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Week by week Twins calendar: pregnancy in weeks 28-32

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By the end of the 32nd week, each baby will weigh approximately four pounds. Actually, twins are tracking along the same rate as singletons at this point of the pregnancy. You should be familiar with their patterns of movement, although it is not as strong. It is difficult to determine which baby is which. Some moms can feel when their babies have the hiccups. This is very normal and should not be a concern. The babies are putting on alot of fat now, which is necessary after birth to regulate temperature. During this month, the head will be more in proportion to the body. With the exception of the lungs, all organs and systems are operational.

At this point, fatigue is very pronounced. Listen to your body and rest when you can. Even if you can not actually sleep, try to prop your feet up and allow your body to rest. Breathlessness may also be worse now. Your uterus is taking up an incredible amount of room in your diaphragm. Sitting up straight may help some with this problem.

Backache is becoming worse also. Pay attention to any new or unusual aching in your back-it could be a sign of preterm labor. A nice, warm bath can help soothe the discomfort of a backache. Do not sit in a jacuzzi or use hot water, though.

If you spend alot of time standing up or sitting down, hemorrhoids are likely to be a problem. To avoid constipation that could make the hemorrhoids worse, continue to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Cold packs and sitz baths may offer some relief.

Ongoing Symptoms

Nasal stuffiness
Bleeding gums
Changes in appetite
Change in sexual desire
Leg cramps
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Sensitivity to sun
Increased heart rate
Leakage from nipples
Fetal movements
Stretch marks

To Think About This Month

Childbirth classes
Obtaining baby care essentials
Baby shower if needed

At The Doctor
Many women wonder what position their babies are in at this point of the pregnancy. This is the time to find out how your babies are positioned and make any necessary corrections or arrangements. Babies still can turn at this point, but they are running out of room to do so. Talk to your doctor about any Braxton Hicks contractions you may be experiencing. Your doctor will also make sure you are getting an ample amount of rest. Your doctor may find it necessary to do a pelvic exam to check for any dilation of the cervix. Some caregivers do a biophysical profile to assess the babies condition. Aside from answering any questions or concerns you have, your doctor will also be checking:
1.) Weight
2.) Blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate
3.) Heart and lungs
4.) External palpation of uterus
5.) Measuring the fundus
6.) Fetal heartbeat
7.) Breast exam
8.) Urine screens for sugar, protein and any bacteria
9.) Possible ultrasound assessment

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