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xEricaLynn, 6 weeks. - 17 minutes ago - 6 weeks today too. Nausea is unrelenting, I even lost a couple pounds. But trying not to stress. Chest hurts a lot, making it very difficult to sleep.
Read all from week 6, 9 weeks. - 40 minutes ago - Sorry your appt got pushed back...I know you were looking forward to it. What day did you reschedule for?
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 1.6 hours ago - Sher, I remember that burn too! You know what helped me out? The hospital gave me this squeezy bottle thing, so I’d fill it with warm water first, then squeeze it so that it sprayed me as I was peeing. It was heaven! Maybe try something like that? Babylove, YAY! So glad everything worked out and you’re good to go! Sharper, sorry about the failed glucose. I’ve never failed one either. 5 points doesn’t seem like much, fingers crossed for you to have good results on the next one! So last n ...
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maimai88, 6 weeks. - 2.7 hours ago - 6 weeks today:) mamabear- I have been so, so tired as well....its much worse compared to my last pregnancy, but I guess now I have two kiddos to chase after instead of one lol.
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sleepymom, 15 weeks. - 6.4 hours ago - bajot69 I get occassional headaches but they are mostly caffeine or water related. I have caved and taken tylenol when I get desperate and have to go to a function of some sort. Does tylenol help?Do your headaches make you nauseated?
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sleepymom, 15 weeks. - 6.4 hours ago - 15 weeks today by my lmp, but u/s knocked me back a few do I go by u/s or by lmp? happywoman what do you mean saliva? excessive saliva? I'm feeling pretty good, got the slightly stuffy pregnancy nose but otherwise not bad. Bit of ligament? pain sometimes and some shooting pains in my boobs here and there. I am looking forward to the midsize baby kicks (ie 25-34 weeks) but not looking forward to the uncomfortable wake you up during the night foot in the rib cage kicks at like 36 + weeks ...
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xEricaLynn, 5 weeks. - 12.8 hours ago - Hope all turns out fine mamabear!
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littlemamadit, 4 weeks. - 13.8 hours ago - Well, this will be baby NO. 10 for me. I was always convinced that I KNEW I was pregnant right away. I was able to confirm that this time around. I taste metal in my mouth soon after I conceive. I checked lots of charts. According to the charts, I knew I was pregnant before the egg implanted :/ I am going to tell the rest of my little ones on Christmas Day. Let the party begin!
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Mamabearof3, 5 weeks. - 18 hours ago - I finally have my first doctor's appointment with my family doctor tomorrow and then I'll get my OBGYN sometimes right after...I'm getting really excited now
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Mamabearof3, 6 weeks. - 19 hours ago - hey ladies, I know that I'm a few days early but I thought that I would jump in here as I'm close to being far I'm feeling good mostly tired and abit of morning sickness here and there :)
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Mamabearof3, 5 weeks. - 19.3 hours ago - @PregnantAnnie, sounds to me that things are going good, but I'm crossing my fingers for you and sending you lots of sticky baby dust your way :)
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 21 hours ago - Sharper-lol@the dr pepper and biscuit!!! Hopefully u pass your next sugar test. I'll be going for mine some time in jan.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Oh I forgot the baby was going wild the other day and I couldn't figure out what he was doing he has turned breech. His head is straight up with his feet above his head he looks very uncomfortable. He needs to get back to head down. The good news is I'm not in pain on my pelvic bone from the head but he has to get back down there.
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - That's great news Babylove!!! Congrats. They say the average weight gain at this point is 15lbs, so 18 doesn't sound too bad to me, but I understand changing what you eat just so that your baby isn't too big so I get it!!! I feel like my baby will be a lil big too...his movements are very strong, sometimes it takes my breath away. Last night DH was talking to was really cute. He was kicking like crazy and DH was like 'do you think I'm scaring him??' Lol...I was like no...maybe he's jus ...
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sharper53, 24 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Failed my 1 hour glucose test. :-o Now I have to take the 3 hour one next Tuesday. I never failed the 1st test with my first two babies. I am kinda nervous. I think it will be fine though. They want it at 140 or less and mine was 145...probably the dr pepper and the biscuit I had about 1 1/2 hours before my test. I couldn't help it, I was hungry! This next test is a fasting one, so hopefully I will pass! I think I would know if my sugar was up?!
