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You are 14 weeks pregnant.

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You are now in your second trimester! Your baby's crown to rump length is 3.2 to 4.5 inches long and he weighs approximately 1 ounce now. Your baby is about the size of the average fist.

Now that you are into your second trimester, you may be starting the best part of your pregnancy. You will probably start to feel more energetic and you may get the `pregnancy glow`. Your uterus is beginning to swell week by week and you can follow its progress by locating the top of the uterus. The position of the top of the uterus will continue to gradually move up your abdomen, from beneath the pubic line to above your navel. Maternity clothes are probably necessary now. You might also experience hemorrhoids, which are painful dilated blood vessels around or inside the anus.

Bones are formingAt this time, your baby's face is becoming more developed. The cheeks and bridge of his nose appear and the ears move from the sides of his neck to much higher on his head. The eyes continue to come closer together. A big development from this week onward is the development of lanugo. Lanugo is the fine hair that grows over almost your entire baby. The hairs grow in whirled patterns that follow the grain of his skin. These patterns later give way to your baby's fingerprints. The lanugo will be shed before birth and replaced by thicker, coarser hairs. Your baby's thyroid gland has matured and starts to produce hormones. If your baby is a boy, the prostate will appear and the ovaries descend from the abdomen into the pelvis in baby girls.

If you are having the Chorionic Villus sampling test (to check for Down's syndrome) it's done round about now.

The embryo`s soft cartilage is now being replaced with ` real` chalk bones.

Your baby has eyebrows, but no eyelashes. Fine, light hair also begins to grow.

Comments on week 14

Comments 1-37 of about 37 from week 14
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Mommy2anl - 4 days ago
Hello week 14! I feel awful...went in today and I'm starting the second trimester with a sinus infection! Woo! No big deal...I get one every time...thanks to good old Z-pack, I should be feeling better in a few days. How is everyone else feeling?

please be healthy - 5 days ago
Chicken is disgusting right now and I can't eat enough fruit!

tsubasa - 5 days ago
mine is coming back too. I have more cravings than aversions now. :) I still have an aversion to the school lunch though, EEEW.

naomi88 - 7 days ago
As far as food aversions go, I was having issues with meat til these past few days. I can tell my appetite is starting to pick up.

naomi88 - 7 days ago
I say we just need to liven this place up a bit. I am so excited to be 14 weeks! It's crazy how fast it's flying by!

please be healthy - 7 days ago
Ditto! Hello week 14! Does anyone have any food aversions? My diet has completely changed!

tsubasa - 8 days ago
so true! This was my favorite site with my first and now it is kinda deserted.

rayansmama - 9 days ago
Hellooooo lol this site is so dead now. With my first son I would have to check couple of times a day because there were so many people I had to keep up with. With my second, it was everynight and at least 15-20 other moms would be on. Now it's just two or three ppl and we post every couple of days...

tsubasa - 10 days ago
Hellooooooo second trimester!

bgscoobyluver - 15 days ago
that was supposed to be Hi funtime

bgscoobyluver - 15 days ago
How funtime- Im doin good. lookin and feeling like im 20+ weeks.

funtimemum80 - 16 days ago
Says 3rd may on the week 15 'board' unless she's been moved back? I thought she might have baby brain and has lost count already haha How are you scooby? Nobody seems to be active on here! My stomach has blown up and I officially look pregnant, 9 days till we find out gender!

bgscoobyluver - 16 days ago
pugdun when is ur due date?

funtimemum80 - 16 days ago
Hi pugdun, your'e in week 15 with me 😊

pugdunn - 18 days ago
14 weeks 😁

funtimemum80 - 19 days ago
Hi scooby- I'm just the same, I think I'm a-ok then I have a bad day with fatigue and sickness, it's vile and I thought I'd be over it by now!!

bgscoobyluver - 20 days ago
uggghhh! Its like I feel good for a few days and then Im back throwing up for the next few days!

bgscoobyluver - 21 days ago
I feel actual pops, like small kicks. I dont get another scan until dec. I think around the same time as urs. I might get one on the 18th cuz Im goin to see a maternal fetal specialist so hopin i get one then too. Then I will get another scan around 24/28th week and then monthly from there i think. I just keep prayin both of my babies stay healthy and strong.

funtimemum80 - 22 days ago
Oh yes..... This is 2nd trimester! I feel the odd flutter it's very low and very light but someone is saying 'hi' When do you have a scan next? The one I'm having on the 21st is private then on 22nd December I will have a nhs scan at 21 weeks, after that there is no more scans unless there is a problem or I pay for anymore. Do you have any feelings on gender yet??

bgscoobyluver - 22 days ago
YAY funtime! I am so jealous that u will get a gender scan this month. I have to wait till next month:-( Sorry u have been sick too. I am actually feeling a little better now and so hoping it stays. Im still quite exhausted but more manageable. Also, I really think i am feeling slight movements here and there. Cant wait till i have another scan and till i really feel kicks and moves! but hey, I am officially in 2nd trimester! Woohoo!

funtimemum80 - 22 days ago
Still being sick- I'm so sick of being sick

funtimemum80 - 22 days ago
I've booked my gender scan for 21st November, I'm literally counting down the days!!

bgscoobyluver - 25 days ago
yea, i definitely am bigger. My uterus feels like its right under my belly button

funtimemum80 - 26 days ago
Are you bigger with 2 in there??

funtimemum80 - 26 days ago
Sorry scooby...... Was just sharing the lurve haha I look a little bit pregnant, I'm at the bloaty stage, I'm actually looking forward to having a proper belly to rub!

bgscoobyluver - 26 days ago
Thanks alot funtime! I just threw up! Well at least we kno the babies r well:-)

bgscoobyluver - 26 days ago
Oh n yes I am showin a little. How bout u? With this bein ur 8th are u feelin bigger

bgscoobyluver - 26 days ago
Sorry funtime:-( I sure hope u r alone wit it tho LOL. I usually am sick with my girls up until 17-19wks but aft that I culd eat watever. With my son the sickness pretty much ended completely at 14wks tho I still remained really picky.

funtimemum80 - 26 days ago
Are u showing yet?

funtimemum80 - 26 days ago
Sorry scooby! I realised I went 3 days then yday and this morning it came back! Might be a hormone surge?? Usually I get reaccuring sickness with boys, with my girls it fazes out completely, every time I'm staring into the bottom of the toilet I'm thinking 'this has to be a boy' either way.... I'm suffering today and it's not fair!!!!!

bgscoobyluver - 26 days ago
Oh no funtime! dont tell me that! ive gone 3 days without vomitting, please dont tell me it culd return!

funtimemum80 - 27 days ago
Hello week 14- why has nausea come back?? Hoping everyone is cool 😊

beachmommia - 36 days ago
My ultrasound tech wouldn't even try to tell us the sex...6 more weeks of waiting for this momma of 2 boys. Wishing everyone a wonderful day/week!

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