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Latest comments in the week-by-week calendar

beckym, 30 weeks. - 2.9 hours ago - Jamie, did you feel better after the baby was born, I feel like my hips are falling apart, not to be a big baby, but that part sucks right now. Free - sorry to hear about your heels, maybe some relief can be found in a new pair of good arch sneakers, helped me with my back pain, and you could try soaking your feet at night, or better yet, get one of those foot soaker from Walmart for like 20 bucks that massages them too, I have been eyeing that in passing 😉
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Lizakn, 20 weeks. - 6.3 hours ago - Just getting here! I was on this site with my last pregnancy....and I am again lol. Pregnant with #4! Don't know sex (won't be finding out as I am opting out of u/s) Excited to be here with all you ladies! Although I'm sure my pregnancy/birth will be much different then many (or all) of you (I'm doing a hands off pregnancy & unassisted home birth) I hope everyone on here is respectful of each other's birth plans because in the end - as long as you are happy...that's all that matt ...
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1morefor4, 26 weeks. - 7.3 hours ago - I had my appt today with the glucose test. So of course I updated my blog with details. Hopefully, I pass the 1 hour test because I don't think I could stand doing the 3 hour test. I've always passed before hopefully I continue that trend. I'm exhausted now all the time and sleep just doesn't happen comfortably anymore. My right hip hurts all night and it radiates down my leg all the way to my ankle. Not to mention the vivid dreams. I've always been a vivid dreamer but it's much worse now. And o ...
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JDH, 4 weeks. - 7.9 hours ago - Wow Baker! I've always wanted to do that but my husband says he doesn't think he would handle t well. Way to go! I just got a positive test today while on vacation! It's not necessarily a surprise but I'm breastfeeding and haven't gotten my period back yet. My baby is 11 months old. I'm so excited but a bit freaked as well. This will be #4! I'm wondering how to date the pregnancy since I haven't had a period. I don't really want to go to the doctor yet either.
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pookalou, 17 weeks. - 11.7 hours ago - So I'm 17wks 2days. Happy to report I am feeling much better. Occasional ms but soooo much better than it was. I am showing and wearing maternity clothes. I still have not felt the baby move, which is strange because it's my third and the other two was already feeling lots of movement by this point.
Read all from week 17, 38 weeks. - 11.8 hours ago - Liltyke,I'm glad to hear you are progressing!
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 13.4 hours ago - Unless there is a medical necessity, most doctors won't induce you, especially since your concerns are just discomforts :( If you had medical issues then they would have induced early, but chances of them inducing you because you are done, aren't likely. I was in the same boat with my youngest and my OB told me that they can't induce me unless I was a week over my due date. But good luck and hopefully your baby will come on his or her own :)
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june2012, 4 weeks. - 14.3 hours ago - halo everyone... how is week 4 so far? i am 4weeks+1 and so far no major symptoms for me except that i feel hungry so fast.
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jamie86, 30 weeks. - 14.6 hours ago - Becky I had that with my first. Got to where I couldn't walk or I would fall.
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liltyke7, 38 weeks. - 15 hours ago - wooohooo 2-3cm, 75% effaced. if I do not go by Wednesday then I will be induced Wed morning...I can't wait to see him!!
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Free2Bmom, 30 weeks. - 23 hours ago - Becky, my mom said she felt like that while she was pregnant with me. I haven't had it with either of my pregnancies but I've heard others complain about it. Sometimes my hips and pelvis will ache if I've been standing or walking a lot. My discomfort lately is my heals of my feet feel like they're being stabbed from the bottom. But yay! 30 weeks! Summer always flys by so it'll be over before we know it!
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rachel j, 13 weeks. - 25.7 hours ago - This site is so quiet compared to when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2007. I have been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and have been in and out of the hospital and pretty much in bed the last 6-7 weeks. I got a picc line last week and am getting fluids daily now. I am hoping the vomiting and nausea lifts soon. It lasted until 18 weeks with my daughter. On a positive note, I found out yesterday that I am having another girl! I am so excited. I had the cell free dna test done at 11 ...
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mommashavin11, 19 weeks. - 26.6 hours ago - We are so excited to find out its another girl, but as our seventh daughter, we ate stuck on names. please help us decide, Vivienne Claire or Ava Juliette? Thanks so much!
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Kekea, 26 weeks. - 28 hours ago - 1morefor4 I'm having mine this week at 27 weeks I was suppose to have it done at 26 though because I am high risk... I had GD in during 2 prior pregnancies
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beckym, 29 weeks. - 28.3 hours ago - Lucky girls. I am counting the days and weeks with the unknown. 69 days left 10 weeks to go! Still deciding to wait on finding out the sex. If a girl Serenity Aurora, if a boy we have it down to two, Wesley Daniel or Johnathan Daniel Jr.
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jamie86, 29 weeks. - 33 hours ago - Holz that's my due date! Dr is wanting to induce me a week early though. If my insurance will approve it Oliver will be here September 2nd I believe.
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PaulaSoon2B8, 26 weeks. - 35.1 hours ago - I see my OB on the 17, he will probably order it then. Headed out for another ultrasound today...need to get some better quality pics, he wasn't satisfied with the last round. Cant believe how fast this is starting to go!! Hope everyone else is doing well!!!! My belle has become a jumping bean in my belly...all night long!!
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beckym, 29 weeks. - 35.2 hours ago - That s so exciting to know the exact date holtz!
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beckym, 30 weeks. - 35.5 hours ago - Is anyone else getting this, I can't remember from my previous pregnancies, but my hips are very sore and feel like they are close to popping out of place at times, also my leg where it meets the hip sometimes has excruciating pain that feels like it might snap.
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liltyke7, 38 weeks. - 36.5 hours ago - Anyone close? ready to be done?
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liltyke7, 37 weeks. - 36.5 hours ago - So I went to the doc yesterday and right when I got there he had to run for an emergency delivery. So I have to go back this afternoon. I am hoping I have progressed and maybe we can talk induction. My youngest is turning 4 July 10 so I would really rather be induced Mon/Tues rather than after I am 39 weeks and then I wont be around for her birthday. im so done also! I can't get comfortable. I have constant indigestion. I don't sleep. my ankles turn into kankles everyday. im just done!! ok compl ...
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mommashavin11, 19 weeks. - 36.5 hours ago - Its a GIRL!!! 7 girls 4 boys. wow, for sure i thought boy this time! so far gained 2 lbs. Anyone else find out gender this week?
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monkeymomma, 23 weeks. - 37.9 hours ago - Another week down!
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mamalira, 27 weeks. - 54.5 hours ago - Hello 3rd trimester!!
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1morefor4, 26 weeks. - 62.8 hours ago - Is anyone else having their glucose test this week? Mine is supposed to be Wednesday.
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 62.9 hours ago - @anything4nikk thats wonderful news, I'm glad to hear that everything is okay :)
Read all from week 37, 37 weeks. - 68 hours ago - liltyke7, thank you! Maybe the cramps are a sign that labor is coming soon. Hope you hear good news at your next appt
Read all from week 37, 37 weeks. - 68.1 hours ago - Lil.pumpkin, he's doing great now and is back in my room. We'll be going home later on this morning.
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beckym, 30 weeks. - 69 hours ago - 30 weeks pregnant, 70 days to go! 10 weeks to go!
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liltyke7, 37 weeks. - 74.8 hours ago - Congrats anything!! I have been having cramps on and off. Back to weekly appt tomorrow.
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holz8519, 29 weeks. - 75 hours ago - Hi ladies I haven't posted in a while but been checking in at least once a week to keep up. My 4th c section is scheduled for 9/9/15 so 73 more days. Just talked to my doctor about my c-section and she is letting me do a gentle c-section. So excited and can't wait.I will also be donating my placenta this time around.
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 77.8 hours ago - I'm glad that everything is going better for you, I hope that your son is back in your room soon :)
Read all from week 37

