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sarah4186, 5 weeks. - 2.7 hours ago - Does anyone else have discomfort in the groin area? It's not constant but it started yesterday so I'm just putting my feet up today.
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msteach64, 5 weeks. - 3.3 hours ago - Amy-I'll be turning 39 so we ate in the same situation.
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MamaDownOZ, 4 weeks. - 4.2 hours ago - Hi Ladies! Just thought I'd intro myself, I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant. I found out 4 days ago as I had been dizzy and gassy for a few days. I'm so excited but trying not to get too ahead of myself as I've had 2 early losses in the last few years. This will be our 2nd child if everything goes ok, we have a 5yo girl. Looking forward to joining you all on your journeys xx
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aussiemum86 , 6 weeks. - 4.4 hours ago - I use to love my coffee's but like my past pregnancy i cant stand it now i go for a hot chocolate in stead. I've been having such a hard time thinking of something i feel like eating. Dinner is a pain to cook for the family cause i don't feel like anything i cook for them. I know this is going to sound so silly but I'm a tummy sleeper always have been and with my last pregnancy i slept on my tummy/side basically until i had him. This time i cant stand stand sleeping on my tummy it doesn't hurt b ...
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weber3, 6 weeks. - 9.4 hours ago - I am feeling pretty good most of the time. Not as tired as I expected to be and nauseous at times. I can't stand leftovers at this time. Tastes like garbage literally. And chicken...Yuck. and of course veggies are my enemy as they are with each pregnancy. I have gained 5 pounds so I have a big belly already. Like every other pregnancy.
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jory927, 6 weeks. - 21.6 hours ago - @aussie glad you're ok!! Hope you're back feels better soon! MS hit me right as I turned 6 weeks. I've been struggling this week, it's a miracle my husband just so happened to be home from work all week. He has been a godsend! I'm having to snack constantly. Ready to get to the fun part of pregnancy and past all the yucky, though it has been very reassuring that things seem to be going well.
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aussiemum86 , 6 weeks. - 24.6 hours ago - Woohoo another week down. I sliped on some cardboard tonight and near put my back out have the worst lower ache in my back lucky i didnt fall going to get hubby to give it a rub. I'm so tired tonight its 11.30pm in Australian at the moment. Hows everyone's pregnancies going? I've been really lucky i a actully haven't had much ms.
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weber3, 5 weeks. - 33.8 hours ago - @Amy congrats and glad to be on this journey with you. I had a healthy baby at 40 and another at 42 and hoping this one will turn out the same. almost at week 7. eachieve new day is a miracle to me. there are several of us ava mama's on here.
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 33.9 hours ago - @step baby congrats! #3 is a challenge but soon much fun. All the best to you on thisjourney.
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jamie86, 19 weeks. - 35.7 hours ago - That chart was right for my first 3 kids. It was wrong with my 2 angels I had last year and this baby. I swore by it before though lol.
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redhead-mama, 20 weeks. - 35.7 hours ago - Had my anatomy scan today. They say baby looks great. She kept hiding her face with her hands though so we didn't get a very good profile image, lol!
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amy110, 5 weeks. - 45.4 hours ago - Hi Girls :) So excited to be back. Glad to make it to week 5 - the first weeks of the first trimester are so scary. Lost two in the past, but was blessed with two as well! I pray this one is strong and healthy - turning 40 at the end of the month, and this may be nearing our last shot. So glad to be here!!!
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Stephbaby3, 4 weeks. - 45.5 hours ago - WowZa! Just took a test today and it was positive. I'm so nervous. This baby wasn't planned but my husband and I will embrace our third child! According to my the first day of my last menstral period my due date is Christmas day!! Exciting!!
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beckym, 18 weeks. - 49.2 hours ago - Hey austin, we are here for you, I know, our ranks are few, but there are some of us still on here, which is a good thing! Did they say anything about the placenta possibly be I got in the front it's time? That would make feeling kicks very difficult.
