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babybuka, 6 weeks. - 6 minutes ago - Flybear!! :) I'm nervous because I don't have morning sickness bad or at all really. I wasn't really sick with my son either though so maybe I'm having a boy. I was really sick with my daughter.
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flybear, 6 weeks. - 21 minutes ago - I'm sorry about your ms, anything4nikki. I'm layingin bed feeling horrible with ms right now mmyself. The 1st trimester is so hard. Lol
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lissie****, 38 weeks. - 3.9 hours ago - I had my last appointment today. Baby's head is waaaay low now apparently. I'm only a 1 cm dilated but I was 1/2 cm last week so that's a little progress ha! 25% effaced which doesn't surprise me. I'm actually more progressed than most of my previous pregnancies. She could feel head and membranes/water. She also mentioned she could feel her hair?!
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lissie****, 38 weeks. - 4 hours ago - What?!!! Congratulations!!!! That is amazing! So happy for you!!! Hope labor went well for you!
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RJean, 21 weeks. - 5 hours ago - Also, my placenta was apparently pretty low, and they are going to do another US at 28 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with placenta previa or low lying placentas?
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RJean, 21 weeks. - 5 hours ago - I had my US halfway through my 20th week. I just got my ultrasound report and baby measured out at a little over 380 g. Sounded fine until I did calculations to convert grams to ounces....he was 13.45 oz! I had one 9 and one 7 pounder-this one is shaping up to be like his oldest brother. On the exhaustion front, I don't think I've been this tired since 9 weeks. I could sleep 13 hours a night if my LOs would let me! I am doing Thanksgiving with 3 other families, so I just have the homemade stuffi ...
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britnia, 4 weeks. - 6.6 hours ago - Thank you mamagris!
Read all from week 4, 6 weeks. - 8.6 hours ago - Hope everyone is doing well. The past couple of days have been exhausting because my two year old has had a fever with severe vomiting and diarrhea. She's been getting up in the middle of the night and so I haven't been able to get a good sleep in. Plus, I've been going through my morning sickness so we've been both feeling horrible together. She seems to be getting better though and she's finally been able to eat and drink things.
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elleanasmama, 10 weeks. - 9.1 hours ago - I told myself I would relax and enjoy this pregnancy, but I'm just so anxious already. gah
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movnadia, 9 weeks. - 10.2 hours ago - Loralb I have also thought about placenta encapsulation but I couldnt afford it and the thought of doing it on my own just seems too hard to stomach... so I will not be doing it... it sucks your hubby is uncompationate mine is the same but he only goes on because at the moment we are still living with family friends once we move in our own house he will stop or he better anyways lol. Cant wait to have our own house again its been a really long 5 months... getting the keys tomorrow :)
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anxiousmami, 38 weeks. - 11.7 hours ago - Welp the sweep must've worked cause baby boy is here. Was born @ 338 this am.
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hettyjossy, 11 weeks. - 15.2 hours ago - Yeeyyyy!! Week 11, Thank God we are almost tru with first trimester.. the nausea is easing off but still comes, can't wait to have it done with. Looking forward to 2nd trimester and quickening....
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loralb, 9 weeks. - 21.1 hours ago - I am sipping on water and my mouth is still dry! There is no way to quench my thirst and water makes me want to puke. Ug, also very sick today and husband seems to think I should still have the house clean, meals made, have kids and myself dressed everyday. I say..screw you! He gets a headache and gets to lie around and watch tv and play games on his phone all day. I'm not in a very good mood:(
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beanaleena, 17 weeks. - 21.2 hours ago - Mamaford I know this is just my nervous paranoia, but last week I missed my genetics appointment due to the weather. so today was the rescheduled day. I hope this doesn't throw off the results. I was under the impression that the panel test for downs was more accurate at 3 weeks.
