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lexy-b, 34 weeks. - 1.3 hours ago - My poor hubby works 11-12 hour shifts 5 days a week plus the commute is almost an hour each way so I dont mind. He helps when he can and I'm afraid he'd fall asleep driving if he had to get up through the night. If my kids let me I'll try to sneak in a nap during the day. Thank god my son is still napping and my 4 yr old daughter will sit for an hour beside me playing games on the leap pad or watching a movie so I can snooze.
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maimai88, 16 weeks. - 1.7 hours ago - How is everyone doing?! I haven't checked in for a few days here, we had a plumbing disaster and so I didn't have any time to get online. But everything has been fixed now, thank goodness. Has anyone decided on baby names yet?:)
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sher-baby, 35 weeks. - 2 hours ago - Babylump...I have SPD too!!!! Isn't it the worst!!!! My legs are completely useless..I Graf my feet to walk! Can't even cross at the ankles!!! OMG!! Yes, my baby showere went great!! Some people had to cancel at the last minute but still got over 40ppl there!!! We will still have to exchange and return a few things and hopefully get some more stuff that we didn't get on the registry, but we got most of the important stuff!! I've already unpack and put everything in its place, washed and pack awa ...
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holz8519, 12 weeks. - 2.1 hours ago - Hi ladies jumping up a few days early there doesn't seem to be any active members in week 11. My prenatal clinic just called to reschedule my 1st trimester screening so instead of the 13th I'll be going the 10th. Should be right about 13 weeks so maybe I'll get lucky and find out gender. I found out with my last 2 at 13 weeks.
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 2.4 hours ago - Wow Lexy! Taking care of your child full time is the equivalent of working 2 full time jobs. Your hubby should help at night, since he has only one job. What better gift is there for a child than to have their mother w them full time. It's wonderful for a child to hv someone that loves them caring for them and your hubby helping also benefits his child.
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delarla, 12 weeks. - 3 hours ago - 2 days till we hopefully find out what we are having... if not then 5 days till our elective u/s. Ah can't wait! Hope everyone is feeling well. I've been super gassy... constantly burping Like ever 5 seconds. You would.think I was guzzling soda!
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babylumpp2015, 35 weeks. - 4.1 hours ago - Hello 35 weeks & fellow preggos! 34 weeks was insanely busy, I went on a spree and got everything needed and work was horrendous! I finally go see the specialist tomorrow and find out more about baby girl & whats going on with the tumor. I am so nervous! & I've felt like CRAP the past three days. Nausea, diarrhea, my muscles are SO SORE, I was diagnosed with SPD last week as well so it feels like my pelvic bone is breaking and half AND my boobs have been so dry & on fire lately. I am really wond ...
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lexy-b, 34 weeks. - 4.9 hours ago - Babylove you have an incredibly understanding husband. Since I'm off work I am 100% on feeding detail.
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loralb, 23 weeks. - 5.1 hours ago - Hooray to week 23! Now I know I'm over half way there. How is everyone doing?
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KristinaA, 31 weeks. - 5.9 hours ago - 60 days to go... Not that I've been counting or anything... since 250 days! I'm just hoping not to get laid off from my job before baby comes. Last time I had a baby, they did a massive lay-off the next day, and my job would have been eliminated except I was covered under FMLA so they had to find a new position for me when I came back.
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babylove5, 35 weeks. - 6.2 hours ago - I am now 35 weeks and moving right along!!!! I'm so glad to be close to the finish line. It has been a wild ride! The ups and downs of pregnancy are always fun!
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 6.2 hours ago - I only need some more pampers swaddlers, and enfamil premium formula. At night I always get hubby to give baby a bottle, since I breastfeed all day. I take a break at night but I still hv to pump it out at least 2 x a night. All my babies except one was very slow at nursing and I just can't sit there for 40 min waiting on him to eat at night. I have to have at least 6 hours of sleep. I always cheat at night in order to keep my sanity.
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joready2glo, 40 weeks. - 6.9 hours ago - didnt get a sweep. another midwife said they dont usually do them until 40plus7 so having one on thursday! then if no baby will be getting booked in for an induced at 40plus 12! x
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lexy-b, 34 weeks. - 7.2 hours ago - I am ready too! I bought a new change pad and some diaper genie refills. The only 2 items left is wiping down the stroller since it's been collecting dust for a couple years and install the car seat base. I am so done being pregnant lol I had the strongest contractions ever last night. My body hates me.