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sarahann, 6 weeks. - 53 hours ago - Hello week 6! It's always a good feeling to make another week, no matter how early :)
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 65 hours ago - What does corcett training do? I have something I ordered online to cinch the abs close together. It really helps push the uterus down, the darn thing is big. 😣 One of my babies had cradle cap. I never could get rid of it but it went away on its own. Jacob has a few baby zits from breastfeeding.. Lol When I took him to the dr he was talking about tummy time and thought yeah right! He won't stay awake!
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KristinaA, 37 weeks. - 67.7 hours ago - Good luck Kristi.
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 68.1 hours ago - Congrats lexy !!
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 68.1 hours ago - Thanks Babylove! I'm still bleeding and sometimes it's still bright red! I've never had heavy bleeding this pregnanacy but it hasn't slowed down much since giving birth. Ha! I wish I was loosing lots of weight!!! I'm going to start corcett training in a few weeks! I gotta get rid of this gutt!! Dallas has cradle cap!!!....uuugghhhh!!!! Yuck! It's all on his eyebrows and ears! He just had some baby acne first, but now it's cradle cap!! Ugh!!
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 69.4 hours ago - Congrats Lexy on baby Benjamin!!! Sher I love the pics!!!! Your children are so cute!!!! They look a lot alike! I'm losing to much weight breastfeeding! I started eating chocolate for breakfast!!! Lol Is anyone else already done bleeding? My baby is 12 days and I just hv fluid coming out now.
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happybrownie, 10 weeks. - 71.8 hours ago - I had my first scan today after insisting I don't want to wait till my 12th week booking scan. The baby is well and I got to see the heartbeat! Amazing and special moment after two losses last year! According to the scan I'm 10 weeks on the dot today (which is 2 days more than I counted based on my last period!). Morning sicnkess is in the full swing, I vomit first thing in the morning and then in the evening too. During the day Im nauseaus and queasy, and it eases after I eat. Looking forward ...
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austinjeanxo, 18 weeks. - 71.9 hours ago - It is a bummer how inactive it is... I don't really have anyone else to talk to who understands my fears n stuff..... This is my only place.... Still not feeling any kicks yet =*[ worrys me. Ultrasound on the 21st.... Still gonna be team green
Read all from week 18, 27 weeks. - 72.4 hours ago - My appt went well. I scheduled my c section for June 26. I got a referral to get another ultrasound....doc just wants to check the growth of the baby one final time to make sure baby is still measuring on target.
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RowdyRandi, 16 weeks. - 73.1 hours ago - Hi I'm in week 15 but i was peeking ahead saw some of you have issues with the prenatal vitamins. I've always gotten nauseous from vitamins. Someone told me a long time ago if vitamins upset your tummy instead of switching to gummies or just not taking them try taking them before bed. If u get nauseous it won't matter cuz you'll be asleep and won't notice. Its worked for me for years
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RowdyRandi, 15 weeks. - 73.3 hours ago - So crazy thing happened last night. My husband actually felt baby move. I could feel baby rolling around inside and he put his hand on my lower tummy almost my pelvis and said he felt something. I thought that was amazing cuz i didn't direct him at all as to where i was feeling baby he moved his hand around and found it himself
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KristiW, 37 weeks. - 74.4 hours ago - I've been drinking my tea and staying active in the bedroom with my hubby to make this baby come out...NOTHING! My sciatica has flared up, I get NO sleep, I to have hemorroid discomfort. I have a doctor appt today. Hopefully we can schedule a date to induce.
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weber3, 5 weeks. - 83 hours ago - I know I can only handle one baby at a time so surely that's all God is gonna give me. Wishing for a boy cause my boys are the best. But I will not be disappointed whatever I get. My girl is a big handful so one girl is enough but for her sake I would like a girl cause she wants a sister so bad.
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aussiemum86 , 5 weeks. - 88.2 hours ago - I'm really looking forward to the 12th of may for my first u/s not that far away but I'm dying to get it done to male sure there is 1 bub and not 2 I'd die if i had twins lol. I have 2 boys so really hoping for a girl but will be blessed with what ever as long as the baby is healthy.