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beanaleena, 17 weeks. - 21.3 hours ago - Babyflump, I am so sorry about your morning sickness. I, too have had this issue accompanied by this AWFUL taste in my mouth. I was given Zofran- didn't work for me, made going #2 a living hell!!!! I will tell you what has worked for me. I ask people to save judgment. I started having this horrendous craving for beer. This was odd because at 35 I have drank maybe 10-15 times my entire life. So this was odd to me. I thought maybe I was craving it b/c I couldn't have it. I finally gave into my c ...
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mamagris, 4 weeks. - 21.3 hours ago - Congrats BritniA!
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beanaleena, 17 weeks. - 21.5 hours ago - Mamaford, I did my genetic counseling today. 7-10 days is what I was told as well. We are testing for a few things. My sister has had two children with a very serious, terminal syndrome. Her first child passed at age 4, she had a misdiagnosis at the time(was told she would never have another child with the same issues as they thought it was a fluke) She then had another. Her child is now 2 and in the same condition. I was tested for that (to see if I am a carrier). Fingers crossed for the news o ...
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babylove5, 21 weeks. - 24.6 hours ago - 21 weeks and I am tired all of the sudden. I did have a burst of energy for a few weeks, now I'm missing that. Anyone else feeling tired? I'm taking the whole family to Cracker Barrel for thanksgiving so I don't Hv to cook! I'm still making dessert though.
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lissie****, 39 weeks. - 29.7 hours ago - I wrote a big reply the other day 2xmommy2be. Guess I didnt' submit it! dang it. I think probably wont make it means that from what dr has seen in the past most woman that are presenting like you goin into labor before your set induction date! So it's likely you'll go into labor naturally. Which would be awesome. But with labor you just never know!!!
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lissie****, 38 weeks. - 29.8 hours ago - The membrane sweep might help things get going!! My Dr just checked dilation with my 3rd pregnancy and it pushed me into labor the next couple of days!
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lissie****, 38 weeks. - 29.8 hours ago - That is cool. Mine is flying out right after my appointment tomorrow. So baby better stay put till Dec 1 please.
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anxiousmami, 38 weeks. - 29.9 hours ago - Had my 38wk check up today. Not much has changed since last week still barely 3cm dilated 60% effaced -2 station but she did sweep my membranes which hurt so badly . So we shall see what happens and my Dr was kind enough to say she will be available during the holidays and not going anywhere. So that's cool.
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mamaford77, 17 weeks. - 30.1 hours ago - Babyflump, have you tried asking your OB for Zofran or something similar? I take Zofran, Reglan, and OTC Diclegis for my nausea/vomiting. I can't even keep down water without it.
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mamaford77, 17 weeks. - 30.1 hours ago - Beana, she told me about 10 days. It's only been 4 and I'm already so impatient lol.
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lexy-b, 20 weeks. - 32.1 hours ago - roo27 - My best friend had the same thing. They have done a couple ultrasounds on Hunter to keep an eye on things since he's been born but so far it hasn't become an issue. I'm not 100% sure but something was under developed but is most likely supposed to take care of itself as he grows or he'll need a minor surgery. I wish I knew more details but my friends doctor wasn't concerned either but they like to watch it.
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britniA, 4 weeks. - 33.7 hours ago - OMG I just found out this morning with a BFP! ^.^ so excited.
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Babyflump, 17 weeks. - 38.3 hours ago - Hello ladies. So for the last 3 weeks I've been getting morning sickness and it's becoming more frequent :-( I only felt nauseous in the first trimester and it's knocking me for six! With 2 other children to look after I'm struggling. My son was late for school this morning coz I couldn't get out of the bathroom. Any ideas what I can take? I never had sickness with my other 2 x
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beanaleena, 17 weeks. - 44.4 hours ago - Mamaford!!! I just read your bio. I love your (and your families) happy ever after! You and I are about the same age. I am sure we have similar fears. Tomorrow I go for my scan, and genetics counseling. A little nervous. How long does it take to get results back? Please keep me posted on yours!!!!! I jumped ahead two weeks due to ABSOLUTELY NO activity on this site!!!!!
