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Latest comments in the week-by-week calendar

TanyaMomOf4, 7 weeks. - 2.7 hours ago - Nobody is very talkative this time around
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bgscoobyluver, 24 weeks. - 4 hours ago - pleasbehealthy, isnt that fun! My kids love it! My 2yr old loves layin on my belly and tellin the babies to kick her LOL
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bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 4.1 hours ago - No i havent gotten the flu shot. Not sure if I will. I used to get them every year but wit all the stuff goin on wit it IDK
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bgscoobyluver, 28 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Hey funtime, I am so sorry u have been ill. 15hrs! Woohoo! But I sure hope u start to feel better
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please be healthy, 25 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Did you ladies get a flu shot? I'm debating getting one because of increased flu risks because I'm pregnant.
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bgscoobyluver, 27 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Woohoo! 27 weeks! 27 weeks! Hey pugdun!
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please be healthy, 24 weeks. - 21.9 hours ago - My daughter felt the baby kick for the first time! So exciting!
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funtimemum80, 28 weeks. - 41.1 hours ago - Hey scooby- I had the worse Braxton hicks with my 4th pregnancy, I started to notice them early ( around 16 weeks) by the time I was at this stage every night I would have them regularly and would keep me up in discomfort. By the time I went into labour she flew out and I went from 5-10cm within an hour! Strange really as I don't recall having them previously or after and have never had an easier birth since!! I've certainly not felt them this time but I've been so run down and unwell I keep fo ...
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pugdunn, 27 weeks. - 43.7 hours ago - Yay week 27!!!
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bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 45.5 hours ago - glad u are feelin better:-)
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tsubasa, 25 weeks. - 49 hours ago - My fault for presuming a late night bowl of cereal would be alright... Not so much. Then all yesterday I was freaking out that I might get pneumonia. I am feeling better today so I am less paranoid.
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Jennish, 22 weeks. - 50.9 hours ago - Woohoo 22 weeks!
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bgscoobyluver, 28 weeks. - 54.4 hours ago - aussie and funtime I am so sorry yall are having a hard time. I am tryin to get my house orgasnized in the midst of 4 kids, n homeschoolin and workingon my masters degree. WHEW! I have been sweelin and wen i have a braxton hick i feel pressure which freaks me out. I dont kno if its normal bc there r 2 n not much rm. idk. my doc app is nxt wk. Anyway. hope u ladies feel better
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angelfree77, 36 weeks. - 56.8 hours ago - Welcome to 36 weeks, avg2012!! Went for my first weekly appt today and you were right, kentsmommy, it was completely uneventful. They just checked the baby's heartbeat, my urine, BP, and belly growth. I showed them a pic of my feet/ankles/legs that I took from a very swollen night and was told that's par for the coarse. I was hoping for more. I really wanted to see if the cramping is helping me get some early labor out of the way lol
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funtimemum80, 28 weeks. - 57.8 hours ago - Hey Aussie, it's not forever just a blip, hold on in there X I've been so I'll these past few weeks fighting a kidney and chest infection, all I've done is pop pills and try and rest, I've had fevers, cold sweats, hot sweats and a list of crappy symptoms, I honestly feel like I'm never going to feel normal..... I want to start enjoying my pregnancy and washing his clothes ect but I'm so weak and surrounded by children suffering with a sickness bug all that is just a dream right now, if only I co ...
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please be healthy, 24 weeks. - 69.8 hours ago - So sad! It's nice to hear how others are doing. Thanks for lurking!
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aussiemumma86, 28 weeks. - 71.6 hours ago - Hey ladies im so over being pregnant. Im over being so emotional and fighting with my partner im over my other kids at the minute i have so much going on i just want to run away...
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bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 72.5 hours ago - tsbusa Im sorry
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bgscoobyluver, 24 weeks. - 72.5 hours ago - I feel the same way about wk 26. I just lurk in other wks LOL
Read all from week 24

