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You are 13 weeks pregnant.

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This is the last week of your first trimester and your baby weighs 14 to 20 grams. The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 2.6 to 3.1 inches. Your baby is now about the size of a peach. Fetal growth is amazing from now through about the 24th week of pregnancy.

A 13 week old fetus by SONOReal 3D ultrasound imaging

At this point of your pregnancy, there is a steady flow of pregnancy hormones in your bloodstream. Your body will adjust to the changes and morning sickness might stop and other early symptoms will begin to ease. Because the second trimester is approaching, feelings of anxiety or nervousness may also diminish. You have probably gained some weight by now. You are losing your waist and your clothing is probably fitting snugly.

There is a milky membrane that surrounds your baby. It is pierced by the umbilical cord and is made up of two layers, which are fused together. Your placenta provides most of the nutrients and oxygen that your baby needs. By this week, the placenta is well formed and ready to take over hormone manufacture from your ovaries. The placenta will produce progesterone and estriol. These hormones will be crucial in the maintenance of your pregnancy. Tissue that will form your baby's bones is being laid down, especially around the head and limbs. The nose and chin are becoming more prominent. Your baby's eyelids meet and fuse together and they will not open again for nearly four months. The eyes started out on the side of your baby's head and they are now moving closer together on the face. The ears come to lie in their normal position on the sides of the head. If examined outside of the womb, you will be able to distinguish male from female at this time.

The sockets for all twenty teeth are formed in the gums, and vocal cords are beginning to form.

Comments on week 13

Comments 1-49 of about 680 from week 13
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sher-baby - 44 days ago
alanaw - Cool air wouldn't be bad, but in ON its freezing...only 4 degrees!!!

alanaw - 44 days ago
I'm from Canada, but it has been warm here in NS. I am actually, not enjoying the warm weather..the cool air, feels nicer with this nausea.

sher-baby - 45 days ago
Anyone in here from Canada?? its freezing here...and cold pregnant nipples hurt like hell!!

sher-baby - 45 days ago
YUP!! i just feel like i look gross...deff not sexy!!

supermom87 - 45 days ago
I feel ya sherbaby I been same way for a while now just not interested feeling like I look big as a house 😐

sher-baby - 46 days ago
Lol!! Ok I'm glad I'm not alone! My DH is great too! I don't want to because I look gross! Yuck! I don't wanna see myself naked, let alone anyone else; DH or not! Hopefully it will pass and I'll be back to my normal horn-dog self again! ;)

mandykat760 - 46 days ago
Sex... What's that haha our is bad because of my ms. My husband has been great about it. He did notice every morning after we had sex I was worse than normal. Same with any doctor appointment, I think it has to do with shaking the baby. I actually enjoy sex this time, just can't have it.

mandykat760 - 46 days ago
Shelly, my friend had that with her son. For the life of me I can't remember what it is called but it stopped around 14 weeks.

sher-baby - 46 days ago
Ok personal question!!!! How is everyone's sex life??? Mine is nonexistent...I'm not in the mood at all! I think we've had sex 4 times since I got my bfp, Which is not normal for us...I feel gross...look gross...but poor DH!

supama - 47 days ago
Shelly-hope ur ok!! And Babylove - so jealous of ur trip...really miss the TN mountains this time of year!! Annnnd, yes, totally thought i felt the butterflies of baby movmnt this afternoon. After lunch i was soooo tired i made a small cup of coffee, and totally thought i felt mvmnt after all that...CRAZY. i know it's bc it's #4 & i know what it all feels like, but just crazy bc it's already here.

sher-baby - 47 days ago
Eek Shelly!! That's scary....I really hope it's nothing serious and will correct itself shortly.

shellybelly81 - 47 days ago
i have gained 1 lb so far. went to the ER with bleeding over the weekend, still bleeding. they cant find out what it is, had a few ultrasounds and baby is perfect so we're all a little puzzled, on bed rest for a couple weeks.

sher-baby - 48 days ago
I've gained 5.5lbs as of last Tuesday! I know it's normal but I'm always very cautious about my weight and just seeing it go up, makes me nervous. I haven't had any crazy cravings yet...but when I do want something I usually have to have it!!!

mandykat760 - 48 days ago
Bloody hell I've gained 10lbs so far! Ugh this is what happens when the only thing that cures ms is food.

babylove5 - 48 days ago
I have so many cravings, cabbage, squash, chicken, chips and dip, fries, and ice cream. I had chips and dip for breakfast with 3 eggs. After I ate I was miserable because there is no room in my stomach for that plus the baby, placenta, water, and uterus. It's so not fair I want to eat and enjoy it while I'm pregnant but I just am stuffed and not comfortable. We are off to Gatlinburg tomorrow hopefully the boys will be good.

