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Danielle1023, 9 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - Oh my found out yesterday that I have 2 babies in there. I have 3 girls so it is a huge surprise. Not to sure what to expect.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 4.1 hours ago - I get the same things Babylove, but I'm naturally a stomach/side sleeper so it's almost impossible for me to sleep in my back..sitting up or laying down. But he deff goes a lil nuts when I first lay on my side then he calms down...but if I switch sides, he starts all over again.
Read all from week 30, 15 weeks. - 7 hours ago - Sorry to hear that. My kids had it when I was about 6-7 weeks pregnant. Luckily I did not get it. I remember when I was pregnant with my son I caught it and it was horrible...I ended up having to spend the day in the hospital cause I needed to have an iv to get fluids. After weeks of feeling good morning sickness has returned. I am not throwing up but I'm so nauseous
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 7.9 hours ago - The baby feels so big that I have to sleep sitting up in the recliner. When I lay on my side he goes wild with the kicking. It's not like I can put him in another room...
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sare32, 12 weeks. - 13.1 hours ago - Morning well not been on here for a few yrs but glad to be back. Am 12 weeks today. Question is anybody else following slimming world while pregnant, I have only gained 1lb in 12 weeks because I am doing it. Got weigh in today so will see if I have gained or lost.x
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austinjeanxo, 7 weeks. - 20 hours ago - I'm so hungry but so nauseous I never wanna eat =[ this sucks =[
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soontobemommyof6, 12 weeks. - 25 hours ago - Just got the call my cerclage will be placed feb 9. You'd think being the 3rd one I've had done, the nerves wouldn't be so bad...
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delarla, 8 weeks. - 26 hours ago - I LOVE the name declyn. Had my first app yesterday. Saw the little gummy bear and it's heart beat. I have a feelng it's a girl. Also, got a horrible stomach bug yesterday with a high fever so now I'm worried ive screwed up this kids teeth. My youngest has very soft enamel due to getting sick while pregnant so she is more prone to cavities. Hope everyone is feeling ok.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 29.5 hours ago - I'll be almost 35weeks for my baby I hope I don't pop that early either!!! Lol....god! Wouldn't that be a complete gong show!!!
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holz8519, 7 weeks. - 30.9 hours ago - texasmamaof5 im right there with you. DH has had to help out a bit more with making dinner i just cant stomach some of the smells.
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texasmamaof5, 7 weeks. - 31.3 hours ago - My nose is better than a blood hound. Of course everything smells awful!
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maimai88, 11 weeks. - 31.4 hours ago - Yay Ericalynn!! That's fantastic news, so so happy for you!!
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 32.4 hours ago - Lexy I'm glad your cervix is closed hopefully it will stay that way until 39 weeks. I always Hv that fear of going into labor early again. It was w my third at 35 wk and I had low iron, wasn't gaining weight, and just felt tired. This one I feel pretty good. his head is leaning to my left hip bone so I don't feel the pressure right now. It is so odd how every pregnancy is different.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 33.2 hours ago - That's good news, but hopefully ur test comes back with good results!! And there's nothing to feel embarrassed about!!! We got all kinds of 'stuff' going on...DH and I were at the grocery store and I had bit of a sneeze attack, but with every sneeze, I peed a bit!!! Uugh! I was like 'WTH!!!' I told DH..' Look if this continues I'm gonna wet my pants and have to wait for u in the car!' NOW THATS embarrassing!!! lol
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lexy-b, 30 weeks. - 33.5 hours ago - Oh & I'm measuring more like 33 weeks not 30 weeks which was a bit of a shock but she said it's my 3rd so it's not uncommon.
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lexy-b, 30 weeks. - 33.6 hours ago - Just an update on my 'rectal pressure' lol so embarrasing - I had my routine OB appointment & she checked my cervix which looked great but ordered a Fetal Fibronectin test. She said the babies head is where it should be so she's not sure if it's because of his position but wants me to take the test because that kind of pressure is a sign of preterm labour. I go on Monday, still feeling the pressure but not as bad. Hopefully it's nothing but better safe than sorry.
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mamaford77, 27 weeks. - 35.8 hours ago - I made it...third trimester!!!! We're planning to set up the nursery this weekend and sort through all the clothes. I'll be delivering at 37 weeks so just 10 weeks to go!