Tsubasa, 25 weeks. - 80.3 hours ago - New first for me: Just woke up from a dead sleep because i inhaled stomach acid!! Eeeeeeeeew!!! What an awful experience!! How do i go back to sleep now... I`m scared.
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please be healthy, 24 weeks. - 84.3 hours ago - Is anyone in this week? Hello!
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avg2012, 36 weeks. - 85.7 hours ago - 36 weeks today! I need to go in for PLBS(post lunch blood sugar test) + TSH tomorrow, which will be followed by a doctor's appointment on Saturday morning :).lets see if there's any progress.
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TanyaMomOf4, 6 weeks. - 94.7 hours ago - I was very emotional over the weekend. I'm having trouble keeping my spirits up with feeling so tired and blah.
Read all from week 6

casanova, 10 weeks. - 105 hours ago - Hello ladies!!! hope everyone is doing well.. doesn't seem to be many pregnant ladies out there!! hehe... has anyone tried to ramzi their scans?
Read all from week 10

kentsmommy, 36 weeks. - 106.9 hours ago - The weekly appointments aren't really much more eventful unless you ask them to check you for dilation and effacement. I never do because it really isn't an indicator anyway. Some women can be 2 cm for weeks and others (like myself) can go into labor after being checked at 0 cm with a high cervix. Lol! After my first one, I've requested that they don't check me anymore. Although my doctors will strip membranes at the 40 week appointment if you're still pregnant:) Other than that, it's weig ...
Read all from week 36

angelfree77, 36 weeks. - 108.8 hours ago - Thank you! I go for weekly appointments beginning Thursday. I have no idea what to expect. I'm hoping they'll give me more information about the baby's size, if I've started to dilate, etc. My husband's convinced the baby's ready to come out now!
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kentsmommy, 36 weeks. - 124.9 hours ago - Geez angel, 36 weeks! Good luck:)
Read all from week 36

kentsmommy, 35 weeks. - 125 hours ago - JDH - Feel better!! So far my house is healthy. I'm hoping they stay that way for the remainder of winter / spring! I'm a little behind; just coming up on 34 weeks but getting close none the less:) We are starting to make progress at home; finally painted the boys room. I can't believe we are having a baby soon!! My two boys were late so I'm totally prepared for going past 2 weeks. Who knows. I'm just big and tired but other than that, I feel pretty good.
Read all from week 35

angelfree77, 35 weeks. - 132.8 hours ago - Oh no, JDH! I hope you feel better soon!
Read all from week 35

angelfree77, 36 weeks. - 132.8 hours ago - 36 weeks yesterday!!! I can't wait to start sharing birth stories!!!
Read all from week 36

AussieDanni, 30 weeks. - 138.1 hours ago - Got to see my bub today! All well, measuring big. Based on today's measurements he is two weeks ahead :p
Read all from week 30

TanyaMomOf4, 6 weeks. - 169.1 hours ago - I didn't know it was commonly to have during pregnancy. I thought it was usually a soon after pregnancy thing. Keep me posted. Prayers for everything to be just fine.
Read all from week 6

HM8432, 6 weeks. - 171.2 hours ago - the dr said the best time to do it is in the 2nd trimester. Though I've got my fingers crossed that I don't have to have it removed. It's the second most common surgery according to my dr to have during pregnancy.
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TanyaMomOf4, 6 weeks. - 175 hours ago - Wow. That's what it sounded like to me when you described the pain. If it gets bad go to the er. I ended up with pancreatitis because of all the trouble my gal bladder has caused. What will happen if you have to have it removed? Can they safely do that while your pregnant?
Read all from week 6

HM8432, 6 weeks. - 178.8 hours ago - These weeks are going by so slow! 6 weeks!! Yay! Last week was a rough one for me! I thought I was having really bad morning sickness but then pain started under my right rib and in my back, that lasted hours!! I was to stubborn to go into the er. I did see my primary yesterday and she said if must of been a gallstone. So now next week a get an ultrasound of my gallbladder to make sure there isn't more. Until then my choice of what I can eat are boring!
Read all from week 6

