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elequin, 9 weeks. - 1.2 hours ago - And yes re the mayo poisoning. Only thing I ate that the rest of my family Didn't. Am still recovering, have managed a banana smoothie today and vegemite on a toasted muffin, but that's it. :/
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elequin, 9 weeks. - 1.3 hours ago - :( had an ultrasound today, and while I am super relieved that there is only one baby in there, it's measuring only 8weeks and 0 days. Hoping that all is ok - according to my dates I thought I should be 9 weeks and 3 days? Heartbeat was 174 and everything else looked normal, so am thinking girl.
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Dec Baby, 9 weeks. - 2.2 hours ago - elequin...awww you poor thing! Did you really get food poisoning from mayo? I haven't cut this one out of my diet, I didn't connect the raw egg thing! I also eat low fat cream cheese, I'm going to have to google to see if that's allowed?! I hope you're feeling better soon. mommynwifey5...hats off to you, seriously, you are super mum:)
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 30 weeks. - 3 hours ago - Week 30..woooohooooo :o) xx
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snooks, 31 weeks. - 3.1 hours ago - I am so tired I can barely function. I'm boarderline gestational diabetic, on Lovenox blood thinners, low blood pressure and maybe anemic? I had a steak today, just in case. I sure don't want iron shots to give me constipation on top of it all. Ugh. So bored and tired of not having the energy to do anything fun. I feel summer slipping away and eight months of snow looming down on me. boo hoo.
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alismom2, 9 weeks. - 4 hours ago - Heidi sorry this is so late but im in school and doing my internship plus i have a daughter whose turning 2 next month so planning her is horrible but i have no Dh is awesome as hello take over my house work when i just can't and my MiL lives right next door and will grab my daughter food dinner etc but sometimes you just can't do anything don't feel bad only time i feel bad is when ot comes to my daughter because she doesn't understand why im not being myself...well all m ...
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halesss7410, 8 weeks. - 4.6 hours ago - My first two were also at 8 weeks but this appt is at 11weeks 'sept 9' :( ugh. Not that they really do anything more than preg test, pap, and paper work... I would at least get to maybe get a good due date! Lol. I'm guessing on my last af. I'm still Breastfeeding and my periods are wacky from that. I'm pretty sure I'm 8 wks give or take a couple of days... But I'm not going to tell them that. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a dating scan. I may get a small scan this Friday. I used to work at ...
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mommylh, 8 weeks. - 5.5 hours ago - Same here Halesss, I haven't had my first appointment yet either. For some reason I remember with my first two it being at around 8 weeks, but this time around it's not till 11 weeks, which seems real strange to me.
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NICOLA2010, 17 weeks. - 5.6 hours ago - yep have appt on tues morning.. cant wait lol.. yeah ur right cant help feeling so strange u know what i mean.. it appears my belly is growing.. but thats not enough for me weird eh.. its like its so close to being able to feeling baby and just a hollow feelin. right now of nothing there.. just dying to feel baby.. its amazing how ur love is stronger everytime u have a baby
Read all from week 17, 10 weeks. - 7.8 hours ago - 10 weeks today! Feeling pretty good! Had an ultrasound Monday and saw the little nugget dancing around.
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pumpkinfairy, 7 weeks. - 9.2 hours ago - I called my ob today my appointment is Sept 4th, I'll be almost 9 weeks! my symptoms are good, heartburn, gas, cramps, headaches, very sore boobies, constipation, fatigue, and I swear I can smell someones b/o from a mile away (yuck)so I'm all good in that area. I do have a 'ball' type feeling where my uterous is and I cant remember if thats normal or not, but I do know it hurts to suck in my stomache now lol
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elequin, 9 weeks. - 9.6 hours ago - You know that list of foods women are supposed to avoid when preg? Def avoid the mayonnaise. Food poisoning :( God I have been so unwell the last 24 hrs. I thought it was ms and had a shot of maxilon at drs last night, which is supposed to stop u vomiting - did nothing. Only stopped when I had chucked everything in my entire guts up from the last 24 hrs. Very glad hubby has stayed home today to look after us all xxx
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sher-baby, 6 weeks. - 9.8 hours ago - supama - I too had a weird feeling that i was going to have twins too but after seeing the U/S yesterday in emerg. i saw one sac, one lil bean and he was attached to my uterus. so inless there is another one hiding, i'm sure i only hgave one lil bean *phew*
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sher-baby, 6 weeks. - 9.8 hours ago - ok thanks alot holz8519!! im going to ask when i go on Friday. we haven't had sex since i got my BFP. i know its suppose to be safe to have sex while preg and that it wont cause a m/c but I'm still to scared to and DH understands that!!