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mrscephas, 9 weeks. - 36.9 hours ago - Yay for 9 weeks!!!!
Read all from week 9, 35 weeks. - 43.3 hours ago - hey blondiemom I hate FB too I don't even have one. I am so ready for delivery all my weight is in the front and I have lower cramping. my ankles and feet hurt and I don't sleep. its not fun anymore for the most part more like miserable. still excited but more impatient how are you feeling
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flybear, 15 weeks. - 44.1 hours ago - My sons and I caught this stomach virus my daughter had earlier this week. Omg, it's horrible. :(
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mzmommyche, 39 weeks. - 46.4 hours ago - Hey guys, I just finished up an article about what to expect when expecting - birth story edition! check it out and hop you like it!!! :)
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mzmommyche, 38 weeks. - 46.4 hours ago - Hey guys, I just finished up an article about what to expect when expecting - birth story edition! check it out and hop you like it!!! :)
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 46.4 hours ago - Haha@ pornstar boob!!! That's one thing I'm not looking forward too!! I had a perfect breast reduction in 2010, and I'm not to happy with the fact that they will be soo large again. It's all worth it but I will deff have another reduction if they don't go back down to a decent size.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 47.1 hours ago - Ya u remember my daughter falling asleep quick too....that was an issue I had also. But I thought it was kind of normal...we'll see! This lil guy doesn't seem to sleep so I'm curious to see if it will be the same after birth.
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 50.1 hours ago - Machala I know what you mean. Some women have sensitive nipples and I am one of them. The lactation consultant got on my nerves saying it shouldn't hurt. It hurt even when they were doing everything exactly perfect. My 2nd son was excellent at breastfeeding. When he would drain the boob he would shake his head side to side w my nipple in his mouth trying to get more. The longer you do it they stop being as sensitive. My 3rd son was lazy and would fall asleep after 5 min of nursing it was a str ...
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charcharsuperstar, 14 weeks. - 51.2 hours ago - Hi guys.. headed for.. aiming for 14 weeks soon! I had a loss right at 13/14 weeks so this is a cautious time for me. Yes round ligament pain for sure ! Nausea still around but turned down a notch. Fatigue still around but not as horrible.. not like i want to exercise or anything :)
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maimai88, 12 weeks. - 51.3 hours ago - 12 weeks today! morning sickness returned this week:/ but so glad to be almost officially done with 1st trimester!
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lexy-b, 30 weeks. - 51.6 hours ago - Nursing did not come natural to me or my babies. I think it took at least 4-6 weeks until me & babies got onto it. I was shocked when my milk came in, hurt like heck & could not get over the porn star boobs haha.
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austinjeanxo, 6 weeks. - 52.3 hours ago - Well went to ER yeaterday for pain cyst is still there but baby is ok and I got to see it! Baby waseasuring 6 weeks 5 days yesterday so I'm In 6 weeks one more day =} the tech was awesome and printed me out a picture of the baby!!! It's on my profile <3 nausea is horrible and zofran does nothing =[
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xEricaLynn, 11 weeks. - 52.6 hours ago - Hi ladies! Had my u/s today. Baby still doing good, measuring 3 days ahead, at 11w4d, with CRL 4.71cm and heartbeat 176bpm! Hubby is really excited. I'm still trying to be cautiously optimistic, but I think I'm starting to relax a bit more. Hope everyone else is well!
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jewjew, 17 weeks. - 52.9 hours ago - not many ppl talking just lately - anyway feeling baby move but have heartburn quite abit - all gud so far xx scan due 25-02 to find out the sex hoping for a little girl again as already have a 15 month daughter so b great for them to be close sisters xx
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blondiemom84, 37 weeks. - 53.7 hours ago - Ive been working with the chiropractor doing the Webster technique,so I really hope it works considering I canceled my external cephalic version for tomorrow:-( I'm getting a bit worried:-[
Read all from week 37, 16 weeks. - 55.1 hours ago - My ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 16...For some reason my doc said go at 18-19 weeks
Read all from week 16

machalaB, 30 weeks. - 56 hours ago - More power to you mommas with breastfeeding..i tried with my daughter but it hurt like crap, felt as if my nipples were being ripped off..maybe i was doin it wrong. I plan on bottle feeding with my lil guy tho.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 56.1 hours ago - Ya my milk took a lot of time to first come in and I was sooo stressed!!! Plus she was only 5lb11oz to start with, so when she started loosing weight and not plumping back up, I was scared!!! Then my drs were scaring me saying 'you need to need to supplement...' I was like 'OK FINE....' So I did. And I think that also helped to reduce my supply. So this time!!! No stress!!! No supplementing!!! I'm bringing my pump to the hospital so I can nurse and pump like crazy and hope my su ...