JDH, 35 weeks. - 185.7 hours ago - 35 weeks is unbelievable! I'm sitting on my couch at 1am with a stuffy nose and upset stomach. PRAYING it doesn't get any worse. All three kiddos have bad head colds too.
Read all from week 35

bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 188.3 hours ago - Wrote a long blog about my doc app. and my many many doc app. to come up. Check it out
Read all from week 25

bgscoobyluver, 26 weeks. - 188.3 hours ago - Wrote a long blog about my doc app. and my many many doc app. to come up. Check it out
Read all from week 26

please be healthy, 24 weeks. - 189.8 hours ago - Slurpees! Yummy!
Read all from week 24

bgscoobyluver, 24 weeks. - 190.1 hours ago - tsbusa I still have cravings! This week is peaches and carob.
Read all from week 24

casanova, 9 weeks. - 195.3 hours ago - HELLO LADIES!! I am back one last time!!! I hope everyone is having a better day than myself, since I keep throwing up!!
Read all from week 9

TanyaMomOf4, 5 weeks. - 195.6 hours ago - 6 weeks tomorrow. I feel so queezy today! So queezy. I took a nausea pill at 6:30 this morning and it says to take every 8 hrs. By 11 am I thought I was going to vomit. I took another one just after 6 hrs. Not sure why but my siaters prescription says take every 6 hrs and mine says 8. Well the weekend is upon us so hoping to get a little rest. Probably not with 2 preschoolers.
Read all from week 5

Rileysmom21, 20 weeks. - 198.5 hours ago - Had 20 week appt today, gained 6 lbs so far(3 were this month😁yikes!) but heard lil heartbeat again, such a sweet sound!
Read all from week 20

angelfree77, 35 weeks. - 204.1 hours ago - Yes, you are! Looks like our due dates are just 3 days apart! One more month today for me!!!! It feels so close, yet so far away! Why does January have to be such a long month!? My husband is convinced that we are going to go early though. He's predicting not long after 38 weeks. I've been feeling pretty good! The swelling has gotten worse though. My feet look like Flintstones' feet by the end of the day and my ankles disappear :( I now have to sleep with pillows under my feet. The re ...
Read all from week 35

tsubasa, 24 weeks. - 210.8 hours ago - So, I have had two sudden intense cravings today: Thai green curry and now Hershey's Kisses. These days my cravings aren't usually as strong compared to first trimester, but it still cracks me up when I get them. The past two days it was a McChicken sandwich (I don't think I actually like those though?! I didn't go get one but it was VERY HARD not to!) Anyone else still get cravings?
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TanyaMomOf4, 5 weeks. - 242.9 hours ago - I had a lot of period pains last week but less this week. I have been queezy since last week and tired too. I'm going to start working part time in a few weeks so that'll give me more time to rest.
Read all from week 5

kezboy2, 5 weeks. - 245 hours ago - I'm so tired and getting waves of sickness but nothing major. I'm still getting period like pains but I'm sure that's normal.
Read all from week 5

bgscoobyluver, 24 weeks. - 248.4 hours ago - thanks tsbusa, I am preparing for everything. Its not in my hands
Read all from week 24

HM8432, 5 weeks. - 249.6 hours ago - Morning sickness has kicked in over here! ugh!! How are all you girls doing?
Read all from week 5

avg2012, 35 weeks. - 255.1 hours ago - avg2012 has 35 days to go and is now in week 35!! Angel I am right behind you :)
Read all from week 35

BabySaunders, 21 weeks. - 262.4 hours ago - Naomi I'm so sorry! :( I can't even imagine. Prayers for your current pregnancy to continue being healthy.
Read all from week 21

Rileysmom21, 19 weeks. - 273.2 hours ago - Lol! Babysaunders, I hear ya! Boys have their perks though😀 so much less drama! Hahaha
Read all from week 19

Rileysmom21, 20 weeks. - 275.4 hours ago - Well misery loves company lol glad I'm not the only one, thought this was too early! Feels like I've been punched in it, a lot lol and what can u do about it, it's not really ever appropriate to massage it or anything hahhahaha Been feeling some good baby movements lately, my oldest was even able to feel from the outside, so exciting, starting to actually feel real😀
Read all from week 20

Mum to G, 20 weeks. - 277 hours ago - Jennish it seems me and you are the only left without knowing the gender but i trust we get to know it soon.
Read all from week 20

