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You are 12 weeks pregnant.

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The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is almost 2.5 inches and she now weighs between 8 and 14 grams! In just three weeks, fetal size has more than doubled and begins to look a lot more human. Even though you will not be able to feel your baby moving at this time, you can stimulate him and he will squint, open his mouth and move his fingers or toes.

By the end of this week, your uterus is too large to remain completely in your pelvis. You might be able to feel your uterus above your pubic bone. The uterus will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy and will return to its usual size within a few weeks after delivery. Before pregnancy, the uterus is almost solid and holds less than 0.3 ounces. During pregnancy, your uterus will become a thin-walled, muscular container that will hold the fetus, amniotic fluid and placenta. Before pregnancy, the uterus weighs approximately 2.5 ounces and when your baby is born, it will weigh almost 40 ounces!

Because most of the structures are already formed at this point, few will be formed after this time. The structures will continue to grow and develop throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. The skeletal system now has centers of bone formation in most of the bones. The digestive system is capable of making contractions that push food through the bowels and is also able to absorb sugar. The pituitary gland is beginning to make hormones. You will probably be able to hear the fetal heartbeat with a doppler at this time!

This week may be the first week that you begin to feel better! Morning sickness often tends to improve or diminish at this time. You may begin to show slightly, especially if this is not your first pregnancy. You will feel more comfortable in loose clothing, such as maternity clothes. In addition to your tummy getting larger , you may notice an increase of size in your breasts, hips, legs and sides.

Your baby develops reflexes and the skin is very sensitive.
The brain is fully formed and the child can feel pain. The baby may even suck his thumb. The eyelids now cover the eyes and will remain shut until the seventh month to protect the delicate optical nerve fibers.

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Depression during pregnancy

Abdominal pain during pregnancy

Comments on week 12

Comments 1-49 of about 621 from week 12
6 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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bonitadiane - 7.7 hours ago
I've never found out with previous 2. I LOVE the surprise. I truly believe I pushed baby number 2 out in 10 minutes bc I was anxious and excited to see I mentioned to hubby yesterday that I think I want to find out. He said ok.:o I was shocked bc I didn't think he wanted to find out. So, now I'm on the fence. Lol I have on U/S on Monday April 28th. It wasn't planned but this past week a child in my daughters class had filths disease and I was told from school nurse to contact OB ASAP. We had some blood work done, results aren't in yet. But he also wanted am u/s done. Just to make sure all is well. I'll be by myself for hubby is so busy with work ( self employed) and is unable to take that time. As of now anyway. It could change. So, I think IF gender can be told, I'd like to know but then won't tell anyone. But if gender can't be told then I'll leave it as surprise again. :)))) Of course I'll tell you!!! :) Are you finding out? Have you ever done surprise? It's truly best thing ever!!

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 14.3 hours ago
She's 4. We took her when she was 2 to see the twins and she was a nitemare, got all upset scared I think so I wouldnt dare take my other 2 aswell, would b chaos!! Haha R u going to find out what sex ur having? Xx

bonitadiane - 19.1 hours ago
Haha... I love their sweet, innocent and funny minds. How old is she? My oldest was 3 when she came with us. Her face lit up like the 4th of july when she saw baby. It was so cute!! I think she's going to love it!! I'll be taking her again this time but not sure about the youngest. She's 15 months. I don't think she'll be able to sit through it.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 23.8 hours ago
Arh FAB. I bet u did! I'm going to ask them for the sound when I have my ultrasound, my little girl is coming with us, she will be mesmerised! I was trying to explain to her today what will happen so she doesnt get scared and when I said I will lie down and the 'lady' puts a pen on my tummy she told me to cover myself up coz thats rude haha funny little things sometimes arnt they xx

bonitadiane - 1 days ago
Yeah. Heard heartbeat and of course teared up. I could never get sick of hearing that perfect sound!!!

jojo - 1 days ago
Bonita.. enjoy tomorrow. I'm from week 11 (tomorrow lol) but couldn't help saying enjoy.. I so can't wait for my scan on 30th seems ages away!!

bonitadiane - 2 days ago
Nervous and excited for my first OB appointment in morning. I've had it cancelled twice. I'm sooo anxious to hear heartbeat for the first time!!!