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supermom87, 20 weeks. - 44.6 hours ago - Thanks sherbaby it done the trick she moving up a storm after sugary drink and candy
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mrsmcnamee, 5 weeks. - 47.7 hours ago - Congratulations and best of luck to all you 5 weekers, unfortunitly we have M/C this week (5weeks) so I will no longer be taking this journey with you. But we have decided to keep trying, once im feeling better and my body is ready. we m/c on my husbands 34th birthday of all days :(. But we have two healthy boys, so we have to be positive. lots of luck to you all xoxoxox
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christina76900, 10 weeks. - 50.1 hours ago - Hello ladies my doctor change my due date back I'm 10 weeks today anyone else have the problem with feeling so full all the time and not really eating
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 51.4 hours ago - Supermom-drink or eat something really sugary, that will usually get baby moving. GL! Babylove- my BH seem to have also slowed down a bit but sometimes i think baby does a somersault or something and my whole uterus feels tight. so i don't know if that's baby doing a serious position change or a BH. Roo - i don't know anything about that..hopefully your OB can give you some more info in it..GL girl!
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lissie****, 38 weeks. - 52.1 hours ago - I'm set up for Dec 1 induction and likely have baby the 2nd if I make it to induction date (b/c induction set for the evening). I think I'll have a better idea on Tuesday what progress all these cramping/contractions are having on my cervix. Good luck!!! Oh and you know a lot of us are set up for induction on Dec 1-2 ish!
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lissie****, 38 weeks. - 52.1 hours ago - My last was induced a week late too. So I felt like baby just wouldn't come. I'm feeling though now like baby won't go a week over b/c my cramping and contractions suddenly worse and my face swollen etc. I think with your Dr saying probably won't make it that he/she really thinks based on what he/she sees that you most likely won't make it till induction. Of course though labor seems to be something that always surprises us. Taking longer or coming sooner than it may be expected. But 'most li ...
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Doda, 11 weeks. - 54.8 hours ago - wohooooo week 11 :) Not sure why sleepymom, but when I click on your profile it doesn't have your listed as pregnant although it does have your due date, maybe update your info and it will put you back on the list? How is everyone doing/?? last week of first trimester wohooo! Did any of you already announce your pregnancies? So far I've told close family and friends, I'm trying to think of a clever way to announce on FB, anyone have any good ideas?
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supermom87, 20 weeks. - 54.9 hours ago - I've been holding my belly trying to feel her move all day and nothing I gotta go to my ob Monday for my progesterone shot I'm just gonna ask her what could be going on
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loralb, 9 weeks. - 56.6 hours ago - I dont want to know gender until the end either, but my husband does. We already have a boy and girl, so we have all we need for either. Okay everyone, here is a topic that may gross some of us out...placenta encapsulation. Anyone done it or thought about it? I get post partum depressed and wonder if injesting placenta pills might help. I know it's common in some places.
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babylove5, 20 weeks. - 56.8 hours ago - My lil guy must be going through another growth spurt since I only have one symptom and that is being tired. I feel like everything I take in is going to him. My Braxton hicks have gone away for now, so that's a good thing.
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babylove5, 20 weeks. - 56.8 hours ago - Roo as long as the fluid doesn't increase and everything else looks normal then it shouldn't be a concern. Supermom I'm sure she moved and you probably didn't notice. Pay attention today and if you still don't feel her then you may want to go to the dr. just to be safe.
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mamaford77, 17 weeks. - 58.3 hours ago - Hello Week 17! We had the Harmony panel done last week, so just waiting on results now. My first trimester screen came back with all negative results, so I'm pretty sure we'll get good news. I am excited to find out gender a little earlier than my ultrasound though!
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supermom87, 20 weeks. - 60.2 hours ago - Have any of you went a whole day without feeling your baby move and every thing be ok? I didn't feel my baby move yesterday at all and I haven't felt her move this morning I'm worried but trying not to make a trip to the ER over nothing
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movnadia, 9 weeks. - 65.7 hours ago - Woop woop week 9!!!! Its still going really slow for me but I am getting more and more excited . Anyone else going in the comments from all the weeks? I do cause just on our week there is just not enough... will you all be finding out the gender? I didnt want to this time cause this will be our last baby and I wanted to be excited either way to find out at birth but my partner really wants to know.. he even says he will come on the 12 week scan just in case we see a penis lmao. I said no way but ...