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 21.6 hours ago - I went this morning for the ultra sound and the cervix has returned to the length it should be. My baby weighs 1 pound 13 ounces almost 2 pounds! He is so long and his stomach is quite plump. I am good to go. I quit picking up My toddler as much and it seems to have worked. I have gained 18 pounds and they said the baby is looking bigger than he should but as long as he's health that's what counts. I am going to stop eating chocolate and chips and I should be fine. I don't want him bigger than ...
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 23.1 hours ago - Soo I hate complaining while pregnant only because I know there are soooo many woman that would so anything humanly possible to be in my position. Having said that, I also know that growing a human is a lot of work mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. So can I just say, my back is completely busted today!!! I don't even have to move and it....just....kills!!!! Woow!!! Any whoo moving on! I don't remember swelling up that bad after my daughter. I DO however remember the BURNING when I did fin ...
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 23.8 hours ago - I’m so late to chime in here, but good luck babylove! I always have swelling after birth, but I’ve had episiotomies with both so I’m not sure if it’s from that or just a normal part of childbirth. I just used tucks pads, sitz baths, and ice packs for relief. As far as holidays go I’m almost ready! I just have to make one more run today for some more wrapping paper, finish my wrapping, and head to the store for all of the things we need for Xmas dinner. I imagine that this weekend I ...
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flybear, 9 weeks. - 24.7 hours ago - And I just got a call that they have to reschedule my appointment... I am so frustrated. I feel like punching someone.
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happywoman84, 15 weeks. - 24.8 hours ago - 15 weeks and this saliva is annoying!! 😡
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KristiW, 20 weeks. - 28 hours ago - I am a 'runner' too. I run 3+ miles at least 3 times a week. But the last month or so I have been doing the elliptical for 30 minutes instead. My last 2 pregnancies I had sciatica really bad so I am trying to avoid that. Mamaford If you were a runner before baby don't worry you will go back to it and lose all your baby weight fast! Your body is already conditioned for it. I started running when my baby was 3 weeks old. My doctor said if I felt good enough to run to go for it. It was wonderfu ...
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mamaford77, 20 weeks. - 29 hours ago - Aww, I'm so jealous! I was a runner, although a slow one lol. Average mile was 11 min. I lost 80 lbs over the past two years, with running as my main exercise. I'm in a high risk pregnancy, so I was advised to not run until after delivery. I'm so scared of gaining all the weight back and of not being able to get running again after baby is born! How many miles are you going for?
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flybear, 9 weeks. - 29.2 hours ago - This week is dragging. I'm so ready for my ultrasound tomorrow.
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Martin515, 7 weeks. - 33.8 hours ago - Hi everyone! Had my first ultrasound today. Measured only 6 wks 2 days with HR 110. Worried me a little since I'm 7+ wks, but I know the measurements can change quickly. Glad to see the heartbeat though, makes it a little more real since I have no symptoms. Hoping everything goes smoothly from here on.
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PregnantAnnie, 5 weeks. - 36.7 hours ago - it's been a rough start with a less than par ob. to make a long story short, was told it was ectopic, but was no way to tell until later on was told to come back in jan. so I went to another ob, and saw a 5wk scan (just a sac) but it is in the uterus. had blood work last wk it was 188, last night it was 3089. so I guess that's good?? lol. still nervous, until I hear a heartbeat and can monitor moves id ont think i'll rest easy!!!!
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KristinaA, 20 weeks. - 37.4 hours ago - I feel like I started the pregnancy waddle today. I still ran 3 miles tonight, but man, it's getting harder! I have about 10 more miles to go to make my mileage goal for the year. I can do this! But I may quit running until after pregnancy in the new year.
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 40.4 hours ago - Yes good luck Babylove! My Xmas shopping is all done and wrapped, so I'm all set! My mom lives next door to me so we don't have to pack anything to go to her house for Christmas dinner....then we just walk back home! I would like to get DH some more for Christmas but I need a job first! until then, he'll need to wait a lil bit.