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lexy-b, 40 weeks. - 90.9 hours ago - Benjamin is here!!! I delivered him oh natural on monday at 5:21, he was 7lbs 11 oz and 20.5 inches long. I am feeling awesome but like most of your babies he has things a little backwards and wants to sleep all day and cluster feed at night. I am in love!
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 91.5 hours ago - By the way...I posed new pics of my babies!!! Ooh I just love them!
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 91.8 hours ago - It's funny u ask about babies sleeping at night!!! I nearly ripped DH's face off last night!!! DH doesn't wake up at night, which I don't mind BUT I ask that he works with me in trying to keep Dallas awake as much as possible during the days and evenings; in the hopes of him sleeping longer at night!! Dallas loooves to sleep. Yesterday he slept from 2-7pm straight! I had to wake him up to eat. If I could get that stretch of sleep from even 10-11pm to 5am, I'd be happy...but noooooo!!! I leave th ...
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 92.9 hours ago - Jacob was 7 15 at birth. He lost and got down to 7 3, he is now at 7 10. He's almost back to his birth weight. I breast feed him 8 times a day and he poops every time he eats. I never hv seen a baby poop this much! I hope your babies aren't pooping every time they eat. It's odd how all women gain and lose their baby weight differently. I guess whatever works for you is the best way to go. I wish o knew a quick remedy to get the abs to close and go back together. All I ever do are minor ab crunch ...
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KristinaA, 37 weeks. - 94.5 hours ago - Tried the clary sage oil on my ankles last night and nothing :( Oh well. At least I don't have a thrombosed hemorrhoid anymore. However I have a new complaint. Allergies. They were bad from Dec-Feb, but have not been bad through March and were mildly annoying until yesterday. It rained. Some people find relief from their allergies when it rains, but for me, they get like 600x worse. So bad that I couldn't even netti pot b/c my nasal passages were completely blocked. Gotta have a baby so I ...
Read all from week 37, 27 weeks. - 97 hours ago - 27 weeks today. I have a doc appt tomorrow and I'm excited because I will be scheduling my c-section. I can't believe my baby will be in my arms in 10 weeks. This is going to be my first c-section so I've been reading up about them. I'm not sure if I should do a morning appointment or afternoon appointment. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bummed out I won't get the suspense of going into labor at any given moment, being rushed to the hospital and pushing my baby out. My last delivery was very ...
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 99.6 hours ago - Dec baby- my boobs are huge too...and I had a reduction 4.5yrs ago! it looks like I'll be going back under the knife! I wish I had the money to do some other stuff while I was
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beckym, 18 weeks. - 101.1 hours ago - I miss it being active too, this is a fantastic website available for pregnant women, I always rave about it to pregnant women I know or meet and give the website name, it has become a tradition for most of my pregnancies, I started using it when I was pregnant with my second in 2007-2008 and it was booming!
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 101.1 hours ago - The Chinese gender chart thing is fun. I put in all of my kids and it was right about all of them. It is probably just a coincidence though, but still neat to try!
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weber3, 6 weeks. - 106.5 hours ago - If anyone else is here its more lively in week 5. thats where i am hanging out for now.
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weber3, 5 weeks. - 106.5 hours ago - @sarah yeah after a loss our innocence is taken away and pregnancy just isnt the same carefree experience. it is full of fears and tears and analyzing everything we or our bodies do or feel. i just try to take one day at a time and enjoy today and thank God every time i pee and there is no blood on the toilet paper. I feel good about this pregnancy and so hope that my feelings are right.
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weber3, 5 weeks. - 106.6 hours ago - @aussiemom i have my first appointment on the 12 of may as well. i feel quite queasy at times. not sure how this pregnancy will go but i am never sick, just feel sick. and yeah my breasts are so tender. i nearly lose it when anyone touches them.
