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Latest comments in the week-by-week calendar

TaraR, 39 weeks. - 30 minutes ago - Good morning! No pains or anything today! I don't feel a thing. My legs are a little achy but other than that I'm good! I'm assuming labor is not right around the corner for me! Lol I'm glad everyone is recovering well! Mrsamanda....anything new today for you?!
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RowdyRandi, 39 weeks. - 34 minutes ago - I'm recovering well i think kekea. Thankfully i only have one stitch down there. My DD is a little momma at 2 yo. She loves the baby. Lil man latched on wonderfully and is breastfeeding like a champ. He eats a lot lol. Hope you're recovering well. How's everyone else recovering? And shouldn't be long tara and mrsamanda you won't be pregnant forever. Although it does feel like it. Sorry your sweep didn't go well mrsamanda.
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JDH, 19 weeks. - 3.7 hours ago - Has anyone ever used a mini crib??
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larisa929, 4 weeks. - 8.4 hours ago - Just got a positive today on our 10 year wedding anniversary! This will be baby #3 for us. We unfortunately had a miscarriage 2 years ago so I'm a little nervous. I have a healthy son and daughter so hoping this pregnancy goes well. Good luck everyone
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tsubasa, 8 weeks. - 9.7 hours ago - That's great news!! I had the same thing and I've been on home rest for a month. They said it is about gone now so I'm back to work on Monday. I'm feeling kinda anxious about it though since I keep feeling nauseous randomly and I really really don't wanna be teaching a class and suddenly feel like puking. I have two littles at home too so it has been interesting. Plus we moved during this whole thing !
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rayansmama, 8 weeks. - 10 hours ago - Had my ultrasound today. Baby looks good and measuring fine. Thank god! Saw and heard the heartbeat and it was moving. Super cute peanut! But I have some internal bleeding in my uterus so I have to watch out for that and also rest and take it easy. Not surprised cuz I was pretty much on bed rest with my other pregnancies. But so hard resting with two little ones at home.
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rayansmama, 5 weeks. - 10 hours ago - Congrats g7 on ur positive! Yay we have our second babies together.. Well a month apart but still :)
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BabySaunders, 5 weeks. - 12.7 hours ago - BabySmakes4 I am so sorry :( Have you had testing? 7 losses is a lot! There may be something they can do for you to make sure the next pregnancy is a healthy live birth. Hugs! I know how awful that feels. I've lost 3 myself. :(
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bgscoobyluver, 12 weeks. - 13.6 hours ago - beachmomia-as far as i know tylenol is the safest.
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JDH, 18 weeks. - 15.2 hours ago - I feel hungry constantly! I told my hi by today that I feel small for 19 weeks, and he reminded me that I felt small through my daughters entire pregnancy. I completely forgot about that! Maybe another girl...? I'm secretly hoping! I think the months fly by as a parent/adult no matter what. It's a bummer really. Glad you're feeling good angel! Have fun with the new house!!
Read all from week 18, 39 weeks. - 16.9 hours ago - My goodness I went in for the sweep and she couldn't do it BC my cervix was being complicated... Lol! What luck :) thank you everyone for the kind thoughts :) maybe we will go at the same time Tara!
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Naomi88, 7 weeks. - 17.9 hours ago - I'm with you girl. I'm exhausted all the time! It's becoming part of my personality lol
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Jennish, 5 weeks. - 19.2 hours ago - I'm so sorry for your loss. :( Wishing you lots of healing vibes.
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Kekea, 39 weeks. - 19.8 hours ago - Congrats on number 8 Paula. I am glad you guys made it to the hospital!!! Tara your baby is just waiting on you too finish up your last day of work lol but it seems like it will be any day ... Good luck on your sweep Amanda! Paula You were so right the transition from 4 to 5 has not been too much of a difference. Yup RowdyRandi only two more to deliver in our group, how are you recovering and how is the adjustment?
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 20.1 hours ago - Woohoo!!! Thanks!!! I will take that whole bag!! :)
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G7, 5 weeks. - 20.5 hours ago - Hugs BabySmakes4. I am so sorry. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Take care of yourself.
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BabySmakes4, 5 weeks. - 21 hours ago - Ladies, I wish you all the best with your pregnancies and hope for happy and healthy babies at the end of the road for you. I lost my baby on Saturday, making for my seventh loss. It's been a hard week, but I wanted to come send my best to everybody before leaving.
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RowdyRandi, 39 weeks. - 21.1 hours ago - Who knows tara it could still be today for u. Fingers crossed, and a bag of labor dust for you
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beachmommia, 12 weeks. - 22 hours ago - So I'm getting mixed reports for what to take in the 1st trimester. Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches. any thoughts?
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G7, 5 weeks. - 23.5 hours ago - Well I think I just might stick with you guys. I'll be the little sister from a week behind you because I'm the only person in my week so far 😜
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angelfree77, 18 weeks. - 24.6 hours ago - No new symptoms here. I've been feeling pretty good. I hope your nausea goes away by Thanksgiving too...sooner! I'm very hungry now that the nausea is gone, so I'm making up for not eating the past couple of months. Last night, I put my husband's hand on my belly and he was able to feel some movement. He still wasn't too excited. I'm sure it's a very different experience for the men. You aren't kidding about the holidays making things go fast! They are having my baby shower before Thanks ...
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 26.2 hours ago - Good morning!! :) Body is super achy today! No contractions or anything! I'm just full of gas!! LOL Sorry TMI
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RowdyRandi, 39 weeks. - 26.4 hours ago - So who's left in our group besides tara and mrsamanda?
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RowdyRandi, 39 weeks. - 26.5 hours ago - congrata paula! That's a good size baby. Glad your labor went quick! Tara i was afraid i wouldn't recognize real labor too but apparently all the books and educational videos are right. When its real you'll know it. There's 3 things to look for if its real and u need 2 out of 3. Water breaking, bloody show, contractions that get stronger and more frequent. And real contractions are def diff from braxton hicks
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funtimemum80, 11 weeks. - 27.1 hours ago - Hello to week 11! I've had such a worrying week 10, I've been fighting a kidney infection and have been really ill, I was in pain and urinating blood which at 1st we didn't know where the blood was coming from so to cut a long story short I was scanned and all looked great. Baby was wiggling its fingers and toes and looked very happy bouncing away- I cried my eyes out! Through happiness of course 😊 I have a feeling this one is blue, I could be very wrong and I was in my last pregnancy but I'm ...
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Taylorsbunno2, 12 weeks. - 33.6 hours ago - Ckay- I'm glad u got answers and to see your baby again. It's amazing how quick they are growing isn't it. I'm off to week 14 on Sunday the weeks arejust flying by!.
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Jennish, 5 weeks. - 37.2 hours ago - Close enough hah :)