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sarah6485, 39 weeks. - 10.6 hours ago - I've been bowling tonight with the kids and then done the deed again so far lots braxtons and cramps again bet it it's all stopped again by morning though :-/ Aslong as it's doing something gradually πŸ‘
Read all from week 39, 17 weeks. - 10.8 hours ago - NICOLA2010 - You have an appointment next week right??? Hopefully it goes by nice and fast! I also have an appointment on Monday and very excited to hear heart beat! I was luck enough to hear the heart beat at my last appointment at 13 weeks but this is that weird stage where you dont feel too pregnant and get so unsure and nervous..I get that..I bet everything is just fine though!
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NICOLA2010, 17 weeks. - 11.3 hours ago - .. yay im 17 weeks on mondsy.. coming along.. im anxious right nos the baby isnt meant to be.. i just cant wait to hear heartbeat
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mommynwifey5, 9 weeks. - 11.4 hours ago - Oh that's not even close to what I do oldest pays basketball so its practice or games everyday.....4 of the 6 children are in school so homework takes over an hour to do so I have to cook while doing hub works 13 hour days 6 days a week so I'm a single mom till sat I give all baths clean everything alone run them to and from school and after school things everyday and work 7 hours a day also while being pregnant with twins......and I love every second of it
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 11.9 hours ago - oh boy hmm he may be uncomfy on the floor can he lay on pile of blankets? i never got constipated with my daughter.. not much with my son either.. maybe cos i have two kids i dont get to take care of myself so much... i hope he sleeps better soon.. can u try the crib again? put new bedtimeullabye toy or something in his crib?
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matoks, 29 weeks. - 12.2 hours ago - awwww av really missed everybody but its so sad dat is only bonita dat has me in mind,so so so sad,,bonita thanks i feel being loved am fine dear we just subscribe on our internet not quite long......
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mammaramirez, 33 weeks. - 12.9 hours ago - I am hanging in there, just dealing with the general discomfort that the third trimester brings as our bodies stretch and baby grows. Out of breath, have to pee and sore all over. Based on my due date, I have less than 7 weeks left to go... based on my hunch... I'll probably be waiting until after my due date for him to get here.
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leanbean, 34 weeks. - 12.9 hours ago - MOMII~ I hear ya, but at the same time, I can't wait! hahahah.... MZHO~ I'm sorry things are so stressful. Hope that these next few weeks go by quickly for you and all is well. Hang in there.
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jojo, 29 weeks. - 14.6 hours ago - Aww bless hope little Maya feels better soon.. such a shame you had to go back to work this week hun.. sounds like you could have done with cwtching up in bed with her.. is it next Thurs your scan is? I'm betting she's grown.. the more your now able to eat the more I think she'll catch up as the weeks go on. Fingers and toes crossed for you twinny.. I'm ok can't believe it's only Tues and I am exhausted being back at work. . So don't want to be there this week I just keep thinking get this week ...
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heidi7, 9 weeks. - 14.6 hours ago - yes my kids are watching way too much tv these days unfortunately. all those summer activities i would love to be doing with them… oh well next summer should be extra special!! i had lost 4 lbs, then i started taking the meds and have gained all that back and then some. my clothes are already fitting tight and my stomach sticks out. its my 3rd pregnancy and I'm sure some of it is bloating. but i can definitely tell my uterus is playing a role too:) whats everyone eating? I'm cheese, apples, ha ...
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floydianslip2, 8 weeks. - 15.3 hours ago - Halesss - when is your first appointment?
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Dec Baby, 10 weeks. - 17 hours ago - Hi 1stmom27 congratulations! My due date is just a few days after you! I'm pregnant with baby number 9! We have an awesome big family and everyone is pretty excited about another brother or sister:) I cannot wait to get over 1st trimester, I usually start to feel so much better after 12 weeks!