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weber3, 5 weeks. - 106.6 hours ago - @notsureandscared. I am glad you told your mom. Hope she was ok with it. How did she react? just thought since you brought God into the picture.....i think praying about this a dangerous thing...abortion is wrong before God. It is murder which is never right. so God would never tell us to abort our babies.
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Dec Baby, 40 weeks. - 106.8 hours ago - Hi alanaw! Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! Enjoy him :)) My little man is 3 weeks old and I'm pretty much done with the post bleeding! I've been caught off guard a few times thinking I was all done and after a few days it reappears...but it's very light! Babylove...I have a huge separation in my rectus muscle, mine is a good hand space wide:( it usually takes me a good 12 months to get my body back! At the moment, I feel way out of proportion! My boobs are the size of melons ...
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NotSureAndScared, 5 weeks. - 108.1 hours ago - @weber3 Thank you for your encouragement!!! I finally told my mom today and I will see what GOD says outside of my bf's voice and my own fears voice... Praying through it all.
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mamalira, 16 weeks. - 109.4 hours ago - Yay for week 16!!
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 114.7 hours ago - I tried out the Chinese gender chart, it says boy!
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Free2Bmom, 19 weeks. - 117.6 hours ago - The Chinese gender chart was accurate with both of my babies though. Becky, search Chinese gender chart (I used the one from and put it your age at conception and month of conception. What's that say?
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Free2Bmom, 19 weeks. - 117.9 hours ago - I had genetics and a gender scan to confirm and I'm 100% pregnant with a girl and her heartbeat is always around the 140 mark and when I was pregnant with my son his heartbeat was always high like 160-180. I had asked my fertility specialist about it with my last pregnancy and he said the only time he sees the heartbeat thing is accurate is close to delivery.... Like within a day or two.
Read all from week 19, 26 weeks. - 119.7 hours ago - jesswithtwins, I know the feeling. Time is def going by fast. I wish time will slow down a little too. I have a million and one things to do before baby gets here
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 120.1 hours ago - Congrats Alana! I hope you post your birth story! Babylump you are lucky she sounds like a excellent baby! Sher, Luke has done the same thing. He loves being a big brother and loves Jacob but he's not following the rules and having tantrums. He's only in kindergarten but it's exhausting. He acts up when he's jealous. Evan has been more needy. I just started doing abs, my organs are still up high and I still have water in my stomach. I can feel my abs but there is a gap right down the middle abou ...
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monkeymomma, 12 weeks. - 120.4 hours ago - Good morning 12 weeks!!! For the past 2 nights, I have finally gotten some sleep. Loving this time of the pregnancy!
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jamie86, 19 weeks. - 120.9 hours ago - Heart rate is a myth even though some swear by it. It's just coincidence that it was correct. My boys hr is above 150 and that supposedly means girl. My girls were between 135-145 and that's supposed to be boy range.
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jamie86, 18 weeks. - 120.9 hours ago - I'll be moving to 19 weeks tomorrow and you're right, not a lot of people here. I miss it being active like it was years ago.
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 121 hours ago - Congrats Alana!! I hope u and baby Aubrey are doing well!
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 121.3 hours ago - At the doctors office they said the babies heartbeat was 146, my mom is convinced it's a boy, I can't remember if that method was ever accurate with my others, so I wanted to ask you all if this was ever accurate for previous children of yours in the past.
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PaulaSoon2B8, 14 weeks. - 121.4 hours ago - A sharp feeling...usually in the lower abdomen or groin area...short stabbing/jabbing sensation usually...although I guess everyone may have their own interpretation of the feeling.
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alanaw, 40 weeks. - 122.6 hours ago - Well, I made it to week 40 and two days past my due date, I had my baby boy Aubrey, on the 11th! Wish you ladies luck, I read your comments each week, :).
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sarahann, 5 weeks. - 125.7 hours ago - Thanks weber3! The one I lost was my second pregnancy, it was towards the end of 2008, so a while ago now. I didn't know we had lost it until I had a scan and showed the heart had stopped beating. It was in the first trimester and I had to go for a D&C as I didn't miscarry naturally. I never worried with the first pregnancy, but now after the missed miscarriage I've been anxious ever since.
