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You are 12 weeks pregnant.

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The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is almost 2.5 inches and she now weighs between 8 and 14 grams! In just three weeks, fetal size has more than doubled and begins to look a lot more human. Even though you will not be able to feel your baby moving at this time, you can stimulate him and he will squint, open his mouth and move his fingers or toes.

By the end of this week, your uterus is too large to remain completely in your pelvis. You might be able to feel your uterus above your pubic bone. The uterus will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy and will return to its usual size within a few weeks after delivery. Before pregnancy, the uterus is almost solid and holds less than 0.3 ounces. During pregnancy, your uterus will become a thin-walled, muscular container that will hold the fetus, amniotic fluid and placenta. Before pregnancy, the uterus weighs approximately 2.5 ounces and when your baby is born, it will weigh almost 40 ounces!

Because most of the structures are already formed at this point, few will be formed after this time. The structures will continue to grow and develop throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. The skeletal system now has centers of bone formation in most of the bones. The digestive system is capable of making contractions that push food through the bowels and is also able to absorb sugar. The pituitary gland is beginning to make hormones. You will probably be able to hear the fetal heartbeat with a doppler at this time!

This week may be the first week that you begin to feel better! Morning sickness often tends to improve or diminish at this time. You may begin to show slightly, especially if this is not your first pregnancy. You will feel more comfortable in loose clothing, such as maternity clothes. In addition to your tummy getting larger , you may notice an increase of size in your breasts, hips, legs and sides.

Your baby develops reflexes and the skin is very sensitive.
The brain is fully formed and the child can feel pain. The baby may even suck his thumb. The eyelids now cover the eyes and will remain shut until the seventh month to protect the delicate optical nerve fibers.

See also:

Depression during pregnancy

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Comments on week 12

Comments 1-49 of about 924 from week 12
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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bgscoobyluver - 4 days ago
beachmomia-as far as i know tylenol is the safest.

beachmommia - 4 days ago
So I'm getting mixed reports for what to take in the 1st trimester. Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches. any thoughts?

Taylorsbunno2 - 4 days ago
Ckay- I'm glad u got answers and to see your baby again. It's amazing how quick they are growing isn't it. I'm off to week 14 on Sunday the weeks arejust flying by!.

ckaySA - 5 days ago
so had my appt today and baby is doing really good...grew so much since last week!!...doc said i have some subchrionic something towards my cervix that could cause bleeding as the baby grows i i should expect occasional spotting now and again...just glad everything is ok with baby...and for the pregnancy 'glow' to kick in lol

ckaySA - 6 days ago
just started bleeding again... :(...don't know what to feel...but will wait till doctor's appt tomorrow...

Taylorsbunno2 - 6 days ago
Mine is also November 23rd and that's when we will find out the sex. . I'm staying more towards boy but not a clue I'd like a boy as it's mine and my partners first child together. We both have girls. These weeks will drag until we find out I bet lol

ckaySA - 6 days ago's better to enter the date of last period then...coz it doesn't go to 2016 on my side either...

ckaySA - 6 days ago
I'm thinking this might be a boy too!! with all my seafood and meat cravings...just like with my 4 year old's hard not to think so...I have an appt tomorrow and will be relieved to find out if everything is ok after the bleeding scare i had last week and the off and on spotting since then...:(...but remaining hopeful

Rissa1 - 7 days ago
I'm thinking boy too, but I'll know for sure next month. My next appt is next Monday, so I'm hoping to get a scan scheduled then. I'm still feeling pretty icky. Some days are WAY worse than others. I felt TERRIBLE Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I wanted to cry because it was such a regression from all last week when I was feeling a bit better. Today wasn't as bad though. Hoping this is a sign that the nausea will subside soon! Is anyone feeling 100% better?

beachmommia - 8 days ago
Hi ladies. I cant seem to enter the year 2016 into the due date calculator. Anyone having that issue?

AussieDanni - 9 days ago
I feel boy! But I think also I would love to have another boy! My son passed away not long after he was born. My next scan is November 23rd I can't wait to find out! What about you Taylor?

Taylorsbunno2 - 10 days ago
Yay week 12! I got my scan on Monday :) so excited. Still feeling nauseous and no energy :(. Do any of u ladies have an idea of what gender your carrying?

AussieDanni - 11 days ago
Hello week 12! I haven't be very active on here, but now I know my bub is doing well I will. I loved this site with my first two pregnancies, last time it was a bit quiet! Rissa - I still have awful morning sickness, and no energy! Hopefully we will start to feel better the next few weeks!

