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Week by week Twins calendar: pregnancy in weeks 4-8

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You may just be finding out that you are pregnant. Congratulations! Many women are shocked to find out that they are carrying more than one baby! By four weeks, your developing babies will show up on ultrasound as two little gestational sacs. Although you cant see it on ultrasound until around week 6, the amniotic fluid and embryo are inside the entire time. Your babies are developing quite rapidly. During this time, the baby's brain, bladder, liver, kidneys, spine, extremities, reproductive tracts and heart are all beginning to develop. The first time your twins are visible on ultrasound, they will be about 2-3 mm long-which is less than a grain of rice. However, by week 7 and 8, each baby is about the length of two grains of rice . Cardiac activity can also be seen by ultrasound.

You might be noticing a great change in your appetite. This is one of the first signs of a pregnancy. Most women will experience an increase in their appetite between weeks 4 and 6. It is perfectly normal and may continue for the rest of the pregnancy. Because you are carrying twins, you should listen to what your body is telling you and eat accordingly. A woman expecting twins has about one and a half times the caloric need of those that carry single pregnancies.

It is also very normal to feel tired, or just plain exhausted at this point. Your body is working overtime to produce two healthy babies. You should try to get extra rest at night and rest as much as possible throughout the day. Eating a healthy diet and participating in light exercise will help.

An increased frequency of urination is a common complaint early (and throughout) pregnancy for most women. The uterus is beginning to grow and put pressure on the bladder, therefore making it hold less urine than normal and sending you to the restroom more frequently. If you experience burning or pain during urination, contact your caregiver.

Morning sickness and nausea may be worse with a multiple pregnancy. Although it rarely becomes serious, it can be frustrating. Nausea and vomitting can happen at any time of the day. Eating frequent, small meals should help ease your stomach. Many women also experience a hightened sense of smell and may experience an aversion to certain smells and tastes.

A twin pregnancy seems to cause more heartburn, and does so earlier in the pregnancy. This is because your uterus is larger. Antacids will help with heartburn symptoms for most women. Rather than lying down after a meal, take a short walk or sit straight up for a while to aide in the digestion of your food. You may also notice that you feel constipated. Drink lots of water and increase your fiber intake.

7 week ultrasound of quadruplets Many women experience nosebleeds and stuffiness during pregnancy. This is because the mucus memranes in your body have an increased blood supply. The increase in blood can make the mucus membranes in the nose become swollen and secrete additional mucus. Many pregnant women also experience a sensation of breathlessness. The feeling will get worse as the pregnancy progresses. It is normal to have an increased heart rate. This is from an increase in blood supply and decrease in blood pressure.

Breast tenderness is a common symptom of early pregnancy. Breast tenderness and swelling seem to increase in women who are expecting twins. You may also notice a darkening of the areola-the circle around the nipple on the breast. Support your breasts properly during pregnancy.

To think about this month:

Finding an obstetrician
Finalize all insurance concerns or questions
Apply for Medicaid if needed

At the doctor

During your first visit with the doctor, he or she will be going over information regarding your pregnancy. Address any questions or concerns that you have. They will also be doing a complete work up on you, including:
1.)Blood pressure and vital signs
2.)Physical exam-heart, lungs, breasts, abdomen, and pelvic
3.)Family history questionaire
4.)Urine Sample
5.)Blood samples

Comments by 4-8 week pregnant Twin mothers

Showing 1-9 of about 9 comments from week 4-8

Healthymum - Saturday, 2 May
What was everyones 5 week hcg level? - Tuesday, 19 Aug
In recent years, fertility treatments and the fact that women are having babies later has made multiple births more common. In 2012, more than 12,400 sets of twins and more than 226 sets of triplets or more were born in the UK. That means that about 1 in every 64 births in the UK today are twins, triplets or more. This is a big increase from 1978, when 1 in every 100 births was a multiple birth. -

Sammie217 - Thursday, 3 Jul
Went to an er visit for an ear infection had an ultrasound done because I was spotting and had cramps. Then I found out it was twins I was so excited I felt blessed and in shock lol. But my due date is feb 17 2015 anyone else experiencing cramping and severe nausea also I'm 7 weeks pregnant

daniellecruze - Thursday, 16 Jan
Well I just found out at 6 weeks and 5 days well on Tuesday that am having twins yeaa any one else here having twins x - Sunday, 27 Oct
This is my 3rd pregnancy and I had my hcg levels checked at 16dpo (pretty sure of my dates since I get ovulation cramps every cycle). It came back 615 and according to my Dr that is quite high. According to the average is 211 for singletons. Dr is doing an ultra sound on 5 November to see what's going on. Other than sensitive nipples and ver bloated tummy I don't have a lot of symptoms. I'm skinny and my tummy is already protruding, that's how bloated I am! Do you think it might be twins?

msjay5b - Thursday, 10 Oct
We just found out today at 7wk & 2 d that we are having twins! I should of known! My appetite has been rediculous! We are excited!

4girls want a boy - Wednesday, 18 Sep
I am only 5 weeks pregnant . Was there any sign before the ultasound that you thought it may be twins. I am having little cramps and twinges on both sides. This will be my 5th child and I have never felt this.. I was thinking maybe twins

brie(blue) - Wednesday, 21 Aug
I found out today I am having twins!! I am 6 wks 3 days!

samiam501 - Saturday, 17 Aug
Found out yesterday we are expecting twins. I am 7 weeks. This will be our second set of twins : )

grace3 - Tuesday, 6 Aug
hi guys 9 weeks with twins,so happy.can't eat anything coz all the foods are gloss.

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