Kekea, 27 weeks. - 83.3 hours ago - Third trimester. Yes!!!
Read all from week 27, 37 weeks. - 87.1 hours ago - Thank you! Came here to give you all a little update...yesterday they had to take the baby to the NICU due to breathing and feeding complications. He seems to be doing better now though and they were able to remove his feeding tube so hopefully he will be back in my room by this evening
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mzdallas06, 25 weeks. - 93.5 hours ago - 25 weeks! Yessss!!! Wish it was 35- but I'll take what I can get!
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February2016, 7 weeks. - 96.8 hours ago - Last time I was Pregnant was in 2010. This one a surprise thats for sure! Lol. I am 28. This is a different Dad from the first kid. This is my boyfriend's first baby. He is super excited. I've been nauseous/vomiting for weeks already. But not as bad as it was with my daughter. There's not that many people at week 7 yet. I guess they just don't know. or has this site died???
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*dcsfantasticfour, 10 weeks. - 101 hours ago - To my and DH's surprise we are expecting baby 6.... We were not trying so when I thought I was coming down with what I seriously thought was a flu my co-workers just instantly knew somehow I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test to shut them all up and bam... here I am LOL. I don't have cycles (odd I know) so I guessed approx how far based on the fact I usually get morning sickness around 6 weeks (that was back on June 9th). The first available DR appointment will be on June 30th... I guess I' ...
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claraxx, 32 weeks. - 105.2 hours ago - 32 weeks today 💗 getting ready to hold my baby now. Want to enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible as this will be my last but also feel so impatient to hit the finish line! Hope everyone else is feeling and doing ok 😊
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sparks717, 16 weeks. - 107.1 hours ago - Week 16! Hello fellow lovely pregnant ladies. Hope the summer heat isn't making you swell! :). 24 more to go. We can do this!
Read all from week 16, 19 weeks. - 115.9 hours ago - Hello week 19, almost half way there!
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daffymtz22, 18 weeks. - 125.8 hours ago - 19 weeks tomorrow! Anatomy scan is scheduled for Thursday. Super excited. We are going to find out what we are having but will not be letting anyone know until 4th of July. We are going to have a surprise gender reveal cake.
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 126.2 hours ago - @anything4nikk Congratulations I'm glad to hear that everything is going well :)
Read all from week 37, 37 weeks. - 127.2 hours ago - Elijah James was born at 8:01 this morning weighing 6 lbs 9 ozs. Shortly after birth he started to have trouble breathing and had to have cpr administered, but now he's doing just fine and rooming with me. I was nervous about the surgery but it went fine and so far I'm recovering well
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TaraR, 25 weeks. - 132.7 hours ago - Hello 25 weeks!!!!
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 134.4 hours ago - if you are in the beging stages try walking around, I was told that by doing alot of walking it helps get things to move along quicker. Wishing you luck :)
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liltyke7, 37 weeks. - 156.3 hours ago - Thanks All!! Good luck for tomorrow. I have noticed I have gone to the bathroom a little more since yesterday. Cramps are still around. It is hard to time them. They are just there. Baby is still moving around a lot. I called doc and they said to just monitor it and call me if anything changes. I have my hospital bag almost ready. just need to add in comfy clothes. I wear those when I get home from work so can't pack those until its time. im ready anytime he wants to ...
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nycnaz23, 18 weeks. - 156.8 hours ago - Hello mommies, Im 18wks as of tomorrow. Is anyone feeling extreme movements? I am feeling it in all the different directions. Going for a full anatomy scan on Tuesday ... DH is going with me for the first time :) im excited. I am able to eat whatever now but i am drained ... totally drained. Hope everyone is well!!
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Kekea, 26 weeks. - 158 hours ago - I had an appt with my specialist today. Baby girl is doing well. She weighs about 2lbs and 2oz. Her heart rate is 151 bpm.
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 158.9 hours ago - @liltyke7 any news yet? hopefully it wont be to much longer, I so can't wait for the next 5 weeks to pass hoping that my little one comes on time :)
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 159 hours ago - I wish you luck for tomorrow and hopefully you have a good nice rest as well, for me when I was being induced with my youngest I was so excited I couldn't sleep lol.
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mrscephas, 31 weeks. - 159.6 hours ago - 31 weeks today!
Read all from week 31, 37 weeks. - 159.7 hours ago - lil.pumpkin, I'm so excited! I can't wait to have him in my arms!!
Read all from week 37, 37 weeks. - 159.7 hours ago - I had period type cramps yesterday and during the night. BE contractions have also been happening more frequent. Also, I feel the baby really low and it feels like he's about to fall out. My other kids were born at different gestations (37, 39, and 38 weeks) but they were all born in the six pound range. I used to joke about how I don't think my body will let me give birth to a 7 pound+ baby. Being that this baby is in the 6 pound range now, i think he'd been born soon even if my c section wasn' ...
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madelynsmom *pink*, 18 weeks. - 168.8 hours ago - gender scan tomorrow! super excited!
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beckym, 29 weeks. - 169.7 hours ago - Free, we found out during a regular check up that there was no heartbeat for my last pregnancy, that is all the doctors told me expecting me to take their word at that and go get the baby taken, i waited until i was 200 percent sure before agreed, all the while they warned me about waiting, then when i was sure, they wouldnt let me go in until a specific day unless it was an emergency, even after my water broke, it was ridiculous, that is very nice of you to add me to your prayers about the anem ...
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Free2Bmom, 29 weeks. - 171 hours ago - Becky, I'm sorry for your loss. At least it's known what happened. I lost five before my son and five after before this pregnancy and there is still no known reason. We have had our genetics tested, sperm and egg analysis, tests out the ying yang and we are in perfect health. They have never had anything more than random hunches. I hope things keep going ok for you. I see a natural path doctor from time to time and I have been anemic and she had told me to snack on broccoli along with my iron su ...
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lil.pumpkins, 32 weeks. - 175.1 hours ago - 32 weeks <3
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ladylinksbaby, 7 weeks. - 175.2 hours ago - Ive been feeling so sick. I was never like like this with my other 2 kids. Absolutely no energy and nauseous all day.
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 175.2 hours ago - @anything4nikki congrats that very exciting :)
Read all from week 37

