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You are 13 weeks pregnant.

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This is the last week of your first trimester and your baby weighs 14 to 20 grams. The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 2.6 to 3.1 inches. Your baby is now about the size of a peach. Fetal growth is amazing from now through about the 24th week of pregnancy.

A 13 week old fetus by SONOReal 3D ultrasound imaging

At this point of your pregnancy, there is a steady flow of pregnancy hormones in your bloodstream. Your body will adjust to the changes and morning sickness might stop and other early symptoms will begin to ease. Because the second trimester is approaching, feelings of anxiety or nervousness may also diminish. You have probably gained some weight by now. You are losing your waist and your clothing is probably fitting snugly.

There is a milky membrane that surrounds your baby. It is pierced by the umbilical cord and is made up of two layers, which are fused together. Your placenta provides most of the nutrients and oxygen that your baby needs. By this week, the placenta is well formed and ready to take over hormone manufacture from your ovaries. The placenta will produce progesterone and estriol. These hormones will be crucial in the maintenance of your pregnancy. Tissue that will form your baby's bones is being laid down, especially around the head and limbs. The nose and chin are becoming more prominent. Your baby's eyelids meet and fuse together and they will not open again for nearly four months. The eyes started out on the side of your baby's head and they are now moving closer together on the face. The ears come to lie in their normal position on the sides of the head. If examined outside of the womb, you will be able to distinguish male from female at this time.

The sockets for all twenty teeth are formed in the gums, and vocal cords are beginning to form.

Comments on week 13

Comments 1-36 of about 36 from week 13
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BabySaunders - 2 days ago
I'm the opposite. Nothing sounds appetizing. I'm barely eating at all. Trying to eat lots of proteins and veggies when I DO eat though. Taking my vitamins. Been eating a lot of cheese and crackers the last couple days lol.

Jennish - 3 days ago
Sherell I'm looking forward to that! Except for the weight gain, boo. I'm visiting from week 12 and although I'm feeling better and better I still don't have that much of an appetite. Hopefully week 13 is more fun!

sherell - 4 days ago
omg...i can t stop eating. right before i got pregnant again, i lost all my baby weight and and was feeling pretty damn good.. now im putting the weight all back on cause ive turned into a eating machine. ugh!

sherell - 4 days ago
omg...i can t stop eating. right before i got pregnant again, i lost all my baby weight and and was feeling pretty damn good.. now im putting the weight all back on cause ive turned into a eating machine. ugh!

MOMIIB - 12 days ago
13 weeks today, yaaaay! Next appt isn't til the 9th. Seems forever away. We hope to find out the gender in 2 weeks 😆

Mommy2anl - 15 days ago
Week 13! Had another US last went well...heart rate was 172 bpm and sounded loud and strong! I could see the heart beating and it's little ear and hands were in its one of the pics you can see 4 distinct little fingers! The little monkey must have been sleeping tho, because there wasn't much bouncing around, but I was just happy to see that everything appears to be developing well and hear that little heartbeat again. How is everyone else doing?

tsubasa - 15 days ago
please be healthy, how did you share your big news?

please be healthy - 17 days ago
Hello week 13! So happy to be here! We told everyone we were pregnant! It's so exciting and great not to have to keep the secret anymore.

rayansmama - 19 days ago
Omg that makes me feel so good. There is a glitter of hope for me lol. My anatomy scan is on dec 22 so it's gonna be a longggg 6 weeks for me!

tsubasa - 19 days ago
When my first daughter was probably about 12 weeks, the OB said it was probably a boy. I didn't believe him and was so glad to prove him wrong later.

rayansmama - 19 days ago
They didn't give me any pics from the scan :/ I'm really hoping our boy turns out to be a girl at the anatomy scan! This is our last baby and I always wanted a girl. But I know when the baby comes, it won't matter anyways but I will always feel like there is something missing. Hopefully that feeling goes away too...

tsubasa - 20 days ago
rayansmama I'm sorry your husband took it so hard! :( Have you heard of nub theory? That's what I was going off of on analyzing my pic. My doctor hasn't said anything so I don't know if I am right or not yet. Did you get any pictures from your scan you can show us? I'd love to see if it matches up with the nub theory too!

rayansmama - 20 days ago
Tsubasa... I can't really tell but i hope it's a boy if that's what u guys want :)

rayansmama - 20 days ago
I had the NT scan and got to see my little peanut who looks like a baby now! Super cute! This never gets old.. Even the third time around you get so excited to see the ultrasound and baby bouncing around! So the OB asked if I wanted to know the gender and I was so nervous and made them write it down so my husband can open the envelope first. He was home watching my two boys. Well, on the sticky note it said 'it's a boy'. Lol my husband has been devastated since the morning. He so wanted his little girl. I wanted a little girl too but a healthy baby is all we ask God for! I don't know how accurate a 13 week scan is!

bgscoobyluver - 20 days ago
tsubasa- I cant tell from these. I need baby to have butt up and legs open then i can tell lol

tsubasa - 21 days ago
I'm putting up the photo from last week on my profile too. I think boy, what do you guys think?

funtimemum80 - 30 days ago
Hey! I've put it on my profile, the 1st one came out dark so I lightened it and uploaded it again, have a look 😊

bgscoobyluver - 32 days ago
Funtime- where is the pic? i wanna see it!

