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Month by month Triplet calendar: pregnancy in month 9
You are 9 months pregnant.

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More than likely your babies will be born sometime this month. Most triplets are born by week 34. The average triplet will weigh around 4-4.5 pounds at this time. The babies are depending on you to give them the nutrients they need to have the remainder of fat laid down. Fat will help them regulate their body temperatures after they are born. Continue to eat a well balanced diet and drink lots of water. The space inside the uterus is very tight and the babies movements will not be as intense as they once were. You should still continue to feel them move. Because there is not much room for turning, it is unlikely that your babies will change position now. The position of your triplets can effect how you deliver. At this time, surfactant is coating the alveoli in the lungs, which will help them breathe after they are born.

Women that are carrying triplets will gain 50+ pounds during their pregnancy. Sometimes women carrying multiples gain less than a woman with a sinlge pregnancy. Weight gain is usually put on earlier in the pregnancy and women tend to gain rapidly when carrying multiples.

Braxton Hicks contractions may be very frequent now. If you are experiencing more than four contractions in an hour, call your practitioner. Even if the contractions are not painful or intense, you could be experiencing preterm labor. You should know the signs and symptoms of preterm labor and call your doctor immediately if you think there is a chance you are experiencing it. Sometimes labor can be stopped in time if caught in time. You should have your hospital bags packed and the car seats installed.

Some women will deliver their babies around this time, while others will reman pregnant a little while longer. Your doctor will be checking the same things he has previously checked. At this point you will be monitored for any labor signs-dilation, effacement, contractions, water breakage, etc. In addition, your doctor will check for:
1.) Weight
2.) Blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate
3.) Heart and lungs
4.) Pelvic exam
5.) Urine screen for sugar, blood and bacteria
6.) Ultrasound assessment
7.) Fetal heartbeat
8.) Measure the fundus
9.) External palpation of the uterus
10.) Breast exam

Comments by 9 month pregnant Triplet mothers

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