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 37.6 hours ago - Woohoo!!!!! Congrats Paula!!!!! So glad it all went well!! I'm laying in bed as we speak with very painful pulling sensation down there!! Like pulling my cervix. Lots of pressure as well. I've always been induced so I have no idea what I'm looking for!!
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Paulasoon2b8, 39 weeks. - 38 hours ago - Leyla Grace made her grand entrance on October 1st 2015 (38 weeks and 2 days) @ 9:14 pm. She weighed 7lbs. 110z and 22in long😊 Went to doctor for scheduled appointment and was 5cms being so far we decided to induce. We went did some shopping got everything we needed and admitted to hospital. Took awhile to get started but once it started I jumped from 7 to 10 cms in like 15 dipped into birth canal and started to crown before I could get off the birthing ...
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Mommy2anl, 7 weeks. - 38.3 hours ago - Congrats Naomi! Fingers crossed your baby is perfectly healthy!
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Mommy2anl, 7 weeks. - 38.3 hours ago - Is anyone else EXHAUSTED? I just can't seem to keep my eyes open no matter how much I sleep. I'm used to being go, go, this is not my favorite symptom at all. I suppose it could be worse and I could be puking all day, but this is rough!
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Naomi88, 7 weeks. - 41 hours ago - Had our first Ultasound today! Good news, baby it's doing well hot to see the heart beat flicker and it was 172 bpm. Measuring at 7weeks 5 days. This is our rainbow baby too. Couldn't be more relieved. Did find out I will be set up with a high risk specialist this time and will see him as well as my obgyn. Can't wait til we know that baby has developed everything (including kidneys) starting to pooch a little in my belly :)
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TA77, 8 weeks. - 42.9 hours ago - I know i have morning sickness when i have to pull over a puke. Happy to be pregnant bit hoping the MS ends soon.
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 43 hours ago - Feeling good still! Still cleaning away! Last day of work is tomorrow. Had pains this morning but they ended. So I'm just going with the flow!! Excited to hear how your sweep goes!
Read all from week 39, 39 weeks. - 43.9 hours ago - I'm so nervous right now about to have my sweep done, I'm trying not to get to excited. Twenty more minutes... How about you?
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G7, 4 weeks. - 46.6 hours ago - Ok so I'm officially on the board. Had a dream I was having twins - scared the S out of me. Sending out positives so I'm not in this week alone πŸ˜‹
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 46.6 hours ago - How are you doing mrsamandawalsh? :)
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ckaySA, 12 weeks. - 47.3 hours ago - so had my appt today and baby is doing really good...grew so much since last week!!...doc said i have some subchrionic something towards my cervix that could cause bleeding as the baby grows i i should expect occasional spotting now and again...just glad everything is ok with baby...and for the pregnancy 'glow' to kick in lol
Read all from week 12, 39 weeks. - 47.3 hours ago - I'm still here as well Tara!
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JDH, 18 weeks. - 49.7 hours ago - I actually felt one with my hand the other night! It was great. I thought about telling hubby but he has the same reaction as yours angel. Oh well, the time will come for them too. My husband says it doesn't really become real until baby is born. I can understand that. Especially when you have children already. I hardly have time to focus on the pregnancy. This website is about the only thing that reminds me I'm pregnant : ) is anyone having any new symptoms? I STILL suffer from nausea here and ...
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JDH, 17 weeks. - 49.7 hours ago - It's easy to fold down the full panel. And don't discredit used clothing stores. I've found 95% of my maternity at consignment stores. They are usually in great condition too. Check out too! I just discovered that. And no matter how 'cute' something is, I always opt for comfort. So I've spent good money on 'cute' maternity and never wore it! I just went through my maternity stuff and got rid of most of what I bought last time with my 3rd. For some reason, I always feel the need to buy n ...
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 49.8 hours ago - Good morning! I'm still here! :) Having some lower back pains and cramps this morning. They are pretty irregular though. My due date is tomorrow! We'll see what happens! :)
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Kerjer, 5 weeks. - 50 hours ago - well i guess a few days apart anyways
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Kerjer, 5 weeks. - 50 hours ago - Looks like i'm 5 weeks, at least that's what my app says. Jennish looks like we are about a day apart haha.
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angelfree77, 18 weeks. - 50.2 hours ago - The baby movements are so nice and reassuring! Now, that the morning sickness is all gone, the movements let me know that everything is ok down there. And this Little One is a mover...morning, noon, and night! I don't feel like my husband shares in my enthusiasm. When I first start feeling movements, I'd tell him and his response was always a monotone 'Oh, really.', so I stopped telling him about the movements. It makes me kind of sad.
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angelfree77, 17 weeks. - 50.4 hours ago - Thanks for the input! I feel so clueless lol Oh gosh! It seems like I'll be buying pants throughout the pregnancy. Most of the time, I work from home, so I'm trying to buy as few maternity clothes as possible.
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june2012, 18 weeks. - 51.4 hours ago - Yeah i know, i just found it funny after realizing that we were thinking alike...haha... About baby, am excited too about the baby movements, and i cant wait for the time they will get stronger and more frequent...
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rayansmama, 8 weeks. - 51.6 hours ago - I'm sick too! And I feel so weak! I feel my hands shake and get light headed. I feel like I'm a zombie. I really hate the symptoms that come with the first trimester.
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please be healthy, 7 weeks. - 60.5 hours ago - I had a ginger soda tonight because my stomach didn't feel good and then threw it up. Uugh! First actual puke instead of gagging.
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JDH, 17 weeks. - 61.5 hours ago - I agree with G7. I hate the full panel until the last couple of months. Then, when nothing fits really well, the panel is so nice for that extra coverage.
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G7, 17 weeks. - 62.2 hours ago - Angel free I found that each type was more comfortable at different belly sizes. I didn't look let the full panel early on but once my tummy was so big it felt good to have the full panel so that nothing rubbed on my tummy skin.
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angelfree77, 17 weeks. - 64.4 hours ago - What's more comfortable for pants...low panel, full panel, or side panel?
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weber3, 16 weeks. - 67.2 hours ago - People just have no idea how they really cone across and how rude they really are. And two of my huge monster babies that must have been twins were under 6 pounds lol.
Read all from week 16, 33 weeks. - 68.3 hours ago - I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is compared to my 1st. Its amazing me how fast time is moving. This new little bundle if joy will be here in no time at all. He will bebthe first boy in 2 generations, my father 'grandpa' cant wait!
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G7, 4 weeks. - 68.9 hours ago - Yes I'm super hungry all the time! Always remember morning sickness is a good sign! And unfortunately it doesn't discriminate with time of day 😩
Read all from week 4