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 2 days ago
Yeah hun 25th...a week today. I'm praying we r only blessed with 1 little miracle this time round but its there in the back of my mind i'm a fertile being hahaha....We wud cope if there was another one hiding away, but I dont just wanna cope with it....u know - we'd b going from 3 - 5 under 5yr olds....hahaha...Oh My!! Hadnt said it like that before I need a bottle of wine to calm me nerves hahahah. Oh, and i'm showing already too, I feel very full inside, I just hope thats coz everything has been used before haha xxx

bonitadiane - 2 days ago
My fingers are crossed for you too. Yes, so far different. Here are differences I've noticed so far. Previous pregnancies: horrible ms, horrible skin out breaks, sore boobs in fact both times I had to buy new bras by 2 months bc mine were too tight. No cravings until third trimester and horrible migraines in first trimester. Now... Slight to none ms. More of yucky feeling every now and then. No crazy skin break outs. No sore boobs or buying bras. Yeah for me. And already had few cravings. Oh and already showing. I never showed until 20 weeks with both previous. But I think the horrible ms I had was to blame for that. It's just different so far. I do hope this is a boy. But in the end healthy is all that matters. :)))) I'm just blessed to be here again. I will admit I'm super antsy to hear about your U/S next week. It is next week right?

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 3 days ago
So everyhing is different for u this time round...maybe ur getting a boy :o) where as mine is same as the other 2 unfortunately so I have no idea! I hope am not ill all way thru this one though fingers crossed xx

bonitadiane - 3 days ago
JoJo with my first I lost 10lbs before putting on weight. And with second I lost 15 before putting on weight. This time I've put on 3 lbs so far No

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 3 days ago
Bonita I weighed myself this morning and aince I found out i'm prrgnant i've lost 11lb!! Haha...brilliant diet haha I was ill right thru both my pregnancies, single and twin one so i'm not getting any clues...roll on next week haha xx

bonitadiane - 3 days ago
Oh no JoJo I'm sorry.:( I thought ms is suppose to ease up by now. Although with my last two pregnancies (girls) I was sooo sick. With first till 15 weeks and 2nd 20 weeks. This time around I'm getting lucky. Rearly do I feel sick. Somedays just yucky. But never lasts long. I really can't wait for your U/S to see if there's 1 or 2 beans in there!!! This would explain the horrible ms. In anyway I hope it passes soon.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 4 days ago
Rite behind u bonita....haha Hello week 12....why has my vomitting started again???!!!! Grrr!! :op xx

bonitadiane - 5 days ago
Yeah. Hello week 12!! :) so close to second trimester.

glowingwith2 - 5 days ago
Afshan, I'm happy baby is doing well!! You are almost 13 weeks then (or you are today). That is great!! My ultrasound was super fast. The only picture I got was mostly of the baby's leg. LOL

afshanm07 - 5 days ago
They took my scan and then the finger blood work so then scan was up to date due on oct 22 then im just praying for blood work lol

glowingwith2 - 5 days ago
I had my NT scan today. Everything looked great. I'm measuring ahead by almost a week, which puts me close to 14. No wonder I'm sticking out so much. I've been having stretching pains the past two days. Afshan, Let us know how your scan goes. :)

afshanm07 - 5 days ago
Is anyone else tummy shiwing yet .iam going for my first 13week ultrasound today to see the baby

glowingwith2 - 7 days ago
We are almost to second trimester... I'm looking forward to the relief we will feel. I went for another run today. I did 2 miles again and felt much better. I had lots of water and a good breakfast. I think I need to invest in a belt. I'm really poking out all of the sudden.

okynot - 7 days ago
afshan- sheesh! You can't seem to catch a break! I hope you get through this rough patch soon. glowing- that would have upset me the same. They need to pay attention to these things, it's their job! I can't imagine running right now. Holy crap, just the thought of it makes me want to head to bed! Blonde- I am in Utah. I had to meet with a genetic councilor before I took the test. I asked them to include gender. It took ten days. Snooks- did they offer to check gender or did you decline?

