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Month by month Triplet calendar: pregnancy in month 1
You are trying to conceive.

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If you are trying to get pregnant, you should look at your lifestyle and make sure that you and your spouse are ready to handle the responsibility of becoming parents. Make sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet, drink lots of fluids and begin taking prenatal vitamins. You will not know right away whether or not you are carrying more than one baby. Treat your body well and take care of yourself.

Pregnancies are dated from the date of your last period, so for the first two weeks you are not actually pregnant! However, your babies will be conceived by the end of the second week. During the third week, you will actually be pregnant! You will not know that you are pregnant yet because you have not yet had a missed period. However, so much is going on inside of you at this time! Your babies are developing quite rapidly. During this time, the baby's brain, bladder, liver, kidneys, spine, extremities, reproductive tracts and heart are all beginning to develop. By week four, you should be expecting your period to arrive. If you take a test now, you might get a positive sign! Congratulations! Your babies are very tiny at this point and a little smaller than a grain of rice.

Pregnancy symptoms are usually hightened when more than one baby is developing. The symptoms may arrive earlier as well. An increased frequency of urination is a common complaint early (and throughout) pregnancy for most women. The uterus is beginning to grow and put pressure on the bladder, therefore making it hold less urine than normal and sending you to the restroom more frequently. If you experience burning or pain during urination, contact your caregiver.

Morning sickness and nausea may be worse with a triplet pregnancy. Although it rarely becomes serious, it can be frustrating. Nausea and vomiting can happen at any time of the day. Eating frequent, small meals should help ease your stomach. Many women also experience a hightened sense of smell and may experience an aversion to certain smells and tastes.

A triplet pregnancy seems to cause more heartburn, and does so earlier in the pregnancy. This is because your uterus is larger. Antacids will help with heartburn symptoms for most women. Rather than lying down after a meal, take a short walk or sit straight up for a while to aide in the digestion of your food. You may also notice that you feel constipated. Drink lots of water and increase your fiber intake.

Breast tenderness is a common symptom of early pregnancy. Breast tenderness and swelling seem to increase in women who are expecting triplets. You may also notice a darkening of the areola-the circle around the nipple on the breast. Support your breasts properly during pregnancy.

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