MOMIIB, 7 weeks. - 69.1 hours ago - Hi ladies! I am 7wks today! Last sono last Friday and saw the hb flickering PTL. I go back next Friday to hear the HB. Praying everything is going ok in there. This is my rainbow baby <3 I had alot of MS last week but it's barely there this week, trying not to get over it. Ugh, counting down the days for my next U/S!
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JDH, 17 weeks. - 70.2 hours ago - I love Old Navy's maternity. Gap is my favorite but a little pricey. I lost 10 lbs all together during the first trimester. Last week I was only up 2 lbs from the 10 I lost. I've never lost weight like that. But, oh well, I'll take it! I'm trying so hard to eat right! Some days are tougher than others : )
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JDH, 18 weeks. - 70.2 hours ago - Hahaha! June, I doubt anyone cares about the repeats! I'm just happy when ANYONE comments. I've tried some other boards and the ladies are mean, and annoying. I still have not 'announced' this pregnancy. That feels weird. We have the anatomy scan in two weeks!! We are still hoping to not find out the sex of the baby. I just hope that the placenta has gone up. Previa is not something I like to think about. I'm so happy to be able to feel baby a lot now. He/she is most active when I lay down for b ...
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Kerjer, 4 weeks. - 71.1 hours ago - I believe its June 9th but I'm not sure until i go to the doctor on Friday. Thank you :) I'm very excited! Tomorrow I'm 5 weeks so I'm hoping the morning sickness doesn't start up yet, I'm not looking forward to that. Is anybody else really hungry all the time and have bowel movements more then once a day??
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tryingfor4, 13 weeks. - 72.4 hours ago - Taylorsbunno2 not sure what I am carrying not sure that this pregnancy reminds me of the 2 boys but on the other hand it has been 9 years and I don't remember all my symptoms. Husband and I would love a girl so our daughter would hav a sister and it would be easier on the room situation. A boy would be easy with my 2 youngest being boys. I will have to wait a few weeks to find out.
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RowdyRandi, 39 weeks. - 73.3 hours ago - Haha wow congrats mzdallas. I can't believe u still had stitching in. No wonder u weren't progressing! Glad to hear u have some progress tara and glad you're doing so much better kekea. We're doing good here too. Just sleep deprived lol
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ckaySA, 12 weeks. - 74.2 hours ago - just started bleeding again... :(...don't know what to feel...but will wait till doctor's appt tomorrow...
Read all from week 12