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 69.8 hours ago - I'm excited that we're having a boy...but I really would of preferred to be surprised and I think i could of not asked the tech the sex if DH didn't want to know...but he did, so we found out!
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Sunshinebaby8, 20 weeks. - 71.3 hours ago - 20 weeks today!!! Half way there!!! WOOT! Feeling good these days, less tired THANK GOD!! Getting some projects done around the house and that makes me happy!! My next appointment is Tuesday, I think they will order the sonogram then. I'm excited to see the little kiddo.. but we wont' find out the sex :) Hope everyone is doing well :)
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 71.9 hours ago - Wow! Lot of boys for April 2015!! My family is super excited. There are almost 3times more girls in my family than boys! My brother being the youngest with 2 older sisters, a single mother home and 2 nieces....needless to say, he is thrilled!!!
Read all from week 20, 24 weeks. - 73.1 hours ago - cant wait 4 my 3D of my babygirl
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cnjsmum, 16 weeks. - 76.3 hours ago - So excited to now be 16wks. This pregnancy is flying by. Have been feeling flutters for over a week, but nothing at all over past 2 days, but ivebern really busy and usually only feel it when im still. 23 sleeps till my anatomy scan. Im going to have a surprise at birth, but my daughter and mother are both nagging me to find out. Im almost tempted, but know that I will be disappointed I didn't wait if I don't... It would be nice to know tho, lol. What are you all doing? Finding out and when? Or ...
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elleanasmama, 10 weeks. - 77.4 hours ago - I haven't gained any weight . but unfortunately Im way overweight :-(
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2xmommy2b, 39 weeks. - 78.3 hours ago - So my Dr agreed to induce me on December 2nd (wooohooo cuz I'm sooo ready!) but said I probably wouldn't make it to this date - just wondering if anyone else has been told they 'probably won't make it' and what that meant for them? My 6 yr old was a week late so I'm convinced I'll have to be induced with this baby too but looking for feedback - doc said I'm almost 3 cms dialated already...
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2xmommy2b, 38 weeks. - 78.4 hours ago - So my Dr agreed to induce me on December 2nd (wooohooo cuz I'm sooo ready!) but said I probably wouldn't make it to this date - just wondering if anyone else has been told they 'probably won't make it' and what that meant for them? My 6 yr old was a week late so I'm convinced I'll have to be induced with this baby too but looking for feedback - doc said I'm almost 3 cms dialated already...
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roo27, 20 weeks. - 79.3 hours ago - Found out we're having our second boy :) very pleased! During the u/s the technician found fluid in his kidneys though, seemed like they were playing it down as if it was nothing bit it's niggling at me and I'm wondering if any of you know if this is bad? Thanks!
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tazzysmumma, 16 weeks. - 79.5 hours ago - mamaford. How exciting :D i think i may have felt a couple of flutters the last few days. Though not clear enough for my to be 100% sure. Cant wait to feel those big kicks x
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machala-b, 20 weeks. - 80.1 hours ago - Congrats Sharper and Sher on your boys!!!
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sleepymom, 11 weeks. - 81 hours ago - Not sure why but my name hasn't been showing on the members list. anyone know why?
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sleepymom, 11 weeks. - 81 hours ago - Yay, 11 weeks a few days ago. BabyTwee a girl, congrats and hooray for your results!!!i agree time does seem to be going fast. I have two other little ones so that speeds things up, too busy this time around to notice time passing. Do you have any other kids?
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sleepymom, 10 weeks. - 81.1 hours ago - Not too bad weight wise, hovering around two to four pounds depending on time of day. Thankfully. With my other two I had gained more by this point. With my second I got stretch marks on the inside of my knees((I tend to gain in my legs first-sigh) . I agree tho, maternity clothes are way more comfy. I wear some of them even when I am not pregnant.