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mummakristy, 11 weeks. - 127.6 hours ago - Hello ladies I'm Kristy from Australia been with my husband 13 years and will be 12 weeks tomorrow with baby #8 I have had bleeding this time around but baby so far is good hb170 I see doctors tomorrow they are saying the bleeding is a SCH hope you are all well and baby's are growing awesome
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 130.9 hours ago - Free2bmom, you are lucky to be getting a massage, sometimes I have been getting back spasms, usually goes away on its own, just really uncomfortable until they are gone.
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 131 hours ago - I always want to watch my traditional pregnancy movies when I am expecting, this may be the first time I won't be doing great that, since they were all on tape and I do t have them anymore, and not on Netflix. They were Look who's talking, one and two, 9 months, and Junior.
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 131.1 hours ago - That is a relief to know this is normal free2bmom, this is my 5th pregnancy, so I am with you on that!
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 134.2 hours ago - My daughter had an off couple of days..loves Dallas, loves being a big sister but for a lil while she was just not listening or behaving! I'm hoping that's all done and over with now! I'm recovering ok I think. I'm still bleeding and my cramping has stopped BUT I still have a belly!!!! I hate looks soooo gross! I know it hasn't even been a month yet BUT eew!!! I'm starting yoga tomorrow and hopefully i can slowly build back up my core strength. But I hate hate hate my stomach right now! ...
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Free2Bmom, 19 weeks. - 134.5 hours ago - Oh Becky! Thank goodness I'm not the only one! If I move funny or use my stomach muscles to sit up or something I get a contraction. Not painful, just very very tight uterus. I was worried I'd be having a preemie because I only remember that happening after an orgasm with my last pregnancy..... I guess it's normal, I just was weirded out that it was so early. They said on Dr. Google that it's way more common to feel them in your second or third pregnancies than your first, which explains why I d ...
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1morefor4, 15 weeks. - 135 hours ago - treading-- my husband refuses to guess because he's been wrong too many times before. but I was only half wrong with my youngest (I kept saying I thought girl but I kept having this dream that they told us girl at the ultrasound and he was born a boy... I should have listened to my dream) and 100% right with my oldest two.
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babylumpp2015, 40 weeks. - 135.4 hours ago - I really am so thankful and truly blessed with this little girl she is making this too easy. I have to wake her to eat or she sleeps all night, one night I was so tired we fell asleep at 10 and didn't wake until 6 am & I had to nudge her to eat. She's usually awake from 730-10 in the morning then about 1-2 in the afternoon and around 630/7 til 9 at night. Only cries if I'm changing her. My oldest two are doing great loving on her and especially my 5 yr old is a big help. My 3 ye old seems to be ...
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jesswithtwins, Twin weeks 24-28. - 137.5 hours ago - i wish there was more mommas of twins or more to give me advise :( im definetly starting to stress well basiclly about everything !!!!!!!!!!!!
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jesswithtwins, 26 weeks. - 137.5 hours ago - 26 weeks almost 27 going for my glucose test this week i still cant believe how fast the weeks have been going by ! not sure if im ready to bring to babies home yet :) but maybe the last few weeks will slow down i know from my last pregnancies they cant seem to come fast enough and this pregnancy im thinking the slower the better :)
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 140 hours ago - Jacob sucks real good for about 6 min then he gets slower, until he falls asleep and uses my breast as a paci. He always poops while eating too! 😖 I get frustrated trying to get him to wake up. He sleeps about 90 percent of the time. I take him wed to see if his jaundice is better. How are your other kids doing? Mine are having tantrums and being a bit rowdy because they are jealous.
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holz8519, 18 weeks. - 140.3 hours ago - Hello ladies and week 18.
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KristinaA, 37 weeks. - 141.4 hours ago - Had my 37 wk appt today. They didn't check under the hood, but there's really no reason to. Everything is fine and not enough contractions to warrant a peek. I asked about the clary sage oil. The Dr said she's really not familiar w/ it, but asked the midwife who said it's ok after 37 weeks and said to try some about 2 inches above my ankle. Will probably try it there tonight!
