susieq2582, 37 weeks. - 25.5 hours ago - The count down is on for my doctor. Her last day is Friday, and then I am in the awkward position of calling someone from her practice that I don't know or using the on-call doctor to deliver the baby. I am really hoping it happens before Friday because I love my doctor. We shall see. I was 2cm at my appointment on Friday, and 70% effaced. Not that it means much since I was in a similar situation with my second son and he came a week or two later on his due date.
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susieq2582, 37 weeks. - 25.5 hours ago - vickiessecret - I would definitely push for the vaginal delivery. You have a proven track record of being able to deliver, and the ultrasound weight estimates can be off especially at this stage when it is hard to get good measurements because the baby is taking up so much space. You know your body better than anyone, and doctor's are just trying to cover their liability.
Read all from week 37

floydianslip2, 4 weeks. - 26.2 hours ago - Anyone else have cramping that they are concerned about? Such an odd feeling, it's not like a menstral cramp, feels more like pressure/pulling. I read that it could just be the uterus growing, but isn't it a little too early for that?
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baby ali, 35 weeks. - 26.2 hours ago - hello
Read all from week 35

LiLBean5, 7 weeks. - 26.4 hours ago - 2B QUIT LOOKING THINGS UP HAHAHA! It'll drive you nuts with worry! Nicci I haven't had any symptoms barely at all compared to when I was preggers with my 4 girls! They are all perfect! Maybe your gonna get lucky and have a super easy and super smooth pregnancy!! :)
Read all from week 7

nicciellis, 7 weeks. - 26.8 hours ago - Hi ladies I'm not having any symptoms 😕 now and again a wave of feeling sick that passes quickly. Should I be worried? From the day I found out I was pregnant with my 3 daughters I was sick sore boobs all kinds little confused
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mschichi, 9 weeks. - 27.5 hours ago - room4onemore I can understand that! Hold it in! I wish I had the will power that you have lol!
Read all from week 9

iwantagirl2, 5 weeks. - 27.9 hours ago - Same here 1st time momma... the nausea comes and goes and i have back cramps and sore boobs... im not in the bathroom as much as i was the past couple of weeks though...
Read all from week 5

joready2glo, 8 weeks. - 28.4 hours ago - Daisy3 I too have a love/hate relationship with my morning sickness. I felt great this morning when I woke up. Started to worryhowever come later morning I was heaving up and now have a headache! X
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ira456, 37 weeks. - 33.6 hours ago - Good luck vickie, I hope it all goes well and that baby is not too big!
Read all from week 37

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 25 weeks. - 33.8 hours ago - Good morning girls hope ur all well and have enjoyed ur weekend. Mine has been very hectic so i am absolutely shattered and the heat (am not complaining!) Isnt helping. Bonita sounds like u and ur girls had lots of fun, I love swimming pools in this warmth! Matoks, not sure on the pains but I get some too- cud ba growing pains...dont forget ur skin and everything inseide is growing and stretching and u dont have alot of room in there now...if ur concerned tho go see ur midwife chick. Jojo, good ...
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1st.time.momma, 5 weeks. - 34.3 hours ago - Hello ladies...welcome again. How's everyone doing? Still no nausea (ya I get it every now and then but not consistently) mainly sore boobs and really bad lower back pain.
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deebo, 17 weeks. - 34.4 hours ago - Ugh more complications with this baby, my sch healed, then the other day (after I slipped and almost fell but caught myself) I started gushing blood, went to my doctors, found HB no problems.. Came home, and started bleeding through my pants.. Sat in the ER for 8 hours, had a beside ultrasound, HB and baby are ok. No cause for the bleeding, saw my doctor again the next day, due to still bleeding.. HB is still nice and strong. So scary, I put myself on bed rest, bleeding is almost gone today.. So ...
Read all from week 17

cutezilootz02, 10 weeks. - 34.9 hours ago - Exciting to reach week 10 every week closer! Hoping the sickness will start slowing down and i can start eating properly again. I think iv lost 3-4 kilos in the last couple weeks! Got my next doc appointment tomorrow so hoping ill be able to book my next ultrasound soon!!!
Read all from week 10

lissie****, 17 weeks. - 35.9 hours ago - Kathy yay!!! That is amazing! I can't see mine yet with the dang placenta in the way *and a few pounds of fluff too. //laurentyesmomma// you are getting there! It won't be long. Mine is tomorrow! It's felt like it is taking FOREVER to get to tomorrow. I'm excited
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letroise11, 19 weeks. - 36.6 hours ago - Lissie- it's crazy that your on the opposite end. I feel like having a boy is a miracle yet you can have them at a blink of your eye. My son is treated like a king by everyone mainly cause we never thought we would have one. At least I'll still have a few months to get used to the idea no matter what the baby is.
Read all from week 19