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sher-baby, 19 weeks. - 90.5 hours ago - Well we have a 12oz baby boy!! Congrats Mandy!
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blondiemom84, 27 weeks. - 90.8 hours ago - I can't hardly believe that I will be holding my 6th baby in only 13 short weeks!!! I am starting to retain lots of water and am feeling a tad miserable these days, and very bitchy. I feel so bad for my poor husband.
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lissie****, 37 weeks. - 91.5 hours ago - Found two of my awesome mommy friends of mine to watch my kids (they'll take 2 each).
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babylove5, 20 weeks. - 92.1 hours ago - Rjean they don't do those here unless there is a issue. They called in the main dr. And below the baby's head I could see the rest of the uterus with water. The Dr. Said he was trying to determine if my cervix was shortening at the top. I told him I just have a long uterus from having 5 babies but he said he wanted to see me again in a month to make sure the cervix is the same length. I had my 3rd at 35 weeks so they are being paranoid.
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babylove5, 20 weeks. - 92.2 hours ago - Sher and sharper congrats on your boy!!! Sher I hope you're ready for a rowdy lil boy.. Lol. They are so sweet though!
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lissie****, 37 weeks. - 93.2 hours ago - anxious mommy that happened to me before! I hope things happen for you for reals soon! I'm scheduled for Dec 1 to be induced. Though it will likely take until Dec 2 b/c they are starting in the evening. We will see. I think I could possibly get things going sooner but IM NOT READY!!! DH is out of town today for one thing and the whole Thanksgiving dinner to plan and execute for all the in-laws and my mom will get into town Thanksgiving Day. Though she is on some crazy diet and won't eat with us ...
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anxiousmami, 37 weeks. - 93.6 hours ago - @ lissie What day are you scheduled for your induction?
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anxiousmami, 37 weeks. - 93.9 hours ago - Letroise CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That's so awesome. Wow soon enough all our bundles will be here. I swore my water broke last night at midnight but waited til this morning to get checked out and ........ Apparently was pee but I swear it wasn't oh well though they didn't to an internal though so still just waiting and TRYING to be patient lol
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 95.1 hours ago - So we're back!! Baby looks perfect!! 12oz...Eeek!! That's a lil scary. So DH decided that he wanted to find out the the the verdict's a boy!!!! Whooo hooo!!!! His legs were spread sooo far apart, there's no denying it's a boy! And super super active!!! So all is good!
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HeatherT1029, 4 weeks. - 95.4 hours ago - Congratulations lea! Happy Birthday mamagris and congrats to you too!!
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babytwee, 11 weeks. - 97.8 hours ago - Hey there ladies!! I got the results of my Verifi chromosome abnormalities and I'm having a GIRL!!!! Yay!!
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 100.8 hours ago - Lol 'IF'
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sharper53, 20 weeks. - 100.8 hours ago - sher-baby cant wait to hear your news....IF you find out. :-)
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mamagris, 4 weeks. - 101.1 hours ago - Hi Ladies! I am officially in the 4th week and today is my birthday! I am trying to stay as positive as possible this time. A loss earlier this year, as to be expected, has me concerned. Really hoping this one sticks around :) Congrats to all you ladies, looking forward to moving along and growing with you all.
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lissie****, 37 weeks. - 101.8 hours ago - Oh wow congratulations Letroise!!!! (mine seem to like to come in the wee hours too ha ha)
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 102.2 hours ago - Sharper- YAAY!! I hope ur boy baby dust rubs off on me!!
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leashlush, 4 weeks. - 104.3 hours ago - I got my bfp this morning. So excited for this journey but scared too. I've had two miscarriages this year. Afraid to get too hopeful but at the same time it's worth it for just a chance to get a little one. Can't wait to tell the hubby.
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sharper53, 20 weeks. - 104.3 hours ago - Had our U/S yesterday, we are having another boy! We have one girl and one boy so this is boy #2!!!!