Taylorsbunno2, 12 weeks. - 74.3 hours ago - Mine is also November 23rd and that's when we will find out the sex. . I'm staying more towards boy but not a clue I'd like a boy as it's mine and my partners first child together. We both have girls. These weeks will drag until we find out I bet lol
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Jennish, 4 weeks. - 80.7 hours ago - Congratulations!!
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ckaySA, 12 weeks. - 80.7 hours ago -'s better to enter the date of last period then...coz it doesn't go to 2016 on my side either...
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ckaySA, 12 weeks. - 80.8 hours ago - I'm thinking this might be a boy too!! with all my seafood and meat cravings...just like with my 4 year old's hard not to think so...I have an appt tomorrow and will be relieved to find out if everything is ok after the bleeding scare i had last week and the off and on spotting since then...:(...but remaining hopeful
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G7, 4 weeks. - 81.8 hours ago - Yeah! Kerjer. Welcome. What is your due date? Mine is June 16th so I'm not in this week yet (ha!)The beginning can feel like forever but pretty soon you won't know where the time went. Enjoy each moment!!
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Taylorsbunno2, 13 weeks. - 82.1 hours ago - Trying for4- ooo what do u think u may be carrying?
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Rissa1, 12 weeks. - 82.6 hours ago - I'm thinking boy too, but I'll know for sure next month. My next appt is next Monday, so I'm hoping to get a scan scheduled then. I'm still feeling pretty icky. Some days are WAY worse than others. I felt TERRIBLE Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I wanted to cry because it was such a regression from all last week when I was feeling a bit better. Today wasn't as bad though. Hoping this is a sign that the nausea will subside soon! Is anyone feeling 100% better?
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Mommy2anl, 7 weeks. - 85.6 hours ago - I'm so sorry one should have to say goodbye to their baby like that :( Fingers crossed we all have good news and good appointments when we get to them. I made the mistake of consulting good old Dr. Google about the lack of morning sickness...sigh...Google sucks. Half was 'consider yourself lucky!' The other half was 'MISCARRIAGE!' UGH! Come on Monday!
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tsubasa, 8 weeks. - 86.2 hours ago - Aaand now my daughter gave me some sort of nasty virus where I lost my voice... Caughing makes me feel nauseous too. :( TA77 hang in there! I think this is the peak of feeling shitty and we should get better after this. I hope...
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 90.1 hours ago - I'm glad you're feeling a bit better Kekea!! That's good news! Praying for 100% quick!! :)
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overjoyedmommy2, 39 weeks. - 90.7 hours ago - Congrats mzdallas!
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Kerjer, 4 weeks. - 91 hours ago - This is my first pregnancy so I'm a little nervous. I took two tests that were both clearly positive. I haven't been to the doctor yet but have a yearly this Friday. I'm not really sure what to expect.
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Kekea, 39 weeks. - 94.1 hours ago - Progress Tara!! You will have your baby soon!! After 17 days I am finally feeling about 80% recovered. My life has been reduced to nursing, cnn, and facebook, so I am ready for a full recovery...
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Naomi88, 7 weeks. - 95.3 hours ago - I'm with you girl. My first appointment is on Thursday and I can't wait! My last son was born at 22 weeks with no kidneys so he only lived for 2 hours and I don't want to go through that again :-( nobody should have to go though that. But I'm staying positive and I can't wait to see our Rainbow baby on the screen in a couple of days!
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TaraR, 39 weeks. - 96.1 hours ago - Congrats!!!! So happy for you!!! Update on me...I went to the dr this morning. I'm 2cm and 50% effaced!!! If he's not here by Sunday we will induce Saturday night. My blood pressure was a little high this time. I did lose 5 pounds this week and I'm still feeling good!
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monkeymomma, 37 weeks. - 98.3 hours ago - 2 more weeks for me!! I was having a ton of Braxton hicks but now they have calmed down. No signs of labor coming anytime soon....
Read all from week 37