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sugarcubesandcottoncandy, 4 weeks. - 8.8 hours ago - Just last week, I went out and picked up an exercise ball, and drank up about half a bottle of mojito. and here we are 34 days pregnant. Of course I wasn't expecting to be pregnant nor was I planning on another child (I have two already). And my husband is freaking out. :O Heres hoping it gets clearer as it goes along.
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mrscephas, 14 weeks. - 10.8 hours ago - Yes, kirty. It's exciting!!! How's everyone doing?
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joready2glo, 40 weeks. - 14.5 hours ago - 40+3 today and still no signs of baby coming. getting my first sweep today, see what that brings! xx
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 16.9 hours ago - Well cuz our shower was yeaterday, I finally got to officially sort out all out 0-3months clothes, 6-12months clothes, and 12+months clothes; put them in there appropriate bins, and wash all our 0-3months clothes. All the 0-3monthes, blankets, sheets, etc.have also been washed and put away!! I too feel accomplished. But we have a few items to return and pick up some items off our registry....but feeling better
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LittleAussieChick, 7 weeks. - 17.1 hours ago - TreaDING, great news to hear that there is a reason for the spotting that isnt necessarily bad. Let us know what your doc says when you see him too. :) I made my NT Scan appointment today. Its booked for the 2nd of April. Im counting down the days! It will be my first scan. Once thats over with and cleared as 'all is well', i'll be able to happily chill out and enjoy this pregnancy. I have recieved news that my baby was not compatible with life with an NT scan 4 years ago, so its always an anxio ...
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RJean, 34 weeks. - 18.8 hours ago - Things are starting to feel really real at this point. I did all of the laundry last week, assembled some baby items (minus the crib), and just finished packing my hospital bag. Now its time to set up babysitting arrangements for my other kiddos (which will be fun b/c I always go into labor about 10:30-11pm) and pack little bags for them with school clothes and the like just in case I go into labor on a school day/the night before a school day. Life was so much easier when I lived close to famil ...
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babylove5, 41 weeks. - 22.2 hours ago - Blondie, when my baby was still high and the head wasn't touching the cervix the induction didn't work. He was head down, just not far enough. I was at the hospital too. If you could get his head down you would go into labor. They had broken my water and I was bleeding do they had to take him out.
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blondiemom84, 41 weeks. - 23.2 hours ago - -11 has turned either breech or transverse. Can't quite tell for sure but I will find out tomorrow. All I know is that my bladder is being used as a trampoline. I've tried every home remedy known to man to try and evict this baby but it will not budge.Guess this is my Lenten penance. God is teaching me patients...sigh
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 26.8 hours ago - Forsure I will wait until baby comes when he's ready!! Just the pain everyday is taking its toll..I'm really struggling with just about everything!!
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 28.2 hours ago - I noticed this week we are losing more calcium, which has caused me to hv diarreah. I guess I need more milk. I got to sleep last night. I don't know what I did to get him to sleep but I was so glad. At least once he is born I won't hv him kicking me at night and rolling, just crying. I know I will miss the small kicks but the hard ones at night, not at all. I'm ready for him to be here sometimes and others I'm glad im still pregnant. He's safe and growing inside my tummy and I want his lungs fu ...
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1morefor4, 8 weeks. - 29 hours ago - kekea-- my firstborn was a boy and my second was a girl. we swore we were done. then dh started talking about how he really always wanted more than 2 and I said ok one more and that will be the tiebreaker. we got another boy. and said no odd numbers lol. but we changed our mind again and said 3 was enough. then we changed our mind again and decided 1 more and then he'll get a vasectomy. it's going to be handful but so worth it. I love each one of my babies for so many different reasons.
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pumpkinfairy, 34 weeks. - 31.7 hours ago - well amniotic fluid decreases at this stage of pregnancy, but if it drops below 5 they deliver you because the cord can become compressed etc. I got lucky this pregnancy and hes been low almost the whole time so no rib pain, but...he likes to play with the bladder and cervix lol, and sitting down getting up feels like hes right in my crotch. so done
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beckym, 12 weeks. - 33.8 hours ago - Thanks delarla. :) For all the ladies going still in that nervous hopeful stage I will keep you in my prayers that relief will wash over you as well with the next doctors visit, I want all of us to have happy pregnancies.