liltyke7, 37 weeks. - 176.7 hours ago - yes anything4nikki - we are so close!!! I woke up in the middle of night with period like cramps and they have been like this all day. I am not sure if this is early labor or not. I called doc and they just said to watch and call if anything changes. Anyone else have this??
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JustTheBaker, 6 weeks. - 178.8 hours ago - Good morning week 6. I hit 6 weeks exactly this morning, and the morning sickness is starting to ramp up. Not puking yet, thankfully, but definite nausea for hours each morning and at night. Some things taste completely off too - last night I made pasta for supper, and then couldn't eat it, it tasted revolting! I took a clear blue test last night, and was thrilled to see that little 3+ on it.
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mommashavin11, 18 weeks. - 180.7 hours ago - so excited , scan in 6 days, but not sure if were finding our gender! i think ill have them put it in a sealed envelope. I have 6 girls, 4 boys, so all my kids hoping for a boy. my youngest boy is 5. i think boy 75% and girl 25 % ...just a hunch! im always wrong though!
Read all from week 18, 37 weeks. - 181.3 hours ago - 37 weeks today and my c section is two days nervous!! (It's my first c section delivery)
Read all from week 37, 5 weeks. - 188.1 hours ago - I'm so tired can barely do anything during the day at nights by 7 pm I'm done
Read all from week 5