angelfree77, 17 weeks. - 100.5 hours ago - Goingcrazywithfourth, thanks for the suggestions! I didn't think of Ross' and Burlington.
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Kekea, 39 weeks. - 102.4 hours ago - Oh wow!! Mzdallas that explains a lot because I wAs sure you would be one of the first to deliver. Congrats!!! He is the biggest baby within our circle so far...
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june2012, 18 weeks. - 105.7 hours ago - Damn! Preggo ladies starting to think and write the same, lol... I posted before reading y'alls comments only to start reading and realize i started my post using the same wordings as JDH... Haha...
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june2012, 18 weeks. - 106 hours ago - 18weeks today, almost halfway there... Heartburn every evening is the only stressful part of the pregnancy right now, sometimes it gets so severe i have to throw up just to feel better. Otherwise baby has been moving a lot lately- and especially when i lie down.
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mzdallas06, 39 weeks. - 106.7 hours ago - contractions started Sunday night, woke up Monday morning (yesterday) to fluid trickling down my leg. Went to the doctor, and he sent me straight to the hospital. My beautiful, healthy son was FINALLY born on Monday 10/5 @ 6:04 pm. 7lbs 7 oz :) FYI: I still had stitching on my cervix! So that's why I never dilated on further than 1. I actually saw her pull out the rest of the stitching!
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TA77, 8 weeks. - 107.5 hours ago - 8 Weeks Cant wait to get to second trimester. Feeling Sick all the time. Thankfully not to the point of vomiting but it will be nice to feel better. Had my bloods taken today.
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G7, 4 weeks. - 107.5 hours ago - I guess my name won't show up in this week until Thursday- so weird that we can get a positive so early. It may be all in my head but the last few days I have been famished and slightly nauseous. It is 9:30 PM and I just cooked a pound of breakfast sausage and am eating it straight. I usually don't eat like this. I also picked up a Rx for progesterone that I'll be taking and have made my first apts. US week 7. Maybe I'll just be posting to myself for a few more days until others get their good ...
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Mommy2anl, 7 weeks. - 107.7 hours ago - Hi ladies! Checking in on my first day in week 7...hopefully this week doesn't drag, because next Monday is my first appointment and ultrasound! I can't wait...I need some peace of mind considering my lack of traditional symptoms. How is everyone else doing?
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overjoyedmommy2, 39 weeks. - 109.8 hours ago - Congrats RowdyRandi!
Read all from week 39

