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You are 13 weeks pregnant.

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This is the last week of your first trimester and your baby weighs 14 to 20 grams. The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 2.6 to 3.1 inches. Your baby is now about the size of a peach. Fetal growth is amazing from now through about the 24th week of pregnancy.

A 13 week old fetus by SONOReal 3D ultrasound imaging

At this point of your pregnancy, there is a steady flow of pregnancy hormones in your bloodstream. Your body will adjust to the changes and morning sickness might stop and other early symptoms will begin to ease. Because the second trimester is approaching, feelings of anxiety or nervousness may also diminish. You have probably gained some weight by now. You are losing your waist and your clothing is probably fitting snugly.

There is a milky membrane that surrounds your baby. It is pierced by the umbilical cord and is made up of two layers, which are fused together. Your placenta provides most of the nutrients and oxygen that your baby needs. By this week, the placenta is well formed and ready to take over hormone manufacture from your ovaries. The placenta will produce progesterone and estriol. These hormones will be crucial in the maintenance of your pregnancy. Tissue that will form your baby's bones is being laid down, especially around the head and limbs. The nose and chin are becoming more prominent. Your baby's eyelids meet and fuse together and they will not open again for nearly four months. The eyes started out on the side of your baby's head and they are now moving closer together on the face. The ears come to lie in their normal position on the sides of the head. If examined outside of the womb, you will be able to distinguish male from female at this time.

The sockets for all twenty teeth are formed in the gums, and vocal cords are beginning to form.

Comments on week 13

Comments 1-49 of about 765 from week 13
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mamalira - 2 days ago
keka are you taking a probiotic?? that will help you with the constipation along with a ton of water! I hope you can go soon. Nothing worse than not being able to poop. lol

kekea - 2 days ago
That's nice mamalira. I am still extremely fatigued and in addition I have been backed up for almost a week (sorry if tmi). Grrr.

mamalira - 3 days ago
So glad to be in week 13! We announced it last week. :) We got to hear a strong 140bpm on Thursday too!! Nausea is gone too!!

kekea - 5 days ago
Hi week 13!!! Feeling pregnant,looking pregnant, and I'm pretty sure I felt flutters. I have not officially announced my pregnancy but I have had 3 people ask me if I was pregnant this week. Lol.

beckym - 8 days ago
Just bought a maxi dress last week, pairing with a knit light open over shirt, it is cute how the belly shows beyond the overlay.

3timesthecharm - 16 days ago
And 14 weeks tomorrow woot woot

3timesthecharm - 16 days ago
Since these are summer babies what are you ladies thinking your summer wear will be .... Mine just maxi dresses and chucks

holz8519 - 16 days ago
went for my first trimester scan today measuring 13w1d. Baby was in bad position was hard for tech to get measurements. Was not able to get a glimpse of sex but guessing from the stubbornness I'm sticking with my gut feeling that it's a girl lol. I got for my anomaly scan April 22nd and hopefully then the baby will be more cooperative and we can find out for sure. I'm just so excited to see my lil one is growing and looking healthy. Deciding how to share the news with my in-laws. This will be their 4th grand-baby.

austinjeanxo - 16 days ago
Hi everyone, hope all is well.... I haven't been on much... Working a lot and having HG really sucks =[ we are not going to be finding out the sex so this should be fun!!! My oldest turns 4 tomorrow!!!! I can't believe she's getting so big !! I think I'm Also feeling little flutters.... Can't wait for stronger movements!!!!!!

jamie86 - 16 days ago
Becky my daughter that just turned 4 today bf until she was 16 months. She self weaned but I was also 6 months pregnant so my milk dried up. I don't mind bfing until 2. I would have let my young bf for 2 more months but I had just lost my 2nd baby last year and needed to stop for myself. Free2bmom and holz I've been feeling a little movement since about 12 weeks but the last few days it's really picked up.

jamie86 - 16 days ago
Had appt yesterday and baby was moving like crazy trying to run from the doppler. Hb was 150 and they offered the panorama test. I went ahead and had it done. Wasn't going to since they hadn't offered and it won't matter what the results are but knowing will be nice. Can't wait for my ultrasound tomorrow morning. Hoping we can find out the sex but if not I'll know from the blood work.

holz8519 - 17 days ago
Hi ladies jumping a head a couple days I thought I felt my lil one move the other night. I was quietly laying in bed. It was just little flutters. This is my 8th pregnancy and hopefully 4th baby. I go tomorrow for my 1st trimester screening. I remember going to this scan for my almost 4 yr old daughter and I had to go twice because she was so active they couldn't get all the measurements the first time. lol

beckym - 17 days ago
Well I guess I am shuffling off to week 14, see you gals there!!

beckym - 17 days ago
Cool, so maybe it was the baby moving!