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 57.1 hours ago - I agree it can be stressful. With my first born I was so upset when my milk came in 3 days later and I was in horrible pain. I had no idea it would hurt so bad but i was engorged. She wouldn't latch on well and I was to immature at the time to help her. I wrapped my boobs up tight to try and stop the milk. I was not prepared at all for the trials of motherhood but she With all my sons I did breastfeed and pump. I only had one I enjoyed breastfeeding because he was very good at br ...
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babylove5, 37 weeks. - 57.2 hours ago - Blondie try the ice pack on the head again to get that baby head down. I know that has to be really really uncomfortable.
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texasmamaof5, 7 weeks. - 67.5 hours ago - found it!
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texasmamaof5, 7 weeks. - 67.7 hours ago - I think its something like 1 in 3 births the cord is around the neck during delivery...very common and a variation of normal. My midwife sees them all the time and its treated same as any birth. Cord descends with the placenta, it all moves down with birth and the cord (if not actually crimped) is providing baby oxygen whether around the neck or not. I read a really good article about it once I wish I still had it.
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blondiemom84, 37 weeks. - 69.1 hours ago - Hello week 37!! I really can't believe we only have 3 weeks to go!! How are you all feeling? My little one has switched from breech to transverse, so hopefully he/she will turn the rest of the way, fingers crossed!!
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austinjeanxo, 7 weeks. - 71.3 hours ago - Went to ER for pain again, baby is fine. Measuring 6 weeks 5 days... Heart rate was 128 cyst is still there, dr said it will probably hurt when it pops but nothing can be done and baby will be fine. The tech printed me a picture of my little one =} <3
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 71.9 hours ago - That's what I was thinking too lexy...maybe it's the way he/she's facing. If he/She's facing your font, you will deff feel more pressure towards ur back end! Let us know what ur dr says tomorrow
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supermom87, 29 weeks. - 72.4 hours ago - Sorry you're border line never had that I've had gestational diabetes one pregnancy had to cut all sweets and eat like diabetic rest I haven't had border line or anything hope you find out more information
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 73.1 hours ago - Lexy the only time I had really really bad back pain was when I went into sudden labor w my 3 rd and he was facing the wrong way. They are suppose to be face down but he was born face up and the pain was insane! Spinning babies. Com tells about how they rotate in the womb.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 73.1 hours ago - Well that's my 'plan' of attack! I hope I can commit to it, but breast feeding on it's own I found very stressful with my daughter. This time I will not settle for any substitutes tho!!! I will not use formula! No matter how much my drs pressure me. I feel tired but not abnormally tired I dr said in about a week of taking the supplements I should feel like a million bucks!! That would be a nice feeling considering I've felt like royal crap over the last few weeks!
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 73.2 hours ago - Sher that is called commitment!!! I am impressed at your determination. I am only planning on every 3 hours and pump if the baby doesn't empty the breast. Did you feel tired w your low iron? I had that with my second son. I take iron daily in my vitamin but I don't eat red meat except twice a year.
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3wouldbeperfect, 4 weeks. - 73.4 hours ago - Just got my first bit of morning sickness (or night sickness in my case). I know I should really not be glad about this, cos with my other pregnancy's I had terrible all-day morning sickness up until 32 weeks and it was dreadful, but I am kind of happy about it cos that means I am not just imagining this, and i am actually really pregnant. Makes it more real to get some decent symptoms.
