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You are 14 weeks pregnant.

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You are now in your second trimester! Your baby's crown to rump length is 3.2 to 4.5 inches long and he weighs approximately 1 ounce now. Your baby is about the size of the average fist.

Now that you are into your second trimester, you may be starting the best part of your pregnancy. You will probably start to feel more energetic and you may get the `pregnancy glow`. Your uterus is beginning to swell week by week and you can follow its progress by locating the top of the uterus. The position of the top of the uterus will continue to gradually move up your abdomen, from beneath the pubic line to above your navel. Maternity clothes are probably necessary now. You might also experience hemorrhoids, which are painful dilated blood vessels around or inside the anus.

Bones are formingAt this time, your baby's face is becoming more developed. The cheeks and bridge of his nose appear and the ears move from the sides of his neck to much higher on his head. The eyes continue to come closer together. A big development from this week onward is the development of lanugo. Lanugo is the fine hair that grows over almost your entire baby. The hairs grow in whirled patterns that follow the grain of his skin. These patterns later give way to your baby's fingerprints. The lanugo will be shed before birth and replaced by thicker, coarser hairs. Your baby's thyroid gland has matured and starts to produce hormones. If your baby is a boy, the prostate will appear and the ovaries descend from the abdomen into the pelvis in baby girls.

If you are having the Chorionic Villus sampling test (to check for Down's syndrome) it's done round about now.

The embryo`s soft cartilage is now being replaced with ` real` chalk bones.

Your baby has eyebrows, but no eyelashes. Fine, light hair also begins to grow.

Comments on week 14

Comments 1-49 of about 439 from week 14
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glowingwith2 - 3.1 hours ago
From my new given due date, I'm officially 14 weeks today. Excited for the 4 month marker and starting to feel great! Tummy is popping now!

mammaramirez - 6 days ago
beckym - so sorry to here, just hug your babies that are with you now, our children are remarkable at healing a broken heart.

beckym - 6 days ago
Well ladies, I wish you all a happy healthy pregnancy. I got answer I needed to know, 200% sure now and I will be bowing out of the pregnancy circle. They could not find a heartbeat, and they also had a heat signature device that would show blood flow, when he pointed it at an artery of mine it had orange and red coloring, he pointed it at the baby, he said that normally the baby would normally set off the machine in an array of oranges and reds, but mine had nothing, showing no blood flow. It was quite a shock, but at the same time we were ready for this. I'm going to go through with the d & e. It just wasn't meant to be. Thank you ladies for being there for me through this, it was like a lifeline in the dark times, I am numb right now to this and cried out. Not sure how I will feel after the d&e, but at least there is some closure and I now know,200% that I'm not making the wrong choice. - 7 days ago
Best of luck tomorrow beckym. Hope that you receive the best possible results!!

beckym - 7 days ago
Stage 2 Ultrasound tomorrow at 1pm.

xobrittany - 8 days ago
Hi week 14 :))

mammaramirez - 8 days ago
Aren't the hormones supposed to be getting themselves somewhat under control?!?!?!?! Tired of puking. On a lighter note, yay for 14 weeks.

ohsolovely - 8 days ago
yay starting my second trimester....I really am looking forward to all these changes that are suppose to happen this month!!! gm ladies how is everyone

leanbean - 12 days ago
Only 2 weeks and 5 days until I get to see Bambino and hopefully find out the gender!!!! In my last post I had preggars brain and am happy that it's really sooner than later!

leanbean - 12 days ago
LORI~ Only when I have to pee really bad or have just bd. I think your uterus always contracts at those times, it's just normally too small to notice, but the bigger it gets the more noticeable it is! Braxton hicks usually start earlier and earlier for me. With my last it was about 20 weeks so I'm guessing in a couple weeks those will be starting.

loriandRichie - 14 days ago
Do you usually get contractions so early?

leanbean - 14 days ago
Had a really strong contraction while I was in the tub and I looked down and could totally see exactly where Bambino is! Crazy!!!! Been feeling movement so much. I've never felt this much this early. Loving it! Is everyone feeling good now? I am for the most part thankfully!

MOMIIB - 15 days ago
I scheduled my sono for Saturday, the 12th! I will be 16 wks :-) sooo excited!!! :-)

leanbean - 16 days ago
and I scheduled my gender scan for the 23rd. Only 4 more weeks! hahaha... seems like 4ever!

leanbean - 16 days ago
I just got back from a trip and feeling so much better! I have also been feeling little bambino bouncing around a couple times a day. SO fun! How are you all?