beckym, 29 weeks. - 189.2 hours ago - Free, I love the movements of my little one as well, reassuring, and loving! I had my doctors appt today, from now until 36 weeks, I will see the doctor every 2 weeks. I was very impressed by the nurse practioner, she told me the baby is head down and was able to hold the baby still to use my fetoscope to get the babies heartbeat. I have to work on my iron which is irritating. Every other pregnancy I never had issues with my iron level. Last year when I lost my 4th child, they knew I was at ...
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lasal, 5 weeks. - 195.3 hours ago - I five weeks 2 days and so tired! Anyone else this tired?
Read all from week 5, 36 weeks. - 204.5 hours ago - We still haven't gotten a carseat. I'm going to get that either Wednesday or Thursday. Work has been exhausting but my last day is tomorrow. I'm thinking about only doing a half day. On another note, I have my last ultrasound this afternoon, a doc appt on Thursday, and then my c section is scheduled for 7:30am on friday. I'm trying to soak in these last couple of days because I will never experience another pregnancy again. I decided it's time to close up the baby shop and get my tubes tied. Wit ...
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liltyke7, 38 weeks. - 205.2 hours ago - oh yes pumpkin I am too early but I am ready anytime this baby wants to come!! LOL
Read all from week 38

liltyke7, 36 weeks. - 205.2 hours ago - so I am measuring 1-1 1/2 cm dilated. U/S is next Thursday so I think he will wait until then to do anything. Started to pack my bag. nursery all ready. I just got the car seat out so need to put that in van to have ready at any time....getting excited!!!
Read all from week 36

delarla, 28 weeks. - 205.3 hours ago - ugh. Feeling lots of pelvic pain and pressure lately. im not sure I can handle this for 11 more weeks!!
Read all from week 28