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charcharsuperstar, 13 weeks. - 73.9 hours ago - Shireet, i have a very long,crazy history. I had a son in 2008 with down syndrome , it was not the heredirary kind, just random. He lived two months and passed away at 2 months old. I have two healthy children but miscarried twice in the 2nd trimester last year. I'm also 40 :). I won't do any invasive tests, personally, like amnio or Chronic Villi sampling.. though i don't blame those who do. The panorama test is great for me bec it's just a blood test. I prefer to be prepared for what is going ...
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 74.1 hours ago - Haha!!! I know the feeling! I've caved and put the clothes we've bought in the dresser just to kinda make space and organize (and to satisfy my urge...ha!) but I'll wait until after the shower to wash everything and put it all back.
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mandykat760, 30 weeks. - 74.5 hours ago - I keep getting the urge to wash the clothes and blankets but why. I'll just have to do them again haha.
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mandykat760, 29 weeks. - 74.6 hours ago - The results came back and I'm boarder line. I failed 1 of the three test. You must fail two to be diagnoused. I need to watch my sugar intake and up my protien :/ I have an appoinment with the doctor Tuesday to ask more questions. The nurse was no help
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lexy-b, 30 weeks. - 75.8 hours ago - I get a lot BH contractions but no real increase since this started - probably about the same but I can feel it kind of in my back a little more. I'm thinking it's just the baby's position but I didn't have this type of pressure in that spot with my last 2 babies. It was always more to the front. Baby is moving around lots too which is a good sign. I think I'm just going to wait it out if it doesn't get worse.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 75.9 hours ago - Lexy-are u noticing more BH's or contractions at all?? If not, I would think ur baby could just be getting down into it's position, and maybe that's why ur feeling the sudden pressure in ur butt
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lexy-b, 30 weeks. - 76.2 hours ago - TMI alert but is anyone feeling a lot of pressure in their butt/rectum. I have had the normal pressure like a bowling ball down there but now I'm starting to feel really uncomfortable & it's more in my 'butt' then in my lady parts. I have an OB appointment tomorrow & this started yesterday. Should I be worried?
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 76.7 hours ago - Babylove- I watched this youtube video of this woman who vlogged about how she pump oz.'s upon oz.'s of breast milk and she said for the the first 3 months she pumped everything 2hrs, no matter what! Would wake up and pump every 2hrs..!!! Her baby was in the NICU for a while so she couldn't 'breast feed'. I don't think I can do that BUT I'm going to give it a shot!! I wanna breast feed for atleast a year but I want a frozen stash to last for atleast another 6months after I stop breast feeding. ...
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 76.8 hours ago - Machala- ur good! I wish I had the power to embrace any and all my weight gain!! I'm far to self conscious about my body to NOT worry about my weight!! But it stresses me out sometimes! I wish I was more relaxed about it, but instead it causes a lil anxiety!!! Ugh!!!
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 76.8 hours ago - For those of you that are going to breastfeed, do you feed every 3 hours or on demand? I know the first week you Hv to do on demand but I always like to put them on a schedule.
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 76.9 hours ago - Sher I have already washed all the clothes and blankets and put them up.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 76.9 hours ago - Our dresser got delivered today and I'm trying sooooo hard not to nest and put all my baby clothes in it!!!! Ugh!!! It sooo hard to fight the urge!!! Lol I feel like an addict!
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austinjeanxo, 7 weeks. - 77.2 hours ago - I am so excited! I thought I wouldn't be able to go back to my old OB cause I heard they weren't takinf my insurance... Well turns out that's only for new patience! I'm so happy cause I loved these doctors!!! <3 they were really great with my pregnancy with my son. That pregnancy was high risk.... They answered any questions I had and made me feel really comfortable... My sons cord was around his neck when he was born and the dr who delivered was awesome about it! <3 My morning sickness is g ...
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texasmamaof5, 7 weeks. - 77.4 hours ago - Wow, glad I'm not alone on #5, I'm certainly overwhelmed at the idea! Mine are 2,3,5,9
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 77.8 hours ago - I too am hoping for a good supply. I feel the let down feeling occasionally and I've noticed a yellowish/white discharge from my breast but not a leak! I started stocking up in fenugreek to start taking to help my supply. I'm actually putting it in my hospital bag so I can start taking them right after birth.
