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SamanthaDawn, 36 weeks. - 19 minutes ago - 4 girls- hahaha I wake up in the middle of the night to eat chocolate, too!
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jaybird81, 36 weeks. - 1 hours ago - Bkle- You and I are almost identical with the weight! I started at 155 and I've been sitting at 185 for a few weeks now. I hope all the weight 'melts' off, but I'm not that hopeful- ha
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 1.7 hours ago - have a good appointment :-)
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ira456, 24 weeks. - 1.8 hours ago - Usually just once for me. If I didn't drink a lot in the evening then I can hold it all night.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2 hours ago - haha I eat mine with tums too, you think id learn that it causes bad things but I just cant help it.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2 hours ago - Well guess I better get ready for my appointment .Have a nice day bkle.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.1 hours ago - The funny thing is I have my chocolate with tums. hahah It gives me such bad heart burn.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.1 hours ago - I have a bad addictin for chocolate too. I wake up in the middle of the night and have some. I even put the chooclate syrp for the choclate milk mix in my mouth .lol ya not the best stuff for me . I guess when im pregnant I can't help it.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.2 hours ago - I bought these frozen fruit smoothies that you put in the blender and add milk. They are good and have lots of vitamins but after I drink it I want real food like toast.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.2 hours ago - I love chocolate! chocolate anything, including chocolate milk. Im surprised im not diabetic. Ive been going through this moments of telling myself that tomorrow im going to do better. Only healthy things, but the first thing I did this morning is raid the easter candy. I need to go to chocolate addiction group!
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.2 hours ago - I'm going to add juicing to my diet after having the baby. Just so I can feed my baby better and get more healthy . That meay help if im getting more greens. I found a book that im going to get juicing wile nursing ..I think its called.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.3 hours ago - I love fruit but greens im terrible at. I keep telling myself that im going to use my tredmill when I can after he is born but the lazy part of me is saying that ill be too tired after taking care of a baby all night to do much of anything ;-)
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.3 hours ago - Me too I crave carbs when im b/fing , and when im pregnant, oh and sweets big time.
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jackie87, 22 weeks. - 2.3 hours ago - NixSa, I'm also eating plenty, haha. I wouldn't say every meal is large, but on the whole, I definitely eat my fair share around here! My bump has definitely popped out in the last week or two.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.3 hours ago - Try to fill up on fruits , greens , and grains , then dig into your carbs .
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.3 hours ago - me either, My weight never seems to come off until im done breastfeeding. Probably because Im so hungry when BF and so I eat. Water is always good, I need to drink more of it now and when bf.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.4 hours ago - Bkle I find that just drinking lots of water helps with the milk, and weight. Every on I know will say that if you b/f it will halp you lose your weight fast , but that never seems to be the case for me.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.4 hours ago - Hubby the kids and I are going to drive all the way to florida this summer and visit family and friends along the way. I'd really like to be down to at least 165 for that trip. Im worried about dieting tho during breast feeding. Any ideas of what to eat that will keep my milk supply up and still loose weight and still give baby the food he needs?
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - it took me about 1.5 years last time to loose the weight.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.5 hours ago - LOL hahhaha Me TOO !!! I'm too old
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.6 hours ago - Wow your ladies weight gain sounds like you did pretty good . Not so much for me. I gained 60 lbs . I am tall 5' 10 so 60 lbs don't look that bad on me. I wish I didn't gain so much, but this is the less I have ever gained in a pregnancy . I do loss it all , so thats a good thing it just takes me a year
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.6 hours ago - 4girls-- im almost 35 haha never thought of myself as advanced age before. Does that make us more of higher risk as soon as we hit age 35 then? I get this image that dr think baby wont like an old uteris or something. My 13 year old thinks im too old and so during labor I think im going to chant, 'IM TOO OLD FOR THIS' over and over again.
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shaym007, 6 weeks. - 2.6 hours ago - Dmmarine- I pray for good news from your scan! Waiting to hear
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shaym007, 6 weeks. - 2.7 hours ago - Babycat I feel the exact same way :(
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 2.7 hours ago - Aww I was thinking about you today Samantha have not seen a post from you, I was hopeing to see you were getting your baby shower .I hope you get your chair....Bkle my last few ultra sounds are done at my NST test , and you can't see much . Baby is so big now. I could see babies head at my bottom , Babies heart you can see good. With these scans that im having is all she is really trying to look at.Oh and to see the fuild.My scan last less then 5 min , its so fast..It is pretty great seeing her. ...
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 2.8 hours ago - Im almost outgrown my maturnity clothes and im so close to the end I don't want to go buy more so im making things just fit ;-) I hope that shirt fits you for your shower, if not sweat pants and husband t-shirts work.
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funtimemum80, 22 weeks. - 2.9 hours ago - Nixsa, I have the opposite problem....I eat way too much, habit of a lifetime......
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SamanthaDawn, 36 weeks. - 3 hours ago - The very day I herd about a baby shower I went to wal mart and tried on like 20 shirts and bought one to wear to the shower (hope it still fits, that was almost 2 months ago and I haven't wore it since) I don't know what pants I'll wear yet. And I started out at 130, and now I'm 175. Also hoping for a big baby! :)
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 3.1 hours ago - Weighed myself today, big mistake that was ugh :-( 191.5 I started at 155 this better be a big baby hehe.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 3.1 hours ago - Samantha--- yay finally a baby shower date! How exciting to have it. I would rather have one before baby is born and not after. Im weird tho, I don't like people holding my baby much until they are almost a month old, only close close family do I let hold them. Do you have an outfit picked out yet to wear to baby shower?
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SamanthaDawn, 36 weeks. - 3.1 hours ago - bkle, yay!! so glad you're doing good and hopefully carrying this baby longer than ever before. :)
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SamanthaDawn, 36 weeks. - 3.2 hours ago - I can't believe I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow! ...One minute I'm thinking wow! omg I can't believe I'm soon going to have the baby, this all went by so fast! and the next I'm feeling like I've been pregnant forever and just wish I'd go into labor early. That wouldn't be good if I did, because hubby and MIL are starting their vacations when my c-section is scheduled. And hubby's boss is leaving now for a 2 WEEK VACATION and leaving hubby in charge!!! HE will have to work 14 days straight, and the ...
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 3.2 hours ago - ps ive never had an ultrasound past 34 weeks so this is going to be interesting to see. Im thinking baby is going to be to big to see much of anything but blurr. If I make it to this Monday I will of officially carried this baby longer then any of the others.
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bkle, 36 weeks. - 3.2 hours ago - Samantha- that sucks! Before I moved I got awesome 3d pics at my 20 week and a dvd of the hole ultrasound and a stuffed bear with his heart beat on it. The new dr office has an older machine that doesn't really have good 3d pics but at least they take a few for me. I love getting pics of the baby even if they aren't great. Im surprised they don't have a good ultrasound machine everywhere considering the new technology that it is out there these days.
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NixSA, 22 weeks. - 3.3 hours ago - Hi ladies how are u all doing? any of u feel you arent eating near enough? i have only gained 1kg and today i hardly ate other than a bran muffin and a small snack pack of cheddar biscuits.. i had a kfc twister for supper. I really dont think i am eating enough at alllll.
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SamanthaDawn, 36 weeks. - 3.3 hours ago - 4 girls-- Wow! lucky! ...I've never had a 3d ultrasound with any of my babies. And with each pregnancy I only had 2 ultrasounds (ok, 3 with this one.) One in the beginning to see how far along I am, and one at 20 weeks. With this one I had one at 6 weeks, one at 9 weeks because of bleeding, and the 20 week ultrasound. No pictures ever. I even asked and they said no. And I was NOT allowed to snap a picture of the screen either! ...I haven't seen the baby since (except for seeing it's heart on a m ...