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Ryskay, 21 weeks. - 142 hours ago - I believe so every u/s picture I have of my kids and the ones I have now with my newest has my name on all of them, it could be an error or maybe she forgot to put your name on it. The lady that did my u/s asked me for my full name and date of birth and put my info on my u/s.
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treadingwater, 15 weeks. - 142.5 hours ago - I usually have gut feelings but this time...I don't know. NO feelings at all. I can't guess the gender.
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1morefor4, 15 weeks. - 142.8 hours ago - Does anyone have a gut feeling on gender? I know there's a 50/50 of being right or wrong and I'd be happy either way but my gut keeps screaming girl. Although my gut may be being influenced by my only DD who is insisting I have to have a girl because the last baby was a boy and she wants a sister not another brother.
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1morefor4, 15 weeks. - 142.9 hours ago - 15 weeks and still nauseous but at least I know what to do to help soothe it at this point. I do get tiny bursts of energy here and there but I'm still spending most of my daytime wishing I were sleeping and most of my nighttime sitting up wide awake. But I've been feeling little tapping coming from my little beanie baby.
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mrscephas, 20 weeks. - 142.9 hours ago - So excited to be halfway there now... Feeling more movement everyday ;) And my anatomy scan is tomorrow, just under 24 hrs... I can't wait!!!!
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beckym, 18 weeks. - 143 hours ago - Dang I hope the picture thing fixes soon, I just moved to 19 weeks today, but I will peek at both, not a lot of people in here these days, we gals have to stick together. ;)
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beckym, 19 weeks. - 143 hours ago - 19 weeks today! Is anyone having feelings of tightening very minor contractions of the uterus, it feels like very very very minor Braxton hicks contractions, I can't remember if it is normal to experience these this early.
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 143.5 hours ago - My lil guy looooves to sleep!!! I've noticed that he like to be awake usually from 1-3am, which isn't too bad but during the day, he still sleeps 90%of the time
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babylumpp2015, 40 weeks. - 144.3 hours ago - Baby love- she will always finish her round of eating but she will fall asleep probably 75% of the time. I'll burp her when she's done and see if she wants anymore or its just time for a nap. She's been having longer stretches of awake time the past few days & it is so crazy but this little babe is ALWAYS smiling. I'll have to post some pics on my profile it is so funny how much she smiles.
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RowdyRandi, 15 weeks. - 144.7 hours ago - Woohoo week 15! I think I'm gonna end up being one of those women who are nauseous the whole pregnancy but oh well its not all day. Mostly at night. Headaches are still frequent too. I see dr again next week for some more bw. Can't remember why. I'll ask when i get there
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treadingwater, 14 weeks. - 144.8 hours ago - How does round ligament pain feel?
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aussiemum86 , 5 weeks. - 150.3 hours ago - Today my bb are killing me really tender today. Apart from that i haven't had any nausea i guess that's a good thing in one way. I do feel sorry for the other mummies that get really bad ms. I booked for my first gyno appt today i go on the 12th may. Soo looking forward to that. I head to the doctors tomorrow to get a referal for the gyno and book a dating scan not that i really.need one but i get to see bubs, so any chance i can take i will. Has anyone else been to there doctor yet or had an ...
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jamie86, 18 weeks. - 152.9 hours ago - Becky I'm glad all is well! The pictures won't work for me either.
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 154.2 hours ago - just a few more hours and then in week 6 yayyyy!!!!!
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 154.2 hours ago - @sarah awwww thanks. Yeah definitely something a guy can't understand
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 154.6 hours ago - Thanks ladies, I'm really trying to pump and bf as long as possible. At the moment I'm able to give him about 1.5-2oz in each of his 3oz bottles...but that is a struggle!! I hope all you guys have it easier than me with BF'ing.