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floydianslip2, 30 weeks. - 78.1 hours ago - I still need a lot too… car seat, diapers, baby bath, bottles, all of the little odds and ends! Babylove, I haven’t had any leaking yet. Last time I started around 29 weeks, so I’m a little concerned that it hasn’t started yet. I’m hoping for a really good supply and while I’m sure that leaking now has nothing to do with supply, it would sure make me feel better to see some sort of activity! I guess soon enough, I’ll just have to keep watching and waiting, lol!
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machalaB, 30 weeks. - 78.1 hours ago - 30 weeks! Whoop! Ive hit 178lbs, not complaining but this is how much i was weighing when i delivered my diva. N i have 10 weeks to go before my guy is due ...hope u ladys are well....
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xEricaLynn, 11 weeks. - 78.1 hours ago - Week 11 today. Another u/s tomorrow. So nervous, as we've never made it past 11 weeks before! P.S. Nausea still pretty intense, and headaches are awful. Trying to hold on until next month when I can have another occipital nerve block done. How is everyone else doing?
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 78.2 hours ago - So I've gained 7lbs in 4weeks!!! Gosh!!! Good news is baby is head down and I passed my sugar test!! Whoo hoo!!! Bad news is my blood count and iron level is inorder to avoid a blood transfusion afterbirth, I need to also add an iron supplement to my prenatal vitamins! Yikes!! He said within a week u should feel more energetic too but it's mainly to make sure I'm ok after!!
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3wouldbeperfect, 4 weeks. - 78.4 hours ago - Yay your me. Got a very faint positive hpt yesterday. Going to wait a few days and then go get another test just to confirm. Been ttc for exactly 2 years this month so had practically given up, so I am so happy about this. Just hope it sticks
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liltyke7, 16 weeks. - 79 hours ago - Yeah! Week 16 today. Scheduled my 20 wk u/s for first week of March, can't wait!!!
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holz8519, 6 weeks. - 79 hours ago - Thank you babylove5 as much as it does suck I know it means things are going well. I've only gotten sick once so far but I feel sick 24/7. Austinjeanxo those numbers are looking good. I know a lot of women are interested in hcg numbers. I think my last pregnancy my HCG was at like 13000 about 39DPO when I started spotting dropped down to 11000 by 43DPO when I went into labor and miscarried it was 3260 by 45DPO and took another 3 weeks for my HCG levels to get down below 5. I ovulated again 2 we ...
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babylumpp2015, 30 weeks. - 79.7 hours ago - I need just about everything for baby too, I managed to get a car seat so I feel much better that that is out of the way, now to just find out how to make it fit in my car with the other 2 I already have, should be fun!!! I've somehow lost 6lbs in a week, doctor was not impressed as I was suppose to gain at least 2 but I've been running around like a crazy woman with my other kids and working so im always on my feet and it's hard to 'rest' like he keeps telling me. Go for another ultrasound next ...
Read all from week 30, 15 weeks. - 80.2 hours ago - I think I'm the only person who switched to eating well done so I'll take it a step down and do medium-well since no pregnant person I know have had complications from eating it that way. I can't see how somebody can eat a rare steak either. I like a pink center but I can't stand when it's runny. I'm going to Fogo de Chao on Valentines Day so I can't wait to be in steak heaven
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 80.4 hours ago - I felt the let down sensation again last night and looked to see if it was my imagination. I have one boob producing clear and one producing yellow and white milk or colostrum. Just a drop but It's good to see. I just wonder why one is different.
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 80.5 hours ago - Sher as long as you have diapers, wipes, destin, and back up formula if you want a break from breast feeding at night you will be doing good. Floy that's great he's almost 4 pounds. I feel like mine is 4 at minimum. I have 3 newborn outfits packed for the hospital. They only go up to 8 pounds so he better fit in one of them.. Lol
Read all from week 30, 7 weeks. - 86.2 hours ago - What are the ages of your children texasmamaof5? Mine are 1, 2.5, 5 and 7. Nothing sounds good to me right now either. And if it does it never tastes as good when i'm eating it.