Rissa1 - 12 days ago
Hooray, week 12! Hopefully all the nausea will subside completely within the next few weeks :)

weber3 - 31 days ago
Can't believe I made it to week 12!!

Gigix - 32 days ago
Congratulatons redneckmomma on baby number 3! Sounds like you and hubby are going through big changes right now!

redneckmomma03 - 35 days ago
Hi everyone. We are currently expecting baby number 3. We have a 7 year old and a 4 year old. My husband is a fresh amputee(left leg) Cant wait to meet our newest addition

kentsmommy - 35 days ago
New job, new baby - how exciting! Good luck:)

Gigix - 38 days ago
Hi! This is number 2 for us! I'm starting a new job in October so I'll tell them then once I start (there'll be no secrets by then anyway). I guess it will make my life easier anyway. Thank you, have a nice weekend too!

kentsmommy - 39 days ago
Hi Gigix! Yes, it is much quieter in here than it used to be! How many do you have? I did break the news at work. I'm showing a lot so it was not possible to keep the secret. They actually took it pretty well. How about you? Have a great weekend!

Gigix - 39 days ago
PS congrats on baby number 4 Kentsmommy and with breaking the news.

Gigix - 39 days ago
Hi there! I'm checking in after 4 years. Here I am again (website is much quieter than then though). How is everyone feeling? I had a scan yesterday, was really nice to see beano moving around in there. I was starting to convince myself that the pregnancy symptoms I was feeling were all in my head... now it's real! Has everyone broken the news to family, friends and work? I'm still yet to do that...

kentsmommy - 43 days ago
Hi Ladies! I'm starting to feel better now. Thank goodness!! Although I feel like someone pumped me full of air half of the time so that is uncomfortable but at least I'm not throwing up:) I actually woke up today and felt rested so maybe this is the beginning of the glory days of pregnancy:) We told my in-laws over the weekend so that was exciting. Although the excitement wears a bit more thin with the 4th baby. Lol! Hope you all have a fantastic week!!

JDH - 45 days ago
I've been getting nauseous at night again! Badly too. It sucks. 13 weeks tomorrow, I think, and I'm really looking forward to my symptoms GOING AWAY! Maybe if I yell it it will come true? I have been listening to baby's heart at night with my Doppler and that's made it all worh it though.

avg2012 - 46 days ago
I had a successful NT scan and double marker test came back with low risk. this pregnancy is not very eventful except I am facing severe constipation and loss of appetite by evening. I get metallic taste in my mouth by evening which is so annoying. how are you all feeling, is it getting better as you approach towards the end of first trimester?

avg2012 - 46 days ago
Hi ladies, I am 12 weeks today.I am expecting baby#2..but this is my 7th pregnancy. had one live birth(in year 2012 ,my son with my 4th pregnancy). I was very active here when I was pregnant with my son and in TTC after loss group. here's wishing everyone good luck and looking forward to this journey again with you all

JDH - 47 days ago
I've been having little bits of nausea here and there, but feeling great most of the time! We've started homeschooling our 5 & 3 year olds so that's added quite a bit to my plate. I'm already planning for Spring Break in March when baby #4 is born! The timing will be perfect for that! It's so fun to be at 12 weeks and feel like I can actually start embracing the pregnancy instead of fight against the exhaustion and nausea. I get to see my little peach next week!! I hope everyone is doing well. Here's to healthy mommies and babies!

kentsmommy - 47 days ago
Hi June - I think the weeks will go by faster after the first trimester as well. I actually noticed this week that I've been feeling a little better with less sleep oddly enough. My little guy is sick so I haven't gotten much rest and its working out. ha!

june2012 - 48 days ago
Week 12... Yay- 28more weeks to go... And 1more week to say goodbye to 1st Trimester... I believe I will only notice the weeks moving by quickly after the 1st Trimester... I am 12+1 today... Exhausted most times, vomiting once or twice a day and that's just about it. Op everyone else is doing great in here... X.

kentsmommy - 48 days ago
Hi ladies! How is everyone feeling? I'm slowly starting to feel more like a person with periods of morning sickness throughout the day rather than being sick all of the time. I'm also increasing energy levels:) Not quite back to normal but certainly seeing the light! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

JDH - 50 days ago
Weeeeeek 12!!!!!!! About time : ) it feels like a big milestone. So happy to be almost through the first trimester, but I'm beginning to realize how quickly this whole pregnancy is going to go!

angelfree77 - 56 days ago
Fellow Week-12ers, where are you?! lol Last week of the 1st trimester!!!!