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Dec Baby, 41 weeks. - 34.6 hours ago - Aww're so close now! Hang in there, soon you'll have your little bundle in your arms...if it hasn't already happened?! All the best for a good labour and delivery...thinking of you!!
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flybear, 19 weeks. - 35 hours ago - I can pretty much feel baby move every day several times a day now. Yay. How about everyone else?
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 39.8 hours ago - It was fun!!! I'm just tired! We did get a lot of stuff but will have to get a few odds and ends. I too had the most awful sleep last night!! I wanted to cry! I couldn't get comfy and it hurts like hell to change positions so trying to just GET comfy was a nightmare itself!! Rjean I'm feel you 200% on the rib pain!!! I can't believe how much they hurt!! Im a lil over this pregnancy now! The pain of everything is just really getting to me.
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RJean, 34 weeks. - 40.9 hours ago - My ribs!!! Owwwwwwwwww.
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 41.5 hours ago - I hope you had a blast Sher! It's always fun looking over the baby stuff! I'm exhausted from driving to visit family, a 2 hr road trip w a screaming 2 yr old and my 2 older boys fighting was enough for one day. Idk how often I'll visit once the baby is here. The baby would not let sleep last night. I was soo tired and he kicked and rolled for 2 hours straight!! It was soo awful.
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 41.9 hours ago - Baby shower done, and I'm beat!!! To tired to even look at what we got! Id love to just sleep but I know that's not happening!
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kekea, 10 weeks. - 43 hours ago - How is everyone feeling? Almost to the second trimester. My ultrasound put me a week behind but I have not had a doctors appointment to confirm whether she wanted to Chane my edd or not.
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kekea, 10 weeks. - 43.2 hours ago - Mami2beofI am just extremely fatigue. No movement for me other that had. How areally you feelong?
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kirty, 14 weeks. - 43.4 hours ago - :) thats fantastic mrscehas must be nice to skip ahead a week. A week closer to meeting bub :)
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kekea, 7 weeks. - 44 hours ago - Treadingwater glad you got to see your little bean!!!
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kekea, 8 weeks. - 44 hours ago - 1Morefor4 my first two were a boy and girl which was perfect. Lol. But o wouldn't change it for the world. I really enjoy watching all of them grow up, and they are all so different. With that being said if we have a girls then a vasectomy or tubal ligation is in play...
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loralb, 22 weeks. - 44.4 hours ago - For some reason, I am excited to get to the third trimester next month. Maybe because I'm afraid this one will be early. But my doc said that if baby was born at this time, (22 weeks) they would try to keep it living. I also love getting all the baby stuff out and ready to go. I'm obviously counting the We're only half way there and my last kiddo was late:(
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delarla, 12 weeks. - 49.9 hours ago - Congrats becky!!!
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blondiemom84, 41 weeks. - 53.8 hours ago - -10 days...Man, talk about depression, I'm ready to jump off a cliff! Could it be that I was a whole month off with my dates? I had a positive pregnancy test in June!!! I'm really starting to wonder what's going on.
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treadingwater, 7 weeks. - 53.8 hours ago - I called doc office. Nurse says because i am experiencing these symptoms for a week now she put me in for a u/s yesterday. Turns out i have a 1 cm subchorionic hematoma by baby sac. She says it usually it resolves on its own and bleeding will go away. My doc still has to look to see what she wants me to do. I guess its not bad and i feel better now that i know whats going on and also got to see my lil bean. Heart beat was 154.
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Sarah4186, 5 weeks. - 57.3 hours ago - I found out earlier this week that my husband & I are expecting our 2nd child, we are super excited!! I also have Fibromyalgia and holy cow my body is hurting more than it ever has. Does anyone else have this illness as well or something close to it? If so how are you dealing with the additional body pains. I'm hoping this will pass but if not I'm still super blessed to be having another baby.
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1morefor4, 8 weeks. - 58.9 hours ago - Kekea-- thanks. It's still a bit shocking for me to be on number 4. I always thought I'd stop at 2. But something about a big family just seems right.