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 12 weeks. - 3.8 hours ago - Oooh sure thing hun I will post a piccy of my little bean...or beans hahaha....Oooh beyond excited - I will be thrilled if told just 1 and in shock for the next 6mths if its twins or more haha ...i'm off to wk13 tomorrow (chasing ur tail Bonita haha) and only 2 sleeps left til my scan....oooh 2nd trimester here we come haha xx
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aprilrose, 8 weeks. - 4.4 hours ago - Based on my calcs I am due November 27th. I don't see my midwife for another 3 weeks. Kind of jealous of those who have had ultrasounds.
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 4.4 hours ago - Jaybird my ultra sounds suck this time around. My last two babies I guess I was spoild because every ultra sound was 3D and I got tuns of pictures , and a paper that was called weekly news it was so cute had all the info about the baby and at the top they would put my name and my husbands name and mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you.. This new Dr sends me to a different place. Not 3D , and I don't get any pics they send them all text or email. I have not seen one good view of her. With my las ...
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blondeabby, 14 weeks. - 5 hours ago - I have felt movement for for 3 weeks now. Last week dh could feel it too:) so much earlier then ever before!! I can hardly wait for the big kicks:)
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msjenn727, 16 weeks. - 5.2 hours ago - Hello ladies, ill be joining you all tomorrow and for once since the pregnancy started, i actually feel great and i have an appetite finally without throwing up!
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msjenn727, 15 weeks. - 5.3 hours ago - Last day in week 15, and im feeling better than i have since the pregnancy began. I still get nausea from time to time, but i havent actually thrown up anything in 3 weeks which is a major milestone for me. I've began feeling flutters and i have a baby bump now lol. Looking forward to week 16 tomorrow! Hope you girls are doing great!
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smiles884, 30 weeks. - 5.5 hours ago - It does sound as though every one is doing well-so glad!! : ) I have 2 bassinets by our bed already and the laundry all put away... the only thing I really have to finsh is packing the rest of my hospital bag, but holding off, b/c depending when I go, I'll need diff. clothes-if I go soon, i'll need warmer clothes b/c its still cool out, but if I don't go til June, I'll need warmer clothes. Bought tons of stuff for freezer at Sam's Club yesterday and made a bunch of freezer meals, so think i'm se ...
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glowingwith2, 14 weeks. - 5.6 hours ago - Is anyone else feeling movement yet? Last night I felt flutters, so I held the lowest part of my belly with both hands and I felt the baby kick! I was so excited. It was only lightly, but I felt it from the outside even! I'm 15 weeks today.
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glowingwith2, 15 weeks. - 5.7 hours ago - 15 Weeks today!! I've gained 3lbs so far. No running this last weekend and I'm regretting it. I am going to try and get my belly belt this week so I can resume running again this weekend. Also feeling more movement! Yay!
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ladybug85, 22 weeks. - 6.4 hours ago - about BF...i used fenugreek a few times with DD in pill form. Not that i was scary low on milk but just to help build up my stock when i went back to work. i exclusively pumped since she was about 5-6 weeks until her 1st b-day. Hoping for the same this time around. About shaving...i was bragging to hubby that i did a really good job 'blind' and of course he asked to see. he was like, not bad but you missed a few spots. LOL!! He's also volunteered to help...noooo!
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onbabyfour, 30 weeks. - 7.2 hours ago - I hope they do Duffy! Im glad to hear you are doing well :)
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susieq2582, 25 weeks. - 7.2 hours ago - interesting! Thanks, Ladies!
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leanbean, 17 weeks. - 7.9 hours ago - Only 9 hours and I get to see Bambino and hopefully what he or she is!!! Today's going to be a LONG day! hahahahahaha..... I'll let you all know when I get home! Sounds like you are all doing well. I too have gained too much already! I started out 6 lbs. less than with any of my other pregnancies, but I've already gained 14 lbs! I've been working out, but could eat healthier. All this Easter candy is killin me!
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afshanm07, 14 weeks. - 8 hours ago - Im 14 weeks today yay. I have loads of heart burn to. I just take soft pepermints for chewing nausa is from heartburn. But it will ease. Ladies gt well and eat healthy and good luck to every1
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casanova, 24 weeks. - 8.1 hours ago - I have no idea, it must be an old wives tale. is anyone else waking up many times at night to go pee? I kid you not, I think I woke up about 5 times yesterday with a full bladder. it may be the pressure because the sonographer told me that my baby was sitting right on my bladder
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elisiaxx, 37 weeks. - 8.2 hours ago - Sandra- I know how you feel I get bad days like that, im having to use the loo so much in the night so im hoping he has dropped right down now, at my last midwife appointment I was 4/5 engaged and she estimated he would be around 8lbs at due date, I feel he will be between 9-10lbs, have you had an estimated weight?
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glowingwith2, 14 weeks. - 8.6 hours ago - I never had heart burn before. After I eat it bubble up my throat, then once that's over, I feel pain in my heart. So awful!! This pregnancy couldn't be any different from my last! Needing to invest in Tums soon!
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blondeabby, 14 weeks. - 8.7 hours ago - I still feel kinda quesie throughout the day. I am hoping one day I can just enjoy this pregnancy:( I have never had heart burn....cross my finger-it sounds like I really do not want it:(
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Duffy, 30 weeks. - 9.1 hours ago - Sounds like I am not the only one glad to be in the home stretch. I thnk the next few weeks are going to fly by. I got my date for the c-section so it makes it all the more real!
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BabyCatt3, 6 weeks. - 9.4 hours ago - The nausea has set in. Unless I am eating or sleeping I feel uneasy. May 7 th is my ultrasound. Hope the nausea settles a little. Hope you all are doing well.
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bonitadiane, 12 weeks. - 9.5 hours ago - I'm not sure they will be able but I hear sometimes they can. I think more so with boys. but nothing is %100 at this point. I think I'm leaning more towards surprise and maybe that's reason I say if at that scan they can tell, I'll find I know the odds are against me and I have a better chance doing JoJo I'm soo excited about your scan tomorrow. You'll need to update us.:) I'm curious as to if there's 1or 2. It feels like your scan came quick. For some reason this pregnancy ...
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beingamomrocks, 28 weeks. - 9.5 hours ago - Starting my nesting faze. It seems like almost every time I'm pregnant I start the nesting faze at the same time. Hehe. Hope all is doing well!
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jaybird81, 36 weeks. - 10.9 hours ago - Ultrasounds?! How exciting for you ladies, I'd love to see what my little man looks like right now! You guys will have to share the US pictures. :)
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jojo, 12 weeks. - 12.7 hours ago - Think as this is baby no.4 I so need to be as organised as possible lol plus I didn't think we'd be having anymore so got rid of everything. Bonita I could have done with a member of my family having one before me too haha wow I wonder if they will be able to say what gender your little one is this early on xx
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Baby ali, 22 weeks. - 12.9 hours ago - lol
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funtimemum80, 22 weeks. - 13.1 hours ago - Oopixiesticks, that's the whole idea! The other half can always be done after....
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Baby ali, 22 weeks. - 13.1 hours ago - oopixiesticks- lol exactly why I wud never let him go near it LOL not a good idea :0)
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mummytoharrison, 37 weeks. - 15.4 hours ago - Just constantly cold. Bubs has started to engage apparently and my chiropractor has said my pelvis is in a good position. So tired though :(
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 12 weeks. - 15.5 hours ago - Hi girls - I've been having trouble posting messages for some reason! BonIta I didnt think they cud do a definate gender scan this early? We've always been told they wont 'guess' either way until at least ur 20wk scan... I go for my first scan in 2 days...excited beyond words here!! Haha xx
Read all from week 12, 37 weeks. - 15.8 hours ago - Mummy, I dont know of im snoring bad or not. My husband works out of town and is gone most of the time so I have no one to tell me im snoring to loud or not. Lol yeah ive been really upset about my doctor telling me at the last min that hes leaving. How are you feeling overall?
Read all from week 37