TaraR, 24 weeks. - 205.7 hours ago - Hello ladies!! Hope you all are feeling well! I absolutely love being pregnant but I feel so uncomfortable....which may be because it's so hot here. I normally love hot weather but it's not too great with this belly! LOL I have an appointment tomorrow to check this sweet boy. :) Hope everyone has a great week!!
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monkeymomma, 22 weeks. - 206 hours ago - 22 weeks! It's going faster now!!!
Read all from week 22

lil.pumpkins, 36 weeks. - 206.7 hours ago - I use to be on the site back in 2011 when I was pregnant with my youngest I remember it being so busy now its like no one is here.
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lil.pumpkins, 38 weeks. - 206.8 hours ago - 36 weeks is a bit to early to have your baby.
Read all from week 38

weber3, 16 weeks. - 211.7 hours ago - Just popping in to say hi. Looks so quiet in here. Hope you are all doing well. Seems unreal that I should be in week 16 right now. Instead having my monthly. No baby yet. Love that you all made it to the second trimester. Almost half way!!!!!
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weber3, 15 weeks. - 211.8 hours ago - @pookalou yes you have a hard time even back in the day when I had an easy time. But you are still hanging in and your baby is doing well. Happy for your good news. Thinking of you lots. Hope you can get relief soon and just enjoy your miracle.
Read all from week 15

Free2Bmom, 29 weeks. - 216.5 hours ago - Congrats Kirty! I hope you're getting better! Glad to hear your baby is doing well :) I'm so thankful to be at 29 weeks! The only real downside is I am having a bad time trying to sleep. Very uncomfortable at night. Made my husband buy me a king size bed, which helped cause it's easier to roll over in, but the darned thing is hard as a rock! I added a memory foam pad but it's still hard. It will be nice when I'm not pregnant though. It's also getting pretty hot where I live, but it's bearable st ...
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Kekea, 26 weeks. - 221.6 hours ago - One more week until my last trimester!!!
Read all from week 26

lil.pumpkins, 40 weeks. - 223.1 hours ago - with my first born I was 4 weeks early, my daughter was born 2 days early and my youngest I went past my due date had to be induced. I'm crossing my fingers that this lil one will come on time.
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lil.pumpkins, 37 weeks. - 223.2 hours ago - I have about 8 more weeks left to go before I hit my due date, so I have a sometime yet unless lil one comes a few weeks early.
Read all from week 37

Kylie michelle, 8 weeks. - 224.6 hours ago - 8 weeks pregnant and feeling it baby number 3 and sickness is mental i feel like i did at 5 months cant cope at work doing 12 hour shifts im so grateful for the signs after lots of m/c but when its there its difficult .. anyone else?
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beckym, 29 weeks. - 226.2 hours ago - 29 weeks today!
Read all from week 29

pookalou, 15 weeks. - 226.9 hours ago - @weber3 ️thx yes baby is well but this pregnancy definitely kicking my butt lol
Read all from week 15, 36 weeks. - 227.2 hours ago - lil.pumpkins, things are definitely quiet. I remember a few years ago there were a lot of active members.
Read all from week 36

PaulaSoon2B8, 24 weeks. - 230.8 hours ago - OH I can only imagine MZDALLAS...these are the days I am thankful to be in the great white north...:) Ontario gets humidity, probably one of the worst provinces for it in Canada...but I am sure it doesn't compare to down there. ANd thank goodness with the shortness of breath I've been having...Id have to hibernate if it got too hot. Needless to say we are still in July and August to make it through...hang int here everyone!!
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weber3, 15 weeks. - 237.9 hours ago - @pookalou so sorry you are still going thru a hard time with his pregnancy. I wish you could just have a stress free enjoyable pregnancy. Glad to hear all is well. This baby is just giving you a hard time.....what a trouble maker in there.
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skydivedoc, 40 weeks. - 243.2 hours ago - My 1st was born 6 days before my 'due date', my 2nd- 3 weeks early. So... you can imagine my surprise & discomfort at being 3 days PAST my due date. This episode of WHINING is now done. :)
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xEricaLynn, 32 weeks. - 247.5 hours ago - 32 weeks today :-)
Read all from week 32

lil.pumpkins, 31 weeks. - 248.4 hours ago - I'm sure everything is fine you came this far, has your OBGYN express any pregnancy concerns with you or the baby? I know m/c can be very hard to take in alot of us have went throw it. Try to relax as much as possible and try not to stress to much your coming close to the finish line now so I'm sure you and the baby will be okay
Read all from week 31