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RJean, 24 weeks. - 41 hours ago - Oh, and good luck tomorrow babylove. Heres hoping that everything looks well with your cervix!
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RJean, 24 weeks. - 41.1 hours ago - My MIL sent me some cute N and 0-3 mo clothes, so I will probably pick one N size and one 0-3 mo size to bring to the hospital. My oldest was 9lb and he didn't fit into any newborn clothes....than my second was 7 lb and didn't fit into any 0-3 mo clothes that I packed. I won't even try to guess how big this boy'll be and will just bring both. :) Anyone else gearing up for the holidays? I am cleaning my house like a mad woman so when I leave to visit family for Christmas, my house won't be a com ...
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 41.1 hours ago - I know ill be needing the sitz bath too but my hospital always gives me one. Does anyone else have swelling and have a hard time peeing after giving birth? Tomorrow is my ultra sound to check if my cervix is still the same length. I am not able to be on bed rest so it better be! Ill get to see my fat baby!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 43.7 hours ago - No take home outfits picked out yet..we're probably going to wait until after our shower to pick something. I've started my list tho of what to take to the hospital! Item #1 my sits bath!!! Incase I tear like I did last time!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 44 hours ago - Ya I thought it was great too!! DH told me not to buy anything until after the shower!! Oops!!!
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 44.1 hours ago - Sher that's great! I have a hard time finding deals everything is picked over at the consignment shop. I have 2 take home outfits one is blue and one is yellow with ducks, they both have the hat and built in feet. Does anybody else have their take home outfit?
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Mamabearof3, 5 weeks. - 45 hours ago - that sounds really exciting I can't wait till we go for our first ultrasound.
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kelz84, 16 weeks. - 45 hours ago - Hi mamatabby, I have mine booked for the 14/1/15. I had a private scan done yesterday and they were able to tell me I was expecting a BOY!! This is my 3rd boy and I also have a girl, so this is my 4th baby but 6th pregnancy as ive miscarried twice. I hope all is well x
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 45.5 hours ago - Soooo...I got 5 outfits, 10 onesies, and 9 sleepers for $66.00!!! I'm sooo happy about that.
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 48 hours ago - I just went to a children's second hand store and they has 60% off!!!! Whooooo hoooooo!!!! So not only is it already really inexpensive as it's all second hand, now it's even better! Onesies were only $0.60....YAAY!!!
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xEricaLynn, 5 weeks. - 48.3 hours ago - I have my first ultrasound next Tuesday at 4pm. Hoping that everything is going okay. I'm high risk, so that's why I am able to get an early ultrasound. Head pain is maddening today. Hope the rest of you are doing well!
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 48.7 hours ago - I still haven't gotten my ready to grow stroller. I am not in love w it for almost 300.00. I am going to just have to get it though there are not any other strollers out there as small and versatile. I wish I liked it more. Ty seems to be doing better we are all stuck here sick except for me.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 48.8 hours ago - I don't have either of my boys on medicine and probably won't put them on it unless I start getting complaints from the teachers and/ or they aren't learning.
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mamaford77, 20 weeks. - 49 hours ago - 2nd trimester is my favorite too! By third, I will be miserable lol, so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.
Read all from week 20, 10 weeks. - 49.4 hours ago - Themutterinme, I'm sorry for your loss...sending hugs your way
Read all from week 10

Mamabearof3, 5 weeks. - 49.9 hours ago - blah yep I knew that morning sickness was going to kick in sooner or later lol.
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Ryskay, 4 weeks. - 50.1 hours ago - congrats happybabymama3 on your bfp :)
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KristiW, 20 weeks. - 50.6 hours ago - I am having a girl too! This is baby 3 and girl 3! My poor hubby was hoping for a boy but it's not in our plan!! I am officially half way today. This is my favorite part of pregnancy. I am not uncomfortable (YET) but I can feel her moving around and everyone knows I am pregnant not just bloated!! LOL!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 50.8 hours ago - Hmm...I'm not sure if this assessment will include a neurological assessment as well. I'll prob have to just ask! All this stuff is sooo confusing and I'm sure it's even more confusing for our kids. Hopefully in the end, they are all happy and healthy. On another note, I've been up is 3am! The on/off insomnia during this pregnancy is going to kill me!! I guess it's a good thing I haven't been working full time or else I'd be a zombie!