mummytoharrison, 37 weeks. - 16.2 hours ago - Oh Sandra :( that's awful that you've got to get to know a new dr so close to the end. My snoring got so bad thanks to my compressed lungs that DH took to sleeping in a different room. Hopefully your little one will drop soon and you'll get some relief.
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charcharsuperstar, 7 weeks. - 16.4 hours ago - Meggsz, today I made it almost to 3pm with no MS! Now its 10pm at night and I feel yucky, uggg.
Read all from week 7, 37 weeks. - 16.4 hours ago - Elisia I am feeling horrible! I was crying today cause I wanted my dr to make a birth plan with me so I feel like im actually getting closer but instead Iwas told I needed to start seeing a new dr since hes going out of town for 6 weeks. And I juat started crying and told my husband I feel like im starting iver and am going to be pregnant forever. My stomach is so big, my legs are so swollen I camt bend my toes. I stop breathing in the middle of the night and wake up gasping for air as my lungs ...
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ira456, 25 weeks. - 16.8 hours ago - I didn't see it until my fourth pregnancy when I went to the bathroom at the hospital. I was already almost 8cm at that point though. It was just a lot of mucus and came out as a big blob. I don't loose it until im in labour but some loose it before.
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momofour, 36 weeks. - 17.2 hours ago - Hi ladies... I have so many NSTs & now weekly appts... But so excited to see baby on my ultrasound Monday... I feel like you all are going to have your babies and I'll be sitting here all by my lonesome... :( We should all befriend e/o on Facebook... Skip the groups.. Ha.. I still have FB friends from here.. 5 years ago.. It's nice to see the kids grow up!
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 17.3 hours ago - Bkle I can't wait to hear how big you baby is. Will they tell you at your ultra sound? Tomorrow I have to go for a NST test so an ultra sound and put on the monitor for a half an hour.. As for tonight I am having some very mild cramping. I hope that means something ..
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kadyrae1107, 22 weeks. - 17.5 hours ago - Lol last pregnancy I used a hand held mirror towards the end too! I had a planned induction so that morning at 5am I was in the showering holding it trying to shave to make it perfect looking for delivery haha. Fortunately I can still see perfect fine because I only gained 4 lbs. My belly bump is starting to get noticeably finally though
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tlc, 22 weeks. - 17.8 hours ago - yay. our due dates/weeks on this page are working again!
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dyanica, 4 weeks. - 18 hours ago - Hi! Found out I'm pregnant today! Very excited! Although according to the chart I'm not yet pregnant funny... since I'm in weeks 1~3
Read all from week 4