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claraxx, 15 weeks. - 59 hours ago - 15 weeks today! Find out a week today what we are having :)
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beanaleena, 30 weeks. - 61.5 hours ago - they said they cant completely rule out the accretta until they are in there. But its not the ppercreta or increta which is when it invades the muscle and can go through to another organ. They thought mine went through to my bladder. I am grateful that they ruled that out. But I cramp a lot, the doctor said it is normal. Just scary.
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beckym, 12 weeks. - 62.5 hours ago - They really know how to lay on the suspense, but I am happy to say the baby is doing great! They couldn't find the heartbeat for about 15 agonizingly slow minutes they found mine and I blurted excitedly is that it, they replied no, it's yours, then they found a faster heartbeat, I jumped to saying again is that it?! She replied, no, still you, just more anxious, then said we will do an ultrasound, had me wait in the waiting room for literally an hour, then called me in and we did a belly ultra ...
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raindrop0208, 15 weeks. - 63.3 hours ago - Found out that I having a Fourth girl!!!! Ahhhhh! I am feeling good about it now but the first day it hit me a little hard. My husband cried.
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kirra82, 6 weeks. - 63.9 hours ago - Nikki.e I definitely don't want to put on as much as my last 2!! With my daughter I put on 35pounds and about 25 with my son. I am eating so healthy and exercising and all I want is high carb too :( This site is so quiet now!! I loved sharing my pregnancy on here before, hope it picks up a bit or I might find have to find another :(
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charcharsuperstar, 17 weeks. - 64.1 hours ago - Hi ladies! 17 weeks here.. whoot! I miscarried my last 2 so I am so thrilled to have made it this far! Still have waves of nausea come and go... but much better than first trimester. Bursts of energy now and then, too.
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Free2Bmom, 12 weeks. - 64.8 hours ago - Thank you mrscephas! I was 1/159. I'm having the blood work to have a better idea (which isn't covered here so it's $800). I refused the amino because I've had 10 miscarriages.... Just too risky. I saw my doc today and he said because our genetic testing was good with my husband and I, the chance of DS is extremely low, but he did write a letter to try n get the NIPT blood testing covered by my insurance. He also said the majority of the time low PAPP A levels don't mean squat, but it's better t ...
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 66.2 hours ago - So my daughter got in trouble today when we came home so she was sent to her room for the night...I decided to ground myself too and I've been in bed pretty much since we came home!!! Can I just say it feels great! I came out to get her dinner and help my mom get some stuff from my house for the shower tomorrow, but she got sent back to her room after she ate, and so did I!! Lol self prescribed bed rest! :-)
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nikki.e, 7 weeks. - 68 hours ago - Treading water I hope the spotting subsides soon. I've been dry heaving for 3 days now but it's first thing in the morning when I get up. I'm hungry all the time and with the hunger comes nausea. Also I'm SO tired ALL the time. I don't remember being this tired with my last two. 7 weeks tomorrow and two more weeks to wait until I can get my referral for my first u,tra sound. I need to see baby to believe this pregnancy is happening lol
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nikki.e, 6 weeks. - 68.1 hours ago - Kirra82 I'm not sure if I've put weight on but I'm eating like a pig haha and im trying to make the right choices yet i seem to be preferring high calorie and carb foods... Reminds me of my pregnancy with my boy... Wonder if this ones a boy?! My scan is at 9 weeks. I'm eager to have it... This pregnancy still doesn't seem real.
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kekea, 7 weeks. - 68.8 hours ago - Treadingwater my best friend spotted like that her entire pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby.
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kekea, 7 weeks. - 68.8 hours ago - msDallas06 may be twins!!!
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kekea, 8 weeks. - 68.8 hours ago - Congrats 1Morefor4. We are working on #5 3 boys and 1 girl hoping for another girl...
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kekea, 9 weeks. - 68.8 hours ago - Awh Rowdy that is sweat! We are a few days a part as the put my due date at 10/2
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Ryskay, 15 weeks. - 69.4 hours ago - that is awesome news eliciamadora, I have to wait until my 20 week u/s to find out what our baby is if the baby will let us find out. Wit our daughter her legs were cross and the lady was having a hard time finding out what she was lol so we had to wait until she was born to find out what she was lol.
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 70.4 hours ago - I've been having BH all day today and pressure in my bum!! There not very painful so I'm not too worried but DEFF being mindful!! What do they do about ur low amniotic fluid?? Just monitor it??