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Free2Bmom, 8 weeks. - 87.7 hours ago - Curtis, Carter, Colt, Colton, Colter, Colbi, Calbi, Corbi, Caira, and you Hubby might love Caliber. My baby has to be a D name. If it's a boy he will one day inherit a multi million dollar farming operation So he has to have the same initials as my hubby. The only ones we even kinda like are Denver, Dalton and Daxton. I'm not crazy about any of them. My husband loves Drake but I reallllllly don't.
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flybear, 8 weeks. - 92 hours ago - We have a thing for 4 letter, two syllable names. :)
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flybear, 8 weeks. - 92 hours ago - Ah, i typed out a responseand accidently deleted it. Lol Delarla... Cora, Corrine, Carrie, Colette, Carly, Clark, Caleb, Casey, Corey, Clarence, Conrad, Cameron, Connor
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kirty, 7 weeks. - 93.5 hours ago - Hi ladies popping in from week 9 to see how everyone is going? I am also expecting #5 my youngest is 3. :)
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texasmamaof5, 7 weeks. - 93.7 hours ago - Kristyn- I'm pregnant with number 5 due sept 14th and still nursing my 2 year old! I'm so sick of verping :( I also am starving but NOTHING sounds good. I hate it.
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blondiemom84, 36 weeks. - 95 hours ago - Hey thanks babylove5! I have tried that but to no avail:-( I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he said my pelvis is out of alignment thus making it unlikely that baby will turn. But he thinks a few adjustments will correct it and baby should flip himself... I hope he's right!!! Yay for only 3 weeks left ladies!!!!!
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 95 hours ago - Well I still need...everything!! Lol we didn't realize until we did the registry that we need a boat load! Ugh!! Hopefully our friends and family are generouse at our is that bad to say?? Lol
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flybear, 15 weeks. - 96 hours ago - I normally eat my steaks medium well anyways, soi don't change anything. I'm just the opposite. If I see blood in my steak I can't eat another bite. I prefer the taste of the meat after it's been cooked longer. :) interesting though bc I never even thought about that for people who prefer theirs more rare.
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jamie86, 7 weeks. - 97.8 hours ago - Tha nausea really picked up today. I woke up at 5:30 feeling so sick. Then when I got up for the day I ate half a pack of crackers. I'm just starving now but nothing sounds good.
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xEricaLynn, 10 weeks. - 98.2 hours ago - That's encouraging to know, maimai, thanks! Glad to hear you and baby are doing better too! I've been exhausted ever since I found out. Growing a life is hard work! I feel like the nausea has passed, then a half an hour ago I almost lose my pb&j sandwich. Sorry for TMI, but I haven't thrown up at all, with any of the pregnancies. But I've been real nauseous with this one, so I hope God will be gracious to us and bless us with a healthy baby in August. We weren't trying with this one, so maybe th ...
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floydianslip2, 30 weeks. - 99.1 hours ago - Well, I had my apt today, everything looks great! I’m measuring about a week ahead, and little man is 3lbs 13 oz and is in the 55th percentile. She said at this rate I’m probably looking at a 7 ½ pounder, but we’ll see! I’m super happy because my BP looks great, the medication is really keeping it in check. And the best part is the u/s tech did a 3D for us, so we got to see what he looks like (from the nose down, he had his arms crossed across the top half of his face).
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maimai88, 10 weeks. - 99.6 hours ago - Ericalynn, I've been feeling not so pregnant either since about 10 weeks...I had my 11-week appointment yesterday and I brought it up to my Dr..she said it was completely normal, since we are approaching the end of the 1st trimester. She said I was just very lucky to be feeling good:) Then I got to see bubs on ultrasound again with a healthy heartbeat, so I knew she was right. Anyway, at the moment I'm feeling hungry and exhausted ( nice combination lol), so I think I'll clock out for now. Keep ...
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austinjeanxo, 7 weeks. - 99.8 hours ago - Pancakes don't taste better the 2nd time around =[
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BusyBeeMommy, 7 weeks. - 100.3 hours ago - I have all day on and off nausea. I haven't actually thrown up yet, but I have come very close a few times. Yesterday I almost threw up at the bank because all I could smell was copper! The good thing is, with my son I immediately began gaining. I think I gained almost 10lbs by this point. But with this one I gained 3lbs at 5 weeks, and have stayed there. So it's just water weight and constipation weight. Anyone get cravings yet? I don't have many, but I do enjoy fruit right now. The other day I ...