Mum to G, 20 weeks. - 279.4 hours ago - I am at week 20 and it feels good to be half way done. Sex not yet known. I have a boy so praying for a girl but what matters most is a healthy baby. Went for my scan on last week Friday and the baby decided to have the cord in between the legs so we ended up giving up. Hopefully to know next time. I have a Doctor appointment tomorrow let me hear if my edd still remains 15th as per their review. I so far have three dates 15th and 10th by different doctors and 11th as per this page.
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funtimemum80, 25 weeks. - 281.3 hours ago - That's good to hear, I wish I could have another scan and see my baby, your girls are good weights for twins! You are feeding them well 😊
Read all from week 25

tsubasa, 24 weeks. - 283.1 hours ago - Big Hooray for 24 weeks which I believe is the viability mark where I am! Bgscooby I feel the same way as you- the idea of epidural scares me but I have had two natural births w/o pain meds (one was induced) and I'm totally fine about doing that. I was actually super excited to experience it. Absolutely crazy powerful feeling after giving birth too. I suppose with twins you just really have to give up on the plans and just be willing to go with the flow. Hopefully you trust your doctors th ...
Read all from week 24

HM8432, 5 weeks. - 285.7 hours ago - Tanya I hope you feel better quick!! That must be awful! I have my first appt tomorrow!! (Other than a lab appointment) It's just with the nurse though, to go over medical history stuff, and not sure what else. They said it normally takes 40mins for this appt. I'm really excited though, makes it feel more real. They also will schedule my first ultrasound!! I can't wait to see my little bean!!
Read all from week 5

bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 285.9 hours ago - Hey funtime. My scan was great! both babies r 1pounds13oz but baby B kept turning her back so we culdnt get a profile pic but everything else was able to be viewed. I gotta write a blog on the whole thing cuz i have quite a bit to tell LOL
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Jennish, 20 weeks. - 289 hours ago - Yes! My pubic bone pain is SOOOOO terrible, particularly in the car, it's agony.
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funtimemum80, 25 weeks. - 289.5 hours ago - How did your scan go scooby?
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TanyaMomOf4, 5 weeks. - 295 hours ago - I helped my sister out Friday night. She was so sick with what she thought was food poisoning so I took my nephews overnight (ages 5 yrs and 18 months). It was not food poisoning. My 3 yo and I were throwing up last night. I think I'll be fine with morning sickness after how intense this is. I feel awful.
Read all from week 5

Rileysmom21, 20 weeks. - 297.3 hours ago - Anyone else having pubic bone pain? I remember this much later in my previous pregnancies!?
Read all from week 20

kentsmommy, 34 weeks. - 298.7 hours ago - Wow Angel, that's crazy! Us on the other hand, we were so excited to be snowed in but ended up with about 4 inches. We still pretended that we were snowed in for the kids sake:) They played in the snow and had hot chocolate so they didn't know any different. Ha! We didn't even get out the snow blower; my husband shoveled it all in about 15 minutes. He said it would have taken longer to get the snow blower out and running than it did to push the shovel around:) I'm on to week 33 this week. ...
Read all from week 34

please be healthy, 23 weeks. - 310.1 hours ago - Fighting a cold! I have napped a lot this weekend!
Read all from week 23

ckaysa, 27 weeks. - 317.3 hours ago - wow this week is dead! :( been quiet for a few weeks...still don't know what i am having as baby refuses to give us a definite answer lol...but so far so good...going to check out one of our public hospitals on Tuesday next week...was hoping to give birth private as that is where my currentt doctor is but because we don't have medical aid, it costs quite a bit cash wise...public is free....but here in SA public and private differ way too much for my liking
Read all from week 27

angelfree77, 34 weeks. - 317.7 hours ago - Yup...and we got every bit of 30 inches too. I'm just outside of Gettysburg right on the MD/PA line. Fortunately, I didn't go into labor, so onto 35 weeks!!! We just purchased a snow-blower at auction in October. It couldn't have been timed any better since this is the first snow storm I wouldn't have been able to help my husband shovel! How did Pittsburgh make out?
Read all from week 34

sarah6485, 5 weeks. - 317.9 hours ago - I had a scan today Been put back a week from 7 to 6 which I think Is accurate see baby beans heart beating away which was so reassuring. Seems real now 😊
Read all from week 5

angelfree77, 35 weeks. - 318.4 hours ago - 35 weeks!!!!!
Read all from week 35

BabySaunders, 19 weeks. - 325 hours ago - Congrats Riley's mom! So jealous! That's what I wanted :( Looks like I'm going to have ninja turtles lol. 3 boys so far. We want 4 and I fully expect another boy.
Read all from week 19