Free2Bmom - 18 days ago
I started feeling movement at 12 weeks with this one. Not little flutters but I was kinda laying on my side and stomach and I felt the baby do a full turn. My doc Said it's possible with your second or third to feel movement this early. I feel little kicks all the time when I sit down for a few mins.... Depending on my blood sugar. I can't feel it on the outside with my hand yet. I also had dated a week ahead though at my last ultrasound. I didn't feel movement with my son until I was about five months and by then you could feel his kick with your hand on my stomach too. Nothing better than feeling those kicks :)

beckym - 18 days ago
I thought I felt movement in my belly today, but I could have been wrong. I look forward to every day movement because I am showing now, and it will make me feel less fat and more pregnant. I went to my niece's 18 year birthday dance party, and when I put on a dress I asked my kids if I looked ok, they said yes, then I asked if I look pregnant, again a yes, then I asked if I look fat, they had mixed responses, of sort of and a little bit. My favorite part of the second trimester is the baby moving, enough that you know they are there but not 3rd trimester foot stuck in rib cage.

beckym - 18 days ago
Jamie, epidural totally freak me out, a friend of mine had one and it went wrong was leaking spinal fluid, back was totally messed up for a while. As far as nursing, Anthony was half and half until 6 months I was like you with Felicity, she didn't want to stop breastfeeding where Anthony hated it, Felicity breastfeeding fed up to 2, then I saw the movie grown ups, with that breastfeeding feeding 4 year old, that was my wake up call, but then I woke up one day with torticolus, a neck spasm pain women get that leaves you in agonizing pain and barely any neck control. Went to the hospital, they said muscle relaxers, pain killers and a neck brace for the next 1-2 weeks would fix me right up, I said I'm breastfeeding, they asked how old my baby was, I said 2, they said maybe this would be a good time to stop. I told Felicity we couldn't breastfeed because of mommy's neck, she said, ok mommy feel better. Later when the neck brace was off and I was well again, she came to me, placed her hand on my knee and asked if I feel better, I said yes, I feel much better; then she asked can I breastfeed now, I said sorry honey, the milk is all gone, she cried for about two hours straight. Michelle I breastfed til about a year, trying not to repeat the time before, lol.

jamie86 - 18 days ago
Delarla so exciting! Congrats!!! I'm hoping to find out Wednesday. Becky- pitocin is rough. I have never gone completely natural but have never had the epidural either. Couldn't have one if I wanted to. I have found that IV meds don't help all that much either so I don't know why I end up asking for them. As for breastfeeding, it didn't workout with my oldest but I bfed my girls until after they were 1. My youngest was 22 months when I finally got her weaned. The maxi dresses are so cute. I'll be buying some for this summer too! Redhead- so exciting. I wanted to have that done but hubby didn't want to find out that way. Knowing if there was a problem with the baby would have been nice bif wouldn't have changed anything so I didn't have it done. 3times- I have hardly had any symptoms this whole pregnancy. Never once needed anything for nausea because I really didn't have any. Baby is still doing great! I've just been tired but will be that way for awhile.

3timesthecharm - 19 days ago
Hello week 13.... 13 weeks pregnant and still don't feel it. I know that's a good thing to most but it makes me nervous. With my last two I threw up non stop which kept me, aware I guess, of the fact that I was pregnant.but now nothing except the lack of a period ..... Hope you ladies are doing well

beckym - 20 days ago
I am done buying maternity clothes, I fell into this trap for 2 pregnancies, then when you come out of the hospital with your beautiful baby, your tummy isn't looking as beautiful as when you started and your pregnancy clothes have not yet finished their job until later. With Michelle I bought larger size clothes, that way after delivery, when you eventually go out for something, people don't think you are early pregnant, which can be crushing. I saw this year they have super cute maxi desses. Being summer babies light airy stretchy dresses will be perfect, but I want the long style so when crossing legs becomes an impossibility the dress won't be above the knee, rather at the ankle. I can't wait til I buy one, but I am still wondering what size I will want, where it will stretch the whole pregnancy, but not look super baggy during the smaller time. I also bought from last time two of those convertible wrap dresses because we were going on a cruise and I thought it would look nice with the prego belly as it has an empire line of sorts so it either hides or accentuates the belly at varying times of the pregnancy, they are jersey fabric which stretches, I have been wearing those to church.

beckym - 20 days ago
Goodluck mama, I hope they can tell you.

redhead-mama - 20 days ago
Hello everyone! 13 weeks and I just had the genetic test done too, so should find out next week if boy or girl! So excited!