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supama, 6 weeks. - 17 hours ago - Yeah,i feel the difference in the gas pain, and i feel stretching pain already in my round ligaments-especially when i roll over in bed. But the cramping is low in the middle like bad menstrual cramps and they dont let up. With my daughter 4 yrs ago, i remember feeling them but not as severe.she was #3 after 8 yrs, so i assumed my body felt like it was the 1st time all over again. Then i dreamt i started bleeding last night & woke up mid dream to bad cramping. I go 2moro for an u/s. twins run i ...
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halesss7410, 8 weeks. - 17.5 hours ago - Emma keep us updated! *floydianslip- I feel better. Same as you, first half of the day I have felt better and then I feel miserable by the end of the day. I haven't even had my first doctors appt and everyone else has seen their babies:( I'm still so nervous to tell the world and I'm just waiting until I can see the baby:) My girls heart rates were always 178 and 179 this early on:) I hope you get your girl. We are doing surprise gender this time I think and we are hoping for a boy but I wo ...
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mandykat760, 6 weeks. - 18 hours ago - This is my third and I'm cramping way more than my first two. I think it's mostly gas pain tho. No morning sickness yet which is also new.
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monica28, 32 weeks. - 18.1 hours ago - I had my doctor apt yesterday and they did a very short ultra sound. and my big boy weighs 5ilbs and 5 oz already....she said my due date based on his size is now 10/1/2014 but I will still go by 10/07/2014....seeing him yesterday made me even more anxious to meet him. how are you ladies
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monica28, 33 weeks. - 18.1 hours ago - I had my doctor apt yesterday and they did a very short ultra sound. and my big boy weighs 5ilbs and 5 oz already....she said my due date based on his size is now 10/1/2014 but I will still go by 10/07/2014....seeing him yesterday made me even more anxious to meet him. how are you ladies
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holz8519, 6 weeks. - 18.4 hours ago - Sherbaby I ask cause if its what i think it is depending on the size its fluid that build usually between the placenta and uterus and if it gets too big it can cause miscarriage, preterm labor or stillbirth. Most times the body absorbs the extra fluid on its own and you ob just watches it and usually advise you to not have sex or anything strenuous. Sometimes they get worse or dont resolve and can cause issues that why i asked if it was considered large or small. They are really common and usu ...
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sher-baby, 6 weeks. - 18.4 hours ago - For me I have a hard time figuring out if the cramps I'm feeling are from my uterus or gas!!! I think a lot of mine cramps are caused by gas...I usually feel better when I couple 'loose'..LOL!
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floydianslip2, 8 weeks. - 18.4 hours ago - Finally made it to week 8! Emma, I'm sure you've had your scan by now and I hope that it went well. Halesss, good to see you in here! How are you feeling? My symptoms seem to be easing up for the most part. I usually feel pretty good for the first part of the day, then by the end of the day I feel terrible. Weird how that happens! I had an ultrasound yesterday and saw the little bean, it's heartrate was 178 BPM! Both of my boys were in the 160 range, so this seems high, but the ultrasound tech s ...
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floydianslip2, 7 weeks. - 18.6 hours ago - Shellybelly, good luck, keep us posted! I'm off to week 8, but I'll pop back in for an update. :) Pumpkin, I can't even imagine! I hope your OB can see you ASAP and give you some peace of mind. How are your symptoms?
Read all from week 7, 17 weeks. - 18.8 hours ago - Hello week 17!
Read all from week 17, 16 weeks. - 18.9 hours ago - NICOLA2010- I've been constipated as well this week..prunes work ok for me..but nothing really helps that much lol my doc says once you dont have a uterus pushing on your bowels it'll get better..gee thanks doc! haha..and yes i feel so happy i felt baby sure you will soon, no need to worry but I get it..I'm a worry wart when I'm pregnant can be frustrating! I'm off to week 17 today..if anyone is even in there lol looks quiet.