MOMIIB - 16 days ago
14wks 4 days and still havent felt anything yet. Next weekend we will pay paying for a gender scan, soooo excited. Hoping for a girl but will be more than blessed to have another lil boy. Very anxious to feel movement, I know its still early but I was hoping to start feeling something by now. Hopefully next week, fx'd!!! :-) hope everyone is well :-)

loriandRichie - 17 days ago
Yay 14 weeks and the start of our second trimester!! :) everyone feeling good?

emlouise80 - 18 days ago
So quiet. Hope everyone is feeling good. Tummy is really popping out this week. I'm at that awkward stage of not fitting into my normal shorts/jeans properly but maternity clothes still a bit big and baggy. Little tiny flutters are starting. Yay!

monika01 - 35 days ago
yay mommy !!!

mommy97101114 - 35 days ago
14 Weeks today & finally got the results this morning on my bloodwork (Maternet 21 Plus) & with a thankful heart everything came back normal.....and it's a BOY! After three girls finally being blessed with a son.

monika01 - 36 days ago
tassia~yes ihad a colo. and a leep over 8 yrs ago.. then 3 yrs ago oct 2010 i delivered my lil girl at 19.6 and she passed inevitably i had my u/s only 3 days later after the loss to be checked.. to late.. it was insanely hard and have ptsd now bc of that. i got pg after 5 wks and got a TVC ( stitch) at 13 wks.. stayed on bed rest 100% strict from 14 -30 then modified and delivered at 34 wks .. thankfully she was beyond a 99 % and was 7.9.lbs. it was tough 2 wks nice. well in may 2013 i got a TAC pre pg and now i am on modified be rest bc of fear… i am really going to demand a check of length at 18 wks to ease my mind as i have a detailed at 20 wks i asked to be checked at 18/20 and 23. So we shall see hopefully all i well.. i was told this baby will be 99 % at least.. as my previous was to be 13 lbs full term and i this babe follows 13-16lbs.. i had no diabetes thank fully.

sarah6485 - 37 days ago
Im suffering some sickness :-( hoping it passes by next week when il be 16 weeks

NixSA - 38 days ago
Hi ladies. Tassie I am doing the same and have told people to please not buy us any newborn or anything only from 3 months. they are in it for such a short time so i have just bought cheap outfits everytime i see something cute or comfy. As for the room we are just using an old bed in it in case i need to sleep there so hubby can get sleep, i am using my sons old bassinet and will only get something bigger when need be. the room will be used for changing the baby. its small and right next to the bathroom so baby wont be exposed to the cold too long. we have to paint the room because it is never used and paint is bubbling off the walls and then curtains we got from my mom (She bought them and had them in her cupboard haha) We are spending the money we wouldve spent on things like the graco ready to grow stoller which I MUST HAVE!! Any ladies thinking of cloth diapering? I am seriously considering it. I know its the initial expense but in the long run i think its better and cheaper plus im a SAHM so i have time to do laundry which i really enjoy - 40 days ago
I learned my lesson on baby room. I made my 1st the coolest room that he never stayed in. I won't be buying a ton of newborn clothes either. Prob about 10 outfits and the next 10 for 0-3 months and that's it. We have an extra room that could be the baby's room but decided to make that more of a guest room instead since we will have more visitors staying over than the baby staying in there. I know that I'll be bfing again so I'm not going to want to go too far from bed for the middle of the nt feedings. I can't wait til Monday! I will hopefully find out if boy or girl. Dh comes home from his 2weeks away tonight and I'm ecstatic! Monica; why are you worried about your cervix and on bed rest? I have to get my cervix measured soon to possibly get a stitch because I had a colposcopy and a leap done that shortens your cervix. Is that what you are going through as well?

monika01 - 41 days ago
ya day one 14 wks. and finally feeling better.. but still sensitive tummy.. i think i gained a pd now. starting mod to strict bed rest now… kinda glad to get rest before baby 2. got my ob app in a wk and a half and first wk april going for a 3d then mid april got my detailed scan. feeling good . hoping my tac holds good… can't wait to see baby gonna see if my ob allows a scan at 16/17 wks for a cerivx check.. i am a bit worried..Dh is getting started on the flooring in the baby room and i think i will go with either a beach or jungle theme.. not sure yet.. we may move next yr so not putting as much detail in this baby room... - 41 days ago
Yay! Almost to week 15. Dh is back from his trip to tx tomorrow night! Been two weeks without him and missing him like crazy. Right in time for my mom to take my ds for a week so we can have some time alone. I am also no longer feeling preg except heartburn, constipated (tmi) and hungry for sweets. Something I am normally not into. Safe to say I'll be gainin a few extra lbs this time around. Hopefully I'll keep my fast metabolism after baby is born! Go to get my scan on Monday, hopefully the baby will be fine and I'll find out sex. I don't want to wait a month to find out, I'll go crazy in anticipation!

Baby ali - 41 days ago
had an appointment with my midwife today, blood results was all good and everything normal thankyou god, next appointment with midwife is in May wen am 25 weeks pregnant :o)

Baby ali - 42 days ago
feeling okay now, got midwife appointment in the morning, got my detailed scan on the 11th April will defo find out the gender, have a feeling am having another girl, but still happy :)

stublit - 43 days ago
I opted out of the NT scan and decided to go with the quad screen which is what I had in my previous two pregnancies. Now I'm wondering if I should have done the NT...