jammingirl, 7 weeks. - 112.1 hours ago - I'm sorry you are so sick and tired Rayansmama :( that's got to be so incredibly tough. Best wishes at your ultrasound! Mines not till the 21st! So I'm jealous lol
Read all from week 7

Jennish, 5 weeks. - 113.5 hours ago - Woohoo hello week 5!
Read all from week 5, 39 weeks. - 115.5 hours ago - Im still pregnant too! Congrats to those that gave birth!
Read all from week 39

JDH, 18 weeks. - 116.5 hours ago - 18 weeks today! Almost half way there! Unbelievable. I've been seriously craving nuts and apples....hmm...I may be hungry now!
Read all from week 18

tryingfor4, 13 weeks. - 119.4 hours ago - 14 weeks tomorrow had appt this morning. Baby's heart rate was 160.
Read all from week 13

goingcrazywithfourth, 17 weeks. - 119.7 hours ago - Just turned 17 weeks yesterday and my last appt I lost 4 pounds! Lol I think you are ok Angel! I bought some maternity stuff. A couple shirts at Ross and pants for $8. They didn't have much selection on pants just shirts. I heard Burlington coat Factory is a good inexpensive place. I have gone to Old Navy with previous pregnancies. I also got some from Zulily for $16.99.
Read all from week 17

kentsmommy, 16 weeks. - 121.2 hours ago - Weber3 - That is the worst comment - 'are you sure there's only 1 in there'. I got that during each of my pregnancies and it made my blood boil! I've even heard 'are you giving birth to a toddler'? Ahhhh! All of my babies have been roughly 6.5 pounds - that's not quite record breaking. And they always think they are being funny.
Read all from week 16

G7, 4 weeks. - 121.4 hours ago - POSITIVE!
Read all from week 4

TaraR, 39 weeks. - 122.4 hours ago - Congrats!!! Sooo happy for you!! I'm of course still pregnant! But I'm actually still feeling great!! Nesting away!! :) I go to the Dr tomorrow so we'll see what he says. Looking to induce Sunday.
Read all from week 39

beachmommia, 12 weeks. - 122.6 hours ago - Hi ladies. I cant seem to enter the year 2016 into the due date calculator. Anyone having that issue?
Read all from week 12