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PaulaSoon2B8, 14 weeks. - 158 hours ago - This will be our last...I figure its going out with a I did have some nausea and morning sickness with my first couple girl...but not all day like this...and headaches like their going out of style...tends to make me think its a girl cause my boys were all so good to me during pregnancy. I've tried to eat just about everything to see if anything sits well...and no luck:( Everything makes me fill Oh well...26 weeks to go... :p
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 159.1 hours ago - Sher it's good you are still pumping. The breast milk is so good for your baby and it helps you recover your body. With Tyler I had to pump since he did not like breastfeeding. I did it for 6 months. I would pump every 3 hours during the day. Babylump does your little girl fall asleep a lot on the breast?
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babylumpp2015, 40 weeks. - 161 hours ago - Congrats machala!!! Sher so sorry you're having such a rough time. This one has been my easiest to breast feed which I'm so thankful for because I couldn't afford to supplement for the life of me! But my boobs are starting to pay she's never had a bottle or anything but the boob but ouch they are getting sore! I remember my first was so frustrating to breastfeed I tried it all and after about 10 weeks even with pumping my supply ran out and she was on formula. I hope this little one keeps it up ...
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sarah4186, 4 weeks. - 164.2 hours ago - @weber3, it's hard for others who haven't been pregnant to understand what our bodies go through while pregnant...we have a precious life growing inside of us. I have been a little hormonal but not bad but it's most certainly to be expected. You are a great person, your husband knows that, it's just hard maybe for him to understand what your body is all going through.
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Sher-baby, 40 weeks. - 164.4 hours ago - I'm taking Domperidone and fenugreek to try and increase my supply as well as pumping and nursing frequently...I think that's really the only reason Im able to produce what I'm producing!! It sucks!
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babylove5, 40 weeks. - 164.9 hours ago - Sher I agree breastfeeding is a lot of work. I breastfeed Jacob every 2 hours for 20 min. He gets 2 ounces each feeding. I got lucky this time because Jacob is a excellent at nursing. I Hv only had 2 that were great at breastfeeding, I feel like all I do is breastfeed. I'm back to eating more food and that helps my supply. At night he goes 4 hours in between feelings and I give him 2 ounces of enfamil newborn at night. The already made formula has trans fat!!! Wth...I use the powder no trans fat ...
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 165.4 hours ago - I am so incredibly hormonal. saying lots of things I wish I didnt. and hubby doesn't believe in hormonal things just thinks I am a jerk.
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weber3, 4 weeks. - 165.4 hours ago - @Sarah I am totally into symptoms and aNY instantiating don't feel anything I panic. trying to relax and enjoy the miracle of being pregnant at this age for now.
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machalaB, 40 weeks. - 168.2 hours ago - Thanx Sherbaby. Are there any remedies you can try for increasing your milk supply??
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KristiW, 37 weeks. - 169 hours ago - A friend gave me organic rasberry tea to start labor..she said it worked for her! But I'm not going to try until 38 wks because I want my maturnity leave from work to go into June! That way I can spend some time with my oldest after she is out of school for the summer:)
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1morefor4, 14 weeks. - 169.7 hours ago - Paula-- My hormones are always raging out of control. And being tired from inability to fall asleep and then waking up to pee and drink when I finally do sleep makes the hormones worse. I'm just physically and emotionally drained. It seems like each of my pregnancies have gotten progressively worse. My first pregnancy was so easy just a little fatigue that a nap could cure at about 6 weeks, my second a little nausea for about a week when I was 7 weeks and then one early labor scare at 31.5 weeks ...
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sarah4186, 4 weeks. - 173.3 hours ago - @weber3- thank you for your prayers for a healthy pregnancy/baby...same goes to you too! I know because of what happened before, any little discomfort no matter how small, I get scared.
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sarah4186, 4 weeks. - 173.4 hours ago - @Jory927- I'm so happy that you're pregnant too! I remember your name in the trying to conceive area awhile back when I was on there. 😊
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weber3, 5 weeks. - 177.3 hours ago - Isn't it so amazing that these little ones already have a hear?just been studying the picture in week 5
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