Lolo239, 4 weeks. - 252.5 hours ago - Hi ladies. I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I tested on Wednesday it was very faint, so I tested again on Thursday and it was visibly darker. I was 3 days late. This would be my first child. I am 29 years old. This pregnancy was not planned but my fiancé and I are beyond excited! Symptoms I have right now are I am incredibly hungry, sore BB, mild cramping, extremely tired and headaches in the morning and at night. I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone.
Read all from week 4

beckym, 31 weeks. - 254.2 hours ago - Erica, I hope everything goes well for you and your family, my friend lost 8 children and just gave birth 2 weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl, they are overjoyed!
Read all from week 31

beckym, 29 weeks. - 254.3 hours ago - Congratulations kirty!
Read all from week 29

mzdallas06, 24 weeks. - 259.3 hours ago - Paula That is wonderful! Congratulations on your great news! I hope all of you ladies are feeing great! I'm in Houston so the humidity is really sickening, it seriously feels like you're suffocating when you step outside - and it's only June :(
Read all from week 24

lil.pumpkins, 36 weeks. - 275.2 hours ago - Going on 32 weeks in 3 days, thought that I would jump ahead a little bit not much going on in my week.
Read all from week 36

lasal, 4 weeks. - 279.2 hours ago - Hi ladies! I tested last Monday and found out I am prego. Today I am 4 weeks 6 days. This is my third pregnancy and I used this site with the last two. I have an eight year old and a soon to be five year old. I am in a bit of shock but very happy. DH and I had tried for 10 months and it didn't look like we would be able to conceive so we stopped trying and now here I am. Cannot wait to share the journey with everyone!
Read all from week 4

kirty, 29 weeks. - 285.8 hours ago - Hi ladies just letting you know my lil girl was delivered via emergancy csection at 29weeks 4days on Wednesday she is doing well and is currently on a cpap and shes a lil trooper. Missing her as im not allowed in to see her yet as im sick. But fingers crossed i get better quickly.
Read all from week 29, 36 weeks. - 297.9 hours ago - liltyke7, hopefully you'll have some changes by Monday. At least by Wednesday the baby will be considered full term and then the labor waiting game begins! My first was born at 37 weeks, my second at 39, and my third at 38 weeks and I had a vaginal delivery with them. I loved the fact that labor was spontaneous. Do you have your hospital bag packed yet? I'm going to start gathering my items for it on Sunday and then pack it next week.
Read all from week 36, 36 weeks. - 298 hours ago - xEricaLynn, I got an ultrasound after 20 weeks because I'm having a 37 week scheduled delivery and my doc wanted to check the baby's growth at the beginning of the 3rd trimester to make sure he was still growing on target. He sent me to a maternal fetal specialist to prepare the ultrasound and also because due to hospital orders, any c section scheduled before 39 weeks needs approval from a specialist. When they were performing the growth scan the baby had excess fluid in the braid and so they g ...
Read all from week 36

shoot4-2, 13 weeks. - 301.6 hours ago - Hey everyone! I must admit I've been feeling pretty good these past couple of weeks. Aside from mybweird digestion track and the fact that I've been struggling with constipation ive been feeling quite positive... sadly my 5 yr old son has shingles on his left hand after having the shingles vaccination around the end of February. .. smh he's spending a week with his dad and well... I'm just trying to enjoy the peace.. ive been off work for the past few days due to gas pains... so.. hom ...
Read all from week 13