sher-baby - 48 days ago
I've thought a few times I may have felt something but in all honesty, for me, it's prob gas considering I have been really gassy!!! But I guess anything is possible mandykat!

mandykat760 - 49 days ago
I'm also feeling alil crazy for saying this but I think I feel the baby move. It feels like poping popcorn. Super light tho.

mandykat760 - 49 days ago
I'm getting antsy to buy things but plan on waiting to find out the sex. I keep seeing killer deals on the local yard sell sites but stop myself. I need to move the girls into the same room first so I have storage and space for the new baby.

sher-baby - 49 days ago
For the most part I've been feeling ok. Yesterday though, I had some really bad...almost felt like digestional discomfort. I was soo u comfortable and gassy all night. I would burp and I wasn't sure if I was gonna throw up also...even sleeping was uncomfortable!! It was a rough evening and night for me. Not sure what causes it, but yuck I just felt gross. I've been buying lil onesies here and there and lil hats, and pasies...time is going very fast for me. We may buy a stroller this week.

supama - 49 days ago
Me, too! Where is my energy?? I woke up feeling like cleaning everything....vacuumed & have felt like crap since. Erg

mandykat760 - 50 days ago
Fingers cross my energy returns this week!

supermom87 - 50 days ago
Been a while since I been on here I hope everyone is doing well I went to see a specialist this Thursday the appointment went well baby is doing great but starting at 16wks I have to take preventive measures to keep me from going into preterm labor I knew this was coming though I will be glad to find out what we're having

babylove5 - 51 days ago
I got to see the baby today. It was so cute waving its arm around. It measured 3.5 inches crown to butt. I have the same ultra sound tech as I did for my last two pregnancies! She is going to do a free ultrasound in 2 weeks so I can see If its a boy or a girl!!!!

sher-baby - 51 days ago
13 weeks tomorrow!!!

mandykat760 - 53 days ago
Babylove, take advantage of it while you can. I get the urge to start big projects while pregnant. With my second I restrained all of the woodwork in the house, including the kitchen! Haha

babylove5 - 54 days ago
Does anyone else feel like they are nesting the entire pregnancy? I have a strong desire to get rid of clothes, nick knacks, and pretty much anything that is taking up unnecessary space. I have donated 13 bags of clothes to goodwill. I love clearing stuff out.

babylove5 - 55 days ago
Last week in the first trimester!!! Yay I can't wait to be rid of my nausea!

floydianslip2 - 55 days ago
Well, I’m feeling much better. My cold is gone, just a little bit of congestion left but nothing too unmanageable. Such a relief! I’m not sure if it’s from having that nasty cold or not, but for the last few days I’ve been so out of breath… Moving laundry from the washer to the dryer had me huffing and puffing like crazy, it’s weird!

BethQ - 56 days ago
Amazing what a week will do for a pregnant body! I'm definitely starting to feel better, and boy, is baby letting me know it! Cravings like crazy this week! Nothing consistent yet, but I think I'm just more hungry in general because I'm not as nauseous. Finally told our families and made it Facebook official. Midwife appointment on Friday. Looking forward to it. :)

klawest2 - 56 days ago
Feeling a bit cramps tonight :/ it was a biiiig day though. Threw a party for my daughters second birthday this afternoon and was just busy getting ready and on my feet most of the day. Good day but I'm tired!

mommylh - 58 days ago
I'm feeling for you. I've been sick twice already this pregnancy. It's awful because you already feel down from being pregnant, you can't just take a day or what not because you have other kids and responsibilities, and the whole pregnancy thing I swear heightens the illness and it takes that much longer to get over. Feel better soon

klawest2 - 59 days ago
Floydianslip, that was me last week! I always feel like outside of not bein able to take anything, pregnancy itself always heightens my sickness or makes it linger :(

floydianslip2 - 60 days ago
What a way to start my 13th week. I'm in bed with the worst head cold I've ever had. It's so awful to be sick and not be able to take anything for it that actually works. :( On another note my morning sickness is gone!

elequin - 64 days ago
1sttimemomma I've had stupid dreams too. I had an emotional affair with an afl footy player in one where I didn't even speak to him, there were just lots of deep meaningful looks... I had one two days ago where I dreamt my daughters ear nose and throat dr performed an op on me and removed part of my intestines... And then in the dream I went through morphine withdrawal... All sorts of craziness.

alismom2 - 66 days ago
i feel movement too ppl act like im glad someone else feels something i didn't feel anything till like 20 weeks with my daughter so this is excited for me too!!