bkle, 36 weeks. - 18.4 hours ago - 4girls and jay-- Ill send you some early dialation dust :-) A 1 for both of you, hope appointments go well. Mine is Friday w/ultrasound week 35+4 days at that appointment. So happy to of made it this far.
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glowingwith2, 14 weeks. - 18.7 hours ago - I've been getting lots of stretching pain. And the worst heartburn ever. I've never experienced anything like it!
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oopixiesticks, 22 weeks. - 19.3 hours ago - Wrote two posts and now i see they never posted..ugh ohwell i cant see down there either but i would never ask my husband to do it lol would probably end up half shaven and shower sex
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onbabyfour, 30 weeks. - 20.9 hours ago - I was just trying to think of when I should start putting things together. I have a lot to assemble! crib, bassinette, swing, bouncer, play pen, car seat, and stroller! I think I am going to put the crib up this weekend and just not make it yet, I just don't want to put it up too early but know it will only get harder the bigger I get! lol. the play pen has a bassinette and that and the swing will go in the livingroom. the baby will be in my room in the bassinette for the first few months but I ...
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4girls want a boy, 36 weeks. - 21 hours ago - Thank you bkle we are doing lots of water and juice ...Jaybird i'm guess ZERO too ! LOL
Read all from week 36

jaybird81, 36 weeks. - 21.6 hours ago - 4girls- Well, I am glad to hear it's a viral thing on it's way out. Nasty little buggers! Hey, guess what? My first dilation check is on Thursday too, want to bet of where we are? I am betting I am at a zero, hahaha
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Mrsaussiemumma, 14 weeks. - 21.9 hours ago - Glowing, No they don't do any non medical for fun US here. I wish they did, I would so be there in a flash lol. We only get routine US at around 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 20 weeks. They will only offer extra US if there is medical reason. Im just hoping my LO cooperates so we can find out the gender. I have a feeling it might be a boy. Is anyone else having stretching pains? Last night I thought my hips were going to fall off, I woke up so uncomfortable & my hips were aching.
Read all from week 14, 8 weeks. - 22.2 hours ago - I am November 30th so only a day behind you :)
Read all from week 8