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1morefor4, 8 weeks. - 70.6 hours ago - hi everyone. I had my dating scan today and based on that i'm 8w2d today and due Oct. 7th. my own calculations based on the closest thing to af that I had recently had me at 7 weeks due Oct. 15th but I'm running with what they gave me because my cycles were kind of wonky anyway. for the record this will be my and dh's 4th baby. we have 2 boys and 1 girl so far. i post in my blog here as often as possible so if you want to follow my pregnancy journey feel free to add me and read my updates.
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pumpkinfairy, 34 weeks. - 71 hours ago - hey ladies, boy do I hear ya on the painful movements from baby! ouchies haha my amniotic fluid is low but not dangerous level yet it was at 8/9. honestly i'm done being pregnant and want it all over with, I have to have a csection and NOT looking forward to a spinal block or the pain afterwards, anyone else having more frequent bh contractions?
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mrscephas, 14 weeks. - 71 hours ago - So I seem to have skipped week 13 completely... I went in for ultrasound at 12+5 and measured a week ahead at 13+5, which means I'm 14 weeks now hooray!!! And baby was jumping around everywhere when they tried to do a nuchal translucency. We also had some bloodwork and we'll hear back in a week or so. Feeling positive :)
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mrscephas, 12 weeks. - 71.1 hours ago - Free2be, I had low Papp-a with my son's pregnancy 3 yrs ago and naturally I was worried. He'd a 1 in 67 chance (I can't remember correctly) of having ds but he was perfect and is now a bright avd active 2 year old. So don't worry too much :)
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RowdyRandi, 9 weeks. - 72.8 hours ago - I also setup appt for nt/down syndrome testing. Just finger prick and ultrasound nothing invasive
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RowdyRandi, 9 weeks. - 72.8 hours ago - Hi yall I'm back in week 8. Had my appt today doc said I'm 8 wks 4 days which puts due date on oct 5th. Everything looked good heartbeat was 169. Due to snow my sis cancelled watching dd so had to bring her with us. 2 hrs is a long time for a toddler to chill at dr office lol. She was all over the place
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RowdyRandi, 8 weeks. - 73 hours ago - Had my appt today. I was measuring 8 wks 4 days which puts my due date oct 5th. Heartbeat was 169. Got a gallon of blood drawn lol and more appointments setup. All in all everything looked good so far.
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KristinaA, 30 weeks. - 74 hours ago - Beana -- I'm sorry that you're facing challenges this pregnancy. I had a placenta acreta scare w/ my last pregnancy, but it never materialized, thankfully. Plenty of women have placenta previa. It's good that your doctor noted it and can help you through to a safe delivery.
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KristiW, 30 weeks. - 74.3 hours ago - bean- no I have not ever had placenta previa but I do know people who have. C-section was done of course but that seemed to be the only side effect.
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blondiemom84, 41 weeks. - 74.9 hours ago - You guys are so great! I'm making my husband take me for a haircut and pedicure today so fingers and toes crossed they stir something up for me. I also had waters break a couple weeks early with my eldest and had to be induced... Pitocin is miserable stuff!!!!
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Dec Baby, 41 weeks. - 76.9 hours ago - Hi blondie, Glad to hear that your non stress test went well! Just make sure you keep an eye on baby's movements! I always get a bit nervous when I hear women going well past 40 weeks...but at the same time I understand you when you say you don't want a c sec or to be induced! I had to be induced at 32 weeks due to membrane rupture...and believe it or not, it was my most painful labour!! I look forward to hearing some baby news soon😉
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 77 hours ago - Floy, I'm not sure! I have had a odd but good experience with being a carrier of group b strep. My hubby about 9 years ago got very sick and came down w meningitis and ended up in the hospital. He got it from the group b strep that I am a carrier of. All the nurses and doctors had on masks and full body suits but since I was a carrier of it and had never been sick or infected by it, I didn't get it. Even after drinking after and kissing him. My daughter also didn't get because she got my gene an ...
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Treadingwater, 7 weeks. - 77.8 hours ago - kekea- I hope everything is fine. I have been taking things easy. Husband and I stopped 'dancing'. I am still experiencing pregnancy symptoms like crazy too.