Read all from week 16, 16 weeks. - 18.9 hours ago - NICOLA2010- the mattress on his floor is his crib mattress and then he has his bed as his other option! We didn't have a good night last night..he woke up at 4am and didn't go back down til at least 6 and woke again at 730 - he's a real treat today lol! It sucks cuz when he wakes up he doesn't want to go back down. which is SO unlike him..i hate having these issues we've never had them before lol!!!!
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dawnofbaby3please, 6 weeks. - 19.1 hours ago - I'm still getting cramps too. Painful at times
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sher-baby, 6 weeks. - 19.3 hours ago - Holz- thats a good question! I have no idea. The dr didn't seem to concerned. The exact verbiage is 'Adjacent Subchorionic Bleed a 1.6 x 2.1 x 2.6 cm' would that mean a hematoma?? I have no clue..I guess I should of asked. I have another appt on Friday to see the urgent gynecology clinic, I'll ask them what exactly what this thing is and should I worry.
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cheerlover2003, 39 weeks. - 19.6 hours ago - Thanks Sarah. I will try to do more walking. I was hoping being active with my 2 other kiddos was enough but I will have to get more serious or just more patient :)
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holz8519, 6 weeks. - 19.6 hours ago - Sherbaby- when they said you have adjacent subchorionic bleed did they say you have a Subchorionic hematoma? typically that would be the reason for a subchorionic bleed. If so did they say it was large or small are they going to keep an eye on it with additional ultrasounds?
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holz8519, 6 weeks. - 19.9 hours ago - Supama Yes i am on 7th pregnancy hopefully 4th baby. I have also been having cramping on and off no spotting and my back has been sore the past few days too. I went for my first OB appointment yesterday and go for my first ultrasound tomorrow so were praying we get to see baby's heart beat. IDK if its all the stretching or what but yes making me paranoid as heck.
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pumpkinfairy, 7 weeks. - 20.9 hours ago - floydianslip-no they did transvag, but this is the place that does abortions=planned parenthood, today I'm calling my regular obgyn to make an appointment, as I should be turning 7 weeks thur or fri by planned parenthoods dates
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Baby ali, 38 weeks. - 20.9 hours ago - rutzy- goodluck it's excitingπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Read all from week 38, 38 weeks. - 21.4 hours ago - Thanks rutzy. And sarah. Baby ali i know trust me im not so big on ot either thats really the only thing that works for me to naturally induce labor! So i just kind of deal with the pain lol. Its not harmful pain juat a lil uncomfortable at times where as other times it actually feels good! Haha
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Rutzy14, 38 weeks. - 22.4 hours ago - Super Excited to meet my little man on Friday. Not looking forward to the c-section but this not my first rodeo: ) Good luck to all you other mama's: )
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Baby ali, 38 weeks. - 24 hours ago - Laura- must be hard for you not being able to buy things for the baby dnt worry hopefuly ul be able to soon, and my hubby wants sex 24/7 but I defo dnt it's as and wen for me it disappints him majority of the time lol but I dnt care sex is the last thing on my mind nowadays and wen I become pregnant I get put of from begining which must be hard for him. all mens are different for some it's mating seson (mine, shame he hardly gets it lolz) and for others they not that keen wen wives r preg, dnt g ...
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sarah6485, 39 weeks. - 26.7 hours ago - Cheer lover stay active I had to have a big walk and go up some big steps to get it going properly as I had contractions every 10 mins for a whole day so went on a big walk and bam every 3 mins they started coming but as I say my friends first sweep worked mine took 2nd sweep to get it going good luck :)
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sarah6485, 38 weeks. - 26.8 hours ago - Baby Ali sounds like our bodies out all gearing up for the big day it's just a case of when it's going to happen I get signs upto a week or 2 before mine actually happens. I have kept meaning to make love again but been falling fast asleep hahaha πŸ‘
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sarah6485, 38 weeks. - 26.8 hours ago - Good luck Laura :)
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morenazachihuahuense, 33 weeks. - 27.3 hours ago - Excited!! 6 more weeks or less and i will meet my lil chunky monkey!! So in love with him, just had my 3d/4d done yesterday and he looks chubby as he can be. Due to having diabetes, ill be getting another scan next week to see how big he is looking..... i measured at 37 weeks last week :-/ .