shaym007, 6 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - Metal- yes I have cramping too, seeing the heartbeat is good. Just try to keep your feet up and eat some protein ! Good luck!!
Read all from week 6

shaym007, 6 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - Dmmarine- morning sickness is a good sign tho. I hope it's just normal spotting and nothing more! Please let us know how your scan goes!!
Read all from week 6

bonitadiane, 12 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - Yes JoJo I think I would LOVE LOVE the organized part. Especially bringing 2 different sets of clothes for boy or girl to hospital. I think all around being organized is awesome. Plus, if this is a boy... With 2 girls I'm in trouble in the clothes department. Although, my sister in law had a boy in September... So I'll be set either way. Lets see what next Monday brings.:)
Read all from week 12

kathy=^.^=, 5 weeks. - 22.6 hours ago - Went to the dr today. Seen a fetal pole no heartbeat yet just to early. Gonna go back in 2 days to recheck my levels to make sure they are rising :)
Read all from week 5

mummytoharrison, 37 weeks. - 22.8 hours ago - Woo hoo :) Full term!! I have all my stuff ready.'s just not in a bag lol it's currently living in the moses basket so I might just end up grabbing that and waddling. Check up with the GP today and then some relaxing at home I think :)
Read all from week 37

jackie87, 22 weeks. - 23 hours ago - Oh that's too funny. I tried shaving before I went in to deliver my second. I used the mirror but it seriously looked so pathetic. Hubby was laughing at how patchy it looked. I can still see with slight neck strain. I'd honestly like it waxed all off. I had my first Brazilian last year before we went on vacation, and it wasn't so bad. It took about 6 weeks to come in which was nice. I find when I shave, I get really itchy from the regrowth. Same with my legs. Waxing doesn't seen to have that eff ...
Read all from week 22

tlc, 22 weeks. - 23.1 hours ago - I remember breaking out the hand mirror to make sure I was shaved when I had a planned C section on my last baby. I'm not that committed at the moment to go that far, but will likely do it again closer to the end....
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MOMIIB, 17 weeks. - 23.5 hours ago - Thanks TA77! And no worries, I can convert kg to lb easily ;-) I have so far gained Almost 7kg. I make big babies, my son was 8lb 2oz at 38wks and I assume this baby will be just as big if not bigger. We will see if he is measuring ahead or not come mis May when I have my anatomy scan.
Read all from week 17

