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Month by month Triplet calendar: pregnancy in month 4
You are 4 months pregnant.

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Each of the three babies are now considered a fetus and will weigh approximately 120 grams at the end of the fourth month. This month the babies will begin their practice breathing by inhaling and exhaling. All of the babies eyes and ears continue to develop. Although most likely a reflex, your babies are beginning to make gestures with their hands. The placenta is still providing all of the nutrients that the babies need. By fourteen weeks, your babies are about half of the size of a banana. Mothers of triplets might be able to feel their babies movements earlier and this could occur at any time. By four months, a mother carrying twins usually looks like she is already seven months pregnant! You are definitely wearing maternity clothes now and strangers will be asking when you are due!

Your nausea should be diminishing or may even be completely gone. You should be enjoying a hearty appetite. At times you may feel ravenous and that is okay. Follow the dietary guidelines that your caregiver has given you and enjoy nourishing your babies!! Just remember that you do not need to actually eat for four-you and the three babies growing inside of you. You do need extra calories, but not that many. If you are still experiencing cravings, that is fine, but do discuss any extreme cravings with your doctor. You may need an additional supplement or vitamin.

Some common complaints around this time of your pregnancy might include, swelling of the feet, anemia, bleeding gums, breast tenderness, constipation, nasal stuffiness and increased heart rate. All of these are considered normal.

Your doctor will be assessing many factors of the pregnancy at this checkup. Address any questions or concerns at this time. You may have an ultrasound to assess the babies condition. Your caregiver will most likely offer you the AFP test to check for abnormalities. Your caregiver will also be checking:
1.) Weight gain
2.) Blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate
3.) Heart and lungs
4.) Breast exam
5.) External palpation of the uterus
6.) Measure height of fundus
7.) Check fetal heartbeat
8.) Urine screen for blood, sugar and bacteria

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