liltyke7, 38 weeks. - 301.7 hours ago - anyone close?? I am 36 weeks and ready to go..i hope I have some progression at next appt.
Read all from week 38
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  • Domestic-Abuse 92
  • Dreams 671 (2 new)
  • Drugs-of-Abuse 3
  • Eating-Disorders 65
  • Endometriosis 57
  • Episiotomy 97
  • External-Cephalic-Version 8
  • Fainting 82
  • Father-to-be 976
  • Fetal-Development 77
  • Fetal-Heart-Rate 349
  • Fetal-Movements 535
  • First-Time-Mums-Q-and-A 504
  • Gallbladder 74
  • Genetic-Testing 7
  • Gestation 2
  • Gestational-Diabetes 2200 (6 new)
  • Hair-Care 98
  • HCG 219
  • Headache 165
  • Heartburn 258
  • HELLP-Syndrome 15
  • Hemorrhoids 126
  • High-risk-pregnancy 36 (1 new)
  • Hyperemesis-Gravidarum 40
  • Incompetent-Cervix 275 (1 new)
  • Intrahepatic-Cholestasis-of-Pregnancy 4
  • Intrauterine-Growth-Restriction 11
  • Just-For-Laughs 170 (4 new)
  • Labor-Signs 98
  • Large-Families 290
  • Lightening 21
  • Listeria 61
  • Maternity-Clothes 238
  • Midwifes 71
  • Military-Families 108
  • Moodswings 517
  • Morning-Sickness 536
  • Mothers-in-law 1805 (3 new)
  • Mucus-Plug 407
  • Myths-And-Facts-(Pregnancy) 25
  • Natural-cures 3
  • Natural-Induction 30
  • Nesting 26
  • Packing-for-the-Hospital 144
  • Placenta 67
  •         Placenta-Previa 178 (1 new)
  •         Placental-Abruption 19
  •         Retained-Placenta 9
  • Plus-size 1146
  • Polycystic-Ovarian-Synrome-(PCOS) 192 (1 new)
  • Pregnancy-Loss 21
  •         Blighted-Ovum 378
  •         Ectopic-pregnancy 89
  •         Miscarriage 673
  •         Miscarriage-Stories 13
  •         Stillbirth 24
  • Pregnancy-Signs-and-Symptoms 274
  • Pregnancy-tests 129
  •         Pregnancy-Test-Troubleshooting 12
  • Pregnancy-Wheel 14
  • Prenatal-Vitamins 193
  • Preterm-Labor 59
  • Progesterone-Levels 125
  • PUPPP 134 (1 new)
  • Recipes 38
  • Rh-Factor 130
  • Round-Ligament-Syndrome 80
  • Rupture-of-the-Membranes 19
  • Sciatica 13
  • Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases 113
  • Skin-Changes 133
  • Spotting 9
  •         First-trimester 329
  •         Second-trimester 69
  •         Third-trimester 22
  • Stretch-Marks 498
  • Surrogacy 15
  • Swelling-(Edema)-in-Pregnancy 129
  • Symphysis-Pubis-Dysfunction-(SPD) 285
  • Teen-Pregnancy 1058
  • Teeth-care-(Pregnancy) 89
  • Tests-during-pregnancy 28
  •         AFP-screening-test 182
  •         Amniocentesis 193
  •         Biophysical-Profile-(BPP) 10
  •         Blood-Glucose 117
  •         Chorionic-Villi-Sampling-(CVS) 35
  •         Contraction-stress-test 0
  •         Fetal-Fibronectin-Test-(fFN) 19
  •         Group-B-Streptococcus 113
  •         Non-stress-test 13
  •         Nuchal-Translucency-Screening 157
  •         Prenatal-Paternity-Testing 2
  •         PUBS 0
  • Thrombophilia 2
  • Tips-To-Avoid-Pregnancy 40
  • Tobacco 614
  • Toxoplasmosis 31
  • Travel-during-pregnancy 28
  •         Seatbelts 3
  • Trisomy 6
  • Twins 141
  •         Complications 9
  •         During-twin-pregnancy 40
  •         Fraternal 40
  •         Identical 16
  •         Nursing-twins 13
  •         Twin-delivery 4
  •         Video 11
  • Ultrasound 792
  • Urinary-Tract-Infection 43
  • Urination 87
  • Uterine-Fibroids 39
  • Varicose-veins 27
  • Ventriculomegaly 886 (7 new)
  • Weight-Gain 1053
  • Whats-Safe-and-Unsafe 40
  •         Beauty-and-Spa-Safety 54
  •         Career 86
  •         Fitness 121
  •         Foods 203
  •         Home 2
  •         Medical 63
  •         Sex 697
  •         Sleep 152

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