TA77, 17 weeks. - 24 hours ago - MOMIIB It really annoys me when they tell you you have gained to much. With my first pregnancy I was 58 kg (sorry Im Aussie LOL no lbs here), the day I went onto labour I was 103. I constantly had doctors carrying on about the weight gain and trust me it wasnt for lack of trying not to. I was basically a vegan as I couldn't eat any meat or food with fat in it at all (99% of my food was vegies or salad with no dressing) while I was pregnant and I walked 5km and did yoga twice a day, the doctors ...
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Baby ali, 22 weeks. - 24.3 hours ago - my hubby asks every day if he could help do the job am like Helll noooo! lolz
Read all from week 22

Baby ali, 22 weeks. - 24.3 hours ago - lolz get the lawn mower out ladies LOL
Read all from week 22

Baby ali, 21 weeks. - 24.4 hours ago - Sarah- I dnt no how u do it lol if I didn't find out it would kill me LOL goodluck with the scan
Read all from week 21

vickiessecret, 25 weeks. - 24.5 hours ago - I've only lost my mucous plug with my 2nd baby, it looked like mucosy snot to me & mine was alittle blood tinged, because it was the start of my labor. Never saw it with my others, my 2nd was the only time so far that I went into labor on my own.
Read all from week 25

jojo, 12 weeks. - 24.5 hours ago - JoJo/Bonita - I've alternated with finding out the sex lol had a surprise on both my 1st & 3rd babies both turned out to be boys, found out we were having a girl on my 2nd and will be finding out on this one :) All were lovely, surprises are nice but so is knowing and being more organised lol xx
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Sue23, 24 weeks. - 24.7 hours ago - why would crossing legs make a difference i cross mine all the time i was told not to cos of dvts and things but thats it
Read all from week 24

Sue23, 25 weeks. - 24.8 hours ago - susie it looks like a white blob it basically comes away when in labour but also can regrow u may of seen parts with ur show they r kind of the same thou ur show has blood in it but it either comes away in a blob or comes away slowly which is white n lumpy sometimes greeny coloured but very light when u wipe closer to ur due date sorry if it sounds discusting
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dmmarinewife , 6 weeks. - 25.3 hours ago - Shay I'm sorry they pushed you back a few days but glad they were able to find a heartbeat! That gives me hope! Metal I'm glad they saw your beans heart rate also. :) as for me- I've still been spotting. Mostly brown some red, but no more cramping though. And morning sickness started intermittently Sunday. Today I feel so drained and just need a nap! I will keep all of you and your bubs in my thoughts and prayers and please do the same for me.... Tomorrow is my scan- so wish me luck.
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  • Hyperemesis-Gravidarum 40
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  •         Placental-Abruption 19
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  • Plus-size 1146
  • Polycystic-Ovarian-Synrome-(PCOS) 192 (1 new)
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  •         Blighted-Ovum 378
  •         Ectopic-pregnancy 89
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  • Surrogacy 15
  • Swelling-(Edema)-in-Pregnancy 129
  • Symphysis-Pubis-Dysfunction-(SPD) 285
  • Teen-Pregnancy 1058
  • Teeth-care-(Pregnancy) 89
  • Tests-during-pregnancy 28
  •         AFP-screening-test 182
  •         Amniocentesis 193
  •         Biophysical-Profile-(BPP) 10
  •         Blood-Glucose 117
  •         Chorionic-Villi-Sampling-(CVS) 35
  •         Contraction-stress-test 0
  •         Fetal-Fibronectin-Test-(fFN) 19
  •         Group-B-Streptococcus 113
  •         Non-stress-test 13
  •         Nuchal-Translucency-Screening 157
  •         Prenatal-Paternity-Testing 2
  •         PUBS 0
  • Thrombophilia 2
  • Tips-To-Avoid-Pregnancy 40
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  • Toxoplasmosis 31
  • Travel-during-pregnancy 28
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  •         Identical 16
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  •         Video 11
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