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letroise11, 37 weeks. - 105.5 hours ago - Tuesday I was 2cm with contractions, so went back Wednesday and was at 3. Sent me to the hospital and made me walk stairs for an hour. Finally got to 4cm. So they kept me in for the night and of course these babies come when their ready. So we had her at 4:21am Thursday morning. Wishing the rest of y'all the best.
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 106.4 hours ago - Rjean-I'm not sure! I want to be surprised but DH wanted to know. He may have had a change of heart but I guess we'll find out in a few hrs. My u/s is for 3pm so I will update u all! Curious to see how big my baby is! I wonder if he/she is as big as I feel! Lol
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supermom87, 20 weeks. - 107.9 hours ago - Halfway there I'm so excited finally saw the heart specialist and after wearing the heart monitor the doctor is checking my adrenal gland to see if that is the cause of my low Bp and low heart rate either way it not in a normal range never has been and I won't be able to breastfeed I'm so disappointed but I know I will have to take medicine to keep from having dizzy spells and blacking out spells
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RJean, 20 weeks. - 113.5 hours ago - Baby love-where I live it is common practice to check cervix length via internal u/s for every 20 week anatomy scan. I think it's more of a precaution than anything else (it's a ripe time for incompetent cervixs to start dilating). So you probably didn't look odd in the least-they're just being careful. :) And Sherbaby...what are you having?! Or are you keeping everything a surprise?
Read all from week 20, 6 weeks. - 115 hours ago - Had ultrasound done today. Found out I am pregnant and saw the heartbeat. Bitter sweet. I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. Miscarriage is a constant worry :(
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lissie****, 37 weeks. - 115.2 hours ago - heartburn is killing me tonight blah
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Dec Baby, 23 weeks. - 116.1 hours ago - 1st.time... I am the same, I think I've put on 8.5 kilograms😁 a little above the expected weight gain for this time! I think these months are going to go quick...especially December! I'm already in the Christmas spirit, I loooove this time of year😊
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mandykat760, 19 weeks. - 116.7 hours ago - I had my 20 week ultrasound today and the baby is 10oz.
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movnadia, 8 weeks. - 116.7 hours ago - Thanks loralb I too have a bad back but it seems even worse now being pregnant... I hope it will not get much worse... xxx
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loralb, 9 weeks. - 117.6 hours ago - Wow, not many people here. When I was pregnant 3 years ago, every week had at least 50 members! Well, I am happy to be in week 9 and I feel much better today compared to yesterday. I hear our hcg levels have peaked. I hope that is true. I'm exhausted and it's only 7:22 pm.
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babybuka, 6 weeks. - 121.2 hours ago - Anything4nikki I'm glad I'm not alone in that! My pants are so uncomfortable. I hate it! Part of me is wondering if I'm farther along than I think because of it. It's so weird. I didn't have this with either of my other children so early on. Weird. I'm going to the dr tomorrow so we shall see :)
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babylove5, 20 weeks. - 124.8 hours ago - I got to see my baby boy! He weighs 15 ounces so he is quite fat. They scared me to death at the u/s because the baby was already head down and she asked me to get undressed from the waist down to check if my cervix was long and closed with the vaginal ultra sound. Thank goodness it was. I'm not sure why they thought my cervix looked odd. The baby is healthy! Sher I hope your baby gives you a good view! I was disappointed my friend wasn't there I didn't get a 3 d
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lissie****, 37 weeks. - 126.4 hours ago - 3cm is pretty good in my book! But maybe it happens more slowly for you. I'm still not ready for baby yet! But my body is gearing up finally. I hope things progress slowly for me this time and that I'm good and ready for early Dec baby.
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1st.time.momma, 23 weeks. - 126.5 hours ago - Yay a new week. It's crazy to think how fast these months have gone by. I have a dr appt next week. Havent been hungry much lately but boy have I gained weight.
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sher-baby, 20 weeks. - 128 hours ago - Hope everything goes well Babylove! I have my u/s tomorrow. I still don't want to find out the gender and DH is on the fence. He wants to know but might be ok with it being a surprise. Either way I'll let u ladies know tomorrow what the verdict is...boy, girl, or a surprise !