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Treadingwater, 7 weeks. - 77.8 hours ago - LittleAussieChick - I spoke to the nurse. She said as long as it's not heavy and I don't see tissue that I should be fine. I have been bleeding from pink, red, to brown for over a week now but it's very light. I don't know if I should still call back just to make sure everything is okay.
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floydianslip2, 34 weeks. - 78.2 hours ago - I had dreams last night about feet poking out and even one where I was able to hold his hand through my skin. His movements are starting to mess with my dreams now! I’m a strep b carrier too, I was positive with my first but negative with my second. I go in next week to get tested, we'll see what happens this time! So question along those lines… if you have a yeast infection when it’s time to deliver, can it affect the baby? I tried looking online but as usual you can’t find a straigh ...
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2bBlessedw2, 5 weeks. - 78.4 hours ago - LILPIGZ-Yay for ancient mamas!!!! LOL
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babylove5, 41 weeks. - 79.1 hours ago - Wow Blondie, you are going to be in the Guinness book of world records for the longest to be pregnant. I'm just kidding. They will come out any day.
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 79.2 hours ago - Lol I know these hormones are bad. It's like living with a bi polar person. I'm to the point now everything even the pain is comical, it's either laugh or cry! The baby I swear is trying to put his foot in his mouth. He is head down w his back on the left and his feet wrapped in a tight circle on the right. I feel his hands low and he drags his feet up and down the right. I grabbed one yester day to keep it from touching my rib.
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gilbert381, 5 weeks. - 82.9 hours ago - Can't believe I'm back here again! #4 and a total surprise for us as it took years and clomid/injectables to get pregnant with my last two. We sold ALL of our baby gear three days before I took the test to rule out pregnancy before calling my doc. Oops! My hips are killing me. Ligament type pain. Especially at night. Don't remember hip and lower back pain this early with the others :( Happily feeling crappy here!!
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blondiemom84, 41 weeks. - 84.5 hours ago - -9 days....sigh
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beanaleena, 30 weeks. - 88.4 hours ago - Hello ladies, I haven't been on here in quite some time. This is little angel inside of me has some issues. We were diagnosed with ppplacenta previa and there was a suspected increta. We had to get an MRI, this ruled out the Incretta. Which is really good,but we still have the pprevia. Curious if there is anyone else out there with the same issues?
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blondiemom84, 41 weeks. - 89.2 hours ago - 8 days overdue today. My lil one is as apparently very satisfied right where he/she is. We did the non stress test and all is well. We have already told docs that there will be no c- section unless there's an extreme medical emergency and no induction. I feel that my docs get annoyed with us making our own decisions but We really don't care what they think. This is our baby and our choice. This baby will come when its darn good and ready. Now all there is left to do is wait... and wait.
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 89.6 hours ago - Lol...don't make me come down there!!!! With these crazy pregger hormones, who knows what I'm capable of!!! Lol I tried tylenol for my back before and it did nothing. I too like to take warm showes and while I'm in there it feels good, but when I come out, I'm right back to the pain. I've also noticed that I'm getting more BH when I just sit in the warm I don't know if that's a Good thing or not...prob not!
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flybear, 19 weeks. - 92 hours ago - Woohoo. Finally made it to a new week. Lol 12 more days until my big ultrasound. Still feels so far off. Lol
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 92.5 hours ago - Sher, your hubby is right just a few more weeks!! I'm just kidding... lol I feel your pain but I take Tylenol when it gets bad. I also take showers and try to get the baby to sleep by walking when he's kicking really hard.
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 94.2 hours ago - Ok true..that makes a lot of sense with the whole fungus and bacteria thing!! I just wasn't sure if either the treatment or the yest infection would mess with the results, but there 2 competely different things!!! Ok thanks. Ps. This baby hates me today, and yesterday but deff today!!!! My ribs hurt soo bad, I could cry! I don't know what to do anymore!!! When I lay on my back, my back hurts! When I lay on my sides, my ribs hurt. When I stand, it all hurts!!! I'm sounding like a cry ...
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chastangmomma2, 17 weeks. - 94.6 hours ago - Hey Girls! New to the group and just wanted to introduce myself. I used this site when i was pregnant with my first and found it so helpful and nice to have other expecting ladies to talk to. I even kept in contact with a few. It took me a while to remember the name of this site but thankfully I found it. 17 weeks + 3days pregnant with number two. Ultrasound tech says its another boy. Hope all you mommmas are feeling wonderful.