beckym - 20 days ago
Delarla, congrats on finding out! Jamie, I understand, I was given petocin once to speed up labor when my first had meconium, I was trying to go no pain meds, but was good until they said they were giving petocin, I panicked and asked for something mild, they gave me nubain, I had trouble breastfeeding the first couple days and the nurses insisted on formula, which became a battle for 6 months with breastfeeding confusion, but I found out a few years ago that nubain actually causes breastfeeding issues in infants. I went no pain meds the next two, but my third I had to be put on oxygen which was a first, but I fully blame my sister in law whom I invited so we could have a closer sister bond, she without asking brought her 13 year old daughter when I was in the worst labor before the pushing, if that wasn't enough, she said to her as they stood there, now see, this is why you don't have sex, do you want to go through that. I wanted to kill her, forgot my breathing because I think it turned into fire at that moment. It took me 2 years to tell her how I felt about that fiasco, she apoligized, but wow.

delarla - 20 days ago
We just went for our gender u/s and they said def a boy!!!

jamie86 - 20 days ago
I always go over my due date. I have no clue how this time will go and if my dr will induce early or not since the meds I'm on this time. I'm going to avoid 9/11 if I can though.

beckym - 20 days ago
Delarla, thank you for serving our country. I used to babysit for my neighbors who were both in the military when I lived in North Carolina. They were awesome and their son was my middle daughters age when she was 1 1/2+. They played so well together, and the mom let me help her make cookies during the holidays for the soldiers. The dad had it a pretty rough, there was a car bomb in Afghanistan that injured him, he sustained a head injury that made it where his brain can't regulate pressure of fluids, when they begin to build, his speech becomes disjointed, a few times he has come to our house in that condition when no one else was home so we could take him to the hospital. They put in a drainage tube, but have no permanent solution. It is terrible that happened to such a wonderful family I really hope they can help him better soon.

beckym - 20 days ago
HA!!! Delarla, we all could be a walking pun, hehe, having the babies on labor day weekend, it certainly would be a 'labor' day for us.

delarla - 20 days ago
Becky- Both my husband and I are military and I expressed how worried I was about having a baby on 9/11. I still get REALLY emotional about that day and refuse to watch tv because I cant handle to relieve it. As far as birthdays and due dates... My oldest was due 1/14 and was born on her due date, then 10/5 born 10/2 and my youngest was due 12/31( but i think they messed up and she was supposed to be due 12/25) and she was born 12/20. Since this is my fourth Im thinking I will go earlier. Im shooting for labor day weekend since my kiddos wont be in school, but obviously nothing works out the way we plan it!

beckym - 20 days ago
Wow, I just realized our week has about 6 people in it right now. I also just noticed poor Lolo has a due date of 9/11, I also realized we are all in the same boat there, as the due dates are almost always off. My first was due 6/12, born 6/9; second was due 4/21, born 4/22; third was due 8/20, born 8/21. I hope none of ours are born on 9/11, that would make party planning awkward.

beckym - 20 days ago
Next batch I buy, I will try the one a day delarla, and if they bother me, I'll try to break them in half😊

beckym - 20 days ago
Free2bmom - the half prenatal twice a day sounds brilliant, if I am strong enough to break that horse pill, I will certainly give it a whirl! The three children I have are all 3.5 to 4 years apart as well, it just worked out that way, my youngest will be 4 a month before this one is due. We have a 3, 6, and 10 year old.

delarla - 20 days ago
I ended up taking Flintstone vitamins with my first. Take them at night so you can sleep through the icky feeling. Also, I finally found the one a day prenatal didn't make me Sick!

Free2Bmom - 21 days ago
Beckym, I have to cut my prenatal sin half and take each half with a large meal.... It seems to help huge to avoid nausea. I lucked out with my son, when he was born his jaudice levels were the best my home visit nurse had ever seen and we stored his cord blood.... Which was expensive but worth the future insurance incase there's ever illness in our children it could help with. I've never heard about the lotus thing before, it's interesting. My son will be four and a half by the time mine is born.... I was really hoping they'd be closer in age but God had other plans I guess :)