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HeatherT1029, 4 weeks. - 129.5 hours ago - Hello ladies! I got a few BFP HPT's on Tuesday, Wednesday and another 2 today!! I had my confirmation doctors appointment yesterday and I am due July 29!!! Yay!! I have always wanted to have a baby in July so I'm soo very excited!! I already have 2 beautiful girls so I would love to have a boy this time, since this one is going to be our last. How are you ladies feeling? I'm quiet moody and tired but feeling really good otherwise.
Read all from week 4, 6 weeks. - 130.1 hours ago - babybuka, I'm also feeling bloated! It's to the point where I feel uncomfortable when my pants are buttoned so I've been using the rubberband trick with my jeans. I wake up feeling fine but by lunch time my stomach feels big and full. This is similar to how I felt when I was pregnant with my second child who is a boy. For some reason, when I was pregnant with my girls I didn't feel bloated and my pants didn't seem to feel tight. I even wore my regular jeans until I was 6 months pregnant with the ...
Read all from week 6, 6 weeks. - 130.2 hours ago - , I also experienced extreme hunger before I took a test. I woke up one morning and I was starving. Now that my extreme morning sickness hit (it came over the weekend) it's difficult for me to eat. The thought of food makes me want to vomit. Let me know how the test goes. If it is positive then that would be great! If the test comes up negative then you can look forward to the next cycle. I'm honestly surprised I got pregnant when I did because me and my partner only B ...
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babybuka, 6 weeks. - 132.1 hours ago - 6 weeks today! I got to my first Dr's appointment tomorrow! This is my 3rd and I feel SO bloated already. Seems crazy but my clothes are all tighter and I'm self conscious because not a lot of people know yet. Is it normal so soon??
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anxiousmami, 37 weeks. - 132.5 hours ago - I thought I did my progress report. So at my apt Monday I was barely dilated to a 3 and half way effaced. And she said a -2 station. So yeah good times. Tryna stay busy at work and such to help time pass on by. Hope everyone is in good health!
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mandykat760, 19 weeks. - 140.3 hours ago - I had a 5lb baby and 6lb, this kid will be 10! Haha
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Dec Baby, 23 weeks. - 140.4 hours ago - Hello 23 weeks! Well, I didn't have sensitive bb's at the start of my pregnancy but from 12 weeks to about 20 weeks I couldn't stand them to be knocked! We're all good now...hehe I've started to notice some braxton hicks contractions...I seem to trigger them off if I bend over or squat😬 I'll have to be a bit careful not to trigger the real deal especially having had prem labours before! I really want 28 weeks to hurry up and get here, a good safe zone to reach for baby! Hope you girls are g ...
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MamaSantos8, 7 weeks. - 140.8 hours ago - Ugh jewjew I understand that feeling! yesterday was the first day I have felt ok in two weeks. I hope it lasts. I hope you feel better. I have a non napping 3 year old so I am exhausted with ya!
Read all from week 7, 6 weeks. - 147.3 hours ago - yea I will try and test just scared to do but I will that is how I am feeling right now queasy light head need to sleep boobs hurt only sometimes not how they would when af is on her way i feel tighness but not sure if it uterus or not. And hungery more then usual but now i feel stuffed as of yesterday like if i eat i will explode and peeing alot for a week now I am running to the bathroom all the time. And week as if I have no energy
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loralb, 8 weeks. - 148 hours ago - movnadia...yes. ug. I get that and plantar faciatis (which sends shocks through my feet). I have a really bad back. Ob appt is an obstetric can be with a midwife, dr, obstetrician, or whoever you choose to see during pregnancy.
Read all from week 8, 6 weeks. - 148 hours ago -, I had the classic pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms I had were sore boobs, feeling tired (it wasn't extreme, just had the need for a mid day nap), and I felt kind of queasy at times around the time I found out but nausea wasn't bad (at least not this time around). A few days before I found out I was cleaning and doing laundry and I felt a sudden sense of dizziness and felt lightheaded to the point I had to have a seat for about a minute or two. I also had minor cramps an ...
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