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RJean, 30 weeks. - 101.3 hours ago - I am measuring 3 weeks behind...the doc aet me up with an us in a couple of weeks, but the wait is excruciating. I'm usually not too much of a worrier, but pregnancy hormones always ratchet up my anxiety lol. On a happy note, I only have to buy a new car seat and stroller and then I am done with buying everything hurrah!
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ShireeT, 13 weeks. - 101.4 hours ago - I don't mean that to reflect badly on you by any means. :) This is my 5th. Still hiding the pregnancy from family and all but a couple close friends. It goes faster before people know, and 13 weeks has flown by.
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ShireeT, 13 weeks. - 101.5 hours ago - No, the risks of the test aren't worth it for me, being low risk already.
Read all from week 13, 15 weeks. - 103 hours ago - Lol, I feel you on the meat. Every now and then I get a craving for steak and i just have to have one. The only thing is, I can't have it the way I like it. It's hard trying to eat a well done steak...I have to hurry up and try to eat it in like 5 minutes otherwise it'll start getting tough and dry. I googled if it was ok to eat steak medium and many pregnant women say they eat their steak medium rare and medium...I don't know if I want to take that chance though. Do you eat your steak well done ...
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xEricaLynn, 10 weeks. - 103.1 hours ago - So quiet here... Anyway, I have another u/s on Thursday, I will be 11w1d then. Really hope our baby still has a heartbeat. Haven't been 'feeling pregnant' so that concerns me. But trying not to think about it. If we make it to Valentine's Day, I made a cute graphic yesterday to post on FB to share our expecting news. I hope I didn't jinx things. Hope everyone else is doing well.
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sher-baby, 30 weeks. - 103.3 hours ago - I'm feeling better today...finally!! Omg...yesterday was tough! I was measuring a little small with my daughter and turns out she was small...there wasn't really any explanation as to why. I wasn't sick it dealing with severe m/s...she was just little, in the 10th percentile. Now she's in the 80th-90th percentile!!! I get weighed tomorrow...I'm thinking I've gained around 25lbs min! At my last appt I was 157...I better not be more than 165!!! I prob will cry if I am!!! I'm also going to ask abo ...
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supermom87, 29 weeks. - 103.4 hours ago - 3 hour test does suck luckily I passed the 3hour test II said something to my Dr he did an ultrasound baby is 3lbs 3oz I went from having a complete Previa to a low lying placenta not sure what it all really means just know Dr said a low lying placenta is not as dangerous as complete Previa I was glad to hear its moving up hope it's in the right place by time I have my baby
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babylove5, 29 weeks. - 103.4 hours ago - Mandy do you Hv to take anything or just not eat carbs?
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babylove5, 30 weeks. - 103.5 hours ago - My baby is measuring BIG in the 80 th or 90 th percentile but I know he will come out the right size. I always gain the most in the second tri. The last tri I tend to not gain much and the baby evens out, so I don't think he will be over 8 pounds. I had one pregnancy I only gained 9 pounds and he was healthy but I was just doing to much. He was born at 35 weeks. This time I'm right on target 23 pounds....ugh
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RJean, 30 weeks. - 104 hours ago - Is anyone else measuring small? I am way behind this pregnancy and totally freaking out. I never thought I would be so worried about not being able to gain weight and not getting bigger, but I am super freaked out. I always had the problem of gaining too much for my other too pregnancies....arg.
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delarla, 8 weeks. - 104.3 hours ago - Ok ladies I need some name help! Our 4th baby will follow our 'C' theme. My husband is VERY excited about calling this one C4( hes a marine so anything that goes BOOM makes him happy) Im looking for help with baby names that start with C. We already have Calli, Caden, and Chloe. Extra points if its a hard C and 5 letters! Hope everyone is feeling well!
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delarla, 7 weeks. - 104.4 hours ago - Ok ladies I need some name help! Our 4th baby will follow our 'C' theme. My husband is VERY excited about calling this one C4( hes a marine so anything that goes BOOM makes him happy) Im looking for help with baby names that start with C. We already have Calli, Caden, and Chloe. Extra points if its a hard C and 5 letters! Hope everyone is feeling well!
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