lissie****, 19 weeks. - 36.9 hours ago - Lol letroise that is the same reason we decided to wait for Dr to do the scan and not pay for one early. My DH said he feel upset if we paid for the ultrasound just to find out early it wasn't a girl!
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NICOLA2010, 12 weeks. - 37 hours ago - aww r u.. u identical? good for u by the way for not drinking coffee first 12 week.. ive been getting major stretching pains.. around my sides and back.. and just so hungry.. i cant wait for dr appointment.. i just wanna know if babyis ok.. or if i have twins lol.. seriosuly i have this instinct..
Read all from week 12

keegansmommy, 36 weeks. - 39.6 hours ago - Lila, we are both having girls! I'm so glad it's almost over lol. Next will likely be who's baby does what first or fastest!
Read all from week 36, 12 weeks. - 39.6 hours ago - How exciting! Keep us updated! I'm a twin so the first thing I asked at my ultrasound with this pregnancy and the other was how many!? Lol And thanks I think I'll go for it once in a while I just love my coffee as it's been 3 long months without it!
Read all from week 12

stublit, 35 weeks. - 39.8 hours ago - My baby always has hiccups. It can be annoying when I'm trying to sleep. You feel a little jump every 10-20 seconds. It's a rhythm unlike random movement.
Read all from week 35

leanbean , 29 weeks. - 39.9 hours ago - LORI~ DId you get some good shots? MZH~ PRaying for you. Hope this last bit goes by quick for you! MSJENN~ Doing great here as well!
Read all from week 29

Baby ali, 35 weeks. - 40.7 hours ago - how do you know when the baby has hiccups??
Read all from week 35

Baby ali, 34 weeks. - 40.7 hours ago - how do u know when the baby has hiccups?
Read all from week 34

mommylh, 4 weeks. - 41.6 hours ago - Hi Ladies, I'm officially in! Tested yesterday and got the positive. Super excited, this will be number 3 :)
Read all from week 4

dezire, 40 weeks. - 41.7 hours ago - So tomorrow will be my 40 week apt this is my 4th baby I thought I would be holding her by now...well gonna ask for a sweep tomororw hopefully she will come :)
Read all from week 40

matoks, 25 weeks. - 41.8 hours ago - am feeling some little pain in my tommy,any idea of d cause?
Read all from week 25

matoks, 26 weeks. - 41.9 hours ago - hello week26,hope to feel great ds week.
Read all from week 26

matoks, 25 weeks. - 41.9 hours ago - hey ladies hows d weekend and d litu being in us?mine was awesome nice moment with hubby and great movement from baba woop.>am 26weeks ahahahaahh
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laurentyesmomma, 17 weeks. - 42.5 hours ago - 17 weeks today, doctor on Monday and my gender ultrasound should be booked yey!
Read all from week 17

NICOLA2010, 12 weeks. - 43.7 hours ago - just tea drinker max 2 per day.. u can drink coffee i woukdnt worry max it out o 2 a day though
Read all from week 12

NICOLA2010, 12 weeks. - 43.7 hours ago - i never thought id ssy this but if would be awesome.. i would love twins.. im almkst hoping they r twins.. i feel so kn love.. and i never imagined, dreamed or thought i were having twins in past.. i strongly feel something on my left side.. once in a while something on my right.. this i felt todsy.. wherr as usually i feel on the left.. i swear my uterus is to my belly button which uuslly not till boit 20 weeks twins do run in oit family.. and as soon as we conceived ...
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vickiessecret, 37 weeks. - 43.9 hours ago - I'm really nervous and anxious. I see high risk dr's at my 36+3 day ultrasound baby was estimated at 8lbs 7oz, which is 3,827 grams. I have another growth scan coming un next Monday on the 28th, dr told me if baby is measuring at 4,500 or larger, they won't induce me on my due date like the wanted to and they are pushing for me to have a C-section. Which I don't want. I'm really hoping that his weight was off last time and maybe he was only 7lbs 7oz instead of 8lbs 7oz. 4,500 grams is 9lbs 9oz-9 ...
Read all from week 37

2bBlessedw2, 7 weeks. - 44 hours ago - My toes and feet are still tingly!!! What is going on?! Of course I google shit and it's making me think I have early symptoms of MS!
Read all from week 7

LiLBean5, 8 weeks. - 44.1 hours ago - rainbowbaby hahaha that was me last week when I was 6wks! This week in 7wks I am having LOTS of sharp ligament pains constant lower back pain and all day nausaesness.
Read all from week 8