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kirra82, 6 weeks. - 94.9 hours ago - Has anybody put on any weight yet?
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RJean, 34 weeks. - 95.4 hours ago - I've tested positive for strep for my last two pregnancies and wouldn't be surprised if I tested positive again. I researched like crazy when I first got a positive culture years ago. For about 10% of the population it exists as part of their natural bacterial flora. It's really that not that big of a deal except in the extremely rare case (1 in 200) that a baby contracts it during a vaginal birth of an infected woman. And Sherbaby, where Monistat is an anti fungal medicine, I don't see why it ...
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jamie86, 12 weeks. - 96.4 hours ago - Thank you becky. I wish the best for all of us too. We are doing everything possible to help this time around so I feel good about this time. Still nervous about the next couple of weeks though. I think recording the heartbeat is a great idea! I may have to do that too.
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 97.1 hours ago - They say some women are carriers of group b strep. I am a carrier and I have only tested positive once out of 3 times. It remains dormant and does not bother the baby. It was active with my first I had a uti. It does creep me out that I am a carrier but as long as the test is negative I'm not worried. I believe the only reason you should worry would be if you are carrier, could that trigger it to become active. The uti did with my first. You may not have it at all. What's odd is that some people ...
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 97.6 hours ago - Hmm...I'm going to ask my dr on Wednesday and maybe he'll test me then or my next appt because I do not wanna be stuck on an IV!!! At all...Question tho...I've been fighting a yeast infection for weeks (just treating it with the external cream, not the supository) but I finally caved and bought a monistat treatment on Tuesday. If he was to test me on Wednesday, would the treatment and/or the yest infection affect the strep b test??
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 98.3 hours ago - Well all they did was check my bp and ask how I was feeling. My bp was 106/65 I gained a pound in 2 weeks ugh. If my butt gets any bigger I'm going to scream. The dr. Said I was doing well with my weight and I told him he couldn't see where I was holding the weight because I was sitting on it! I tested positive for strep b w my first and they had to give me antibiotics through iv before she was born. I never tested positive with my other 2 but they forgot to test me for it with my 4th and I walk ...
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mzdallas06, 7 weeks. - 99.4 hours ago - Hi All! This is my fourth baby & although my husband and I are ecstatic- I have never been this sick with either of my past pregnancies. I got violently I'll and went to the doc & that's how I found out- and I was only 4 wks... It's constant nausea, vomiting & fatigue & migraines EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a 2yro, 3 yro and 12yro so I don't have the luxury to lay in bed all day. Would love any suggestions from you ladies. Thanks so much!
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sher-baby, 34 weeks. - 99.5 hours ago - lol..ur funny Babylove!! I don't mind my appts. I have to ask about a strept b test cuz I never had one with my daughter...
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monkeymomma, 5 weeks. - 99.8 hours ago - I am already in maternity pants and extremely tired!
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RJean, 34 weeks. - 101.2 hours ago - It took me over an hour to go to sleep last night. LO wouldn't stop kicking my side and ribs-even my DH was flinching whenever baby would kick his hand on my tummy (although that didn't stop DH from falling asleep in 15 minutes). I had a day and night like Sher-baby where he moved all day long and some of it was cute as he was just distending my belly, but the rib shots were not so awesome. As for the ob apts, I have an apt next week where they will do my strep test and check my cervix. Heck ye ...
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babylove5, 34 weeks. - 102.1 hours ago - It's only been 2 weeks and I hv to go to the dr again today... Ugh This is my first 2 week appt. I know we are close but I seriously doubt my cervix has changed. I don't like going its a waste of my time until I'm 37 weeks. That's when I want to know about my cervix.
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britniA, 18 weeks. - 102.2 hours ago - so I was wondering if any of you girls wanted to go in to a private face book group together, since our due dates are quite close and that way we can keep in touch even as our little ones grow. message me if you are interested ^.^
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britniA, 17 weeks. - 102.2 hours ago - so I was wondering if any of you girls wanted to go in to a private face book group together, since our due dates are quite close and that way we can keep in touch even as our little ones grow. Message me if you are interested.
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