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joytotheworld, 9 weeks. - 51.7 hours ago - I havent been that good with taking my vitamins they make me sick. The kind that i have now has the same ingredient as miralax so it makes me have diarrhea so i need to find a new brand
Read all from week 9, 19 weeks. - 54.6 hours ago - Haha I just remembered too! I have a confirmed little boy on its way xxx
Read all from week 19, 19 weeks. - 54.6 hours ago - Does anyone know? They aren't supposed to change due dates under 1 week are they?
Read all from week 19, 19 weeks. - 54.6 hours ago - 19 weeks today, this is half way for me! If anyone wants to join a group I created I have called it 2015 new mums on Facebook xxxx
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Lannister, 5 weeks. - 56.7 hours ago - I sent you a friend request and then I found the group and requested to join. Quick question, when do you ladies have your first appointments with your Caregivers? Mine is 15 Jan and by then Ill be 9 almost 10 weeks.
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skydive, 4 weeks. - 59.1 hours ago - Hello ladies just a quick pop up to say hi. Let's get it started in here (:
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 60.2 hours ago - My boys and daughter met all their milestones as far as I can remember. They may hv been behinf on a few. To diagnose my children the neurologist did a test on a computer with monitors on their arms and legs. I also had to complete a survey about their actions and behavior along with their teacher and turn them in separately. This is to make sure that the parent and teachers evaluation match and the mother is not pushing for medicine. It was scary because out evaluations were identical.
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 61 hours ago - Rjean-ur son is still really young, have I heard of PDD?? pervasive developmental disorder. Our pediatrician looked into this with my daughter but ruled it out. Ur some seems very young to have a ADHD or ADD diagnosis; whether it's formal or informal. He's a boy (generally very active) and he's 5 (also, generally very active)! I also really fear getting wrong diagnosis's resulting in incorrect treatments and etc!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 61.2 hours ago - Did all your babies with low blood sugar reach their normal milestones on time?? (Ie. cooing, recognizing faces, smiling, laughing, rolling over, finding their hands and feet, baby babble, eating solid foods, crawling, walking, etc.)?? My daughter was right on time for everything...developing 100% on point. As soon as we noticed a delay in her speech at her 24 month check up (she was suppose to know 25 words and she knew only maybe 10..) it was like BOOM!!!! Everything started going to shit!
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happybabymama3, 4 weeks. - 61.6 hours ago - I got a BFP today!!! 4 days before I was expecting to start. This is my third, my older two girls are 4 and 2. I was on this site with both!
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mamatabby , 14 weeks. - 62.1 hours ago - I felt a good kick tonight. I had my phone flashlight on and set it on my tummy and baby kicked.. it was only on the inside. I can't wait til I can feel on the outside. But I'm also 16 wks. I scheduled my anatomy screening today so it will be 1/9/15... and I'm telling you it can't come fast enough
Read all from week 14

RJean, 24 weeks. - 62.1 hours ago - What a conversation to jump into! My oldest son has an informal diagnosis of ADHD Inattentiveness (or ADD). He is so super smart, but he struggles with eye contact, and has some other social and anxiety issues which are compounded by his inattentiveness. His therapist and I totally agree on the issue of medication-same as sherbaby. I am not going to medicate a 5 yo moderate ADD child. Maybe when he's older and needs it more. As a side note, my ds was also born with really low blood sugar and re ...
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mamatabby , 16 weeks. - 62.1 hours ago - Hey there ladies... anyone have their anatomy screening scheduled mine will be 1/9/15... super excited
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 62.4 hours ago - My daughter is on an IEP too. Right now it's an informal IEP and after her assessment it will prob be a formal, forcing the school to create an educational plan specifically for her, sound almost like ur daughters IEP. I meet with her pediatrician on friday so I'm going to ask about the blood sugar thing. Ya, kids naturally have a lot of energy so it's hard to determine if a child is 'hyper' or 'just being a kid'. That's why for me, I don't plan on using any meds, even if they say she is ADD. If ...