beckym - 22 days ago
Stuck taking chewable prenatal and calcium chews, morning sickness nausea feeling is gone, until I do swallow those vitamins, then sick all day. I was trying the Enfamil two part ones, is anyone else taking those and feeling ok? To compensate for the lack of iron in the chewables, I am taking a giant spoon full of black strap molasses every day which has 25% of the daily recommended iron and even has potassium, it was at a local health food store for 2.95 in a giant jar. My nutritionist is happy I am taking that extra step to keep my iron up, I love that they have nutritionists at prenatal check ups now, I wish they had this 10ish years ago when I was pregnant with my first, I gained like 85 lbs with him, it was insane. But lost a lot of it in the following year, then gained it all back with my second then lost about 2/3, then gained it back with my third, see the pattern. Being at 3 months and a week and already at 190, I'm kinda freak in out, the nutritionist wants me to only gain 18 more pounds this pregnancy. Her and I both sisters. My top pregnancy weight was 217, starting at 135. This time I started at 180, but I lost a baby in April of last year and didn't have enough time to go back down I weight, I was sort of mentally in a dark place, afraid of my shadow, hermit, hiding from the world, you know, dealing in my own way, but when I found out I was pregnant, hope was shining through my closed windows and sort of helped lighten my soul, I was still scared to death, that it would all happen again, I even threw the pregnancy test at my husband to tell him which was a new technique, but when I first found out I was pregnant, in the back of my head next to that seed of hope, was that lurking shadow feeding me ideas that I can no longer carry a heathy baby, that it will happen every time, so I relived the day I lost our baby a lot, but tried to feed and water the hope so that it would force the shadows back to the darkness from where they came. The 12 week doppler coming up with no heartbeat was a Deja vu moment but then getting that ultrasound and seeing that beautiful thriving baby moving with that strong heartbeat allowed happiness to wash over me, and allowed that seed of hope to grow like a bean stalk on steroids. I am further pregnant than I was before, now in the second trimester, and really feel like we are going to have this baby. I am thrilled and a little scared to be a new mommy again, doing another mommy circuit, my youngest is going to be 4 before the baby is here. We are trying to figure out if we want to know the sex or not, we did with the others, and this will be our last one dh will be getting a vasectomy after this one and we will be throwing in the towel. Also we are doing a partial lotus birth, lotus birth is where they don't cut the umbilical cord and just let the placenta fall off naturally with the umbilical cord, but to have it attached for 7 days for me would be extreme, so I spoke with my obgyn, and we will keep it attached until the placenta is pushed out, then we will cut the cord. There are benefits to keeping it on a little longer, more blood volume to the baby, including some of those cord blood stem cells, all babies are born with slight jaundice levels, but with lotus it is either normal levels, or better than it would have been. Of course if there are any complications during labor with the baby we will skip this, but I thought it would be interesting this time around.

Free2Bmom - 22 days ago
I had my non invasive prenatal testing taken today. Two weeks ish and I'll find out the gender and if we are to expect any issues in the future. Fingers crossed all is well!

delarla - 22 days ago
Just had our nuchal scan and all was good. Baby was super wiggly. The tech said she was leaning towards boy. We go for a gender u/s on saturday!

kirty - 33 days ago
Wooohoo 13 weeks :D

maimai88 - 44 days ago
soontobemommyof6- so glad your cerclage appointment went well and that you and baby are doing well!

maimai88 - 44 days ago
Praying that everything continues to go well for you and your baby, Ericalynn! Have you thought about maybe renting a fetal doppler? I rented one with each of my babies, including this one, and have been able to listen to the heartbeat in between appointments. Then once I start to feel baby move regularly, around 20 weeks or so, I return it.

soontobemommyof6 - 45 days ago
Had my cerclage placed today. Other than being tired from the anesthetic, baby and I are doing well!

charcharsuperstar - 45 days ago
xEricalynn.. I've been there and i am nervous, too. Sending prayers out for a happy, healthy baby.

xEricaLynn - 46 days ago
13 weeks today :-) I really hope that our baby is still alive. Will find out on the 16th with another ultrasound. Would love prayers, thanks!

maimai88 - 49 days ago
13 weeks today!

charcharsuperstar - 57 days ago
Shireet, i have a very long,crazy history. I had a son in 2008 with down syndrome , it was not the heredirary kind, just random. He lived two months and passed away at 2 months old. I have two healthy children but miscarried twice in the 2nd trimester last year. I'm also 40 :). I won't do any invasive tests, personally, like amnio or Chronic Villi sampling.. though i don't blame those who do. The panorama test is great for me bec it's just a blood test. I prefer to be prepared for what is going on for my baby. Though it doesn't make any difference to me if i bring the baby to term or not, no.

ShireeT - 58 days ago
I don't mean that to reflect badly on you by any means. :) This is my 5th. Still hiding the pregnancy from family and all but a couple close friends. It goes faster before people know, and 13 weeks has flown by.

ShireeT - 58 days ago
No, the risks of the test aren't worth it for me, being low risk already.

charcharsuperstar - 62 days ago
Has anyone had the Panorama genetic test done ? I just got my results back and all is well.. low risk for any birth defects and it's a boy ;)..

britniA - 62 days ago
got to hear the baby's heart beat it was an awesome 160. can't wait till march for the ultra sound so I can find out the sex EEEK! - 62 days ago
It just started recently so you should be feeling it soon. It's not strong kicks but more like a flutter and subtle movements. I mostly feel them when I'm laying down and my body is stretched out. I don't feel it every day but I've felt it a few times. Everything went well at my doc appt though. I got a ultrasoun and got to listen to the heart beat. I also got my referral for the big anatomy ultrasound but my doc said wait three weeks before doing that.

3redheads - 63 days ago
That's so exciting your feeling baby kicking I can't wait my favorite part of pregnancy my stomach jurks a lot but it's not the baby yet but your a few weeks ahead of me

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