Read all from week 33, 38 weeks. - 27.8 hours ago - Well the same as everyone else today i woke up and i had that weird painful cramp in my left upper thigh particular butt cheek and left side and lower back super freakin painful. Especially when i had to go number to! Also yes get that feeling that babys head is right inside my V. Light Light contractions tonight but just speratic. Then i got a really bad head ache this evening and took a tylonal and it didnt stop completely so hr and a half later took one more and its still here! Havent had a h ...
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cheerlover2003, 39 weeks. - 28.1 hours ago - My doc said she normally won't so them but because I am a VBAC momma and my cervix was 'very soft' and 2 cm she thought I was a good candidate. I really knew nothing about it so I almost said no but I also really want labor to start because I'm tried of these contractions that just fizzle away and do nothing.. But I'm still here, 18 hours after the sweep so I guess it's not working, although I read that it can still happen up to 3 days later due to a sweep..
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supama, 6 weeks. - 28.1 hours ago - Question though, mommas, this is #4 for me, but the 'cramps' are soooo much worse this time, am i the only one feeling these growing pains so severely this time?? (those of u on #3, 4, or more??) No spotting, but oh my.
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supama, 6 weeks. - 28.3 hours ago - Lol MANDYKAT, ive been texting my eldests' father (my ex) all week and blew up bc he wouldnt respond...then realized i was texting to his email, not his phone. Dont think he's happy to accept my apology, but im not telling him pregnancy brain + pregnancy anger were the culprit.
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shellybelly81, 7 weeks. - 29.6 hours ago - Floyd i hope i hear mine tomorrow!
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 29.9 hours ago - blah so im constipated again.. buying prunes tommorow
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 29.9 hours ago - ur lucky uve felt baby move.. im worried sillly i know.. as its early
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 29.9 hours ago - did u try having him sleep on his crib matress or a different matress.. if his crib matress he may not like it
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 29.9 hours ago - aww ur welcome we r in it together.. ive had some really rough times with my kids sleep situation.. oh wow and the floor is ok for him.. whatever works. right.. some kids actually like sleeping on the floor maybe put the matress beside him one day he may decide to sleep on the matress and then into an actual bed... my daughter whos almost 4 has never slept with a pillow lol.. and sleeps with blanket over her head.. she sleeps on her belly.. they r all different..
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bonitadiane, 30 weeks. - 30.1 hours ago - Hello week 30. Wow, 10 more to go.
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bonitadiane, 29 weeks. - 30.2 hours ago - Hello ladies... sorry been busy trying to keep my niece who came to stay with us for a week busy. Talk about exhausting always being on the go. Lol she went back home yesterday. I had my 3 hour glucose test yesterday. Pureeee torture. I'm not even sure that stuff is healthy. I felt sooo sick first hour and forced keeping myself from puking. Talk about worst feeling ever. I'm so glad it's over. Not sure when I'll get results. Think I'll call office tomorrow to see if they have them i ...
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shellybelly81, 7 weeks. - 30.4 hours ago - babylove, good luck!!
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happy1, 6 weeks. - 30.5 hours ago - Hi everyone. Funny usually not too bad but the other day i filled my car with gas and left the tank and cover wide open. So it begins. Im six weeks today and excited for the first us on friday, this pregnancy is from a frozen embryo transfer so friday will tell me if its one or two inside. Im excited and nervous. Fun to hear what everyone else is experiencingl
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mandykat760, 6 weeks. - 31 hours ago - Any funny moments yet? Yesterday I put dinner in the oven and two hours later I realized I never turned it on. Pregnacy brain has hit!
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Baby ali, 38 weeks. - 31.5 hours ago - made love with hubby as he was dying for it and I need something to happen LOLOLOL me and my peg legπŸ˜… hope it helps with labour πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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glowingwith2, 31 weeks. - 32.9 hours ago - Off to 32! Keep them rolling by! :) Feeling great now that my sprained ankle is almost better.
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mmdoll, 8 weeks. - 33.4 hours ago - Good luck Emma. I hope it all works out for you at the scan.