Baby ali - 43 days ago
had my scan today and the baby is perfect thank you God :) my due date is 30th August now :)

jackie87 - 44 days ago
JET3, thank you so much. I share your sentiment and as it stands they may yet continue the pregnancy. The doctors here usually persuade towards termination but they're having a very difficult time with it. I hope that everything goes well with your little one. I saw something the other day, coincidentally that the cousin posted, and it said 'Only you know how strong my love for you is. After all, you're the one who can hear my heart beat from the inside.' So beautiful and so true.

JET3 - 45 days ago
Jackie, I am so sorry to hear about your SIL. My babies NT scan put it in the 99th percentile for a genetic defect and/or congenital heart defect. Emotionally this has been a very rough place to be in. I do not judge her decision. It is a hard one to make. My husband and I decided not to terminate no matter what. I know this road might be hard and I pray for the strength I need. There is a high survival rate on the heart defects and most genetic ones. The ones I am most scared about are trisomy 13 & 18,where the baby will live out his/her life in my womb or in my arms shortly after birth. I can't even imagine how difficult this will be, but have decided that if it is one of the fatal diagnosis' that we will cherish the small amount of time we are granted. I will keep you and yours in my prayers, because no matter what you choose in situations like these it is very difficult.

Baby ali - 46 days ago
tlc- everyone's not the same, some ppl still have symptoms, this isn't my first pregnacy it's my third so I no this is 2nd trimester

tlc - 46 days ago
Ali - Many of my symptoms are gone too - it's called second trimester!

Baby ali - 46 days ago
I dnt feel pregnant any more. all the symptoms have gone and I feel normal, just abit worried went to check baby's heart beat yesturday but they cudnt find the heart beat but they sed it's abit early they Normaly check heart beat with a dopler around 16 weeks, very worried but I have my scan on Tuesday hope all is well, can't stop worring :(

kristen27 - 47 days ago
Jackie I'm so so so sorry to hear this! This makes me so sad. Just bc I was in the worrying stage (nothing compared to theirs) and I knew if my baby did have ds then I would be asked if I wanted to terminate. Of course ds is not something I could terminate just bc the baby would still live normally but I can't even imagine what your family is going through! Prayers for you and your family! I'm supposed to be in week 15 today haha

kristen27 - 47 days ago
Tlc- haha! I'm not saying it won't be difficult. We will see. No Permanent Decisions Yet =)

jackie87 - 47 days ago
Thanks, Funtime. Off to 15 weeks!

funtimemum80 - 47 days ago
Jackie, what a heartbreaking story, I wish your family all the best xx

kadyrae1107 - 47 days ago
So about an hour ago I really REALLY wanted to cookies!!! Its freezing here in Pittsburgh (supposed to get 8-12in snow Sunday) but I didn't want to drive to the store to get some. And remind you it was midnight lol then I remembered I had some that I could bake in the pantry!!!! I was so excited!!!Lol. And now iI'm in the mood for chips! Like cheetos or doritos lol ahh all this junk food is not good!!

jackie87 - 47 days ago
Me too--thanks, tlc. It weighed on my mind off and on with my two previous pregnancies but definitely is stressing me out more this time around--especially this week!

tlc - 47 days ago
I will definitely hope and pray for you. Hope they are right about that fluke.

jackie87 - 47 days ago
Tlc, my husband's sister was born with it, so unfortunately yes. They were told today that the cause is 'a fluke,' but I'm guessing there is definitely a hereditary component.

tlc - 47 days ago
Jackie - I hate to ask this, but is there a possibility that the same issue could affect your baby? Direct family connection or in-law?

jackie87 - 48 days ago
Pretty much! Mine is on Mar. 24. Can't come soon enough

tlc - 48 days ago
Makes me sick to think about how any of us won't find out that kind of info for SIX MORE WEEKS. That 20 week u/s will have me in knots until its over.

jackie87 - 48 days ago
Sorry for dominating this with all my doom and gloom. Good grief. Tlc- I have a ravenous appetite, and also, I am very much hoping to find out the gender too!

jackie87 - 48 days ago
Yes and I've read a study from our home hospital and though the life expectancy with new techniques has improved, there are still neurocognitive deficits that a good portion of these surviving children face, 18% in the range of mental retardation.

jackie87 - 48 days ago
Tlc, thanks...I think they've made their minds up, which I respect. And no judgement. I consider myself prolife but nothing is strictly black and white. I've read so many things tonight and of the side that chose termination, the sentiment was that they made their decision not based on their baby being imperfect but that they wanted to spare their baby a life of pain and suffering--because they love them. Neither choice is easy.

tlc - 48 days ago
Jackie - I was a few mins too early in my post. I'm so sorry. If they are SURE there is no hope then it doesn't sound like they are making the wrong choice. Wouldn't the option be to carry her to term and then watch her die?

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