TanyaMomOf4, 5 weeks. - 326.9 hours ago - A few more weeks till I feel in the clear. Last pregnancy was a nd but glad it was because it was with my ex husband. It was 2 yrs ago next month.
Read all from week 5

please be healthy, 23 weeks. - 332.6 hours ago - Hello week 23!!!! So happy to be here!
Read all from week 23

Maceesmomma, 4 weeks. - 336.4 hours ago - This is a Facebook group that a couple of the Iap 2014 moms made for the newly pregnant members that are now pregnant in 2016! Join us!
Read all from week 4

Maceesmomma, 34 weeks. - 336.4 hours ago - Facebook page created for Iap 2016 mommas. The admins are also from Iap 2014.
Read all from week 34

Maceesmomma, 33 weeks. - 336.4 hours ago - This is a Facebook group that was created for 2016 pregnant mommas! The admins of this page are newly pregnant moms from the Iap 2014 mom group.
Read all from week 33

Maceesmomma, 39 weeks. - 336.5 hours ago - This is a Facebook page created for 2016 mommas. The admins of this group are pregnant mommas who were a part of the Iap 2014 mommas group.
Read all from week 39

Maceesmomma, 23 weeks. - 336.5 hours ago - If any of ladies are wanting to join a Facebook group here you go. This page was created from a couple of the admins from the Iap 2014 mommas.
Read all from week 23

HM8432, 4 weeks. - 345.3 hours ago - They use to say it was safe to have a glass of wine, but I'm pretty sure they changed it. I wouldn't risk it especially in the first trimester but that's just me :) on to week 5 now!!
Read all from week 4

kezboy2, 5 weeks. - 353.3 hours ago - Yay week 5 :-)
Read all from week 5

TanyaMomOf4, 4 weeks. - 358.4 hours ago - What do you ladies think about a glass of red wine a night with dinner? Supposedly it's ok?
Read all from week 4

TanyaMomOf4, 4 weeks. - 361 hours ago - I have told my kids and some close friends but no family. My family is judgemental so they can wait. I am also going to be judged for having 3 different fathers. I had my daughter who's now 14 when I was 18 and my 2 boys ages 3 and 4 with my ex husband. This one will be my fiance's first and my 4th. I'm very happy about it. My anxiety I think is coming from not being able to stay home right now like I did with the others. Plus I suffer from panic attacks and hate my current job. Makes it all muc ...
Read all from week 4

funtimemum80, 26 weeks. - 365.3 hours ago - There's me moaning about how slow time is going then up pops a new week! 14 to go.....
Read all from week 26

firedancer254, 4 weeks. - 365.9 hours ago - I was on here 7 and 5 years ago too! I always come back to this site when it's time to have another baby! I have always just loved it. :) Some of the later weeks seem to have more activity so maybe it's just the early weeks that are slow. At least there are a few of us :) I am technically not even 4 weeks but there is NO activity in the TTC pages. I took a test this morning and it was BFN but I expected that cause it's still early. But I have been having a lot of symptoms already so I figured I ...
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HM8432, 4 weeks. - 368.1 hours ago - TanyaMomOf4 I too have been having a lot of anxiety. Mine is mostly worrying if this is going to be a healthy pregnancy and about the baby. All things I can't really control. I don't know if this is crazy or not, but on the days where I've ate really healthy with lots of fruit and veggies, with lots and lots of water my anxiety is way better!
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HM8432, 4 weeks. - 368.2 hours ago - I am sure it will work out too. I wouldn't of told my Mom even but she figured it out when she brought some wine over for my birthday and I turned it down. I'm not normally much of a drinker anyways but I'm a terrible liar so she knew right away. This site really did have a lot more people on it in the past. I'm wondering if they have lost people to the sites that also have an app for their phone. I was on here about 7 years ago and 4 years ago with my last two pregnancies.
Read all from week 4