1st.time.momma - 67 days ago
Dec baby- ya they are pretty strong. Not always regular but gets me so excited for more. My husband is pretty jealous. (Its his first) ive tried to hurry and have him feel cause I figured if i could feel it that one time then why wouldnt he but hes always too slow and misses it. Lol guess he'll have to wait til my belly is more poking out and you can see the baby kicking not just feel. Hope everyones having a great day! So far im a bit tired but still not as bad as a few weeks ago. Heading to 14 weeks tomorrow so excited!

Dec Baby - 67 days ago
1st time momma...yay for feeling movement! I think I've felt a few little wriggles and taps from the baby too...they are so slight though, so I'm not 100% convinced, but if the same kinda movement gets stronger then I'll know it's the baby:)) Elequin...that is so sad about the missing boy, the trauma those poor parents and relatives must be going through...aww dreadful:( Oh yes, I don't think we can be too protective of our little ones! That is our job as parents to make sure they are kept safe:))

elequin - 68 days ago
This isn't preg related really, but for the last 4 days it's been all over the news re a little 3 yr old boy missing, feared abducted. I'm a worrier anyway, but what with the hormones, I sometimes feel on the verge of crying with anxiety about my own kids safety, aged 3 and almost 2. I started training my daughter about who it was safe to 'go' with or talk to this morning. It scares the hell out of me. I saw someone post earlier on here re doubts about pregnancy... My hubby and I talked about this last night, that 3 kids is definitely enough for us because we worry that we wouldn't be able to keep an eye on them properly. I plan on being that mum that always has her kids' friends over at her house, rather than letting her kids go off to other ppl's houses that haven't been checked out. It sounds paranoid I know, but as an ex cop, what limited stuff I've seen re sex offenders, child porn, etc, is still enough to make me mistrust everyone :/ Feeling anxious and praying for this poor little boy's family. His name if anyone wants to google or pray for them as well, is William Tyrell.

1st.time.momma - 69 days ago
Well exciting news. I felt baby move for the first time on thursday! Not like oh I feel the flutters like I felt baby full on roll and when I pushed down on my belly I felt it again. Such an awesome feeling. Now on another not. I had a terrible nightmare last night, I had a miscarriage and I saw pieces of one baby in toilet and full baby still moving and trying to survive. I woke up freaking out and dreading to use the bathroom. So glad it was just a dream!!

elequin - 70 days ago
Hi dec baby, I've been exactly the same with energy, and have been a lot better, but some days could still Just sleep forever. Although just thrilled that its coming back a bit tbh. Moving to wk 13 today, and get a quick follow up ultrasound as well :) yay! Have no idea all of a sudden if bub is a boy or girl anymore. Arggggg! I'm in the last week for the term of teaching, and after this I get 4 weeks off... Cannot wait! Looking fwd to starting my nursery soon and getting my other kids' bunk room sorted properly :) time is moving by!

Dec Baby - 70 days ago
It is pretty quiet in week 13...I'm kinda jumping around the weeks posting here and there! I'm starting to feel like my energy is returning, although it comes in waves! Some days are great and other days I wish I could spend the whole day in not possible with 2 little one to take care of:)) On another note, I had heart burn the other night and was shocked to get it this early, usually I experience this in the last trimester! I hope it was a random one off and stays away... So not nice:/ - 70 days ago
I know it's always so quiet in here. Every time I go to a new week it seems like I'm all alone

jarahosbo - 71 days ago
Yay! 13 weeks :-)

1st.time.momma - 73 days ago
Yay new week. Why is everyone so freaking quiet? Its sad!

1st.time.momma - 74 days ago
Hi all...ive been getting a few messages saying yall cant find the fb page. Message me your email address or go to

1st.time.momma - 77 days ago
I know some moms couldnt find the fb iap page so I created one. I-A-P 2015 MOMMIES...if you cant find it message me your email and ill add you

klawest2 - 81 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

lynt - 82 days ago
At week 13. Yay! Time seems to be going slow. I am obviously pregnant although some people seem to think that I got really fat. I am starting to get pains in my lower back. Starting to look at types of cribs, strollers and car seats. I won't purchase anything until I get past 7 months but I like planning ahead.

mngirl1281 - 87 days ago
I have not been on this site in weeks as some of us moms created a secret FB grp. There's about a dozen members if anyone else interested. I'm gonna try and check in here too though as I love the week by week guide:) My Sonoline B picked up baby heart rate at 168. What a beautiful sound. Hope all you gals are feeling good and doing well!

brandyleigh - 89 days ago
I posted my ultrasound from today heartbeat is 164 what do u think boy or girl?

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