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 62.8 hours ago - It is very hard to link the low blood sugar to memory loss but when the sugar gets low the blood flow to the brain is greatly reduced. I have had times where it stops completely in order to keep me alive and I pass out. I am sure hers is not like mine. If she has low blood sugar it is minor but it does reduce blood flow to the brain in order to keep the other organs working. You should take her to a pediatric neurologist for ADD testing it is much harder to determine if a child has it without th ...
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 63.6 hours ago - That's interesting because my daughter was born with low blood sugar and we had to stay at the hospital for a few days until it was higher. I just thought that was normal for preterm babies. She was on point with developing and meeting all her milestones until she hit 24months...then it went down hill from here!!! Her long term memory is amazing...she remembers details from her 2nd birthday party and she's 6 now, but show her the letter 'K', tell her it's the letter 'K' then ask her what letter ...
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eliciamadora, 6 weeks. - 64.3 hours ago - Hi guys. If this isn't allowed please delete! I mean no harm! I couldn't find any pregnancy groups for August 2015 on facebook so I made one. It is a closed group so only members can read what is posted there. Only a few members so far and I'd love to bond with women due around the same time! Please add and message me on Facebook ( Elicia Binman) if you would like to join it, I would love some company in there! Or search on Facebook 'August 2015 babies' and request to join :)
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eliciamadora, 4 weeks. - 64.4 hours ago - Hi guys. If this isn't allowed please delete! I mean no harm! I couldn't find any pregnancy groups for August 2015 on facebook so I made one. It is a closed group so only members can read what is posted there. Only a few members so far and I'd love to bond with women due around the same time! Please add and message me on Facebook ( Elicia Binman) if you would like to join it, I would love some company in there! Or search on Facebook 'August 2015 babies' and request to join :)
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eliciamadora, 5 weeks. - 64.4 hours ago - Hi guys. If this isn't allowed please delete! I mean no harm! I couldn't find any pregnancy groups for August 2015 on facebook so I made one. It is a closed group so only members can read what is posted there. Only a few members so far and I'd love to bond with women due around the same time! Please add and message me on Facebook ( Elicia Binman) if you would like to join it, I would love some company in there! Or search on Facebook 'August 2015 babies' and request to join :)
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 65.7 hours ago - Lol at her dad! I'm glad she had a good mom to make up for dad. My short term memory is not good from low blood sugar but I didn't get it until I was 10. I Hv forgotten important details and get them sorted. I can sometimes not remember my children's bday and where I park but I manage to do well. Two of my children have ADHD and one has ADD but my hubby and I both have it. Only one is on medication for it now. I don't like medicine but my daughter needs it. I don't take anything for it.
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flybear, 9 weeks. - 66 hours ago - I have to take a children's vitamin during the firat trimester. The prenatalsmake me so sick I cant function until the nausea starts to let up some. Ihave 3 other kids. I dont get days off.
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xEricaLynn, 5 weeks. - 66.1 hours ago - Ondansetron for nausea is $35 for only 10 pills at Walgreens! Way too expensive. I've been on it before, so I know it works, but still, it's crazy the price of meds these days... SMH.
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kimster, 8 weeks. - 66.3 hours ago - Hi ladies! I'm baaack! First time posting with this new pregnancy,I was addicted to this website throughout my first two. I'm 8w 4d and super excited! Hope all is great with everyone else!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 66.7 hours ago - I'm not sure how long she had her rash...she may not even know, but the whole this deff almost killed her for sure!!! But ya she lives a perfectly normal life...she's 60yrs old now and she's a perfectly normal, healthy, (miserable and 60yr old!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 66.7 hours ago - Ha!! @ just redneck! My daughter is a splitting image of me..she's like my twin!!! but has her dads 'dumb' gene. Don't get me wrong, I'm not by any means call her dumb, cuz she's not...she prob a hell of a lot smarter than her dad!!! She does unfortunately seem to struggle with learning, it's really sad actually. She has an issue with shot term memory learning the simplest of things is very tough for her. Plus she has severe articulation disorder and is quite possibly dyslexic!! ...