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Baby ali, 38 weeks. - 33.6 hours ago - fnouf- ur profiles says 2 children now mine says 6 lolzπŸ‘€ got my mattress delivered today LOL only the bed left now πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I feel the same about baby trying to pop out sometimes, but got no pains tho, my daughter 3 and 2 year old are sooooooo excited to have the baby home after recieving the Moses basket lol they can't wait for the baby LOLzz dnt no wat it will be like with 3 kids under 4 years old hope I dnt end up ripping my hair outπŸ˜“πŸ˜“
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RachRiv, 20 weeks. - 33.8 hours ago - Thank you.. I have to take more tests Thursday
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sarah6485, 38 weeks. - 34.2 hours ago - Brandy mine have all been vaginal births sorry can't help
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sarah6485, 39 weeks. - 34.2 hours ago - I had a sweep last baby first sweep I lost my plug 2nd sweep started contractions and I had her that evening but yes you do have to be favourable for a sweep if your cervix is high and closed they can't do one. I tried to have one at 39 weeks and was high and closed but come 40 weeks I was 1 cm soft by 2nd sweep I was 2cm more effaced it definatly helped get things moving. My friend due same time had one sweep and had the baby 8 hours later πŸ‘
Read all from week 39, 16 weeks. - 34.5 hours ago - NICOLA2010- I also got my hubby to take over the past couple nights for bed routine because I was having a hard time..I wonder if that made a difference last night?? He didn't actually sleep on the mattress lol still on the floor but oh's a start..i don't care where he sleeps as long as he sleeps!!
Read all from week 16, 16 weeks. - 34.6 hours ago - NICOLA2010 - thank you for the encouragement! I also forget I'm pregnant because I'm so busy with my son and my home daycare..i cannot wait to feel this baby moving! I have felt baby a few times now but not often enough to be completely sure and satisfied lol!!!
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holz8519, 6 weeks. - 34.9 hours ago - glad to hear everything is ok sherbaby. I went for my first ob today and I have my sono scheduled for Thursday afternoon.
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Jas77, 6 weeks. - 35.2 hours ago - Yay that's great :-)
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brandyb1984, 38 weeks. - 35.3 hours ago - Anyone had a successful VBAC?
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floydianslip2, 7 weeks. - 35.6 hours ago - Had my first doctor appt today! Everything looked great, the little guy's heart rate was 178 bpm, nice and strong!
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 35.8 hours ago - i will pop into week 17 with u too.. im 16 weeks and 1 day.. parenting sure can be hard.. i often forget im pregnant.. cos ihave 2 already... im going crazy tilli feel movemet and kicks.. i have a dr appt next tues.. dying to hear hb
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NICOLA2010, 16 weeks. - 35.9 hours ago - yay... i knew sleeping on matress on floor woukd be better.. slot of kids sleep on matress befofe going to bigger bed.. its weird how the prefer it.. im thinking i prob put my son on a matress when he outgrows his crib.. he already naps on a matress on floor right now.. prob use tht matress when hes done withr crib.. u did right thing not stayinv in the room.. i stayed in rm with my daugher prob why she kept waking in the night.. with my son i sit ona cbair behind his c ...
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sarah6485, 38 weeks. - 36.2 hours ago - Fnouf I'd swap if I could hehe I'm only asking my baby comes 29th 30th august instead 1st 3rd sept so it will be year below my daughter at school my first due date I had was 29th august πŸ‘
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jojo, 29 weeks. - 36.6 hours ago - Aww bless hope little Maya feels better soon.. such a shame you had to go back to work this week hun.. sounds like you could have done with cwtching up in bed with her.. is it next Thurs your scan is? I'm betting she's grown.. the more your now able to eat the more I think she'll catch up as the weeks go on. Fingers and toes crossed for you twinny.. I'm ok can't believe it's only Tues and I am exhausted being back at work. . So don't want to be there this week I just keep thinking get this week ...
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jojo09 1 pink 1 blue, 29 weeks. - 36.7 hours ago - Sorry sorry, am here! :o) I have been absolutely shattered - my little girl Maya hasnt been too well since Saturday and I have been having sleepless nights with her and I went back to work yesterday after 2wks off so I am beyond tired, my eyes r stinging! How r u doing lovely? I'm ok besides being tired, i'm enjoying the movements- I think she has changed positions so i'm getting less big kicks and more water sensations...sounds odd that but hard to describe what i'm feeling haha I cant stop thi ...