Taylorsbunno2, 13 weeks. - 123 hours ago - Just had my scan. Moved me forward 5 days. So now 13+1.
Read all from week 13

angelfree77, 16 weeks. - 123.9 hours ago - Gosh...I would never say those things to anyone! Isn't it taboo not to?! What ever happened to congratulations and I'm so happy for you???
Read all from week 16

angelfree77, 17 weeks. - 124 hours ago - I am 19 weeks and I have only gained about 7lbs. I read yesterday that most women have gained about 14 by now. Should I be worried?
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  • Fetal-Movements 535
  • First-Time-Mums-Q-and-A 504
  • Gallbladder 74
  • Genetic-Testing 7
  • Gestation 2
  • Gestational-Diabetes 2200 (6 new)
  • Hair-Care 98
  • HCG 219
  • Headache 165
  • Heartburn 258
  • HELLP-Syndrome 15
  • Hemorrhoids 126
  • High-risk-pregnancy 36 (1 new)
  • Hyperemesis-Gravidarum 40
  • Incompetent-Cervix 275 (1 new)
  • Intrahepatic-Cholestasis-of-Pregnancy 4
  • Intrauterine-Growth-Restriction 11
  • Just-For-Laughs 170 (4 new)
  • Labor-Signs 98
  • Large-Families 290
  • Lightening 21
  • Listeria 61
  • Maternity-Clothes 238
  • Midwifes 71
  • Military-Families 108
  • Moodswings 517
  • Morning-Sickness 536
  • Mothers-in-law 1805 (3 new)
  • Mucus-Plug 407
  • Myths-And-Facts-(Pregnancy) 25
  • Natural-cures 3
  • Natural-Induction 30
  • Nesting 26
  • Packing-for-the-Hospital 144
  • Placenta 67
  •         Placenta-Previa 178 (1 new)
  •         Placental-Abruption 19
  •         Retained-Placenta 9
  • Plus-size 1146
  • Polycystic-Ovarian-Synrome-(PCOS) 192 (1 new)
  • Pregnancy-Loss 21
  •         Blighted-Ovum 378
  •         Ectopic-pregnancy 89
  •         Miscarriage 673
  •         Miscarriage-Stories 13
  •         Stillbirth 24
  • Pregnancy-Signs-and-Symptoms 274
  • Pregnancy-tests 129
  •         Pregnancy-Test-Troubleshooting 12
  • Pregnancy-Wheel 14
  • Prenatal-Vitamins 193
  • Preterm-Labor 59
  • Progesterone-Levels 125
  • PUPPP 134 (1 new)
  • Recipes 38
  • Rh-Factor 130
  • Round-Ligament-Syndrome 80
  • Rupture-of-the-Membranes 19
  • Sciatica 13
  • Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases 113
  • Skin-Changes 133
  • Spotting 9
  •         First-trimester 329
  •         Second-trimester 69
  •         Third-trimester 22
  • Stretch-Marks 498
  • Surrogacy 15
  • Swelling-(Edema)-in-Pregnancy 129
  • Symphysis-Pubis-Dysfunction-(SPD) 285
  • Teen-Pregnancy 1058
  • Teeth-care-(Pregnancy) 89
  • Tests-during-pregnancy 28
  •         AFP-screening-test 182
  •         Amniocentesis 193
  •         Biophysical-Profile-(BPP) 10
  •         Blood-Glucose 117
  •         Chorionic-Villi-Sampling-(CVS) 35
  •         Contraction-stress-test 0
  •         Fetal-Fibronectin-Test-(fFN) 19
  •         Group-B-Streptococcus 113
  •         Non-stress-test 13
  •         Nuchal-Translucency-Screening 157
  •         Prenatal-Paternity-Testing 2
  •         PUBS 0
  • Thrombophilia 2
  • Tips-To-Avoid-Pregnancy 40
  • Tobacco 614
  • Toxoplasmosis 31
  • Travel-during-pregnancy 28
  •         Seatbelts 3
  • Trisomy 6
  • Twins 141
  •         Complications 9
  •         During-twin-pregnancy 40
  •         Fraternal 40
  •         Identical 16
  •         Nursing-twins 13
  •         Twin-delivery 4
  •         Video 11
  • Ultrasound 792
  • Urinary-Tract-Infection 43
  • Urination 87
  • Uterine-Fibroids 39
  • Varicose-veins 27
  • Ventriculomegaly 886 (7 new)
  • Weight-Gain 1053
  • Whats-Safe-and-Unsafe 40
  •         Beauty-and-Spa-Safety 54
  •         Career 86
  •         Fitness 121
  •         Foods 203
  •         Home 2
  •         Medical 63
  •         Sex 697
  •         Sleep 152

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