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 67.4 hours ago - I have Italian and German along with just redneck genes. Lol All my babies have lots of black hair. My daughter was born with hair so thick all the nurses on the floor came to look at it. Only one of my children has the dark hair and eyebrows now. All the rest are blonde w blue eyes. My hubby and I both Hv dark hair and eyes. We must Hv alot of blondes in the family line.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 67.4 hours ago - What's weird is Ty only had been sick for 2 days and it automatically turned into scarlet fever. The other two don't have it. They all Hv the same father I don't know why only one of them has the gene that causes it to turn into s fever. I'm glad your mom will be ok. How long did it take for her rash to go away?
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 67.6 hours ago - I think that mine will have a full head too, I’ve been getting worse heartburn than I had with the other two pregnancies. My youngest was born with a full head of dark brown hair, we could put it in a little Mohawk and it was so cute! Then when he was 4 months old it all fell out! He was bald for months, then it grew in really blonde. DH and I both have dark brown hair, but DH was a blonde when he was little, so I guess it’s his genes shining through. I wonder if this one will do the same ...
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xEricaLynn, 5 weeks. - 67.7 hours ago - The nausea and head pain for me is horrible! I didn't know how I was going to make it through this morning. I had a waste basket next to the floor of the sofa just in case. I slept for a couple of hours, then I was able to eat a PB&J sandwich. So far it is staying down, lol. Reordered nausea meds as I'm out of them. I hope to get in next week for an early ultrasound, considering my extensive history of losses.
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 67.8 hours ago - Yup...I saw on dr. Oz that heart burn during pregnancy can mean a full head of hair! Plus...I'm black!! (Incase you couldn't tell LOL)so very rarely are black babies bald..ha!!! I'm mixed with 4 different nationalities so my hair was very fine when I was born but my DH is 100% I'm sure baby nameless will have lots of hair!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 67.9 hours ago - Oh ya's just put her heart in a vulnerable position so she has to be carefully if she ever needs surgery Stuff that like that. I'm fully know why she has to take medication before going to the dentists but I know it was because it the fever when she was younger!! I'm sure your boys will be ok! And back when my mom was sick...they waited until you were almost dead before they went to a dr. So that too may have been why she was sooo sick! She missed almost all of grade 9 and had to r ...
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 67.9 hours ago - Yeah, I’m probably being a little overly cautious with the birth plan, but it makes me nervous that I have no idea who my doctor will be and can’t discuss all of this with one in advance. I have some pretty specific things that I want I guess. Wow, I’d always heard that strep could be really serious if you don’t treat it, but I had no idea it could turn into all of that! Sher, I actually just read an article yesterday about heartburn in pregnancy. I always thought it was an old wives ta ...
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Mamabearof3, 5 weeks. - 68 hours ago - feeling a little bit of nausea now
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 68.1 hours ago - Floy I hope you get a doctor you trust. I'm afraid ill end up w a sleep deprived scatterbrained doctor. It could be one of 3 that are at the practice.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 68.1 hours ago - His is a mild case and as long as the antibiotics work it won't affect his heart. If this rash isn't gone by Monday I will start to freak out! My other two boys must have better genetics because they don't have the scarlet fever just the sore throat and fever. I'm treating them all w antibiotics. Will your mom still be able to live a normal life?
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maimai88, 5 weeks. - 68.3 hours ago - I have waves of nausea....usually early morning and late at night, but nothing too intense (yet lol). I can't stomach ketchup either, it tastes weird to me.
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 68.3 hours ago - Oh yes...DH is coming too!!! He can be very squeamish so he prob won't look when the video starts!!! Lil a little kid! lol. I've been getting indigestion for the past 3 days!!! Ugh...I've never had it before and it sucks!!! I can tell the second trimester is coming to an end!!! My body is starting to hate me!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 68.4 hours ago - So scarlet fever is a bacterial infection that's is caused my the streptococcal virus (pretty much it can start off as just the virus; strept throat but then the virus can produce this toxin causing scarlet fever.) some people will get strept throat but not scarlet fever, and some will develop scarlet fever. My mom was very sick with it and was hospitalized for months. Mind you, this was prob about 20yrs ago so things have changed a lot since then BUT what scares me is that it can cause rheumati ...