r-baby3 - 127 days ago
Yay! So happy to be in week 12! First dr appt on Friday! Then we will finally announce the news! Morning sickness is slowly getting better as long as I eat good and dont get too hungry. I also have a bit more energy!

amy110 - 127 days ago
Hooo. It is too early to feel like a stuffed turkey!

amy110 - 130 days ago
Good to be in week 12. Not thrilled that MS seems to be worsening as time goes on :(

weber3 - 137 days ago
@pookalou sorry to hear you are suffering so much. I think since you lost your dog your emotions must be all over the place. He is truly a beloved family member. We had our dog for only one year and when we were forced to give him up I was a wreck. I didn't feel like doing anything. Except crying and walking in circles not getting anything productive done. Couple that with pregnancy hormones and morning sickness and it is no wonder you feel the way you do. I hope you soon feel your little one kicking in there and it cheers you up a bit. Brighter days are coming. This dark tunnel won't be forever.

sparks717 - 138 days ago
So sorry to hear that pookalou!

pookalou - 138 days ago
Week 12 for me. I had thought my ms was going away but I was completely wrong. Been a bad week for ms and depression. My house is a total wreck and really bothering me but I have been to sick to do much about it. I just want to start feeling better! I had a horrible headache yesterday probably from dehydration, so I'm working to reverse that not easy when you can't keep much down.

Sparks717 - 141 days ago
Hello to week 12! I will be having an ultrasound this week. Looking forward to that. I didn't have one so early in my last pregnancy. :). I'm definitely feeling the emotions and exhaustion. I'm enjoying pregnancy yoga, it's very least it is whenever DD doesn't decide that it's supposed to be a contact sport. :)

flojoe - 143 days ago
Also had my NT scan and very thing is fine - was marked as low risk - but the highlight was seeing the little one- tiny legs all curled up and hands beside the head on either side .... So exciting and fulfilling it was.... Though the baby was turned around initially they made me stay there for 4 hours till they could see the nasal bone.... Phew! Was that tiring. And the sonographer had to prod and push to get the baby to turn, I get it that she was just doing her job, but now my first c-section scar hurts- should I be concerned?? I don't get to see my doc till next week.

flojoe - 143 days ago
That's nice to know that I am not the only one felling the little one 😁

mommashavin11 - 145 days ago
I have felt it too, as long as I am very still! It can't be anything else.this is baby # 11, so maybe it's from my muscles being lax!lol

mommashavin11 - 145 days ago
I have felt it too, as long as I am very still! It can't be anything else.this is baby # 11, so maybe it's from my muscles being lax!lol

SarahBeth13 - 145 days ago
I have also read that we shouldn't feel it yet... but I am with you and have felt a little thump a few times this past week. Maybe it is just in my head...but it really does feel like baby. I am almost 13 weeks now and for sure felt my first around 14 weeks so I guess it should be happening soon.

flojoe - 146 days ago
Yay! Week 12 from today. This is my second bubba.... And I am just wondering can any of you second or third time mommas feel the baby yet. I thought I felt some movements since last week - nothing clear just a sudden tumble or a poke... But all the literature say it's too early to feel the baby at all.... I know it's wasn't the muscle stretching or ligament pain thing- 'cause that feels different... Hmmmm - just wondering ......

SarahBeth13 - 146 days ago
Hi everyone! I am still here and will try each new week to reach out and see if anyone is up for chatting! I hope you are all doing well if you are out there. Morning sickness was going better early last week and then swooped back in full force right before the weekend. I am back to throwing up daily which I was so hoping would stop by now. Maybe next week? Just glad to be here still! Definitely looking pregnant. In fact, probably way more than I should. This is my third (successful so far) pregnancy and 5th pregnancy so I guess my body just jumped right in, oh well, embrace the bump!! Cheers!

mommashavin11 - 151 days ago
Thanks for the info. Since I'm not having genetic testing or NS done, I'm sure insurance won't just cover the gender part! Guess we have to wait another 6 weeks. Only finding out this time because we cannot figure out names for boy or girl, our family is huge, and running out of names! Lol

lilgibber22 - 151 days ago
Mammashavin11: Maternity21 or the Panoramic are the 2 test used by our doctors' office. My sister has DS so the Chromosome testing is covered by my insurance (gender falls under this test too).

DerbyQueenDill - 154 days ago
Mine has been the hardest yet! Finally starting to feel better thankfully! I asked my dr about including a blood gender test in my NT appointment, but it's not covered and would cost thousands out of pocket! So I'll wait until the 20wk US!

mommashavin11 - 154 days ago
Wow! Congrats, I thought you could only find out that early with amino? What blood test tells you gender? Learn something new everyday!

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