afshanm07 - 7 days ago
Just sick again now from medicane have diarraha

glowingwith2 - 8 days ago
Afshanm, I'm happy you are hanging in there. Hope you are feeling ok. I went for a run today for my first time since becoming pregnant. I was surprised how my body reacted. I was soooo hungry, followed by more exhausted than I've ever been after a run. I took a nap around 10am, then still struggled until mid afternoon. Finally, I've been feeling really great. Just ready to sleep. I'm going to try again tomorrow to see if my body does the same thing. And so much for all the running, I ate a cheeseburger and milkshake for dinner, then a McFlurry before bed. Sheesh!

afshanm07 - 8 days ago
Finally girls iam back after 12 days from bleeding vaginal hemorage or just a very nasty vaginal infection now on uti uggh. Vomiting comes and goes i myself had ultrasounds two and one for dating the othet for bleeding i cried when the tech saw my little bunndle two weeks ago. But i hope we all make it to 9 months safely amen

snooks - 9 days ago
Okynot, Congrats! Very fun news.

snooks - 9 days ago
Wonderful day! Received Harmony Test results. Negative on Chromosonal issues! They didn't record a gender, though. Nuchal ultrasound was also today. HR 171 and bopping around. Baby was perfect for all photos. Seems to be 'catching' up on size also. Maybe a boy? lol I've had 4 ultrasounds. The early one. Two due to the bleeding episodes. Now, the nuchal. Was showing 4 days behind in size at the two bleed episodes, now back up to date from the early ultrasound. The size seems to be gaining speed.

blondeabby - 9 days ago
Okynot-that is amazing news!! Congrats:) Ii had a genetic test done on Tuesday. I wonder if it will tell me the gender. Where are you from? I am wondering if it is the standard??

glowingwith2 - 10 days ago
Blonde, that is so cute about the baby sucking its thumb!! Awwwww, I can't wait to see my little baby again. Okynot, that is terrific news about your girl!! I would say you definitely earned it!! :) I'm so happy only 9 days left in 1st trimester! Are any of the ladies starting to feel a little better?

glowingwith2 - 10 days ago
Well yesterday did not go as planned. I had a full bladder, ready for my ultrasound, and after waiting 30 minutes I finally asked what was taking so long. My mom and husband were both at the appointment hoping to see the baby. Apparently they only do NT scans on Tuesdays, so I should not have been scheduled or checked in for my appointment yesterday. I was pretty angry (hormones), the rest of my afternoon was difficult after that. I ended up having a headache all afternoon after that. I'm scheduled for NT on this coming Tuesday now. Hopefully it goes as planned because it's my last chance for an NT scan before I'm 14 weeks.

okynot - 11 days ago
MaterniT21 test came back a healthy GIRL!!! After 15 years and 7 boys I finally get a girl! yay! No chromosome issues either! Glad to hear everyone is getting a bit better. I will have to look into the iron thing. I am still soo tired!

blondeabby - 11 days ago
Appt yesterday went fine. US looks good...could not tell the sex:( it was sucking it's thumb:) Heart rate 144. Waiting now for blood work results. Appt with the genetic dr and more blood work on the 29th. US May 24:)

glowingwith2 - 12 days ago
Snooks, I am so happy to hear you are doing better. You can always take iron pills too. After I fainted early in pregnancy I started taking them. I also take a B vitamin for my own energy. I swear I don't know how I would get through the day without all my vitamins. I decided to take it upon myself to book my NT scan (LOL), I get to go in tomorrow at lunch. Woohoo for more baby time!

snooks - 12 days ago
I've barely been awake in days, so I googled high iron foods. Seems to be helping. Steak, spinach, blackbean hummas, scallops. My brain is becoming alert again! NT booked for Friday. Awaiting Harmony Test results from bloodwork last week. No more trips to the hospital for bleeding, thank goodness.

glowingwith2 - 12 days ago
My appointment yesterday was good! Baby's heart rate was 161. I did my blood work for genetic testing. Looks like I get another ultrasound the first week of May. The doctor didn't suggest an NT scan, I guess because I'm low risk. I would like to see the baby again sooner, but I guess I will have to wait. Darn! Lol