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Lannister, 5 weeks. - 68.4 hours ago - Mrsbugs I am so so sorry for your loss. Will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will get your bfp again as soon as you are ready.... I have had no symptoms.. I keep waiting for nausea to set in. Oddly enough Im looking forward to it.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 68.7 hours ago - The birth plan for me is to not have swelling so bad I can't use the restroom after I deliver. I want to push the baby out in at least 30 min. I am tired of it taking a hour. I made my hubby take prenatal classes and it was hilarious watching the video of the woman in labor she just spread her legs and here comes the baby. The men's faces in there were white.That was w my first. u should make your hubby do it.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 68.8 hours ago - I am a little freaked out by the name scarlet fever. His case is very mild. He has red dots on his tongue, and the dots on his face look like red freckles you wouldn't notice them if you were standing next to him. The one on his back are about the size of a bean and not very red. He has a weak immune system from a sinus infection. The younger boys don't Hv any red spots so they just have some bacteria from what Ty has. They gave him a antibiotic shot. The other two boys are on antibiotics too be ...
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 68.8 hours ago - I'm not doing a birth plan...I'm going to just go with the flow! Do whatever works and makes both me and baby feel good.
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 68.9 hours ago - Not me, I feel pretty comfortable without I think. One thing I am going to do this time that's different is take a copy of a birth plan in to the hospital with me. My doctors office is a practice of 10 different doctors, and the doctor that delivers me could be any of them. I love the practice, but it stinks that they do the on-call rotation and it's luck of the draw for which doc you get. So I'm going to write out a birth plan to hand over when the time comes, that way everything I want is in w ...
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 69.1 hours ago - Is anyone doing prenatal classes? I know this isn't my first baby but shoot, that was 6yrs ago and a lot has happened in the last 6yrs. We start ours Jan 14
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 69.3 hours ago - Ooh nooo!!! Ok sooo...not to freak you out but scarlet fever is deff something to freak out over (not placenta previa!) Was he admitted to the hospital or just on medication? I really hope all of your kiddos are ok. Not to many people get that anymore, my mom had it when she was younger and now every time she goes to the dentist she has to take medication because it slightly messed with her heart....sorry, I don't wanna scare you, but that is really serious! Keep us posted!
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 69.3 hours ago - Oh wow babylove, I’m so sorry to hear that! That is crazy! I have never known anyone to get scarlet fever, do they just treat with antibiotics? Hang in there, I hope everyone gets well fast!
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 69.8 hours ago - I am exhausted from all these sick children everybody is infected. I just need a vacation all by myself. Sorry to vent. I'm going to buy a lot of germ x when the baby is here.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 69.9 hours ago - At least I Hv my Xmas shopping done except for my mother. I find the holidays a bit stressful with all the children to buy for. Whatever money I get for Christmas I'm spending on the kids. To bad for me. Oh well as long as I don't sick.
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babylove5, 24 weeks. - 69.9 hours ago - My 7 yr old has scarlet fever. You know I was just saying the other day how I don't like to google things. I googled his symptoms which are red rash all over body and spots on his face, fever, cough, sore throat. It came back viral phyranix and scarlet fever. I Hv never seen anybody with that so I assumed it had to be the other took him to the dr. and it is scarlet fever. Now my 5 yr old and 2 yr old are running a fever! This is crazy! Who gets scarlet fever.
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 70.1 hours ago - Lol! Maybe things will pick up after the holidays in here, who knows. And I just have to say wow. Baby boy is sure active today! He's rolling and stretching away, doesn't seem to be wanting to relax in there.
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Krysanna, 5 weeks. - 71.7 hours ago - I haven't had any morning sickness yet but when I come around some food like meat I feel very nauseous and at times it makes me wanna run to the bathroom ohh and katchup hits me harder than most stuff
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 72.1 hours ago - Ps. We're the only ones in here!! Lmao! Gosh!
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sher-baby, 24 weeks. - 72.1 hours ago - Haha!!! Already broke! Lol I need a job! Ugh!
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floydianslip2, 24 weeks. - 72.4 hours ago - I think I'm done too, but then I sit here and think about the little things that I could be getting for people. I need to stop thinking about it or I'll go broke!
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