kentsmommy, 34 weeks. - 369.4 hours ago - Oh my angel! 30 inches?! We are only expecting 3:) They've downgraded Pittsburg from 12 to 3 overnight. Kids were getting excited to play in it. But they'll be happy with 3 inches too. Good luck and don't go into labor!!
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kezboy2, 4 weeks. - 376.4 hours ago - Oh no HM8432, that's not good :-( I'm sure everything will work out. I'm hoping to get to at least 20 weeks before I tell my boys ( and everyone else ). I feel so sick today and keep having hots flushes/sweaty !!! I was on this site 7 and 5 years ago when I had my sons, it was very active, but doesn't seem that way now. Let's get our week going 😍
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Jennish, 20 weeks. - 376.7 hours ago - We had our 20 week scan today! Didn't find out the gender. Woohoo Team Green! :)
Read all from week 20

HM8432, 4 weeks. - 380.9 hours ago - So annoyed! My Mom went and thought it would be okay to tell tons of people that I was pregnant! I ended up having to tell my kids because I was worried that they would find out from someone else :(. They of course are all super excited but I really wanted to wait til the first trimester was over to be safe. Im so nervous that I could mc, and I don't want their little hearts broken.
Read all from week 4

funtimemum80, 25 weeks. - 389 hours ago - I'm ok, some days I feel heavy and tired and some days I'm bursting with energy. I feel that time has slowed down a bit since week 20, up until then time flew by now it's starting to drag its heels
Read all from week 25

bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 390.6 hours ago - so far so good funtime. still tired but still moving too so no complaints lol. the babies r quite active tho. i get a ultrasound n doc app tommorro to make sure all is well so ill give an update then. how r u feelin?
Read all from week 25

angelfree77, 34 weeks. - 391.1 hours ago - He is wiggling around! My mom saw me a few hours after the episode and said that I didn't look well, but I haven't felt that way since. I'll definitely mention it to my docs just to be safe. I was getting a little worried about the snow storm that's coming this weekend. They are calling for up to 30 inches in my area. I don't want the barometer to drop sending me into early labor in a snow storm!
Read all from week 34

funtimemum80, 25 weeks. - 392.8 hours ago - I have no idea where they get these stats from but a few years ago someone told me they were based on 3rd world stats which is not fair considering we have better health care and better resources, better diets ect than those living in poorer countries. How are you doing scooby?
Read all from week 25

kentsmommy, 34 weeks. - 394.5 hours ago - Angel - I haven't heard of this either. Something to mention on your next visit though for sure. As long as that little bundle is wiggling around, I doubt there's anything to worry about.
Read all from week 34

avg2012, 34 weeks. - 398 hours ago - angel- I've not experienced this myself but have recently read that getting up suddenly post waking up in the morning can lead upto this experience due to sudden increase in blood flow to various parts.
Read all from week 34

rayansmama, 23 weeks. - 401.1 hours ago - I'm still potty training but I think my two year old is taking interest as well cuz he sees his brother. I sat him down on the toilet today and he actually pooped in the toilet. I don't know if I should start him as well but I'm so tired :0
Read all from week 23

TanyaMomOf4, 4 weeks. - 405.3 hours ago - I'm tired and feeling queezy today. I'm also feeling a lot of anxiety. I'm not liking that. I want to sleep through till the end please.
Read all from week 4

bgscoobyluver, 25 weeks. - 411.3 hours ago - YAY funtime! I hate wen they just assume things based on others
Read all from week 25

FireDancer254, 4 weeks. - 411.7 hours ago - Thanks HM8432! This was our first month trying! We have never had any problems getting pregnant before but its been almost six years since I was pregnant last so my body is a lot different now. I had what might have been implantation bleeding today - small amount of light brown discharge. Eek!! I want to start testing but I know its too early! I might start testing Saturday!
Read all from week 4