LJ06 - 13 days ago
I'm still here! Just not much to report, I guess. not a bad problem :)

glowingwith2 - 13 days ago
12 Weeks yesterday! Doctor appointment today. I hope to hear the heart beat, I think I will be scheduled for genetic testing after my appointment today. Starting to feel like I have a little more energy. Almost at the end of 1st trimester! woohoo! Blonde, Let me know how your appointment goes tomorrow. Seems some of our ladies have dropped off. Sure is quiet on this site this time around....

blondeabby - 14 days ago
Finally week 12! Scary week this week..genetic testing on Tuesday! I can't stop worrying. I can feel lots of flutters on the inside already. None on the outside yet..maybe in a week or 2? Threw up yesterday....preparing meat is awful! Hopefully ms is on its way out:)

My3rdbundleofjoy - 17 days ago
My test went well all good info baby HB was good. Thanks ecat10 hope you have a baby girl.

Madelmar17 - 18 days ago
Hello Week 12! Counting down the hours for my first ultrasound this friday :) Nausea has been fading away finally, this time around hit me hard (or I'm just getting older). My pants are no longer fitting but maternity pants are still quite loose... looking awful :( I guess I'll need to spread the news at work anytime soon but I really wanted to wait a month or so more. I hope all is good with you ladies!

ohsolovely - 20 days ago
good morning Ladies my due date was changes to October 7 so it make 12 weeks 6 days!!! today

ecat10 - 23 days ago
So I had my NT scan today baby couldn't have gotten any better results. I am so relieved and I am so happy to finally see baby. Up until this point I hadn't seen baby or even heard the heartbeat and I was so nervous. Was hoping for some clues on gender but got none. I guess I will just have to wait until May!

mammaramirez - 23 days ago
Hooray for not throwing up the juice today for the 3 hour glucose test!!! They let me lay down and sleep in one of the rooms so I wouldn't puke.

mammaramirez - 24 days ago
3 hour glucose test and I puked all the juice... going in for a retry tomorrow morning........... didn't gain any weight but didn't lose anymore either!! YAY! Next appointment after tomorrow is in 4 weeks and I'll have another blood draw and then I'll have to wait until I'm 18 weeks to get the ultrasound done for the gender scan. My son got to hear the baby's heartbeat this morning and he became really excited.. Now he really believes there is a baby in there!

ecat10 - 25 days ago
My3rdbundleofjoy- hope everything went well at your scan!

ecat10 - 25 days ago
Inkdoll - I have my NT on Friday and I too am I hoping they might give me some hints but if not I have to wait until mid-May (18 weeks!) to find out for sure. 10 days - that seems early for a gender scan no? Can't wait to hear what you find out!

beckym - 25 days ago
week 12! gained 20lbs so far, not too thrilled about that. 28 days before I go on a cruise with my family, thrilled about that. Doc apt in beginning of April, should be nice, will be discussing delayed clamping (short version of lotus birth) with doc and crossing my fingers that the hospital and the doctors approve this. I don't want to have to find a new hospital since all of my children have been birthed there, not feeling like changing it up now...

inkdoll - 25 days ago
ecat10: I wanna know gender asap as well... I have my NT scan tomorrow and I was hoping they would take a guess but we also have a gender scan scheduled for April 5th so 10 days!

My3rdbundleofjoy - 25 days ago
2morrow I go get my scan to see if anything is wrong with my bundle of joy. I hope everything go well. Really waiting to see my baby heart beat again.

ecat10 - 27 days ago
Hey all, just joining the group now. I will be 12 weeks on Thursday. This is my third baby. I have two boys already so I kind of hope this one is a girl. I found an interesting website called where you can submit your 12 weeks + ultrasound pictures and have people guess based on the nub or a potty shot(between the legs). I have my first ultrasound this Friday and I am dying to know what the gender is. Anyone in the same boat??

mammaramirez - 27 days ago
12 weeks.............. husband sent offshore, having to do baseball practice with DS, and help my MIL move into her new home this week.... I hope he comes home earlier than he thinks... this was the worst week for him to be sent.

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