LiLBean5, 7 weeks. - 44.2 hours ago - 2B my lower back hurts ALL the time!! I am sometime here going to go to a chiropractor and get adjusted to see if that helps but I want to go to my 1st prenantal appt just to make sure everything will be fine with baby! :) Oh and as for the numb thing when I run one the elliptical my 3rd and 4th toes go completely numb that I have to stop and walk around and it is still numb for a while. I am thinking sciatica but am not sure. I am just listening to my body and doing only what I can. My ligament ...
Read all from week 7

LiLBean5, 7 weeks. - 44.3 hours ago - mngirl...I was thinking sciatica. I was thinking twins too but when I talked to some of my friends who have twins they said no way because I would be so so sick as well. I am nausaes all day but not vomiting. So I'm just going to say boy! My size 6 jean shorts are getting tight finally!!! I am going to have to go bigger, yay!!! :) I told my hubby it's time to go to the fat looking stage haha. I can't wait till I get to the baby belly looking stage!! How about you!? I'm SOO excited and can't WAIT ...
Read all from week 7, 12 weeks. - 45.1 hours ago - Nicola, wow how neat would that be if you had twins! When so you go for a scan?? I go this week for another one! So question, how many of you ladies are drinking coffee?? I stopped for my first trimester but am just dying for a coffee! So I think I'll splurge once in a while! Thoughts? With my first I didn't drink coffee at all even when I wasn't pregnant, but that changed after I had a new born ;) and now I just mis it!
Read all from week 12, 4 weeks. - 46.7 hours ago - This is my second time on here...had my last in 2009. I think I am 4-5 weeks pregnant. I am actually a surrogate this time around and had my transfer June 30th. I know my due date but not 100% sure on how many weeks. Happy to be back here though. Going to be a bit different this time around :)
Read all from week 4

sarah6485, 34 weeks. - 46.9 hours ago - Anyone feel baby head pushing down and it kinda ouches ?
Read all from week 34, 5 weeks. - 47.4 hours ago - hi y'all nice to be back since.i was here for all my two kids 2010 and 2013. i have forgotten my other screen name and password so i created a new one.i hope everyone is doing well....take care
Read all from week 5

msjenn727, 29 weeks. - 47.6 hours ago - Hello everyone! Started my 29th week yesterday,only 10 weeks left for me! Hope you all are doing great!
Read all from week 29

Baby ali, 34 weeks. - 48 hours ago - just want this month to be over :0)
Read all from week 34

elequin, 4 weeks. - 53.3 hours ago - Hi everyone, I'm back again for a 3rd time... omg!!! Excited but stunned. My hubby and I are now 3 for 3 with ttc, and I'm shocked because I honestly thought that this was a month we'd maybe missed it! Looking fwd to reconnecting with ppl again on this site - I found it heaps of fun with my previous two pregnancies :)
Read all from week 4

sarah6485, 34 weeks. - 57.2 hours ago - Yeh it is getting too much this heat ! I've just finished my baby stuff have everything now just need to pack a baby bag and hospital bag then I'm ready
Read all from week 34

ira456, 38 weeks. - 57.8 hours ago - Contractions are good! I've had nothing new happen. Im still pregnant and don't feel baby is coming any day thats for sure. She seems cozy where she's at. I walked all day at an air show with the kids and im so ready for bed.
Read all from week 38

lila2cute:-), 37 weeks. - 58.1 hours ago - JDH- yes I am having my fourth baby boy :) I really wanted a girl but now that I've had some time to let it sink in I'm good with four boys :) and we can always try again <3 I have not done any shopping other than some big items. But no cloths or diapers. I'm hoping I'll get a kit from the baby shower. <3 I know what you mean about feeling big... I felt like that Friday at work and it sucks!!! Almost to the finish line :) we are so close!!! We got this!!!!
Read all from week 37