funtimemum80, 25 weeks. - 416.1 hours ago - I've had a great consultation today, everything I was worried about was answered and now I'm totally at ease, she said I am skinny haha! And I look fabulous for being pregnant with my 8th baby my muscle tone is good and my birthing history is good and normal and she does not see any foreseeable problems occurring. Now from the moment I got pregnant I had all the risks thrown at me and I've worried non stop about Hemmorahing after delivery and lack of muscle tone making my delivery normal now ...
Read all from week 25
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  • Gestational-Diabetes 2200 (6 new)
  • Hair-Care 98
  • HCG 219
  • Headache 165
  • Heartburn 258
  • HELLP-Syndrome 15
  • Hemorrhoids 126
  • High-risk-pregnancy 36 (1 new)
  • Hyperemesis-Gravidarum 40
  • Incompetent-Cervix 275 (1 new)
  • Intrahepatic-Cholestasis-of-Pregnancy 4
  • Intrauterine-Growth-Restriction 11
  • Just-For-Laughs 170 (4 new)
  • Labor-Signs 98
  • Large-Families 290
  • Lightening 21
  • Listeria 61
  • Maternity-Clothes 238
  • Midwifes 71
  • Military-Families 108
  • Moodswings 517
  • Morning-Sickness 536
  • Mothers-in-law 1805 (3 new)
  • Mucus-Plug 407
  • Myths-And-Facts-(Pregnancy) 25
  • Natural-cures 3
  • Natural-Induction 30
  • Nesting 26
  • Packing-for-the-Hospital 144
  • Placenta 67
  •         Placenta-Previa 178 (1 new)
  •         Placental-Abruption 19
  •         Retained-Placenta 9
  • Plus-size 1146
  • Polycystic-Ovarian-Synrome-(PCOS) 192 (1 new)
  • Pregnancy-Loss 21
  •         Blighted-Ovum 378
  •         Ectopic-pregnancy 89
  •         Miscarriage 673
  •         Miscarriage-Stories 13
  •         Stillbirth 24
  • Pregnancy-Signs-and-Symptoms 274
  • Pregnancy-tests 129
  •         Pregnancy-Test-Troubleshooting 12
  • Pregnancy-Wheel 14
  • Prenatal-Vitamins 193
  • Preterm-Labor 59
  • Progesterone-Levels 125
  • PUPPP 134 (1 new)
  • Recipes 38
  • Rh-Factor 130
  • Round-Ligament-Syndrome 80
  • Rupture-of-the-Membranes 19
  • Sciatica 13
  • Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases 113
  • Skin-Changes 133
  • Spotting 9
  •         First-trimester 329
  •         Second-trimester 69
  •         Third-trimester 22
  • Stretch-Marks 498
  • Surrogacy 15
  • Swelling-(Edema)-in-Pregnancy 129
  • Symphysis-Pubis-Dysfunction-(SPD) 285
  • Teen-Pregnancy 1058
  • Teeth-care-(Pregnancy) 89
  • Tests-during-pregnancy 28
  •         AFP-screening-test 182
  •         Amniocentesis 193
  •         Biophysical-Profile-(BPP) 10
  •         Blood-Glucose 117
  •         Chorionic-Villi-Sampling-(CVS) 35
  •         Contraction-stress-test 0
  •         Fetal-Fibronectin-Test-(fFN) 19
  •         Group-B-Streptococcus 113
  •         Non-stress-test 13
  •         Nuchal-Translucency-Screening 157
  •         Prenatal-Paternity-Testing 2
  •         PUBS 0
  • Thrombophilia 2
  • Tips-To-Avoid-Pregnancy 40
  • Tobacco 614
  • Toxoplasmosis 31
  • Travel-during-pregnancy 28
  •         Seatbelts 3
  • Trisomy 6
  • Twins 141
  •         Complications 9
  •         During-twin-pregnancy 40
  •         Fraternal 40
  •         Identical 16
  •         Nursing-twins 13
  •         Twin-delivery 4
  •         Video 11
  • Ultrasound 792
  • Urinary-Tract-Infection 43
  • Urination 87
  • Uterine-Fibroids 39
  • Varicose-veins 27
  • Ventriculomegaly 886 (7 new)
  • Weight-Gain 1053
  • Whats-Safe-and-Unsafe 40
  •         Beauty-and-Spa-Safety 54
  •         Career 86
  •         Fitness 121
  •         Foods 203
  •         Home 2
  •         Medical 63
  •         Sex 697
  •         Sleep 152

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