funtimemum80 - 32 days ago
And now they're saying boy 😣😣😣 ahh man I thought I knew the answer haha

funtimemum80 - 32 days ago
Yay scooby! I've just put my scan pic on a 'nub' guessing site and everyone is saying girl!!!

bgscoobyluver - 32 days ago
13 weeks!! Yippee! I movin right along. Not throwing up half as much. Still extreme food aversion and tired but hey makin a lil progress.

funtimemum80 - 33 days ago
My 1st was 2 weeks over and was induced, then in order I went 5 days past due date 2 days past due date 2 days past due date, my 5th came on her due date!! Then 6 days over and again 6 days over- so if I'm due 1st may I recon il give birth between 4th and 8th, last year I had a dream my next baby would be born May 2016!!

bgscoobyluver - 34 days ago
Well I had my 3rd baby 1 whole day b4 due date and was soooo ecstatic! LOL! I went 5 days past with 1 and 2 and then my 4th took the cake with being 13 days late! How bout u? How late did ur babies make u wait?

funtimemum80 - 34 days ago
It's big compared to some, we have 6 bedrooms! But my husband is a builder and when we brought the house it originally had 4 so he built 2 more 😊 We have run out of money to do anymore work so any more that come along will have to share until the older ones leave. Yer my original due date was 29th April and now it's 1st may, I prefer the sound of 1st may so I'm quite happy about that,either way I would still have a may baby as I always go over! How about you are you 'on time' ???

bgscoobyluver - 34 days ago
Funtime- Wow yall must have a huge house! So glad ur scan went well and baby is healthy. So did ur due date get pushed back.

funtimemum80 - 34 days ago
I've had my scan, got some really clear pictures! Baby is perfect and healthy- due date has been moved to 1st may 💜

funtimemum80 - 36 days ago
You have good age gaps btw, my smallest is 13 months and biggest 6.5 years

funtimemum80 - 36 days ago
We are running out of space, fortunetly the 1st 3 have their own rooms, then two girls share and the 2 and 1 year old share, I'd like to say the older ones help but they don't and as with anything they come with a whole new set of instructions once they get to a certain age, believe me when I say the younger the better ( and easier ) also close age gaps work more than the bigger ones, I suffered severe depression after my 3rd baby as the gap left me lonely and jobless, I had to leave my job and all my 'friends' had moved on. So after 6.5 years I was stuck at home with a baby. So I guess I'm finishing what I started, once I return to work I won't be having anymore babies as it was so hard the 1st time, I'm very lucky to have a supportive husband in every sense 😊

bgscoobyluver - 36 days ago
EXACTLY!! I wanna say 'I Didnt ask for diapers wipes or nothin else so y r u worried about how many babies I have?! Ok so u have some space btw the 1st set, but ur babies r close. Its good that u have some old enough to help u wit the younger ones. My 1st 2 r 15mo apart then 2 yrs btw the others.

funtimemum80 - 36 days ago
Our eldest is 18, he's currently left home for university which has left us with a huge gap in our hearts and wallets! 15, 9,5 and 4 year old girls then 2 year old boy and last year we had another girl, all apart from the 1 year old will be a year older by the time this baby is here. There's been hard and fantastical times, it's such a shame some people don't feel comfortable with more the the average number of children.... I don't recall them putting food in my children's stomach??? Or being up with them in the night when they are ill.....

bgscoobyluver - 36 days ago
Oh funtime, Im so sorry:-( But it definitely is hard to raise a family, especially if you decide to have more than a couple kids. I got a lil negativity about being pregnant again but the twins downplayed it alot and made people more excited. Sad that it took that but who cares. Thats y I never ask for help from anybody but my mom. But WOW! 8! How old r ur kiddos?

funtimemum80 - 36 days ago
I'm not close to my family, we are in contact but never been close. I have no contact with my mother ( bad upbringing) my dad is a cold man, he's just some someone who cannot be happy for others, so telling him is difficult as he has a spiteful tounge! It's just the way he is and was a dominant figure growing up. This is my 8th baby, and the thought of telling him feels just the same as the 1st time around!! My husbands side can find out nearer Xmas for all I care, she treats her other grandchildren to sleep overs, treats, days outs mine are lucky to get 1 hour of her time once every 6 weeks- my kids didn't gain great grandparents lol but they do just fine 😊 I just don't have any support on the rough days..... And sometimes that's hard to digest but no one said raising a family was easy huh x

bgscoobyluver - 37 days ago
funtime- when did u plan on tellin fam? Y is he a downer on ur pregnancies? I cant remember what # is this for u? Anyway, I have another dr. app tues and Im prayin for another ultrasound!

funtimemum80 - 37 days ago
Cannot wait for my scan on weds, im itching to see baby, a huge plus- week 13 is being kind, I still feel slightly nauseous over tastes and food but I've started to get some energy, here's hoping things are improving! I told one of my brothers today, he came over and instead of hiding myself ( I did try but felt like an idiot) I just came right out and told him. He was talking about a family knees up and is two getting drunk and it was getting painful listening to his plans haha he was happy for us and although I have said its a secret until I'm ready to tell the others I know in my heart I've told the brother with the biggest mouth 1st!!! I'm dreading telling my dad..... It does not get easier..... Esp as he puts a downer on my pregnancies

bgscoobyluver - 39 days ago
WOOHOO Funtime!!

funtimemum80 - 39 days ago
I'm doing the week 13 dance 😜

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