rainbowbaby2, 8 weeks. - 62.9 hours ago - Man I have itchy nipples today!
Read all from week 8
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  • Bleeding 161
  • Blended-Families 14
  • Blood-Pressure 89
  •         Eclampsia 14
  •         Low-Blood-Pressure 49
  •         Preeclampsia 161
  • Body-Map-of-Discomforts 2
  • Braxton-Hicks-contractions 458
  •         Exclusively-Pumping 81 (5 new)
  •         Tandem-Nursing 2
  • Breasts 669 (1 new)
  • Breech-Position 212
  • Caffeine 372
  • Carpal-Tunnel-Syndrome 11 (1 new)
  • Cervix 121
  • Childbirth-Education 34
  • Children-and-pregnancy 34
  • Choosing-Babies-Sex 69
  •         Chinese-Gender-Chart 566
  •         Gender-prediction-fun 128
  • Chromosomes 30
  • Chronic-Illness 13
  • Constipation 241
  • Contractions 87 (1 new)
  • Cravings 1485 (4 new)
  • Dehydration 43
  • Depression-during-pregnancy 484
  • Diabetes-I-and-II 189 (2 new)
  • Disability 33
  • Domestic-Abuse 92
  • Dreams 671 (2 new)
  • Drugs-of-Abuse 3
  • Eating-Disorders 65
  • Endometriosis 57
  • Episiotomy 97
  • External-Cephalic-Version 8
  • Fainting 82
  • Father-to-be 976
  • Fetal-Development 77
  • Fetal-Heart-Rate 349
  • Fetal-Movements 535
  • First-Time-Mums-Q-and-A 504
  • Gallbladder 74
  • Genetic-Testing 7
  • Gestation 2
  • Gestational-Diabetes 2200 (6 new)
  • Hair-Care 98
  • HCG 219
  • Headache 165
  • Heartburn 258
  • HELLP-Syndrome 15
  • Hemorrhoids 126
  • High-risk-pregnancy 36 (1 new)
  • Hyperemesis-Gravidarum 40
  • Incompetent-Cervix 275 (1 new)
  • Intrahepatic-Cholestasis-of-Pregnancy 4
  • Intrauterine-Growth-Restriction 11
  • Just-For-Laughs 170 (4 new)
  • Labor-Signs 98
  • Large-Families 290
  • Lightening 21
  • Listeria 61
  • Maternity-Clothes 238
  • Midwifes 71
  • Military-Families 108
  • Moodswings 517
  • Morning-Sickness 536
  • Mothers-in-law 1805 (3 new)
  • Mucus-Plug 407
  • Myths-And-Facts-(Pregnancy) 25
  • Natural-cures 3
  • Natural-Induction 30
  • Nesting 26
  • Packing-for-the-Hospital 144
  • Placenta 67
  •         Placenta-Previa 178 (1 new)
  •         Placental-Abruption 19
  •         Retained-Placenta 9
  • Plus-size 1146
  • Polycystic-Ovarian-Synrome-(PCOS) 192 (1 new)
  • Pregnancy-Loss 21
  •         Blighted-Ovum 378
  •         Ectopic-pregnancy 89
  •         Miscarriage 673
  •         Miscarriage-Stories 13
  •         Stillbirth 24
  • Pregnancy-Signs-and-Symptoms 274
  • Pregnancy-tests 129
  •         Pregnancy-Test-Troubleshooting 12
  • Pregnancy-Wheel 14
  • Prenatal-Vitamins 193
  • Preterm-Labor 59
  • Progesterone-Levels 125
  • PUPPP 134 (1 new)
  • Recipes 38
  • Rh-Factor 130
  • Round-Ligament-Syndrome 80
  • Rupture-of-the-Membranes 19
  • Sciatica 13
  • Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases 113
  • Skin-Changes 133
  • Spotting 9
  •         First-trimester 329
  •         Second-trimester 69
  •         Third-trimester 22
  • Stretch-Marks 498
  • Surrogacy 15
  • Swelling-(Edema)-in-Pregnancy 129
  • Symphysis-Pubis-Dysfunction-(SPD) 285
  • Teen-Pregnancy 1058
  • Teeth-care-(Pregnancy) 89
  • Tests-during-pregnancy 28
  •         AFP-screening-test 182
  •         Amniocentesis 193
  •         Biophysical-Profile-(BPP) 10
  •         Blood-Glucose 117
  •         Chorionic-Villi-Sampling-(CVS) 35
  •         Contraction-stress-test 0
  •         Fetal-Fibronectin-Test-(fFN) 19
  •         Group-B-Streptococcus 113
  •         Non-stress-test 13
  •         Nuchal-Translucency-Screening 157
  •         Prenatal-Paternity-Testing 2
  •         PUBS 0
  • Thrombophilia 2
  • Tips-To-Avoid-Pregnancy 40
  • Tobacco 614
  • Toxoplasmosis 31
  • Travel-during-pregnancy 28
  •         Seatbelts 3
  • Trisomy 6
  • Twins 141
  •         Complications 9
  •         During-twin-pregnancy 40
  •         Fraternal 40
  •         Identical 16
  •         Nursing-twins 13
  •         Twin-delivery 4
  •         Video 11
  • Ultrasound 792
  • Urinary-Tract-Infection 43
  • Urination 87
  • Uterine-Fibroids 39
  • Varicose-veins 27
  • Ventriculomegaly 886 (7 new)
  • Weight-Gain 1053
  • Whats-Safe-and-Unsafe 40
  •         Beauty-and-Spa-Safety 54
  •         Career 86
  •         Fitness 121
  •         Foods 203
  •         Home 2
  •         Medical 63
  •         Sex 697
  •         Sleep 152

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