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tnt-surprisebaby2, 39 weeks. - 36.8 hours ago - Never had membranes swept, but I hear it doesn't do much if your body just isn't ready to go into labor or your cervix isn't ripe. Doctor's appointment yesterday, he's been wanting to induce because of high blood pressure, but the baby just has not dropped at all! Have to go back again Thursday, but I have a feeling the baby won't drop until I go into labor. So far, cervix is still high and only 1cm. My body was much more prepared with my first baby :-(
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LiLBean5, 13 weeks. - 38.2 hours ago - Hi ladies there is a secret FB group for Iap for feb/ march due dates if you want in send me a request at the original admin puts everyone as admin so we can add new ppl. :)
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LiLBean5, 13 weeks. - 38.2 hours ago - Hi mommyluv it's great to see you here! I hope everything gets better as it's the 2nd trimester now!!
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mandykat760, 6 weeks. - 38.7 hours ago - Great news
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Emma0205, 8 weeks. - 39.4 hours ago - Hi everybody! I am 8 weeks today! All of my levels are good and seen the heartbeat at 6w1d. Went in on Friday and they said there was no heartbeat. I have had four consecutive m/c with no medical reasons as to why after numerous tests. Going back in today for my miracle scan. I am still having strong symptoms with no spotting so I am praying they were wrong. Any one out there ever had this happen with a happy ending?
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sher-baby, 6 weeks. - 39.8 hours ago - Ok! I can relax now...*phew* 5hrs later and things look good! I saw my lil jelly bean with his heart beating out of his chest just like it should, heart rate hcg is 75,157!! (Whoo hoo) and I'm measuring 6w 3d's (4mm...hehe!) They say I had 'adjacent subchorionic bleed'..(huh??) but she said it's nothing to worry about and I have a small cyst on my right ovary. But I'm feeling much better!
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fnouf, 38 weeks. - 39.8 hours ago - baby does feel super low, keeps feeling like the head has popped out and its between my legs when I walk ... def have the pregnant lady waddle down right now lol. I'll keep fingers crossed you birth soon, if you keep yours crossed that I hold out till Sept lol. Would say can we swap due dates but my eldests bday is the 4th September so perhaps the 3rd is a little close. Although from my calculations I was due on the 3rd hehe.
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sarah6485, 38 weeks. - 40.2 hours ago - Fnouf I am having the cramps and shooting in the vagina midwife said today it baby dropping down there also feel like a baby hand is gona burst though my cervix haha weird sensation. Took kids to play world today let them all run round for couple hours while I had a catch up with my mummy friends then treated kids at the shops after to some toys each but now I feel really crampy achy not sure if it's anything starting to change down there hope it is :) be nice to have baby next week
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fnouf, 38 weeks. - 40.3 hours ago - haha think my profile is screwed! Says I have 51 children! Ali does the photo I posted look normal to you? It's all stretched out funny on mine. The one in the reddish dress
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fnouf, 38 weeks. - 40.5 hours ago - Ali, don't worry about induction, at least you can make arrangements
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fnouf, 39 weeks. - 40.5 hours ago - had one with first, didn't do anything x
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halesss7410, 8 weeks. - 41 hours ago - I'm in week 8 now (yesteday) how are y'all?
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jojo, 29 weeks. - 41.2 hours ago - Where's everyone gone.. hope your both ok getting a bit worried xxx
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cheerlover2003, 39 weeks. - 42 hours ago - I'm feeling hopeful because I had my membranes stripped about 4 hours ago. This is my 3rd baby but first time I've done a sweep. Anyone else have any experience with a membrane sweep?
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mandykat760, 6 weeks. - 42.1 hours ago - Good luck sweetie. You bp will be high from the stress.
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babylove5, 7 weeks. - 42.1 hours ago - I talked with my Dr. this morning and told her about the spotting. She said 50 percent of women that have spotting go on to have healthy babies. She did say my progesterone levels were extremely high which is a good sign that the pregnancy is fine but it can indicate twins, molar pregnancy, or that I'm off on my dates. She has me set up for a ultrasound Thursday.
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